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Got this video the other day


July, 6    2014                                                       UPDATED


Rabbi Eleazer said, in the future the children of Yishmoyel will measure out the land of Israel. They will change a cemetery to a resting place of sheep and a dunghill. He will hew down the rock of the kingdom, and rebuild the desolated cities and sweep the ways. They will plant gardens and parks and fence in the broken walls of the Temple. They will build a building in the Holy place. Two brothers will arise over them, princes in the end, and in these days the branch of David will arise. Three wars of trouble will the sons of Yishmoyel fight in the latter days. One will be in the forests of Arabia, another on the sea, and one in the great city of Rome. This war will be more grievous than the other two. From there The Messiah of the house of David will flourish and see the destruction of these and those. Then he will come to the land of Israel as it says,” Who is this that comes from Edom with dyed garments of Bazrah ” (63:1)1.

The Zohar says concerning this verse that it describes what is equivalent to the killing of the first born in Egypt. Hashem will come from Bazrah. Just like the world’s hosts went to war against Yerushalym from Bazrah (1st Temple). The children of Edom threw down the walls of the (2nd) Temple. Hashem will put on robes of Vengeance to punish Edom. The mountains will be filled with the dead of the nations. 2 In Pesicta, Rabbi Brachyah tells us this verse refers to the fate of Edom’s (Rome’s) heavenly counterpart, God will one day put on garments of vengeance to chastise Edom for having destroyed his house and burnt his temple and driven the community of Israel into the exile of the nations. Beasts shall feed on the bodies of the slain of the nations on the mountains of Israel for twelve months, and the birds shall feed for seven years.3

” Who is this that comes from Edom with dyed garments of Bazrah ”

The sages say this verse brings the conclusion of the war of Gog and Magog and the coming of Mashiach.

As at this time almost all of Iraq has been taken over by the Islamics calling them self IS (the Islamic State) (NOT IS REAL), except Bagdad. If Bagdad falls Hundreds of American military brass will be killed by the hands of Islamic militants. And america will lose controll of their vested oil interest in Iraq.

The US will not let this happen , this situation may invoke the verse ,” Who is this that comes from Edom with dyed garments of Bazrah “

Botzra is the main oil port of Iraq

1 ” ” 30

2Zohar Barashit p211b,Vayikra 89a

3Pesicta dR. Kahana231a



Rabbi Yitzhak said: The year that moshiach will be revealed, all the kings of the nations of the world will provoke each other. The king of Persia [ today called “Iran” ] will threaten the king of Arabia [ today called “Saudi Arabia” ] and because of this, the king of Arabia will go to the king of Edom [ USA ] for advice.

Afterwards the king of Persia will destroy [ most of ] the world. The remaining nations will be hysterical and frantic and fall on their faces and will be seized as if by “birth pains”.

And the people of Israel will be frantic and hysterical and they will say, where will we come and go? Where will be come and go?

And Hashem will say to them: Do not fear My children, do not fear. All that I have done, I did only for you. Why are you afraid? The time for your Redemption has come!


Rabbi Yitzhak said [ about 2000 years ago ]:

The year that moshiach will be revealed [ what is expected to happen in the world at the time when moshiach will be revealed ], all the kings of the nations of the world will provoke each other [ the threats of war among the nations will be heard in every corner of the world throughout the countries and between one another ].


[ The numbers in parenthesis refer to further explanations found in the Hebrew ]

PHASE 1 (2) King of Persia [ Leader of Iran ] (4) will threaten (3) the King of Arabia [ threats of war against the king of Saudi Arabia ( which is the only Arab country which still has the name “Arabia” ).

PHASE 2 (5) The king of Arabia goes to Edom to get advice from them [ The king of Saudi Arabia goes to the Western countries, which are led by America, to consult about how to act against the threat of war from Iran ].

PHASE 3 “And King of Persia goes back (6) and destroys the whole world [ it is clear that you cannot destroy the whole world with conventional weapons. It means to annihilate much of the world with nuclear weapons ]. [ “and destroys the whole world”– the meaning isn’t actually the whole world, the meaning is “most of it, is as all of it”, meaning to destroy most of the countries of the world ”.

And all the nations of the world will be frantic and hysterical and “falling on their faces” and will be as if seized by (7) something like birth pains [ a terrible and horrified fear that was unknown until now will grasp all the remaining nations – lest they too will die in a nuclear war ( because they will be unable to protect themselves from the nuclear explosion and the radioactivity that will result ) ].

