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There are different levels of “Tikun” (corrections by Divine providence) in the worlds. There are “tikunim” (corrections by Divine providence) made on and for a personal level and there are those “tikunim” (corrections by Divine providence) that are made by God in the world not for only or primarily for the individuals involved these acts of Divine providence for the sake of the whole world. These include things like Noah and the great flood, the murder of the 10 martyrs during the time of the destruction of the 2nd Temple when Rabbi Akiva was killed and the Holocaust of the European Jewish community. These types of “tikunim” (corrections by Divine providence) can even come to effect the whole world. The type of “tikun” that comes to the world depend on the level of damages that need to be corrected. If one’s soul is revealing it powers from the world of Atzilut the damages if one sins are much more widespread and effecting many more souls that are beneath that soul in the unfolding the light from above to below than a person who only has a “Nefesh” (animal soul) of the world of Asiyah. It is like a ladder and if one is near the top of the ladder (the world of Atzilut) when he sins it is like dropping rocks on those who are below him. This is why it is so important that the Jews who live in the Holy land, the land of Isreal, observe the Torah.

You cannot really tell whats happening in the world much of the time
sky lights space dark

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updated November 28 2018

It is know that certain Hebrews, anticipating the redemption from Egypt, left 30 years earlier than did Moses and all Isreal..


They were the people of Ephraim (son of Joseph), who counted [the years] to the end [of the Egyptian exile] and erred . . . (Sanhedrin 92b)



Apparently, they had counted the 400 years of exile foretold by God to Avraham from that time, when in fact, as Rashi explains, the proper starting point of the prophecy had been from the birth of Issac, 30 years later. As a result, they left Egypt 30 years before the rest of the Jewish people, and were slaughtered. It seems like they had made a tragic mistake.


However providence, God’s hand in the worlds activities “these days” is rarely straightforward, and those who treat it like it is “miss out”. As they Just don’t see or have a clue whats going on.. Many times one has to wait to see the true results of “things”. Things are kept hidden so to preserve free-will..


Of the 15,000,000 Jews who lived in Egypt at the time of the redemption, 12,000,000 chose to remain in Egypt rather than leave with Moses, these died in the Plague of Darkness. Of the remaining 3,000,000 that went out, together with an additional 3,000,000 “Erev Rav”, most of them complained in the desert, and seemed ready to run back to Egypt the moment the going got tough.


None of that generation made it into the Promised Land except Calev ben Yefunah and Joshua.

Even Moses, Aharon , and Miriam did not make it to the Promised Land.


However, with respect to the people of Ephraim, it says:


Rabbi Eliezer, son of Rabbi Yosi HaGalilee said: “The dead whom Yechezkel revived went up to the Land of Israel, married wives and had sons and daughters. Rebi Yehudah ben Basira rose up and said: ‘I am one of their descendants, and these are the tefillin (phylacteries) which my grandfather left me from them.’ ” (Sanhedrin 92b)





Each large mountain and hill  have ministers assigned to them. Depending upon the height of one mountain over another, relatively-speaking, that is how much higher its minister is than the one for the lower mountain. Each day these mountains either increase or decrease in size, though it may not be noticeable to man. It is as the Sages say regarding the Land of Israel, that it was once four hundred  parsot, but it shook and shrank. (Gittin 57a) There are some mountains that increase in size and become stronger, as result of the power of the Heavenly minister over it. Sometimes the heavenly minister is eliminated, and so the mountain to which it was assigned will also disappear by joining to another mountain to which it is attached. It will then no longer be recognizable on its own. Sometimes, they remove part of his rulership from him and divide his dominion, giving half to another minister. The result is a split in the mountain itself. Occasionally, we see large rocks that have been split into two equal halves, with no residual rocks to be found.

Rain that falls is the level of “Mym Duchrin”, there is no spring that does not have a corresponding light in the upper land.

There is also a minister appointed over each tree below, and when it is terminated the tree dries up. Not only this, but every time a leaf falls from the tree, the minister above is accordingly weakened. From what we have just written you will be able to understand many wondrous things. (Shar Gilgulim)

The hand of Divine Providence is outstretched to alert people and rebuke. This is because: “Those God loves, He rebukes” (Mishlei 3:12). The rebuke comes so they return to the proper Holy path as shown by the Torah. There is a lot of Divine Providence that comes down to lead one to human completeness, as man is the central figure of the creation. It states in the Gemara , God asks about one who regularly comes to the “beit k’nesset” (house of prayer) and then misses a day. This is because God arranges reasons to cause the person to ask to himself whats going on. The fundamental element of the Name of God is the assurance that God’s leadership will help to attain true completeness, which is to resemble walking God’s paths. Know closeness God’s leadership is the secret of His great Awesome and lofty Name.

