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Abraham’s transdimensional doorway, vortex , star gate
October 27, 2010, 3:21 pm
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Chayah Sarah

Abraham bought a transdimensional doorway, vortex , star gate

It says in the Bible Abraham paid 400 shekals of silver to the people of Heth for the burial place of Sarah (gen. 23) in Hebron called Machpelah (the folded cave). This was equivalent in modern money to about 400 dollars, this was a highly excessive amount. For all of samaria King Omri paid 6000 shekals (kings 1 16:25), Jeremiah paid 17 shekals for a bigger plot of land (Jer. 32:9). According to Hamurabbi code average year wage of a working man at this time was 6-8 Shekals. (according at Aryh Kaplan)This was a tremendous amount of money.

Abraham had discovered the secret of that cave when pursuing the ox which he had intended to slaughter for his three guests, the angels. The ox had drawn him straight to the Cave of Machpelah (The folded cave). Avraham at that time saw a light shining in the cave and inhaled the sweet scent of Gan Eden that filled it. He heard the voices of angels exclaim ”Adam is buried here! Avraham, Issac and Jacob will rest here also!” Avraham then understood that this cave was the entrance to the Garden of Eden, and desired it for a burial place. When the soul leaves the body – it enters the Cave of the Machpelah which is where the entrance to the Garden of Eden is to be found. the Cave is full of light coming from the illumination of the Divine Presence;

From this parsha we can learn some of the secrets of  the cave of Machpelah (Translates to the “folded cave”). To do this  lets go back first to parsha Lech Lecha where we find God tells Avraham to “Arise and walk through the land in the length of it and the width of it for I will give it to you.” Then Avraham removed his tent and camped in the plain of Mamre which is in Chevron and there he built a alter to GOD. After seeing all the land Avraham decided to go to this special place. “The plain of Mamre which is in Chevron and there he built a alter to GOD.”

In this weeks parsha we find “Avraham Buried Sarah in the cave of Machpelah which is before Mamre. The same is Chevron in the land of Cannan and Avraham was old well stricken in age and GOD blessed him in all things” We must ask what does it mean “the Same is Chevron in the land of Canaan” ?. And why after telling us of the burial of Sarah in Machpelah does the verse conclude saying ”GOD blessed him in all things” ?.

The name Machpelah means folded. In the Zohar we are told that the field and cave rests on a 2 fold area namely the world above and world below. Thus through this spiritual gate all souls pass when they leave this world. At this place the vail of the physical world wears thin giving one potential for greater Divine awareness. Machpelah is in Chevron also called Keryat Arba Meaning “the city of 4”. If one goes to Machpelah they will find in the cave the graves of  Adam and Chava, Avraham and Sarah, Yitzchak and Rivka and Yaakov and Leah. Yuhuda gathers from the 4 corners of the earth. This is Chevron (Chevron means to join together). There in Chevron GOD requests to join them as one. As we say in the Amida “gather us together from the 4 corners of the earth”. Every man who occupies in Torah is Chevron. Keriat Arba is also called chevron it is the place the 4 corners of the earth are gathered. There dresses tohu, vohu, choshech, thum in the earth (these are the klipot, forces of concealment of the Divine light) and the 4 chyot haKodesh (angels) are revealed (through these forces of concealment of the Divine light to varying degrees according to one’s merit) in the 4 yesodot (elements). A soul dresses itself of these forces of concealment of the Divine light that are upon one’s soul when they enter the world. When they leave this world they divest them selves of these garments, some require to have removed more of these “klipot” (forces of concealment of the Divine light) that they added upon their soul by their evil behavior while being in this world, it would be better for them if this is not so . One has a certain spiritual innate awareness filtered, diminished by these forces of concealment of the Divine light one can purify their soul and have greater spiritual awareness.  These klippot “tohu, vohu, choshech, thum” are involved in the idea of the green kav (beam of light) that surrounds the world..  When You say the Sma  (unification meditation) with your heart mouth and thought this is Chevron (Hebron). There goes out a ruach (spirit) during saying of the Sma from the 4 letters of יהו”ה (YHV”H). This is Chevron. It is the joining of the Nashama (Higher soul), Shechina (The Divine presence), the 4 letters of יהו”ה and Keriat Arba. Galut (exile) is the opposite. The 4 galut correspond to the 4 orlah (unclean husks). Galut is separation. They are not then “one nation in the earth”, as the name יהו”ה no longer rests upon them.  Death is when the Torah doesn’t rest from above, and rises from below away from the 4 yesodot. All who the Torah separates from, their Nashamah (Higher soul) is destroyed. The Nashama is the precious throne that Chevron unifies, it is the Shechinah (Divine Presence).1

We are told that the cave is before Mamre. This place is where earlier Avraham built a alter to GOD. The word Mamre means rebellious. This refers to the ones that were burried there  first. The first to be rebellious Adam and Chava. Its also interesting to note that Mamre in Hebrew has the same letters as Amran the father of Moshe a man who never sinned. The opposite of the rebellious Adam and Chava. It will be from Amram’s son Moshe who brought down the Torah from mount Sinai that world will be redeemed from its current rebellious state. As we learn from the Oar haChyim that the final redemption will occur in the merit of Moshe. The redemption has been so long delayed becouse Moshe refuses to invoke his merit, his merit being the merit of Torah study that is so lacking in these later generations. So may it be that soon in our days that we will see the realization of the blessing given to Avraham from GOD to be blessed in all things with the coming of our righteous Mashiach (Messiah) quickly in our days.

