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The sleepers below must Awaken
August 2, 2009, 8:36 am
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Of the name יהו”ה (yhv”h) the first letter Yod emanates the spiritual awareness, creative inspiration, this is the level of Soul called “chayah. The second letter Hey creates the mental, it gives intellectual powers, understanding, this is the level of soul called “Nashama”. The 3rd letter Vav forms and reveals the emotional soul of Man, it is called the “Ruach”. The final Hey eminates the Animal soul called “Nefesh” and makes  physical world continually.

There are many worlds, the world of Atzilut is the place of Emanation of the Divine energies, to it is no aspect of physicality. It is created from the Yod of יהו”ה (yhv”h),

The world of Beriah is Creation , the Hey of הו”ה, the level of the mental in the realms. Contemplative powers are emanated from this world to the soul called “nashama”. Yetzirah is Formation, the Vav of הו”ה, the level of the emotional. From here our “Ruach” emotional soul receives its composition continually. Asiyah is Doing, the Hey of הו”ה, the level of the physical in time and space. This is the realm where our soul called “Nefesh” dwells in its body .

Each Letter of the name, and level of the soul exists within the other, and without the other. All are within one, and the One is within all.יהו”ה is the One, there is no second, or any other. All Four levels, Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah. All are present in all. All together form the body of יהו”ה .

“Hoveh,” (Hebrew)  means “to be”. By adding the letter Yod, the verb is transformed into the active, command tense. As the letter י (Yud) before a word makes is active. Thus the Name of G-d יהו”ה,  thus means “Being”, in the active sense, or “Active Being”. For this reason, this name is considered to be unpronounceable, for one cannot reduce the whole of Active Being into one sound, that a Human alone can pronouce. The presence of יהו”ה exists in time and space, and therefore can be perceived and experienced, but this experience cannot be limited in the sense of sound to be pronounced like any other word. So יהו”ה can be experienced, but not pronounced , it has no one sound, for all sounds are within it. It is aspect of the infinite so cannot be pronouced in its most profound sense, do it is called the “ineffable name”. The “Infinite” is revealed through “יהו”ה “, creating the finite reality of this world also.

There is “Ayn” (in Hebrew means nothingness-this is the infinite which is as nothing compared to the finite reality of this world, having no comparison), which is “Is Not” (all that has not yet become manifest is here) and there is Yesh (meaning in Hebrew that which is, does exist),  Yesh is to Ayn, as body is to soul. All “what is” cloaks itself, garment upon garment, so that even the most clothed expression still in its essence is a manifestation of what “Is Not”. Meaning the infinite energies of GOD are within all. The garments of “What Is” act as filters so as to diffuse the energy of the infinite light of God.

The “Ayn” (in Hebrew means nothingness-this is the infinite which is as nothing compared to the finite reality of this world,having no comparison ) is in the י of יהו”ה . Yesh (meaning in Hebrew that which is, does exist) come into being from the letters הו”ה of יהו”ה .

The Ayn Sof (Infiniteness of GOD ) is manifest in time and space as יהו”ה

“Hoveh,” (Hebrew)  means “to be”. By adding the letter Yod, the verb is transformed into the active, command tense. As the letter י (Yud) before a word makes is active. Thus the Name of G-d יהו”ה,  thus means “Being”, in the active sense, or “Active Being”. Without movement, Consciousness remains dormant, asleep unto itself. The Name of G-d יהו”ה, has the active force that propels motion, change growth. By the name that which exists in the infinite as potential but “Is Not” can be made to become ‘What Is” can be made manifest.

But without movement, Consciousness remains dormant, asleep unto itself. The beginning is when the Sleeper has awaken the Awareness,of the Primordial Consciousness of Ayn-The Infiniteness of GOD which shifts from the passive to the active state, manifesting”What Is” from that which is  “Is Not yet”-the infinite.

There is now Ayn (the unmanifest in the infinate) and there is Yesh (that made manifest). Ayn is the Soul of G-d, and יהו”ה is the Body.

At this point Creation, as we know it, has begun.