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Bo                                 Bs”d


Bo                                 Bs”d


In the very beginning of out parsha Hashem (God) informs Moses to go into pharoe and Hashem than tells Moses that he will harden his heart to his requests. This happens time and time again. One can only ask what is going on ? What is the use of even going in to Pharoe and asking to “let the people go”, if there is not even a chance of Pharoe conceding to his request. Moses went to Pharoe time and time again asking to “let the people go” only each time to face failure. The Aor ha Chyim says Moses must have despaired. From here we can obviously learn a number of lessons. Take to heart that like Moses, even when we go on a mission to accomplish something that is in accordance with the will of Hashem. We may find that it may come only after great difficulty.We must serve Hashem with joy even if the difficulties we face create situations that could lead to despair. We must serve hashem with joy and not despair. We can see from the occurrences in our parsha that the difficulties we face are also part of Hashem’s plan. We can grow from such things that “appear” as problems, by drawing joy from Hashem’s wellsprings. Thus negating the despair, as we know that this too is Hashem’s will. Through this one learns to illuminate the darkest hour, and how to reach deep into the well of Hashem’s delight. When one faces “low tides”, hard times one realizes Hashem is blessing through withholding his blessing. By this we grow and our soul reaches to its source in the delight of Hashem in its root and source. When we need to reach far above to see the light.

It says “and the people took the dough before it was leavened, the kneading troughs bound in there clothes on their shoulders. And the children of Isreal did according to the word of Moses and asked the Egyptians for Jewels, silver, gold and raiment. And Hashem gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians. Sight referring to Chuchmah (Creative Divine inspiration). As when we make Hashem’s will our own. Then being joined with it, so to the will of Hashem all around us becomes fulfilled in Chuchmah from which the world is created continually which is fulfilled according to our needs.

From this we see when we take our dough, representing out physical concerns and give them less priority then our spiritual concerns when they come into conflict. Hashem blesses us in the Physical in more ways than we can imagine. As Yisrael walked out of Egypt in possession of all its physical wealth.

   During the plague of darkness Yisrael went to the houses and places of the Egypytions  asking them to give them their gold and silver and other things of value and then they went and took all they could find for their was light to Yisrael while the Egyptions were in a fearful darkness unable to move, with a “darkness that could be felt”. It wasn’t an ordinary darkness. There was something that made it scarier. The Etz Chayim says that this darkness was the primordial darkness that existed before the creation. The Egyptions felt like there was “some thing” lurking in the dark waiting to get them. Something that can’t be seen, is scarier then something that can be seen. The Me am’ Lo’ ez says, “The darkness was such that it was virtually impossible to breathe.” As they were so afraid.


During the plague of DARKNESS Last time 4 out of 5 died when they were taking the money from the egyptions. The prophets told us that the next redemption shall be as the first.



In the Talmud in tractate Magilla we learn that once Jerusalem is built, the kingdom of David will come, as the Prophet Hosea states ” The children of Israel will return and seek YHVH their God and David their King ” (3:5). But the jewelry, watch, houses, expensive wig, and the quicksand that is the “good life” is more powerful than the commandments. Take to heart one of the last teaching of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochi from Zohar Chadash Tikunim as there we learn In the last exile God will not send us out from the host country of our exile till we take alot of money, like we did before leaving Egypt. So it shall be in the last exile. With this money we will be required to make an offering to God. But the evil inclination will come close seeing all the things God has given them, and will wants these things for himself. The will be the time to run from the devil, the desire of your evil inclination. All who are strong with their Nashama (soul of Divine intellect) will guard to be close to God. Then God will cause him to bring these things to serve Him. So don’t die in the plague of darkness take what you have and leave you Egypt (your host country of exile) in haste.


  The dough which was to become matza they put in their garments, on their shoulders. Just as we are instructed by the sages to put the Afficoman (last matzah of pessach seder) on our shoulders and then hide it. The eating of the afficomen is called in the seder tzphon (hiddeness). Thus we see when we take our physical concerns as said before and put them aside, as the afficomen is put aside till later in the seder. Then after we are satiated we eat the afficomen which is called in the seder tzphon (hiddeness) then we shall inherit the tzphon (hiddeness) of Hashem as described in the song of songs “The cleft of the rock, in the secret of the stairs” reaching to the heights of Godly vision yielding the most profound delight. Thus will be fulfilled again as said in our parsha “And it came to pass on that very day it came to pass, that all the hosts of Yhv”h went out from the land of Egypt. It is a night of watchfulness to Yhv”h for bringing them out of the land of Egypt. This is a night of watching kept to Yhv”h by all the people of Israel throughout their generations.” Thus we will see as our sages say the redemption from the final exile will be like that from Egypt. And may we see the face of our righteous Mashiach quickly in our days.