1. 1Zohar Chadash Tikunim p.119,139,238




This is the natural opening of the Cave of Macpelah at Hebron. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their wives were buried here.

King Herod the built an enormous wall around the cave. And today that wall, called the Tomb of the Patriarchs, is the best preserved Herodian building anywhere in the Holy Land. The walls are massive. At the corners there are stones that are 25 feet long and five feet high and weigh around 200 tons. The stones have a margin around the edges, just like the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Herod’s builders covered the area inside the wall with a stone floor, and that floor is still in place today.

Most unfortunately, the keys to MACHPELAH and with them the responsibility, for this site was given to the Waqf, by the then Minister of Defense, Moshe Dayan. They also prevent any possibility of entering the underground tombs.

Moshe Dayan, an amateur archeologist, when realizing the consequences of his action, tried to seek information concerning the underground caverns. (Perhaps he was searching for artifacts to add to his personal collection?!) In any case, any formal or official investigation was impossible. He therefore decided upon an unusual method to quench his curiosity. Within the large hall, called “the Yitzhak Hall” there is a hole in the floor, from which candles are lowered into the cave below. According to prevalent rumors, this was an entrance into the Caves of the Machpelah themselves. However, the diameter of the hole was extremely narrow – 26 centimeters. No adult could possibly fit through this opening, but Dayan found a solution. A 12 year old girl named Michal, young but courageous, agreed to be lowered into the underground room.

One misty night, Dayan ordered the Muslim guards to leave the building. He told them that they must leave for “reasons of security”. They had no idea what was about to take place. Using the dark night as a cover, Michal was brought to the site. The opening was uncovered and Michal was lowered into the underground room. The spectators were filled with suspense and worry when the girl disappeared from sight.



Michal found herself in a round room, whose floor was covered with coins, candles, and written notes. Looking around, she saw a narrow, dark corridor, to the south. The brave girl entered this hallway and after 17 meters discovered a stairwell. In total darkness she climbed the steps. After 15 steps she found a wall blocking her way. A large stone prevented her from continuing. She tried to move the stone, but to no avail. It wouldn’t budge. Having no other choice, she turned around, descended the stairs, and headed back to the small room via the narrow corridor. There, she was lifted out of the room back into the Yitzhak Hall. She was happily received, and was totally unharmed.

Michal found herself in a round room, whose floor was covered with coins, candles, and written notes. Looking around, she saw a narrow, dark corridor, to the south. The brave girl entered this hallway and after 17 meters discovered a stairwell. In total darkness she climbed the steps. After 15 steps she found a wall blocking her way. A large stone prevented her from continuing. She tried to move the stone, but to no avail. It wouldn’t budge. Having no other choice, she turned around, descended the stairs, and headed back to the small room via the narrow corridor. There, she was lifted out of the room back into the Yitzhak Hall. She was happily received, and was totally unharmed.


The surprised Dayan wrote out the findings and sketched the underground caves as described by the 12-year-old Michal: a circular room, a corridor, and the stairs. The caves themselves remained a mystery and were not drawn.

A group of us, from Hebron-Kiryat Arba, and in particular the staff of “Midreshet Hebron” were filled with awe at the thought of entering the underground Caves of the Machpelah. Moshe Dayan’s story piqued our curiosity and determination to find a way into the caves. We could not, of course, enter the same way that Michal entered, via the small circular entrance. However, the other side of the corridor caught our attention. She related that she had climbed stairs that were blocked off by a stone. Where could that stone be?

We measured the distance she had spoken of and revealed that the stone was on the other side of the Yitzhak hall, covered by Arab prayer-rugs. The area was always occupied by Arabs. How could we succeed in moving that stone, thereby allowing us to descend into the caves?

