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Psi has been shown to exist in thousands of experiments !
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Dean Radin, PhD, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Psychology at Sonoma State University. Before joining the research staff at IONS in 2001, he held appointments at AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, and SRI International, writes


Psi has been shown to exist in thousands of experiments. There are disagreements over to how to interpret the evidence, but the fact is that virtually all scientists who have studied the evidence, including the hard-nosed skeptics, now agree that there is something interesting going on that merits serious scientific attention. “


Our minds unconsciously, for the most part consult incoming information from its source in the surrounding light arroused by implicit questions that were posed earlier.


We have been able to identify psi through laboratory experimentation in a number of ways, One way that has been found to identify it is through the measurement of the involuntary physiological processes in the autonomic nervous system of laboratory test subjects. The most common measures are the galvanic skin response (GSR), which records the activity of the sweat gland., and the plethysmograph, which measures the changes in blood volume in the fingers that are caused by the dilation and constriction of blood vessels. Less often used is the electroencephalograph (EEG), which measures brain activity.


The GSR and plethysmograph are used to detect emotional arousal.





Dean, E. Douglas, 1966: Plethysmograph recordings as ESP responses. Int J Neuropsychiat: 439-446

This paper presents evidence suggesting that when a random stimulus was read by an agent, a simultaneous response or vasconstriction was measured in four subjects with a plethysmograph attached to them. The persons have been separated in adjacent rooms and also 250 yards apart. The stimuli have been names, written on a card, of persons recently met and emotionally meaningful to the subject. Blank cards provided a comparison control. Reversed effects seemed to occur during inhibiting life situations. The process is being applied as a teleathtic communications system.





Charles T. Tart


[This article was published under the above title in the “International

Journal of Parapsychology,” 1963, Vol. 5, pp. 375-386.]



In individual sessions, eleven college students sat in a

soundproof chamber and tried to guess when “subliminal stimuli”

were presented. At random intervals either: (a) an agent in

another soundproof room was electrically shocked; or (b) the

shock was delivered to a resistor. The subjects’ skin

resistances, finger pulse volumes, and EEGs were continuously

recorded, and the EEGs were electronically analyzed.

The physiological responses of the subjects were

significantly related to the occurrence of both types of events,

showing a pattern for the group generally indicative of a higher

level of activation during the trials, viz.: (a) a faster and

more complex EEG pattern; (b) more frequent galvanic skin

responses; and (c) more frequent changes in finger pulse volume.

As the subjects’ conscious guesses of when trials had occurred

did not differ from chance, they may be said to have responded on

an “unconscious” level.

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It shall be for a sign and a witness to YHV’H TSVAO’T in the land of Egypt. They shall cry to YHV’H because of their troubles, and He shall send them one Who shall plead for Them and deliver them. YHV’H shall be known to Egypt and Egypt shall be know YHV’H on that day. They shall do Sacrifice and Meal offerings. They shall vow a vow to YHVH and perform it. YHV’H shall smite Egypt. He shall smite and heal. They shall return to YHV’H . He shall be entreated of them and shall heal them. In that day there shall be a highway out of Egypt to Assur (Iran) and Iran shall come to Egypt to worship, and Egypt to Iran and Egypt will worship with Iran ” (Isiah19:20-23).

The Radak explains Egypt will recognize there is GOD alone after GOD sends them The Messiah to deliver them. After GOD smites Them He will heal them. The Radak explains Egypt will be innovators of Divine service among the nations. Although Egypt will be the first of the nations to accept the kingdom of Heaven, The people of Asur (Iran) will surpass them in their Zeal to worship GOD. One must always remember that even if GOD Always fulfils His good word. The way it will come about is left up to us. Therefore the Prophet Zechariah enjoins us to work hard as He says “Thus says YHV’H TSVAO’T let Your hands be strong you Who hear these words in these days. These words by the mouth of the Prophets. Who spoke on the day that the foundation of the house of YHV’H TSVAO’T was laid, saying that the Temple might be built.”. So work hard against the evil perpetrated by traitors in our midst as pinchas did !

In the Torah scroll the letter vav in the first sentence of parsha Pinchas, in the word shalom (shin-lamed-VAV-mem) is a broken “vav”. As the revelation of the “covenant of peace” is not revealed in a complete way yet. As we need healing of the “six” “lower” depths, 6 corners. The 6 lower sefirot. Which is represented by the “vav”.

The Rav Minachem MiPhano in Gilgulei Neshamos, mentions Pinchas as a gilgul of Yosef, and how the zealousness of Pinchas in killing Kazbi and Zimri for their perversity achieved a tikkun for Yosef’s earlier slight deficiency.

Minor inequities are purified by the river of fire before gehenom (Hell) called ”Dinar”, while more difficult transgressions require gehenom (hell). A Nashama (Soul) after leaving this world must fall to “Nahar Dinar”and Gehenom (Hell) before entering Gan Eden (the Garden of Eden). Those who while in this world strengthen themselves with the having bold zeal in things of Holiness. Those who when they fall in this world quickly work to rise to a higher level these will ascend from Gehenom (Hell) immediately. But those who blemished the quality of boldness through being bold in things of the otherside, or even worse detering people from serving GOD. These must remain in Gehenom. Through Holy boldness one merits “emuna”. Tishri is the time to develop Holy boldness. Holy boldness is achieved through joy. The shame faced are destined to Gan Aden, as Holy boldness stems from embarrassment, shame of distance from GOD. Sadeekem who don’t perform the mitzvot with proper ”tikun” (fixing), but do them with weak hands, without ”ratzon” (will) of the mitzvot (commandments) themselves. They journey to the Gan Aden below in Yetzera (world of the Ruach-Emotional soul). Where people are rewarded for their emotional ruach attachment to GOD. To get into the Gan Aden (the Garden of Eden) above requires a mitzvah to be done in great love and desire. Aroused by awareness of one’s Nashama (soul of Divine intellect). Because of the weakness of one’s mitzvot they are punished in Gehenom. By blemish in machut shamyim (Yolk of heaven) are punished those who trancend the will of GOD. They are punished mida (attribute) for mida. As Pharoe was punished so to reveal the Malchut (divine). This is the glory of machut shamyim. By this is purified the 7 emotional attributes. Yisreal fought Amalak in a place called “Rafadim” (weakness), referring to the weakness coldness in Yisrael’s hands as they do not fear Elokim, because they did the mitzvot in weakness. This is Amalak, the top level of tuma. Moshe raised his hands on high to overcome the hand of Amalak.1 It is proper for one to sanctify their body, all their limbs. All thoughts, words all they do. One must have zeal so to achieve purity as this will bring Holiness which will bring prophesy and this brings Eliyahu.2 Eliyahu is Pinchas as both were jealous for GOD.3 In our parsha its written “Behold, I give to him my covenant of peace. And he shall have it, and his seed after him, the covenant of an everlasting priesthood; because he was zealous for his God, and made an atonement for the people of Israel.” May we see this Peace soon with the Temple rebuilt and the arrival of our righteous Mashiach quickly in our days.