And the people of Israel will be frantic and hysterical [ because of the terrible fear that will be in the world that Iran (Persia) will also attack Israel ]. And they will say, where will we come and go [ since there will be no possibility to find help or support and there will be no natural way to be saved – and about this situation it is said “we have no one to rely on except our Father in Heaven” ] and they will say: “Where will be come and go?” [ The Midrash repeats this twice to emphasize the helplessness and fear that will be then ].

And GOD will say to the people of Israel: do not fear my children [ you have nothing to fear , all that I have done, I did only for you GOD calms Israel, that all the destruction of war was only for your good – to destroy the wicked Kingdom of Edom and to remove evil from the world and make it possible for the moshiach (Messiah) to be revealed and begin his work ]. Why are you afraid? “The time for your Redemption has come!”


In order that one should not think these words of the Midrash are incompatible with the reality of our days, it is important to clarify what often appears in the media regarding the “King of Persia” ( President of Iran ) and about their “mahdi”, their messiah. To them, their mahdi can only begin his work of world domination for Islam when the muslims set the world on fire via war.

The current president of Iran since his election has declared several times in public, that the main purpose of his government is to promote the arrival of the “mahdi”, and for this purpose all military and economical resources will be given. He also said in the UN General Assembly (September 25, 2007) that very soon the powerful Western countries will fall and be destroyed. Daily he goes to the well where their mahdi is supposed to emerge from, to conquer the world. There is drops in the minutes of his days activities for their mahdi to read.

According to his belief and the belief of the radical cult that he is part of, the way to bring “the mahdi” ( the shiite “messiah” who is supposedly, according to their distorted beliefs, going to impose the region of Islam on the whole world ) is by creating a situation of chaos with local and international destruction. That is why the President of Iran says they must ignite a local war and then destroy the Western world ( which in his opinion is the root of all evil, thus they call the USA their “great satan”, and Israel is to them only their “little satan” ) using nuclear bombs.

This threat isn’t just an ideology or idle talk. Iran has nuclear weapons programs, and long range missile programs for delivery of same, including a newly discovered site which crosses all red lines, see http://www.wnd.com/2013/03/iran-confirms-secret-nuclear-quds-site/ and even members of the US congress are now concerned, see http://www.israpundit.com/archives/53731

As it is known today, the government of Iran is made up only of people of this cult who believe in their “mahdi” ideology. Whoever doubts this is dismissed from the government ( as was the commander of the Iranian revolutionary guards; he was removed from his position and replaced by someone supposedly loyal to the President of Iran’s mahdi / world war plans. ). And let us not forget that for true muslims to lie to their infidels = everyone else / everyone not muslim, its a permitted thing, to them = the ends justifies the means = wild ass of a man.

An interesting item that appears in the media: astrologist’s see something amazing: very soon the Western world will be destroyed by Iran by nuclear weapons ( this corresponds to the words of the Midrash above ). To differentiate, lately there have been a few tzadikim in our generation who also say that soon there will be a nuclear war outside of Israel, and in Eretz Israel will be the “selection” that was foretold in the prophesy of Zecharia (13:8) and Isaiah 6 ( “v’od ba assirya etc” – see gamara ketubot 112b ) by an earthquake, terrifying in its power, unlike anything known in the past.

In view of all this, it is clear that the words of this Midrash: “and the King of Persia returns and destroys the whole world” should be taken seriously and in light of ongoing world events, it is possible that this will actually happen in the time ahead.

There is also another striking event related to this in the words of our Torah Sages of 2000 years ago ( in Yalkut Shimoni ) “Rabbi Barchiya said: in three hours in the future HaKadosh Baruch Hu will punish Esav and his men.” Thus our Torah Scholars tell us here that the destruction of the evil Kingdom of Edom will be accomplished “in three hours”.

It is very possible that a nuclear war, as mentioned above, could last only 3 hours and in that time, the evil Kingdom of Edom could be destroyed. It is known from our sages [ Malbim, Abarbanel etc. ] that today Esav is America, the countries of Europe and the West.

NOTE: When the Midrash says “and destroys the world”, it doesn’t mean “the whole world, literally”; it means according to the Talmudic axiom “most of it is considered as all of it”. One can understand the words of the Midrash from the prophesy of Zecharia (13:8) “and there was throughout Land the words of Hashem”, “two parts [ of the world ] will be cut off and destroyed and a third of it will remain”, which means two thirds of the population of the world will die. Only a third will be left.