God Plays Hide and Seek
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Your judgments are far above and out of sight” (Psalms 5:10). This is one of the things we can see in our parsha. Similarly its written “your footsteps are not known” (Psalms 20:77). The ways of The God are most mysterious, Blessed is His name. We see Yosef inflicted by things that seem as tragedy. Yet we see it is these events which lead up to Yosef being put in charge of all Egypt. As Rabbi Akiva said my falling is my rising. One may start in a high place feeling they have all there is in the world. Yosef was most loved by Yaakov, he had the coat of many colors and dream visions. Then he found himself cast into the pit, sold into slavery and put in prison. Then he went on to become the savior of the Hebrew people in Egypt and from his descendants will eventually come Mashiach ben Yosef. May he come soon and not be killed. From this parsha we can see that certainly The God is the just judge. We see the justice of The God’s judgment to some degree from the life of Yosef in our parsha. The parsha starts out saying “Yosef brought an evil report to Yakov concerning his brothers”. Then Yosef finds himself getting into trouble when Yaakov sends him to bring a report concerning how his brothers are doing when tending the flocks. Likewise we see justice acting on Yaakov when his sons tell him about Yosef’s tragedy and show him Yosef’s garment. It was with a garment that Yaacov deceived His father Yitzchak to get his blessings. We should recognize The God’s justice in all that happens and accept all that happens to us properly. Even when something that appears as bad happens to us we must not allow it to make us depressed. As the wisdom of The God in fulfilling his goal of bringing our righteous Mashiach is “far above and out of sight”. The wisdom of the Holy One is certainly beyond our grasp, so are His ways to reach the desired goal.  The main knowledge is knowledge of the work of The God (Divine providence). The main thing is revelation of The God within the worlds that He creates, or there is ”hester panim” (concielment from his Divine provodence). During exile all אות (wonders) are hidden so the “other side” does not raise up complaints against Yisrael. The God hides his face so that the wicked will not be destroyed, and the world can exist. The unity of The God is hidden from the wicked becouse of their garments of “tuma”. (spiritual impurities)1 Rabbi Nachman of Breslov teaches that patience is associated with Keter. The source of the will of The God and delight. With a good eye one can see that all that happens as good, and with patience the ultimate good will come to be fulfilled. Know, The 70 nations , God forbid, nullify the nanhagot (divine providence) of Yisrael measure for measure (through Yisrael’s errors and lackings). Flow of הכל אדו”ן upon the creations is according to the arrangement of the stars and mazolot (constellations). Yisrael is above this level of Divine supervision by their Unity with The God throught the will of The God in the Torah.2

The mysterious ways of The God governing His worlds again are shown by the leverite marriage of Tamar to Yehuda. As Yehuda at first did not even know what really occurred. Tamar is the aspect of a rose among thorns , the Shechinah trapped in the “Klipot”. Yuhuda took  Tamar out from the klipot to a holy place. For the same reason “aretz Cannan” was first settled by the “Canani”. If Yisrael merits they can raise the Shechina from the klipot by “Misim tovin”. Then there will go out the “canani” from the land, and we inherit it. In this way it happens. 3From Tamar and Yuhuda’s descendants comes David haMelech and will come Mashiach and may that be in mercy quickly in our days.

1. 1Share Ramchal p.30,34,Tefilot Ramcha’l #164,173

1. 2Avodat Yisrael p.59

1. 3Machashif halavon yaakov abuchizera p.107,110


God did not like Japan supporting the Iranian Nuclear program
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Like when we were between the Reed Sea & a hard place – the advancing Egyptian army led by Pharaoh looking to recapture us, his cheap labor, the Hebrew slaves.  Moses told us not to worry God will fight the battle.  He sure did, wiped out the entire bunch of them in one fell swoop, also with water!

Japan supported Iran’s nuclear program, promised fuel rods

The foreign ministers on Japan and Iran met in Tehran in late February

Today, the Fukushima reactor’s spent fuel rod pool
reached boiling point, raising new fears that the pool’s water will evaporate and the fuel rods will become exposed, which could lead to dangerous radiation emission levels. Last week the IAEA warned that if the reactor continued to emit radiation, the health hazard to the USA may have to be reassessed.

