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The Revolution
December 3, 2010, 4:15 am
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One of our inalienable rights and powers as endowed upon us by our Creator is the ability to fight and defend our freedoms and liberties and the right to rebel against tyranny. But like with the Hebrews in the Bible at the Red sea when the Pharoe and his chariot troops were in pursuit the sea did not part for the Israelites saving them till Nachson ben Aminadav jumped in. It takes brave men to take up a just cause and lead others to go first. As America is now turning into a anti Religious socialist nanny state with unsustainable social welfare expenditures. Who is going to stand up before its to late to defend the values that the founding fathers of the United States held dear ? Will there be enough people who will stand up and not blindly follow the crowd to make a difference. Or will the NEW WORLD ORDER of the Globalization movement be left to take over and America as we knew it will be NO MORE ?

There comes a time to take a stand, to stand up for what one loves and knows is true. Being self centered ignoring whats going on around us will not help, eventually one can find them themselves caught in the trap and then it may be too late. Burying one’s head in the sand offers no salvation from tyranny. If one does not make a contribution to make things right in the world, in a passive way they are contributing to what is wrong. Saying I have faith in God and everything will be ok is a cop out which Jews said before they were led to the gas chambers. Global evil does not just disappear on its own, it must be stopped.


There are forces, evil men right now who seek to control you, to steal your money, livelihood, control your lives, your welfare and your future. and if given their way things are going to get really bad.


People will need to fight for their own freedoms and face the ruthless wrath of an oppressive government that cares nothing for you or for your individual rights.



 Are you ready to become a slave?


If not this is a call to action.


When we think of slavery we imagine some thing from our long-gone past. where an individual has no rights or privileges whatsoever. All their time belongs to another called their owner. In the modern western world we imagine ourselves so much better.  But think about, how much better are we really?  Just how free are we?  Let’s look at the facts.


Are you free to use your time as you please, or is most of your time used up slaving at work.


Today, as the Hebrews in ancient Egypt were, many of us have become slaves.  Like in Egypt our servitude began voluntarily. We are slaves to an economic system, to a conformist society that demands the sacrifice of sacred religious beliefs and compliance to views and ideas that contradict the very foundations of morals, truth and the natural order as created by God. 



Are we even free to believe, express and practice our beliefs as we want ?


Definitely not!


 Ask American Christians who wish to build a manger scene for their Christmas holiday in their small town public squares.


Everything that is good and right is under terrible assault.  Everyone today who holds by what is good and right are under attack.  They are condemned as being politically incorrect and socially shunned. God fearing, religious people of moral integrity, who know the difference between right and wrong are under massive attack.  It is not their bodies being assaulted (at least not yet), but rather their minds.


No you are not allowed to express their faith in God.


 It has become illegal, though it is a American tradition.

This is because there is  a vocal small minority that resents this and expresses objection to it. The so-called “progressives” embrace ungodly agendas and are defiantly proud of it!  They are enemies of freedom, in whatever forms it takes.  The anti-religious vocal secular minority rejoice as they loudly yell their battle-cry against everything moral and right. “Down with the old and in with the new.”  This is the “battle cry”  Yet, the old they seek to destroy is the Way of God, the new they seek to impose is God-less secularism, atheism and governmental control of everything “from cradle to grave.” , This is really the descent into slavery “from cradle to grave” and even beyond.




Who gave them the right to rule American values. Modesty was once a virtue, but looks like it becoming a forgotten one in the western world. Society is moving in the opposite direction thanks to the media which is always “pushing the envelope” further.


 Allowing views of the vast majority to be repressed. 



This is just one of many examples of outright religious persecution occurring now right here in the United

States against Christians and others of Biblical faith under the false Guise of the so-called separation of Church and State, according to the First Amendment  of the American Constitution.


Yet this is ever so far from the truth. As said before a manger in the public square is a American tradition.

The resentment against such public religious displays,

Is not.


The first amendment reads :


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.



Any one can see that by the first amendment Government is not charged to remove religion from the public forum as is now happening today. It says the opposite. That congress does not have the right to “prohibit the free exercise of religion; or abridge the freedom of speech”  The First Amendment only tells us that government should not endorse one religion over another.