All this is regarding the nations of the world as it says in the commentaries there. However, concerning Am Israel, G-d forbid, the situation could be even worse if we don’t do tshuva, as it is written in the gemara ( ketubot 112b ). Rashi explains there “when nine parts ( of Am Israel ) will be lost and nothing will be left but a tenth”. Meaning that in the selection process that will take place before the arrival of the moshiach, 90 % of Am Israel will die , G-d forbid , if they don’t do real repentance  and only a tenth will survive.


We can see that we are very likely right before a third World War, the like of which has not been known in the past, which will start because of Iran. As we saw clearly the Prophets and Torah scholars of Israel predicted this thousands of years ago. According to their words as we explained above, the war will develop in 3 stages, one after the other:

Phase 1 – Iran threatens and provokes the king of Saudi Arabia.

Phase 2 – The king of Saudi Arabia goes to the countries of the West [ lead by America ] to get advice how to protect themselves.

Phase 3 – Iran opens a nuclear war and destroys the Western world.

( It is possible between these phases there will be only a few hours )


Now everyone has an opportunity and can choose the direction in which he / she is headed and decide where his / her loyalties stand. He / she can choose between the good and the bad, between life and death. He / she can choose between complete loyalty to the Creator of the World and abandoning himself / herself to the dangers of death, G-d forbid ( if he / she continues to act according to his / her desires and follow the vanities of this world ).

Whoever wants to save himself / herself and family, the path they can take to be saved God willing: to accept upon themselves real repentance.  repentance of the heart, and make a true accounting as they have never done before, on all their deeds until now (as many as they can remember) and then:

1. Regret every sin that he / she did against the will of God and every positive command he / she avoided doing, .

2. Confess all to God with as much tears, sorrow and regret as possible.

3. Accept upon himself / herself that he / she will be faithful to the Creator, will “go in all His ways”, with all his heart and not go back to his / her evil ways – see parsha Eikev, Deuteronomy 10: 12-13.

4. Of course, if one fails and falls again, then he / she must immediately get up and start anew, and he will be saved God willing, and merit to greet moshiach at the most opportune moment, Amen.

My thanks and appreciation to those who helped in the preparation of this



God’s Presence is hidden IS HERE

Photo by Haley Black on Pexels.com

Updated May 5th 2019

The United Nations under a facade of respectability systematically targets the State of Israel – the one country on this planet that is at the forefront of fighting against the tyranny and oppressiveness engulfing this world. Who do you folks think you are? You, the unscrupulous NGO’s march under the banner of humanity to further your Jew-hating agenda as you support the Jihadist inferno. And if all this was not enough pseudo academics , willfully join in this perversion and corrupt the pursuit of knowledge as you painstakingly and unabashedly trample on the truth. You, who close your eyes to actual crimes against humanity, and close your ears to the genuine cries of suffering caused by tyrannical, psychotic leaders, yet instead reward the architects of evil with positions of honor within the unsacred walls of your citadels of united deceit. You, who elevate the vile terrorist organizations and the countries that host them into civilization. Those who try to justify and finance the Islamic cult of terror and death to destroy the remnants of the Jewish nation . Your pretense at saintliness is contemptible. There is a God and the day will come when your evil will come back and bite you and that day is not so far away PLEASE GOD !

He will redeem us from the exile because of her The “Shechinah” (Divine Presence). This is as it is written, “And even also this when you are in the land of your enemies” (Lev. 26:44). And the prophet says because of Her when He saw in his prophecy the pressure of the Jews was immense, He said, “This I return to my heart, therefore I shall forgive” (Lam.3:21)

Think about it.

The Jewish people prayed, desired, yearned and waited almost two thousand years to return to The Land of Israel,and have finally done so. The idea of ruling the land was a unrealistic dream for over 2000 years. Now, The Jewish State has been established with the permission of the nations of the world in the ancient homeland of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel after centuries of hatred and terrible anti-Antisemitism.

even after the Land has been miraculously built up strongly economically and militarily, scientifically technologically. Israel brought a unspoken language back into the world. Something never done before, in its security and defence industries, economic, science, advanced medicine,technology and agriculture. Israel is one of only 6 nations of the world that has satellite launching capacity. To say the least this is all uncanny

As incredible as this may be, even after witnessing the fulfillment of these dreams, Even after the Holocaust many Jews chose to to live among gentiles rather than in their own God given ancestral homeland.


