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The Jewish attitude towards death and graves is not something based on unfounded superstition. Rather it is based on the Divine body of wisdom that conveys understanding concerning the ongoing connection between the dead, who’s soul has or is rising above and those who are still alive. Although everyone is aware the body disintegrates after death. We as Jews also “know” that man remains after death, because his soul lives on.



In the year 1915 (5675) on the 15th of Ellul there came to me a young girl 17 years old named Katan Bat Azizah. She told me she was a orphan as her father had died. A year before her mother went to Persia to visit her brother there, as he was ill. She left me, my younger brother and sister with our aunt. My mom’s sister. She was angry very much consumed in anger and regrets. Katan found it difficult to handle her aunt’s anger and curses. She wanted to leave the house for good. As she was so troubled by her. To add to my troubles in Ellul after Shabot I cried and wailed on my bed with all my body concerning my bad fortune. Then all of a sudden I felt like a giant cat had fell between my shoulders, like a great cut had entered my flesh. After it felt as if it had entered my left arm. My arm became very heavy. To the point I was no longer able to move it. From that day my arm only hung down. I trembled at times and my eyes rolled up and down. My feet would move from side to side. At times I would walk back and forth and back and forth. When I layed down on my bed I was not able to sleep as I heard the sound of a hammer striking. When my mother returned we went together to a Arab mystic. After going to him many times he told us that I have a very strong demon within me. He tried but was unable to remove it from me. After this I want to the grave of Yuhoshua the Cohen Gadol (High priest) and prayed there a lot. I began to tremble greatly. I saw a man of great honor, dressed in white. I was unable to speak with my mouth. He stood about 4 feet from me he did not speak. Katan cried over her life, and the shattered heart in her midst.

To bring mercy upon her I did “yichudim” (meditations of Divine names) upon the spirit. The spirit then began to express thoughts in speech and screaming. The spirit said that she was a harlot. I asked her name. She did not want to say. After many times doing the yichudim on the 19th of kislev she finally said her name was Rosa. She told me that in the time she was dying the demon Lilly came to her. This caused her soul to be troubled very much. She said my soul wanted to escape from my body, before lilly could come close. Lilly put a sword to my throat. By this there went out my soul from my body. There then came to my soul 5 angels of rage. They stood by my head and asked “what is your name ?”. They had come to strike my body to purify it for 3 days and nights with rods of fire. Then there came another angel who I remember also appeared as a angel of rage. It was He who took my soul from its grave and struck it with a big hit, by this striking my soul was propelled in the “kaf hakeleh” (hallow of the sling) thrown until it reached the entrance of the supernal court in the firmament. I stood there naked as the day I was born. 2 angels came out from the supernal court. They gave me a shirt that was black and white, and another garment to cover below my waist. Then I was brought before the court. It was a court of 3 judges. The greatest of them sat in the middle. Their faces shinned as great as the sun. The court asked me what is the name of your father and mother. I did not want to answer them. Then the officers of the court struck me with lashes of remembrance, until I could endure no more. The first blow made me feel like a spark from a fire. The 2nd blow made me as a burning coal and the 3rd made me as dust. Then the court enlivened me and I told them my father and mother’s name. It was made known to me I had been incarnated in a man living in Basra (Iraq). He was evil and wicked and did not resist any lust and abomination he could do. In the end of his days he changed his religion and became a Muslem. After He died he was made into a evil spirit that entered into the body of a woman. All is revealed before the supernal court, even all that is hidden in one’s heart. There is nothing that is concealed from them.After they gave me a document, it was not like a document of this world. I opened it and it spoke to me. I read in it and I could speak to them. But I did not know what to say. The first judgement concerns the learning of Torah. This is seen by the one who is given the document but they are unable to read it. They are then asked why they did not learn Torah. According to one’s preparation from learning of Torah they are they able to read their “document” given to them by the Supernal court. In this “document” is listed all of one’s transgressions and abominations that they did while they were alive. You do not want to have to trouble the Court to have them read it to you !. The court will tell you what is not written there. Atonement comes from the embarrassment you will feel, if they have to read it to you. I told them that I has sex with some one man I was not married to. They asked me how many times during the 5 years of the relationship I did have sex. I said I did not know for certain 50 or 60 times. The head judge of the court answered and said it was 100 times. I explained to them I had done these things because it was the way I thought. They told me not to speak. To say nothing else. Then for 100 years I had to go with the angels of rage where ever they commanded me to walk. They warned me not to disobey, and not to change what they said. Then they returned me to the Supernal court to receive my judgement. They had me swear in the Great Name that I would not transgress upon what they say. They called 4 angels of rage and said these shall be over (in charge of you). One on each of the 4 sides (of the world). Then the angels took me to a scary desert full of snakes, scorpions, dogs and evil beasts of many different kinds. They were all spiritual (entities). All souls who pass this way tremble. In the desert I was given 27 lashes a day. They walked me in another desert which no eye has seen. I did not know how to walk there alone. They ruled that I had to chop wood. I was brought to another court. It was in the lower half of the Supernal firmament. In this court are ministers who are in charge of punishment. To then was given my accounting. The ministers in this 2nd court are different than those in the first. They made judgment concerning my punishment. Then they gave me to 4 angels of rage. They took me to the desert again and gave me 17 lashes every night. When I chopped wood it was like chopping my own flesh. The wood there is not like the wood of this world. All the time I was chopping wood it was opening up the flesh in my shoulder. If I ran out of wood I was under order of the supernal court to go back in to the desert and get more. The wood I cut I had to return to the court to burn. The angels of rage went with me. Each year after I finished my sentence of wood cutting as ordered by the Supernal court of the firmament. I then entered the 2nd court. There is a 3rd court in the atmosphere below the firmament where there is written the document as the years passed of my punishment, how many years were left for me. Any who come to this Supernal court have punishment and lashes. In all the days of the week these souls have no rest. Except on the 6th day of the week at the 6th hour. At that time we are bound in chains and there stands around us angels of rage who guard us till after the Sabbath has concluded. There are also winged angels who sit and tell each other concerning the works of the wicked. Their evil guile they worked while they are alive and the punishments that the supernal court has ruled upon them. Even on the Sabbath we have no joy. As then we remember our suffering that we endured during the past week, and we think about the punishments and suffering that are about to come upon us in the future as soon as the Sabbath is over. We feel a little relief when the Kadish (prayer for the dead) is said for us, but few know how to say it. All the souls here are naked as in the day they were born. Everywhere I look I see groups of souls who transgressed sexually. God does not embarrass the wicked before each other. There is a separate place for those who transgressed different transgressions. I was punished for my sexual activity. I do not know what is done in other places. Those here who are chained to dogs are incarnated next time as a dog. It was ruled concerning me that I should be in the place of evil beasts. After that I was sent for 7 years to swim at the beach. For 2 years I had to hover over the graves of the city where I was born Bagdad. Hovering over the graves of the dead is the worse suffering, as there rises up guilt and regrets. I saw my soul hovering over a grave screaming in a great voice. I was suffering greatly from the evil scent. It was ruled upon me that I had to fly in the atmosphere of the firmament at a hight of 40 years from the earth. Only to this height are the spirits flying above the earth. It is at this height that we receive judgment from the supernal court that is in the firmiment. When hovering over graves or the sea this is at a distance of 2 or 3 stories above the earth. We don’t have to strength to rise above to the next firmament. Height more than this is not ruled for us. If we were to go higher we would be burned by the fire of the firmiment. As we are not refined enough to go up to the higher level. It is ruled upon us that we must float around in the cities where we used to live. This troubles the spirit very much. When the angels of rage want to increase the burden of our yolk they rule that we must go to distant cities, this is much worse. Even if we are always running away from our angels of rage we can not get any further away than the limits to which they bind us with. If we try to they hit us with out holding back with the lashes of remembrance as prescribed by the supernal court, but not any more than that. The angels of rage do not have permission to stop us from doing evil. Such as damaging a man, or entering into him so to escape their lashes. Unless the supernal court has specifically ruled so.

