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ADAM IS ANGEL MAN, YOU ARE ANGEL MAN – Adams garment in Gan Aden
March 13, 2014, 5:37 pm
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UPDATED April 28 2015

  The Ruach (Emotional soul) is the part of man’s soul powers joined with the angels, for there is no Jew who does not possess part of a heavenly angel. Therefore, in Egypt, it is written, “ are the names of the children of Israel…” and this is next to “ The angels came to Egypt with Jacob,” . The angels that went out of Egypt with them: just like six hundred thousand of them went out below, so went out the same number of angels above. When a person performs a commandment, the angel within him is also considered to have performed it, and it benefits from his good deed. Every person possesses an angelic component, and God desires that all creatures be sustained on the merit of their deeds and not live off His charity. But an angel does not possess free choice, so he could never be sustained on his own merit; he can be sustained only through the merits of the person of whom he is a part. The good deed of the person is considered for the angel as if he did it.

Our physical forms appear animal in their nature, but not our spiritual dimension, our souls. We may eat, sleep and have sex like animals but know,our souls God has placed in our other wise animal (like) bodies. This is where similarities to animals stop. As man is a unique being much different from any other species created. As only man was created by the hand of God, formed from earth and then God breathed from His own Divine Being into him man’s soul. Becouse of this we can say that humankind is not a evolved member of the animal kingdom, but as an enhanced member of the Angelic Kingdom, but his earthliness differentiates him from other angels. His earthy component makes him unique among the angels. Man is a spiritual being (like an angel) with an earthly connection and a physical form. Man can think and conceptualize like an angel but he can act like a human. Man can grasp ideas that only angels can, but he can also act in physical ways that angels cannot. Humans also differ from angels by having a physical form. This enables them to manifest the Divine on earth with their every thought, word and action. Angels cannot do this, manifest light directly to these lower physical levels which a human can becouse of his own manifestion in a physical body in this world. Humans like angels can reveal wisdom and make corrections changes in the providence of this physical world that can transform lives. Humans can inspire others, uplift them and teach them. Adam since he is formed from earth, yet is as an angel with his feet on the ground. So don’t you think its about time you start thinking of yourself not as “only human” but as an angel with an earthly link. Angels have a mission. They are sent to this world to fullfill. And so do each of us. Nothing can stand in the way of an angel fulfilling his mission. As such, hardly anything is beyond our capability if we are aligned with our mission. In each moment try to determine why God has placed you in a given situation, what is the mission in that situation, and what does God want me to accomplish for Him? Being an angel I can bring “Kedusha” (Holiness) down into the world. Being a human I can infuse that Kedusha into the lives of the people with whom I interface in a very direct way. Being a human I can access the souls of other people. Being an angel I can join their souls to their Creator connecting them to corrective inspiring new spiritual energy. Humans are conduits of spiritual energy connecting heaven to earth. Humans are responsible for conducting the spiritual energy of God where it is needed in the universe. We can close the spiritual flow of judgements coming to the world by sweetening severe judgements in their source above, and facilitate the flow of spiritual energy throughout the universe were needed. Humans becouse of their Angelic component can access spiritual energy absorb it, amplify it, refine it and connect it to the active creation, Ultimately revealing the light of heaven and transforming this world and all in it to reveal its and our spiritual source and true nature which has been hidden. We can do this because like Biblical Jacob and his ladder, our heads are in Heaven, we are angels. But we are not ordinary angels. we are angels made from “Adamah” (Earth in Biblical Hebrew) . We are Adam. Isn’t it time we start acting like it !

The garment of Adam, the vessel (body) of his soul before he sinned was of the fourth kind of light in the vision of Ezekial it is attached to holiness and is called “Nogah”. Adam’ sin pierced this “nogah” garment allowing the forces of evil a place to invade and nourish from his holiness. We need to build this garments integrity by raising up the sparks of light that have fallen by doing acts of kindness and the rest of the commandments in the Torah. Making ourselves a “Markava” to the light of the God.