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Entering The Pardes

To enter into the PARDES, is to contemplate the deepest inner secrets of the four worlds and to ascend from every external level to th level above it.

  Rebi Akiva said, “When you arrive at the Stones of Pure Marble don’t say, ‘Water, water,” because it says, “He who speaks falsehood will not be established before My eyes”

Ben Azzai gazed at the Divine Presence and died, and with respect to him it says, “Difficult in the eyes of God is the death of His pious ones”

Ben Zoma gazed and went mad; to him the following verse may be applied: “ Have you found honey ? Eat as much as is sufficient for you, so that you do not consume too much and have to vomit it”

Acher “cut off his plantings” (i.e., he became a heretic). Rebi Akiva entered

in peace and departed in peace. (Chagigah 14b)

Entered Pardes refers to by way of a Divine Name. They didn’t actually go up, but it appeared to them as if they ascended. (Tosfos, Chagigah14b)

In other words, these rabbis did not physically ascend. Rather, they meditated on a specific Name of God for this very purpose and ascended levels of reality and consciousness. These levels are called “Pardes”

The Arizal explained:

There are four levels of Torah revelation and their “Rosh ha Tevot” (first letters) spell “Pardes,” being Pashat, Remez, Drush, Sod or in English

Simple, alluded, must learn out, and Secret.

  Four Sages, Rabbi Akiva, Ben Zoma, Ben Azi and Elisha Ben Avuyah  entered “Pardes”  The orchard it seems the word  paradise comes from Pardes – or the Garden of Eden. Rashi explains that they ascended to heaven by working  Divine Names. Rabbi Akiva said to them prior to their ascension “When you come to the place of pure marble stones, do not say, ‘Water! Water!’ for it is said, ‘He who speaks untruths shall not stand before My eyes’ (Psalms 101:7). Elisha Ben Avuyah later called “Achar” sees the angel Matto”t sitting and writing and  “Achar” becomes confused as he thinks that only God can be sitting in Heaven and all others must stand. “Achar”could not reconcile what he  saw, and became a heretic.  “Achar” thought maybe there is 2 equal forces above. Metatron then came forth and punished “Achar” with sixty fiery lashes Permission was then given to him to strike out the merits of Aher.  Chanoch and Eliyahu  became angels. Chanoch became Matto”t. The sages say “Achar mutilated the sprouts”. Ben Azzai gazed at the Divine Presence and died he was not properly prepared, did not have the spiritual vessel for the light. Regarding him the verse states, “Precious in the eyes of G-d is the death of His pious ones” (Psalms 116:15). Ben Zoma gazed and was harmed, he lost his sanity . Regarding him the verse states, “Did you find honey? Eat as only much as you need, lest you be overfilled and vomit it up” (Proverbs 25:16). Acher cut down the plantings [he became a heretic]. Rabbi Akiva entered in peace and left in peace.

Despite the apostasy of Achar Rabbi Meir continues to learn with “Achar”. The sages of ask how Rabbi Meir could continue learning from such a man. Rabbi Meir said he knew how to separate the chaff and the wheat , he would throw out what was incorrect.

R. Yitzchak  the Blind said in his l e t t e r t o Gerona, that Elisha ben Abuya’s  error of “uprooting the plantings ”  meant that he separated  the sefirot from The Ayn- Sof and from each other .