Paranormal abilities scientifically investigated

The latest WMAP results show that more than 95% of the universe is composed of invisible non-baryonic dark matter and energy.

. The components of matter include less than 2% is luminous, and no more than 20% is made of ordinary matter like protons, neutrons, and electrons. The rest of the matter component, more than 80% of the matter, is of an unknown form which we call non-baryonic dark matter.

Composition of Our Universe

Vital Force as Seen by Modern Science

There are varying states of skin conductance confirmed by GSR measurements), and varying degrees of sweat. All such parameters were found to have no effect on the Kirlian discharges.

The Kirlian technique, of course, sparked many similar devices and studies in the Soviet Union, and interesting observations were demonstrated to further amplify knowledge of the effect:

Research on force field detectors is being done in Leningrad at the Laboratory for Biological Cybernetics in the University of Leningrad Physiology Department. The research group led by Dr. Vasiliev’s successor, Dr. Pavel Gulyaiev, uses extremely sensitive high-resistance detection electrodes to chart the force field or “electrical aura,” as they call it.

The Soviets report that muscular reactions which accompany even a thought can be detected and measured and that the signals in the electrical aura reveal a great deal about the state of the organism. Dr. Gulyaiev feels that this force field may be the means by which communication between fish, insects, and animals occurs.

The Soviet research is directed toward using the force field detectors for medical diagnosis and PK. The signals generated by a thought could be picked up at a distance, amplified, and used to move objects.

Dr. Gulyaiev s “electro-auragram” device is so sensitive it can measure the electrical field of a nerve. The nerves of a frog, for instance, have an electrical field of twenty-four centimeters. A nerve from the human heart has a field of ten centimeters. The electrical emanations around the body change according to health, mood, character. The distance at which this field can be measured depends on the amount of tension generated. (See Parapsychology Newsletter, ]an.-Feb. 1969, May-June 1969).

The Sergeyev detectors apparently measure the human force field at a distance of four yards from the body.11′

Another fascinating aspect of the Soviet research involves ob¬servations on acupuncture points. Acupuncture is believed by the Chinese to be a technique whereby the flow of vital force through the body can be modified, channeled, and balanced by the insertion of needles at specific points. It is considered to be a therapy directly affecting the field of the vital force, and therefore the Soviet observations, though still preliminary, offer interesting speculations for further research:

There remains one last area of preliminary study to be reported: the possibility of a correlation between radiation photography and acupuncture. This is a subject discussed by T.C. Inyushin (1969) at length in a recent symposium. This research


The research group led by Dr Vasihevs successor, Dr Pavel Gulyaiev, uses extremely sensitive high-resistance detection electrodes to chart the force field or electrical aura, as they call it

The Soviets report that muscular reactions which accompany even a thought can be detected and measured and that the signals in the electrical aura reveal a great deal about the state of the organism Dr Gulyaiev feels that this force field may be the means by which communication between fish, insects, and animals occurs

The Soviet research is directed toward using the force field detectors for medical diagnosis and PK The signals generated by a thought could be picked up at a distance, amplified, and used to move objects

Dr Gulyaiev s electro-auragram’ device is so sensitive it can measure the electrical field of a nerve The nerves of a frog, for instance, have an electrical field of twenty-four centimeters A nerve from the human heart has a field of ten lenhme-iers The electrical emanations around the body change according to health, mood, character The distance at which this field can be measured depends on the amount of tension generated (See Parapsychology Newsletter, Jan -Feb 1969, May-June 1969)

The Sergeyev detectors apparently measure the human force field at a distance of four yards from the body.

Another fascinating aspect of the Soviet research involves observations on acupuncture points Acupuncture is believed by the Chinese to be a technique whereby the flow of vital force through the body can be modified, channeled, and balanced by the insertion of needles at specific points It is considered to be a therapy directly affecting the field of the vital force, and therefore the Soviet observations, though still preliminary, offer interesting speculations for further research

There remains one last area of preliminary study to be reported the possibility of a correlation between radiation photography and acupuncture This is a subject discussed by T C Inyushtn (1969) at length in a recent symposium This research

10 Ostrander and Schroeder

Dr Gulyaiev and Dr. Sergeyev have conjectured that all living things possess a bioplasmic body. Kirlian photography. By using high-frequency electrical currents makes this bioplasmic body visible. Semyon and Valentina Kirlian discovered some 30 years ago that they could obtain pictures of living organisms that showed a surrounding aura of luminescence. This aura, which is called a ‘ bioplasmic body,” may be the same force field recently detected and measured by such scientists as Gulyaiev and Sergeyev . Kirlian photographs of leaves have clearly shown visible energy radiating from them, and variations in the aura of leaves of the same species have been proved to signal the onset of disease in a plant before the disease became visible by normal means. Similarly, changes in the aura of a human being may indicate changes in his mental and physical state.

Western parapsychologists have on the whole been slow to follow up the theory of a bioplasmic body.