Before Japan’s nuclear crisis, the world was facing a less hyped, although potentially even more dangerous nuclear crisis — the threat of a nuclear Iran. An unstable, whimsical, boisterous dictator was engaging in a covert nuclear weapons program, while calling freely to wipe the Jewish state off the map — and the world barely blinked an eye.

Isn’t it interesting then, to discover that the two nuclear crises are related.

Several weeks before the Fukushima accident, Japanese deputy minister for foreign affairs Bessho Koro visited Tehran to meet with Iranian Foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi and carry the message of a pro-Iran Japan (after all, if it’s profitable, why not?):


The Japanese deputy foreign minister said Japan supports Iran’s nuclear energy program and added that Iran has the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. He went on to say that Tokyo is determined to develop ties with Tehran. Salehi and Koro also discussed the latest regional developments and called for the expansion of cooperation between the two countries in all spheres.



What exactly are the latest regional developments? Iran suppressing democratic protests? The threat of Iranian-funded terrorism taking hold in the new chaos facing the Middle East? Gaza firing Iranian rockets on Israel? Where exactly are the regional developments that create an environment conducive between anything resembling the 21st-century world with one of the most oppressive and unstable regimes on the planet?!

And here’s what was in the works last February (via Israel Matzav):

Politico: Japan emerges as key player on Iran

Under the alleged compromise fuel swap deal that Japanese diplomats quietly briefed U.S. officials on earlier this month, some 70% of Iran’s low enriched uranium stockpile would be moved to Japan, according to what one Washington source, speaking anonymously, was told by the Japanese. Japan would then take responsibility for the stockpile, and ensure the delivery to Iran of fuel rods for nuclear medical use.

If there were any plans in the works for Japan to supply Iran with fuel rods for “medical use”, the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis “wiped them off the face of the earth”, so to speak. In the Politico article, there’s an interesting fact mentioned that creates an eerie connection between the future of Egypt and the latest nuclear crisis:

In addition, in November, a Japanese diplomat, Yukio Amano, succeeded Mohamed ElBaradei to become director general of the IAEA, in effect the top international nuclear negotiator in the world.

El Baradei, or the soft-on-Iran nuclear watchdog impostor, and the poster child for the Muslim Brotherhood’s PR campaign in seizing control of the new Egypt. Hashem works in interesting ways…

Meanwhile, Bill Koenig has tracked Japan’s deplorable track record of denying Israel’s right to build and defend itself. Check out what the Japanese foreign ministry had to say on March 11, 2010 – exactly one year to the day prior to when the earthquake and tsunami hit:


The Government of Japan deplores the decisions of the Government of Israel to give permission for the construction of 1,600 housing units in East Jerusalem in addition to 112 units in West Bank just after the Israeli and Palestinian leadership’s acceptance of the start of indirect talks. The Government of Japan does not recognize any act that prejudges the final status of Jerusalem and the territories in the pre-1967 borders. Japan demands that the plans should not be implemented.


One message does seem to be clear from recent disasters: hey, idyllic countries far off there: stop using your God-given blessings to pick on Israel. God’s kingship in today’s world may be the most hidden it has ever been, but those with a pure and deep faith, a faith bequeathed to us from our ancestors, rooted deep in the soul, cultivated throughout the ages precisely for days such as these, know without a shadow of a doubt that  “The Guardian of Israel does not slumber! “ and even though Exile feels like a state of slumber and abandonment, we know without a doubt that God is right here, about to save us from all our enemies, as present and as real as He was when He spoke to our people at Sinai, aware of our suffering and clearing the way for The final Redemption. The days are near when all the words of all the prophets regarding the Israel and the nations shall come to pass.   We will see the fall of their enemies – This will come true before our very eyes. May it be so speedily in our days.

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More on foreign Policy and Divine Providence can be found here