This is a great secret :The entity we know as man embraces  Consciousness it is the “what is”, and  Unconsciousness is the what “is not yet” (the infiniteness of God). These in turn correspond to body and soul. The Primordial Awareness, that is the beginning is itself Unconsciousness. This is the true  purpose of creation.

What for us is true consciousness, is truly unconsciousness. What dwells within the Human unconscious, is the true Awareness. As it is above, so must it be below. This is the awakening of the sleeper. As the Primordial Sleeper awakens, He begins to Be. What He “Is”, is Atzilut (the source of his soul power of emination. Let him work with the GOD to create reality.

The sleepers below must awaken, for GOD, the Primordial Ayn (Infinate of GOD) above was, as if, asleep and has awaken and become Yesh (a manifest active source in his soul) As it is above, so must it be below.

There is only one God, Elohim, the Sons of God, and many worlds
December 21, 2008, 6:03 pm
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Rabbi Shimon opened the discussion by saying, “In the beginning Elohim created” (Genesis 1:1).

Since Elohim is plural so one may come to think it means that more than one God was involved in the creation.

This verse has to be examined carefully, because whoever claims that there is another Divinity shall be wiped from the face of the world. As it is already written, “Thus shall you say to them: The Deities who have not made the heavens and the earth, they shall perish from the earth and from under these heavens” (Jeremiah 10:11), because there is no other Creator besides the Holy One, blessed be He, Himself!

Some one once came to Rabbi Yuhuda Petia and claimed the prophet Elijah’s spirit would come to him and speak with him. It’s a long story but he proved it was not truly Elijah’s spirit, but a negative entity by telling the man to have the Elijah’s spirit say the verse above , “Thus shall you say to them: The Deities who have not made the heavens and the earth, they shall perish from the earth and from under these heavens” (Jerimiyiah 10:11). It could not speak these word, it refused. Showing it was not truly Elijah. Elijah does come at times to teach the righteous. We have 20 volumes of Books of teaching Elijah taught the Ar”i.

This verse (Jerimiyiah 10:11) is written in Aramaic, with the exception of the Name Elohim, which appears at the end of the verse. If you suggest that it is because the Holy Angels do not listen or pay attention to the translated form, ARAMAIC LANGUAGE, and are not familiar with it, THEN ON THE CONTRARY, this verse would have been said in the holy language (Hebrew) so that the Holy Angels should hear and pay attention IN ORDER that they approve of it. This is certainly the reason why it is written in the translated form (Aramaic), as the Holy Angels do not pay attention nor listen to it. Thus they do not envy man nor do him evil. Because in this verse the Holy Angels are included, as they are called Elohim, and are included in the term Elohim, and they have not created the heavens and earth!

The angels don’t like to listen or speak ARAMAIC as it is disturbing to them, it being like a corruption of the Holy tongue (Hebrew).

THE VERSE READS, , “Thus shall you say to them: The Deities who have not made the heavens and the “Arka” (earth), they shall perish from the earth and from under these heavens” (Jerimiyiah 10:11), The usual word to earth is not used here. “Arka” is one of the seven lower earths

There are 7 words for earth in the Bible they refer to 7 worlds, parallel different levels of existence, realities. . “Arka” is one of the seven lower earths. The earth that houses the place souls go to for up to 1 year of purification after dieing if one merits this. It is called gehenom or in English Hell.

. And in that place, the descendants of Cain live. After he had been banished from the face of the earth, he went down there and begot children. And there he became confused and lost all knowledge. And it is a double land that consists of darkness and light.

And there are two ruling supervisors there, one that governs over the darkness and one over the light. And they are hostile to each another. When Cain went down there, they joined one another and made peace. And all realized that they were the descendants of Cain. Therefore, they have two heads, just like two snakes, except when the supervisor who rules over the light rules over the light, and over supervisor of the darkness. Accordingly, those that belong to the darkness became included within those of the light; thus, they became as one.

These two supervisors are called (do not say these names) Afrir”a and Kestimo”n  and their images are like the images of the Holy Angels with six wings. One has the image of an ox, and the other the image of an eagle. And only when they become united do they assume the image of man.