Have you wondered why angels appear to shine with an inner light or why ghosts glow? Why do subtle bodies, as described in the metaphysical literature, have structures such as vortexes (or “chakras”) or filamentary currents (or “meridians”)? The appearance and anatomy of our subtle bodies, the bodies of angels, aliens (including “biological UFOs”), deities, ghosts and what the Qur’an calls “jinns” show marked similarities and suggest that they are composed of the same substance – magnetic plasma. Magnetic plasma naturally gives rise to such structures as vortexes and filaments and can be self-luminous. The sheets of aurora light, a filamentary bolt of lightning and the dazzling Sun are all composed of plasma.

But isn’t plasma very hot and short-lived? Yes, if you are talking about plasma composed of ordinary matter particles. However, exotic life forms such as angels, aliens, deities, ghosts and jinns are composed not of ordinary plasma but “dark plasma” – this is plasma composed of dark matter particles. Science discovered that there is five times more dark (i.e. invisible) matter composed of exotic particles in the universe than ordinary matter decades ago but many are still unaware of this fact which is only beginning to be taught in schools.

The author’s Dark Plasma Theory, published first in 2006, holds that a substantial amount of this dark matter is composed of plasma and radiates “dark light”. A scientific paper at the end of 2008 by Caltech (California Institute of Technology) scientists upholds this view. The scientists went further and postulated that dark plasma should emit “dark photons” i.e. “dark light” and gives rise to “dark electromagnetism”. Dark plasma, even if it is hot, generally does not interact with our carbon-based bodies composed of ordinary matter particles, except through gravitational and weak interactions. It is therefore subject to Earth’s gravity and has weight, although it is generally invisible to most of us.

The following excerpts are taken from Blueprint For Immortality, by Dr. Harold Saxton Burr.

“The Universe in which we find ourselves and from which we can not be separated is a place of Law and Order. It is not an accident, nor chaos. It is organized and maintained by an Electro-dynamic field capable of determining the position and movement of all charged particles. For nearly half a century, the logical consequences of this theory have been subjected to rigorously controlled conditions and met with no contradictions.”

These were the statements of Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, Ph.D., who was E. K. Hunt Professor Emeritus, Anatomy at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Burr was a member of the faculty of medicine for over forty-three years. From 1916 to the late 1950’s, he published, either alone or with others, more than ninety-three scientific papers.

Dr. Burr discovered that all living things – from men to mice, from trees to seeds – are molded and controlled by electro-dynamic fields, which could be measured and mapped with standard voltmeters. These “fields of life,” or L-fields, are the basic blueprints of all life on this planet. Their discovery is of immense significance to all of us. Dr. Burr believed that, since measurements of L-field voltages can reveal physical and mental conditions, doctors should be able to use them to diagnose illness before symptoms develop, and so would have a better chance of successful treatment.

“Electro-dynamic fields are invisible and intangible; and it is hard to visualize them. But a crude analogy may help to show what the fields of life – L-fields for short – do and why they are so important. Most people who have taken high school science will remember that if iron filings are scattered on a card held over a magnet, they will arrange themselves in the pattern of the ‘lines of force’ of the magnet’s field. And if the filings are thrown away and fresh ones scattered on the card, the new filings will assume the same pattern as the old. Something like this happens in the human body. Its molecules and cells are constantly being torn apart and rebuilt with fresh material from the food we eat. But, thanks to the controlling L-fields, the new molecules and cells are rebuilt as before and arrange themselves in the same pattern as the old ones.

“Until modern instruments revealed the existence of the controlling L-fields, biologists were at a loss to explain how our bodies ‘keep in shape’ through ceaseless metabolism and changes of material. Now the mystery has been solved: the electro-dynamic field of the body serves as a matrix or mould which preserves the ‘shape’ or arrangement of any material poured into it, however often the material may be changed.

“When a cook looks at a jelly mould, she knows the shape of the jelly she will turn out of it. In much the same way, inspection with instruments of an L-field in its initial stage can reveal the future ‘shape’ or arrangement of the materials it will mould. When the L-field in a frog’s egg, for instance, is examined electrically, it is possible to show the future location of the frog’s nervous system because the frog’s L-field is the matrix which will determine the form which will develop from the egg.

“To return to the cook, when she uses a battered mould, she expects to find some dents or bulges in the jelly. Similarly, a ‘battered’ L-field – that is, one with abnormal voltage patterns – can give a warning of something ‘out of shape’ in the body, sometimes in advance of actual symptoms. For example, malignancy in the ovary has been revealed by L-field measurements before any clinical sign could be observed. Such measurements, therefore, could help doctors to detect cancer early, when there is a better chance of treating it successfully.”

Dr. Louis Langman of New York University and Bellevue Hospital Gynaecological Service examined over 1000 patients using electro-metric measurements of the L-field. Dr. Langman and his assistants examined patients who were on the wards of the hospital and were subject to a variety of syndromes. They included fibromas, as well as the usual run of pathological events in the generative tract of these women. In those that showed a marked change in the voltage gradient between the cervix and the ventral abdominal wall, careful watch was kept through subsequent laparotomy.

“There were a hundred and two cases where there was a significant shift in the voltage gradient, suggesting malignancy. Surgical confirmation was found in ninety-five of the one hundred and two cases. The actual position of the malignancy varied all the way from the fundus, to the tubes and to the ovarian tissue itself. We had an astonishingly high percentage of successful identification of malignancy in the generative tract, confirmed by biopsy.”

“In the growth and development of every living system there is obviously some kind of control of the processes. As a distinguished zoologist once said, ‘The growth and development of any living system would appear to be controlled by someone sitting “on the organism” and directing its whole living process.’ The Field theory suggested that it should be possible to determine the polarity and direction of of the flow of energy transformations in the living system. The organism, as a whole, depends on such directives for its continued existence; so also does atypical growth.”

Dr. Burr decided to examine the electrical properties of cancer-susceptible mice to determine if the voltage measurements would change during the initiation and growth of cancer tissue. “The results of the experiment were surprisingly consistent. Twenty-four to twenty-eight hours after the implantation, changes were observed in the voltage gradients. This differential increased steadily and quite smoothly to reach a maximum of approximately five millivolts on or about the eleventh day. In the slow-growing tumors potential differences began to emerge on the third or fourth day, but reached their maximum of approximately three millivolts on the tenth or eleventh day.”

