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Don’t sell your Soul !, If evil does not offend you your love of god is not Real- Parsha Chukat
June 18, 2010, 1:52 pm
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Chukas בס”ד

In this parsha we are given the law concerning the red heifer. This was the only mystery of Torah that King Solomon thought he could not understand, but after Solomon closely examined this mitzvah he realized how little he really understood at all. The red heifer represents the opposite of logic as we know it. Since that which defiles its makers purifies those who are unclean.

At Meribah Moses said  “ Rebels, shall we bring out from this rock water” We are Told by the sages that Moses should have said the opposite  “ We will bring water from this rock”. It is also written that Moses should have said “GOD will bring water from this rock”, not we.  Its written “ This is the water of Meribah, becouse the children of Yisrael strove with GOD, and He was sanctified in them”. From this one may think that GOD was sanctified at Meribah, but this is not the case,  it is referring to another time. When GOD was sanctified by the appearance of Myriam’s well. As at Meribah the Opposite is clearly true, GOD was not sanctified there. After this the people complained for water again, and GOD became angry, and made fiery serpents attack them. Moses was then told to make a brass serpent on a pole and have the people who were bitten look at this serpent and be healed. That which was killing the people now did the opposite and would heal them. This may allude to the fact that one can not hide themselves from the problems of the world, but they must be confronted directly. They cannot be ignored, as they wont just go away. Also by having some knowledge of the enemy one has a better chance to be victorious at battle. Then Go-d forbid they will not be taken by surprise. We see this with Nachemyah during the time of the establishment of the 2nd Temple. Nachemyah made men who married gentiles in exile leave their foreign wives if they wanted to come up to the Holy land. (This is not racist but the God has commanded the Jewish people to live a unique lifestyle other nations don’t share, as shobot and Kosher. This is in the Bible. This separation preserves their identity as a unique nation.) He also forced businesses to be closed on Shabot. He did not look away ignoring these issues, neither was he afraid to confront them. He did the opposite He took them head on. This certainly applies to a situation involving  the desecration of the name of GOD in public. Like the abomination parade. (I wrote this years ago and this problem has not went away). This involves a judgement upon all Yisrael. We must definitely directly stand up to this attempt to desecrate the name of GOD and bring such filth into our Holy city. What would of Happened if Moses did not stand up against the golden calf disco?. The problems we face are really opportunities to sanctify GOD’s name. To reveal light from the sparks that gives vitality to problem “klipa” (shell). Like the serpent the red heifer Healed and could do the opposite. So make the best out of the situation, what ever it is. We are told that one who is involved in sin should should do its opposite, and go to the other extreme. Before finding the middle path. When preparing the red heifer the Cohen takes a piece of Cedar wood, Hyssop and ties them together with a crimson wool thread, and throws them into the burning cow. The Cedar is of the tallest of trees,  Hyssop the smallest of shrubs. They were tied together with a crimson thread representing sin. This shows that both of these opposite extremes is undesirable. There is one exception to this in the case of the pitfall of the generation, “Safer Chassadim” says one should stay the farthest extreme from it. In our generation this is materialism, at the cost of one’s spiritual awareness and development. So do the opposite, don’t sell your soul, but acquire spiritual goods. King Solomon also said the middle path is that which is correct, except concerning humility and in this trait go the extreme. Always act according to the correct motivation. So we can go as described in our parsha from “rosh pisgah” (head of the heights) seeing, הישימן being הישי the  yeshi (father of David), מן (man-english). alluding to our righteous mashiach and may we see him quickly in our days.

Israel using lion dung
February 1, 2009, 10:47 am
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IDF soldiers sick of late night scrambles on the northern border for false alarms have come up with a unique solution. Many of the false alarms are caused by wild boars and other animals coming in contact with the security fence.

The answer – lion dung from the Ramant Gan Safari placed at strategic intervals to scare the animals away from the fence. The operation is said to have been successful.


The God intends the creation to be in BALANCE this is why he has given this world advice as found in the Torah, other spiritual texts and writings concerning ethics and other places. Things are supposed to be fair and even. When the sensitive balance between good and evil has been tipped. The eye and heart become dulled. Then one can not see “straight”, or think right. Things become “out of balance” and there is no fairness. When natural law is thwarted and challenged, the imbalance results, there will be a reaction from God eventually. If one tries to alter the natural way. There will be failure. We create imbalance through  mistakes by our thought , feelings and actions, this automatically sets into action an equal and opposite force that will stop at nothing to restore matters into the greater harmony and alignment. It is inevitable. If we act only thinking about our wants at the expense of others, in the end we only end up harming ourselves. When we choose to ignore the greater whole and act selfishly we then acting unnaturally. It is unnatural for the human to act in ways that are inhuman. It is insanity. God forbid, if a person doesn’t use their capacity to think and be rational, then they can lose their capacity to think and be rational. God will then arrange situations that will catch us by surprise and force us into seeing that we are thinking and acting irrationally so to bring things back into proper order. God responds to us measure-for-measure. If the world is acting crazy towards you, then you have to ask yourself, “How are you acting crazy towards the world?”

