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Go out and do something Profound , with Torah !
March 29, 2017, 10:39 am
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The Torah does not use  a short orderly path to give over its teachings as should be expected of an  book of law. But instead is a DIVINE book alluding to EVERYTHING ! Its not possible to even understand the simple meaning of the Torah and its laws with out the deductive principles of the 13 ways in which the Torah is learned; as elucidated  from the sages. To understand Her secrets requires great effort and help from heaven.

Rashi commented that the first word of the Torah word “Barashith” by the vowel points on it does not follow the traditional rules of Hebrew grammar. The vowel called “sh’va” is under the letter bet in the word “Barashith”  means that the word must be in the “construct state” (s’michut) meaning it needs to be the first part of a noun-noun pair. So it should be translated as “In the beginning of.” If the text had wanted to say “In the beginning, God created,” there would have been a simple way of saying that by changing the vowel  “shiva” to “kamatz”. The see from this that the “normal” rules of Hebrew grammar do not apply to the Torah but it depends on another system ?

Rashi points out that in every other place in the Hebrew Bible that contains the word “barashith” , there are four more of them.  It works like this.  as we read, “ barashith mamlechut Yehoyakim,In the beginning of the kingdom of Jehoiakim.” The form of the word b’reishit can only mean “in the beginning of…,” and the word that follows it should be a noun that answers the question, “in the beginning of what?”

“The study of Torah”

Does not refer to a cerebral, academic approach to thousands of words on parchment.

This is not its end and purpose at all though intellect is a tool to “connect”

The Torah is understood as the medium through which the energy of The Creator is expressed in our physical dimension of existence.

The sinewy parchment, the coal black ink, and the primordial letters are all intricate components of a divine communication instrument serving one express purpose: to help willing students uproot all their character flaws, in order to attain similarity of nature and thus, closeness to the Light of The Creator.

The first Torah Scroll was shown to Moses by God “Written in black fire over white fire”.

We learn in the Zohar that when the Creator, Bina, gave the Torah to Israel at Mount Sinai. There were severa Holy “Merkavot” (Divine chariots) left side, as well as all the upper sanctities from the upper Holiness of the Torah, the right side. By this the Torah, the middle line, was given in flames of fire. The Torah was thus written in white fire, from the side of “Hesed”, over black fire, from the side of “Gevura”. The letters were flying and ascending through the air. In the air, the lower degrees would fly and rise up to the upper ones.

Moshe transcribed from that Torah of fire while God dictated the words. This very Torah was placed in the Holy Ark and twelve additional Torah Scrolls were gifted to each of the tribes.

From these original scrolls, additional Torahs were transcribed in precise detail. Even the letters were identical in appearance. Indeed each and every feature was prescribed by G-d. Thus the chain of Torah remained unbroken from the time it was given to us at Sinai.

Along the 3,516 years of Jewish history, not one of the Torah’s 304,805 letters has ever been changed and a Sefer Torah that exist in New York is exactly the same that exist in Japan. The words we read in synagogue today are exactly those recorded by Moses.

Come and behold: when the Holy One, blessed be He, wished to create the world, He did so with  the Torah. And he continues to do so at every moment.

And every act that the Holy One, blessed be He, used to create the world was done with and  according to the Torah. This is the meaning of: “then I was by him, as a nursling: and I was daily his delight” (Proverbs 8:30). Do not pronounce it as “a nursling,” (Heb. amon) but rather ‘a Artist’ (Heb. oman), BECAUSE IT WAS A instrument of HIS Art.

It is more than a book

When He wanted to create man, the Torah said to him: ‘If man is created, he will sin, and you will punish him. Would not Your handwork then be in vain? After all, he will not be able to endure the punishment.’ The Holy One, blessed be He, replied: ‘I created repentance before I created the world. IF HE WILL SIN, HE WILL BE ABLE TO REPENT AND BE FORGIVEN.’ In Hebrew Repentance is the word “Teshuva” It really means to “return” .

It refers to a aspect of Time travel. returning to a state before the damage was done

When the Holy One, blessed be He, created the world and created Adam, He said to it: ‘World, world, you and your nature are based solely upon the Torah, and for that reason I created man in you, to be occupied with the Torah. And if he does not Occupy with THE TORAH, I will return you to chaos.

It is the “energy” from the Torah that prevents this directing creation toward God’s desired goal. Yet there is also free will.

Everything is for man.’ This is the meaning of the verse: “I have made the earth, and created man upon it” (Yeshayah 45:12). The Torah proclaims to men to be occupied with and endeavor in the study of the Torah, but no one lends an ear.

Come and behold: whoever studies the Torah sustains the world and properly sustains every act in the world. There is no part within man that does not have a counterpart  in the world.

So dont mess it all up by ruining your own life, as there are far reaching consequences .

Just as the body of man is composed of levels of parts that act together to form a unified body, so is the world. All the creatures in the world are hierarchical parts that act on and react with each other, so they will actually be as one body. Everything, WHETHER IT BE MAN OR THE WORLD, is part of the Torah,  the Torah is made of different parts and sections that support each other. When they are all correct, they will become as one body.

The whole world and all in it is as one Organic Body !

Each soul has a source in a letter of the Torah

“It has been said that each of the letters of the Torah has some corresponding soul.

That is to say, every soul is a letter in the Torah and has its own part to play.”

The Torah is seamless. “Its beginning is lodged in its end, and its end in its beginning.”1

The last letter of the Torah is a Lamed. The first letter is a Beit. When we fuse its end to its beginning we form the word Lev; Heart.

The Lamed is from the word Yisroel; The Jewish People. The Bet is from the word Breishit; Creation.

The unity of the Torah creates a unity in the heart of all

The letters of Torah and tefila (meditation). The Torah letters are the building blocks of the universe. Each of the twenty-two Hebrew letters is a channel connecting the Infinite with the finite. Each is a particular state of contraction of spiritual light and life force. The shape of each letter represents its individual form of transformation of energy into matter. This can best be understood by comparison to the phenomena of thought and speech in the soul. Every letter which emerges in thought and speech is drawn from the inner essence of the intelligence and emotions of the soul.

Before Gods’s letters of creation combine into words, they are still unable to give life to individual creatures. In this state they are called “stones”. When the “stones” are combined into words, the “houses” thereby constructed receive power to give life even to physical creatures. Thus, the inner life of every creature is its name.

This is according to the teaching of Abraham is his “Safer Yetzera” (Book of Creation)

The letters of tefila are upward-bound channels that connect the soul to G-d. They are called “bricks”. (As opposed to the letters of Torah, or “stones”, which are God given, the letters of tefila, like bricks, are man-made.) Joined together, the bricks form “houses”. Thus, by uttering the letters of Torah and tefila, one becomes a partner bound with God in the action of creation.  Though, we say the words many are not able to comprehend their creative power- just as in general we are insensitive to the continuous act of creation, the constant flow of letters into all beings. This, then, is the deeper meaning of the passage, “Our signs we do not see..”

The  foundation (gateway of energy) is established by Torah and mitzvot (commandments).  The soul possesses a unique, innate sense of purpose. Purposeless existence can cause him only frustration and despair. One’s ultimate purpose is inherent in the Torah, through which  shines the Infinite “Light of Goodness” from its Giver.

So go out and do something Profound !