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September 23, 2013, 4:05 pm
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When an Etrog’s Pitam breaks off, the etrog is “pasul” (not fit for use), So is it better to get a Etrog with out a “Pitam”?. That way it won’t become “pussel” is the “Pitam” falls off ?




The mishna (Sukka 34b) says explicitly that when the pitam is removed, the etrog is pasul.


The “Pitam” ? The Gemara describes it as a pestle. It is the the thin protrusion at the top of the Etrog, It emerges before the fruit itself begins to grow. At the edge of the “Pitam” is a brown crown-looking piece known as the “shoshanta”.


In Gemora Succah it states Sukka 35b If the part of the “Oketz” (stem) that goes into the indentation of the fruit is missing, the etrog is “pasul”. As this leaves what looks like a hole in the fruit.


The Rambam (Lulav 8:7) is among those who hold that if either the “Pitam” or the “Oketz” is severed, the Etrog is “pasul”.


According to the Rambam, the loss of the “Shoshanta” does not “pasul” the Etrog, only the more stick-like base of the “Pitam”.


The Rama says a Etrog that does not have a “Pitam”, is not a problem And This is usually the case. As an Etrog always starts off with a “Pitam” but it often dries up and falls off early in its growth.


If a light-color scab has formed in the place of the “Pitam”, it is a sign that it fall off at a early moment in the Etrog’s growth. This allowing the Etrog with out a “Pitam” to be Kosher.

Nukes can ruin your day
September 22, 2013, 3:07 pm
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Journalist uses Freedom of Information Act to disclose 1961 accident in which one switch averted catastrophe

The United States Air Force nearly detonated a nuclear bomb over North Carolina in 1961, the Guardian has revealed. The bomb which nearly went off carried a payload of 4 megatons, making it 260 times more powerful than the bomb used in Hiroshima. The report is based on a previously classified report

The document obtained by the investigative journalist Eric Schlosser under the Freedom of Information Act, gives the first conclusive evidence that the US was narrowly spared a disaster of monumental proportions when two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over Goldsboro, North Carolina on 23 January 1961. The bombs fell to earth after a B-52 bomber broke up in mid-air, and one of the devices behaved precisely as a nuclear weapon was designed to behave in warfare: its parachute opened, its trigger mechanisms engaged, and only one low-voltage switch prevented untold carnage.

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September 18, 2013, 10:44 am
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UPDATED Oct 13 2019


Blessed is GOD that we have made it again to the Holy festival of Succot, a time auspicious for revelation of our righteous Messiah may he come quickly because the mercy of GOD is great !

The mitzvah of “Hakhel” happens once-in-seven-years, on the “shmitta” year during the festival of Succot. , These three mitzvoth, shmittaHakhel and Sukkot seem to be innately connected. At the  “Hakhel” gathering the King reads parts of the Torah. . “Hakhel” is a mass learning initiative for men, women and children to gather together to hear words of Torah. There is a requirement to bring little children, even infants, to the “hakhe”l ceremony as explained in the Talmud “so that those who bring them will be rewarded”.


The Sefat Emet teaches that the “Bali Teshuva” (one returning to God) has no place but the God give them one and it is the “Succcah”. Yisreal now after the work of ellul, Rosh Hashanah, the 10 days of “Teshuva” and Yom Kipor are all like “Bali teshuva” and they sit in the צל (shadow) of God, cast by the Succah. This place hashem gives us is much higher than we merit by our actions. It is for this reason that its said that “The place a Saddeek stands a complete saddeek cannot stand”

Our lives are a illusion. We think physical life is the true reality and God is distant. On Succot this illusion starts to break down. As in the Succah we can experience the joy of closeness to the God that comes from recognition of the true reality, awareness of Divine truth. Living is the Succah is like living inside the God !

GOD commands us to dwell in a Succah so that we can remember our exodus from Egypt. Remembering the “great hand” and the “out stretched arm” of great revelation by which GOD took us out of Egypt. The Succah also teaches us of the wasteful unnecessary nature of materialism. As during Succot we dwell in Succot as our ancestors did in the desert after leaving Egypt. They lived simply and had all that they needed. Such simple living allows the mind to be free to dwell on spiritual concerns. Such living can be compared to the manna in the desert. To some it tasted tastless or bad, to others it tasted as what ever they wanted to eat. It all depends on the way one looks at things. Many sages have went on self imposed exiles, To the extreme of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochi Who dwelled in the cave for 13 years and reached the greatest height of Holiness.

In a sense a Succah is as one’s personal mishcon משכן (tabernacle) משכן is Gematria 410 equals קודש Holy. The Succah is a very Holy place. The Sfat Emet says the Succah is a Marriage canopy for the marriage of Yisrael to Hashem, for this reason we build a Succah and dwell in it.

Indeed, the word Succah itself teaches us this. The word Succah (spelled Samekh Vav Kaf Hey) has the same numerical value of 91 just as the two holy Names of G-d, YHVH (26) and ADONAI (65)=91, מלאך (angel) = 91=אילן (tree alluding to the Tree of Life). YHVH represents G-d’s hidden supernatural power and the Name ADONAI represents the Divine natural power. The word Succah also is numerically equal to the term (HaElohim, G-d), as in the statement that we recite at the end of Yom Kippur prayers HaShem Hu HaElohim (HaShem, He is G-d). “He is G-d” is the Succah. YHVH/ADONAI is the Succah. G-d is the Succah and we are commanded to dwell within “Him” for the week.





an overview of


Including :1)The Owner’s Manual to Prosperity and the Soul for Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and anyone else

2) “The Definitive Biblical phenomena”

3)The Souls speak

4)”The Owner’s Manual to the Soul” Part 1 The Gate

5)“The Owner’s manual to the Soul” Part 2 THE KABALLAH

6) “The Message”

7)The Book of the Angel Mattatro”n

8)“Book Of ELOHEME”

9)“Teffilin The Owner’s manual”


11)“The Divine structure of unfolding of Heaven and Earth”

12)”The book of יהוה Yhv”h

13) “Markava”  The Divine chariot







The four walls of Sukkah are a Mem Sofit that surrounds the one which sits inside its four sides. A Succah is a special kind of embrace of the Creator. According to Halacha a succah has to have two complete walls and the third one that is at least one Tepach long. The Sages compare the two walls with the two parts of the folded arm and the third wall with the hand, so this kind of Sukkah looks like the Arm of the Creator hugging the person sitting inside. If the space between the “scoch” and the wall is more than 24cm, then the wall next to the space is invalid and cannot be used as one of the three minimum Succah walls. , The walls of the Succah must be constructed before the “scoch” is put in place or the Sukkah is invalid until the “scoch” is raised and lowered.