From the side of the “Orlah” four entered into the “Pardes” (the orchard), three ate from these “klippot” and died, the fourth one ate the fruit and threw away the “klippah” (shell) and lived. Just like this it says about Rabbi Meir he found a pomegranate, he ate the inside and threw away the peel. Just like these “klippot”. There are questions (klippa) that surround “Halachah” (Torah law) which is the brain within, there is no one who can eat the bread of the Torah, until he throws away the questions from the “Halachot”. Therefore it says, “She is tree of life to those who hold her ” (Prov. 3:18)There is “Halachah” that all it’s questions are like the tree itself, it’s bark, trunk, branches, leaves, and it’s fruit, all of them are equal when eating, about this it says, “Nard and Carkum” (Song. 4:14). Therefore not all questions are equal. (Zohar Tikunim)

  It says about a certain “Keter”, “the stone the builders threw away became the foundation stone” (Psalms 118:22). It is the stone that was hewn without hands. As it is written, “a hewn stone without hands…” (Dan 2:34),This stone is a “segulah” (miraculous power) for kings. it is the conversation (singing) of the ministering angels. The conversations of the Chayot, Serafim, and the Ofanim, the conversations of all the supernal and lower beings. Knowledge of the sun and the moon in their times, the time and moment for everything. All the “Tamim” (cantelation notes), and vowel points, and the letters are included in it. Voice, speech, and thought it includes. It is the Crown of the Torah, the crown of the Kehuna, and the crown of the kingship. It is the Tagim (crown on letters). It is the tip of each and every letter, it’s length is a ו. From above to below, and from below to above. It is the chirping of the holy birds, that it says about it, “Because the bird of heaven will carry up the voice” (Ecc. 10:20). The secret of the matter, this is the Malchut which is בכל (in everything) About this stone Rabbi Akiva said to his students (Chagigah 13B), “When you reach the clear marble stone (in heaven) don’t say water, water.” (Zohar Tikunim)

Rabbi Meir was a scribe, as were Moshe and Chanoch. From the notes of Rabbi Meir on the teachings of Rabbi Akiva that were transmitted to Rebbi Yuhuda ha Nassi we now have the standard text of the Mishna.  Rabbi Meir learned under Rabbi Akiva and later came to learn from Rabbi Yishmael the Cohen Gadol (High priest).

Rabbi Meir had two teachers: one was Elisha ben Avuya. The other was Rabbi Akiva. Elisha ben Avuya became a paid informant of the Romans.

More concerning “pardes”

  At Mount Sinia God gave the Torah to Yisrael on all 4 Levels of “Pardes” ,, 4 levels of consciousness, of each of the 4 worlds. So that man could be a master of the physical reality in which he has been place in and assert his own influence on its destiny. He was show to accomplish this by concentrated thought and intention one creates and projects into the greater collective consciousness shared by all humanity and this it is included in a wider level of spiritual consciousness above mankind by which the God directs and sustains the universe in all of its biggest and smallest details. The mechanics to work this is a power of the soul and its tools which are taught in the traditions of Torah and Kaballah specifically.

Thus we are able to connect to the thoughts of other souls, Divine thought or “Ruach HaKodesh” (the Holy Spirit), Angels, Spirits, from this and other worlds and other places in space and time. Now this all sounds very bizarre and far out given the influence of modern thought that denies the existence pretty much the existence of anything that “usually” is not seen or cannot be measured. Yet the Bible is full of such experiences. When one opens oneself up to “ the greater collective consciousness shared by all humanity and the wider level of spiritual consciousness above mankind by which the God directs and sustains the universe in all of its biggest and smallest details” one must be careful as Angel and other deities are not necessarily created to be everyone’s “friend”, and not all entities are benevolent. For this reason one needs to establish a field of “makiffim” (surrounding lights) which is like a garment to protect one’s self. This is established by fulfilling what the God ask of us in His Torah and the words of the sages concerning Proper conduct and one must pay special attention to the teachings of the “Mikubalim” (Kaballists) and their teaching concerning Divine Names.

To interact with these different realms that are beyond the conscious awareness of most humans requires observances of Torah law to start with and then to commence in the work one needs to know the ways and means as tough in the ancient traditions of Kabballah, these are very precise and exacting in great detail. These are the “keys”. Even if one has good intentions but does not do the right things, in the right way at the right time, at best nothing will happen at worst, sometimes it would have been better it they did not start “Messing around” with this.