The American founding fathers inspired by Biblical examples.


George Washington said:


“I now make it my earnest prayer the God would have you and the State over which you preside, in His holy protection, that he would incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government; to entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another,”

June 8, 1783 


Beliefs of the Founding Fathers





 They stood up against the repression of European England.  And here we are again today, with now emancipated American again being tread upon by the crushing heal of European socialism and snobbery. 




The Jewish people and the State of Israel are now subject to European antisemitism and its new found partner extremist Islam.  You want to talk about a loss of freedom and rights look at the Jewish Israelis who lived in Gaza when their government sent in armed troops to throw them out from their homes and to turn over their land to the enemies of the state.  Although performed in the name of peace, it was known then and proven now that no peace was ever accomplished , it was all a lie.


 The government of Israel clearly acted against the interests of its own citizens robbed them of their livelihoods and their own homes.  There is no greater definition of betrayal than this.


 Who gave government the right to throw people out of their homes?


Who gave government the right to force its citizens under penalty of law to purchase health-care insurance that they do not desire to have?


Only a government out of control, a repressive regime

acts deceptively to confuse the public and under the guise of acting for the common good to enact laws that violate natural inalienable rights of individuals and then produce information campaigns to lie to the people persuading them to surrender their rights and freedoms for some assumed

greater good. The new masters proclaim, “all are equal, but some are more equal than others.”  This is the deception of tyrants. They Begin with a lie, and is maintain their platform with a lies. The lie is in the name of “social justice,” these deceivers want to take control of everything and be in charge of everything. So that they can make sure that there will be their version of equality for all which really means everyone will be equally enslaved, except those who are in charge. They feed the masses massive amounts of false and confusing information,

propaganda. They hope eventually the truth will become forgotten and all that will remain true is the big lie.



Bible believing, God fearing patriotic Americans and Bible believing, God fearing, patriotic Israelis share one thing in common, their governments have betrayed them and their own nations founding principles. They have turned into monsters the likes of which have only been known in dictatorships and in the worst nightmares.



Traditional moral Americans cannot any longer  even express many of their Bible-based views.  If they speak out against the immorality of abortion or homosexuality, they are immediately condemned in the public media and called all kinds of names.  They may even face legal prosecution, persecution. People have no right to make God’s Biblical laws “illegal” and to hold those hold by them into criminals. Civil law was intended to protect all members of society from abuses. Not to force the population to renounce their own beliefs and abandon their Biblical Morality for the will of the ruling class of the state and inflict  punishments on members of the population who refuse to walk their immoral unethical line.


Simply the Evil-doers desire to become free from submission to God’s Will. In this generation the “other side” has shown them a way. Now they simply declare that there is no real God, that all religion is nonsense. They are in for a rude awakening.


Many have already been deceived into “believing in” the so-called “right” to act immorally and irresponsibly against the Divine and natural order of the creation . People’s beliefs are being manipulated and intentionally confused.  The lines between right and wrong are more and more becoming blurred.  Right and wrong are switching places and the majority does not see it or even seem to care.

There are those who say individuals should be “free” to act however they choose. But this is not really freedom we are talking it is chaos. This results in the law of the jungle, where “dog eats dog.”  This is not natural for man to live this way. With out the natural moral code which is the back bone of society cultures, peoples and nations implode in the savagery of the jungle. Where there is no law and order, and everyone acts selfishly for themselves.  This is where the evil dictator comes in and rules by ruthless repression.  Here we come to the worst expressions of human depravity.  This has happened so many times in the past like in the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah and it is happening again right now around us, everywhere. The masses just follow the pack. Like mindless zombies people support political oppression, without examining what it is they are supporting. No one bothers to make the effort to think for themselves any more. Their modern faith-less masters of the media think for them and tell them what to believe and what is right and wrong. Those who control the media control Their thoughts.  They may run around even believing they are fighting for your rights and liberty and they are willing to use violent methods in order to achieve their goals.  Fror them all that matters is the fight, their

irrational twisted cause they are taught to embrace and to hate for.  They are slaves to brainwashed into the ideology. Of course they do not acknowledge themselves to be slaves they have chosen to deceive themselves into believing that they are masters.  There is nothing sadder than to see a slave who deludes himself into thinking he is free.


