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June 20, 2019, 12:50 pm
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From our perch above the abyss

of Jewish destruction

by assimilation and intermarriage,

a few determined Jews shout out loudly

“Moshe is true

and his Torah

is true.”




GOD created man in goodness, but he is OBLIGATED to guard himself from the external evil of which he is a part and reveal the goodness he has within !

AND INSTRUCTION :DISCREPANCIES IN TORAH, SCRIBES, TIME, Torah SEFIROT PARZUFIM PROVIDENCE | , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

DEEP SPIRITUAL SECRETS ABOUT MUSICThere are 10 TYPES OF SONGאשרי Is the first type of song is Ketter2nd type of song is שיר (song) this is Chuchmah3rd third (type of song) is ברכה (blessing), this is the upper Shechinah (Binah) about this is said, “my soul will bless Hashem” (Psalms 103:1), from her a man is given his neshamah.The 4th (type of song) is מזמור psalm and this is the right arm, as it is written, “מזמור A psalm, sing to Hashem a new song because wonders he has done, let his right hand save us” (Psalms 98:1), about this is said, “your right hand saves us” (ibid. 60:7)5th type of song is נגון (melody)The 6th type of song is הללויה Halleluyah

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READ HERE https://godssecret.wordpress.com/2009/11/16/deep-spiritual-secrets/




The eyes, ears, nose and mouth are 7 windows by which the soul ascends by 7 types of herbs. They all illuminate aspects of chuchmah. They are Nard which is Chesed of Chuchmah, Safron-Givurah, Calamus-Teferet, Cinnamon-Netzauch, Frankincence-Hod, Myrrh-Yesod, Aloes correspond to Malchut of Chuchmah. Herbs are conduits of angels Ofanim Chayot and Caruvim. Gold is something above, copper below and silver is in between filling the gap. Rabbi Avraham Abulafia teaches in Aor haSachel that Hashem chose Aravot (the heaven) of all the gilgullim (spheres) it is here He chose to set his כסא (thrown). Of all the stars of heaven he chose the sun, and from all the yesodot (elements) he chose fire. Of all metals He chose gold. Of all the trees He chose the Date palm tree, of all animals the Leviyaton, of birds the Eagle, of all beast the lion.

The oar Ha Chyim taught that “kayin” knew of the arms and feet of the earth. So he didn’t need to lay a hand on Abel to kill him. The four sides of the shechina (Divine presence) are according to the four flags of the “midbar”, and so are there four groups of Jews safardim, askanazim Catalonians and Italians. Cohen cooresponds to tohu, Levi to Vohu and Yisrael to chosech (darkness). All yisrael nourish from a light that is so bright it appears as darkness. The lights are revealed by raising up sparks through mitzvot and acts of kindness. Then new lights decent from above to the nefesh ruach nashama chayah and Yachida (levels of the soul) to each man accordingly.


READ HERE https://godssecret.wordpress.com/2019/01/09/all-the-lights/



MORE https://godssecret.wordpress.com/2019/01/10/the-amazing-merit-of-sadakah-charity-and-acts-of-kindness/


“Ladder to Supernal Consciousness”A overview of everything, Including :1)The Owner’s Manual to Prosperity and the Soul for Hindus, Christians,Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and anyone else 2) “The Definitive Biblical phenomena” 3)The Souls speak 4)”The Owner’s Manual to the Soul” Part 1 The Gate 5)“The Owner’s manual to the Soul” Part 2 THE KABALLAH 6) “The Message”7)The Book of the Angel Mattatro”8)“Book Of ELOHEME”9)“Teffilin The Owner’s manual”10)THE MYSTICAL HOLY SHABOT11)“The Divine structure of unfolding of Heaven and Earth” 12)”The book of “יהוה Yhv”h 13) “Markava” The Divine chariot– DOWN LOAD -My FREE BOOK HERE https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxWd7M1okER6RVJFbExzQ3dSY0k

5)DECEMBER 30 2018Oldest known 10 Commandments are in America, in Ancient Hebrew Script-From time of king Solomon Tags: , earliest 10 Commandments in america, Archeology

 read here – https://godssecret.wordpress.com/2009/06/14/oldest-known-10-commandments-is-in-america-in-ancient-hebrew-script-from-time-of-king-solomon/

6)-APRIL 7TH 2019  PARSHA Metzora- BIBLICAL LEPROSY IS NOT LEPROSY ,   Through a spiritual treatment to a physical ailment the Torah in our parsha alludes to the roots of illness and spiritual healing.  Physical well-being is linked to spiritual balance. When a person is out of balance spiritually the flow of God-given life force which sustains all of existence is restricted. This appears as physical illness. On the skin of the person with tzaraat is sores called a “nega.”, oneg (bliss) and nega (affliction) have the same letters.. We see from this that afflictions come by taking delight in forbidden things or not taking delight in those things that the God commands. As the sages teach in tractate Sotah all curses come only on account of a lack of hap­piness in Divine service.

Spiritual defects expresses themselves as physical illness, as in the case of tzaraat. With more serious illness (spiritual defects) treating the physical symptoms alone will not be enough and the illness can return, God forbid. One needs to treat the root of the problem.

Physical approaches to the treatment of illness are important but consciousness and lifestyle changes are needed for true tikkun (repair) to occur.

One must restore spiritual balance to “remove” the problem.

Know further spiritual imbalance leads to new growth of illness (at some time) God forbid. Unless one works to correct the problem. How much better that will be !

read MUCH more herehttps://godssecret.wordpress.com/2014/03/27/parsha-tazria-biblical-leprosy-is-not-leprosy/


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7)JANUARY 8TH 2019 — YOU NEED TO STAY ALIVE TO DO TORAH – 15 Health Problems Linked to Monsanto’s Roundup

Monsanto invented the herbicide glyphosate and brought it to market under the trade name Roundup in 1974, after DDT was banned. But it wasn’t until the late 1990s that the use of Roundup surged, thanks to Monsanto’s ingenious marketing strategy. The strategy? Genetically engineer seeds to grow food crops that could tolerate high doses of Roundup. With the introduction of these new GE seeds, farmers could now easily control weeds on their corn, soy, cotton, canola, sugar beets and alfalfa crops—crops that thrived while the weeds around them were wiped out by Roundup.

In the nearly 20 years of intensifying exposure, scientists have been documenting the health consequences of Roundup and glyphosate in our food, in the water we drink, in the air we breathe and where our children play.

Eager to sell more of its flagship herbicide, Monsanto also encouraged farmers to use Roundup as a desiccant, to dry out all of their crops so they could harvest them faster. So Roundup is now routinely sprayed directly on a host of non-GMO crops, including wheat, barley, oats, canola, flax, peas, lentils, soybeans, dry beans and sugar cane.

Between 1996 – 2011, the widespread use of Roundup Ready GMO crops increased herbicide use in the U.S. by 527 million pounds—even though Monsanto claimed its GMO crops would reduce pesticide and herbicide use.

Monsanto has falsified data on Roundup’s safety, and marketed it to parks departments and consumers as “environmentally friendly” and “biodegradable, to encourage its use it on roadsides, playgrounds, golf courses, schoolyards, lawns and home gardens. A French court ruled those marketing claims amounted to false advertising.

In the nearly 20 years of intensifying exposure, scientists have been documenting the health consequences of Roundup and glyphosate in our food, in the water we drink, in the air we breathe and where our children play.

They’ve found that people who are sick have higher levels of glyphosate in their bodies than healthy people.

They’ve also found the following health problems which they attribute to exposure to Roundup and/or glyphosate:

ADHD: In farming communities, there’s a strong correlation between Roundup exposure and attention deficit disorder (ADHD), likely due to glyphosate’s capacity to disrupt thyroid hormone functions.