If we do enter into a man or women. When the time comes that we are obligated to bring our wood to the supernal court to burn before them. Then administrator over the spirit takes it out by force from the animal or human whose body they have occupied. So to bring it to the supernal court. There it is burn and lashed. After he goes back to the animal or person. To us this offers no benefit, except escaping the lashes of the angels of rage.

The yichudim (meditations on the Divine names) causes more pain to the spirits than the lashes of the angels of rage, or the purification of the grave. The lashes from the angels of rage do not fix the souls, but the yichudim do.

I Rosa was only able to tell you all this because of the yichudim which I was unable to bare. So I had to answer your questions.

Rosa said when one has done many sins and evil they make their soul blemished and impure, by causing the negative forces to dress upon it. By this they can cause their soul to also parish from the world to come



The Souls speak

The book is 88 pages and covers a few case

studies of the work of R. Yuhuda did helping souls trapped between worlds. He was my teachers teacher. Also is included some “basic” information on how to do this type of work. One very interesting case involves the soul of the false messiah Shabtai Svi.



The forces of evil have to them a Holy root, and need Holiness to survive. Impurity clings to man’s body because of its Holiness. When one is dead and burried and their bones dry out and the bodies decays, the impurity then detaches finally from the body.






Wolf Messing


is a man who harnessed the mysterious powers of the brain like no other human being known to history. He was a telepath, a mind reader, a psychic, a remote viewer, and a lucky survivor who avoided both the Holocaust and the death camps of Joseph Stalin. We may never know the full extent of his extraordinary abilities.


Wolf Grigorievich Messing was born in 1899 to a poor Jewish family in the tiny town of Gora-Kavaleriya near Warsaw.