This is similar to the case centuries ago in ancient Israel when the Greeks  with there secular agenda ruled the land and made every effort to force the Jews to give up their Torah-based religion.  Eventually this led to the Maccabee revolt (the story of Hanuka). 


Any government overstepping its bounds and restricting its citizens free rights are themselves causing great harm.

Such governments, such philosophies and their adherents must go.


Eventually public outrage will grow and a popular uprising will explode into rebellion against the repressive authority and the moral and God fearing will fight to take back those rights which are the due of all men. Men are not meant to fear their governments, they are meant to fear God. If government is established to uphold natural common law then this is for the good.  But once government oversteps its bounds and seeks to enslave its people with laws contradicting fundamental inalienable laws as ordained by God, the people have the moral obligation to rise up and reclaim that which is rightfully theirs. It is never easy to lift this heavy burden, it takes self sacrifice. We can change things.  Both the American and Israeli political systems can be changed.  From both of these natural allies, the internal forces in government and society that act against the interests of sound government and against a safe, balanced and normal Society must be removed from places of power.  We must learn to stand together as patriots for freedom, justice and the Biblical way (what was once the American way) and restore honor to government and to society at large.


 Long ago wise King Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun. 


In Biblical times, Abraham stood up against the Religious repression of the evil dictator Nimrod, Moses stood up against Pharaoh and the Maccabees stood up against the Greeks. You can’t run away!  You can’t ignore this fight.


Religious repression comes in many shapes and ways whether disguised as freedom, enlightenment or progress.  In the end, it strips a man of his inalienable rights as

ordained by our blessed Creator. Death in this battle is death eternal.  What will die may not be only the body of

flesh and blood, but rather your immortal soul.  Either you fight to keep your soul alive or a very subtle vicious enemy will fight relentlessly to kill your soul within you.  You have no choice and no place to run. You are on the front now and taking fire.


It is nothing other that a devious plot by the forces of evil that seek to enslave the human soul. The forces of evil work subtly and deceptively. And that is exactly what evil is doing!



 Get up stand up, stand up. stand up for your rights !


Whether you like it or not, you are a soldier at the front lines of the greatest and most ruthless war of all times. 

You, yes you, are a fighter in the trenches in the great war between the forces of good and evil.

Whats wrong with American Judiasm today ?
November 15, 2009, 6:04 pm
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Who made Judaism a religion of gaudy mausoleums the temples, material wealth, an empty, vapid, childish, shallow, ostentatiousness, ignorance, conspicuous vulgarity, of assimilationists ?

What makes The American Jew run? What makes The American Jew run after intermarriage ? What makes The American Jew run away from Judaism and cut the chain of generations? What makes The American Jew run away from the Judaism that his great grandfather clutched at the risk of loss of happiness, material wealth and, so often, very life? What makes The American Jew run?

This is the question that drives the American Jewish Establishment to frantically set up committees, study groups, surveys and commissions. This is the question to which they allocate so much time and so much communal money. This is the question that is at the top of their puzzled order of priorities, over which they scratch their collective well· groomed heads: What makes The American Jew run?

The puzzled shepherds of the American Jewish community can close down their study groups and their commissions and their committees; they can put an end to the learned and expensive surveys. They can stop spending Jewish communal funds. What makes The American Jew run away from Judaism? Who created that American Jew who turns from Judaism in disgust or in indifference? Who created the American Jew who pants after intermarriage or who marches for Jesus or Trotsky or Arafat or for nothing Jewish? Who created the American Jew who finds Judaism as unimportant as the color of his hair ?

Why, the answer is obvious: The very same Establishment groups who are busily creating the committees, commissions, study groups and surveys to find out the answer to these questions! Who made The American Jew run away from Judaism? The American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the B’nai Brith, the federations on every level and in every locality, the temple rabbis and The American Jew’s most intimate Establishment figures his parents.

