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The aura , Kirlian Photography and bioplasmic particles AND TEFILLIN
January 19, 2020, 1:12 pm
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Walter John Kilner, M.D. B.A., M.B. (Cantab.) M.R.C.P., etc. (1847–1920) was a medical electrician at St. Thomas Hospital, London, from 1879 to 1893.

He wrote papers on a range of subjects but is today best remembered for his late study The Human Atmosphere. In 1883 he became a Member of the Royal College of Physicians

In 1911 Kilner published one of the first western medical studies of the “Human Atmosphere” or Aura, proposing its existence, nature and possible use in medical diagnosis and prognosis. In its conviction that the human energy field is an indicator of health and mood, Kilner’s study resembles the later work of Harold Saxton Burr. However, while Burr relied upon voltmeter readings, Kilner, working before the advent of semiconductor technology, attempted to invent devices by which the naked eye might be trained to observe “auric” activity which, he hypothesised, was probably ultraviolet radiation, stating that the phenomena he saw were not affected by electromagnets

Glass slides or “Kilner Screens” containing alcoholic solutions of variously coloured dyes, including a blue dye called “dicyanin” ,probably “Dicyanine A”, were used as filters in “Kilner Goggles” which, together with lights, were held to train the eyes to perceive electromagnetic radiation outside the normal spectrum of visible light.

According to his study, Kilner and his associates were able, on many occasions, to perceive auric formations, which he called the Etheric Double, the Inner Aura and the Outer Aura.

In 1920 a revised edition of his book was published and sympathetically reviewed.

Later another method of seing the human aura. The Kirlians conducted experiments in which photographic film was placed on top of a conducting plate, and another conductor was attached to the a hand, a leaf or other plant material. The conductors were energized by a high frequency high voltage power source, producing photographic images typically showing a silhouette of the object surrounded by an aura of light. Kirlian and his wife were convinced that their images showed a life force or energy field that reflected the physical and emotional states of their living subjects. They thought these images could be used to diagnose illnesses. In 1961, they published their first paper on the subject in the Russian Journal of Scientific and Applied Photography.

The most amazing claim (in my opinion) is known as the “phantom leaf” experiment. Here a small portion of a leaf is cut off; the leaf is then photographed using Kirlian photography. In a small percentage of cases the cut portion of the leaf appears in the photograph as a ghostly apparition. The appearance of the cut portion of the leaf, as claimed by the Soviet researchers is proof of an ethereal bio-plasma body.

In early days, Kirlian images were recorded on photographic emulsion. Since the sensitivity of a photographic emulsion varies greatly with environmental factors such as humidity, recordings were not reproducible. As a result, some scientists dismissed the Kirlian effect as useless.

Modern GDV instruments developed by Prof Korotkov use glass electrodes and their recordings are highly reproducible in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Researchers at California State College, Sonoma, think the day will come when your ills are diagnosed and health problems spotted before they occur by doctors interpreting specialized photographs of images of a mysterious invisible aura of energy which psychics say surrounds the body. This may all be possible, researchers hope, by utilizing Kirlian photography, through which brilliant red and blue patterns formed by the aura can be recorded on film. Interpretation of the photographs will tell something of the physical condition of the body. The same theory applies to plants, as well as animal life of all forms.

Their work began as a result of a discussion of galvanic skin response, which took place in a class at SRJC. Several persons are doing research in this country on the theory that plants have emotional feelings, and react in different ways when hooked to a galvanic skin response device (commonly known as a lie detector), and submitted to different stresses and situations. From this, research and discussion led to information about Kirlian photography, which has been going on for a number of years, especially in Russia.

Tachyon Enhances the SOEFs of All Living Organisms

The following Kirlian photo study demonstrates that plants in potted soil display significant increases in their overall energetic field after receiving a tachyon treatment. Out of all the live plants tested and photographed, this burgundy ficus represents the average effect observed. Photographic research has found that plants connected to the soil require much less time to increase the SOEFs than harvested plants or fruits.

Dr. Korotkov: We have been working with the energy force, the life force, of living beings — humans, animals, and plants — for many years, and we have no doubts that we have been having direct intercommunication with higher forces. All the work that we are doing is guided by higher forces. We have a great deal of evidence of this.

We are moving forward step by step, and in every step of our development we have this Higher Spirit. We feel no concern about little topics like money, or how to do this or that, because we need only concentrate, send our prayers to higher planes, to Higher Spirit, and then see how everything comes out.

“Dr. Victor Inyushin at Kazakh University in Russia has done extensive research with the human energy field since the 1950s. Using the results of these experiments, he suggests the existence of bioplasmic energy field composed of ions, free protons and free electrons. Since this is a state distinct from the four known states of matter solid, liquid, gases and plasma (by the way Liquid Crystal Diodes fall into this new category as they are neither solid nor liquid). Inyushin suggests that the bioplasmic energy field is a fifth state of matter.

His observations showed the bioplasmic particles are constantly renewed by chemical processes in the cells and are in constant motion. There appears to be a balance of positive and negative particles within the bioplasma that is relatively stable. If there is a severe shift in this balance the healthy of the organism is affected.

In spite of the normal stability of bioplasma, Inyushin has found that a significant amount of this energy is radiated into space. Streams of bioplasmic particles which have broken away from the organism can be measured moving through the air. It is these streams or strings of the unseen human form that the practitioner of the System manipulate and that in turn manipulate the opponent. Thus, we have plunged into a world of life energy fields and bioplasmic forms moving about and streaming off the body.

The Jersey Society of Parapsychology, of which Douglas Dean was
then president, provided Dean with a small grant to carry out
further Kirlian photography experiments, to see if the equipment
could duplicate results the Russians had gotten photographing
psychic healers. In PDBIC we mentioned one of the famous
Russian healers, Colonel Alexei Krivorotov who works with his
son, a medical doctor. Colonel Krivorotov does magnetic healing
by placing his hands an inch or so away from the patient. Patients
maintain they feel intense heat “like a hot water bottle” but no
physiological indicator shows any change in the patient’s or
Krivorotov’s skin. The colonel has been especially successful with
back problems, infections, diseases of the nervous system. The
Kirlians photographed Krivorotov’s hands at rest and when
preparing to heal. The Kirlian photos showed Krivorotov’s hands
had regular, average sized flares before treating a patient, but when
asked to prepare to heal, the flares greatly enlarged. Perhaps the
Kirlian technique made visible an energy or information exchange
between healer and patient that helps the patient reprogram himself
for health.

