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The guide Part 6
July 31, 2008, 8:03 am
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updated April 17th 2016

“There is no ignoramus who fears sin.

” There is no Torah without fear,

there is no fear without the Torah.

(Zohar Tikunim)

Keep far from Babylon, make sure your desire and the strivings yearnings of you heart are after the good, the Divine things. By these things your soul and the God becomes more revealed in this world.  All the things you do see the Divine nature in them and have fun. Most of all you should be having fun working God, working the light making fixings in the world and invocations of the Divine. This is the Joy of your soul. By these things you will “see”.

The awe (fear) of God is reached by awareness from learning and Divine experience. This power of the soul is close to “emunah” (faith). The true nature of faith is that it is the light the surrounds “Chuchmah” (Wisdom-creativity).  It is not a dogma, Faith “emuna” is a real power of the soul.

Be with the God and the God will be with you.