All of these are the criminals. All of these had a hand in  the murdering of the American Jew. All of these robbed him of his heritage, of the beauties of his Inheritance. All of these make The American Jew run.

The Jewish Establishment groups The AJCommittee, the Congress, the B’nai Brith, the federations, ALL the spokesmen for the American Jewish community the ruling clique, uniformly marched down the American road with a melting pot under their arms, beating it over and over again and shouting forth the Eleventh Commandment to the American Jew: Thou shalt melt!

Thou shalt melt, thou shalt integrate. thou shalt amalgamate, thou shalt be an American as all others. They beat the drums for interfaith. exchanging pulpits with ministers enthusiastically, in a frantic effort to prove to Christian and Jew alike that there is essentially no difference between them They were partially successful the Christians were not convinced but the Jews were.

Thou shalt melt, thou shall integrate, thou shall  Americanize yourself. And so they raised high the banner of the public school and fought, with a zeal no one knew that they possessed, the one weapon that might have given The American Jew knowledge, and a sense of pride and roots. In fear and with hostility, they declared a holy war against the Jewish Day school. the parochial school. the yeshiva. They piously rationalized their struggle on the sacred grounds of separation of church and state but the real reason for their war (and they took the lead among all Americans in fighting the slightest aid to parochial schools) was their fear and consequent hatred of the parochialism and separatism of the yeshiva. The yeshiva threatened them with too much Jewishness! What would the gentile say If Jews were too Jewish, if they looked and behaved too differently, If their profile was not properly low? How did one mix easily with gentiles in Ihe non-kosher country clubs they were so eager to join; how did one assimilate if Jews did not learn to drop the embarrassing customs, habits and old ritual baggage?

The public school! This was the way to equality, to uniformity, to mixing and assimilating and to the death of anti-Semitlsm. And so, they urged their flock to send The American Jew to the public school (and the flock, as eager to mix as the shepherds, needed little urging). The American Jew went to pubic school.

And today as the shepherds run frenziedly about surveying The American Jew and asking him, “Where did you meet your non Jewish wife ?” he calmly answers: “Why, In the public school: in the Public school to which you sent me……  Who made The American Jew what he Is? Who made The American Jew what he is? The establishment groups and leaders who took a Judaism of particularism, of separatism, of uniqueness, of difference, and who In their fears, insecurities and ignorance created an American brand that leveled all uniqueness, “proved” that Jews and Christians were no different, and eliminated every logical and moral reason 10 be different. They created The American Jew: they made The American Jew run.

And who else made The American Jew run away from Judaism? Who else made The American Jew what he Is and is not? The massive, gaudy mausoleums that dot the landscape of every Jewish suburb, The temples, The Temples whose senior rabbi is the caterer. The temples that perform human sacrifice rites each Sabbath morning, and they call them, The Bar Mitzvah, The Bar Mitzvah that culmination of an empty, vapid, childish, shallow Jewish “education”, taught by men and women whose ignorance and lack of Jewish content make them superb vehicles for the “education” they pass on, The Bar Mitzvah, that obscene cuit of ostentatiousness, the ultimate in Jewish status seeking, the competitive drive to bankrupt that pathetic and hapless “father of the Bar Mitzvah,” The Bar Mitzvah where the young lamb babbles the words he neither understands nor cares to, to the accompanying nachas, pride, of beaming women and men who would not know a correct word from a mistake, whose Ignorance Is sublime and whose disgusting display of conspicuous vulgarity sends G-d fleeing from the mausoleum in wrath “… The Bar Mitzvah, whose necessary “religious” interlude long ago was subordinated to the piece-de- resistance of the entire immorality play the “reception.” The sickening waste of money and degrading of Judaism, where materialism runs amok in the guise of religion. Where drunks and half-dressed women dance and give praise to the L-rd. with African dances. American tunes. and universal abominations. The Bar Mitzvah where the assimilationists, ignoramuses and despoilers of Judaism. beam with patronizing pleasure as the decrepit grandmother Bubby is resurrected from her nursing home or Miami Beach condominium and trolled out to light a candle to the applause of the go-go girls and dirty comedians waiting to do their act.