After what takes considerable time and effort for most people unless they were a master of this work in a previous life are able to connect with that point of being within themselves now. Then they will be able to tap into greater vision so to reach and interact with higher realms of collective consciousness with ever greater insight and Divine awareness and access.

Yet because most people understand Modernity to say that all this does not exist most people are unwilling even to explore these things, and are even uninterested in this discussion. But it was for this very knowledge and work ultimately that the God instructed Yisreal when he gave them the Torah which teaches concerning the “Pardes” (Orchard of Divine delight) and the work of the “Markava” (Divine Chariot) giving man the ability to build the world accordingly to “will”, and not leaving the construction of reality as a matter of chance dependent on the stars and constellations. It is by these means on can take a creative and active part in the building and fixing of the world. It is for this purpose God gave the Torah to Yisrael.





an overview of


Including :1)The Owner’s Manual to Prosperity and the Soul for Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and anyone else

2) “The Definitive Biblical phenomena”

3)The Souls speak

4)”The Owner’s Manual to the Soul” Part 1 The Gate

5)“The Owner’s manual to the Soul” Part 2 THE KABALLAH

6) “The Message”

7)The Book of the Angel Mattatro”n

8)“Book Of ELOHEME”

9)“Teffilin The Owner’s manual”


11)“The Divine structure of unfolding of Heaven and Earth”

12)”The book of “יהוה Yhv”h

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Upated May 22

The measure one’s success in life is the spiritual influences one leaves behind, after they have left this world. This means the children one raises and one’s deeds.

People in a minute of life can change everything for the good. There are those who acquire the World-to-Come, in a single moment of Holy virtue.

Know, no one knows the merit of their prayer or its effect completely, if at all.

The Divine influences that dress to Prayer can be spontaneous and simultaneous causing a reaction on someone or something at any place spontaneously simultaneous and immediately being “reactive”. Its effect may even be perpetual. Something just “happens” at one point it is transmitted to.

This is accomplished by the power called ” faith”. Faith is the absolute conviction that expresses itself as mental willpower- force, that can transform and impell changes in physical and spiritual reality.. This power called “faith” must be revealed by one’s mental, emotional, verbal and physical powers.

Think about what it is that Heaven wants and expects from from you and do it.

Do not delay.

If one DOES NOT live A spiritual existence, there is drawn little Divine light and chaos ensues If he does not actively build invoke reality by Divine will and God forbid goes against it the chaos of nature takes over.. But he who lives a spiritual life then the Divine light will flood Creation through him and he will exist in a positive reality, surround by the Divine will he has invoked. This banishes chaos. This is why “Pardes”, the spiritual worlds exists. By working Divine will through the “sefirot” the greatest potential for reality in general and specific aspects can be brought into being including all potential history. One who knows how to work these Divine mechanisms can consciously impact the creation and their own life, even in miraclulous ways as the Holy wonder workers of old as great “sadeekem” do to this day. It is like this that a human becomes a partner in the “tikun” (fixing) and development of the Creation, enjoying a more intimate and beneficial relationship to Divine Providence.


You are free, when you have a real strong connection you have built with the Light of the Creator of everything. Free from being a slave to you lower desires, your ego and the pressure from surviving in this world most people must face. As long as you ” can’t ” act or speak like your true self. You are still in the proverbial Egypt. (exile from Godly consciousness). When one attaches themselves to some thing unholy by their thoughts speech or actions they become “bound” to it it blinding and desensitizing them till they get to the point where their “soul” and God are no concern to them at all, they could care less. Know, that self centered behavior breeds caos in one’s life and those around them, such behavior defies the natural “order”. Do kindness and share. Then we can leave our self imposed, self centered exile and take concern for the rest of us.  Through worldwide prayer and meditation the God will help solve world problems before they happen. If you haven’t noticed the world is looking pretty unstable these days.  Let us make not greed but sharing the dominant force in the world then suffering pain caos and evil will come to and end and every one will enjoy peace in every way.