The Arab guards, employed by the Waqf, were not overly alert or awake at that time of night. They left their place of work and went to sleep. When we saw this, we brought with us a big chisel to the midnight prayer service. In the middle of the service, we began to sing and dance. During the dancing, some of us made our way to the Arab pray-rugs, lifted them, and revealed the stone. It was held in place by metal bars, attached to surrounding stones. We began hammering on the rock with the chisel, and after a while it began to move. Finally, the stone opened. It is difficult to describe the emotions we felt when we saw the stone move off the small opening under it. We entered, our hearts pounding with excitement. We found stairs that led down into the darkness. We descended slowly. The stairs led to a narrow, dark corridor. We walked slowly through the corridor, stooping down, using flashlights to guide our way. We reached the circular room and looked around. It was round and dark. On the wall were three stones, but no cave was visible. Where was the cave? Were all our efforts in vain?
Several minutes later an additional mystery presented itself. It seemed to us that we felt a breeze. How could this be? Blowing wind originating from above ground? Looking down at the ground we saw several stones that appeared to be stuck, one to the other. The wind seemed to be originating from between them. Within moments, emotions flying, the stones were uplifted and…. the cave – a cave of rock, leading into the earth.

We crawled in a very narrow opening into a circular cave, carved in the stone, deep in the earth. The cave was filled with dust, to its very edge. It was impossible to stand or sit, only to crawl. We continued inside until it widened, and then, a second cave. This cave was smaller than the first, but here awaited us another surprise. It was also filled with dust, but among the dust were bone and remnants of pottery scattered around, some of which were in good condition.

Wind blew in the caves, but the sounds of our hearts pounding was audible. No living being had been this close to the Patriarchs in thousands of years. Each one of us spent some time considering the significance of being in the Caves of the Patriarchs, and of prayer here, adjacent to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah, and even to the tombs of Adam and Eve, by the entrance to the Garden of Eden, where souls and prayers ascend. Silent prayer, in the presence of our Forefathers.


Following this tremendous spiritual experience, we began to examine the cave itself. The bones captured our attention. Were these the bones of the Patriarchs? We knew that it is written that Righteous ones, even in death, are called living, and that the Patriarchs, called the “slumberers of Hebron” wake and pray for mercy. As we investigated, it became clear that the pottery belonged to the First Temple Era, the Era of the Judean Kings. The Jews of Hebron, and the Jews of all of Judea, understanding the importance and significance of the Caves of the Machpelah, were directed to bring both the bones and the pottery into the underground caves themselves.

This discovery closed an information gap concerning the Caves of the Machpelah, continuing from the days of our Patriarch Ya’akov, the last Forefather buried in the Cave, through to the days of Herod, who built the huge structure above the Cave.

After several hours, as dawn approached, we were forced to leave these sacred caverns, so as not to be caught below. We concluded an unforgettable spiritually uplifting experience. We were privileged to reveal the underground Caves of the Machpelah, to pray there, to reveal ancient Jewish pottery from the Era of the Kingdom of Judea within the Caves, and, even if only for a few moments, united, as Sons with their Fathers.

The Macpelah at Hebron

Ze’ev Yevin of the Israel Department of Antiquities and Stanley Goldfoot were our helpful field guides during our brief 1983 radar and seismic exploration of the tomb of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah Rebecca and Leah at Hebron.

The building over the traditional site of the cave purchased by the Patriarch (Genesis 23, 25:7-10, 49:28-35) is known to the Jews as the Macpelah, and to the Arabs as the Haram el Khalil. The building is Herodian embellished by minarets and roof decorations dating from the time the Moslems overcame the Crusader control of the Holy Land, or later. The subterranean rooms under the building were last opened to the outside area at the time of the Crusaders when the caves or rooms were used for intrusive burials. In 1967 Moshe Dayan lowered a small girl with camera through a small hole in the floor thus gaining some information on the basement rooms, as well as ending a 700 year old ban on non-Moslems entering the Haram. Since 1967 the site has been both a mosque and a synagogue, and it is of course a hallowed spot for Christians since Abraham is not only called “the friend of God” but also “the father of all who believe” in the Bible.

Very little is actually known about the caves or even the rooms under the floor of the Macpelah, so my colleagues and I were exited to probe through all four outside walls of the building on a one-day visit. (We asked for, but could not obtain, permission to make cart radar and seismic soundings vertically downwards through the floor inside the building – that viewing geometry would no doubt give very useful results).

Figure 6: Geophysical crew conducting radar and seismic measurements into the caves beneath the Macpelah. All four outside walls of the building were sounded in the one working day available.

Our one day of radar and seismic data collection brought us far more echoes and reflections than we could expect to interpret in many months of labor! All we had time for was to map and tabulate hundreds of echoes and write our friends in Israel a short letter report. Our conclusions: the subterranean rooms and caves under the floor of the Macpelah are many and complex. We can only hope the entire underground complex will be excavated and explored by the archaeologist in the near future. We would love to be on hand to do more geophysical work, especially if it became possible for us to view downwards through the floor of the building.







Developing the powers of you soul through you mind— Remote viewing
October 26, 2010, 11:35 am
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Major Edward A. Dames was the Operations and Training officer of the RV US Army.

Remote Viewing is a real science and a refined, powerful skill.

YOU can see remotely into the past, present or future and find anyone or anything of interest.