As early as the 1940s Dr. Bernard Grad of Mcgill University became interested in the orgone energy theories as postulated by Wilhelm Reich. The death of his daughter further stimulated his interest in spiritual healing, and in 1957 he came to know Oscar Estabany, a Hungarian refugee who professed to have healing powers. Working with Estabany in the 1960s, he carried out a series of experiments on plant seeds and mice that resulted in some of the strongest evidence of a healing power to arise in parapsychology. In a series of more complicated tests, all carried out with double blinds, Grad was able to isolate a healing power that seemed to radiate from Estabany. It could be transferred to plant seeds to stimulate their growth, to mice to speed healing, and even to water used for plants. Dr Mikhail Kuzmich Gaikin and Vladislav Mikalevsky of Russia developed an electronic device, which could pinpoint nearly 700 Chinese acupuncture points through aura photographs. Dr Mikhail Kuzmich Gaikin and Vladislav Mikalevsky of Russia developed an electronic device, which could pinpoint nearly 700 Chinese acupuncture points through aura photographs.Dr Mikhail Kuzmich Gaikin and Vladislav Mikalevsky of Russia developed an electronic device, which could pinpoint nearly 700 Chinese acupuncture points through aura photographDr Mikhail Kuzmich Gaikin and Vladislav Mikalevsky of Russia developed an electronic device, which could pinpoint nearly 700 Chinese acupuncture points through aura photographDr Mikhail Kuzmich Gaikin and Vladislav Mikalevsky of Russia developed an electronic device, which could pinpoint nearly 700 Chinese acupuncture points through aura photographs.

As observed by Elizabeth Fuller (1989), medical science now recognizes aura as a thin pulsating field around the human body. According to clairvoyants, health and emotions are shown through different colors, energy patterns and breaks, and through clear and muddy spots in the aura. Healers have observed that illness manifests first in the etheric body, which is closest to the physical body, several days, months or even years before the appearance of physical symptoms in the body.

Tefillin under Kirlian Camera (aura camera)

 The simple purpose of Tefillin is to subjugate our thoughts and actions to God’s service. The head Tefillin is placed above our brain to dominate our thought. The hand Tefillin is positioned next to our heart – the central organ that controls proper body functions – distributes the vital blood everywhere and collects it back.. The Villna Goan explains Tefillin have four separate compartments while the hand one only has one. The head has four different senses: seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting. The body has just one sense of touching, but four types of organs can be used to touch: hands, body, legs and the sex organ that is sanctified on the eight day. Thus the Tefillin that’s put on the body has the four parshah (Torah sections).

She (The Shechinah) is tied with him, by the knot of the arm “Tefilin”. She is tied to him so she can not ever leave him. From the left side she is tied through the arm “Tefilin”, which is on the left arm. From the right side she places the crown on his head, the head “Tefilin”. And this is in the daytime she is tied to her husband. (Tikinim P20B)

Each knot of “Tefillin” is from the side of the letter י; and there are two knots, which are the knots of the head tefilin and the left arm tefilin. These are the י י from the name יאהדונה”י

One must tie up the angel of death and his mate in the straps of the tefilin.

The ס”מ (the evil one)  is trapped in a collar, by those who tie him up through the sign of their Tefillin. The strap as a knot on his arm, he ties the two straps on his horns, like an ox “moad”. (Tikunim)

Kabbalists teach that when tefillin is tightened around the bicep of the left arm , pointing towards the heart , and on the ” entrance ” to the head – “the place where the head of the infant is soft ” ( in the word of the Talmud ) – a unique spiritual energy is channeled into the human soul.

The masters of the Mishnah have said that a man should not be found with less than two “Aot” signs., the sign of the tefilin, And sign of the covenant. On Shabbat, the two signs are. the sign of the covenant and the sign of Shabbat. And those that are found each day with out these two signs It is written about them “surely send away the mother”. (The Shechinah leaves them) (Tikkuney Zohar)

And if you will ask why do you need two signs on each person every day? The “Shechinah” which is the letter י‘ from the name אדני and Hashem who is the letter י‘ from the name י–ה–ו–ה. A man needs that he should not be found “having less” (this is minimum) then these two signs every day.

And if not it says about it “A complainer separates a Ruler” (Prov. 16:28). He separates the Ruler of the World from the “Shechinah”. About the female it says “My sign forever” (Ex 31:17). The male he is the covenant of salt forever. Therefore the sign of the Tefilin is female, and the sign of the covenant is male. And the secret of the matter “מי יעלה לנו השמימה” “(Who will raise us up to heaven)” (Deut. 30:12), in the “Rosha teva” ( first letters of the words) it spells out מילה (circumcism), in the “Sofa teva” (ending letters of the words) it spells out the name י–ה–ו–ה. The tefilin are female that is why it says “And it shall be unto you a sign on your hand

In a recent experiment, researchers asked a group of men who do not regularly put tefillin on to do so. After these men put the tefillin on, their photos were taken with special kirilian camera which captures a high energy ultra-violet energy field light in its images. The images shown by this camera demonstrated conclusively that an “aura” appears when the men put the tefillin on, at exactly the points where the tefillin lay on their head and hand, which are exactly the points where the Kabbalists speak of a spiritual energy being channeled.

Even more interesting is the point that these are the acupressure and acupuncture points that for thousands of years the Chinese have been teaching correspond to increasing spirituality.

From the plain text of the Scriptures we can not learn much about Tefillin. The Rashbam wrote, “According to the plain text it will be for you an eternal reminder as though it were written on your hand” this is  like ‘Place me as a seal on your heart’ (Song of Songs 8:6).”

To explain this verse we need the Oral Torah, which is “Halacha” given to Moshe at Sinai, as brought by Rambam, Laws of Tefillin, chapter one, halacha three,.. He writes that “There are ten things involved in Tefillin, all of them “Halacha Moshe MiSini” (Law given to Moshe at Sinai) and all are restrictions…two in their writing and eight in their covering and the tying of their straps.”