But take note, we got a ways to go to get “there”

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   One must abandon much of the physical world and focus on one’s encounter with the spiritual. This abandonment of the physical is an essential part of spiritual growth. Physicality’s monopoly of one’s experiences in life can only be shattered by an extreme shift into the unknown world of the spiritual living, turning away from things of the Physical world. Until one thrusts themselves towards the discovery of a new world will open up to them, a existence unknown previously, a spiritual existence. Man should not forgo his physical existence altogether, but needs to reduce it to the minimal in order to uncover and reveal the spiritual.

There is nothing wrong enjoying the pleasures of this world on the contrary God made all the “good” things for you, everything. The God only advises that you partake in safe and sane boundaries and limits. There are some spiritual practices that preach abstinence from the pleasures of this world, and thats good for them. Another way it to elevate to raise all the enjoyment of pleasures for the “sake of Heaven” so to use these pleasure in a “sanctified” way with the intent of connecting with God !


Transgression of God’s will only results in destruction physically, spiritually or both. Everything in the universe is directed by his “laws of nature”. Just as our own breath.Violation of this law leads to disaster. Try stop breathing for a while. Adherence to the law is blessing, by it we remain in harmony with God and his universe. The highway to elevated consciousness exists in recognizing the sacred in everyday life.

Take what is given for to to have, but don’t chase after what you won’t get, that which is not for you, and beyond your reach.

There is no need to Hurt yourself in an attempt to gain a few moment’s of pleasure. It is not

worth the pain and recovery that must follow. Some people end up paying for a lifetime.

There is a time and purpose under Heaven. Balance is key.

There is also a love of God that can be expressed by fasting and deprivations but to most people this can be destructive to their spiritual service as it can weaken the body preventing spiritual service and make it difficult to ‘serve God in joy’ and this is most important as otherwise the Divine service in some ways is “unreal”.


The solution to avoiding conflicts with those who have beliefs different than ours is to be open and accepting and learn to live them , instead of always arguing.

Utopian solutions are for Moshiach.

We can all love God—as far as Jesus or Mohammad to each their own




We can all love God


All peoples of all the religions of all nations and races can come together as one as God’s children. Almost all spiritual paths  emphasize self purification good works and cultivating the right intentions and motivations in all we do as essential preparations for living  the spiritual life. All paths have so much in common.

SO DO GOOD NOW What one believes is one’s personal business, and is thus a matter between the individual and God.

Living by one’s faith is living righteously. Righteousness is not about believing the right things, it is doing them. As long as one’s deeds are righteous, then we can embrace as brothers in righteousness.

There are those however, because of how they interpret the Bible and meaning of “faith,” doctrine, creeds, and beliefs in a very “closed minded” way, and thus there is division, strife, which leads to conflict. Thus they cannot be as magnanimous and embracing of other spiritual people.  The evil inclination within us is good at making “mountains out of mole hills,” creating the “great divide”. we can change things, but we cannot change non-things. At times we need to alter the way  others act when they hurt themselves and others but it is not for us to alter how others think, their Attitudes are perceptions are their business, there is no need to be a “control freak”. You are not going to  stop the way of another’s thinking, nor should we unless it is destructive, or they are asking for “insight”. Sometimes it is best to leave “Well enough alone”.

Some Individuals are so egotistical that they believe that  their way, “is the only way” is the cause of MANY problems. People believe all kinds of lies and delusions about themselves and the world around them,
they may never change their perceptions. Such changes may take a life time.

 Why argue ? 

There is no need to offend and insult others who hold different beliefs than you own, God is not not “small” and neither should be your mind.

Don’t you know ? endeavors to sow discord are not in accordance to Heaven’s Will, which ultimately is PEACE

when we can agree?

So much is in common

Faith is a matter of the heart, and not of the head !