Edward A. Dames, Major, U.S. Armyis a decorated military intelligence officer and original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program.

Major Ed Dames served as the one and only training and operations officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s psychic intelligence (PSINT) collection unit, and currently serves as executive director for the Matrix Intelligence Agency.

Today, with the secrets of remote viewing developed through a top-secret U.S. military program with the CIA, Major Ed Dames has refined remote viewing to an exact science.

Here is some serious Remote Welcome to the Student Resources

The One-Stop Centre for Information and Support

Get all the support you need to facilitate your learning with Session Templates, where you can instantly download template sets and individual templates for all your remote viewing sessions.

You can also check out Video Resources to catch a glimpse into real life remote viewing cases, Ed Dames’ predictions, or just to learn more about the science of remote viewing.

Session Templates

If you’re beginning the RV1 DVD, you will be executing 4 target sessions. To make it as easy as possible, we have assembled the templates you will be using for each target in the order that they are given in the RV1 Learn Remote Viewing DVD. Click on one of the following links, wait for the file to completely load, then print. Please do this for each of the links.

Download Template Sets to do Remote viewing


here is on of the videos

Lyn Buchanan


Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) training, from its very inception, was designed to give access to and communication with your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a great reservoir of information but we seldom allow it to work. In making a connection between the conscious and subconscious minds, we can then allow the information from the subconscious to surface consciously so it can be accurately interpreted and applied to practical matters. It is this practical application which allows us the opportunity to provide information not only about our own lives but the lives of others.

Problems>Solutions>Innovations (P>S>I) provides a full range of training which will allow a person to understand and use the protocols for doing CRV. Additionally we offer training which will take the student past the study of CRV and on to the level of being able to apply this knowledge to find information which will help solve many real-world problems.

Controlled Remote Viewing is a very highly controlled set of physical/mental protocols which allow a person to bring something which lies hidden within the subconscious mind to the surface, and objectify it. The protocols not only take care of the processes of finding the hidden thoughts/emotions/etc., and bringing them to the surface, but also the process of keeping them “clean” of pollution from the imagination, and from emotions, desires, fears, and other contaminants which lie closer to the surface of a person’s conscious awareness, and which would tend to “color” them incorrectly.

Once the communication is set up, you not only have access to the enhanced and advanced perceptions it has access to, but to everything which is in there: your phone number when you were 5 years old, where your car keys are, etc. As this happens, the occurrences of almost everything you have been doing with your mind will increase. Your attention to details (ambience), your memory recall, and yes, even information that provides insight about situations that are outside of normal understanding about time and space. It is generally the latter information which you notice most, simply because it is not the “normal” thing you have been doing. The fact is that, in learning CRV, you have not been given a new life; you have just been given more life.

Here is a good audio interview with Lyn

Audio http://www.brainsync.com/podcasts/search-podcasts/podcasts-by-date/214.html

This guy was trained by Lyn :

Here is a great one and half hour video on this work

Controlled Remote Viewing Briefing By Paul O’Connor


is the discoverer of the breakthrough techniques that allowed the military to train  He has long been considered the “Father of Remote Viewing.” His Remote Viewing (CRV) technique, which was the foundation for the CIA’s Stargate project.  His capabilities have been aggressively challenged over the years, but the substantiation of his skill through remote viewing studies at the Stanford Research Institute seems to far outweigh the scattered critiques.

In his Stanford Research experiments Swann had been tested for pk (psychokinesis) abilities when he was asked to upset a well-shielded magnetometer for which the magnet was sealed in a vault 5 feet below the floor.  The equipment had been running for over an hour to gauge a baseline reading before Swann was directed to try to manipulate the machine.  Specific details of what happened next vary, but it is generally accepted that Swann was able to affect the function of the equipment twice when asked to do so, amazing the scientists observing the test.  They thought the equipment was incorruptible.  The next day the equipment was malfunctioning and this avenue of testing was abandoned.

Upon concluding his work at SRI Swann was recruited for a “black ops” study called the Stargate Project.  The concern was that the dark side of the moon was harboring extraterrestrial life and he was instructed to employ CRV to identify the specifics of who was there and what they were doing.

Swann undertook the CRV task for a price of $1,000 a day and with only a set of moon coordinates.  He quickly determined that he was seeing the surface of the dark side of the moon and was surprised when he saw evidence of extraterrestrial construction taking place there.  (According to the Stargate records and unbeknownst to Swann, the Apollo astronauts had reported seeing a UFO when preparing for their landing on the lunar service.  This information had never been publicly released.  )
While observing the activities underway he realized he had been “seen” by two of the ET’s.  Upon concluding the study he asked if he was at risk because of having been seen on his surveillance mission, but the responses were innocuous.  “I spent several months wondering if the ET’s were going to find me and zap my brains out of existence,” he is reported to have said.