There is a strange phenomena we see involving Jewish people and their support for the State of Israel. Intelligent and sensitive Jews are not enraged over troubling events in Israel as Terror attacks that ravage the land. And when European, American and Israeli leftists hold positions and make comments that in the least border of Anti-Semitism. And to this These Jews are silent or support those who are or appear as enemies of their people. Their self-destructive attitudes stem from a curse that often befalls Jews when they talk about Israel – a feeling that we are not entitled to the land of Isreal. Like a beautiful and intelligent woman who somehow consistently dates men who are destructive for her, because she unconsciously does not feel she merits better, the problem of entitlement lies at the core of the Israeli discussion. These faint-hearted and clueless Jews ask, ” Is Israel really ours?

Or Did we steal it from the Palestinians ?

Even Arafat’s Swiss bank accounts and those of the rest of Palestinian leaders ,suicide bombers, even Hamas’ stated goal of the destruction of the Jewish state and its replacement with a Muslim theocracy, none of these nasty facts gets in the way of their feeling that we are undeserving.

The sages tell us there will be survivors among those Jews that cannot overcome the temptations of the lands of exile such as the illusionary promise of riches and return to the land of Israel. But there will be a cost for this “prostitution” of their religious values. The midrash Tanchumah tells us close to 8 out of 10 Jews who are not in the land of Israel at the time of the final redemption shall be killed.

God intended when he gave the Torah that it should be one’s life. Most of its commandments are dependent on living in the land. Torah is not meant to only be a part of one’s life. But Torah is one’s life.

That you may love the Lord your God, and that you may obey his voice, and that you may cleave to him; for he is your life, and the length of your days; that you may live in the land which the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.”

(deut 31)

The Ten commandments were “chiseled” by the finger of God the Hebrew word for “chiseled”, “charut”, also means “freedom” (in Hebrew); the tablets free us from spiritual death and its spiritual damages, the horrors of exile if we live a Torah life, then we can be truly free. Rather than being slaves of the exile.

Rabbi Aba says in the Gemora that there is no greater sign that the time of redemption is before us than when the land of Isreal brings forth her fruit, this is such a time.

But the exile presses hard on us in these later days. So in this period special Torah leaders are required. The sages say in the days preciding the coming of the Mashiach isolence shall increase. These extraordinary Torah leaders will need to harness this insolence , chutzpah to go against the brazenness of those who desire to make Israel a nation like any other nation and a state like any other when in truth Israel can only exist as a Holy nation.

The period preceding the coming of Mashiach is called “ikvay Dmashichah” the “Heels of the Messiah”. The heel is that part of the body which touches the ground. During this period in order to prepare for the coming of the Messiah in a way of great mercy we need to create “facts on the ground”, be doing the right thing. We have to be active in standing up for the honor of Hashem. There is great merit to the prayer and learning in the Bait kanesset but this is a time for “facts on the ground” in “ikvay Dmashichah” we must stand up against the things God despises and actively work hard to promote those things God wants and desires.

Know, that the eternal enemy of the Jews is amongst the Jews themselves. The Moses told us that “Those that hate you shall rule over you” (Vayikra 26:17) – “I will set up enemies only from amongst you and against you” (Rashi). Isaih says “Those who destroy you and waste you will emerge from you” ( 49:17). The Jewish people individually and as the nation of Israel must act increasing Holiness in the world and towards bringing the Redemption. In order to do this we must stand up against these “ eternal enemies” that pretend to be working for the good of the Jewish people, when the exact opposite is true. These false leaders are souls from the “Erev Rav” (mixed multitude that left Egypt with the Hebrews, being its bankers and magicians) They reincarnate with the Jews in each generation and always are trying to bring about evil against the Jews, who they are acting like they are trying to help. The Kol HaTor teaches that It is more difficult confronting the Erev Rav than dealing with Yishmoel and Edom, they are really the greater foe. This evil must be properly recognized, assessed and understood,  in order to combat it. The “erev rav” is not going to go away on its own, at least with out doing too much damage first. Know, evil’s historical continuity, like its expression in the tragedy of the Holocaust can only be understood on the metaphysical level, it is only from this perspective can evil be understood. Rabbi Soloveitchik states that during the 1930s and 1940s the role of Amalek was played by Nazi Germany led by Hitler, and later the same role was played by Nasser and the Mufti, evil has many faces.

This is no time for standing on the sidelines. The Kingship of God must be brought down, revealed in this world. So stand up for it , show the will of God is alive and well in this world and we are ready for Mashiach.

I am not talking about displays of in passionate Dogmatism applied to religion.