The “Scoch” and walls of the sucah make “Tzel” (shade – shadow) + Mem= Tzelem (image) As it is written “God made man in His Image”

By sitting in Sukkah we reform our distorted “image”, distorted by sins, to the “Tzelem” given to us by our Creator. As it is written “God made man in His Image”

The Name of G-d used in the creation story is ELOHIM. The numerical value of this Name is 86, the same as the Hebrew term for “nature” (HaTeva). God is the author of nature, of the natural order. He created humanity and placed us to live in a Garden, not in a concrete jungle. God’s Name is often represented by the Hebrew letter Hey, the last of the four letters of YHVH. Add the numerical value of this letter Hey (5) to Teva (nature) and to ELOHIM (God in nature) and again we arrive at the numerical value of Succah.

In parsha Shemini we are told that for 7 days the mishcon was dedicated and on the 8th day the presence of GOD was revealed. This is similar to on Succot we dwell in a Succah for 7 days and the 8th day is Smini Atzeret, a day of closeness. Or as the Ramba’n, peace unto him, said Smini Atzeret is “a day of binding together all emanations”.

Pesach is concidered our festival while Succot is said to be GOD’s. This reflects the idea that on Succot the arousal of Spiritual interaction is from below (by our Divine Service). Succah is a celebration of “real joy” from the spiritual gain of Ellul, Rosh Hashanah and Yom kipporim. It is the time to celebrate the blessing of our harvest physically and spiritually. It is an opportunity for us to experience our new spiritual garments. One does not really know how nice a garment is until it is worn.

The Ramba’m warns us that one’s arrogance, Honor of themselves or haughtiness can, Heaven forbid, prevent one from truly rejoicing to the fullest extent, becouse of this such a person is a sinner and a fool. Such must certainly be avoided as the main service of succah is to rejoice, especially on Simchat Torah. Just let go of your inhibitions. The Sefat Emet say that “simchah” (joy) is the vessel to draw “mym chyim” (living waters) which is “Ruach HaKodesh’. The main drawing of ‘Simchah” for the year is in the Succah.

Succah is a time of great joy for all mankind as on Succah in the Bait HaMigdash (Holy Temple) offerings are brought on behalf of not only Yisrael but for all 70 of the nations. Its written in the Prophets that after the Messiah comes even the nations will celebrate the festival of Succah. Succah is a time of bringing all mankind together returning to GOD. As Rabbi Nachman of Bresslov teaches that by shaking of the arba minim (Etrog Lulav Hadas Arovot) the nations become humbled and return to GOD. When we hold arba minim (Etrog Lulav Hadas Arovot) together we draw lights of the sefirot from the upper worlds to ourselves and the whole creation.

Total value of Hadas , Aravah , lulav and Etrog =. (610+277+68+69) = 1024 = ארון הברית (Ark of the Covenant)= 32 x 32

The Ar”i says the four species correspond to the 4 letters of YHV”H Hadas (Yud), Aravah (Hei), lulav (vav) and Etrog (hei). The numerical values of Hadas and Aravah = 346 = שמו these two species correspond to י”ה (Y-H) , שמו (the Name of YH)

Hadas and lulov together (68+69) equals 137  קבלה (Kabbalah)

Shake the lulov in the sukkah by this we can shake with our hearts, shake the world up, shake the world awake. We shake 4 species in 5  sets during the “Hallal” these coorespond to Keter, Chuchmah, Bina, Z”a and Nakavah (5 levels of soul).We wave them to the 6 directions, for a total of 30 shakings, 4 species x 30 shakings= 120 sarufim of Elokim. These corresponds to the 30 blasts of the shofar of Rosh Hashannah (outside of Mussaf).Shake the lulov in the sukkah by this we can shake with our hearts, shake the worlds and our souls. We shake 4 species in 5 sets to the 6 directions, for a total of 30 shakings, 4 species x 30 shakings= 120 sarufim of Elokim. These corresponds to the 30 blasts of the shofar of Rosh Hashannah (outside of Mussaf).

We do 18 shaking in each one of the 5 sets being 91 total shakings per day.

30 daily shakenings x 7 days, there are 210 total shakings, as in the 210 years of Egyptian exile. And when the 3 shakings per direction are considered, there are 210 x 3 or 630 total shakings in the 7 days. 630 is 10 x 63 ס”ג, the יהו,ה of Binah. The number 10 always corresponds to the 10 sefirot


This service of waiving the arba minim is so powerful and important that the sages enacted that we should waive the arba minim all the days of the festival after the Bait HaMigdash was destroyed, even if they were only waved the first day in the Bait HaMigdash.

Sephardim shake towards the south then north, east, up, down, west. One needs to turn his body and face to  the direction  he is shaking. Ashkenazim shake east then south .west, north, up, down. Face forward and shake clockwise. By Ashkenazim don’t have to turn their body to face the direction nut just shake the “lulav” towards that direction while facing forward. From the south we draw chesed. From the North Givurah. From the East Teferet. From above Netzauch. From below Hod and from the west is Yesod.


Rabbi Moshe Chyim Lazzato Teaches that by grasping the life force that flows within the Etrog (citron) that is closed with in Malchut of Asiyah (which is as grasping the whole world in your hand). You can also grasp the Nakavah, malchut of Atzilut (all potential will of GOD that is yet to be revealed). Through one’s Kavanah (intent) they can draw down new revelation from Arich of Atzilut (the source of revelation of Divine will) in to this world revealing what did not exist before. Masters of the Mishnah (Sucah 34B) say, If it lost it’s “Pitom” it is not valid. Etrog (Hebrew) is Gematria 610 same as
“parnasa” (livelihood). Hadas + Arovot=65 = אדנ”י


  On Succot water was poured on the alter and the Cohaniam would walk around the  alter 1 time with willow branches  which after each day would be collected and set against the base of the alter. All this was done as a “Halacha Moshe MSinia” there is no verse concerning these mitzvot in the Torah itself.