Throughout the Jewish scriptures God continuously commands that His divine words be “placed upon our hearts” (Deut. 6).

Why think with prejudice when instead we can see in
good faith.

We all can agree that one should lead a life towards righteous behavior and moral goodness towards our fellow human beings. This kind of  of moral code of conduct can be embraced by all.

Let us expand our spiritual horizons by  education and understanding

If you really love God and God is truly you desire, we can then walk together.

We can study the Divine Word, we can
do so together , there is no reason we cannot.


Some look to beliefs, Others look to actions.

There is no need for anyone to rant and rave at one another over “religion” , this does not “glorify” God’s Name.

Thus is only racism, hatred, and evil. Our humanity is revealed, defined , Judged by how we act toward one another.

When the Messiah finally comes, he will solve all our theological differences.

Until then, let us all learn to live together in peace so that we can all be here to

greet him when he does finally come………………………………………………

. “Behold how good and pleasant it is for brothers to

dwell together in unity” (Psalm 133:1).

The bottom line is that the children of God must learn to live together in peace,

in spite of our differences. Together, we must “work” to fulfill
the great commandment 

“love your neighbor, as Yourself.” (lev 19)


Together we live by, “what we ourselves do not want done to us, we do not do to another.”

This about sums

it up.

Ehyeh asher ehyeh transmits the three upper Divine Energies.

The world above must become equal to the world below, meaning that our world has to radiate the same light as the one above.

According to what is happening here, is the same above.

Both worlds living in a kind of synchronization with each other so that the supernal mystery, or supernal Torah from which the world is created, can gradually become revealed, becoming known, not veiled anymore.

The Divine Presence helps with these expressions

that will reveal Understanding and peace !