This does not sit well with most people and it certainly does not make a good impression. The time for religious separatism and exclusivity is over. We are all in the same boat and its about time to break down all the barriers between Jews and let the Glory of God and his Torah become known to all the Jewish people and the world. Its time to take the Torah out of the Shtetel , even one’s like BeniBarak and and Maih Sharim and reveal the Torah on main street. The lives of our people and the welfare of the world depends on this. The is the meaning of “ikvay Dmashichah” the time to bring it down is now. We meant to be at “light unto the nations” its about time we start shining some of that light. This will not be accomplished by blind faith without any semblance of rationality. Our role sanctifying God, requires us to recall, internalize and work with the Chuchmah of Hashem in the context of understanding of Torah and its carefully structured mitzvot accordingly that one’s being by the awareness of the Divine actually becomes a “no-self”. Then “On that day, He will be One, and His Name will be One.” (Zachariah 14:9)

Only I warn you exceedingly to take heed and guard yourselves very, very much to remember from where the commandments came to you. You should not forget the Revelation on Mount Sinai, nor all the things which your eyes saw there – the thunderings, and the lightnings, His glory and His greatness and His words that “ You have heard there out of the midst of the fire”

Deuteronomy (4:15)

God made that Revelation at Sinai so that you might learn to fear Him all

the days and teach your children during all generations.”

In the Six Day War the Jews finally won back after 2000 years of exile the Temple Mount. Now that is a monumental thing of Biblical proportion. The Temple Mount is the holiest place in the entire Universe, the direct channel to God by which all blessing flows to the earth, given as a wedding present from God Himself.

It says in the Torah “I set before you a blessing or curse”: two extremes. Blessing implies success. Both of these are before you to attain, according to what you choose Understand it is not possible to settle for , to be middle, or mediocre in ones spirituality. Quite the contrary, there are only two possibilities, the two extreme points: obeying the Lord’s commandments (=blessing) or disobeying them (=curse), or in other words, following the way of God’s Teaching or leaving this way and following other gods. Contrary to popular opinion there is no third or other way. We are left only with the choice of one of these two options. Mediocrity, is not an option. There is no middle way and no vacuum. This is a necessary dichotomy, offering us the choice of one of these two options. The middle road, serving G-d partially, half way, or a third of the way, or a quarter of the way, or as he put it, revolving around mediocrity, is not an option.

Why would it be be OK that some Jews live in Eretz Yisrael to protect and secure the Holy Land? And for others to just stay in exile and not help bring the redemption ? Why should they then merit to benefit from all the good of Eretz Yisrael? Be a partner in the final redemption, feel a part of the Holy Land!

Exile was terminated in 1948

God has given us some big wake up calls as the World Trade Center on 9/11. It is time to make known people need to stand up for the Good and we can see the forces of Judgement otherwise manifest in very destructive ways, God should help us. 9/11 opened up a lot of door and hearts to talk about the most important things, but few have stood up to the calling. The World Trade Center attack of 9/11, was on the 23 of the Hebrew month of Ellul. In Ellul this really should be understood as a wake up call.

The world’s economy took a big blow. It seems to be going down the toilet. And there has been a wave of wars that could easily result in a world war ending with tragic catastrophe before the Messiah will be revealed. These are big wake up calls.


Israel is the 10th ranked army in the world. Two things about Israel they are Ultra Prepared and Ultra Not Stupid !

America has a [radar] base in Southern Israel, with the most superior radar system the World has ever seen. It is now being said that America is linking their systems up with Israeli anti-missile technology.

President George W. Bush promised — and President Obama delivered — untold numbers of GBU-28 bunker busters, which can tunnel through concrete before exploding deep underground. President Bush is also said to have sold Israel several midair refueling aircraft.


Israel is fully capable of wiping out Iran literally, by Electric Warfare, Advanced Virus Systems, New Weaponry,  and all the force of the IDF etc. Bibi and Ehud are not messing around in the media, their threats are real.