“Halacha Moshe MiSinai” According to the  Rambam in his introduction to the Mishna saya “Know that any commandment which God gave Moses our Teacher, of blessed Memory, was given with its explanations…and this is an example. God told Moshes ‘you shall dwell in sukkot for seven days,’ and afterwards notified him that this sukkah is obligatory only for men and not for women, that the ill are not obliged, nor are travelers….

And it is the same thing with the laws of “Tefillin” which were given at Sinai. God told Moshe “and it shall be a sign on your hand,” and explained to him that they must be written with specific ink on parchment, and so on.






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Those Crowns of Sinai
March 5, 2010, 2:04 pm
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It says in the Parsha “And when the people heard these evil tidings, they mourned; and no man put on him his ornaments” (Exodus 33:4).

1) Why do the Children of Israel respond to the bad news that they will not be led directly by God by removing their ornaments?

2) Next, God affirms the people’s decision not to wear their ornaments, commanding them, “Remove your Ornaments,” and adding, “[Then] I may know what to do with you” (33:5). What is it about the removal of the ornaments that causes God to reconsider His relationship with the people?

The Malbim notes that the majority of our ancestor did not worship the calf, but they also didn’t protest against it and stop its worshipers from carrying out their  actions  they are no longer deserving of the gifts of God, that they have sinned gravely and destroyed their intimate connection with God. Finally, the shedding of the ornaments represents an understanding that they have utilized some of those very gifts to betray God, to construct and create the anti-covenant. Its written “And Yisrael were stripped of their Crowns-ornaments (‘edyom’) from Har Chorev” (mount Sinai). “When Israel said ” nasa vi nishma” (‘ we will do and we will hear ‘, 60,000 ministering angels came down and put 2 Crowns on each of their heads; One for Na’aseh and one for Nishmah. When they sinned with the Golden Calf, 120,000 angels of destruction descended and took from them both Crowns” (Talmud, Shabbat 18a). The Avnei Nezer questioned this, arguing that since they had sinned by their actions only the Crown of Naaseh should have been taken. They still had retained the merit of Nishmah. However, ‘ Crown’ is a matter of kingship that separates the king from the rest of the people, so too, their Crowns separated each person from their own personality and own individuality. All their actions were only for the sake of Heaven, rather than for the spiritual satisfaction, status or good feelings that they may bring. For such an achievement not only actions are needed but also ‘ Nishmah’. After the Golden Calf, their religious actions were once again primarily for their own spiritual benefit and not primarily for the sake of Heaven. So the angels took back both the Crown of Naaseh and that of Nishmah (Israel said “we will do  agreeing to accept the Torah even before hearing it”).

3) In addition to the above, the Torah draws a connection between the ornaments and Har Chorev (33:6). What is the meaning of this connection to Sinai?

Let us first turn our attention to the third question raised above, the issue of the connection between the ornaments and Sinai, the meaning of the phrase “edyam me-Har Chorev” (33:5). This phrase might be interpreted as meaning something like “at Har Chorev” or “from Har Chorev and on.” If so, the Torah simply describes the location at which the Israelites removed their ornaments, or the chronological point at which the event took place. However, Rashi (33:3), in accordance with the Talmud (Shabbat 88a), claims that “edyam” refers to the “crowns that the Israelites were given at Sinai when they proclaimed, ‘Na’aseh ve-nishma’ (We will do and we will listen).” Accordingly, the phrase “edyam meihar Chorev” should be interpreted as meaning “from Har Chorev” or “of Har Chorev.”

.What exactly are the ornamentations of Chorev?

The Crowns referred to here are the spiritual Crowns that they received at Har Sinai, when they proclaimed “Na’aseh ve’nishna”,and they then were injected them with the power of invincibility and eternity. R’ Chaim Volozin writes in his monumental book, Nefesh Hachaim, that these crowns were the actual breath that came from GOD’s mouth during the Aseret Hadibrot (The Ten Commandments), of which the first two were spoken by GOD directly to the people).  In what sense does the breath of GOD manifest itself as crown for man? To understand this we must understand what occurred when GOD’s breath was first blown into man. When man was created, the Torah states that GOD blew the breath of life into his nostrils. The breath of life refers to man’s coming to life after receiving his Neshama, his soul, and not simply the life force that animates all creatures. GOD’s breath in man is his Neshama.

Now, this is not to be understood that GOD once blew the breath of life into man long ago, and never connected to him again The sages compare GOD’s connection to man through the breathing of a  Neshama (soul) into him to that of a glass maker as he is blowing the glass. The book Nefesh Hachayim explains that when a glass maker is actually blowing the glass there are three places that contain his breath. There is breath that is actually in the glass creation that is being fashioned, in the tube that he blows into to make the glass creation, and there is breath that is still in the blower’s mouth. So too, when GOD blows the breath of life into a person, there is the Neshama that is in the person’s body, the Neshama that is still in GOD’s mouth, so to speak, and there is also a connector of the Neshama in the body to that part of the Neshama which is still left with GOD. Thus, even after a person is put in this world, the person still remains connected to GOD through his Neshama. When we say that the crowns that Yisrael received at the giving of the Torah was from GOD’s mouth, it means that it was additional Neshama that they received.

Just as the Neshama is received directly from GOD’s mouth, so too the Torah is from His mouth, so to speak. King Solomon (proverbs 2:6) says, GOD gives wisdom, from His mouth, knowledge and understanding.” The Torah and knowledge of it, is referred to as being “from His mouth”. The Medrash expounds this point further with a  analogy. The analogy is of a king who had a son who came home one day from school and found the king sitting with a plate full of food. The son requested some food of his father, and the king complied. The son said, “I do not want the food from the plate, I want the food from your mouth.” The king took a piece from his mouth and gave it to the son. The analogy is telling us that Yisrael requested more than just knowledge and a law. They wanted the Torah that is from GOD’s mouth, a living law. The Torah came from GOD’s mouth which is  the source of all Neshamot, and therefore could only come with an additional Neshama, the crowns.

Why did these crowns come specifically as a result of saying Na’aseh V’nishmah? To answer this we first have to understand what the meaning of Na’aseh V’nishmah is. Yisrael agreed to fulfill the Torah before even finding out what it was that GOD wanted from them. They were in essence saying, “We have an absolute faith in You, and just want to do whatever You think is right. We cancel our da’as in place of Yours.” Saying Na’aseh V’nishmah was an act of  self effacement before GOD.  A act of  self effacement before GOD, is in essence a direct and very strong connection to Him – I am nothing, and all there is, is GOD.