In the control animals there were no significant fluctuations in voltage. “It is clear from these findings that the crest of atypical growth in the host organism produced measurable and reproducible electro-metric correlates.”

“We had reason to believe that the electro-dynamic field could serve as a signpost for a variety of conditions because our experiments had confirmed our basic assumption. This was that the organism possesses a field as a whole which embraces subsidiary or local fields, representing the organism’s component parts. We assumed, then, that variations in the subsidiary fields would be reflected in variations in the flow of energy in the whole system – as we had found in ovulation and malignancy. We decided, therefore, to look for further practical consequences of the theory.

“We soon found a definite relationship between nerve and tissue in the form of a potential difference, which can be used in quantitative tests of nerve injury. The potentials were not affected by vascular and sweating responses.” Dr. Burr was able to measure the changes taking place in the L-field as wounds would be healing. During all phases of the healing process, gradient measurements could be made to show the body initiating various functions pertaining to wound healing.

Dr. Burr also decided to investigate if electro-metric technique might be useful in the neurological and psychiatric fields. He conducted numerous experiments with Dr. Leonard J. Ravitz, Jr., at one time on the staff of the Department of Psychiatry at Yale.

Dr. Ravitz found that they could establish baseline voltage gradient measurements for individuals who had normal mental functioning. “It became obvious to Dr. Ravitz’s examination that by using electro-metric techniques on patients in psychiatric hospitals, patients – as a result of therapy or changing circumstances – could safely be discharged from the hospital when the voltage gradient indicated a reasonable return to normal.”

“Likewise, electro-metrics could show clearly enough when certain patients – no matter what the therapy was – could not return safely to normal life outside the institution.

“Another remarkable experiment by Dr. Ravitz, too, in which an emotion of grief recalled under hypnotic regression caused a 14-millivolt rise for two and a half minutes, suggests other possibilities. It cannot be too strongly emphasized that the electro-metric approach to emotional diagnosis can be completely impersonal and objective. The electro-metric investigator of psychiatric patients does not need to know the mental state of the patients. Yet his electro-metric findings tallied closely with the psychiatric diagnoses.

One of Dr. Burr’s most exciting discoveries dealt with the recording of voltage changes during female menstrual cycles.

“They hit on the idea of using a female rabbit because it is known that rabbits ovulate about nine hours after stimulation of the cervix. So a rabbit was stimulated and nine hours later was anaesthetized. After connecting the electrodes and watching through a microscope, suddenly it happened to the awe and delight of the scientists: at the moment when – through the microscope – they saw the follicle rupture and the egg released, there was a sharp change in the voltage on the recorder.

“Shortly after this, a young woman had to have an operation and volunteered to let this be done, when her electrical records indicated that ovulation was imminent. When her voltage gradients started to rise, she was taken to the operating room and an ovary uncovered. A recently ruptured follicle was observed – which confirmed the findings in the rabbit.

“These findings were historic in two ways. They afforded dramatic evidence of the part played by the L-fields in biology. And, for the first time, they showed that the movement of ovulation can accurately be determined electrically. This remarkable discovery has great practical implications. For numerous measurements of female L-fields have revealed that some women may ovulate over the entire menstrual cycle, that ovulation may occur without menstruation, and menses without ovulation. The potential importance of this knowledge to gynecology, family planning, and birth control is obvious. It also helps to explain why the ‘rhythm method’ of birth control is inadequate.”

A patient of Dr. Burr’s, a married woman, made good use of this discovery. For years she and her husband had longed in vain to have children. So, over a period of many weeks, she made regular visits to Dr. Burr’s laboratory and measured the voltages in her own L-field with his instruments. When one day she saw them rising rapidly, she knew that ovulation was imminent, and went to her husband. A longed for – and much loved – child was the happy result of this application of Dr. Burr’s work.

Dr. Burr was a great pioneer ! Even today the results of his research could be utilized in numerous ways which would help toward greater health for humanity.





keep a eye to the sky ! , but always remember your feet are on the ground
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Who are the Billam and Balak of today ?


UPDATED                                                               June 24 2018

Balak                                                            Bs”d

When GOD was going to destroy the 2nd Temple Rabbi Yochanon ben Zakkia went to Vaspasian the Roman Emperor and said “Let the righteous flee, and have a safe place of refuge in Yavnah”. At that time the government of Isreal was much like it is today a puppet state of western influence, and not a true Torah Nation.

A couple parsha back it said “ If you go to war in your land against an enemy who oppresses you, then you shall blow an alarm with the trumpets; and you shall be remembered before Yhv”h Elohech”a, and you shall be saved from your enemies “ (Bamidbar 10:9) Meaning when evil is close we must negate it by loud spiritual service, real zeal in serving GOD. This is reflected by the action of Pinchas in our parsha. By the zealousness of his actions the judgment against us bringing death to thousands by a plague was stoped. The whole world now is threatened by Islamic extremists. This week in 2014 the Muslims (Isil) declared a Caliphate with the intention of taking over the whole middle east with in 5 years. and then on to impose Islam by force on the rest of the world. Thank God President Trump pretty much finnished off Islamic state in Syria still we daily are facing enemies in our Holy land now, so we are required to harness this zeal. There are enough rockets aimed at Israel right now that could overwhelm the Missie defense shield and kill everyone in Israel God forbid. We must do our best to fight off judgment by adding more and more to Holiness each day with greater purity.