Here is some :

Mr. General Robert Gates said concerning remote viewing “Well, if it’s the Eight-Martini Results you want to talk about, I won’t talk about them.”

What, then, is an “eight-martini” result? Well, this is an intelligence community in-house term for remote viewing data so good that it cracks everyone’s realities. So they have to go out and drink eight martinis to recover. Remote viewing does have its amusing aspects, you kno

  • Remote viewing was researched in response to the fact that the Soviet Union was engaged in large scale research into psychotronic applications phenomena. The national security implications of failure to match a technological breakthrough by the Soviets is obvious. In this respect, the remote viewing research was a product of the Cold War, and is analogous to myriad other projects.

  • Initial research was carried out at the very prestigious Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Certain psychically-gifted individuals were able to describe distant locations, often with amazing accuracy.

  • With this fact established, the military/intelligence community approved further funding. Research continued, but the main effort soon switched to development (applications), based on two key findings. First, remote viewing ability is latent in nearly all humans. Second, it is possible to teach ordinary people to perform remote viewing.

  • Groups of students recruited form the ranks of the funding client agencies were trained at SRI. Their mission was to gather data, using remote viewing, regarding targets of special interest to the client agencies. Usually, these were targets inside the Soviet Union that had resisted the standard intelligence gathering techniques.

  • The 15% accuracy cited in recent public statements on behalf of the CIA is the baseline which ordinary non-gifted and untrained persons often do achieve. This figure was identified very early in the SRI research phase. The minimum accuracy needed by the clients was 65%. In the later stages of the development (training) part of the effort, this accuracy level was achieved and often consistently exceeded.

  • Throughout the period of my personal involvement (1972-1988), oversight and monitoring teams from the client agencies were in constant attendance. These teams consisted of multi-discipline scientific professionals, some being leaders of their disciplines, and drawn from just about every scientific field. Over the years, representatives of these teams were rotated, with replacements coming in.

  • During the sixteen-year time span involved, approximately 500 representatives of these oversight teams identified flaws and strengths in the effort. With this intense scrutiny, the program continued to be approved, tested, and ultimately utilized by testing various kinds of experimental and real-time applications. Thus, it seems at variance with the oversight committees’ facts that the CIA suggests that remote viewing was “unpromising.” But, as is well known, there are various levels to all games.

  • Per the definition used by the client military and intelligence agencies, and as I identified it at SRI, developed (or trained) remote viewing is a highly-specialized technique. However, the term has been adopted unfairly and incorrectly to include almost any sort of psychic endeavor. This clouds the public mind as to what remote viewing really is.

  • The key players in the development, training and use of remote viewing remain under the strictest security constraints. They can’t talk, but I, at least, honor them for their commitment to the welfare of the Nation even if within a controversial area. Similarly, the documentation supporting the real story is archived under top security wraps.


What all this boils down to in the case of remote viewing is that absent meaning-memory storage can have serious repercussions.
This was demonstrated in the case of the Hella Hammid RV experiment where she got a steaming teapot.
Well, it is fortunate that her RV experiment was only an experiment – for imagine what would have happened if the effort had been an operational one, and intelligence analysts were interested in what was actually at the target location.
In such a case, the analysts would have been told that the remote viewer says there is a big teapot at the location they were interested in.

As it turned out, Hella’s experiment was by no means a failed one, because it brought to light a central problem relevant to the larger scope of all remote viewing processes.
For when it was determined that she had no intimate meaning-knowledge of what nuclear reactors actually looked like, it could also be determined that her meaning-detecting systems segued over to the next best thing her systems held meaning of.

With Hella’s help at SRI, a number of previous “failed” experiments of her’s and of others were reevaluated. It was discovered generally that the “failures” lay in the contexts of absent or misplaced meaning relevant to what was being remote viewed.

In other words, the remote viewer was NOT missing remote viewing, but his or her meaning-memory systems had pockets of absent meanings.


As one last reference here to Hella Hammid, she took a deep interest in this problem, and one of the results was that she became very expert in detecting absent meaning problems in target responses of other remote viewing test subjects.
But as she, herself, first observed, she could not see her own absent meaning contexts because they were, after all, missing in herself.
Well, there are many remote viewing examples of this. And indeed, in the larger picture of all things, it is difficult for individuals to see what is missing in themselves – because whatever it is, IS missing.

Even so, there was yet another significant development with regard to Hella.

After a while in continuing RV experiments, she began to sense elements of targets she was missing.

This enabled her to say one of two things: “I’m missing something about this target,” or “I don’t know what the target is” – and, most importantly, to express this BEFORE her systems segued over to the next best analytical overlay.

There is only one way to explain this change in her pre-conscious processing systems.

Because she had become consciously aware of and interested in this problem, it had taken on meaning within her.
As a result, it is possible to think that new connections had sprouted within and among her synapses and neurons, and a new circuit had formatted thereby. This new circuit thence created jabs of recognition regarding the absence of meaning-memory.