Connection of two beings is called Dat (Knowledge), a connection between man and wife is referred to as da’as (a man knows his wife). When man connects to GOD, that is called Dat. Referring once again to the verse in proverbs, it says “from your mouth-Dat knowledge”, that is to say that the direct connection that man has to GOD, is “from mouth” the Torah and Neshama. This is the essence of Yisrael, the Torah and GOD are one. They are one and they all come back together at the mouth of GOD.

If we take a closer look at the Midrash with the king and his son, we find an additional insight. The son says to his father the king, “All that I request is that which is from your mouth.” This tells us that if we want what is in GOD’s mouth- the Torah- then we must request it. This is demonstrated further in another Medrash on the same verse. The Medrash relates the following story, “The People of Alexandria asked R’ Yehoshua Ben Chananya, ‘What can man do in order to be wise?’ He answered, ‘Spend a lot of time learning and little time doing business.’ They responded, ‘Many have tried and were not successful.’ R’ Yehoshua answered them, ‘Then you must request mercy from the One to Whom the wisdom belongs, as it is stated, ‘Becouse God gives wisdom from mouth’” In order to receive knowledge, you must request it through TefillahTefillah makes a person closer to GOD.

This is what it means when it says that “Moshe’s face shone”.   This is the light of Tefillin, and Moshe merited to receive all the light of Tefillin. “And Moshe would take the tent“—this also is the lights of Tefillin. Moshe merited all of the lights of Tefillin. “Therefore now put your ornaments off of you” (Ibid., 33:5)—these are the lights of Tefillin. Before the sin, the Tefillin were just a supernal shining, the supernal shining of Chanoch. That was before the sin of the golden calf. After the sin of the golden calf, it was no longer possible to see the lights of the tefillin. The light of the Tefillin was hidden away. It was hidden away within the Tefillin themselves.  Before the sin of the golden calf, one saw actual lights: supernal shining. “And Moshe would take the tent”—he took all the lights of the tefillin of all the Jewish people, and that is what made his face shine. Before then, every single Jew was shining by himself.  Afterward, Moshe’s shining was the sum of all the shine of the Jewish people together. Before then, they weren’t afraid to look at Moshe’s face, because they all shone, but afterwards, when Moshe was the only one shining with this light, then they were afraid to look in Moshe’s face.

Because the women did not contribute their jewels to the making of the molten calf, they maintained a loyalty at Sinai; they never stripped off their crowns.

Today, much of humanity continues to worship one form of a Golden Calf or another. Many have turned their religions into Golden Calves. Many have even turned Judaism and Torah into Golden Calves. Torah Judaism gets turned into a Golden Calve when Torah gets stripped down to only a religion of learning jurisprudence with its spiritual teachings and message lost and being portrayed as only a religion of ritual practices, each of which have nothing to do with the original sources of classical spiritual meaning of the Torah.

All this is as worshiping a false face of YHWH.By creating a false face for religion, they equally create a false face for God, who is supposed to be found within religion. In their quest for religious piety with their stricter and stricter approach to law with out spiritual meaning or devotion, they have built for themselves a modern Golden Calf. It is because of this religious approach to Torah Judaism that not many bother to look for, or to listen for the Still Soft Voice that still echoes within us from its inception at Sinai. People fail to even recognize that the purpose of the Torah was to connect man to God so that we can know God in this world, Love God and cleave to God. This way of Judaism of Religion without spiritual awareness, is not Torah Judaism at all but as worshiping another god, a new golden calf, we have all too many Golden Calves today, this is only the Torah version. Most people these days revolves around something other than the God and that thing is their “Golden Calf”, be it a quest for money of fame or what ever else that has no part in holiness that is the primary motivating force in their life. But we shall come close to the God by the Torah.

 Said Reish Lakish “The Holy One, Blessed be He, will in the future return them [those crowns] to us, as it says, ‘Those redeemed by GOD will return and come to Tzion in song, and everlasting happiness upon their heads.'”

  It says in the parsha. ”You shall not have in your bag different weights, a large and a small. You shall not have in your house different measures, a large and a small. But you shall have a perfect and just weight, a perfect and just measure shall you have; that your days may be lengthened in the land which Yhv”h Elohech”a gives you. For all who do such things, and all who do unrighteously, are an abomination to Yhv”h Elohech”a. ” (25:13-16)


The prophets say much concerning social injustice and economic oppression. Isaiah says:


“Woe to those who join house to house and field to field, they draw close till there is no place, and you will be settled alone in the midst of the land “ (5:8)


They create a situation where there is no where for the poor man to live, as Rashi explains. This type of action is robbing the poor of their land. They allow themselves to act in this selfish way by denying that the land actually belongs to GOD, and that the poor inherently have a right to a place to live as explained by the Radak and Ibn Ezra. By joining field to field the small independent farmer is put out of business by large commercial industrial farming corporations. In safer Eliyahu, Eliyahu ha Novi (Elijah the Prophet) says that because of interest taken on houses, and stealing fields from this there will be orphans and widows in sackcloth.1 Rashi teaches us that this commandment of having ”a perfect and just weight”. Is in The Torah next to the commandment of destroying Amalak. So to teach us Amalek comes when Yisrael is not honest in their Business practices. The Magid of Koznitz teaches that if your ”yetzer hora” (evil inclination) says to you “teshuva” (returning to GOD) of sinners is of no value, be happy with the pleasures of this world. Live only for today, who knows what tomorrow will really bring. Your ”yetzer Hora” (evil inclination) tells you things as these so to make you fall into sadness over your service of GOD, making your heart bitter toward things of the כבוד (glory of) GOD. Know that it is because of these things that that GOD told us to ”remember what Amalak did to you on the way”.2


“Remember what Amalek did to you by the way, when you came forth out of Egypt;


How he met you by the way, and struck at your rear, all who were feeble behind you, when you were faint and weary; and he did not fear Elohem”e. Therefore it shall be, when Yhv”h Elohech”a has given you rest from all your enemies around, in the land which Yhv”h Elohech”a gives you for an inheritance to possess, that you shall blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; you shall not forget it. ”(25:-17-19)