At the age of six Messing was sent to a religious school, where he distinguished himself by his devotion and his incredible ability to memorize prayers. Later he was enrolled in a yeshiva, but ran away after two years. Wolf’s teacher advised his parents to enrol him in a rabbinate school in a nearby town. Wolf did not want to go, until his first ‘miracle’ in life occurred. He shared this story with one of his friends, Tatiana Lungintelepath. Messing got on the first passenger train he could find, hid under a bench, and fell asleep. When the train conductor demanded his ticket, Messing picked a piece of paper off the floor and handed it to the man, looking into his eyes and willing that the man believe the scrap to be a genuine train ticket. He was successful, and arrived in Berlin with no further problems. Wolf Messing became a success. Between 1917 and 1921 Messing travelled with Zellmeister in Europe, and performed in capitals like Paris, London, Stockholm, Rome, Geneva. He then stayed in Warsaw, only to continue from 1922 onward to work and travel again as a stage performer, together with his manager. They also went to countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, India, Japan, and Australia.:


But such a life was not his fate as :


Once toward evening, a gigantic white robed figure appeared before me. Even now I can hear his words, spoken in a deep bass. My son! I am sent to you from above to determine your future. Become a yeshiva student! Your prayers will please heaven!. Wolf grew silent, vividly recalling his childhood vision. After pausing several moments, he started again, but his voice was much quieter. It’s difficult for me to convey the state I was in after my encounter with the mysterious giant. You must remember that then I was mystically impressionable. I must have lost consciousness, because, when I came to, I saw the faces of my parents over me, praying in ecstasy.” (from Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder published their Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain,)


Messing, he was able to broadcast mental suggestions in order to alter people’s perceptions


In 1937 Hitler put out a 200,000-mark reward to anyone who could kill Wolf Messing. Messing had previously predicted that if Hitler ‘turned towards the East’ then his war effort would fail.


Wolf Messing attracted attention of Gestapo, Nazi German secret service. He was arrested in the Warsaw ghetto and sent to prison. While he was imprisoned in the cell he used his power to gather all the personnel of the prison in one room and then bolted that door shut, locking all the Nazis in the Room. When Wolf Messing was ready to escape he made Nazi guards believe that there are diamonds scattered across the floor. The Nazi guards started collecting the diamonds while he just freely left the cell and closed the cell door after himself. After that he fled to Ussr.


Stalin took a personal interest in Wolf Messing’s abilities. Messing was arrested and then interrogated by Stalin himself. Stalin decided to put Messing’s abilities to the test.



Stalin’s first challenge to Messing was for him to perform a ‘psychic bank robbery’. This Messing handed a blank sheet of paper to the teller, whom he convinced to hand him 100,000 rubles.. Two of Stalin’s officials corroborated Messing’s account of the event; including the claim that the teller fainted in disbelief once she realized the paper was blank



Stalin then ordered Messing to gain entry into his country house using his abilities. Messing was able to gain entry. The guards insisted that he had successfully claimed to be Lavrenti Beria the most favored of Stalin’s secret police chiefs.

Not completely of this world
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From Indonesia

The Ghost appears near the end of

The video in the elevator

It is very bizarre

Another very weird ghost video

From Indonesia.

Is this real or what ?

WARNING: This video might shock you, and may even scare you!

Almost 10 minutes of Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons from all over the world ! This video shows clips that are (To the best of my knowing) REAL !

Another Indonesian Spirit

Of some kind

In the graveyard and woods

Very freaky

At about 2:54

And 3:54

What is that ?




Maybe  in Muslim south asia. like Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei

To read and understand these

Phenomena see here.






more at

The Souls speak
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This is the face of one of my teacher’s teacher

Bava Sali said this man was the only lamed Vav Saddeek he knew

also the following picture is of another Holy man  who another of my teachers learned from.

A translation of some of his work is included.




In the year 1915 (5675) on the 15th of Ellul there came to me a young girl 17 years old named Katan Bat Azizah. She told me she was a orphan as her father had died. A year before her mother went to Persia to visit her brother there, as he was ill. She left me, my younger brother and sister with our aunt. My mom’s sister. She was angry very much consumed in anger and regrets. Katan found it difficult to handle her aunt’s anger and curses. She wanted to leave the house for good. As she was so troubled by her. To add to my troubles in Ellul after Shabot I cried and wailed on my bed with all my body concerning my bad fortune. Then all of a sudden I felt like a giant cat had fell between my shoulders, like a great cut had entered my flesh. After it felt as if it had entered my left arm. My arm became very heavy. To the point I was no longer able to move it. From that day my arm only hung down. I trembled at times and my eyes rolled up and down. My feet would move from side to side. At times I would walk back and forth and back and forth. When I layed down on my bed I was not able to sleep as I heard the sound of a hammer striking. When my mother returned we went together to a Arab mystic. After going to him many times he told us that I have a very strong demon within me. He tried but was unable to remove it from me. After this I want to the grave of Yuhoshua the Cohen Gadol (High priest) and prayed there a lot. I began to tremble greatly. I saw a man of great honor, dressed in white. I was unable to speak with my mouth. He stood about 4 feet from me he did not speak. Katan cried over her life, and the shattered heart in her midst.