8)DECEMBER 30 2018 BE CAREFUL WITH THE “RAV” he may be “EREV RAV”, Tags: , , erev rav-mixed multitude,Rabbi Akiva.4 out of 5 who left Egypt with Yisrael  were not Jews 5 aspects “Erev Rav” Read here https://godssecret.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/be-careful-with-the-rav-he-may-be-erev-rav/

Its now 2018,1948 years since the Holy Temple was destroyed thats a  long time to be homeless and is both disrespectful and disgraceful.”  It is not a coincidence The State of Israel was established in 1948 and Avraham Avinu was born in 1948 of the Biblical calendar ! The Holy Temple in Jerusalem is where God’s presence was most revealed on earth- may we see it again soon !



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February 21, 2018, 11:06 am
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God called us YISRAEL saying – You are “one of ours” as Gavrael Michael RAFAEL

Yisrael, Iran, the nations of the world What is happening in HISTORY NOW – it’s all here

IN midrash Yalkut Shimoni on Isiah 60 we find :

Rabbi Yitzhak said: The year that Melech HaMoshiach will be revealed, all the kings of the nations of the world will provoke each other. The king of “Paras” (Persia-Iran) will threaten the king of Arabia (now called “Saudi” Arabia) and because of this the king of Arabia will go to the king of Edom (USA-the west) for advice.

Afterwards the king of Persia will destroy [most of] the world. The remaining nations will be hysterical and frantic and fall on their faces and will be seized as if by “birth pains”.

And the people of Israel will be frantic and hysterical and they will say, where will we come and go? This being the ס”ם’s (the evil one) final attempt to make the Jews loose faith.

But with this comes a problem How could the ס”ם possibly build up Iran so it could be strong enough to contend with Edom, which is all the western powers, specifically the USA ? Only one way by by bringing Obama into power and having him pass a insane treaty with Iran allowing them to get Nuclear weapons. He found one more problem to contend with being the Merit of Edom by the kindness in recent years America has shown to its Jews. With this merit Iran still could not rise to power and cause America serious harm. The ס”ם found a solution, destroy America’s merit by Having their supreme court legislate abominable immorality, the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle. Through all this the can turn the whole world to caos to help the Jews loose faith and give up Torah and Mitzvot and by this the ס”ם becomes stronger and can hold out a little longer. In addition to this the ס”ם also has caused to arise from the depth of darkness an New phenomena to the world Isis and all the other terrorist groups which are much more destructive and cruel than anything that came out of Islam before. Yismoyal had the blessing from Avraham that he should “Live before him”. Well we are approaching the end of time and the ס”ם wanted to take this blessing away from Yismoyal’s descendents, so he brought out of their own religion which were corrupt enought in their original form to start with the New phenomena to the world Isis and all the other terrorist groups which are much more destructive and cruel than anything that came out of Islam before.

Those who have been true to God, He will say to them: Do not fear my children, do not fear. All that I have done I did only for you. Why are you afraid? The time for your Redemption has come! MORE HERE https://godssecret.wordpress.com/2017/01/23/a-couple-messianic-figures-that-did-not-come-through/







The gentile’s days of deciding the fate of the Jewish nation are almost over. As frustrating it must be for all of you. The days are here of the self determination of Israel. after all your zealous attempts to annihilate us, you have failed. We are still here and growing stronger by the day !.


BEWARE ! America’s intelligentsia Intellectual and professional class dominating academia, the media, Hollywood, and the Silicon Valley establishment —has taken leave of RATIONALITY !

The soul was put in this body to build and perfect itself and the material world. When the soul is not doing its job properly, it becomes as it were polluted, attached to the body’s evil inclinations and to the material world. This is actually very painful for the soul

By Shabbat we get eternal reward for resting, eating, and drinking, Shabbat is like a paid vacation!





For whom The Lord loves He reproves, as a father chastises his son.“ (Proverbs 3:12)

The concept of ‘sufferings of love’ is that God hopes that by the chastisement that God brings upon us we will improve. The sufferings that we go through in our lives have this intent being from Divine providence. While with the wicked God does not bring ‘sufferings of love’ to push them towards the right course or away from evil but He lets them proceed on their way till it is too late as it says :

The wicked spring like grass, and when all the evil doers flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed forever ” (92:8)

R. Akiba said:

God deals strictly with the righteous, calling them to account for the few wrongs they commit in this world, so to reward them with bliss in the world to come; He grants ease to the wicked and rewards them for the few good deeds which they have performed in this world, as their corrective punish awaits them in the world to come. (Midrash Rabba Noach)

What is implicit in traditional Torah sources , bur is in conflict with a “modern value” . The “modern value” is NEVER better than an actual value of the Torah, Good, dedicated Jews should never lost sight of this ! 

When so called “modern” values are opposite that of the Torah’s values. Then those who support the so called “modern values”. They are at the same time are rejecting God’s laws fpr the ideals of humans. OF COURSE THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES FOR THIS ! There is a true concept that Torah” Shebeal Peh” (Oral Torah) adapts to the times, but it is also true TORAH VALUES ARE NEVER NEGATED ! Modern adaptations of Torah law or custom DO NOT create breaches in Jewish faith or practices.


Rabbah Bereishit teaches that men’s souls are higher than angels as in Psalms its written “For He will command His angels for you, to guard you in all your ways” ( 91:11). And the one guarded is greater than the guardian. 

Thrive in a way that transcends the ordinary !

Muslims and Christians believe that god gave the torah to israel, and then claimed to be that traditions’ inheritor. They all though agree the torah god gave to the jewish people is the word of god !.  Why would the muslims and christians not dispute the the validity of the torah and claim to have the real way ?

 because the whole world know what Hashem (god) did with the hebrew people in egypt as nothing like that ever happened before.

The entire world knew all that happened in Egypt.

Every miracle that HaShem performed in Egypt happened in the entire world in some noticeable way, every sea split, every river had blood and hail fell everywhere.  It teaches us that when HaShem spoke, the entire world heard His voice and knew what


God is serious business. Torah is serious business.  Your life is serious business. Don’t treat your soul like it’s the least important thing in the world. Use God’s Torah to change the world, this is why you are here,  Learn how !

Jerusalem and especially the Temple Mount is the center and nucleus of Holiness on Earth. No wonder everyone always wanted to control Jerusalem. Not just today but throughout history. The Zohar in Parsha Terumah  says  The Holy Land is the center of the world, Jerusalem is the center of the Holy Land, and the Holy of .Holies is the center of Jerusalem. Onto this central point all good and all nourishment descend for distribution to the entire world.

Our task as human beings as we struggle to elevate the animal aspect of our soul called “Nefesh” to the spiritual aspect of our soul, called “Nashamah” (in the Biblical Hebrew). Change your world from chaos to order. This is a Godly endeavor. By this we are able transcend the boundaries of the physical world at times by unique Divine providence.

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


The tension between physical matter and “Nashama” (Soul) is deep and difficult. Yet the souls  cannot be defeated. Even if the material forces are relentless. This is because the essence of our beings, our “Nashamot” cannot be damaged. It just becomes covered, hidden from us. By our errors and lacking in our divine service. . The beginning of all “tikun” (fixing) , reconstruction and healing is awareness of the problem. the essence of our beings, our “Nashamot” cannot be damaged. It just becomes covered, hidden from us. By our errors and lacking in our divine service.

 It is known that there is judgment on every small matter down here, to such a degree that our sages say no person bruises his finger below until permission is given for him from above (Chullin 7b)

 Put yourself in judge mode, you have to search the matter, assemble the facts about what counts the most in life, and then render the most spiritually productive decision. What the Torah wants for  you ultimately is what you want for yourself. This is for sure.

How much importance do YOU place in YOUR Jewish identity ? To what lengths do you go in order to honor and preserve it? Torah sources dictate clear parameters in which one can live a Holy life as a Jew according to the Torah. Obviously and ultimately its up to YOU to lead that life. The question is, “Do you live with integrity according to the TORAH ?” Rav Saadia Gaon said: “Our nation is a nation only by virtue of the Torah”. The Torah is our ‘national spirit’ that binds us together as a “living nation”.

