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Strange men and GIANTS !
January 6, 2009, 7:40 am
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The ancient giants issued from the mixed marriages of “Bnei Elokim and the daughters of men. Many evil spirits proceeded from them.  ALL THE GIANTS ON THE EARTH PARISHED IN THE GREAT FLOOD OF NOAH EXCEPT OG WHO HUNG ON TO THE ARK FROM THE OUT SIDE


The giants that were in Israel during the flood of Noah survived, as The Holy land was not affected by it.Therefore, the Torah tells us of the giants during the time of Avraham avinu and even much later when spies went to see the land. Also in the beginning of parsha Chayah Sarah It says:

“And Sarah died in Kriyat Arba which is Hevron in the land of Canaan”

There Rashi brings that Kriyat Arba Meaning, city of the four

is So named because of the four Anakim giants who were there: Ahiman, Sheshai,Talmai, and their father”


Several human skulls with horns protruding from them were discovered in a burial mound at Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, in the 1880’s. With the exception of the bony projections located about two inches above the eyebrows, the men whom these skeletons belonged to were anatomically normal, although at seven feet tall they were considered to be giants. Burial was believed to have been in the neighborhood of 1200 AD. The find was made by the Pennsylvania state historian and dignitary of the Presbyterian Church (Dr. G.P. Donehoo) and two professors, A.B. Skinner, of the American Investigating Museum, and W.K. Morehead, of Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. Evidence of this find has since disappeared.

The existence of what appears to be a is probably one of the most controversial artifacts in existence, and certainly not one that medical science can easily explain away. A horned skull is said to have been discovered in France between 1920 and 1940, but its current whereabouts are unknown. Surnateum, The Museum of Supernatural History, however, claims to have analysed the skull. Their analysis demonstrated that the horns were genuinely part of the skull. The analysis concluded: ‘An in-depth examination and X-rays leave no room for doubt: the skull is not a forgery.’

Giant, horned human skeletons unearthed just south of Elmira and Wellsville, NY


A 30 + year old male skeleton was unearthed in a mining area of the El Paso area. Skull had two small horns protruding from the forehead area. Witness of this was Texas Ranger investigating another murder case .

Biblical Giants Unearthed in Golan Heights


A recent archeological dig has unearthed not less then to dozen skeletons of giant proportions near the ancient ruins of Rujm el-Hiri, located in the Golan Heights, a contested area claimed by both Syria and Israel. The team of archaeologists led by the University of Tel-Aviv claims that the skeletons might be older then the ruins themselves, already dating back to 5000 years, according to mainstream archeology.

It is clearly an unexpected find explains chief archeologist, Tom Yiggur.  The site of Rujm el-Hiri has been extensively searched for decades already, but our team noticed a mound nearby which we thought was of major interest.  It has been two long years, but it was definitely worth the effort!  he explains, visibly enthusiast.

The Rujm el-Hiri site which consists of an estimated 40,000 tons of uncut black volcanic basalt field stones piled and wedged into between five and nine concentric rings has always been a site of interest to biblical archeology because of its mention in the Bible.

It is said in the Bible, that Og, King of Bashan, ruled over these lands.  Og and his mighty army was slain by Moses and he is said to have been the last of the Rephaim, a hebrew word meaning giant.  Could this be the resting ground of these mythical giants the Bible tells us about?  I would not be surprised! » explains Guntar Web, head of the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Tel-Aviv.  One of the giants was covered in a copper armor.  One of the copper swords was also as hard as steel and made in a fashion unknown to us. This is definitely the most interesting dig I have ever laid my eyes upon explains the man who has been in the field for over four decades.



  One of the most fascinating cases of giants in U. S. history are the Smithsonian Giants. During the genocidal conquest of the indigenous peoples of North America, the United States Calvary and hired mercenaries encountered giants living among the tribes, and engaged in direct combat with them. The mindset used to justify the wholesale slaughter of many, and forced relocation of the rest of these tribes, was that they were sub-human; their darker skin being a key to this gross misconception. The giants they encountered and killed were red-headed with white skin. Fearing a backlash from the American people for killing whites, giants or not, the government ordered that all bodies of these giants be retrieved and shipped to the Smithsonian Institute, to hide the damaging evidence. We have no idea if those bodies were ever disposed of, but there is sufficient evidence available from the Smithsonian officials and documentation of the time to believe this actually occurred

Bones of giants have been uncovered in the United States in New York, California, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nevada, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Mexico, and Kentucky from as early as 1792 to as late as 1965

