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Happenings from the closest Firmament-LIGHT SHOW
November 23, 2008, 9:32 am


Here is Video of the Event


Calls are pouring in about the sight of a bright light in the skies over the Edmonton area. Marcel Gobeil, who lives on a farm just west of Beaumont, was sitting in his living room when he heard what he describes as a “loud boom,” followed by the sight of bright colourful lights just before 5:30 p.m. “At first I thought it was fireworks,” said Gobeil.
“I’ve never seen anything like it; it was green and blue and then turned to bright red. “It was pretty big.” Gobeil said he also saw the object hit the ground about 10 seconds later. “It seemed like it fell on Beaumont, but it’s more likely it landed in Manitoba or Saskatchewan if it was a meteorite,” he said. Edmonton fire dispatchers, meanwhile, said they contacted both the international and municipal airports after reports of the bright lights to see if an airplane had gone down. They still have no idea what the object was. “Everyone seems to have seen something,” one dispatcher said, “but we have no call on it.”

This happened in the exact same area on May 25th 2007

Tue, May 29, 2007

Meteorites hit near Redwater


The fireball that passed over Edmonton Friday night may have left more behind than experts originally thought.

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Now that is bloody weird
the odds of a meteorite falling in the same area twice within roughly 1.5 year span… non existent?

A massive object light up the entire Northwest sky over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
The person who saw it said it so bright and intense it was scary. He said there was a massive flash and he thought that the flash was actually an impact! I said no way dude – typically a bright meteor flash is resistant from the atmosphere, and an actual impact would be really rare.

“When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have established” (PSALMS)

Now the real secret stuff

Lights of the brain of chuchmah (wisdom) are called equinox. The four seasonal equinox are four aspects of chuchmah, Chesed givurah netzauch and hod1. Certain aspects of time are established by the planets , stars and constellations. There influence is described in astrology. The stars and planets physical bodies dress the sefirot of Atzilut. Yesod (gate way of energy) is the most hidden part of the body. Because of this its work is hidden, and called rekia (firmament). In it are the stars and constellations. The Chassadim (forces of Divine giving) of the 5 fingers of the hand can touch in the Yesod arousing with in it.2 “Rekia” are like “iggulim” (circular energy flow in nature), within them is “oar Yoshir” (supernatural).3 The planets are the first three sefirot of z’a  (Source of the Emotional soul) while the constellations are the six corners.4 The 12 Mazolot (constellations) go out of the six corners. From Chesed to Malchut, and from Malchut up to Chesed. Teferet and Malchut are concieled. These 6 corners are included in Teferet called “ ו“. These are the 6 “Hachel” (palace) in “hachel Ratzon” which are the secret of Teferet (Balance) . Z’a of Atzilut decends on “hachel Ratzon”, but Z’a can’t decend until there is additional Ruach (drawn there) from Abba and Imma. These 6 “Hachel” in “hachel Ratzon”  are a “reshimu” (tracing of energy) of the “mazolot”. “Hachel” is Yesod called “mazala”. Mazel is Yesod. Chaga’t and Nh’y descends in the Yesod from above to below. The 7 planets are the 7 sefirot themselves.5 Through the 7 planets of Asiyah all change comes to the world.6

The 7 planets are “aor Chozir” (returning light) Chesed to Malchut from Bina. They are included and traced in the Yesod.  The 12 “mazolot” receive from the sun. By this they receive lights of the 13 “dikna” (conduits) of Arich (Source of Divine will and Delight). All are included in “mazel”  ונק.7 Each hour is ruled by one of the 12 “mazolot”. This is called “mazel” of the hour.The hours are in Malchut. The 12 hours are the 12 leters of the “meloy” (filling) of אדנ”י . The “mazolot” which are in Yesod rule over them. “Mazel” guards the Yesod. All “Navua” goes in according to the “mazel” and hour. The accounting of hours in Malchut is called “din”. While hours in Yesod are called “rachamim” )Mercy). There are letters in the Rekia of heaven, in the Yesod of the “rekia” of Teferet. (These create “mazel”)9

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