Yuhuda is Givurah (severity), but the seed of Yisrael is rachamim (mercy). Because of this they need to draw upon themselves the flow of “din” (judgment) so their hearts will remember to war with the nations. By the sword Amalak will arouse great jealousy in Yisrael. This is all necessary as again the nature of Yisrael is “rachamim” not “din”, its not their nature to war as their nature is peace. It’s for this same reason Rabbi Akiva as said before will recognize his enemy from the past. (A incarnation of Rabbi Akiva, who suffered so much under the Romans. Will come back in the end of days) These things are necessary to arouse the anger needed that will allow vengeance to be taken on the enemies of Yisrael.3 Peace has been offered many times by Israel to the Palestinians and the Arab world in general. For the most part the Palestinians have only responded with rockets. Concerning this it must be said that the Palestinians are not our baby that we have to nurse along so to give birth to a Palestinian state. They are an enemy state that daily shoots rockets at us, so should be dealt with appropriately. We need to wage total war when attacked. This seems to be all they understand. As good will gestures like leaving Gaza have only brought more rockets. This is no game. One must never forget that the Ramba”m teaches in his Mishna Torah that the Jewish people when they enter the land of Israel are responsible then to fulfill 3 mitvot (laws) : Appointing a king over themselves, to wipe out the descendants of Amalak and build GOD’s House (the Temple).4 With our righteous Mashiach quickly in our days.


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Torah and Souls before Creation




UPDATED Feb 16th, 2018

The Zohar tells us Jacob instituted the evening prayer called “Mariv”, Jacob’s prayer is very different. Rabbi Shimon say that it is optional , even if now everyone prays “mariv” daily. He says this because Jacob’s prayer is on the level of Divine visions fighting angels and seeing ladders to heaven.  Yakkov was not himself totally responsible for these experiences, his thoughts were from elsewhere. These visions come to him from God.Their “Yichud” (unification) meeting is brought about by God. From Him comes the vision. Not everyone is seeing visions so Rabbi Simon says “Mariv” is optional,

Through  “Kriat Shema”  [saying of the Shema] the S”M  (Evil force) is  killed – for the Tetragrammaton which is the sword of the Holy One Blessed be He – about it is said, (Psalms 149:6) “The lofty praises of א”ל God are in the throat,” through the reading of the Shema “A double edged sword,” of the Holy One Blessed be He, is “In their hand” – of the children of Israel to kill the S”M. As our sages have said (Berachot 5a) anyone who reads the Shema on his bed. when he goes to sleep at night, it is as if he holds a double edged sword in his hand

We begin the 18 blessings of the “Amidah” prayer  “G-d open my lips and my mouth …” –  the initial letters of these words [in the original Hebrew] make up the word אשתו [his wife]

Rabbi Gamaliel instituted the 19th blessing of the Amidah that curses informers, unbelievers, and the wicked. The 19th blessing or curse begins, “And for the slanders let there be no hope.” The first word beginning with a vav, “And”, combines the blessing with the previous blessing in order to maintain the eighteen blessing limitation of the Amidah according to the Mishnah as , “RABBAN GAMALIEL SAYS: EVERY DAY A MAN SHOULD SAY THE EIGHTEEN BENEDICTIONS.”  Nevertheless, the Gemara explains the intention that we recite the name of God specifically eighteen times to compose the Great Name (the Seventy-two Letter Name).

Matto”t and “Shemona Esray”and “Sma”

When Hashem comes down in the “Sma” it is said about the “Chayot” , “And I hear the voice of their wings” (, Tikunny Zohar, Ezekiel. 1:24)

In the “Shemona Esray”  is included  eighteen blessings and through it is unified the two names as יאהדונהי and the connection of these two names needs to be done in quietness. The secret of the matter “When they stood their wings softened” (Eze. 1:25), when the Jews stand in shemona esray the Chayot angels soften their wings so no one will hear their voice. Because there is the “Still fine voice” (Kings 1 19:12), the Holy of Holies is the “Shemona esray” because there the king comes.

The “small quiet voice” is the י from the name יהו”ה, and it is from the אדנ”י, from there comes the king who is יהו”ה

(Zohar Tikunim)

This is מטטרון in the image of the “sadeek”, the foundation of the worlds. The river of Dinar is from the side of Gevurah. The river of Plagav (division) is from the side of Chesed, streams of water, which is the river of Kevar כבר. What is כבר? It is the angel מטטרון, who is the רכב chariot of the middle pillar. “And he rode on the כרוב Kruv and flew” (Psalms 18:11), which is the “chariot of fire and horses of fire” (Kings 2 2:11), which include 600,000 chariots. From the side of the tzadik the חי (life) (18) of the worlds, he includes חי myriads (18,000) of chariots. “The chariots of Hashem are two myriads, two thousand שנאן angels” (Psalms 68:18). As the Rabbis of the Mishnah have taught , two thousand שאינן (that are not from) the two myriad . Every myriad is ten thousand. Two myriads is twenty thousand, two thousand שאינן that are not. We remain with (Page 4B) eighteen thousand that descend with מטטרון to receive the eighteen blessings, “Shemona Esray”, of the Jews prayer, to raise them before The Holy Blessed One.

Each Nashama (Soul of Divine intellect) reveals torah according to the source of its soul. These seventy faces of the Torah Parallel the seventy children of Yaakov who entered Egypt. These souls express themselves as sixty myriad. Moshe included all these source souls so he knew all 600,000 explanations to the Torah.1 The Torah Moshe was given in ”pardes” (Heavenly orchard)He taught to all Yisrael. All ”chidushim” (new ideas) in the Torah are through the Nashama of Moshe that illuminates in each and every sadeek by Moshe’s קרני הוד (horns of light) in each and every generation.2 