To bring mercy upon her I did “yichudim” (meditations of Divine names) upon the spirit. The spirit then began to express thoughts in speech and screaming. The spirit said that she was a harlot. I asked her name. She did not want to say. After many times doing the yichudim on the 19th of kislev she finally said her name was Rosa. She told me that in the time she was dying the demon Lilly came to her. This caused her soul to be troubled very much. She said my soul wanted to escape from my body, before lilly could come close. Lilly put a sword to my throat. By this there went out my soul from my body. There then came to my soul 5 angels of rage. They stood by my head and asked “what is your name ?”. They had come to strike my body to purify it for 3 days and nights with rods of fire. Then there came another angel who I remember also appeared as a angel of rage. It was He who took my soul from its grave and struck it with a big hit, by this striking my soul was propelled in the “kaf hakeleh” (hallow of the sling) thrown until it reached the entrance of the supernal court in the firmament. I stood there naked as the day I was born. 2 angels came out from the supernal court. They gave me a shirt that was black and white, and another garment to cover below my waist. Then I was brought before the court. It was a court of 3 judges. The greatest of them sat in the middle. Their faces shinned as great as the sun. The court asked me what is the name of your father and mother. I did not want to answer them. Then the officers of the court struck me with lashes of remembrance, until I could endure no more. The first blow made me feel like a spark from a fire. The 2nd blow made me as a burning coal and the 3rd made me as dust. Then the court enlivened me and I told them my father and mother’s name. It was made known to me I had been incarnated in a man living in Basra (Iraq). He was evil and wicked and did not resist any lust and abomination he could do. In the end of his days he changed his religion and became a Muslem. After He died he was made into a evil spirit that entered into the body of a woman. All is revealed before the supernal court, even all that is hidden in one’s heart. There is nothing that is concealed from them.After they gave me a document, it was not like a document of this world. I opened it and it spoke to me. I read in it and I could speak to them. But I did not know what to say. The first judgement concerns the learning of Torah. This is seen by the one who is given the document but they are unable to read it. They are then asked why they did not learn Torah. According to one’s preparation from learning of Torah they are they able to read their “document” given to them by the Supernal court. In this “document” is listed all of one’s transgressions and abominations that they did while they were alive. You do not want to have to trouble the Court to have them read it to you !. The court will tell you what is not written there. Atonement comes from the embarrassment you will feel, if they have to read it to you. I told them that I has sex with some one man I was not married to. They asked me how many times during the 5 years of the relationship I did have sex. I said I did not know for certain 50 or 60 times. The head judge of the court answered and said it was 100 times. I explained to them I had done these things because it was the way I thought. They told me not to speak. To say nothing else. Then for 100 years I had to go with the angels of rage where ever they commanded me to walk. They warned me not to disobey, and not to change what they said. Then they returned me to the Supernal court to receive my judgement. They had me swear in the Great Name that I would not transgress upon what they say. They called 4 angels of rage and said these shall be over (in charge of you). One on each of the 4 sides (of the world). Then the angels took me to a scary desert full of snakes, scorpions, dogs and evil beasts of many different kinds. They were all spiritual (entities). All souls who pass this way tremble. In the desert I was given 27 lashes a day. They walked me in another desert which no eye has seen. I did not know how to walk there alone. They ruled that I had to chop wood. I was brought to another court. It was in the lower half of the Supernal firmament. In this court are ministers who are in charge of punishment. To then was given my accounting. The ministers in this 2nd court are different than those in the first. They made judgment concerning my punishment. Then they gave me to 4 angels of rage. They took me to the desert again and gave me 17 lashes every night. When I chopped wood it was like chopping my own flesh. The wood there is not like the wood of this world. All the time I was chopping wood it was opening up the flesh in my shoulder. If I ran out of wood I was under order of the supernal court to go back in to the desert and get more. The wood I cut I had to return to the court to burn. The angels of rage went with me. Each year after I finished my sentence of wood cutting as ordered by the Supernal court of the firmament. I then entered the 2nd court. There is a 3rd court in the atmosphere below the firmament where there is written the document as the years passed of my punishment, how many years were left for me. Any who come to this Supernal court have punishment and lashes. In all the days of the week these souls have no rest. Except on the 6th day of the week at the 6th hour. At that time we are bound in chains and there stands around us angels of rage who guard us till after the Sabbath has concluded. There are also winged angels who sit and tell each other concerning the works of the wicked. Their evil guile they worked while they are alive and the punishments that the supernal court has ruled upon them. Even on the Sabbath we have no joy. As then we remember our suffering that we endured during the past week, and we think about the punishments and suffering that are about to come upon us in the future as soon as the Sabbath is over. We feel a little relief when the Kadish (prayer for the dead) is said for us, but few know how to say it. All the souls here are naked as in the day they were born. Everywhere I look I see groups of souls who transgressed sexually. God does not embarrass the wicked before each other. There is a separate place for those who transgressed different transgressions. I was punished for my sexual activity. I do not know what is done in other places. Those here who are chained to dogs are incarnated next time as a dog. It was ruled concerning me that I should be in the place of evil beasts. After that I was sent for 7 years to swim at the beach. For 2 years I had to hover over the graves of the city where I was born Bagdad. Hovering over the graves of the dead is the worse suffering, as there rises up guilt and regrets. I saw my soul hovering over a grave screaming in a great voice. I was suffering greatly from the evil scent. It was ruled upon me that I had to fly in the atmosphere of the firmament at a hight of 40 years from the earth. Only to this height are the spirits flying above the earth. It is at this height that we receive judgment from the supernal court that is in the firmiment. When hovering over graves or the sea this is at a distance of 2 or 3 stories above the earth. We don’t have to strength to rise above to the next firmament. Height more than this is not ruled for us. If we were to go higher we would be burned by the fire of the firmiment. As we are not refined enough to go up to the higher level. It is ruled upon us that we must float around in the cities where we used to live. This troubles the spirit very much. When the angels of rage want to increase the burden of our yolk they rule that we must go to distant cities, this is much worse. Even if we are always running away from our angels of rage we can not get any further away than the limits to which they bind us with. If we try to they hit us with out holding back with the lashes of remembrance as prescribed by the supernal court, but not any more than that. The angels of rage do not have permission to stop us from doing evil. Such as damaging a man, or entering into him so to escape their lashes. Unless the supernal court has specifically ruled so.

