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You cannot really tell whats happening in the world much of the time

It is know that certain Hebrews, anticipating the redemption from Egypt, left 30 years earlier than did Moses and all Isreal..


They were the people of Ephraim (son of Joseph), who counted [the years] to the end [of the Egyptian exile] and erred . . . (Sanhedrin 92b)



Apparently, they had counted the 400 years of exile foretold by God to Avraham from that time, when in fact, as Rashi explains, the proper starting point of the prophecy had been from the birth of Issac, 30 years later. As a result, they left Egypt 30 years before the rest of the Jewish people, and were slaughtered. It seems like they had made a tragic mistake.


However providence, God’s hand in the worlds activities “these days” is rarely straightforward, and those who treat it like it is “miss out”. As they Just don’t see or have a clue whats going on.. Many times one has to wait to see the true results of “things”. Things are kept hidden so to preserve free-will..


Of the 15,000,000 Jews who lived in Egypt at the time of the redemption, 12,000,000 chose to remain in Egypt rather than leave with Moses, these died in the Plague of Darkness. Of the remaining 3,000,000 that went out, together with an additional 3,000,000 “Erev Rav”, most of them complained in the desert, and seemed ready to run back to Egypt the moment the going got tough.


None of that generation made it into the Promised Land except Calev ben Yefunah and Joshua.

Even Moses, Aharon , and Miriam did not make it to the Promised Land.


However, with respect to the people of Ephraim, it says:


Rabbi Eliezer, son of Rabbi Yosi HaGalilee said: “The dead whom Yechezkel revived went up to the Land of Israel, married wives and had sons and daughters. Rebi Yehudah ben Basira rose up and said: ‘I am one of their descendants, and these are the tefillin (phylacteries) which my grandfather left me from them.’ ” (Sanhedrin 92b)






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