Dat (knowledge) is where Moshe spreads out to the 600,000 root souls of Yisrael. One sees the Shechinah (Divine Presence) according to their dat (Knowledge in their hearts). The humility of  Moshe attained all levels of dat , by attaining all levels of humility. By recognizing he was only flesh and unable to do “avodat GOD” (service of GOD) he came to be dependent on the “chayot” (angels of the ruach). This is how the merit of moshe is earned.3 Moshe was joined with mida (attribute) called צור (Rock) which is Malchut.4 Rabbi Yisrael Rozin teaches that one who serves GOD and learns Torah by their own power will not have the help of GOD. In truth these things are ruled by the power of ”Kidusha”  and when accomplished properly they are not doing the work at all, but GOD does.  GOD walks before him giving him Dat and intellectual powers, He walks before him. GOD sanctifies him at all times more and more by him subduing himself and his humility. In truth he is nullified to GOD, he becoming טפל (himself being secondary).5 Moshe did not tremble when he heard the sound of a angel or the Supernal King.6 Moshe went up to the “rekia” (firmament) and learned Torah from the angel Matto”t every day near sunset for 40 days. During that time Moshe spent 1000 years learning the secret ot Matto”t . Matto”t showed him things of the (depth) תהום which he could not understand, such as how many letters are between א and מ ?.7 

The 49 gates of Binna are 49 faces of purity from Matto”t it is the vowel ”cholem”. Moshe is Teferet as it says ”a crown of Teferet (beauty-balance) on his head”. All light of Torah is revealed from Binna (Divine understanding) dressing in Teferet. This is the secret of  Z’a and Moshe. The 50 gates allude to the 2 ”Yichudim” (unification of God) of the ”sma”. At the 50th gate vessels turn to light, because of a lack of Malchut of Malchut of vessels and a lack of Ketter of Ketter of lights.The 50th gate reveals complete tikun (fixing). The first ה of י ה וה has 50 gates Bina.

“ HEAR Israel YHV”H is “Eloheynu” (our God) YHV”H is “echad” (ONE)

 “I will exalt him because he knows my name.” Call out through saying of the “Sma”, and he will answer you, as it is written, “Then you shall call out and Hashem will answer you” (Isa. 58:9).

  Through the 49 letters one unifies twice every day by meditation of the Shema they open the fifty gates of freedom and the dwell with the “Shechinah” (Divine Presence), the correspond to the fifty times there is mentioned the going out of Egypt in the Torah. The sound of the music (of “Sma” goes up with the word אחד (one).

(Zohar tikunim)

We are to meditate on “echad” (ONE) . This word is spelled alef-chet-dalet; The word alef means “leader” (aluf); the numerical values of chet and dalet are 8, and 4. We are to consider and intend that the God “ of the world” is master of the “chet (8) being the seven heavens and earth, and the dalet ( 4) , the four directions. Thus, the chet signifies God’s mastery over the “verticle” dimension including the spiritual realms “above” the physical universe and the dalet signifies GOD’ mastery over the horizontal dimension of space.

Malchut is not underneath netzach-hod -yesod but behind them, as is known. Malchut stands behind the netzach-hod-yesod of Z”a. It follows that the “feet” of Malchut extends down only as far as does the lower extremity of netzach -hod-yesod of Z”a. This being the case, Malchut does not occupy any “verticle” space by itself at all. This is true on weekdays, when Malchut is back-to-back with Z’ Anpin. It is also true on Shabbat, when they turn to face each other that the Malchut occupies “vertical space”.

By the saying of the Sma, the S”M is killed as the name of God, יהוה, is the sword of the Holy One Blessed be He. Concerning it, it is said, “The lofty praises of God are in the throat” (Psalms 149:6) through the saying of the Sma, is the “ double edged sword,” of the Holy One Blessed be He that is in the hand of the children of Israel so to be able to kill the S”M. As our sages have said in Talmud tractate Berachot that anyone who reads the Sma on his bed when he goes to sleep at night, it is as if he holds a double edged sword in his hand and all the more so the reading of the Shema in the morning and evening prayers which are commandments of the Torah themselves.

The forty nine faces of purity are the forty nine letters of the section of the upper unification, which is the twenty five letters of Shema Yisroel, and the twenty four letters of the second section of the unification which is “blessed is his honorable name, his kingship forever”. Of theכה) 25) letters it says about them, “כה (so) shall you says to the house of Yaakov” (Exo. 19:3). The 24 (כד) letters include within them the twenty four books of the Bible which is the כד (vessel) that is drawn from the sea of the Torah. It says about it “and tell over to the Jews”, and what do we draw from it? This כד (vessel) is the Shechinah (Divine Presence), which includes the twenty four books of the Torah, this is the “tzadik”, which is the river that flows from the upper Eden. The letter ו‘ comes down, which is the son of י”ה.

Tzitzit” are the throne, by “Tefilin” Hashem descends upon the throne, because the Jews call to him through the “Sma”. When Hashem sits upon the throne, we need to stand for him through the prayer of the Amidah. His three legions come through the melodies, songs, and songs of praises. They set up the throne for Hashem through the Tzitzit, and they bring him down through their tefilin, and they stand before him in prayer. But for the wicked this is the tying up to all their accusers.

(Zohar Tikunim).


Matto”t in “Malachim” is the aspect of Moshe among ”Nashamot”.8 Before there was created the world all the “ruchot”of the Righteous were hidden in the ”Nashamot” of the Righteous.9 All leaders of every generation were present before GOD in their forms before He created the world. All Nashamot were carved before GOD in heaven with the same form they would have in this world. All the Torah that these souls learn in this world they already knew before entering it. This is all true concerning the righteous. All who are not so, those who distance themselves from GOD. Before they decend to this world they decend into the “thum Raba” (the great abyss). They are stiff necked before entering this world. They throw away the קדשא חולקה (Holy garment of the upper world) GOD gave them, and wander in Nakavah of Thum Raba. Then they decend to this world. By Teshuva they may take their Holy garment back.10 125,000 levels of Nashamot of the Righteous GOD had chosen before creation. They are sent into this world in every generation, and are bound to the “bundle of life” (source of Nashamot).11 There was a earlier Torah existing 2000 years before creation this was hidden with the original light of the first day. This is the Torah of “Y’H”, but our Torah is only the Torah of “V’H”. The Torah starts from chesed (KINDNESS) as from here the world was created. Originally the world was created in judgment, these were the worlds that were created and destroyed. Yet this strict guiding power still interacts in this world with the Righteous. With those who possess the soul level of “Chyah (Soul of Divine creativity wisdom)  and “yachidah” (soul of unification with all). These are people who have access to the ancient Torah, which is superior to the Torah that has been revealed. These people GOD had in mind before he created the World. 12