If we do enter into a man or women. When the time comes that we are obligated to bring our wood to the supernal court to burn before them. Then administrator over the spirit takes it out by force from the animal or human whose body they have occupied. So to bring it to the supernal court. There it is burn and lashed. After he goes back to the animal or person. To us this offers no benefit, except escaping the lashes of the angels of rage.

The yichudim (meditations on the Divine names) causes more pain to the spirits than the lashes of the angels of rage, or the purification of the grave. The lashes from the angels of rage do not fix the souls, but the yichudim do.

I Rosa was only able to tell you all this because of the yichudim which I was unable to bare. So I had to answer your questions.

Rosa said when one has done many sins and evil they make their soul blemished and impure, by causing the negative forces to dress upon it. By this they can cause their soul to also parish from the world to come.

Rabbi Yuhudah said he was shown in a dream that a spirit came to rest upon the leg of a certain men for 14 years. The spirit could do no harm to the man as he was always involved in Torah and acts of kindness. He did not even feel the spirits presence. It could not overpower him in his head. He did a act of great Holiness. The spirit could not handle the great Holiness and was forced to flee from him. Leaving his body completely. After the Spirit was gone I tested Rosa asked her to tell me where on the man the spirit used to be. She showed me just like like I had seen in the dream. In the right leg.

On the night of the 7th of Tevet the Girl Katan and her mother were in my room. I commanded Rosa to go to the supernal court at 11at night, and she did. Katan went to sleep. Then I came to see whether Rosa had went to the supernal court, or was she still in the girl ?. I called Rosa .. Rosa. I received not reply from her, but I heard another voice. It said Yitzchak Raima, Yitzchak Raima. I did not understand what connection Yitzchak Raima had to do with Rosa. I called to Rosa saying I will escort you to the supernal court. Then a voice said I am Yitzchak Raima. I with 2 other beloved companions shall escort Rosa. There will be no time she will be left alone. I asked “how can you speak to me from the mouth of this girl?”  Do you enter into her throat like a spirit does ?. He answered me saying

Not like that. I push and cleave myself to the body of Rosa. I prepare my power in her limbs. I move them like working a telegraph line As we do not have permission to enter her body ”.

The angels of rage escorting Rosa were Issac Raima , to her left is Salach ben Rachmah. To her right is Sasson ben Rivkah. Hillel Ben Sarach died and has come to guard Rosa with us. While Sasson be Rivkah has now been made to watch Salach Ben Yosef Yitzchak. Salach Ben Yosef Yitzchak had a sickness involving his eyes for months. I asked and was told that there was a man in Bagdad named Salach Ben Yosef Yitzchak who had a sickness involving his eyes and had died. Salach then came to watch over Yosef. Salach said Yitzchak is better then I, but I am more good then Sasson. I asked Salach if he knew how to learn Torah. He said he did not even know the alphabet. He said “I have no desire to hear words of Torah”. I asked Salach if each one of them had a wife. He said “No, there are very few women here. One women for every 8 men. Most men are not married. Myself Yitzchak and Sasson are not married. Angels of rage do not have the human desire for sex. Our only desire is to run after men and hit them. It is only in this thing that we find delight. With us, fathers and mothers do not love their children, and children do not love their parents. All the time we do recognize our father and mother but we have no connection with them ”