ALSO—— from the story of job we can learn what god gives he can take away , so use the potential powers for the god as he wants you to. or you may never see these gifts or they may god forbid be taken away !




Its erev shabot. With a simple arithmetical calculation one can see that we are now in the period of Erev Shabbot afternoon. Just as every week has an erev Shabbos when we prepare for Shabbos, so does the world have its Erev Shabbot when the world prepares for it’s own Shabbot. Just as the world was created in six days, with the seventh day being Shabbot. so this world exists for six thousand years, with the seventh thousandth year (called the seventh millennia) being the Shabbot of the world. With a simple arithmetical calculation one can see that we are now in the period of Erev Shabbot afternoon. The sixth day started in 1240 C.E. with the first 500 years being the night time period, since in Judaism the evening precedes the morning. The morning started in 1740 c.e. and noon time was 1990 C.E. The secular year 1740 and there about marks the introduction of new philosophies of equality. 1740 C.E. corresponds to the year 5500 from creation, which is actually the dawn of the Erev Shabbot of the world. What does this mean? We Know, Moshiach ben David will not come until all the measurements are equal (Sanhedrin 98). The Vilna Gaon explained this to mean that before Moshiach ben David will come there must be both economic and social equality (see Kol HaTor pp. 34-35). In other words, equality, is a prerequisite for the coming of Moshiach ben David, and it must be in the world before Moshiach ben David comes. Hashem therefore brought these emanations of the redemptive powers, amongst them liberty and equality, into the world. They are meant to be used to make a perfected society as portrayed by shmittah and yovel which alleviate poverty and homelessness. Just as weekly we must prepare for Shabbot, so the Zohar (Parshas VeYera p.117) says that in the world’s Erev Shabbot, the world is also preparing for it’s Shabbot, which is in the Seventh Millenia. There is a lot to do before Shobot. According to Targum Yonoson, Yeshayahu informs us that if we are meritorious we will be the ones to welcome Moshiach who will only afterwards appear to the rest of the world MORE :


By spoken meditation according to the wisdom of Kaballah there is worked a process active in the creative process of creation which continually changes and builds the creation towards God’s desired ultimate will. This functions in a similar way with in the levels of the human soul as is in all of the creation being by the medium complex vibratory patterns that can be expressed as sounds of human speech in Hebrew. The Torah is the “blueprint of creation”. The sequence of sounds in the Torah is the vibratory pattern to be found at the basis of all of creation, including at the basis of our body.

Words of Torah according the the Holy Blessed One’s will can do anything they have a purifying and enlightening effect since they are the fundamental vibrations that structure our physiology and everything else in the world. Singing the “parsha” creates a kind of “resonance” effect in the entire creation and even in one’s own physiology, bringing it into line with its ideal state.

THE GOD’S SUGGESTED READING in the torah for this week davarim

parsha davarim – Stand up for GOD’s Honor

Devarim בס”ד

Most of the book of Devarim (Deuteronomy)  covers the last month and seven days of Moshe’s life.

As we are approaching the end of every year, we need to take stock of our lives and determine if we are true to ourselves and our Divine calling,.or perhaps we have went off course and we need to realign. And so to understand what has happened up to this point. It would not hurt to do this weekly and even daily. The 5th Book of the Torah, ‘Devarim’ (Deuteronmy) itself is also referred to as the ‘Mishne Torah’ meaning ‘review of the Torah.’ For Torah like our own lives, to be properly understood and internalized, we need to review our learning. All of the greatest Torah sages of history were constantly reviewing their studies, it was through this they attained greatness.

Near the beginning of our parsha We are reminded of the generation that all died in the desert because of the affair of the spies as it’s written ”And you came near me every one of you, and said, We will send men before us, and they shall search us out the land, and bring us word again by which way we must go up, and to what cities we shall come.” But after the spies brought back the evil report our parsha tells us concerning the people. “And you murmured in your tents, and said, Because the Lord hated us, he has brought us out of the land of Egypt, to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites. Where shall we go? our brothers have discouraged our heart”. For this sin of fearing the nations and not believing in GOD the whole generation was forbidden to enter the land, and as it says in Bamidbar “Your carcasses shall fall in this wilderness; and all who were counted of you, according to your whole number, from twenty years old and upward, all of you shall not come into the land, concerning which I swore to make you live in it, except Caleb the son of Jephunneh, and Joshua the son of Nun”. We should have learned this lesson by now.

Fear only GOD.

The beginning of the mitzvah of fearing GOD is to know that ”elokenu” is the ד“ו parzufim (masculine and feminine aspects of GOD).   read more here – https://godssecret.wordpress.com/2009/07/24/stand-up-for-gods-honor


amazing things there like you have not seen before and will not find elsewhere !


Nature is Gematria The Elokim (God). The laws of Nature and Gods commandments are one and the same. Fire burns that a law of nature so to transgression of the God’s commandments will yield bad results sooner of later one way or another !


You need to free your Divine soul from the shackles of your evil inclination. The Divine soul becomes free when it realizes it is surrounded by the bad advice, all the time, from one’s evil inclination. Only when one has this awareness may they free themselves from the slavery of the passions and desires of their evil inclination. Only after this awareness can we be free to enter into a sincere relationship with God.

The Kabbalists teach that by calling upon the “Partzuf” (face of God) of Keter called “Atik” Miracles comes. The limitations you think you are unable to overcome yourself ? These are the areas where you want the miracle of God in your life so you can transcend your own nature or when needed nature ENTIRELY. These miracles you can activate with your Faith, Trust and through knowledge of uniting your will with the will of God.

Prepare the world for the coming of Mashiach (The Messiah) by distributing knowledge of the Torah and its commandments. Help bring about a miraculous salvation for the Jewish people.

The miracles of the Era of the Redemption, will be greater than what we saw in Egypt and the miracle of the Splitting of the Sea !

May we see this fulfilled speedily, in our days

The “March of Return” 2018 Gaza border protests

Demand that Palestinian refugees and their descendants be allowed to return to what is now Israel. This symbolizes Hamas and the Arabs refusal to accept Israel’s existence as fact, true peace and resolution to the conflict will be impossible as long as the Islamist’s will not accept the Jewish people have a right to the Jewish state of Israel.

The Arab-Israeli conflict is usually mischaracterized as a classic conflict over land and borders that can be resolved through territorial compromise. However, the Arab-Israeli conflict is about a Muslim Arab rejection of the Jewish state’s right to exist within any borders.

The PLO was established in 1964 when Gaza part of Egypt and Judea and Samaria. were part of Jordan, THE ARABS LIVING IN GAZA WERE EGYPTIAN AND ARABS LIVING IN JUDEA AND SAMARIA WERE JORDANIAN


There is a genocidal Arab fantasy that is being nourished by the some parts of the international community, like the UN that officially claims to advocate peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors. But the truth of the matter is the Arabs living in Gaza voted Hamas who daily publicizes their belief in their genocidal fantasy of killing the Jews and those Arabs in JUDEA AND SAMARIA would also support Hamas if they had the choice !

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בס”ד  UPDATED April,14th 2019                         Passach

Pessach is Pretty important if we spell it out as

פה סמך חת=613

(all the commandments).

. The Hebrew letters and their value is as follows :

1=א ,

ב =2

ג =3

ד =4

ה  =5

ו =6

ז =7

ח =8

ט =9

י =10

כ =20

ל =30

מ =40

נ =50

ס =60

ע =70

פ =80

צ =90

ק =100

ר =200

ש =300

ת =400

We check for “chametz” by the light of a candle, with these 14 letters , as it is written, “Because יד (hand) (14) on the throne of יה Hashem” (Ex. 17:16).