The Bahir Teaches that a Succah is filled with Chuchmah (Divine Creative power- inspiration). It is this Chuchmah that gives us new understandings directing us to closer levels in the service of GOD, guiding us to greater revelation. It is further explained that the Scoch of the roof of the Succah is Netzauch (quanitity) and Hod (quality). According to the Quality and Quantity of our Divine service the Divine light is revealed throught the Scoch (roofing material) filling the Succah. GOD has left it up to us to illuminate the world we live in being a “light to the nations”. Letting them understand through our actions that everything we do is directed towards attaining life’s goal of unification with GOD by removing the dross of impurity that is brought on by nourishing the klipot (other side) in our thought speech and action. So that there can be more open revelation of GOD’s will in this world. Filling the Succah with light, as GOD’s voice would fill the משכן (tabernacle). Directing us immediately to Fulfill GOD’s will in this world with the arrival of our righteous Mashiach quickly in our days.

Chassadim (powers of God’s giving are dat (knowledge) of Z”a (source of our ruach-emotional soul). The Chassadim are called “stomim” (closed) above the chest of Z’a are covered in the Yesod (gate way of Divine energy) of Imma (source of our Nashama-Divine soul of intellect). The Yesod of Imma is as a tent of “succah”.1 The first day of Sukkot we begin recieving “makiff chassadim” (surrounding lights), also it is the fifth day of the entering of the “Aor Penimi” (Inner Light) which began after Yom Kipor, this gives this day a special intensity. We draw these Surrounding Light by being in the Sukka  when we eat, sleep, learn, and dwell,

1Mhl p.5,sulam on zohar Chadash Vetchanon p.5

The Sefat Emet teaches Succah alludes to Olam Haba and Gan Aden. Therefore it is said that some will merit a succah from the Skin of the Leviyaton. Tractate Bava Metzia Rabba says in the name of Rabbi Yochanan That the Holy one in the future will make a Succah for the righteous to protect from the sun, and it will be made of the skin of the Leviathan. If a man will be worthy a succah will be made for him, if not a mere covering, if He is not worthy of this a necklace will be made for him, if he doesn’t merit this a Amulet will be made for him. The rest of the Leviathan will be spread out over the hills of Jerusalem by the Holy One, and its splendor will shine from one end of the world to the other as it is written ” The nations shall rise in your light and kings in the brightness of your rising ”

Also concerning the Leviathan Rabba said in the name of rabbi Yochanan The Holy one in the future will make a feast of the flesh of the Leviathan. Rav Dimi said in the name of Rabbi Yochanan the angel Gavreal will in the future hunt the leviathan, and if the Holy One does not help him, he will not be able to prevail over him.

1Tractate Bava Batra 74b,Zohar Chayah Sara p28

This is the NEW NEW STUFF

The scoch (roof) of the Succah is Netzauch and Hod which we know are the gates of prophesy. Now, this is a amazing thing as after Succah they are only tree branches. During Succah God changes the nature of the roofing material and it becomes a conduit for Netzach and Hod by changing it grasping this unique nature of malchut of Atzilut and revealing it even in Malchut of Asiyah. סכך=100 alluding to the 100 names of Chuchmah. The lights of Imma, which are drawn into Z”a are 100, which is the secret of the “100 Blessings”  a person  says every day; these are the name ס”ג  plus 37, (the value of the letters filling ס”ג)  together these equal 100. Among these are hidden and the revealed lights of Z”a .  All 100 of these lights pass through this “schach”, which is the keter of Z”a , just that the light of the schach is in the aspect of Surrounding Light. (Safer Lekutim- Ar”i)

Water in Hebrew including the word itself is gematria 91 the same as Succah. Now we know during Succah God makes a judgment on “the water”.

Succah is the time when the Makiff Chassadim descend and enter Z”a. “Makiff Chassadim” are Surrounding Lights of Dat. Succah gives Dat to everyone in Yisrael. So that they may know God. Dat for the whole year comes in Succot. The lights around us we have not managed yet to achieve in our soul. In these “Makiff Chassadim” is the Divine abundance needed for the goals we need to achieve. They give us our enthusiasm abilities and insights we will need to obtain our goals,and overcome obsticles and problems in the year and years to come, Chassadim are the 5 times “light” is mentioned in the work of creation. By this Succah alludes to :

Revelation of Torah is Revelation of Chassadim.1 In the Torah in the story of creation are 5 times the word אור (light) this is “sitre Torah” (hidden Torah), 5 times מים (water) this is the written Torah and 5 times the word רקיע (firmament) this is the Oral Torah.2 Every drop of seed (penimi) is made by אמ”ר which is Rosh Teva אור (light), מים, (water) and רקיע (firmament). רקיע is secret of the light spreading out of by the spinal cord., The Divine act of Creation is referred to by the metaphor of אמ”ר speech. The root אמ”ר, “to say”, is an acronym for the first three primary creations: light (אור), water (מים), firmament (רקיע). These represent the three stages in the materialization of the creative seed, as taught by the Ar”i:

* light —the spiritual origin of the seed in the mind , before it is emanated, still only in potential in the God Head

* water— physical manifestation of seed , the energy after emanation

* firmament– the beginning of conception in the womb –. Shaping of the Energy so to create something in this physical world.

The existence of the parzufim are drawn by the order of אמ”ר. The order of from above to below is אמ”ר.

The firmament (רקיע), derives from the root, to stretch, represents all states of positive tension- energy fields- in nature. 5 lights of Binna are called rays of the sun. Binna is the sun. These are from Chesed to Hod. Moshe recieved from Chesed to Hod. These 5 are the 5 times light is mentioned in the first day of the work of creation. These are the Chassadim. They are the 5 fingers of the right hand. From Chesed Bina is complete mercy. The Givurot is 5 times “rekia” is mentioned on the 2nd day of creation.