All my speaking with Yitzchak Raima was before Rosa came back from the supernal court. I saw her move her head a couple times, and then open her eyes. I asked her what the supernal court said. She told me she only has a few years left. I asked her it in the world above if there is a difference between day and night. She said that the difference is in the color of the light. The night is Tachalet (sky blue), and the light of the day is white. She said the hours of the day and night are like in this world. I asked Rosa about the length and width of the courtyard of the supernal court. She said it was huge, as big as the city of Bagdad. It is full of many rooms. Each as large as the room we are in. The supernal court is 3 floors high, each is full of many rooms. On the first floor a man is judged for the most severe transgressions he has done. There is given to him there his ruling concerning his sin. After its punishment has been carried out, he must return to the supernal court. This time he goes to the court’s second floor where he is judged for less severe transgressions.They judge him there and rule punishment upon him. After its punishment has been fulfilled. He must return again this to the third floor where where he will be judged for the lightest of his transgressions and then is sent to receive their punishment. After all of this, after all his punishments have been completed then the soul must appear before the scribe of the court who will inspect the soul very closely. It is He who will then rule upon the soul whither it will be incarnated as a stone, plant, animal or a man. Whether it will go to hell. All is according to the judgment of this scribe.

Rosa said the garments worn in the upper supernal court are like the garments the priests wear in the Holy Temple. The spirits don’t sleep day or night. The spirits hear when they are called, when their time has come to go to the supernal court. On the 12th of Tevet Rosa Rose up to the firmament of the Bait Din. After she returned she said to me that the Supernal court called one angel, he is appointed to dress those who are naked. To go before the Supernal court one is given white pants, white shirt a white robe with green trim and wool head covering that covers until the forehead. These garments are not like garments of this world, as they are real fine fitting right unto one’s body. I was commanded by the supernal court that as of the night of the 17th of Tevet at the 7th and one half hour of the night to come back then to the Supernal court in the firmament with my guard Yitzchak Raima and then I would be judged on the rest of my actions. I was told that from that point on I should never return to the body of Katan. They warned me not to injure her on going out. I swore to them that I would not injure her on leaving. The Supernal court blessed you Rabbi Yuhuda for the difficult work that you have done. But they did not call you by the name Rabbi Yuhuda but by a different name. It was a bizarre name so I cannot remember it. It was very hard to pronounce. After putting on the garment my guard Salach was no longer with me in his place was Yizchak. He stood at my side on the night of the 17th to walk me to the Supernal court of the firmament. That night I walked katan to the synagogue where wise holy men stay up all night and learn Torah. At midnight we all learned in the merit of the soul of Rosa, and prayed that she should leave the young girl. I continued to do yichudim on her till Rosh Chodesh (New moon) of Svat. On Rosh Chodesh Svat  she told me that she was no longer under the supervision of the Supernal court. As what could they do to me, as I no longer had left to me any sins for them to punish me. She said she did not want to leave the body of the young girl as when she does she will be then remembered by the Supernal court. I continued doing yichudim for Rosa till the 21 of Adar. Then she went with her mother to Persia to get married. I heard from people that were there at the wedding that the spirit had left her completely.

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From another world-for real !
September 13, 2009, 9:46 am
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What we have here is all that we merit, the rest of the ancient text has been concealed from this generation

They spoke with each other what they could not speak before this. They emerged from that opening and sat in the garden underneath the trees. They said to each other, Since we were here and saw all this, if we die here, we will most certainly attain the World to Come. They sat down. A sleep fell upon them. In the meanwhile, the one appointed  (a supernal Holy spirit) came and woke them up. He told them to get up and go into the orchard outside. They went out. They noticed the scholars of the word of GOD, who talked of this verse: “In this wilderness shall they be consumed” (Numbers 14:35), but not in another place, THAT IS THAT THEY WILL MERIT THE WORLD TO COME. “And there they shall die” , but not in another place, MEANING THAT THEY WILL HAVE THE LIFE OF THE WORLD TO COME. That concerns the bodies – THAT EVEN IN THIS WORLD, THEY WILL ONLY DIE FROM THE ASPECT OF THE BODY – but not their souls, WHICH WILL BE similar to the denizens of the Garden, MEANING THE SOULS WILL MERIT THE GARDEN OF EDEN.

As there are souls which as its written in the bible are “cut off” :

For it is the life of all flesh; the blood of it is for its life; therefore I said to the people of Israel, You shall not eat the blood of any kind of flesh; for the life of all flesh is its blood; whoever eats it shall be cut off.” (lev 17)

This is referring to even in the upper world. The merit of the soul is given to another and it as a individual soul ceases to exist. It will not be given a chance at another incarnation. It has wasted all its chances.

The appointed one told them to leave. They left with him. He asked them, Did you hear something on that level? They said, We heard that a voice was saying that whoever stops shall be stopped, whoever curtails shall be curtailed and whoever curtails shall be prolonged. He said to them, Do you understand what this means? They said no. He said to them, Did you see that great eagle and that child that picks grasses? This was Rabbi Ila’i from Netzivin, he and his son. They arrived here and they saw him and his boy and this cave. As soon as they entered into this darkness, they were not able to stand it and died.