The Haggadah begins with the words, “This is the bread of affliction that our fathers ate in the Land of Egypt. All Who are hungry, come and eat, all who is in need, let him come and join celebrating the Passover festival.” This is more than just generous hospitality; it is fundamental to Torah freedom, to go from a selfish mentality of keeping for one-self into a free giving mode. This giving type of behavior is not the behavior of a slave he is always guarding the little he gets his hands on, as he has nothing but giving is connected with true freedom. This is one of the first things the Hagadah teaches us on the path of going from slavery to freedom to reclining while eating like Royalty do !

Freedom can be a razor thin distance from slavery. A slave is a person who’s time is not their own. They sold themselves , their time, to someone else to do their bidding and not one’s own. All slavery stems from following desires of one’s evil inclination, understand this well. The definition of slavery can seem ambiguous as clicking a switch. Slaves can think they are free at heart but like a heroin addict , he has no choice unless something radical is done. The evil inclination is all ways trying to involve us in chasing after the lower desires of our bodies like animals and not chasing after the Divine Things, which are the Glory of Heaven and for which we have been created.

The sages say Passach is a time for searching for a persons defects, like the way each person must search their house for “chumatz” (leaven). God illuminates our Nashama (Soul) so that we may see ourselves clearer. Like the way we use a candle to search for “Chumatz”, and a candle represents the “Nashama”. As it says “ the candle of God is the Nashama of man”. It states in the Zohar that from Rosh chodesh (New moon) of the month of Nisson there is an increase in “Bina” (Divine Understanding). With this power we can search within ourselves and see what it is that is causing our exile from GOD, Divine revelation. So that we may return to GOD completely. ”Chumatz” is not nullified like most things even when there is less than 1 part to 60. Any “chumatz” (which is arrogance) cannot be tolerated. How could one be arrogant if they really knew they were standing before GOD ?. An arrogant person performing religious acts is only a “charade”. They have not even begun the kind of Divine service that leads to ”ruach haKodesh”, and redemption. One must be completely dedicated to GOD not themselves. The Temple offering for Passach the “corbon Pessach”, May we bring it quickly, is roasted whole, including the head and tail. This shows that returning to GOD, Leaving our personal and National exile requires returning to GOD from all aspects of our existence. One must dedicate all aspects of their life to GOD, Blessed is his Name !  so what is this villain “Chumetz” ? Baking matzah is not not much different than making bread , a little flour and water ? Leavened bread all year around can be part of a healthy Holy meal but on Passach it turns into spiritual poison, what is this ? The answer , “matzah” like all things, me , you, all the countries of the world and animated and brought into existence at every moment by God and their existence is thus according to His will. During Succot a citrus fruit called “Etrog” becomes a vessel for the flow of the Divine power called Malchut (God’s Kingship) and after Succot the “Etrog” returns to its original state as any other citrus fruit and this is God’s will. Just like on Passach the flow of the Divine energy which  animates and brings a usually wholesome food, leavened bread, into existence according to His will on Passach is a deadly spiritual poison and this is wondrous ! This all reminds us that every thing in creation is all created and changes its nature through out time according to God’s will even on a momentary basis !

   Our Sages teach us that no slave ever escaped from Egypt. The slaves felt that it was better the be a slave in Egypt than to live else were. Their slave mentality made them think things just could not get any better. At the Passover “sader” we all say “next year in Jerusalem”. These were not meant to be empty meaningless worlds !

   The driving force behind the Egyptian culture was lust for physical pleasure. The Bible on a number of occasions links the Egyptians with donkeys. The Hebrew word for donkey is חמור which is closely related to the word חומר which means raw physicality, only the vowels of these words differ, their letters remain the same. The God took the Jews (who were ready to leave out of Egypt- 1 of 5 Jews in the Egyptian exile, but 4 of 5 Jews died in the plague of darkness).  BY THE WAY WHEN THE JEWS WERE TAKING EGYPT’S MONEY THATS WHEN THEY DIED IN THE PLAGUE OF DARKNESS BECAUSE THEY DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE EGYPT AND GO TO ISRAEL SAYS RABBI SHIMON BAR YOCHI IN ZOHAR CHADASH TIKUKINIM THIS TEST WILL COME AGAIN AT THE TIME OF THE FINAL REDEMPTION. MAKE SURE YOU ARE THE 1 OUT OF 5 WHO SURVIVE ! The Jewish Nation was not just enslaved in a physical slavery in Egypt. They were also spiritually enslaved. They had become a race of people so involved in perverse behavior that our Sages teach us they had reached the depths of depravity. There are 50 levels of impurity to which a person can stoop; they were on level #49. Despite all that, God got them out. He took them out and 50 days later they stood at Mt. Sinai.

    We still need to take Egypt out of the Jews. When the Jewish Nation left Egypt they took with them all of the riches of the Egyptian Empire. While its true this is referring to the gold and silver, it also means that they took the spiritual power of Egypt as well. This is why the Midrash teaches us that every Jews left Egypt with countless donkeys loaded with riches. A חמור (donkey) is the symbol of the spirit of Egypt. With the “erev rav” went out Egypts spiritual leaders, their magicians, Egypt was drained of its spiritual powers also.

    Every individual goes through his personal exile, and must separate from those things that bind him from coming close to GOD. Those things which are strange and not part of his divine service. We must do this in all aspects of our life, thus removing ourselves from our personal Egypt (which means confinement), by this fulfilling in part the commandment of remembering the redemption from Egypt. Rav Shabato says the whole idea of leaving Egypt is ultimately spiritual in nature. For this reason the Passach “seder” was even done in the death camp of Auschwitz. It is stated in the Zohar that “The remembrance of being taken out of Egypt with great miracles is the gateway to divine power, a root of the whole Torah, the basis of all the commandments and the real “emuna” (faith) of the Jewish Soul”. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochi says “ this is our season of joy and gladness when we celebrate the great honor GOD showed to us by taking us out from under the power of impurity into the power of his Holiness.” It is the day as R. Abba says “ GOD took Yisrael from being under the power of impurity to be united with his name, causing them to be raised up above all the upper and lower beings”. The sages tell us one reason for the exile of Yisrael in Egypt was because when GOD told Avraham Avinu that he would give his decedents the land of Canaan as an eternal inheritance Avraham misused his power of speech when he replied “ How will I Know ”. Because of this lack of faith we went down to the refining furnace called Egypt. Now on Pessach we have the power to redeem the power of speech from exile. We do this by with great joy and excitement and a high heart telling the story of the redemption from Egypt, till the point God willing they remember. The Zohar says one who does this will rejoice with the Shechinah in the world to come for rejoicing brings rejoicing. The Oar Ha Chayim teaches that we bring redemption closer discussing Holy matters celebrating the redemption of speech. By remembering the great love GOD showed to us in redeeming us from Egypt we can draw strength to know he has given us strength to overcome all obstacles yielding the power of redemption ! Remember, right after the first Passach “seder” Yisrael was redeemed from Egypt !

In the Torah Billam the Rusha states “ GOD brings them out of Egypt”, In Sefer Oar Ha Chyim it is explained that this is written in an active sense since it is on Passach that sparks of Holiness are freed from impurity. The 7 days of Passach parallel the 7 days of creation. What we strive for creatively, intellectually, emotionally and physically can cause great changes in the continual of process of the renewal of all life including ourselves from this time period Passach is a time of profound personal spiritual redemption, as it says in Toldot Yaacov Yosef that on Passach “ A man merits access to the eternal wellsprings of life”.

