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The “kiyor” in our “parsha” here is introduced separated from all the other vessels of the “Mishcon” (Tabernacle).  mentioned after all the rest of the vessels,

The Seforno teaches that the “kiyor” is not mentioned above with the rest of the vessels because its intent was not to directly cause the Shechinah (Divine Presence) should reside in the Sanctuary, as the other vessels but to prepare the kohanim for their service. All the other vessels fulfilled a direct service of God in the Mishkan and caused Godliness to rest therein. The “kiyor”, on the other hand, served the purpose of washing the hands and feet of the kohanim before they served in the Mishkan. The  “kiyor” therefore was a preparation for the kohanim for their service and not part of the service of the “mishcon” itself. The Torah relates that the copper used for making the “kiyor”  was from copper mirrors donated by the women. The mirrors  were made for and used to help the women enhance their power of attraction and temptation so to arouse their husbands’ desire, copulate with them and conceive children making greater the nation of Israel. By using the Mirrors to make the “kiyor” the darkness  is turned to light this shows the excellence of light emerging from darkness. A object of seduction becomes one of Holiness.

   The“kiyor” was situated between the Tent of Meeting and the altar. In Mishna, Keilim R. Yossi stated: “In five respects in the area between the Ulam and the altar on par with the Heichal: for those afflicted with blemishes, or with a wild growth of hair, or who have drunk wine, or whose hands or feet are unwashed may not enter there.”

Moshe acted as a “Cohen” for the seven days of consecration of the “Mishcon”. Moshe’s descendants were deprived of priesthood as it is says, “But as for Moshe the man of God, his sons are named among the tribe of Levi;”.

When the Hebrews left Egypt they Sacrificed Lambs, in this Parsha they made the golden calf. Why these animals ?

During the period of the Exodus from Egypt, the astrological sign dominating the era was Aries the ram. This is why a lamb, related to the ram was the Paschal sacrifice. The lamb was the main God of the Era to the Egyptians and so the Hebrews killed it in the month of its greatest dominance, Aries the ram dominates the Hebrew month of Nisson. The month of Passover. This “mazal” dominated events for 2,000 years, from about the time of Avraham until the time of the destruction of the Second Temple. This was a time of severe judgment, for Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, who rules over blood. The epoch of Taurus the bull is what preceded the epoch of Aries. According to the astrologers, it was during the epoch of Taurus that Adam first walked the earth. The Erev Rav therefore considered this to be an auspicious sign. Thus, when they chose an image that they wished to represent GOD, they took the image that they thought was the highest and most powerful image. They could not conceive that GOD was above images and astrology. Also the gold calf was made of 120 talents of gold, corresponding to the 120 permutations of the 5 letters of the name Elokim. They thought they could replace God, not so smart.

The wicked Egyptians worshipped Aries and Taurus (ram and bull) because they ascribed to these animals special powers, and therefore did not eat them. The Egyptians worshipped Aries which is symbolized by a ram therefore they abstained from killing sheep, and held shepherds in contempt as its written “behold we shall sacrifice the abomination of the Egyptians before their eyes, and will they not stone us?” (Ex. 8:22) and “for every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians” (Gen. 46:34) Idolaters objected also to killing cattle which they held as a object of worship. The people of India up to this day do not slaughter cattle.

There for the Torah commands us to offer sacrifices of these kinds:

You shall bring your offering of the cattle, the herd and of the flock” (Lev. 1:2)

By this the sacrifices would keep us away from idol worship and blot it out of our memory.

If Yisrael would have accepted donations from all of the world through the Mikdash. They would have refined the whole world but because of  the sin of the golden calf  they fell from this level and the “tikun” fixing could not be achieved. The “erev rav” (mixed multitude) brought on this calamity. Our first priority must be to separate from the “Eirev Rav”.

Our sages of Blessed memory have said ”The Shabot is equal in importance to all the other commandments”, ”observing the Shabot properly is equivalent to observing the whole Torah”. Looking closely at this weeks parsha we may see a bit of illumination concerning this concept. The Rambam teaches that Parshat Ki Tisa teaches the parameters of the “melachot” (forbidden labors of Shabbot)  are learned from the “Mishkan”. (Tabernacle) specifically its construction.

It says ”The children of Israel shall keep the Shabot through out their generations” and other words giving us the Shabot and then immediately ”And he gave to Moses, when he finished talking with him upon Mount Sinai, two tablets of Testimony, tablets of stone, written by the finger of God” (exodus 31). May we all be able to commune with God on the Holy Shabot and be granted our portion in the Torah. The Torah was given on Shabot which was the Holiday of Shavout.

Like all parts of the Torah here also we can see ways to strengthen our attachment to our Creator, may His Name be blessed. Let us look to before Moses came down from Mount Sinai with his face shinning to great to behold. When they put a vail on him to shield his brilliance from sight. Just before Moses came down God told him ”You shall not offer leaven with your sacrifice” (exodus 34). Our sages tell up leaven represents arrogance, pride and self love. How can one truly serve God will all their heart when they believe their thoughts and desires are most important. There is no room for this self love in sacrifices or fulfilling Mitvot (Biblical commandments), for heaven forbid this self love may get in the way from fulfilling a precept with the greatest expression of the love of God. By nullifying ourselves to become a vessel for Supernal will, the way of God we can as alluded to by the commandment of giving the first born to God. Which is also given in this section. Realize that God comes first, no matter what. We should serve God above all with our time, our selves our money all that we have as King David said, peace unto him ”The Torah of your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver.” (Psalm 119). We are told here not to leave any of the Passover offering till the morning. We know that sacrificial meat held past the allotted time for eating is ”piggul” (forbidden), and cannot be eaten by us. God tells us in his Torah ”My offering, my food to be consumed by my fire”. As part of the sacrifices we are able to have as food, if one ate it in the allotted time. So from ”My offering, my food” we can see the the service of God in some way is food to God. This is also as the verse in Psalms ”Give strength to God” (psalm 68). We should not delay in bringing this to him, before it is “piggul”, too late. What could possibly be more important than doing the will of the God. We should run to do His commandments. There is nothing else. May it be that by not offering sacrifice or Divine service with leaven, being barriers of self love of one’s own ego, we can bring God the first born. Bring everything to Him. As God comes first and we will not delay in his service, allowing the offering to become “piggul”, but we will run to fulfill His commandments and do them in a very beautiful way that leads to true piety like is talked about in path of the Just by the Ramcha”l. One must have zeal as this will bring Holiness which will bring prophesy and this brings Eliyahu.1 Those who while in this world strengthen themselves with the having bold zeal in things of Holiness. When they fall in this world they quickly work to rise to a higher level. Then we will see the verse fulfilled ”I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation; and all the people among you shall see the work of the Lord; for it is an awesome thing that I will do with you.” (Exodus 34) With our Righteous Messiah quickly in our days.