What we are alluding to is that Succat reveals the highest forces of creation..The roof of the Succhah is Netzach and Hod which make the yesod , it is the rekia (firmament), heaven comes close to earth on Succot. From this rakia descends the makiff chassadim which as we said is the light of creation in Genesis. And as we began water in Hebrew including the word itself is gematria 91 the same as Succah. As during Succah the judgment on “the water” is made this we will discuss more later.

1Lekutey Mahoran p.58

2Avodat Yisrael p.1

In the spiritual worlds man is a microcosm of all Creation, he is the Yesod (gateway of energy) for the upper spirituals energies. On man himself the organ of the “Brit milah” (circumcision) corresponds to the “sefira” Yesod . The High Holy Days come to help us rectify “the” Yesod and connect us to flow of other divine powers that can come through our new “repaired” Yesod.

We eat and sleep in a Succah (Tabernacle) for the 7-day holiday of Succot, and on succah we work energy with the four species, the lulav towers above the etrog (citron), hadass and willow branches. The blessing that we recite in performing the mitzvah is over the “waving of the lulav.” The lulav is taken from the long, straight, upper branches of the date palm. In the holy Zohar, we find that the date palm, or “tamar”, represents the Tzaddik (the righteous individual) He conducts his life in utmost sexual purity, as in the case of Yosef, who was called Tzaddik, because he overcame the temptations of Potifar’s wife.

As we have said above “ The Yesod (gateway of energy) parallels the organ of the Brit milah (circumcision).”

Its written :

The tzaddik (righteous man) flourishes like the date palm; he grows like a cedar in Lebanon” (Psalms, 92:13).

Regarding, ‘flourishes like a date palm,’ just as a date palm does not grow (and bear fruit) unless the male be planted by the female, so the tzaddik cannot flourish save when husband and wife are united, when the male aspect of tzaddik, is united with the female aspect of tzaddik, as with Avraham and Sarah.

The Tzaddik is associated with the sefirah of Yesod (he has developed a great flow of spiritual energy), as its says, ”Tzaddik yesod olam,” meaning ”the Tzaddik is the foundation of the world” (Mishle, 10:25). From this we see that the lulav, in its spiritual connection to the sefirah of Yesod, is a powerful tool to draw down Divine goodness to mankind.

Concerning the 4 species: 1) The Lulav 2) the 3 myrtle branches 3) the 2 willow branches & 4) the Etrog citrus fruit

The 4 Species – Lulav branch stands taller above the others

Just as the Tzaddik excells over others in spiritual energy and shelters his generation,

 In waving the luluv, the vessel of the Yesod, we activate the female aspect of the Yesod above, drawing down Divine blessing. We “excite” the Shechinah above with the Lulov.

Accordingly, the holiday of Succot is also known as the Festival of the Harvest, or the Ingathering, when we harvest our material and spiritual blessings at the start of the year from the mercy of God and the work we did in Elul , Rosh Hashanah, the days of Teshuva and Yom kippor.. The Hebrew word for ”the Harvest,” האסיף, has the same numerical value as Yosef, יוסף, once again hinting at the connection between a “Sadeek” being able to receive the bounty of the Festival of the Harvest.

In its inner, spiritual essence, the lulav is like a healing laser beam whose light soars upward with our wavings to the furthest reaches of Heaven, healing the damages and releasing its life-sustaining blessings. It opens up the Yesod-gateway of energy for more and greater quality flow. We wave the lulav toward the four directions of the compass, and up and down, a total of six directions, which parallels the Yesod, the sixth of the lower sefirot. All is Dependant on the Yesod-gateway of energy.

It is written, “I said I will אעלה (go up) in the date palm” (Song. 7:10),אעלה is the “rosh haTeva” (first letter abbreviation) of the 4 species, אאתרוג עערבה ללולב ההדס The4 species, correspond to the four in the chariot, the one who rides upon it is the יהוה (Zohar Tikunim And one needs to make a circle around, just like by the altar. (Page 29B) It says in the Mishnah “you put it forth and bring it back to He, Who the four directions of the world is His, one raises it and lowers it to He Who the heavens and the earth are His”.(Sucah 37B). One needs to shake it eighteen times in the six directions, which is the seal of the “east is יהו . (Zohar Tikunim)

The lulav corresponds to the letter vav. Like the lulov the letter vav is long and straight, as the organ corresponding to the Yesod. The letter vav has the numerical value of six, paralleling the sixth sefirah of Yesod. By waving the lulav three times forward and three times back, for a total of six wavings, we actualize the flow of the Yesod. It is the perfect tool to fix clean and refine the Yesod-gateway of energy.

The 4 species we pray with on Succot are weapons of war taken in the right hand and with these weapons of war the Jews are sealed to be victorious in their judgement. Zohar compares it to a king that made a judgement and a war against seventy nations, and he did not know who would win the judgement, he said look at those that are sealed with weapons of war in their hands, and you will know who will win the judgement. (Zohar Tikunim) Aiming our secret spiritual weapon toward the six directions multiplies this flow of bounty into our lives. Also, it is the letter vav in the middle of God’s Name (Yhv”h) that connects the first two letters, Yud and Hai, representing the upper spiritual worlds, with the final letter Hai, representing our world. Once again, this hints that the vav-lulav-Yesod represents the channel that brings Divine blessing from the upper worlds to our world, ultimately revealing “chashmal,” (the inner voice of God). We only need to open up this Yesod-gateway of energy, and draw flow.

The Maharil (“Laws of Lulav”) notes that the first and last letters of the Torah, bet and lamed, and the first and last letters of the Tanach (prophets and Writings), vav and lamed, make up the letters of lulav. This once again hints that the lulav-yesod is the central axis that joins one end of our holy writings with the other, encompassing the entire Torah. We see from this the whole Bible hints at the Lulov reminding us of its importance.

The Ariza”l points out that the word, lulav (לולב) has the same gematria (numerical value) of 68 as the word ”chaim” meaning life (חיים). This is because of the life force that flows from the lulav-Yesod, to the feminine principle of Malchut, corresponds to the etrog, which symbolizes the fruit of the womb. When we raise the lulav and etrog together, we unite the male and female principles of Creation in a spiritual unification, called Yichud. This unification of Masculine and feminine give birth to new spiritual forces for our souls and the worlds. We create the arousal of new providence.