That child, his son, stands daily in front of Betzalel (the man who by the Holy spirit made the tabernacle in the desert), when he descends from his high School, and said to him three things, prior to Betzalel’s divulgence of the concealed secrets of wisdom. All his sayings are concealed secrets, since “neither has the eye seen, that Elohim, beside You” (Isaiah 64:3). That is what is said: Whoever stops, shall be stopped means whoever ceases from the sayings of Torah in order to speak of vain matters, his life will be ended from this world. His judgment remains for the World to Come. Whoever curtails shall be curtailed means that whoever cuts short the Amen and does not extend it leisurely, BUT SAYS IT ABRUPTLY, shall have his life shortened in this world. Whoever curtails shall be prolonged means that whoever said Echad (Eng. ‘One’) must hurry with the Aleph OF ECHAD and shorten its pronunciation, and not dally with this letter at all. Whoever acts this way shall have his life extended. (this is referring to the mediation on the oneness of God in all creation)

THE APPOINTED ONE told them, Go out from here. You are righteous AND DESERVING A HIGHER LEVEL. They emerged. The appointed one presented them with a rose, WHICH IS THE SECRET OF manifestation of the Divine presence IN THE ASPECT OF Divine creativity and inspiration. When they left, the opening of the cave was concealed and was not visible at all. They noticed the eagle, WHICH IS THE SECRET OF THE FACE OF AN EAGLE in the Divine Chariot (see the vision of Ezekial) from which souls are emanated and other energy, which descended from a tree and entered into a different cave. They inhaled the scent of the rose, AS THE ILLUMINATION OF Divine wisdom IS CALLED SCENT, and entered there. (certain scents can effect your mind) They discovered the eagle on the mouth of the cave. He told them, Enter friends, the truly righteous, since I have not felt the gladness of having company since the day that I have been here, except through you.

They entered another orchard, MEANING TO ANOTHER LEVEL, and the eagle was with them,. When they arrived at those scholars of the Mishnah (a compilation of ancient oral teaching explaining the Bible) , the eagle converted back to the shape of a man, MEANING TO THE SECRET OF THE FACE OF A MAN with a glowing robe like them, and sat together with them. He said to the MISHNAH SCHOLARS that were seated, Give honor to the Mishnah scholars that arrived here, since their Master shows them great wonders. One of them said to them, Have you a sign THAT YOU ARE WORTHY OF BEING HERE? They replied, Yes. They slipped out two roses and smelled them, THEREBY ALLUDING TO their Holy actions AND Divine understanding they possessed THAT ARE COMBINED TOGETHER IN THE SECRET OF THE TWO ROSES. They said, Be seated, deans of the school. Be seated, truly righteous men. They held on to them and they sat. At that time, they learned from them thirty Divine ‘laws’ that they did not know of before, and other secret meanings in the Torah.

They then returned to the sages, and they found them studying and saying: “I had said, ‘You are angels (Heb. Elohim), all of you sons of the most High, Nevertheless, you shall die like men, and fall like any prince ‘” (Psalms 82:6), MEANING “I had said” during the time when you acted before listening, for “You are Elohim…” However, since you were drawn after your bad inclination, “nevertheless, you shall die like a man…” (Ibid. 7), just like the death of man brings him to dust in order to erase the bad inclination in his corpse. It is that bad inclination that dies and decays within.

Rabbi Ila’i said to them: truly righteous men, enter and see, since permission is given to you to proceed to the area where the veil is spread. Praised is your lot. They rose and entered a place where there were scholars of  secrets, whose faces were bright as the sunlight. They said: Who are these? He said to them: These are the Agadah scholars, and they properly see the light of the Torah, daily. They remained and listened to several new illuminations in the Torah, but were not given authority to join with them.

Rabbi Ila’i told them to enter another area and look around. They entered into another garden and also saw, BESIDES OTHER THINGS, people digging graves. Immediately they die, and immediately reincarnate with bright holy bodies, SINCE THESE WERE THE DECEASED OF THE DESERT. They said to him, What is this? He replied to them, They do this every day and, when they die, the evil filth which they received before immediately decays. They quickly rise up with bright new bodies, with these holy bodies that they had when they stood on Mount Sinai, exactly as you see THEM, since all stood on Mount Sinai with bodies totally free of dirt. As soon as they drew upon themselves the Evil Inclination, they again had other bodies other than the bodies they had prior to that, strange bodies – MEANING THAT THE FILTH OF THE SERPENT WAS AGAIN UPON THEM. About this, it is written: “And the children of Yisrael stripped themselves of their ornaments by the Mount Horeb” (exudus 33:6).

The souls that heard the voice of God on Mount Sinai became refined to a tremendous level , but when they sinned by the golden calf , which is a mystery in of  itself they fell from that level. They lost their spiritual  “ornaments” they got at Mount Sinai. It is possible to attain these “ornaments” once again while in this world through great spiritual works, and behavior of selflessness and self sacrifice.

A voice stirred and said, Go and congregate there. Aholiav stands on his spot and there are chairs before him. Suddenly, everything disappeared and they saw nothing. They remained alone under the trees in the garden. They noticed another door. They entered there, saw a chamber and sat down there. There were two youths there. They raised their eyes and saw a dwelling that was embroidered in all the kinds of artistry and colors existing in the world. On it was spread a curtain of sparkling light, at which the eyes were not able to gaze. Beyond that, they saw nothing.

