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February 4, 2014, 12:49 pm
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UPDATED July 25th 2016

We must correct ourselves and return from our lacking and our weakness1. We can fix our past errors right now in the present. All we need to do is change the way we think, feel and act from that which was or is in error. You need to make the difference. This correction at the proper level causes even the evil mixed in our good to return to good. This will bring all the sparks of light that have not been “elevated” to a holy place. 2We must arouse complete returning so to seize in the source of one’s Soul. So to be able to kill in war his evil inclination.3

God at times prevents sinners from repenting as they must die to fix their wicked deeds, repentance is not enough. It was so with the King of the Amorites Sichon. As written concerning Sichon: “The Lord your God hardened his spirit and made his heart firm (Deut. 2:30). The same applies to Pharoe the ruler of Egypt as its written many times there “God hardened his heart”. Certain sins can only be cleansed by death. We should be spared from such situations.


God wants our hearts concerning this Isiah says :

” And God said, Since this people draw near me, with their mouth, and with their lips honor me, but they have removed their heart far from me, and their fear of me is a commandment of men learned by rote. ” (29)

. Great Holy men acquire divine creativity so to be able to war with their evil inclination. Till their heart is empty of their evil inclination as it has been killed. This limits all kinds of desires and loves of this world. So that they will go to do the will of GOD in meditation and unification arousing a ruling creating many kinds of love and desire flaming from his heart. Like a man who burns in love. He has no love for things of this world. These things don’t occur to him at all.4 Desire is in partnership with the flow of Divine abundance that comes to his vessels. Desire comes from the world of Divine Emination (Atzilut). It is flow of “your God”. By this he cleaves in the voices. There comes to him desire of love to be covered in the wings of the Divine Presence, he receives anything from Supernal Wisdom So go in and ask for Divine creative Power in great desire, desire of your Soul (Nefesh). Ask so that you grow in comprehension unto all abilities. Preparations are necessary for Divine creative Power of prophesy. You must work for this day and night. From the desire for Divine names. This is the intention. Choice love and desire. These are the general principles. The name of Will and Delight (Keter) is to them all. It is the first cause close to thought that arrouses the movement to ask, arouse will and thought. These are one thing and are not separated. רצון(will) rises up in all levels till reaching the level calledחשק  (desire) in all its completeness. חשק (desire) has no limit or end. It raises up thought from its beginning to completion. חשק is the end of all tiva (burning desire). It is a מופת (wonder). Devacut (cleaving) and חשק (desire) are one thing. One cleaves in חשק (desire). All this goes out from thought to actuality, then there is כח(power). The giving of חשק (desire) is a אות(spiritual sign) Through this there will be a אות (miraculous sign) in our צבא(hosts). Then one can begin eating the herbs of the field. All the prayers of man his actions and “fixings” are accepted through this herb and there is accepted all that they do below. As it is invited from above. So it rises above. Behold the secret of the 72 names. They are the secret of the hachalot (Divine Palaces). All of them open to man according to judgment on his actions. There are many kinds of herbs and fruits. They are one level upon another. Till the upper “navua” (prophesy). With the herb of the field they can enter in peace and go out in peace.

Two exiles of Yisrael coorespond to the 2 rebukes to the Jewish people found in the Torah in Parsha Parshas Bechukotai and the one in Parsha Ki Tavo. Our sages teach us that the exile to Babylonia and the redemption from it are predicted in Parshas Bechukotai, while the last exile by the Romans is predicted in Parsha Parsha Ki Tavo..

In The Shulchan Aruch (book of Torah law) it says that if we are certain our rebuke will not stop someone’s unintentional violation of a commandment, we should not rebuke them. It is better that they are sinning unintentionally (without knowledge).. The law makes a exclusion to this rule in the case of something mentioned directly in the Torah.