As for the likeness of their faces, the four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side; and the four had the face of an ox on the left side; the four also had the face of an eagle. (Ezekiel)

From the Ox is the Nefesh (animal soul), from the face of the Eagle is emanated the Nashama (soul of Divine intellect). Thus when ones Divine intellect rules over their animal soul they are truly the crown of creation a man.

When they are enveloped with darkness, they change their forms into a snake with two heads and move like a snake. They fly around in the abyss and bathe in the Great Sea. And when they reach the chains of


Uzza and Aza-el, they irritate and arouse them. Then they leap into the “mountains of darkness,” thinking that the Holy One, blessed be He, wishes to call upon them for judgment.

Remember(do not say these names) Uzza and Aza-el  were of the “sons of God” that came down to this world and fell by sin.

And these two supervisors swim in the Great Sea and fly off from there. They then go at night to Na’amah, the mother of the demons, by whom the first “Sons of Elohim (God)” were misled (Genesis 6:2). Although they wish to go near her, she leaps away 6,000 parasangs. Then she turns, CHANGING HER FORM into many different shapes in the eyes of human beings, so that they may be led astray after her. And these two commissioners fly off and wander around the entire world. Then they return to their places. And they arouse the descendants of Cain, with a spirit of evil inclinations, to beget children.

One must avoid the evil thoughts of Na’amah from one’s evil inclination, but in the pursuit of Holiness have Holy relations and children.








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Know your Doctor
October 10, 2008, 2:19 pm
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UPDATED                            JULY 22                 2014

                                 PARSA  Hiezeno

In the Parsha we are told God keeps us as the apple of his eye.

“He found him in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about, he instructed him, he kept him as the apple of his eye.”

The Zohar compares it to a doctor and his patient. Now in our exile Hashem uses many ways to heal us, of out disease. When asking what is this disease, we may look and learn from The Fredica rebbe He said that when a person gets engrossed in corporal tendencies , they can heaven forbid get to the point of being no more than a animal. what separates man from animal.  Man has a goal in life.

Whoever thirsts for Torah study must aspire to climb higher and higher, for there are no limits in elevating oneself in the service of God. Elevate

your head with lofty aspirations in the Torah. Raise your head to new

aspirations” and l grow more and more.


Living in the land one is completely surrounded by Holiness. While outside of the Land, one is engrossed in something else.

The cause of the problem is the yatzer hora (evil inclination). Only Hashem has the cure He is who creates it. Concerning the cure.

We learn from Tefilot Ramcha’l that there is evil and good in the heart of man, but only truth is in the kidneys. From our Kidneys we can give power to Mashiach )The Messiah) and heal illness in Yisrael (state of consciousness). Sickness is caused by evil, but Hashem heals illness through “Arich Anpin” (High Mazel-Divine will) Who is “arich Apyim”. Who heals the illness and all its offshoots.  Binna is the רופא (doctor). By our Teshuva (repentence ),the wound of אלהי”ם is returned to Z’a  (source of Emotional soul called Ruach) Who gave this wound, and from יהו”ה which is Arich we are healed. They give advice from the side of יהו”ה . The thoughts of the Kidneys are נסתרות (hidden things). They spread out specifically Bina (Divine understanding, but only in times when power illuminates the eyes with Chuchmah.

Think about what has been written here.

When evil rules in the world ruach haKodesh (spirit of Holiness) leaves Yisrael (this is exile of the Shechinah), the kidneys dont advise, and the heart becomes as stone from the falsehood of the world. In such a time of darkness there is only “pilpul” (Way of learning Talmud-argumentative Torah) and difficulties in understanding. But when there does illuminate עליונים  חיים (Supernal Life) which is the secret of  י”ה illuminating from the  gates of Gan Aden. Then there is given to the intellect for secrets of the Torah.1 This is healing, and hopefully the ultimate healing will result with the Mashiach revealed and the Temple Built

1. 1Tefilot Ramcha’l #187,390,Safer Hakanah