To be continued

A thought prevoking video-Aliens ? or Demons ?
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This is a very strange thought provoking video . It may be total nonsense, but what she describes sound similar to the what the Zohar describes as in the lower earths and in Gehenom (hell) in particular.

Here is the Link



To Give this some context Rabbi Yuhuda is Helping the soul of a man who is between worlds (a Ghost).  This soul to escape its perils went to occupy the body of a living person. Rabbi Yuhuda was working to help that person and the soul that entered her body. The spirit that we are discribing in the following section was a angel of rage one in charge of souls of the wicked who are between worlds, not yet meriting to enter Hell for correction and cleansing.

Concerning interdimensional  creatures we learn from Rabbi Yuhuda Patias book “Michat Yuhuda”

The Yoseph the angel of rage said “ We do not sleep by day or night. We are always standing and cannot bend our knees like when one sits down. Our leg is only straight. The bottom of our feet is like that of a donkey. We eat 2 times a day morning and evening. The meal is brought to us. It stands in the midst of the atmosphere in a plate. It is a type of sweet red lentils. They are the size of the palm of one’s hands. We eat it and none is left and it is just enough. After its finished the plate become hidden from our sight.

Wisdom of the East and the Bible
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Rabbi Aba said: One day, I came upon a town that belonged to the children of the East. They shared with me a part of the wisdom that they knew from antiquity. Then they searched for books of their own wisdom and gave me one. Inside this book, it was written that according to the intention of a person’s desire in this world, he draws a spirit from above upon himself similar to the desire that he clung to. If his desire is to achieve something holy and divine, then he draws the same from above and brings it down upon himself. If he wishes to cleave to the Other Side, and is intent upon it, he draws the same from above down and brings it upon himself. They used to say THAT TO DRAW SOMETHING DOWN FROM ABOVE depends mainly on speech, deed, and the wish to cleave to it. This is how that certain side that he cleaves to is drawn down from above.

So one must be careful with their thoughts, speech and actions making sure that they are all and always for the sake of Heaven. So to draw upon you the Spirit Holy.

And I have found IN THAT BOOK all the rites and ceremonies for worshipping the stars and constellations, as well as what is required to worship them and how to direct one’s will toward them in order to to draw them closer.

Originally the the rites and ceremonies were part of the worship of the God. Confusion came and people started worshiping many “gods”, these beings are really Angels and not God at all. Each planet has a Soul, that of a Angel. They are all servants of the God. It is only proper to worship the God. Yet the Energy, flow of the God flows through these Angels. This energy can be directed for the sake of Heaven. In these matters one must take care. These Angels to a certain extent have free will and can harm humans.

In the same manner, for whoever desires to cling to the Holy Spirit above, it depends on the act, words, and the intent of the heart, so that he may succeed in drawing it down upon himself so that he may cling to it.

And they were saying in the book: Whatever path a person follows in this world is the path along which he is drawn when he leaves this world. And whatever he clung to and pursued while in this world, he clings to in the World of Truth–if to Holiness then to Holiness; if to impurity then to impurity.

If to Holiness, then he is drawn toward that same side OF HOLINESS. He clings to it above, and becomes a serving minister before the Holy One, among all the angels. And so he is attached to the supernal WORLD and stands among those holy beings, as it is written: “then I will give you access among these that stand by” (Zecharyah 3:7).

Those who stand refers to the angels called Sarafim

And so, in the same manner, if HE HAS CLEAVED to impurity WHILE IN THIS WORLD, then he is drawn to the IMPURE side. He becomes one of them and is attached to them. And they are called the ‘demons of people.’ So when he departs from this world, they take him and cast him into Gehenom (Hell) –into that place where the impure, who have defiled themselves and their spirits, are judged and punished. He then clings to them, becoming ‘a demon’, just like the demons of the world.

I said to them: My sons, the sayings of this book are close to the sayings of the Torah. But you should stay away from these books, so that you will not be attracted to those beliefs and all those aspects that are mentioned there. Otherwise, heaven forbid, you may abandon the service of the Holy One !

One can learn from their teachings, but beware of corruptions and things that are not true. And beware as many of these eastern practices have actual service of Idol worship involved. Such as burning incense before a Image and this is forbidden. Only worship the God. The god has many names but has no form. And is not represented by Idols as it is written :

“You shall have no other gods before Me.

You shall not make for you any engraved image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth;

You shall not bow down yourself to them, nor serve them; for I the Yhv”h Elohech”a am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of them that hate me”

People are led astray because of these books. The people of the east were wise and inherited this wisdom from Abraham, who gave it to the sons of the concubines. As it is written: “But to the sons of the concubines, which Abraham had, Abraham gave gifts, and sent them away from his son, while he yet lived, eastward, to the east country”. Abraham shared with them knowledge of the 7 lower crowns (sefirot), they call 7

chakras .

(Genesis 25:6). Afterward, they developed their wisdom in many directions.

Later this wisdom became corrupted.

Even so the God hears all who call in truth