In this weeks parsha the worlds most accurate astrologer Balak, who knew the times most efficient to curse others. worked with Balaam to try to curse Isreal. The Zohar teaches that Balak was a magician , Balaam was a sorcerer. A sorcerer’s power only in his mouth. So Balaam’s power was in his cursing speech from the the evil breath of his mouth. Balak is called “ the son of Tzipor” (bird) because he performed magic using a certain bird. Balak was a greater expert at acts of magic than was Balaam. Moshe the leader of the Jews spent time in Midyon with his father in law Yitro, the Mobites decided to approach the elders of Midian for counsel. The nations Moab and Midian had tremendous hate for each other since their great battle and the defeat of Midian in the field of Moab, now due to their mutual fear of the Jews they made peace with each other. They warned the Midianites that Moses’s  strength was in his power of speech. Therefore they decided to attack Israel through Billam whose strength was also in his mouth.

But things did not work at all as Balak would have liked. This time Billam could not comply with Balak’s request. As a matter of fact the great magician Billam would be put in his rightful place. As we see GOD opened the mouth of Billam’s donkey causing it to speak, in a similar way He also put words in Billam’s mouth. GOD opened the eyes of Billam’s donkey so he could see an angel holding a sword standing in the road blocking their way, which Billam could not see. This man that Balak brought to slay his enemy with his words , is shown that he can’t even kill his own donkey. As Billam said to his donkey “If a had a sword I would slay you”. So why did Billam go with Ballak who, wanted him to curse Yisrael, after GOD told Billam “ You shall not curse these people for they are blessed” ?. He went becouse of self love. His blinding arrogance and pride would not allow him to say “I can’t do it”. We should learn from this also just how dangerous arrogance, pride and self love may be. Know, despite their evil intents GOD can turn the evil intent of the wicked to a blessing for Yisreal. Balak is a decedent of Lot, Billam was so deluded that he thought though God would choose him to  take the Jews out of Egypt. When Moses was chosen instead of him, He became very upset.  Billam tried his best to curse Yisrael but all he could pronounce were blessings. We must never underestimate our enemies, but understand them from  learning about them in the Torah. It is interesting that this prophesy of Moses in Parsha Balak is like a intelligence report from behind enemy lines. The Hebrews were not aware of Billam and Balak’s attack on Yisrael and their subsequent salvation from their hands. Everything was done “behind the scenes”. If it was not written in the Torah, in this parsha, even today we would not know about it. This comes to remind us that man fails to recognize miracles occuring all the time that God makes for us. If we were only aware of this constant showering of endless kindness to us from our blessed creator.


A very ancient REMATCH !

A very ancient, Josephus writes (Antiquities, II, 10:239 et seq.) writes of Moses leading an Egyptian army against the Cushites. The Cushite princess, named Tharbis, watches the battle and falls in love with the valiant Moses. She goes on to help him win the battle, and he fulfils his promise in return to marry her. In some versions, Moses eventually produces a special ring that causes one to forget certain events, and puts it upon Tharbis so that she can forget him. He then returns to Egypt.

Yalkut Shimoni, Shemot says Moses fled to Cush. The Cushites had lost their capital in a war . Their king, named Koknus (קוקנוס, elsewhere called Kikanos or Kikianus, fought a nine-year war that he was unable to win, and then died. The Cushites sought a strong ruler to help them finally end the conflict. They chose Moses, presumably because he had fought alongside the Cushites and had a reputation as a great warrior. Moses did not disappoint, and devised a plan to win the war and recapture the Cushite capital. His enemy was Bilaam ! The grateful Cushites gave Moses Koknus’ royal widow for a wife, and placed him upon the throne.



It interesting to note that Rabbi Auerbach teaches there are 4893 letters in Parsha Balak, 4893= 7 x 699 gematria Balak ben Tzipor melech Moab.

Midrash says Bela, the first king of Edom is Bila’am, and the father’s name Be’or supports this conclusion (this is probably referring to Gilgul (reincarnation). Now, Apparently, he was no longer content to harbor his hatred for the children of his great uncle Yaakov at the nationalistic level alone, he was now working even as a mercenary sorcerer, hiring out to to all who wished to invoke malevolence against the Hebrew people. Bil’am was one of the senior advisors to Par’o, together with Iyov and Yitro. Some of the harshest decrees of Par’o are attributed to Bil’am

   Billam said the Famous words “How goodly are your tents, Oh Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel!” (Numbers 24, 2-5) The secret of this the sages explain is that When Balaam raised his eyes and saw Israel dwelling according to its tribes. He saw that the entrances of their tents did not face each other and he said, “These are worthy to have the Divine Presence among them.” He saw that the Hebrew people acted modestly even in the way they placed their tents all the more so their behavior. It is this which has ensured the wondrous survival of the Jewish nation through out all the generations especially in exile. Such behavior Guards the Holy nature of the Jewish family. It is this, sexual purity and modesty which is the shield of the Israelites. Nothing has changed even today we still need to concern ourselves with the continuity of the Jewish family and the Jewish nation. The dominant rate of assimilation which is prevalent these days could only occur by the disintegration of the Jewish family unit. If you don’t like it through it out and get another. Thus divorce is prevalent and the integrity of the Jewish family unit becomes no more.and so to the Jew. If we want to protect the continuity of Jewish tradition, and the Jewish people we must strengthen the family unit and invest heavily in it. Thereby the following generations will have strong foundations and this will to build the next generation.


  Before departing Billam told Balak that he maybe able to destroy the Jewish people by making God angry at them. He told Balak to have the women of Midian seduce the Jewish men causing them to engaging in sexual transgression as this would surely arouse the wrath of God. This plan did work and resulted in a plague where 24,000 people died. It was these same 24,000 souls that were “gilgul” (reincarnated) as the students of Rabbi Akiva who died during the period of the Omer. 

No matter how bad it may look. We saw this recently with The disengagement from Gaza and the destruction of the Gush Katif Jewish settlements. By this was created a pure terrorist state at Israel’s border. The Hamas takeover of Gaza fulfills Israel’s wildest dreams. The Hamas rule brands the Palestinians as terrorists, shows them incapable of statehood and hostile to Israel, and removes the peace process from the agenda. It is time the Israeli government stop supplying their sworn enemies with water, electricity and food. Let their patron state Iran build for them power plants and water desalination plants, instead of giving them weapons. Now is the time to seal the Palestinian entity off and deal with it as with enemy a state: ban Palestinian migrant workers, stop issuing any visas to Palestinians, block all shipments, and wage total war when attacked.