Now concerning insanity what about this :

In our “civilized world”, Israeli officers are being told not to travel to Europe, for fear of being arrested for war crimes:

JERUSALEM (CNN) — Israel’s government on Sunday approved a measure that will give legal protection to its military officers if they are accused of war crimes during the Gaza incursion, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said. “The state of Israel will completely back anyone that acted in its name,” Olmert said Sunday at the beginning of the weekly Cabinet meeting. “The soldiers and commanders that were sent on missions in Gaza need to know that they are safe from different tribunals. Israel will assist them and protect them as they physically protected us during the operation in Gaza,” he said.

Even though they fought a defensive war, warned citizens of impending attacks, allowed in humanitarian aid, and risked their own lives to avoid killing enemy citizens.

But, Hamas can travel anywhere they want in Europe without fear without being arrested, even though they started the war, specifically targeted innocent civilians, and used their own as human shields. This is completely irrational.

Under the land of Israel you will find many tunnels filled with amazing historical artifacts. Under Gaza, you can find tunnels filled with weapons being stockpiled for use against the Jewish people, as part of an ongoing effort to completely annihilate them, to commit genocide.

Also know this :

January 22, 2009 – Washington, DC and Copenhagen, Denmark: A Dutch court yesterday ordered the criminal prosecution of Geert Wilders, Dutch parliamentarian and leader of the Freedom Party (PVV), for his statements – written, spoken and filmed -regarding Islam. The Amsterdam Court of Appeals has deemed such statements “insulting,” declaring that they “substantially harm the religious esteem” of Muslims. Clearly, the effect of this Dutch court order is to set new limits to public debate in Dutch society, in this case about the highly controversial but nonetheless crucially important subject of Islam. This makes the prosecution of Geert Wilders an unacceptable breach of the sanctity of freedom of speech in Western society.

A well known and well respected journalist friend from Paris,” indicates :

Concerning the situation in France in the high schools located in the Parisian suburbs, where the majority of the students are Muslim. it is impossible for an individual, whether a student or a teacher, to say that you are a Jew. If you say so, you’ll end in a hospital. Don’t show any hostility to Al-Qaeda, or Hamas, you’ll be exposed to the same kind of violence. You can also talk to some of these kids, they’re open to discussion. Many of them dream to become a martyr and blow up themselves. It’s after all understandable, that’s what they hear in their mosque. Two weeks ago the demonstrators stopped Place de l’Opera, shouted Allah is great and prayed [to] Allah. This is a fact, not bad science-fiction. People known to be close to revisionists groups and, mainly, ordinary people, from North Africa who suddenly claim that Allah, Hamas and the destruction of Israel matter more than their French citizenship. People don’t understand the danger our country is facing with a growing minority who believe that the law of the French republic matters less than the Islamic law. It is a problem, a huge one.

We can see from what is shown above the world is not going through one of its more rational periods of history. It would not be surprising if in the course of trying to be Mr. Nice Guy to the rest of the world, the American government, along with other Western governments, reaches out to Hamas and legitimizes it. We are certainly not living in an age of enlightenment, no matter how sophisticated our technology has become. In fact, this makes the technology very dangerous for there is little worse or more dangerous than Terrorists playing with
sophisticated tools of death. They find all kinds of nasty ways to use them to their advantage, and someone else usually pays the price for that.

We can return things into a state of Balance correcting our errors, or Natural law will bring alignment and balance to the universe by the force of God’s will itself. This restoration of balance  comes quickly and unexpected. Like a storm a earthquake or like the ice breaking under your feet God forbid. Like a thief in the night. All that stands in the way of balance and that caused the imbalance will be immediately removed. Nature hates imbalance in the world surrounding us and the world inside us. The Earth was not created by human beings. The earth shall not be destroyed by them. The Earth will cleanse herself.

It is a abomination in the eyes of God for a human being to act stupidly. Not even the animals act with the stupidity. Animals follow nature. We humans are supposed to as well. We human beings come from a Divine origin, so too does our planet. We are endowed with a Divine mission. We can create and make things better, but there is a limit to what we can destroy and how much worse we can make things to be. By ignoring nature and acting “stupidly” we inadvertently transform ourselves into agents of evil. One cannot become an agent of evil and expect good to result. Such is madness delusion and self deception.

Let no one be so deceived to believe that there is no pay back and that injustice continues forever. Look back into history at the mighty nations and empires that have arisen and fallen. Their only remnants are relics in museums and information on pages in history books. The Divine order spoke, nature itself has directed the course of human events. When a nation rose to the heights and then in arrogance it’s leaders became drunk with power. Then it grew fat and became lazy. Soon, its replacement arose. It become unable to sustain itself. This has been the history of humanity.

Let us all do the right thing. Now