There is only one way to account for this – that the pre-conscious meaning circuits are SELF-CORRECTING when new and meaningful information is added into them – which they absolutely have to be in order to function at all.
Otherwise, there would never be any additive memory growth regarding what can emerge into conscious awareness of them.

It was this particular self-correcting aspect that made an RV training program feasible.

So, this breakthrough of understanding placed the developmental RV project at SRI on very solid grounds with respect to, believe it or not, conventional terms acceptable to the project’s very serious oversight committees. This needs a bit of explaining.

It had long been understood that a tiny portion of the brain is always PHYSICALLY changing at its cellular levels with respect to what is newly experienced or to new meanings that are recognized as such.
The physical changes involve the sprouting of new connections being made among and between neurons and synapses, and elsewhere in the nervous system, that end up as a new circuit that will produce a jab of meaning recognition if and when the experience or meanings are encountered again.

Something along these lines indeed turned out to be the case with Hella after she had consumed a fair amount of written and especially of visual information relevant to nuclear reactors.

From all of this, and specifically from the remote-viewing point of view anyway, it was slowly understood that meaning-memory already incorporated into individual reality boxes, although important enough on average, was not as important as was absent meaning-memory.

But here was a situation that had long been understood in educational systems everywhere: I.e., absent meaning-memory can be filled in by exposing individuals to meaning-information packages that were absent before.
And if the exposure is sufficient enough and seen as meaningful enough, then the synapses and neurons of the brain and nervous systems will do the rest – and the resulting new circuits will be incorporated into the meaning-detecting systems already innately existing in everyone beneath conscious awareness of them.


Now, the whole of what has been discussed so far in this essay might seem somewhat distant to the project of teasing seven layers of meaning out of any given situation or thing.
But don’t count on any permanence of that distance too much, for as will be discussed in a forthcoming essay, meaning-memories are RECOMBINANT.
Therefore, meaning-memories can produce new combinations among themselves, and do so all on their own – and which recombinant process is one format of the superpower we presently refer to as intuition.
This aspect of our species is wondrous, indeed.

Here is a Ingo Swann video

Here is what some one said about Ingo’s book, its very rare out of print

Penetration by Ingo Swann

I just read it, paid $300.00!

I am so pissed at the bullshit that has been kept from us, I can hardly see straight!

Fuck you NASA!

Ingo rocks!

Its at this link



Swann has dropped out of the public eye for the time being, supposedly working quietly on perfecting advanced CRV, psychokinetic and ESP techniques.

Ingo Swan writes concerning Uri Geller :

For his part, Geller proved to be a delightful personality. He was dynamic, optimistic, and with endless reserves of energy. He was also exceedingly handsome and possessed an extraordinary public charisma — all of which ultimately added up to his superstar glamour.

He was exactly what the dour realms of parapsychology versus science and skeptics needed to experience.

In my estimation of him, he defiantly dared to walk where angels feared to tread — and was also to prove to have many more than the nine lives attributed to cats.






an overview of


Including :1)The Owner’s Manual to Prosperity and the Soul for Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and anyone else

2) “The Definitive Biblical phenomena”

3)The Souls speak

4)”The Owner’s Manual to the Soul” Part 1 The Gate

5)“The Owner’s manual to the Soul” Part 2 THE KABALLAH

6) “The Message”

7)The Book of the Angel Mattatro”n

8)“Book Of ELOHEME”

9)“Teffilin The Owner’s manual”


11)“The Divine structure of unfolding of Heaven and Earth”

12)”The book of “יהוה Yhv”h

13) “Markava”  The Divine chariot





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There are not more than two states EVIL AND HOLY–HOW ABOUT YOU ?
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There are not more than two states, either Kedusha (Holiness) or Sitra Achra (Other Side). There is no intermediary state.


All one’s attainments are built on the discernment.


Empowered by is faith above reason.

Faith is regarded as having inferior importance.


Once one appreciates the things that clothe within reason.


By this one stands in reason where another requires faith.


All the concepts that contradict the path of the Creator and his truth are worthless.

One who has no other counsel must take the path of faith.

However, the Creator could have placed His Shechina (Divine Presence) before him so that he could discern even this. That which now he requires faith to “grasp”.

One wants to work with a higher discernment, meaning within reason.

The arrogant will not ascertain this, its vision will not be made known.

Any one who is proud, the Creator tells him: ‘He and I cannot dwell in the same abode.’”

Such a one throws his discernment  to the ground.

There is no middle; it is either evil, or  Holiness.

You choose.

When one enters the discernment of serpent.

It is known that the Sitra Achra (Other Side) has no Lights.

The will to receive has only deficiencies, remains forever in deficit, without fulfillment.

One who has one hundred, wants two hundred etc.


They do not have Lights and abundance.

Only lackings

Work to draw Light to your degree of consciousness.