One part of doing this is by the 4 cups of wine at the sedar, by this we rectify the sin of Adam as the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was a grape. The sages say one may drink between the 1st and 2nd cup so desire to eat more “Matzah”. In the Mishna chapter 10 of Pessachim we learn that even a poor man who live of charity should at least be given 4 cups of wine at the “seder”. This is like we learn that Purim is a preparation for Passach.  Rav Shabbato say from Purim our Nashamot begin to remove “klippa” from ourselves. By drinking the 4 cups of wine we can remove the separation created by the sin of Adam, each cup has potential to remove aspects of the 4 “Klipot” that separate us from GOD ! Thus removing our desires for actions not supportive or against divine will, feelings of our heart that are not the love of GOD, thoughts that are not good, and barriers to divine inspiration. The wine of Pesach is a Tikun by Imma. We learn in Pre Atz Chyim by drinking the 4 cups wine there decends “mochin” down the throat to the head of Rachel. Matzah is a tikun by Abba.

I always sensed there is a mystery to the “sedar”  act called  “yahatz”. Most parts of the “sedar are introduced by a blessing or words like  over the wine, the washing of the hands, the parsley, the matzot, the bitter herbs. But there was no blessing recited over the “yahatz”, not even accompanying words. There seems to be a mystery not spoken of here. The sages also see a oddity of reciting “Ha motzi”  [ the blessing for bread] over a broken piece of unleavened bread. This is something never done at a festival meal. There seems to be a mystery not spoken of here.  The ritual of eating the afikoman is in the part of the “sader”  called “Tzafon”, which means “hidden.” It, too, is eaten in silence, without benediction, before mid­night.

There is an obligation to eat a כזית (an olive-size piece)of matzah twice during the Seder, once when we make the blessing of על אכילת מצה after maggid and a second time after the meal of the afikoman. For children the highlight of the seder is the “Afikoman”.  As the seder can not be concluded until it is eaten. The tradition is the kids “steal” it in order to force their parents to give them what they want so that they can get the “Afikoman” back and end the “sader”. This all brings a lot of attention to the “Afikoman” and so does everything else about it.

Which is the more important of the two is a matter of dispute among the Rishonim. Some consider the eating of the matzah at the beginning of the meal as the primary fulfillment of the mitzvah, since this is the matzah upon which we make a blessing. This is the opinion of the Tosafot and Rosh (R.Asher b. Yehiel, ca. 1250-1327).

Rambam and Rif (R. Isaac Alfasi, 1013-1103), however, hold that the afikoman is the more important of the two portions and that the blessing of על אכילת מצה is made earlier only because it is inappropriate to recite this blessing after we have already consumed matzah.

While one can explain the two opinions from a Torah law perspective, there is something deeper here.

In Exodus 16 the Torah speaks of the manna as the matzah from heaven that sustained the Israelites during their difficult sojourn in the desert. The Torah regards the manna as a test “whether the people will walk in accordance with God’s Torah or not” (verse 4). How did the manna, test the faith of the Israelites? Ibn Ezra explains that since the manna could not be stored, for it would spoil if kept overnight, the Jews never had sufficient food for the next day. Thus, they never had a real sense of security. Who knew whether manna would fall the next day? Only faith and belief in God’s kindness allowed them to have any peace of mind. Thus the manna was regarded as a kind of test of אמונה (faith).

The Or HaChayyim says the opposite. He insists that the manna provided the most utopian system of plenty. There was no fear of want because the people knew each day that no matter what they did or did not do, abundant food would come raining down from heaven. Only under such circumstances of bounty can there be a true test of faith, for when the Jew is in need; it is but natural to turn to God. When one is in the depths of despair, he has no other choice. As they say “There are no atheists in a trenches”. In the desert, however, when the Jews “waxed fat,” they were indeed tested by the manna to see whether they maintained their faith in God as the ultimate Provider.

Bearing in mind these opposing explanations, we can explain the difference of opinion between the Tosafot and Rosh on one hand and Rif and Rambam on the other. Matzah is called לחמא דמהימנותא because it is a symbol of our faith. The Tosafot and Rosh find in the matzah the greatest sign of faithfulness and devotion to the Almighty. They find it in the הא לחמא עניא : ”Here is the poor bread that our fathers ate in the land of Egypt.” There, the Jews were constantly hungry, constantly tired, constantly thirsty, and still they reached out to God. Thus the first portion of matzah must be eaten בתיאבון – with hunger -since it represents the commitment of the Jew even though he is hungry. This constitutes the basic fulfillment of the mitzvah. Therefore, we recite על אכילת מצה on the broken piece of matzah, which is the לחם עוני, and we eat it in a hungry state, as a deprived person would.

Rif and Rambam agree that the matzah represents commitment and faith, and that without these there can be no redemption. But the Matzah of the “afficoman” is not ate when we are hungry like the first Matzah, but after we are already satiated. This is in the aspect not the “bread of poverty but from the table of plenty singing songs, reclining, and drinking wine. It is this that represents the greatest danger to spirituality because in the midst of plenty one is likely to forget those in need. He is even 1ikely to forget his appreciation of his bounty given to him by God and many even fall prey to assimilation. The real test of faith, the לחמא דמהימנותא (bread of faith), comes then. Thus the main mitzvah of matzah is to eat it in a state of satiety.

Matzah seems to be only a little water and flour, but the Zohar tells us it is the bread of Faith, only on passach GOD gives it the power to be a gateway for “emunah”. If we add the letter “ו” to מצה (matzah) we have מצוה (mitzvah). The letter ו of the Divine name reveals our Ruach, our emotional soul, when one involves their heart in Divine service how great this is. Matza has a lot of potential to nullify evil סמא”ל (the Devil) + 4 letters = מצה . Rabbi Ashlag expains in the Hakdamah to Tikunim concerning this that this added letter ו gives “chassadim” to the Malchut, by this the Chuchmah in it illuminates. It is similar to the Manna in the desert some had more some less, but all had the measure of an omer. To some its taste was bland to others it tasted as what ever they desired. The Ari teaches in Shar pasukim that “Smura Matzah” is Machut of Bina, which is the ד of אחד . Think about this deeply as it touches on many things.

  Here is the secret of the Mishnah which says one can eat “Chametz”, all of the fourth hour meaning 4th millenium, and let it hang in suspension all of the fifth hour this is the fifth millenium, and you burn it in the beginning of the sixth hour which is the sixth millenium. We are talking about redemption. In order not to separate between the sixth millenium and the seventh one needs to destroy all the sour dough and chametz (leaven), which is the “Erev Rav” (Mixed Multitude). In order not to see them between the sixth millenium and the seventh millenium.. Because the mixed multitude separated between the sixth and the seventh at the giving of the Torah, like we have said, “And the nation saw that Moshe was בשש delayed” (Ex. 32:1), as we have explained (the word) בשש, in the sixth hour they made the Calf and they separated between the וה which is between the sixth and seventh, so too God will separate them from the Jews between the sixth and the seventh millenium. Because of the “Erev Rav”, there is split matzah on the “seder” plate, its poor man’s bread. And why is the “matzah” split ? Because the ו, her leg has gone away to be a מצוה (commandment). The split matzah left on the “seder” plate is is a ד, The “Afikoman” the other half of the the split matzah is a י (or ו), the complete matzah is a ה . The lower ה of הוה is the split matzah the bread of a poor person. When the ד  is joined with the י (or ו). because of this we say the complete Hallel and the non complete Hallel on Pesach in order to represent the complete matzah and the split matzah. (Zohar Tikunim)

We can turn the “bread of affliction” to the “bread of redemption” ! Matzah in Atbash system of letter exchange becomes יה”צ. From the name י”ה comes Divine wisdom, While צ is the vessel for this wisdom. One fit to receive it. צ represent the “Sadeek”. It states in the Gemora a child does not have wisdom till he has tasted Wheat. Yet this type of wisdom from Matzah is very high. As the Mittler Rebbe said “ The Aor Makiff (surrounding light) of Chuchmah is Emunah”. The matzah also works to complete our dat as Taught by Rabbi Natan of Bresslov. The 3 matzot correspond to Chaba’d of Dat, also to Myriam’s well, the Cloud that surrounded Yisrael in the desert and the Manna. By eating Matzah we are able to remove the delusions of this world from our brains, and the scream out to GOD with words like ”thunder” when reading the Hagada. Rav Shabatto teachesThe light of Passach illuminates in its source in the light of Chuchmah and is revealed through the Sefira Netzauch. פסח litterally means “Mouth speaks”, סח is what was called the kind of speech of Yitzchak when he was in the field meditating when he first saw his wife Rivka. By Pesach we can develop the ability to truly express our true selves. This is why Kabbalists teach us that פסח (Pesach) can be understood as פה סח (the mouth speaks). It’s “tikun” (correction) enables us to be truly and freely expressive.