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From the book Marachot Eloheme we learn that the main intent in Hashem’s desire to create the world was so that man should become complete and thus merit to have Ruach ha Kodesh dress upon him. By this he would reach levels of prophesy, and fill the world with peace and life. This would leave the force of evil no place to rest on, so it would die. When the yetzer hora (evil inclination) dominates then the light that Hashem hid for the sadeekem (righteous) is hidden. It cannot be comprehended, but becomes hidden becouse of the serpent.  This light is the yesod (foundation-gateway) of חיים (true life). A man can come to comprehend but a little bit only after great toil. In his body there must illuminate fear before he will be given any comprehension in these matters. This is a ruling of the עץחיים (tree of life), also according to this sadeekem are given comprehension in Gan Aden (Garden of Eden). Hashem is exacting in the judgements of this matter to the finess of “a single hair”. This is whats called the 2 sided sword, it is before Gan Aden. Hashem placed this sword in Gan Aden to guard the way to the Atz Chym (tree of knowledge) after Adam sinned and was no longer fit to eat from it. Know that in the Torah rests the comprehension of the fruit of the Atz Chym.1 Its written “A flaming sword stands to the east of the garden to guard the way to the Tree of Life” (Bereishis 3:22-24). The way is derech eretz.2 The level of Torah call “Torat Atzilut,” or “Torat Moshiach,” is level of Torah that will return to us at the time of the Moshiach. It is the Torah that is  called  Aitz HaChaim (the Tree of Life). It can only be an elixir for life. It is the ultimate level of Torah, that of the First Tablets. It is a “elixir for life” and it will automatically promote Derech eretz (ethics). This level of Torah called Aitz HaChaim is Chesed-based. It automatically fixes the character of the person who learns it, and those whom he affects. The second set of tablets Moshe descended with eighty days later are on the level of the Aitz HaDa’at Tov v’Rah (tree of good and evil). It is either an “elixir for life”, or “an elixir for death”. The Second Tablets is the Torah of the world of Beriyah. The Gevurot (severities) in them are the prohibitions of the Torah. They are for the sake of protecting and distancing from impurity and filth, which is death. This is the Torah we all have now. The level of revealed Torah that the Jewish people departed Mt. Sinai with was not that of the Aitz HaChaim, but that of the Aitz HaDa’at Tov v’Rah, with which Gevurot are associated. With this level of Torah there is no guarantee that one will automatically be elevated.  Derech eretz (ethics) must precede one’s approach to this Torah. If one is to be able to receive the “light” and use it to make “tikunim” (fixing) and gain divine awareness.3 In Beor Esser Sefirot it is taught that he who walks in simplicity without צורה (form) or דמות (likeness) and is far from physicality and recognises their creator Who created them.He does not go after his eyes. There is open to him the gate of rightiousness in his heart. Then he can call to The God. They call and see the Glory of Hashem (the name of God) and they understand the סוד (secret), because there is nothing but Hashem. They give over yichud (unification of the Name of God) twice daily. This is the gate of heaven. To them is אות (signs). Their eyes see. Hashem does miracles and wonders. The fool does not understand this.4 It’s taught in Pre Atz Chayim that the voice and breath make a “makava” (divine chariot) to join with the souls of the “sadeekem Reshonim”. Breath is the aspect of ה of יהו “ ה , while voice is from thought is from the ו. Rabbi Moshe Chyim Lazatto teaches that the souls of sadeekem become “ibor” (impregnate- joined) with the Nefesh Ruach and Nashama of men. Its even possible to reach to the soul of Moshe.5 One who speaks Torah in the name of a sadeek his Nashama is with him, and he works with him. He also recieves the light of the sadeek’s Torah. It goes over strengthening his Nashama. If one does not give over the Torah in the name of him who spoke it first its supernal light is withheld.6 The Ar’i Hakodesh also taught that he merited Torah by working hard to understand the zohar. Three times each day Eliyahu Ha Novi would come to teach Rebbi Shimon and Rebbi Eliazer, how can one not read it ?. Rabbi Argosi teaches that from learning Zohar one merits levels very high in Olam Haba which are otherwise inaccessible. This is becouse with the Zohar’s understandings concerning the mitzvot. The mitzvot have more value. There is no end for a man to apply understanding to the mitzvot. The Ramban said “ The foundation of all “Chachmot” (wisdoms) stands on who is Hashem.7 In Shar Mimori Rasb’y the Ar’i teaches that nashamot of “Imma” are drawn from “imma Illah” by way of truth and faith. Torah is called truth, and faith is the foundation and source of divine service. Rabbi Yaakov Abuchitzera teaches that a man needs “Emuna” engraved upon his heart so that his “dat” (knowledge) is in אמנה  שלמה (perfect faith) in things of the Kaballah. In this they will see “mammash”.8 Rabbi Nachman of Breslov teaches that through faith one achieves intellect.9 Rabbi Moshe Cordevero teaches in his commentary to the Zohar called Aor Yakar that there is united Chuchmah and Bina in Keter by Dat. Recieve Bina from Chuchmah through Dat. Dat is the Yesod of Rachamim. It is the source and Nashama of Teferet. Unification of Chuchmah and Bina illuminates dat in Bina. The flow of chuchmah is arroused throught Dat that is in Bina. Ultimately רעותא (arousal) is Divine will, it is Ketter. This is עולמיםחי (life of the worlds) which is the Yesod below illuminating upon the earth which is Machut. Chuchmah is called arrousel from above, as it is above Bina. There is the מאורות, and fineness. Ketter is a aspect of flow in Bina that is not through Chuchmah. Keter can flow by way of the central pillar in Teferet, not through Bina or Chuchmah  reaching chesed. Keter makes a path (of Bina) for itself. It is the dwelling place of the Shechinah. 10 It is according to one’s Dat, which is “penimi” in the sefirot that there is a “segulah” (miraculous power) to unite with רצון (Divine will).11 The main intent in every revelation of Hashem and in every creation is only for the Torah and Yisrael. Every man and the whole world was only created for this. The purpose is to nullify the klippot after this there will be refined our bodies and chitzon and they will be united with the Nashama and together they will rise to Malchut of Atzilut. As this is the essence of the most perfect union. From there it can rise up with no limit. Till Malchut of the Ayn Sof. This is the first source. This whole tikun is only made through the Torah and Yisrael. The source of Torah is the first revelation of light from Ayn Sof, this is the source of everything and to where it returns. The source of Yisrael is malchut of Atzilut. From there is created all of Bria Yetzera and Asiyah. Bria Yetzera and Asiyah are chitzon (external) and the Nashamot of Yisrael are penimi(internal), they are upper Dat. The middle pillar which is the secret of the Torah has light of the Ayn Soff. From the Dat in Machut are the souls of Yisrael. Revelation of penimi of Dat is from the central pillar by מ”ה. From it goes out Nashamot with the light of the Torah.12