Etrog- corresponds to the heart

Lullav- corresponds to the vertebra

Hadassim- corresponds to the eyes

Arravot- corresponds to the mouth

Thus each of the arba minim corresponds to the corresponding aspect of the person’s spiritual and physical correction.

The Kabbalist elder, Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi, stresses the importance of grasping the lulav at the bottom of its stem, and not in the middle, so that the hands do not act as a barrier separating the upper spine of the lulav (the Yesod) from the etrog (the Malchut). Rather, the lulav and etrog should be held together at the bottom of the four species, so that the flow of Divine illumination from the Yesod to the Malchut, stimulated by the waving, is not interrupted.

The three hadassim (myrtle leaves) channel the energy of the sefirot of Chesed, Givorah, and Tiferet. When combined with the two aravot (willows), symbolizing Netzach and Hod, all of the seven lower sefirot are united in a perfect unity. All these Divine powers are channeled through the Lulov.

Concerning the Succah itself.

The Sefat Emet teaches that the redemption from Egypt was not because of our merit. So it took great Divine providence from supernal Chesed,  as accusations were chasing them. For this reason Yisrael had to live in Succot when they left Egypt as they needed its protection. As it is written “God spread a Succah of peace on Yisrael”. A Succah causes blessings of Holiness to descend on those who dwell in it, so that they will recognize where they are dwelling. For this reason there is a “mitzvah” of dwelling in a Succah to recieve its blessings. The Succah has the energy of the Clouds of glory which protected the Jewish People in the desert when they left Egypt. The sages tell us our Succah like the clouds will keep the Israelites unharmed, guarded and protected. When it is said that the Sukka is in memory of those clouds, it reminds us that by sitting in the Succah we attract defending powers, of the “Lights of “chassadim  (God’s kindness) that surrounds the worlds during the days of Sukkot. The Zohar teaches that these Clouds which extended like pillars towering over the encampments of the Jews, embodied the all-encompassing flow of Divine energy contained in the Yesod. Again by the Yesod all the Energy flows through.

There were seven clouds of glory in the desert, one to their right, and one to their left, one before them, and one after them, and one above their heads, and one the Shekhinah in their midst. The pillar of cloud would precede them, killing snakes and scorpions, burning brush, thorns and bramble, leveling hillocks and raising low places, and making a straight path for them, a straight continuing highway, as it is said, “The ark of the covenant of the Lord traveled in front of them…and the Eternal’s cloud kept above them by day… Num 10:33-34.” ( Sotah 4:2).

R. Akiba says: The sukkot were the clouds of glory (Sifra to Leviticus, Emor 17:11) as it says in psalms

He made darkness His screen; dark thunderheads, dense clouds of the sky were His sukkah round about him (Ps 18:11-12)

Cloud as a vessel of the Shekhinah, The Divine Presence. Such clouds hovered over the tents of the matriarchs . Moses ascended into heaven to receive the Torah enwrapped in clouds .

The Ariza”l states, it is preferable to recite the blessing over the lulav, and to wave it, inside the succah. This brings about a powerful union between the all-encompassing aspect of the surrounding lights of the Yesod, the succah, with its inner aspect, the lulav. The lulov is a symbol of the spine which lies inside the body. Thus the succah becomes an electric power plant of high-voltage spiritual energy from both within and without, generating the supreme joy and renewal of the holiday.

Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak Hakohen Kook, the first chief Rabbi of Israel, writes that: ”The succah inspires such supernal joy that it cannot be a permanent dwelling, only temporary. Light waves of joy continuously flow, one wave ascends and immediately, without pause, a second wave, brighter and more joyous than the first, descends and spreads.”

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov teaches that succah depends on Tikun HaBrit because the succah represents the Clouds of Glory, and those who damaged the Brit through sexual transgression were cast out by the Cloud.”

Even though the Jews were protected by the invincible Clouds of Glory on their departure from Egypt, the evil nation of Amalek succeeded in its unprompted attack, as the Torah records: ”Remember what Amalek did to you on the way of your leaving Egypt, how he met you (karcha) by the way and killed the hindermost of you who were feeble in your rear” (Devarim, 25:17-18). Rashi explains the word ”karcha” in its root meaning of ”keri,” an impure emission of semen. Rashi relates that Amalek seduced the weaker Jews into sexual transgression, and when the holy Cloud vomited them out, Amalek pounced on them and killed them. Only those Jews who guarded their sexual purity were protected by the Cloud. The Marachot Elokim teaches that the “Hakafot” of Sukkot allude to supernal days and worlds.

Have a happy holy Holiday !

The Sukkah must measure at least 7 “tefachim” long by 7 “tefachim” wide equaling 49, like the 49 gates of Bina. This is the smallest area in which a person could reasonably be expected to sit. Even if the Sukkah is very long, it must still measure at least 7 “tefachim” wide.

A Succah must be at least 10 “Amot” high

by 7 “tefachim” wide, thus 70 square “tefachim” is a Succah.

This is :

י is 10 sefirot (energy of Height)

ה is 7 sefirot (energy of width)

ו is 10 sefirot (energy of Height)

ה is 7 sefirot (energy of width)

There is no limit to the size of a Sukkah except in terms of height, the “schach” must not be higher than 20 “amot” from the floor of the Sukkah (approx. 10 meters). When properly constructed, the sukkah is a conduit for expanded consciousness and channels divine abundane into the world. The Succah walls are Surrounding Lights of the Netzach, Hod and Yesod of Imma. The schach brings light from the lower half of tiferet of Imma, from her chest level and below. This part of tiferet is the keter of Z”A  and “hovers”over Z”A  and Nukva. Just like the  “schach” hovers over the Succah and we dwell beneath it. , The height of the  “schach” can be no higher than twenty “amot” becouse Z”A  and Nukva  each have ten sefirot – therefore together they total twenty “amot” . If the   “schach” above twenty”amot” , one is unable to perceive its light.  The Sages in Gemora Shabbat say that a succah thickly covered like a house so that one cannot even see the stars in it, it is valid, but ideally the stars should be visible from within the succah . Concerning this it is said “Spread upon us the sukkah of Peace”. The idea is that the Yesod of Imma  spreads out like a kind of tent, or sukkah, on the body of Z”a from the place of his chest, and spreads until his netzach, hod and yesod  and all the chasadim of the body of Z”a  are above this barrier (the Succah of Yesod Ima) for they ascended from below to above, for the barrier is penetrated and they rise. And through these