The temple. that was created to give G-d a place on earth on condition that He know exactly what His place is. The temple. Where man thinks up G-d rather than admit that He made him. The temple, where the Jew can create any kind of religion that he cares to and call it Judaism. The temple. where things too difficult are junked and where from the Board of Directors shall come forth Torah and the voice of the L-rd from the approving Sisterhood membership. The temple. run by men whose ignorance of Judaism is exceeded only by their arrogant insistence on spouting it. The temple, where The American Jew visits “G-d” and meets “Judaism” and flees from it in horror. The temples; they created The American Jew, they made The American Jew run.

And who else made The American Jew run from Judaism? The temple rabbis. The kept theologicians who knowingly preslde over fraud and grotesque jokes. The well paid functionaries who’s ‘ salaries are payments to hold their silence and to declare light darkness and darkness. light;

to give their stamp of kashrut on the impure meat that their temples serve up as “Judaism”. The bribe takers whose eyes are blinded and consciences dulled by “kavod”, the honor of sitting on the pulpit before the eyes of the congregants, and by the comfortable salary augmented by the offerings of thankful beneficiaries of weddings, funerals and unveilings. The false prophets who hold their silence as Judaism is twisted. perverted, turned into a humorless joke and who, knowing their own corruptness and fraud of soul, rush to justify the fraud by “rabbinical” rulings that pronounce them “good”. The temple rabbis who take a Judaism of Divinity and truth and go about Reconstructing it and Reforming it and making a mockery of Conserving it.

The temple rabbis who took the age-old axiom of Revelation. real Revelation. upon which is built the Divinity of Torah and junked it. The temple rabbis who made Judaism the product of “wise men” (and if so, are there not wise Christians and Buddhists and atheists?) and thus removed any sacredness and necessary reason for observance. The temple rabbis, so many of whom do not believe in G-d. who took the real and awesome Jewish G-d of history who made man and Created all and who rewards and punishes, and exchanged Him for a “god” who is “the spirit within man”, indistinguishable from indigestion….. They are the models of Jewish “religious” leadership we give unto The American Jew, these empty vessels whose greatest fortune Is that their congregants know even less about Judaism then they do.

These are your rabbis, American Jew, and then we wonder why he refuses to enter the temple over which they preside. Only they themselves know what frauds they are; only they, in their hearts, know what a life of lies they lead; only they, in the inner recesses of their beings, know the self-hate and contempt they feel for themselves each day that they have to perform acts of faith they no longer believe in and teach a religion that long ago they secretly began to doubt. The temple rabbis; they created The American Jew, they made The American Jew run.

And who else made The American Jew run away from the embrace of Judaism into his non Jewish wife’s waiting arms? The parents, the good Jewish parents. The loving Jewish mother who took off her golden nose rings and made a Golden Calf which she worships avidly. The Golden Calf called “success” and “money” and “making it” and “my-son-the-doctor.” The Golden Calf of material success before which she burns incense and for which she threw the G-d of Jewish values into the trash cans of medieval obscurantism. The Jewish father whose values are those of the garment center and the race track and bagels and Ox on Sunday morning before taking the family out to Chinese restaurant on Sunday afternoon. The Jewish father who tries to think like a gentile, act like a gentile, dress Like a gentile , drink like a gentile, and curse like a gentile and then demand that their son marry a “nice Jewish girl.”