הגדהשלפסח + 1= מלכות, Through the “Hagada” we can reveal GOD’s Kingship which ultimately is Mashiach. This is also reflected by spelling out each letter of הגדה as ה”הדל”תגימ”לה”י=ישראל +1.

And eat “Maror” (bitter herb) because the ו (Ruach-emotions) separated from the ה and this caused “and they made their lives bitter” (Ex. 1:14) . And who caused this? This was caused by the י from the name שדי which is the sign of the covenant that Moses gave to the “Erev Rav” (mixed multitude), because of this Moses went down from his level, as the י left Matto”t In the future the Shechinah will be united with Hashem.(tikunim)

Passach itself ( פסח ) by Atbash becomes וחס meaning “and having mercy”. This shows us that on Passach we draw down the power to Divine mercy. As it was by this Divine mercy that we were freed from Egypt w hen we had reached the lowest level of defilement. GOD told Avraham that our exile of Egypt would be 400 years, but GOD in his great mercy he took us out in only 210 years. ”Choroset” חרוסת permeates to חסרות, mercy of Ruth. This illudes To David HaMelach and the final redemption.

Passach is called “the time of our freedom”, it was from Passach that we went from the lowest depths of enslavement and spiritual depravity to the highest spiritual states at the sea, and then stood before GOD and received the Torah. The word Passach means to Jump. The spiritual growth of Passach is not a gradual thing, but made in leaps and jumps. It is said that rejoicing over the redemption from Egypt leads to further redemption.

Eliyahu Ha Novi is know to be at 2 places. At every circumcision, as he is called in the Holy books “Angel of the Covenant”. It was before eating the Corban Passach that Moshe or some say Yuhoshua circumcised Yisrael so they could eat of the Corban Passach, then came redemption ! Rav Shabotto teaches that Before circumcision the Isrealites were still as slaves of Egypt, but By circumcision they cut off the filth from themselves and came under the shadow of the God called ברית. Eliyahu (Elijah) is also invited to the Passach “Sader”. We even set out a cup of wine for him in every home. Then when we open the door for Eliyahu towards the conclusion of the Seder, after all the previous preparations we say “ Pour out your wrath ….. Pursue them in anger” . Know, the redemption of Yisrael from Egypt occurred in the month of Nisan, when the Mars is dominant. Mars gives the power to war.

May it be in the merit of the Sadeekem in the Gan Aden and now on the Earth that GOD has great mercy upon us so that we will see the prophesy of the Prophet Malachi fulfilled with Eliyahu coming to us turning the hearts of children to their parents and parents to their children with the coming of our righteous Mashiach quickly in our days !

The Rebbi of Karlin said ”Great is a man of Yisrael in the way He is formed, allowing Him to be a son of the King ”. It is of this quality the Torah is speaking of when it speaks of freedom. It was for this quality that we merited being redeemed from Egypt. This Holiness obligates us to be careful not to transgress the border between freedom and a state of lawless abandonment of any constant real values of virtue. Behavior which would bring shame to our father the King of His Holy nation Yisrael and all creation. The freedom we are talking about places upon us borders upon our behavior, giving us more obligations which come upon such a man from God because of the heights of His level in the scheme of creation. Because of this a free man must be careful with matters involving his Honor. But lawless abandon of Godly virtue is of man at a lowly level. In this is a aspect of slavery. As a slave’s disgracefulness adds to him losing restraint and control. As he just really doesn’t care. Such a man will do all that arises of his emotions, he loses control over himself. He goes from the realm of intellect that is upright, transgressing going after his desires. We see this in lowly people, they do their evil desires. The true image of man parishes from them. Leaving them with an image as any human being, when His true nature is beyond this. As his soul has heard the voice of God speaking at Sinai and has experienced the wonders God has done for the Hebrew people. In the beginning he believes in his own eyes that his actions are his desires, but in the end he is only a slave to his evil inclination.

If we look at Yaakov’s blessing from Yizchak we can see how something lowly can be something great as Yitzchak said ”Your seed shall be as the sand of the earth, you shall spread to the north, east , south and west.” During the times we live in now it seems that many of the Jewish people have fell to a low spiritual place. Many of our people now are as low as the sand of the earth (being immersed only in physical matters, with no spiritual awareness), sitting among the nations in exile. But as the great Rabbi Hillel said ”My falling is my rising”. The seemingly lowly state we are in now is only a necessary step. As was the captivity in Egypt, to bring about redemption. As by the lowliness created by a lack of spirituality, they can appreciate it once it is truly found.

This all alludes to another message from the ‘Sader’ that should not be missed !

The center Matzah on the “seder” plate is broken in 2. Brokenness is a symbol of incompleteness. On Passover we celebrate the past redemption of our people from the bondage in Egypt. That redemption is a fact of history and by it we know that our hope for future redemption is not fantasy. It did happen once and redemption as spoken of by the Biblical prophets is coming  but this time it will be the final redemption. The broken “matzah” speaks to our times,  we may have been redeemed from Egypt but we are again in exile and are like the “matzah” , broken,  a broken people. So Do not think  the redemption is complete, nothing is further from the facts on hand. Look at the world today it is is desperately in need of Divine redemption, like the “matzah” the world is very broken. The larger part of the matzah, the afikoman, is absent from our “seder” table most of the “seder”, We say everything over only the small broken piece of  the middle Matza during the “sader”. The Middle Matzah represents the Levi, the Jew who learns , prays and teaches all the time. He is the Broken Matzah as even Torah observance in our generation has fallen to such low numbers of Jews.  He is our Afikoman. The Aficoman is a Big deal its the Bigger Matzah now most of our people be secularized and divided, but we are still people. And in the End the afikoman  must be returned to the table. The Jewish people need to unite together. Millions of Jews may not do a “seder”, but they can’t be forgotten. Just like  we cannot conclude our “seder” until we bring back the larger piece of matzah, the afikoman. We must try to  bring the majority of the Jews who have been secularized back to to the Passover “Sader” in in body , mind and spirit. As the God prefers that the majority of the nation of Isreal will be redeemed from the present exile. But its not required. 4 out of 5 were not redeemed from Egypt, but died in the pague of darkness . They had too much exile (Egypt) in them to be redeemed. As God can take the Jews out of Exile but the Jews need to remove the exile consciousness from themselves to be redeemed !The center Matzah on the “seder” plate is broken in 2. Brokenness is a symbol of incompleteness. On Passover we celebrate the past redemption of our people from the bondage in Egypt. That redemption is a fact of history and by it we know that our hope for future redemption is not fantasy. It did happen once and redemption as spoken of by the Biblical prophets is coming  but this time it will be the final redemption. The broken “matzah” speaks to our times,  we may have been redeemed from Egypt but we are again in exile and are like the “matzah” , broken,  a broken people. So Do not think  the redemption is complete, nothing is further from the facts on hand. Look at the world today it is is desperately in need of Divine redemption, like the “matzah” the world is very broken. The “sader” is NOT for the sake of gloating over our past Miraculous  redemption but for confirmation of our hopes which we need to act upon. For this reason we say  “This is the bread of af­fliction that our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt. All who are hungry, let them come in an eat; all who are in need come in and celebrate the Passo­ver. Now we are here, next year in Israel. Now we are slaves, next year free men.”  The broken “matzah” hidden between the two whole ones and the anticipated recovery of the hidden larger piece of this “matzah and its eating affirms the Passover of the Future, the Final redemption.