The “Nachash” is when Nakavah is alone. עזא“ל and עז“א are in the 2 heels of Leah which are in Ketter of Rachel. It is from here that seized Balak. Billam is swallowed in the heels of Leah in the Head of Rachel. Revelation of עז“א and עזא“ל are in the chest שד“י .1 The ”trefim” of Lavan were from lights feeding of the ”Sitra Achra” from the heels of Leah, from the “tref” of tevunah. When Rachel stole the ”trefim” Lavan lost his wisdom, nullifying the ”chitzonim”

The ”chitzonim” dont seize in Rachel only in Leah. Leah is not a parzuf alone but part of the back of Imma that fell to the “klipot” with the kings of Edom that died, because she is above the chest with lights of Chassadim covering “klipot” seize on to these lights, but in Rachel in the chest and below, there no lights are covering so nothing exposed for Klipot to Seize. The face of Leah faces the back of Z’a. Rachel is back to back with Z’a.1 From sin in Yisrael there is caused Rachel to be back to back with Z’a, because of klipot siezing in Nh”y.2

Lot is a “klippa” from the back of Z’a.3 Leah rises in Keter, and rachel rises up from the ”chizonim”.4 The 3rd world is in back, corresponding to the conclusion of Nh”y of Rachel. From there spreads out Lill”y. Rabbi Chayem Vital says ” these names I did not recieve from my teacher.”5 Nakavah is established in 4 sefirot and from them she receives her actual differences. They are 4 attributes of man the way he sits (Malchut) , walks (netzauch and hod) , leans (yesod), stands (Teferet). Sitting is recieving position, with no spreading out. Standing is ”maspia” (giver), here there is no interruption in flow of lights.6

The Rabbis in the Midrash, teach us Bilaam was a prophet, as great as Moses. They say, God had prophets in Yisrael and the nations. When God sent Moses to Israel, He also sent Bilaam to the nations. While Moses used his power for good purpose, Bilaam used it to gain power and wealth. Moses was the most humble man who ever lived Billam, not so much.

Billam’s character was very arrogant and led him to believe that because of his heightened level of consciousness alone, he thought highly of himself and because of this he interpreted wealth and worldly pleasures as Divine goodness that he deserved.The concept of a life of gratitude and kindness was entirely foreign to Billam’s worldview.

Bilaam had a tremendous power of speech but his power was from the “other side”. Whoever he blessed was blessed; whoever he cursed was cursed until he went against Yisrael. He was a very powerful man, he did not command armies but he had a magical power of speech. Because of ‘free will’  a person can strengthens themselves with the power of the Side of Holiness or the Side of Impurity.  Bilaam was hideously attached to the Side of Impurity. He strengthened himself greatly in wickedness against Holiness until he managed to draw upon himself powers of the Side of Impurity that were equivalent to those seen only by Moshe from the side of Holiness. Bilaam  pretended to be very religious and holy and to abstain from immorality, yet in secret he would do more perverted acts then anyone else. Just because one displays spiritual powers one cannot just assume that they are Divine and Holy, there is much deception  in the world.

Rise to the level of Navua by making a markava to Teferet. There are 3 levels of navua. First level is from chitzonim (the otherside). This is when one’s thoughts are not their own but those of the otherside. This level is tuma (impurity) as Billam and Lavan. They go into pardes peek and tread on the shoots and blemish there. They peek and die. There are those who go in peek tread on the shoots blemishing them and go out. One must be careful not to do this. 2nd is returning to the land. Then one can begin eating the herbs of the field. All the prayers of man his actions and tikun are accepted through this herb and there is accepted all that they do below. As it is invited from above. So it rises above. Behold the secret of the 72 names. They are the secret of the hachalot. All of them open to man according to judgment on his actions. There are many kinds of herbs and fruits. They are one level upon another. Till the upper navua. With the herb of the field they can enter in peace and go out in peace. This is secret of the Nefesh. There is a level above this. It is the supernal bread of Binna. This is secret of the Ruach. This is Hidden in the sefirot. In the shadow of Yisrael is nourished Sucat shalom for us. This is as it is said “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your bread”. A level above this is Trumah it is of Nashama. This is the secret of navua braking forth, until the navua of Moshe. 7

It is written in the Torah ”there was no other prophet who arose in Israel like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face.”

Gather friends with shields,swords and lances this is the secret of unification to destroy klipot. So one must hurry to restore the 3 pillars.8

By this the “black” day the Balaks intend for Yisrael turns to a day of blessings. Billam was forced by GOD to speak blessing which lead to messianic revelation ! May we see “ A star go forth from Yisrael” with revelation of our righteous mashiach quickly in our days.And we will see our Righteous Mashiach quickly in our days!

1Shar kavanot p.160:vol 2

2Mhl p.472

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4shar bait hacavanot

5Shar mimori rasb”y p.70

6adir bmarom-ramcha’l p.120

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8Sulam on Zohar Nasso p.121a ,shar bait hacavanot

Today’s Billam is the lying unrelenting media. Bilaam’s power was in the ability to convince, sway and mislead all while pretending that he represents God and the Truth, He was a master of corrupt logical arguments. His name ‘Bilaam’  means in Hebrew to “swallow” since he attempts to swallow, hide and conceal everything good and Holy.


Today’s Billam is the lying unrelenting media that is so  badly biased  that it borders on “absurd” . Their unending bombardment of negativity Giving the world a skewed distorted view and portrayal of spirituality and the State of Israel in particular.

They all love to make inflammatory remarks about us, that are ever so far from the truth the US – the EU, the UN, CNN,
BBC and the rest of the world’s sanctimoniously hypocritical “good guys.” ? They would like to destroy your self-identity and self-worth. Making you think that you are no longer unique and special. They do not want you to “know” that you have a Godly mission to fulfill. They want you to think that you are like everyone else. And that you should adopt universalistic values that change constantly . They would like to leave you with no reason  to struggle in following in the way described in the Torah.