Hide and seek with God ?
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“Your judgments are far above and out of sight” (Psalms 5:10). This is one of the things we can see in our parsha. Similarly its written “your footsteps are not known” (Psalms 20:77). The ways of The God are most mysterious, Blessed is His name. We see Yosef inflicted by things that seem as tragedy. Yet we see it is these events which lead up to Yosef being put in charge of all Egypt. As Rabbi Akiva said my falling is my rising. One may start in a high place feeling they have all there is in the world. Yosef was most loved by Yaakov, he had the coat of many colors and dream visions. Then he found himself cast into the pit, sold into slavery and put in prison. Then he went on to become the savior of the Hebrew people in Egypt and from his descendants will eventually come Mashiach ben Yosef. May he come soon and not be killed. From this parsha we can see that certainly The God is the just judge. We see the justice of The God’s judgment to some degree from the life of Yosef in our parsha. The parsha starts out saying “Yosef brought an evil report to Yakov concerning his brothers”. Then Yosef finds himself getting into trouble when Yaakov sends him to bring a report concerning how his brothers are doing when tending the flocks. Likewise we see justice acting on Yaakov when his sons tell him about Yosef’s tragedy and show him Yosef’s garment. It was with a garment that Yaacov deceived His father Yitzchak to get his blessings. We should recognize The God’s justice in all that happens and accept all that happens to us properly. Even when something that appears as bad happens to us we must not allow it to make us depressed. As the wisdom of The God in fulfilling his goal of bringing our righteous Mashiach is “far above and out of sight”. The wisdom of the Holy One is certainly beyond our grasp, so are His ways to reach the desired goal.  The main knowledge is knowledge of the work of The God (Divine providence). The main thing is revelation of The God within the worlds that He creates, or there is ”hester panim” (concielment from his Divine provodence). During exile all אות (wonders) are hidden so the “other side” does not raise up complaints against Yisrael. The God hides his face so that the wicked will not be destroyed, and the world can exist. The unity of The God is hidden from the wicked becouse of their garments of “tuma”. (spiritual impurities)1 Rabbi Nachman of Breslov teaches that patience is associated with Keter. The source of the will of The God and delight. With a good eye one can see that all that happens as good, and with patience the ultimate good will come to be fulfilled. Know, The 70 nations , God forbid, nullify the nanhagot (divine providence) of Yisrael measure for measure (through Yisrael’s errors and lackings). Flow of הכל אדון GOD upon the creations is according to the arrangement of the stars and mazolot (constellations). Yisrael is above this level of Divine supervision by their Unity with The God throught the will of The God in the Torah.2 

The mysterious ways of The God governing His worlds again are shown by the leverite marriage of Tamar to Yehuda. As Yehuda at first did not even know what really occurred. Tamar is the aspect of a rose among thorns , the Shechinah trapped in the “Klipot” (evil forces). Yuhuda took  Tamar out from the klipot to a holy place. For the same reason “aretz Cannan” was first settled by the “Canani”. If Yisrael merits they can raise the Shechina from the klipot by “Misim tovin” (good deeds). Then there will go out the “canani” from the land, and we inherit it. In this way it happens. 3From Tamar and Yuhuda’s descendants comes David haMelech and will come Mashiach and may that be in mercy quickly in our days.

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When one is aware they are before the greatness of the King,

One can discover the love in two ways: in a good way, and in a way of harsh judgments.

If such a person hears or sees.

He had found a great fortune.

Seek the truth.

The sages said, “annul your will before His will, so that He will annul His will before your will.”

Gladness testifies if the work is in wholeness.

The purpose of creation,  is He wishes to do good to His creatures,

When your vessels are prepared to be in order to bestow, the hidden and treasured Light is received immediately.

One receives the delight and pleasure that was in the Thought of Creation,

Annul the will to receive in you before the will to bestow, which is the Creator’s will.

revoke self-love before the love of God.

This is called “annulling oneself before the Creator,” and it is called cleaving to God.

The Creator can shine in your will.

It is now corrected in the form of to bestow.

There is expansion of the Light into the desire of the lower that has been corrected in order to bestow.

This is the purpose of creation, to do good to His creatures.

He imparts me the delight and pleasure found in the Thought of Creation.

What was hidden and restricted before has now become disclosure of the Face.

The vessels of bestowal are called YaH (Yod, Hey) of the name HaVaYaH (Yod, HeyVavHey), which are pure vessels.

All who receive, receive in the pure vessel.

He imparts abundance, revelation of the Face, in gladness.

Work in bestowal.

Feel during the work.

Have more contentment.

Have flickers of reception of Divine inspiration, wisdom.

One comes to Divine thoughts.


One who’s state becomes black, which is the lowest discernment in the Upper World.

Which has nothing of Divine vision.

Does not know anything.

Is in a state of darkness.

Like the verse, “For the ways of the Lord are right, and the just do walk in them; but transgressors do stumble therein.”

This means that transgressors are controlled by the vessels of reception and selfishness.

Fall crouching under their load.

The righteous perceive the truth of the situation and are elevated by it.

She appears to him (The Shechinah-Divine Presence).

As it is written “His desire is upon me”.

He wants his name to be written in the book of the righteous in the final judgment.

Meaning that he wants to be given the will to bestow.

This is his own delight.

Those who wish to turn their vessels of reception to bestowal are written in the book of the righteous.

The selfish will to receive has to be revoked !