The Ruach (spirit) of Yisrael is the internal aspect of His Nefesh (animal soul), its instinctual awareness known as leah. It is only this that can free him from from the slavery of his evil inclination ruling upon all his limbs. Which has become his master. The source the true Ruach (spirit) of Yisrael is in the many mitzvot, Positive commands and prohibitions. For this reason one is required to do many mitzvot to establish His freedom. Only in this way is there true freedom of the Nefesh (animal soul). But to one who does not know this they, God forbid, think that all the mitzvot remove all joy from life. When it is exactly the opposite. One who has never tasted the true atmosphere of people observing God’s Holidays will never understand this. For this reason it says concerning the Passover offering ”No stranger may eat from it”. Better is the verse ”taste and see that yhv”h is good”, with the coming of our righteous mashiach quickly in our days.

Also know that during these 7 weeks until the time of receiving the Torah anew on Shavuot God gives us a special gift each week, each day for the betterment of our souls by allowing us to develop our soul powers of doing kindness during the first week, the 2nd week discipline, the 3rd week harmony and balance, the 4th week endurance so to be able to obtain any goal, 5th week perfecting minor details involved in all we do, 6th week making the greatest perfection of any circumstance, and in the 7th and final week having the kingship of God revealed in all our thoughts speech and actions. This is called ”counting of the omer ”. From all of this God willing we shall be ready to receive the Torah.

Chag Samaich

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The Torah is a living incarnation of Divine wisdom, eternally emitting creative intelligence in the form of the “Ayn Sof” (the Infinite Light) and bringing forth ever new light into creation By its letters and their crowns. Torah directly embodies the Divine power that brings all worlds in to existence sustains them and guides their providential care. Learn how to get involved with the administration of these Divine forces in the Torah !

THE YEAR IS 5778 OF THE BIBLICAL CALENDAR , THE 5778th VERSE OF THE TORAH IS ” I said, I would scatter them into corners, I would make the remembrance of them to cease from among men;”(DEUT 32:26)

Our year    תשע”ח  is year of the   ע”ח

עץ חיים Tree of life    !





The relationship between the Creator and the creatures effects the life of men in a very tangible manner whether they recognize this or not. It is embedded in the foundation of the reality we live in. The fantasy and delusion is not seeing this and recognizing this effect of providence in our lives. The God effects changes in our lives according to strict and well defined rules, found in and alluded to in the Bible. These laws are discovered by anyone who climbs the spiritual ladder, and they come to know it by experiences in their life. Reading the Holy books brings this Divine supervision closer and makes one more aware of it.

Each of us is different and unique, but we all are bound to comply with the same Divine rules that underlie nature by Divine influence. We all have the chance to  advance from darkness and confusion to clarity and Divine vision.

To help us in this mission of going from darkness to light of consciousness the God has given us  Divine names as found in the prayers we have received from our prophets. Yet this matter is not simple and like all good things take considerable effort to learn how they work.

Eventually following these Divine rules, and learning how to work the Divine names in the meditation of pray yields spiritual revelation, the creature feels the Creator Who gives them perfect bliss, ultimately.

But before this occurs one is like a person who is suffering from an illness. First they must discover they are ill. Only then can he begin his healing, making their Divine correction called “tikun”.  By this God who acts as the Divine  physician of the soul helps us fix our damages to our souls. The God directs into our lives the proper medicine to heal us from our errors and lacking, until one attains health and happiness. Then one can in a much greater way appreciate the greatness and the kindness of the God.

The ability to join all we do in one direction, in order to delight the Creator, gives  us the ability to find genuine delight under any condition, under any circumstances. As  under any situation we remember what we live for and Whom we work for.

We are currently in the heel (end) phase of the six thousand year cycle, its now 5779. We are moving closer to the realization of messianic consciousness. When much evil will be destroyed we will be in the  the new messianic era. Do your part !

Every thought speech action or in action either pulls us closer to the God or pushes us farther away there is no neutral ground. We are continuously surrounded by angels and demons which will punish or reward us according to every thought, speech, action or in action we do now or later in this world or the next.

Channel one’s love and other emotions  to serve the Creator !

Betzalel, knew how to permutate the letters, through them were created the heavens and the earth !

Israel our nation numbering millions of people all saw the miracles of the Egyptian plagues, splitting of the sea, revelation at Sinai, getting food from the sky and water from a rock. No nation ever claimed or will ever claim that these types of miracles had happened to their ancestors this is something that is beyond this world.


The Torah was given to Yisrael from God. Its like no other book ever written. The Torah seems like a collection of historical stories about  ancient Jew. In order to understand what this book really is one needs to understand what is encoded in it. To do this we must know Kabbalah. The most unassuming passages of Torah on might think have little significance  actually contain the deepest hints to supernal secrets. The more simple and uninformative the passages more likely contain profound secrets of Kabalah !

Obviously every letter of the Torah is holy and infinitely deep  !


lets light up all the world !












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It could not be all the “mitzvos” commandments were simply invented by a group of Jewish leaders. The people would never accept on themselves, Keeping “kosher” , having such strict dietary laws, having to wear “Tefillin” every day or prohibitions on premarital sex had they not known that their fathers also did this. They would have asked: “Why are you telling us that our entire nation experienced all these miracles? We have never heard anything like this except from you. Did the Exodus from Egypt take place in a secret?”

In fact this is the reason that the other religions start from a person who supposedly experienced a revelation. There is no religion in the world that claims a national experience similar to ours, as the Torah says (Devarim 4:33): “Did a nation ever hear the voice of God speaking out of the midst of the fire, as you have heard …” In particular the two large religions that spread over the world: Christianity and Islam both claim that the Jewish people received the Torah at Mount Sinai! Why wouldn’t these religions also claim that they began with a Divine Revelation witnessed by millions? The reason is simple: nobody can invent such a thing, and no nation would accept such belief system and its’ commandments had they not experienced these events personally.

Man  feels distance  from Hashem (The God) when one only follows their own physical desires that are  the opposite side to the God’s Holiness. But when one chooses  to begin the rectification of their sins. They may then become worthy of hearing God’s voice that to them from the depth of their soul, called the “small still voice”. This is through the Mitzvot (Divine commandments) they refine the nature of Man, removing him from his pure physical selfish desires.  It is therefore written “listen closely to His Mitzvot and guard His Statutes”

A spaceship base ‘found on the Moon’ – UFO hunters astonished
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A image seems to show a large opening on the surface partially covered by a large structure.

A SPACE base has been found on the Moon with strange buildings

discovered  in NASA’s satellite images of the lunar satellite.


Scott C Waring goes one step further and suggests the large structure in part base, part space ship.