The Lights that one receives shine in Kedusha (Holiness).

Receive those Lights.

They give  satisfaction in the state he is in so that he will not move away, but pursue further into Holy awareness of consciousness.

But one cannot move forward if one has no need for a higher degree of consciousness of Divine awareness. Since one has no need, one cannot move from one’s place, even a slight movement.

In that state one is unable to discern if one is advancing in Holiness or the other way.

The Sitra Achra (Other Side) gives one strange thoughts strongly.

When one does not pursue awareness of Divine consciousness.

Since now one is without reason.

In a state of lowness.

They remain in the authority of the Sitra Achra (Other Side).

The discernment of the serpent.

They fall into a state of failures and have no power to strengthen, unless one turns to the discernment of awareness of Divine consciousness, once more.

By the judgments that have fallen upon them and forcing them to ask why and pursue awareness of Divine consciousness.

It follows that the failures themselves cause one to take upon himself discernment.


There is no intermediary state.

Know you are in Holiness, or in the (Other Side).

Assume the discernment of faith.

Creator gives us a signs to know if we are walking on the path of truth, or not.

The judgments that have fallen upon us and forcing us to

Do the right thing”.

For this He gave us the sign.

Work  in the Torah and in  prayer.

Empowered by reason, the body gives fuel for work,

and one can pray and study more persistently and more enthusiastically.

One requires great preparation so that Holiness will shine for him.

Without the preparation, the body does not give one the strength for work.

One must always exert themselves extensively.

One needs perpetual efforts so as to not fall.

One must not be neglectful for a minute, otherwise one will fall into one’s root of earthliness, called “dust,”

As it is written, “For you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” And that was after the sin of the Tree of Knowledge.

You need to make a perpetual examination, and if one is distracted from it, one immediately falls to the authority of the Sitra Achra.

. One becomes immediately enslaved to them.

As much as one works in order to receive for oneself only.

They become remote from matters of sharing and Holiness.

Be very very humble.”


One becomes needy of the creatures that once honored them.

All Honor and Glory belongs to God.

Through the honor one has become a separate entity.

In order cleave to God as One.

One must annul one’s reality completely.


It is forbidden to receive honor for oneself,


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This web site has over 1000

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Light your fire

Let your light shine !

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Vaira                                                          Bs”d


In this parsha we can find a couple of great examples of self nullification for the will of GOD blessed is his name.


When the angels came to Sodom and Lot saw them he invited them to stay in his house. In Sodom to invite a outsider into you house as a guest overnight was a capitol offense. Yet he told them to stay with him. The angels refused at first and said they would stay in the street all night. Lot persisted until he was able to convince them to stay with him. He fully understood that by doing this he was risking his life. In the Zohar we are told that when Lot said to the angels ”turn aside” and stay with me. This meant that he wanted to lead them to his house in a  round about way so that they might not be seen by the people of Sodom. From this we can deduce that even if they were angels that came to Lot he was afraid for his life. So to Lot this must have been a test. This fear is more obvious when the men of Sodom come to lot’s house and threaten him and he offers to them his daughters. Lot must not have known that these angels would not allow him to come to any harm. So lot by nullifying his own feelings of fear, and not taking a attitude of     ” I’m going to mind my own business”, and protect my own life. He passed his test, and he was saved from the destruction of Sodom. And eventually from his decedents came King David and Solomon and eventually our righteous Messiah.


Concerning vision of angels Rabbi Argosi teaches that we are the people of GOD, and He has given us the ability to rise from intellect cleaving in the fineness of the angel of Yetzera (world of soul called Ruach-the emotional soul). There decends the Angel of Yetzera to this world. There is a small moment of sight as with the angels of Avraham, Hagar, Bilam, Minoach, Gidoen, Alisha. The Nashama (Soul of Divine intellect) descends from Bria (world of Nashama -Soul of Divine intellect) to this world to its body according to its existence at the time according to the day and the moment, and accordingly they are redeemed. Also the ”golam” (shapeless body) of the Angel dresses to a body according to the fullness of the time. If there is not ”tuma” (impurity) of the Yetzer Hora (evil inclination) they are seen from this hight, this place all night. From Yetzera, the world of angels we can rise to the כ ס א (thrown), which is the world of Bria. We rise up the Angel of Yetzera to the the man on the כ ס א . We rise then from the כ ס א to the world of the sefirot ,which is Atzilut. Then he is upon the כ ס א, as the כ ס א is upon the angel. The sefirot are 10 levels this one above that. All of them dress upon Adam Kadmon. Keter of A”k (Adam Kadmon- this face of God contains all, it is the highest) is כ ס א To the Ayn-Soff (Infinite light). We can rise to All sight is according to the ק ש ר (connection) to his body. As thus is the arousal. Which changes according to the Nashama upon its body, and bond with it. After the holy names one can be permitted to, from his body, to all, and all is according to the ק ש ר .1 The power of sight that can open the eyes, but for this light to illuminate it requires chassadim. Which is the force of Gods’s giving. The power which has us do Mitzvot (commandments). One Of the 4 “chayot” of the brain  the Lion,  is sight and Chuchmah. Spiritual Vision does not originate from within the brain. The brain is only a stop along the way for a light that starts out on a much higher spiritual, the level of ”Moach Stima”, the ”Closed Brain”, so-called because its light is hidden, is the level of the  Binah of Arich Anpin. However, the root of the seeing is in the Moach Stima from the level of the name ע“ב itself. Which is from even higher up in the Kruma d’Avira of Arich. Which is the Ohr HaGanuz, from which one can see from one end of the world until the other end of the world.