The legends of early North American tribes are rich with stories of giants, including the Sioux, who told about giants that ran down the buffalo, and the Algonquin stories of giant, bearded men that first occupied their native lands. Individuals, from Columbus to Wild Bill Cody, gave testimony to their existence in North America. Reports of giant skeletons up to 25 and more feet being discovered were reported in early history of the occupation of the United States

Early English history describes, and even names, giants. Miss Marion, the 8-foot, six-inch Queen of the Amazons, the 8-foot, four-inch George Auger, of the 1903 Barnum and Bailey Circus, Charles Byrne the towering eight-foot-two-inch giant, who gained fame in the late 1700s in London, are just three such giants. Bones of giants up to 13 feet and taller have been uncovered all over the English landscape.
In China, archaeologists have found some of the earliest skeletal remains of giants, as much as fifteen feet tall. Melchior Nunnez, in his letters from India, vouches for the fact that some five hundred giants were used as archers to guard the gates of Peking. George Hakewill, in his Apologie, written in 1627, issued a similar report.
A skeleton found in 1692 in a tomb near Angers, France, measured seventeen-feet, four-inches. And, in his “De Gigantibus”, Joh Cassanio speaks of a giant in Bordeaux, France that stood so tall, a man of ordinary size could walk between his legs. He states that Francis I of France (1494-1547) enlisted him as one of his guards

The Greeks had more than their share of giants in their legends, including Agrius, Alcyoneus, Aloeus, Alpus, Antaeüs, Arges, Atlas, Brontes, Chthonius, Clytius, Coeus, Crius, Cronus, Damasen, Enceladus, Ephialtes, Epimetheus, Eurytus, Gegenees, Gration, Hippolytus, Hopladamus, Hyperion, Lapetus, Metis, Mimas, Mnemosyne, Oceanus, Orion, Orius, Otus, Pallas, Peloreus, Phoebe, Polybotes, Porphyrion, Prometheus, Rhea, Steropes, Talus, Tethys, Thea, Themis, Thoas, Thurius, and Typhoeus

At Agadir, in Morocco, the French Captain Lafanechere discovered a complete arsenal of hunting weapons, including five hundred double-edged axes weighing over seventeen pounds, 20 times as heavy as would be convenient for modern man. To use these tools would require the hands of a size appropriate to a giant with a stature of at least 13 feet
Giants play an integral role in the lore of the Norse gods, including Angr-boda, Asvid, Aurboda, Aurvandil, Baugi, Beli, Bergelmir, Bestla, Bolthorn, Bolverk, Börr, Brimer, Buri, Byleist, Eggther, Farbauti, Fjolvar, Gang, Geirrod, Gerdh, Gilling, Gjalp, Grid, Gunnlauth, Gymir, Hela, Helblindi, Hlebard, Hrauthung, Hreidmar, Hrimthurs, Hrod, Hrungnir, Hrym, Hymir, Hyndla, Hyrrokin, Ide, Jarnsaxa, Jötunn, Laufey, Leirbrimir, Logi, Mistblindi, Norfe, Odin, Orvandil, Skadi, Surt, Suttung, Thiassi, Thrym, Thurs, Tjatsi, Trivaldi, Trym, Utgarda-Loki, and Vafthruthnir

Many mariners, such as Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Thomas Cavendish, Oliver Noort, Sebald de Weert, William Cowley, George Spilbergen, and George Shelvock, reported encountering giants in the logs of their voyages.
In 1812, an Italian journal reported that in the valley of Mazara, in Sicily, the skeleton of a man ten-feet and three-inches in length was dug up in the same area that several other human skeletons of gigantic size had previously been found

In 1950, in the Euphrates Valley of Southeast Turkey, many tombs containing giants 14 to 16 feet tall were unearthed.


Undeniably one of the most authentic “giant” pictures in circulation today. This photo appears in the book All Lights on in the Master’s House in the chapter entitled, “Send in the Giants,” with detailed background information. This fossilised giant was discovered in 1895 by Mr. Dyer during a mining operation in County Antrim, Ireland. The photo was originally published by the British magazine, “Strand” and was since reprinted in a book called, Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland, written by W.G. Wood-Martin. The book is available from select second-hand booksellers, but costs an arm and a leg to buy.

The giants measurement were: height 12ft and 2 in (3.70 m), thoracic circumference 6ft and 6in (1.37 m), length of arms 4ft and 6in (1.37 m), weight 2 tons and 112 lbs (2050 kg) Apparently the right foot had six fingers though it is hard to tell from the photo. The owners and the giant have since disappeared.