 The Zohar says that 2000 years before the world was created GOD played with the Hebrew letters. In another place it says that GOD was looking in the Torah and creating the world. This teaches us that the Hebrew letters are above all dimensions. When a “sofer” (Scribe) writes a Torah scroll he must be clean physically and spiritually, His consciousness should be pure and must go to the Mikveh before he starts writing. Before writing each letter he should touch the scroll with the ink to make a tiny mark and meditate on the letter “י” (Yod)

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Stories of Spiritual powers
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(תורה (611) = (65)  אדנ”י +  (90) פי+ סוד(70)  +  סכות (486

Torah= Succot is Secret of the mouth of GOD

This world, like the succah, is temporary. Rabbi Akiva advised that Succot is a way to keep us from excessive pride at the sight of our abundance of blessings, so we are told to go out in live in a “Succah”. The only constant, is GOD’s presence and our choices to respond to Him or not. The sages tell us the Succah  is a mitzvah that surrounds us that can actually envelop us in the “Clouds of Glory” which God provided to protect the Hebrews in the desert when they left Egypt.  at that time. The Ramchal explains, in Derech GOD, that the seven clouds of glory the surrounded us in the desert,  define us. GOD envelops us; the earth and its limitations do not hold us down. From these “Clouds of Glory” we attain a higher consciousness.  This consciousness gives us the ability to define ourselves uniquely according to the will of God. As when we were surrounded by the clouds of glory when we left Egypt and found our national identity. This consciousness from being surrounded by the energy of the “Clouds of Glory” –the Succah. Is alluded to by our equation :

Torah= Succot is Secret of the mouth of God

As in this environment being surrounded uniquely by God we can hear  His voice, if one listens closely. Concerning “Succot is Secret of the mouth of God” The Vilna Goan teaches that  the word succah uses letters from four of the five organs of the mouth which produce speech. The letter samech is from the group of letters that are formed by the teeth. The vov is from those that formed by the lips, the kof, from those formed by the palate, and the hey from the throat. The missing group is the one of the letters that is formed by the tongue. These letters are left unsaid in their natural position, surrounding the tongue. The Gaon tells us that they protect the tongue by remaining silent. Thus that which is sounded is built up on a foundation of silence. The word succah thus introduces a new concept. The word itself tells us that speech that is an offshoot of the inner silence that reflects constant awareness of the presence of GOD. In the Silence in the Succah may we merit to the conciousness of hearing from “the mouth of God”. The will will be easier for us to achieve if we silence our own mouths from speaking evil.

The Goan concludes by telling us that Succot has the power to subserviate the side of us that is drawn to evil speech. The Maharal tells us that our speech is our window to our inner lives. If we wish to experience joy and faith, part of the picture is redefining our speech. For this reason our equation states :

Torah= Succot is Secret of the mouth of God

The partition between thought and speech is so delicate, that unless we change our patterns of thought, we will find it almost impossible to change our patterns of speech.

When water is poured on the alter in the Holy Temple on Succot all receive

The Ruach HaKodesh (The Spirit of Holiness). A Succah itself is a place

Of new surrounding lights that yield Revelation.

תורה= (611)= הדבש יכפר

Torah= the Honey that will atone

As we learned before “ The honey of the Torah is the Torah’s secrets. They bring revelation of the level of one soul called “Chayah” . This is the Soul of Divine creativity and inspiration. To achieve the small still voice, Divine creativity and inspiration one must be pure and Holy. One must have atonement for past misdeeds to achieve this. The Zohar says, “Come and see! No man
is ever purified except with the words of Torah”. Therefore, it is only after  we learn Torah that we remove personal impurities. Yet how we can  learn secrets of Torah before purification? The answer is that this level of Torah learning, the “Sod”, secrets of the Torah its revelation requires the purity provided by atonement, so atonement is in its power. Once the inner part of our soul has been touched by Torah the outer layer is ready to  grasp it and allow it to penetrate the soul. The Zohar above refers to this  Godly element of our soul suggesting that Torah purifies it.

תורה=(611) =  כח (28)  +  (582)  בתפילין+   1

1 for phrase

Torah= power in Tefillin

By strapping the tefillin on our head and arm we connect with G’d and His Torah. By internalizing the message of the tefillin we invoke its special power, spreading fear amongst our enemies. There is a special connection between the commandment of putting on tefillin and overcoming the enemies of the Jewish people. In Parashas Ki Savo (Devarim 28:1-10) it says: “And it shall be that if you listen to the voice of GOD your G’d to observe, to perform, all of His commandments … GOD your G’d will make you supreme over all the nations of the land … G’d shall give that your enemies that rise against you shall be smitten before you. They will come out against you on one road and they will flee from you on seven roads … G’d will raise you to be for Him a holy people … as you observe the commandments of GOD your G’d … and all the nations of the land will see that the name of G’d is proclaimed over you and they will fear you.” The Talmud (Berachot 6a) explains the meaning of “the nations of the land will see the name of G’d proclaimed over you”. This is a reference to the tefillin worn on the head. In contrast to the tefillin on the arm, which is covered by clothing, and is primarily a reminder for the one who wears it, the tefillin on the head is seen by others and proclaims a connection of the one wearing tefillin to G’d who commanded this mitzvah.

Concerning the power of Teffillin we have a story about the Balshem Tov when he once fell very ill. Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov was studying Torah in the Bais Medrash (study hall) with his close disciples. Suddenly, he became so sick that he was unable to speak.

The disciples became very alarmed. “Rebbe, Rebbe,” they asked, “What’s wrong? Can we get you something?” The Baal Shem Tov motioned to his Tefillin bag. Quickly, the students took out his Tefiilin and wrapped one around his arm and put the other on his head.

By this time, the Baal Shem Tov was so weak that he just lay down on a bench. He closed his eyes and didn’t move. The disciples sat by his side unsure of what to do. After a long time passed, the Baal Shem Tov sat up and began speaking to the disciples. “Thank God, I’m feeling better.”

The disciples asked in a concerned voice, “Rebbe, what happened? The Baal Shem Tov explained, “In my youth, I committed a sin. An accusation was made against me before the Heavenly Court and the Court decided that I deserve to die. At first, I wasn’t aware of what was happening to me. All I knew was that I started to feel very, very weak. Just then, my teacher, Achiya HaShaloni (a spiritual Being and teacher of Dovid Hamelech (King David), came and told me the situation.