When saying “a wise man has his eyes in his head” this refers to one who becouse of the “cord of Chesed” drawn from midnight allows them to see not just from their eye, but the brain in their head sees the spiritual essence of things. Rather than seeing only their physical representation.


In an even greater act we see in this parsha Avraham disregard his beliefs that he preached and prepared to do at the request of GOD that which he had been condemning others for doing. Even if to others it would seem completely hypocritical. As the sacrificing of one’s children was a common practice of idolaters in Avraham’s time. A practice which he told others was not what GOD wanted and was immoral. Now Avraham was ready at the request of GOD to sacrifice his son Yitzchak. No matter how bad this would make him look before other people. The Zohar tells us that such an act was the opposite of Avraham’ s nature of loving kindness. Not only was Avraham’s Nature such but He exemplified, perfected and embodied the trait of  loving kindness. GOD Asked Avraham to do something that was the opposite of his nature of loving kindness to do a act of stern judgment and severity. To sacrifice his only son Yitzchak. Not only was Avraham willing  to go against his own understanding to do GOD’s will, but we find he did it with great vigor. Its written that he rose up early and saddled his own donkey, he split the wood for the sacrifice himself. Avraham had many servants.


In Safer Paliyah we learn that the nature of the nation of Yisrael  is rachamim (mercy). Because of this they need to draw upon themselves the flow of “din” (severity) so their hearts will remember to war with the nations. In the future the sword of Amalak will arouse great jealousy in Yisrael. This is all necessary as again the nature of Yisrael is “rachamim” not “din”, its not their nature to war as their nature is peace. It’s for this same reason Rabbi Akiva will come in another incarnation in a later generation and he will recognize his enemy from the past. These things are necessary to arouse the anger needed that will allow vengeance to be taken on the enemies of Yisrael.1


So may it be that we can subvert our own will and understanding to do the will of GOD as did Avraham. At times one must just ignore the ways of falsehood of this world. Not fear or be concerned with what other people may think and do what is right. Even if everyone else around you may be doing wrong or not doing at all. We must do what GOD asks of us to the best of our ability. By doing this with the help of GOD we will nullify ourselves to the extent that our will will be GOD’s will Hastening the arrival of our righteous Messiah quickly in our days.

  1. 1Shur Kuma  p.102,109,Shomer Emunim p.33




You will “have it your way”
October 21, 2010, 9:28 am
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To extend abundance from Above, one must cause an awakening from below.


Evoke a desire from Above to Shine below.

It is not enough that we have a desire, but there has to be  enough DESIRE to act for Heaven.

Even though there is a general desire to do good to His creatures, He still awaits for our desire to awaken His desire.

We must regret not being permitted to do good deeds.

It is certainly as a result of a punishment.

We being unworthy.

So, there is no act below.

Instead, purpose we are given bad thoughts and desires that distance us from the work of God.

When we are not worthy of serving Him.

By correction you will be worthy and capable of receiving and doing the work of the God.

Punishments must be corrections.

Pray to the Creator to take our corrections away !

Prayer corrects a person even more than punishment.

Thus prayer appears instead of punishment.

Prayer is placed in its place, to correct.

It is you choice.

You will “have it your way”

The path of Torah is a more successful way and yields more profit than the path of pain.


He is coerced until he says, ‘I want.’

The Creator wants the deeds of those in this world.

The Creator craves the prayer of the righteous.






By  prayer, the vessels are made for the Creator to give  abundance.

Since there is a fit vessel to receive the abundance.

Joy is a “reflection” of good deeds.

. If the deeds are of Kedusha (Holiness),  joy appears.

Gladness  discerned as sublime luminescence  appears.

Which is good deeds.

If one takes upon himself the burden of the Kingdom of Heaven for eternity, there is an immediate sublime luminescence on that, which is considered eternity.

Even if one evidently will  fall from one’s degree.

Make up your mind to take upon yourself  the Kingdom of Heaven for eternity.

It is considered wholeness.

This is because it is whole and eternal, and it is not about to change.

Though the man may.

And their awareness for a time will be withheld

based on writing of R. Ashlag

but all together different