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Sins are destroyed over the Sanctity of Your Holy Name.

Sins  are a breach in the Kedusha (Holiness).

Part of the sins will enter Kedusha (Holiness).

Through repentance out of love, sins become changed to merits.

All is corrected for Kedusha. (Holiness).

The life force of transgression is stolen energy from Holiness..

It creates  a state of separation from Divine consciousness.

He does not appreciate Divine work.

He is like a mule having no longing for the Creator, craving for the Torah.

But by repentance out of love.

He is very rich.

Since, there is not more than 613 Mitzvot, but sins and transgressions are endless.

And his have become merits, Holy energy revealed.

Spirituality is called that which will never be lost.

All your spiritual possessions will stand with you, but your transgressions are not like this.

They can be nullified or even turned into merit.

A place in spirituality is called the place of reality.

A  imaginary thing is not called a real place.

It is the domain of evil imagination—Delusion

There are seventy faces of the Torah.

Torah is understood according to the degree one is in.

Anyone can come to any of the seventy degrees.


Likewise as all the sayings of our sages when they explain the verses of the Torah.

All that was because they, too,  each explained from their attained  degree.

Each degree in spirituality is a reality.

A fool cannot be righteous.

One does not sin unless a spirit of folly has entered them.

This is evil imagination.

One who is a fool all his days, is not in reality.


Rabbi Yochanan said, ‘The Creator saw that the righteous are few, He stood and planted them in each generation.

He dispersed them in all the generations to be an infrastructure and existence and foundation for the sustenance of the world.

So do not be mistaken to say “well, every one does this.”

We must understand.

Beginning in the work of God, receive Torah wisdom.

He will not give wisdom to the fools.

A sage is one who longs for wisdom.

He has a craving for wisdom.

A fool is one without a desire for wisdom.


A fool is completely incapable of achieving sharing, he only wants for himself alone.

He is no longer capable of having a choice, since he is completely incapable of  overcoming his selfishness.

And a craving for  wisdom he has not.

Therefore he is a fool.

In truth that there can be choice even for a fool.

The Creator made a correction for him.

Its called “teshuva” (repentance), which literally means “to return”. He must return himself to the state his personality was in before he embraced selfishness !

Now he is incapable of entering the quest for Divine knowledge, incapable of bestowal, giving, sharing.

He is a fool

As long as he is counted among the scornful, he will not repent, return to the point from before he came to error.


This poor soul  does not have any desire and craving for spirituality.

Instead he has selfish desires and cravings to overcome.

He will receive new powers of Holiness.

Only after he wants to overcome those  selfish desires and cravings.

He has a choice and no excuse.

The God wants the best for even the fool.

If he would only learn.

A person has the choice of going to a place where they will be righteous.

Then he will receive all the powers that he lacks by the nature of his own qualities from God.

The strength needed to rise to the degree of the righteous.

But as a fool he would have no hope of approaching the Creator, and hence, would not have a choice.

Yet each person has the power of choice, to approach and draw near to the God.


Whose interest is only to receive for themselves, by which they are separated from the Creator, who is only to bestow.