The Sages Tractate Shabbat say that a succah thickly covered like a house so that one cannot even see the stars in it, it is valid, but ideally the stars should be visible from within the succah . Concerning this it is said “Spread upon us the sukkah of Peace”. The idea is that the Yesod of Imma  spreads out like a kind of tent, or sukkah, on the body of Z”a from the place of his chest, and spreads until his netzach, hod and yesod  and all the chasadim of the body of Z”a  are above this barrier (the Yesod of Ima), for they ascended from below to above, for the barrier is penetrated and they rise. And through these openings in the schach, and at this barrier,  lights descend, and are visible from below via the openings in this barrier, resembling the stars of the heavens. This is what I heard from my master [the Ari], of blessed memory, at a different time; and it seems not connected to what we said at the beginning [that the schach is at the level of  keter of Z”a , not at his chest level], but this needs in depth investigation. (Safer Lekutim- Ar”i)

in the schach, and this barrier, these lights descend, and are visible from below via the perforations of this barrier, resembling the stars of the heavens. This is what I heard from my master [the Ari], of blessed memory, at a different time; and it seems not connected to what we said at the beginning [that the schach is at the level of Zeir Anpin‘s keter, not at his chest level], but this needs in depth investigation. (Safer Lekutim- Ar”i)



These are the potential energies we have to work with.

70 includes all the power of all the

angels that work things in this world.

They are under the command of the angel called Matto”t

(Here is more on this infinite Wisdom)

The “Thum” (depths) has 70 ”sarim” (supernal princes) that are ”chitzon” (external) that surround Aretz Yisrael.1 The 70 nations receive their flow from אלהים of “din” according to their actions, while Yisrael draws from the 13 “dikna”. Yisrael draws power from the 13 “dikna” sweetening the dinim of אלהים.2 Above “ Artz Yisrael” in the “rekia” is a opening called גבילו”ן. Under this opening are 70 others, 70 “memunim” guard them from 2000 “amot” away, in the secret of “tachum Shabat” (Shabat limit). This opening goes up and up till reaching the כסא (the throne) which is Malchut. Its authority spreads from the opening over “Aretz Yisrael” until the opening called מגדו”ן, where the “rekia” over “Aretz Yisrael” ends.1 In The Torah are 70 explanations in “loshon Hakodesh”, which is Yesod, which contains 70 sefirot of Z’a. Each of its 7 sefirot containing 10.1


1Sulam on Zohar Vayikra p.20a


1Sulam on Zohar Vayachal p.209b


1Safer HaKanah


2Tefilot Ramcha’l #303

By the Arba minim (4 Species) we can

access all these energies and reveal them

for the betterment of the world and our selves !

Check out the book store

We will teach you to see and

hear and do things few Humans

have accomplished !


It is so pleasant to lay down and look up through the leaf roof of the Succah and see the stars !

(תורה (611) = (65) אדנ”י + (90) פי+ סוד(70) + סכות (486

Torah= Succot is Secret of the mouth of GOD

This world, like the succah, is temporary. Rabbi Akiva advised that Succot is a way to keep us from excessive pride at the sight of our abundance of blessings, so we are told to go out in live in a “Succah”. The only constant, is GOD’s presence and our choices to respond to Him or not. The sages tell us the Succah is a mitzvah that surrounds us that can actually envelop us in the “Clouds of Glory” which God provided to protect the Hebrews in the desert when they left Egypt. at that time. The Ramchal explains, in Derech GOD, that the seven clouds of glory that surrounded us in the desert, define us. GOD envelops us; the earth and its limitations do not hold us down. From these “Clouds of Glory” we attain a higher consciousness. This consciousness gives us the ability to define ourselves uniquely according to the will of God. As when we were surrounded by the clouds of glory when we left Egypt and found our national identity. This consciousness from being surrounded by the energy of the “Clouds of Glory” –the Succah. Is alluded to by our equation :

Torah= Succot is Secret of the mouth of God

As in this environment being surrounded uniquely by God we can hear His voice, if one listens closely. Concerning “Succot is Secret of the mouth of God” The Vilna Goan teaches that the word succah uses letters from four of the five organs of the mouth which produce speech. The letter samech is from the group of letters that are formed by the teeth. The vov is from those that formed by the lips, the kof, from those formed by the palate, and the hey from the throat. The missing group is the one of the letters that is formed by the tongue. These letters are left unsaid in their natural position, surrounding the tongue. The Gaon tells us that they protect the tongue by remaining silent. Thus that which is sounded is built up on a foundation of silence. The word succah thus introduces a new concept. The word itself tells us that speech that is an offshoot of the inner silence that reflects constant awareness of the presence of GOD. In the Silence in the Succah may we merit to the conciousness of hearing from “the mouth of God”. The will will be easier for us to achieve if we silence our own mouths from speaking evil.

The Goan concludes by telling us that Succot has the power to subserviate the side of us that is drawn to evil speech. The Maharal tells us that our speech is our window to our inner lives. If we wish to experience joy and faith, part of the picture is redefining our speech. For this reason our equation states :

Torah= Succot is Secret of the mouth of God

The partition between thought and speech is so delicate, that unless we change our patterns of thought, we will find it almost impossible to change our patterns of speech.

When water is poured on the alter in the Holy Temple on Succot all receive The Ruach HaKodesh (The Spirit of Holiness). All night every night of Succot were great celebrations in the early morning the water was poured on the altar. Jonah the Prophet it says in the Talmud Yerushalmi received his prophetic inspiration from the water sacrifice, when he was overcome with great joy. A Succah itself is a place Of new surrounding lights that yield Revelation.