Then he told me, ‘Reb Israel, quickly put on your Tefillin’.” After you put my Tefillin on,” continued the Baal Shem Tov to the disciples, “the Accuser (the Satan) came in the form of a Russian peasant carrying an iron shovel in his hand. He wanted to chop off my head. But because of the power of the Tefillin, the Satan could not get close to me. He started yelling, “Take off that leather (the Tefillin are made of leather)!” But I didn’t pay any attention to him and he continued yelling until, thank God, the accusation was nullified.”

The Baal Shem Tov continued, “It says in the Tikune Zohar: The commandment of Matronita (the Shechinah, the female aspect of God) places a man under her wings and protects him from the hand of the Accuser. So it is with the commandment of wearing Tefillin.”

And so it was.

It is also told concerning the Vilna Goan that was once he was staying in a Jewish-owned inn. In the morning, the innkeeper got up to say his prayers. Suddenly, a stranger marched into the room where the innkeeper was praying and started to attack him. When the Gaon heard the commotion, he came into the room as the attacker was about to hit the innkeeper. As the stranger saw the Gaon, his was overcome by fear and collapsed on the spot. The innkeeper turned to his prominent guest, full of wonder, and asked him, “What did you do?” To this the Gaon answered, “What are you so surprised about? The Talmud says, ‘And when you enemies see your tefillin on your head, they will fear you.'” The innkeeper responded, “But I was also wearing tefillin.” The Vilna Gaon explained to his host that if one analyzes the exact words of the Talmud it refers to the tefillin “in the head”, rather than “on the head”. The Gaon added further, “For the words of the Torah to be fulfilled, it is not sufficient that one just put on one’s tefillin without internalizing the meaning, intentions of the tefillin. The words of the Torah written in the tefillin are supposed to enter our mind and brain to subjugate our senses and abilities to G’d’s service, and to reinforce our belief in everything written in these portions of the Torah.” In other words, the fear generated by the tefillin on our enemies and attackers only takes effect when the person wearing the tefillin becomes one with the tefillin.

We find the connection between the tefillin and the study of Torah the commandment to wear tefillin. As it says in the verse, (Exudus 13:9): “And it shall be for you as a sign on your hand and as a reminder between your eyes, so that the Torah of YH”H shall be in your mouth.” By strapping the tefillin on our head and arm we connect with GOD and His Torah.    Tefillin are like batteries that charge the one wearing them, and give him the energy to study Torah. As the great Rebbe of Radomsk writes (Tiferet Shlomo v.2 p.196), “If a person fulfills the mitzvah of tefillin correctly, he will feel a longing to learn Torah after putting them on.” This is how strong the connection is between tefillin and Torah study. We see this proven by our equation :

Torah= power in Tefillin

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Teffilin Bs”d

In the book Shoshon Sodot it is explained that not much is said in the Torah itself concerning Teffilin as they are a hidden thing. The Magid of koznitz teaches that the main thing of Teffilin is to bind emuna to our hearts so to serve Hashem with hearts and brain. So to be able to determine with our kidneys, and to understand all actions. Always cleaving in the thoughts of Elohy”m Chyim ( the Living God). Concerning physical things by the parsha that are written on skin that are in the skin boxes of Tefilin, and by the skin cords that hang down, and on the arm. These arouse the heart and mind in devakut (cleaving to God) and desire. The 4 boxes of the head Tefillin and 1 of the arm Teffilin parallel the 5 letters of Elohy”m (in Hebrew), which is the source of Zu”n (source of all Ruach emotional, and Nefesh animal souls). In Aor Yakar on the Zohar we learn that the head and arm Tefillin are male and female. The 2 united are the image of God (as He made man in). Putting on Teffilin elevates divine sparks, as these sparks are united to their source divine intellect decends (nashama). Teffilin is the aspect of “mochin” (brain-consciousness), through them one can merit “mochin penimi” (internal brain-consciousness), which is “nashamot”. Elevating the animal soul (nefesh) . One attains perfection of the divine image, completeness of the 4 letter name by wearing Teffilin.

In Sefer Ha Temunah from Nachunyah Ben Hakanah and Rabbi Yishmayol Kohen Gadol




it is taught that the 4 faces of the “Chayot Ha Kodesh” (holy angels) are the 4 boxes of the head Tefillin, and Tefillin relates to the mystery of the “caruvim” (angelic figures on the ark of the covenant). From the Tefilin is made the seal of Hashem. If all the Halachah (law) concerning making Tefilin is not followed exactly this causes the power of the “otherside” to mix with kidusha (Holiness).




Teffilin are a hidden thing even their explanation can be elusive, and it is a bit complex that which can be understood. As we said by Tefillin you can always be Always cleaving in the thoughts of Elohy”m Chyim ( the Living God). Elohy”m Chyim is the aspect of Hashem that is continually creating the world. Thus you help make what will be tomorrow, here there and everywhere. If your thoughts are in line with Go’ds will if you ask it may come to be now rather than later. Tefillin helps to manifest this.Elohy”m is 5 letters in Hebrew. The head tefillin is made of 4 boxes with a parsha in each. The arm has 1 box containing 1 parsha. These 5 manifest energy of the 5 letters of Elohy”m . As said before Elohy”m Chyim is the aspect of Hashem that is continually creating the world this includes your own soul its development and growth. Which is some thing a person is required to work upon.

The Tefillin cords Hang down manifesting upon the body the energy influence of Elohy”m Chyim. “Teffilin is the aspect of “mochin” (brain-consciousness), through them one can merit “mochin penimi” (internal brain-consciousness), which is “nashamot”. “ Tfillin are like a “external harddrive”, a additional brain furnished by God. For this reason Holy people wear them all day. It is taught that the 4 faces of the “Chayot Ha Kodesh” (holy angels) are the 4 boxes of the head Tefillin. From the “Chayot Ha Kodesh” (holy angels) All souls in the world are emanated. Thus through Tefillin you influence other souls (people) from their source. Ever heard of win friends and influence, this is the real stuff. From the source. Tefillin relates to the mystery of the “caruvim” (angelic figures on the ark of the covenant). From these “caruvim” prophesy directly manifests to this world.