The Jewish, parents whose credo is onward and upward In wealth and status and who created a comfortable Judaism that would accommodate their needs. Who moved to the suburbs and created a suburban Judaism, and a suburban G-d, ethical and cultured and nice a vaguely Jewish Santa Claus. Who turned down the Orthodox synagogue of their parents, grandparents and generations beyond because it was too Jewish and too out of step with modern times and too difficult and too outmoded and not compatible with the new pagan-Jewish lifestyle they were creating. Who turned either to the Reform that gave both status (how familiar their Christian friends would find it if ever they stopped by) as well as license (one could be almost anything and do the same in that incredible anarchy known as Reform) or better still to that new and upcoming movement known as “Conservatism.” How many Jewish refugees from Brooklyn and the Bronx arrived in their new status symbols in Massapequa to find themselves surrounded by strange natives known generally as “goyim” with large tribal groups called “Protestants?” How many of the Jews, in panic, fearing that their son would come home with a Mary rather than a Shirley banded together to build a quick temple or “Jewish Center” to save their precious ones? How many of them who did not know a Jewish concept from a Catholic catechism decided to call it “Conservative” because Orthodox is “too old-fashioned” and Reform is “like a church”? And how amazed was the miniscule, unimportant Conservative movement to be suddenly besieged with requests for “Conservative rabbis” that did not exist? And how many conservative temples were suddenly hiring orthodox rabbis who prostituted themselves to the Long Island god of gold? And how true It Is that it was not the Conservative movement (sic) that built all the new temples that suddenly made them so prominent but the ordinary, ignorant Jews who bought a temple just as they bought any other commodity they needed and who set the terms of the deal.

They bought their temple and their rabbi and proceeded to create Judaism and G-d in their own image. The garment center men knew exactly how to cut a suit to fit…..

Judaism, but not too much. If The American Jew was sent to that vast cultural wasteland known as the “religious” or “Hebrew” school which he so despised, it was not so much that he become religious as so that he might acquire “culture.” (At least enough to let him babble the proper words on the great day of Bar Mitzvah initiation rites.) If he came home and mentioned something about Sabbath observance or a ban on ham and bacon. his parents smiled and told him that “we aren’t sending you there for that” or “you don’t have to listen to everything the teacher says,” They played games with their childen and thought that they could deceive them, never realizing, in their own stupidity, that no one can ultimately deceive a child. They created a Judaism that was created in their own image a Cohenism or a Goldbergism or a Schwartzism and tried to pretend that it was Judaism. They defrauded themselves because it so suited them and thought that their children would grow up to be as fraudulent, hypocritical, materialistic and disgusting as they, But he did not. That which makes them run does not necessarily affect their kids.

They thought that Judaism was a faucet that could be turned on and off at will. They wanted to give up the uncomfortable and the inconvenient things but still keep the “important” things, like marrying a Shirley. The American Jew was honest. He took the whole thing and junked it, He turned on the faucet all the way and Judaism spilled out. in toto. He married his non Jewish wife, to the wailing of his parents who shrieked to one and all: Where did we go wrong??? Where did they go wrong?

Where did they go right………

When one thinks about it. the gall and the arrogance of The American Jew’s murderers are stupefying. All of them sleek Jewish Establishment organizations and their portly leaders: the million-dollar temple-mausoleums: the temple rabbi-functionaries: the pitiful and hapless parents. All those whose yardstick was “what will the gentile say” and who proceeded to tailor their “Judaism” to fit, not the Jew but the gentile; all those spiritual schizophrenics who did not know whether they were Jews or not. fish or fowl, meat or milk; all these now point their grubby accusing fingers at Their children and shout indignantly:

“Why are you such a bad Jew? Why are you a traitor to your people? Why can’t you marry a nice Jewish girl. like your mother? Why do you want to marry Mary, she is not Jewish ?”

The hypocrisy is nauseating and amusing at the same time. But the American Jew listens and finds nothing humorous in it. “Why do you want to marry Mary ? Why not? She is good looking, polite and doesn’t nag….. Why do I want to marry Mary ? Why not? What is a nice Jewish girl like my mother? One who desecrates the Sabbath like my mother? So does Mary ! One who eats non-kosher food like dear Mom? So does Mary ! One who comes to synagogue three times a year to parade about in our version of the Easter parade? Mary has the real thing.”