With this mission the “media of Billam” works, as Billam’s weapon was his word……………………………..






an overview of


Including :1)The Owner’s Manual to Prosperity and the Soul for Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and anyone else

2) “The Definitive Biblical phenomena”

3)The Souls speak

4)”The Owner’s Manual to the Soul” Part 1 The Gate

5)“The Owner’s manual to the Soul” Part 2 THE KABALLAH

6) “The Message”

7)The Book of the Angel Mattatro”n

8)“Book Of ELOHEME”

9)“Teffilin The Owner’s manual”


11)“The Divine structure of unfolding of Heaven and Earth”

12)”The book of “יהוה Yhv”h

13) “Markava”  The Divine chariot





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,Chukas בס”ד

There is a major lesson to be learned from our parsha. In our “parsha”  the people complain but unlike in other places God does not provide for the needs of the people.  Rather, the people are instantly attacked by serpents and many of the Israelites die!  What distinguishes our incident of the people complaining from the long chain of similar grumblings preceding it?  Why is God’s reaction to the complaining  in our section different and so harsh?

If we analyze the Israelites’ complaints carefully, we find all the previous complaints were directed towards Moses and Aaron, in this instance, the Torah stresses that the grumbling was leveled against God: “And the people spoke against God and against Moses” (21:5).  This time, it was not only Moses’ leadership which was under attack; it was God Himself Who they were speaking against. They spoke out against God, against having been taken out of Egypt to a desolate wasteland. They also complained about that which God has provided them with: “There is no bread and no water, and WE HAVE COME TO LOATHE THIS MISERABLE FOOD” They had the Gall to complain about the “manna” God provided them from Heaven ?  A rejection of God, of the Divine plan, incurs harsh and immediate punishment.  According to the Bekhor Shor commentary on the Torah, when the people approached the borders Edom and their fertile the fields were within their sight, they desired the natural fruits of the land rather than the “manna”.  By contact with the people of Edom the Israelites desire for the materialism grew and so did a rejection of spiritual,  including the “manna”, for the physical. We must always be careful not to get caught up in the desire for gross materialism which is a “klippah” of Edom. The message of the snakes is clear; if you speak out with an evil tongue, you will pay the consequences. The Israelites spoke badly about the “manna” God gave Them Saying “We have come to loath this miserable food (21:5).”  God then brings the fiery snakes thus  informing Yisrael that this evil speech. Speaking out complaing about God and what He does, this “serpent’s tongue,” is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

  In this parsha we are given the law concerning the red heifer. This was the only mystery of Torah that King Solomon thought he could not understand, but after Solomon closely examined this mitzvah (commandment) he realized how little he really understood at all. The Red Cow alone has the power to remove the greatest of spiritual impurities, the impurity of death. We lack this mixture today so everyone is ritually impure at all times. The Torah requires finding a perfectly red calf that does not even have two non-red hairs . The calf must be unblemished, and in perfect health and used for any kind of labor. The cow is taken to the Temple slaughtered. The High Priest takes some of its blood and sprinkles it upon the curtain that contains the Holy of Holies. The cow is then entirely consumed burnt, with cedar wood, hyssop, and crimson wool. At this point, the High Priest has become impure himself, and must go to the mikveh. Another priest (who is pure) must gather the ashes to be used to make the purifying solution. This person, too, becomes impure. Finally, the third pure person who actually prepares the mixture and sprinkles it on the impure people also becomes impure in the process. Perplexingly, the act of purifying others instantly makes the purifier himself impure. If Solomon the wisest man admits to such a lack of understanding, how much can we be mistaken ? In this generation many people feel spiritual practices are something of the past, not needed any more. They see them s illogical. People think they understand a lot more than they do. Because the Commandments our parsha is named after “Chookim” are those that can defy human logic, being based more on what can only be understood according to Divine understanding. Until one comes to learn the “Divine understanding – kaballah” of such commandments one needs to just do them because God has told us to. As we all are the Hebrews who said at mount Sinai “We will do and we will hear”, doing needs to come first. Then the God will illuminate our understandings that is just the way it works.

The red heifer represents the opposite of logic as we know it. Since that which defiles its makers purifies those who are unclean. There is something very humbling in recognizing that there are things which are beyond our “ability” of comprehension. In general there seems to be strangely alot of things about death in our parsha. In this parsha both moshe’s brother Ahron and Sister Myriam die, and the chapter just before was talking about the law of what a person must do to become pure if they came in contact with “Tuma” (Spiritual impurity).

At Meribah Moses said “ Rebels, shall we bring out from this rock water” We are Told by the sages that Moses should have said the opposite “ We will bring water from this rock”. It is also written that Moses should have said “GOD will bring water from this rock”, not we. Its written “ This is the water of Meribah, becouse the children of Yisrael strove with GOD, and He was sanctified in them”. From this one may think that GOD was sanctified at Meribah, but this is not the case, it is referring to another time. When GOD was sanctified by the appearance of Myriam’s well. As at Meribah the Opposite is clearly true, GOD was not sanctified there. After this the people complained for water again, and GOD became angry, and made fiery serpents attack them. Moses was then told to make a brass serpent on a pole and have the people who were bitten look at this serpent and be healed. That which was killing the people now did the opposite and would heal them. This may allude to the fact that one can not hide themselves from the problems of the world, but they must be confronted directly. They cannot be ignored, as they wont just go away. Also by having some knowledge of the enemy one has a better chance to be victorious at battle. Then God forbid they will not be taken by surprise.


Yisrael sins, then feels remorse. Moses beseeches God to forgive them, God forgives. Thats the way it usually works.

Here something different is happening. Dissatisfied with the manah, God sets fiery serpents upon them; many die. The survivors, overcome with guilt, voice their regret and ask Moses to pray for them. Instead of forgiving them, God orders that a large copper serpent made so those bit can be saved from death. Why did God not just heal them after Moses’s prayer. Why did it take “more” this time.

They rejected the life that God chose for them, valuing their own choices above His. They did not want Manah from Heaven, they wanted physical food. Its one thing to fail in following the God’s ways. It a whole other thing to reject God’s ways entirely for just what one wants because they want it regardless.