תורה= (611)= הדבש יכפר

Torah= the Honey that will atone

As we learned before “ The honey of the Torah is the Torah’s secrets. They bring revelation of the level of one soul called “Chayah” . This is the Soul of Divine creativity and inspiration. To achieve the small still voice, Divine creativity and inspiration one must be pure and Holy. One must have atonement for past misdeeds to achieve this. The Zohar says, “Come and see! No man

is ever purified except with the words of Torah”. Therefore, it is only after we learn Torah that we remove personal impurities. Yet how we can learn secrets of Torah before purification? The answer is that this level of Torah learning, the “Sod”, secrets of the Torah its revelation requires the purity provided by atonement, so atonement is in its power. Once the inner part of our soul has been touched by Torah the outer layer is ready to grasp it and allow it to penetrate the soul. The Zohar above refers to this Godly element of our soul suggesting that Torah purifies it.

On Sukkot we receive the “Katnut” of a new higher level. The planning of the whole year work starts on Sukkot.

Cloud as a vessel of the Shekhinah, The Divine Presence. Such clouds hovered over the tents of the matriarchs . Moses ascended into heaven to receive the Torah enwrapped in clouds .

In the Succah we have guests, these guests are called “Ushpizin” in Aramaic. Each day of the holiday. we welcome Biblical Patriarchs into our Succah each brings to us new spiritual forces. On the first day we  invite Avraham, the power of  Chesed. On the second day we invite Yitchak, the power of Givurah. On the third day we invite Yacob, the power of Teferet. On the fourth day we invite Moses, the power of Netzauch. On the fifth day we invite Aharon the Priest, the power of Hod. On the sixth day we invite Yosef HaSadeek, the power of Yesod.. On the seventh day we invite King David, the power of Malchut, the Kingship of the God.

A pillar of cloud hovered over the altar in the Temple. on Yom Kippur, and its appearance was an augury of the future (Yoma 21b). The presence of the cloud diminished and eventually disappeared due to the sins of Israel. Bar Nifli, “son of a cloud,” is a title for the Messiah, who will appear riding one, according to the Book of Daniel (7:13). Virtuosos of Kabbalah, such as Moses Cordovero, sometimes had pillars of cloud appear over or around them (Sefer ha-Hezyonot).  




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The Happiest day of the Year is almost upon us — Festive days are Coming ! ! !
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UPDATED oct 14th 2018

In Talmud and “poskim” we see that one who does not believe that Hashem atones for his sins on Yom Kippur,  his sins will not be atoned for.

Yom Kipor is a day that can atone for our sins. It is a day of “mesirut Nefesh” (self sacrifice) this shows how powerful  “mesirut Nefesh” is when applied to the commandments ! Did you live up to you potential in the year preceding Yom Kipor ? Being mediocre is NOT acceptable ! Since you have been formed, there must be a reason for your being, a mission that you must fulfill, something that only you are able to accomplish. Consequently, your existence is of crucial importance not just for yourself, but for the whole world.  You probably need to confess on Yom Kippur, that you have not been living up to and fulfilling your mission. That you have failed terribly and if that is so, then your entire existence is called into question. This is what the sages inferred by the words of the Yom Kippor prayer “now that I have been formed, it is as if I was not formed”. It is this awesome idea is the focal point of Yom Kippur. The question concerning all men on Yom Kipor is : Am I worthy to continue living ? Or, have I lost my right to live?


Its stated in the Talmud Bava Basra Yisrael had no festive days as great and joyous as Yom Kippor, when forgiveness and pardon for Transgression is Given.

The Sata’n has the numerical value of 364, corresponding to 364 days of the year that the Holy One allows him to put difficulties in a mans path. Only on one day is his power restricted, and that day is Yom Kipor.

Yom Kippor is the only day we can wear a Talit at night as the other side cannot take energy form it then as on other nights of the year.

It is concerning that day that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochi says in the Holy Zohar that this day saves them from falling into the wrong hands, and being judged with rigor. So that all can come out innocent on the earth through his mercy. Which is like a Father to his children.

All depends on actions and words

It is also stated in the Zohar that when Yisrael are in exile if they pray all day on Yom Kippor then radiance of face and perfect Joy prevails. Yisrael enters into freedom on that day. Freedom and Joy reign manifestly.

Silver is the color of Atonement.

The Cohen Gadol’s sin offering is a bull. Only a small part is offered on the alter. This represents his Physical part. Most of the Cohen Gadol is beyond the physical. He also offers up a ram that is completely burnt on the alter. This corresponds to his complete devotion to God. If a Cohen Gadol was not on such a level he would die on this day. They would have to drag him by the rope out of the Holy of Hollies where he would fall dead. For the rest of the people who are full of many fundamental faults A goat is taken outside the temple completely, and killed. As the opposite of the Cohen Gadol their lives are mostly outside the Holy realm.

In the Temple no one wore shoes, all were barefoot. On Yom Kippor  You can come before the Holy One like one of the ministering Angels  in heaven Barefoot (at other times its forbidden to pray with out shoes without food or drink in peace !

When Moshe came close to see The Burning Bush God said to him, “take off your shoes” (Exo. 3:5), this is a hint to separate from his body, which is the shoe, to dress himself in another body.

Maimonides, The Rambam, in his masterwork, the “Mishneh Torah”, In the section that deals with the Yom Kippur service in the “Beit Hamikdash” (Holy Temple), Writes that before the “Kohen Gadol” would do the Yom Kippur service the elders of the Sanhedrin would make him swear to do the service according to the oral tradition. Specifically, they made him swear to burn the incense only inside the Holy of Holies. The “Sadukim” (Sadducees), denied the authority of the Oral Torah and would place the incense on a burning fire-pan outside the Holy of Holies first and later the “Kohen Gadol” should carry it inside the Holy of Holies. The Sanhedrin made the “Kohen Gadol” swear not to perform the service in the manner of the Sadducees. After this both the “Kohen Gadol” and the elders would weep.