Of course, what The American Jew is really saying no, crying out is: “Tell me, someone. Why should I be a Jew? Why is it important to be a Jew? What difference does it make? Why not knock down the barriers between religions, nations and groups once and for all? What is there to Judaism that is so unique and special that I should adhere to it faithfully and marry within my faith? Why be a Jew !!!! ”

It is an agonizing cry from the souls of tens of thousands of young Jews who assimilate, integrate and disappear into the outer space beyond Judaism. It is the cry, the question. It is asked by young men and women who have seen the emptiness and the vapidness of the Judaism they grew up with. It is asked by young Jews who have seen the ugliness and the vulgarity of their empty temples and the fraud and bankruptcy of their temple rabbis. It is asked by young people whose “Judaism” gives nothing, absolutely nothing, in terms of ideals, seIf-sacrifice and meaning. It comes from those Who equate the “Judaism” they know with ostentatious Wealth, fat and contented Ieaders paying lip service to God and “religion” and the reality of that religion In and the reality of that religion in the form of the Rabbis who do not believe in the Divinity of the Torah or (increasingly) in G-d and in lay people whose ignorance of anything Jewish is compensated for by Hadassah and UJA checks.

Those who murdered The American Jew took a Judaism of their ancestors that was strong and powerful enough to withstand inquisitions and Crusades and pogroms and Kishinevs and Auschwitzes, big and small. It was a Judaism that lived because its adherents were ready to die for it It was a Judaism of the zeyde who believed in God and proved it by observing His commandments. It was a Judaism that came from God and not from man. It was a Judaism whose rabbis and leaders knew Torah, not the latest best-selling book list and who did as they said, setting a supreme example for the The American Jews of old who knew why Judaism was different; who never for a moment thought of intermarriage.

The murderers took this and threw it away, exchanging it for “American Judaism”, a grotesque mixture of Myron Cohen jokes, Miami Beach, UJA checks, Hadassah membership, Jewish food and Moshe Dayan eye-patches. It was a “Judaism” that was stripped of all non·essentials so as to lighten the burden on the long-distance Jewish swimmer through the American waters of assimilation, equality and brotherhood. It was a “Judaism” whose adherents beamed as their leaders got it down to “ethics.” Ethics ! As if that was the beginning and end of Judaism. As if Christians and Shintoists could not be ethical, too. As If Mary was less ethical than Sarah. Ethics, intones the well paid Rabbi from his magnificently furnished pulpit. Ethics that is Judaism. If that’s all there is, then The American Jew knows that Judaism has lost any exclusive hold on him. Everyone, today, is ethical. Christians are ethical and Muslims are ethical and Zen is ethical and Prince Sihanouk is ethical and the late King Faisel was ethical as are his uncountable sons. Is that all there is to Judaism? If that is all there is, then stop lecturing The American Jew as he marches into the sun with his ethical shiksa.

The American Jew wants to know what is exclusive about Judaism, what is unique, what is special, what it has that others do not. The American Jew wants to know this and those who murdered him have no answers for him. The head of the B’nai Brith has no answer for him. The temple caterer has no answer for him, nor the Board Chairman, nor the Sisterhood president. The temple rabbi has no answer for him. Mother and father surely have no answer for him. All of these have no answers for him because all of these have no answers for themselves.

Judaism lives or dies on the unique fact that G·d revealed Himself at Mount Sinai and gave the Jew a truth that no one else has. Judaism lives or dies on the fact that the Bible and the Talmud with their laws. Commandments, statutes and ordinances were divinely revealed and that the only way to holiness and true goodness comes from the observance of Torah laws. This is what kept Their zeyde and bubby Jewish; nothing else. This is a reason for being Jewish. This is a reason for avoiding intermarriage. All the rest is fraud and bluff. The poor American is a victim of the worst kind of robbery the taking of his heritage and reason for being.

If only he would realize that the “Judaism” that he saw his entire life was anything but that. If only he realized that he was the victim of the worst kind of spiritual swindle. How fortunate he would be. How joyous and happy and how meaningful would his life become if he rediscovered the Judaism of his ancestors that was sold on the American continent for thirty pieces of dross. Jewish is beautiful if you do not play games with it or with yourself. If only The American Jew understood. How fortunate he would be. He would then have a reason for being Jewish.

This has been adapted from the teaching of Rabbi Meir