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landscape sky clouds hd wallpaper

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Matto t2

There was created Matto”t, and eminated Ruach ha
kodesh from Matto”t and created all Nashamot (As by
Matto”t upper Chuchmah, the light of Atzilut is revealed by
Matto”t, who is the lower part of Z”a of Atzilut. Which
sends light to Nashamot.) All the Hosts of heaven are
sustained by Ruach ha Kodesh. Matto”t is eminated from
ruach Chuchmah Elyon. By Ruach ha Kodesh are eminated
the upper (angels) and the lower (souls of men). Keter is
the power of powers, guard of guarding which is called
Matto”t and עטרה (As it is his position to mediate and
direct many of the forces of creation in this world).

the most powerful in the lower world of all angels. Matto”t
is restoration of youth, immortality, reversal of aging.
Matto”t is new and is concidered new. As his youth is
always renewed. Matto”t is attached to the higher days of
Z”a.1 Matto”t cleaves with the Righteous, they inherit
Matto”t. Chayot which are disclosed are in the midst of a
wheel which is Matto”t (they are contained in Him). In
Matto”t who is שד”י are 10 classes of angels who minister
to the throne of Bria. Matto”t is the ruler of Yetzera. He
rules the 6 week days.2 During the week nourishment is
from the Yichud Hashem and the Shechina through
1 Sefer Paliyah, Zohar Shalach Lecha p.154
2 Pardes Remonim P.80,Olah Tamid p.9

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sanhedrin tomb


king tomb


kings tumb


TOMB OF Nicanor

tumb Niknorjpg

Rock-cut tombs are mentioned in the Bible. As its written about the “Cave of Machpelah”, was purchased by Abraham for Sarah from Ephron the Hittite (Gen. 23:2) Hundreds of Jewish rock-cut tombs were constructed in Israel in ancient times. They were cut into the rock with elaborate facades and multiple burial chambers. Some are free-standing, but most are caves. The earliest Israelite tombs, which date to the 9th century BCE in Jerusalem. There are a great many Jewish tombs dating to the Second Temple period.

In the Silwan valley is the most important ancient cemetery of the First Temple period, is assumed to have been used by the highest-ranking officials residing in Jerusalem, the capital city of the Kingdom of Judah. Its tombs were cut between the 9th and 7th centuries BCE. It is located in the Kidron Valley across from biblical Jerusalem of the kings of Judah, in the lower part of the ridge where the village of Silwan now stands. The architecture of the tombs and the manner of burial is different from anything known from contemporary Palestine. Having entrances located high above the surface, gabled ceilings, straight ceilings with a cornice trough-shaped resting-places with pillows, above-ground tombs, and inscriptions engraved on the facade appear only here. There are three different types of tombs in the Silwan , each type concentrated in one specific area. Seven of the tombs feature gabledceilings and extremely fine stonework. They have been described as among the most beautifully rock-cut tombs known in the Jerusalem area even when compared with tombs of later periods A second tomb type has flat ceilings and one, two, or three chambers of well-dressed stone carefully squared into spacious rooms. One features a rear chamber of especially “impressive” scale and quality. There are tombs combining characteristics of the two described here above. A third type consists of just three “magnificent” First Temple monolith tombs, now located in the northern part of the village. These have been carved out of the cliff to create free-standing buildings above the underground burial chambers. Hebrew inscriptions survive on these three tombs; these are the only ancient inscriptions that survive in Silwan. The Silwan. monolith was first described as located under the courtyard of a modern-period house serving as a cistern. It has the finest and most delicate stone dressing in the Silwan . The upper story was destroyed for use as quarried stone in the Roman/Byzantine period. Only a small section of the inscription survived to be recorded by Ussishkin. The first line is “This is the burial of Z …”. The second line “the one who opens this tomb . ..” The third line was illegible. The Pillar of Absalom is in our day the most prominent edifice in the Kidron Valley, easily recognizable through its singular architecture: a round dome set on a square structure.  Beside it we find the Tomb of Benei Hezir and the Tomb of Zecharia. At the foot of Ras Al-Amud, we find graves dated from the 8-7th Centuries BCE, and identified as part of the cemetery of the Jerusalem nobility from the Judean Kingdom.  The best-known grave among these is a tomb called “Yehu Who Is Lord of the House,” after the inscription at its entrance.

During the Second Temple period, rock-cut tombs were built outside the walls of the city of Jerusalem in every direction extendinf as far as 7 km from the city walls but predominantly to the north and south of the city. more prestigious tombs located close to the city.

The Tombs of the Kings is a collection of rock cut tombs in East Jerusalem believed to be the burial site of Queen Helene of Adiabene. The site is just east of the intersection of Nablus Road and Saladin Street. The gate of the property is marked in  French  “Tomb of the Kings”. As of May 2016, the Tombs of the Kings cannot normally be visited they being considered private property of the French State. From the house there is a 9 meter wide staircase (23 steps) that was originally paved and leads to a forecourt. Rain water is collected in baths, which are carved in the steps, and carried via a channel system to the water wells. At the bottom of the stairs there is a stone wall to the left with a gate. This gate leads to a courtyard that was cut from the rock at the same date. The dimensions of this courtyard are roughly 27 meters long from north to south and 25 meters wide from west to east.  The entrance to the tombs is via this courtyard. The tombs are entered via a rock-cut arch facade in the western side. The 28-meter facade was crowned with three pyramids, which no longer exist, and decorated with reliefs of grapes, plexus leaves, acorns and fruit, reflecting the Greek architectural style. The architrave was originally supported by two pillars, fragments of which were found in the excavations. The tombs are arranged on two levels around a central chamber, with four rooms upstairs and three rooms downstairs. The tombs are now empty, but previously housed a number of sarcophagi; they were excavated by a French archaeological mission headed by Louis Felicien de Saulcy, who took them back to France. They are exhibited at the Louvre.

The Cave of Nicanor is an ancient burial cave located on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem. Among the ossuaries discovered in the cave is one with an inscription referring to “Nicanor the door maker”. The cave is located in the National Botanic Garden of Israel on the grounds of the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Nicanor is mentioned in the works of the Roman Jewish historian Josephus and the Talmud as the donor of the bronze doors of the Court of the Women in the Second Temple in Jerusalem. This fact is also inscribed in Greek on his ossuary, which is a rare case of archaeology supporting facts stated by written sources.

Rock-cut tombs are  found in the Judges 8:32; 2 Samuel 2:32; Second Kings 9:28; 23:30; 21:26; 23:16


The elaborate Tombs of the Sanhedrin are north of the city. They were so called by later generations because the largest of them contains 70 chambers with burial benches, and the Sanhedrin had seventy members. Each of the three tombs would actually have contained the burials of a single, multi-generational, wealthy family. They were constructed between the reign of Herod and the year 70.

There has more recently been uncovered excavations of a large Jewish necropolis Second Temple Period  in Yericho 75 of the Robbed tombs were surveyed. The graves were  marked in the Jericho cemetery By charcoal drawings of a neftI on a tomb wall and a three-dimensional stone neftI on the surface of the cemetery.







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egypt tutankhamun death mask pharaonic

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

On Shabbot HaGadol we need to decide whether we will read the version of the Passover Hagadah that says this is “The bread of affliction”, or the other version which reads this is “Like the bread …”. Our decision depends on our present state on “Shabbat Hagadol”.

The greatness of Shabbat is  is hidden. All of the Shabbat experiences that our nation have come together and make a Shabbat Hagadol. It is this that will ensure liberation, making the people enter a state of “Gadlut” (greatness-expanded consciousness). The sages tell us that the Israelites in Egypt  possessed scrolls from their forefathers, which they would enjoy from Shabbat to Shabbat, when they rested, saying that Hashem would liberate them” (Shemot Rabba 5:18). It was the spiritual teaching in these scrolls which gave the Jews the ability to hope for a brighter future. It brightened their spirits and raises their stooped backs, as they held on to faith in the future liberation. As these scrolls reminded the Israelites that God had told their forefathers that “He will certainly redeem”.

The secret of our hope for freedom by Redemption and spiritual success is Shabbat. Shabbat is a day of rest and light for the soul. This light reminds us of our bright past of our Holy forefathers and this gives a bright hope for the future. So people can hold on to faith of the future liberation. The sages tell us , “Whoever observes Shabbat properly, even if he worships idols like the generation of Enosh, he will be forgiven” (Shabbat 118b). Shabbat contains a wonderful power that can destroy idol worship. It is in this merit that Shabbot has the ability to erase our sins and bring on the Redemption. ). The bravery of  Shabbat Hagadol in Egypt. When the Israelites took sheep,  the highest idol of Egypt, and prepared to slaughter them, was able to make us fit for the liberation. May in the merit of brazenness of Holiness we merit to be redeemed !