The Kohen Gadol cried because they suspected him of being a Sadducee. The elders would weep because there was reason to suspect him. The Rambam enshrined this tragic touching sequence of events in his “halachic” writing , The Mishna Torah which designed as a practical manual of halacha. And that make this unusual as most of Book is only practical laws and not much else. The Sanhedrin would do this because one year the “Sadukim” proposed a compromise which they said would be for the sake of peace. They proposed that the “Kohen Gadol” should light the incense outside and then take it inside the Holy of Holies, That though that this way the sages could observe Torah the way they understood and the way of the “Sadukim” would also be fulfilled. . The sages concluded that add a mitzvah of the Torah, is forbidden. As adding or subtracting from the Mitzvot of the Torah is one of the 613 commandments. The knew that to refuse would make them seem uncompromisingly indifferent to Jewish unity, but the Rabbis had no option but to follow the Law and not change it to fit the whims of others..

The bottom line is that we must always no matter what guard the Torah and not compromise concerning the instruction The God has given us. We must only do things His way ! We see from this that there are times when the guardians of the Torah have to stand up for what right NO MATTER WHAT. This teaching it seems the Rambam thought was so essential to transmit the Rambam broke himself his format of writing by including this story in the Mishna Torah.


The Prohibition of Bathing on Yom Kippur and SHABOT

On Yom Kippur washing one’s body is Forbidden, with some exceptions. The spirit of the day is to be marked by deprivation and refraining from physical pleasure. So the prohibition to bath on Yom Kipor is a prohibition against deriving PLEASURE FROM BATHING.

Bathing is permitted where no pleasure is received. The gemara (77b) informs us of the permissibility of washing hands which have been sullied on Yom kippor.

Rabbeinu Chananel permits washing of sullied hands and feet only; apparently, full body bathing is still forbidden. Even though pleasure is not the stated goal, an act of bathing still occurs and this represents a violation of the prohibition.

The Ittur rules that one may wash hands when waking up on the morning of Yom Kippur because of the mitzva of “netilat yadayim.” Similarly, the Shibolei Ha-leket (siman 319) rules that one may wash in the morning (interestingly enough, only AFTER relieving oneself). This permissibly is based upon the gemara (Yoma 88) which allows someone who is obligated to immerse himself (e.g., a nidda) to go to the mikva on Yom Kippur. Again, even if the prohibition is defined as a formal act of bathing, “netilat yadayim” in the morning and immersing in a mikva are CATEGORICALLY different than washing since they are performed under the rubric of SPECIFIC MITZVOT. Just as cleansing a dirty body is not considered bathing,

.  If a man urinated and used his hands or defecated and then cleaned himself, it is permitted to wash his hands since they are soiled. If someone is sensitive and can not concentrate until he washes his face with water, then it is permitted.

  If one is going to the house of study or to visit his father, Rabbi, or someone of greater stature than him in wisdom, or if required to do a Mitzvah then one is allowed to travel over a body of water until his neck both when arriving and returning.  This is only if one does not lift his garment over his arms and only if the waters are not turbulent.  Because if they were turbulent, then it is even forbidden to travel through them on a regular day because of the danger involved even if they only reached until his hips.

May one shower with hot water on Shabbat and Yom Tov?

Bathing is prohibited on Shabbat and Yom Tov regardless of whether a violation of Shabbat or Yom Tov laws took place.

The Talmud reports that washing specific parts of one’s body, such as one’s face and hands, were not included in the prohibition.

However, Ha-Rav Akiva Eiger provides a loophole. He contends that a person who is in pain may bathe on Shabbat even if he is not ill. Therefore, the decree did not apply to a person who would feel pain or anguish if he did not bathe. Such a person may use hot water with no violation of Shabbat (Glosses, Rav Akiva Eiger, Orach Chayyim 326:1).

On Shabbat, it is forbidden to heat water. Therefore, the use of hot water, even if it was heated before Shabbat, was prohibited in order to prevent heating water on Shabbat itself. However, on Yom Tov we may heat water for drinking or cooking purposes. In addition, there is a rule that states that when an item is permitted for purposes of food, it is also permitted for non-food purposes (mi-toch). By this logic, since one may heat water for a meal, it should also be permissible to heat water for a bath. It is still customary that many religious Jews who smoke do so on Yom Tov. Although smoking is certainly not the general custom, the rabbinic world does not protest against those who smoke on Yom Tov. The halachic position of the smokers is that it is necessary for them to smoke even on Yom Tov. This rationale should also apply to the people who bathe every day. It is necessary to feel clean (Shmirat Shabbat ke-Hilchata, Chapter 14:7, n. 21).

Also, it is permissible to heat water on Yom Tov in order to wash one’s head. Bathing may have been forbidden on Yom Tov because of the prohibition of sechita – wringing or squeezing – on that day.)

Therefore, a person who seeks to bathe with hot water on Yom Tov should be directed to shower, since showering appears to be somewhat different from the type of bathing covered by the original rabbinic decree.

The above discussion does not apply to a mikveh that is used for the performance of a mitzvah. The use of warm or hot mikva’ot is a separate issue.


Yom Kippur has five prayers. These prayers can elevate our consciousness to the word of truth, To “Tree of Life” consciousness.

Those five prayers elevate us, step by step, to the peak of Yom Kippur – the prayer called Neila.

Each prayer reveals a different level in the Tree of life to our souls:

Mariv – Sefirat Malkhut, Shaharit – Sefirat Zeir Anpin; Musaf – Sefirat Bina; Minhah – Sefirat Hokhma; Neila – Sefirat Keter.


On Yom Kippor we make Viduy (Confession)

The word Viduy וידוי in Hebrew is as the Hebrew word “vadoy” meaning certainly. As by the true confession we are confirming to God at that moment we will make sure that our selfish behavior will not repeat itself. These bad deeds we are confessing to come will not happen again.

Azazel is S”M and the Nukvah of the luminous

“klippa” [shell], to whom the goat is given on Yom Kippor. The Samael and the evil Nukvah, the male and female of the evil side are called “ depths of the sea”. They are that which remains after the dross of the kings of Edom was purified called the “ shadow of death.”


It is said that Yom Kippor is “c” (like) purim as on Yom Kipporim no one is as themselves, but we all act on this day like angels. It like we have a costume on like on Purim. On Yom kippor we read from the book of Yonah to remind us the improperly placed “religious” piety (severity) should not block compassion.

Happy feasting fasting and feasting and Visions……………………………