Thus, they are naturally separated opposites.

The wicked in their lives are called “dead.”

As the will of the Godly soul is living inspiration.

But he only knows his body, whose end is death.


when a person cleaves to God a single authority is made.

And that person unites in His uniqueness.

Then the body becomes a clothing for his soul.

Go on the path of truth.

Engage in the needs for your soul.

Do good deeds.

Bestow contentment upon the Creator, by cleaving to God in selfish loving actions, good deeds and prayer.

Then you will be able to  acknowledge the good that God has done for you, by making you wise and strong, by which He has brought you closer to Him.

Spirituality is important, it is the life of your soul.

But it means nothing to fools.

Understand what is written, that the Creator said, “Return unto Me, and I will return unto you.”

Then you will experience “from an awakening from Above”


The mind is but a kind of mirror
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Love is Divine

If one does not show pity for others suffering, suffering shall come upon him.

By personal Providence

The sufferings are for his refinement and merit. This is why  sufferings come upon him.

And His mercies are over all His works.”

In the beginning, one is on the path of reward and punishment..

Eventually, one is rewarded with seeing that everything is under personal Providence.

Before experiencing reward and punishment it is impossible to understand personal Providence.


God delights in mercy.

One should keep the Torah.

Then the Torah guards him and no heaviness is sensed in the work of God.

This is because the Torah guards him.

One’s soul shall teach him.”

Dedication to the Torah and Mitzvot (God’s commandments).

And clean him of self love.

Klipot (evil forces) that hide and block the truth.

The secrets of the Torah.

Are Above

The blaze of the flaming sword.

It must be sweetened with the right.


Bestowals come from the Light of CHochma (Divine creative Wisdom).

Darkness.” is when the flow of Chuchmah is blocked, and is called “ice.”

Merit and desire will unfreeze it.

Chuchmah shines precisely through the diminution.

As Chuchmah itself is part of the infinite.

Questions are vessels in which to receive answers.

Only with a question.

Do you get a answer.

To the extent that questions increase, does the Upper Light dress within man.

According to the scales of purity.

Purify oneself.

Be awarded the Upper Light.

If one only had the questions.

Otherwise one has no place for the Upper Light.

Neither does one who has no reason that will compel them to draw the Upper Light.

They believe without the Upper Light one is just fine.

Without Kedushah (Holiness).

The spiritual soul.

It needs special care.

Then the Light of the Mitzva can shine on the act of the Mitzva that he performs.

The Upper Light, of Shechina (Divine Presence).

Holy Shechina comes out of Hiddeness.

The merit of faith.

This is called “redemption”.

Rewarded for raising Divinity from the dust.

Where it has fell because of loss of faith and love of God, of the age.

That it is lifeless.

No life is seen in it., no vitality.

Those whose aim is only to raise Divinity from the dust, through this work.

They are awarded redemption.

All their strength to work has now become lively and sweet and sublimely pleasant.

Even a repentant proselyte is similar to a newly born infant.

Our whole work should be in gladness, as its result is great.

Considering concealment, if a person overcomes the concealment.

One feels the light.

This applies during the six thousand years.

Till the Messiah.

This is a secret.

Through faith, called an “awakening from below.”

And an awakening from Above in response.

Which is above nature.

The Light is  poured onto the lower ones.

Because of this he always works as though he had just begun working now.

Upon him the Kingdom of Heaven.

Only one who is a real fool can be without any basis on which to establish one’s faith.

As it rests upon understanding and knowledge.

If only though he had had real knowledge and vision on which to establish the certainty of faith.

This is in this path serving the Great King..

But one does not have any clarity in the Torah.

Understand that it is worthwhile to be close to the Creator’s.

But a fool says “I no longer need faith”.

He fails to see he is a passing visitor to this world.

Creator is always trying to bring him closer.

If only he could see, but he can not.

The mind is but a kind of mirror.