         We see this with Nachemyah during the time of the establishment of the 2nd Temple. Nachemyah made men who married gentiles in exile leave their foreign wives if they wanted to come up to the Holy land. (This is not racist but the God has commanded the Jewish people to live a unique lifestyle other nations don’t share, as shobot and Kosher. This is in the Bible. This separation preserves their identity as a unique nation.) He also forced businesses to be closed on Shabot. He did not look away ignoring these issues, neither was he afraid to confront them. He did the opposite He took them head on. This certainly applies to a situation involving the desecration of the name of GOD in public. Like the abomination parade. (I wrote this years ago and this problem has not went away). This involves a judgement upon all Yisrael. We must definitely directly stand up to this attempt to desecrate the name of GOD and bring such filth into our Holy city. What would of Happened if Moses did not stand up against the golden calf disco?. The problems we face are really opportunities to sanctify GOD’s name. To reveal light from the sparks that gives vitality to the problem the “klipa” (shell). Like the serpent the red heifer Healed and could do the opposite. So make the best out of the situation, what ever it is. We are told that one who is involved in sin should should do its opposite, and go to the other extreme. Before finding the middle path. When preparing the red heifer the Cohen takes a piece of Cedar wood, Hissop and ties them together with a crimson wool thread, and throws them into the burning cow. The Cedar is of the tallest of trees, Hyssop the smallest of shrubs. They were tied together with a crimson thread representing sin. This shows that both of these opposite extremes is undesirable. There is one exception to this in the case of the pitfall of the generation, “Safer Chassadim” says one should stay the farthest extreme from it. In our generation this is materialism, at the cost of one’s spiritual awareness and development. So do the opposite, don’t sell your soul, but acquire spiritual goods. King Solomon also said the middle path is that which is correct, except concerning humility and in this trait go the extreme. Always act according to the correct motivation.

  The only way to really understand the Red Heifer is spiritually as the Red Heifer removes “tuma” which is not physical. According to the Ar”i haKodesh ”  The red heifer shows how malchut receives from the back of the Holy Names, and not from their front. The red heifer purifies the defiled by the “revua” of the Divine Names  ע”ב ס”ג מ”ה ב”ן

Gematria each revua

 ע”ב = 184

ג” ס = 166

מ”ה = 130


184 + 166 + 130 + 144 = 624




So we can go as described in our parsha from “rosh pisgah” (head of the heights) seeing, הישימן being הישי the yeshi (father of David), מן (man-english). alluding to our righteous mashiach and may we see him quickly in our days.






Wolf Messing


is a man who harnessed the mysterious powers of the brain like no other human being known to history. He was a telepath, a mind reader, a psychic, a remote viewer, and a lucky survivor who avoided both the Holocaust and the death camps of Joseph Stalin. We may never know the full extent of his extraordinary abilities.


Wolf Grigorievich Messing was born in 1899 to a poor Jewish family in the tiny town of Gora-Kavaleriya near Warsaw.


At the age of six Messing was sent to a religious school, where he distinguished himself by his devotion and his incredible ability to memorize prayers. Later he was enrolled in a yeshiva, but ran away after two years. Wolf’s teacher advised his parents to enrol him in a rabbinate school in a nearby town. Wolf did not want to go, until his first ‘miracle’ in life occurred. He shared this story with one of his friends, Tatiana Lungintelepath. Messing got on the first passenger train he could find, hid under a bench, and fell asleep. When the train conductor demanded his ticket, Messing picked a piece of paper off the floor and handed it to the man, looking into his eyes and willing that the man believe the scrap to be a genuine train ticket. He was successful, and arrived in Berlin with no further problems. Wolf Messing became a success. Between 1917 and 1921 Messing travelled with Zellmeister in Europe, and performed in capitals like Paris, London, Stockholm, Rome, Geneva. He then stayed in Warsaw, only to continue from 1922 onward to work and travel again as a stage performer, together with his manager. They also went to countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, India, Japan, and Australia.:


But such a life was not his fate as :


Once toward evening, a gigantic white robed figure appeared before me. Even now I can hear his words, spoken in a deep bass. My son! I am sent to you from above to determine your future. Become a yeshiva student! Your prayers will please heaven!. Wolf grew silent, vividly recalling his childhood vision. After pausing several moments, he started again, but his voice was much quieter. It’s difficult for me to convey the state I was in after my encounter with the mysterious giant. You must remember that then I was mystically impressionable. I must have lost consciousness, because, when I came to, I saw the faces of my parents over me, praying in ecstasy.” (from Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder published their Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain,)


Messing, he was able to broadcast mental suggestions in order to alter people’s perceptions


In 1937 Hitler put out a 200,000-mark reward to anyone who could kill Wolf Messing. Messing had previously predicted that if Hitler ‘turned towards the East’ then his war effort would fail.


Wolf Messing attracted attention of Gestapo, Nazi German secret service. He was arrested in the Warsaw ghetto and sent to prison. While he was imprisoned in the cell he used his power to gather all the personnel of the prison in one room and then bolted that door shut, locking all the Nazis in the Room. When Wolf Messing was ready to escape he made Nazi guards believe that there are diamonds scattered across the floor. The Nazi guards started collecting the diamonds while he just freely left the cell and closed the cell door after himself. After that he fled to Ussr.


Stalin took a personal interest in Wolf Messing’s abilities. Messing was arrested and then interrogated by Stalin himself. Stalin decided to put Messing’s abilities to the test.



Stalin’s first challenge to Messing was for him to perform a ‘psychic bank robbery’. This Messing handed a blank sheet of paper to the teller, whom he convinced to hand him 100,000 rubles.. Two of Stalin’s officials corroborated Messing’s account of the event; including the claim that the teller fainted in disbelief once she realized the paper was blank



Stalin then ordered Messing to gain entry into his country house using his abilities. Messing was able to gain entry. The guards insisted that he had successfully claimed to be Lavrenti Beria the most favored of Stalin’s secret police chiefs.