YnetNews.com reported:

Any Israeli attack on Iran will open with a “coordinated strike, including an unprecedented cyber-attack which will totally paralyze the Iranian regime and its ability to know what is happening within its borders,” American blogger Richard Silverstein wrote Wednesday. Silverstein claims to have obtained an Israeli briefing document outlining the Jewish state’s war plans against Iran, which, according to him, include the launching of dozens of missiles, an aerial attack, a sophisticated cyber attack and even the assassination of senior Iranian military and intelligence officials. 
According to Silverstein, an Israeli strike on Iran will include a “barrage of tens of ballistic missiles” launched from Israeli territory towards Iran, as well as a barrage of “hundreds of cruise missiles” which will “pound command and control systems, research and development facilities, and the residences of senior personnel in the nuclear and missile development apparatus. The attack will open with an unprecedented cyber-attack which will take the internet, telephones, radio and television, communications satellites, and fiber optic cables leading to and from critical installations—including underground missile bases at Khorramabad and Isfahan – out of action. The electrical grid throughout Iran will be paralyzed and transformer stations will absorb severe damage from carbon fiber munitions.
U.S. Army Col. Warner Farr said Israel’s nuclear arsenal has 400 nuclear and thermonuclear weapons. Farr said Israel’s navy could deploy nuclear weapons on the fleet of three German-built Dolphin-class diesel submarines. Farr said based on unclassified sources that “Israeli new submarines are “national deterrent’ assets.” The report said Israel would base its nuclear naval force near Oman with which Israel has informal relations. It is located strategically close to Iran.
Die Welt, Hans Rühle, who directed the planning department of the German Defense Ministry from 1982 to 1988, expressed almost supreme confidence that Israel’s air force could obliterate Iran’s main nuclear sites. He believes that with 25 of its 87 F-15 fighter planes and a smaller deployment of F-16 jets, the Israelis could destroy all six of Iran’s key sites.

Bibi (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) and (Defense Minister Ehud) Barak are dead serious.”

To save lives Iran must back down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Standard & Poor’s has upgraded Israel’s credit rating to A+.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that the upgrade was the international economic community’s “certificate of honor and of responsibility regarding investments in Israel.”

“This is a message to investors. This is a good country,” he said. “This is a country that in complete contrast to the global trend is improving and maintaining a correct and responsible economy, and therefore it is worthwhile to invest in it.”

Israel is a goldmine, finding Shale Oil reserves, Natural Gas, High Tech, etc…Israel is busting out in every way.

Know, that Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture’s Research Institute has made many great achievements producing staggering results in long and better shelf life for fruits and vegetables. That allows products to be shipped by sea instead of air freight, thus reducing export costs. Many of Israel’s agriculturists also avoid chemicals and achieve larger crops with the aid of the use of colors. In addition, Israel’s water shortage prevents cultivating grass for cattle food, yet the ‘milk yield’ of Israeli cows is the best in the world!


The prophet Zachariah said of the Days of Mashiach:

On that day, He will be One, and His Name will be One.” (14:9)

At this time the, Ineffable Name of God, is too holy to be pronounced as it is spelled: yudhayvavhay. Instead it is pronounced as Adon”y

The Ineffable Name yud-hay-vav-hay, as it is spelled, is actually made of two parts, yudhay and vavhay.

Yud-hay-vav-hay, the unified Name is revealed in periods of history when God’s Presence is revealed and known.

The divided Name is when made of two parts, Yud-Hay and Vav-Hay

in periods of time when God’s Presence is hidden.


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Daniel 9 is one of the most difficult passages in the Bible to study. It’s quite enigmatic, and that’s why people get confused by it (the 2nd part of the chapter, that is, the first half is a beautiful prayer we use till today).

While Christian scholars believe that Daniel’s prophecy concerns a 70 week period, if you read it closely, he refers to a six week period and then a 62 week period (what confuses people more is that the term “shavuah” used here, does not refer to weeks, it’s a Torah term for a 7-year period.)

Accordingly, the prophecy addresses two events, one that was to occur 49 years after the rebulding of Jerusalem (beginning of v. 25).

Then there will be a destruction 62×7(434) years after that. These calculations lead us to understand 

The first “anointed” is Cyrus: Isaiah proclaims that Cyrus would give the actual command to rebuild Jerusalem. God declares through the prophet, “He [Cyrus] shall build My city” (Isaiah 45:13; see also Ezra 1:1-8, 6:1-5). Indeed, it was Cyrus who issued a proclamation (ca. 537 B.C.E.) for the return, and for the rebuilding to start. This occurred forty-nine years after the destruction of Jerusalem. God declares concerning Cyrus, “He is My shepherd, and shall perform all My pleasures; even saying of Jerusalem: ‘She shall be built’; and to the Temple: ‘Your foundation shall be laid'” (Isaiah 44:28). Hence, the Scriptures teach that it was during the reign of Cyrus that the rebuilding of the city began. This was symbolized, first of all, by the start of construction on the Second Temple, which was completed ca. 516 B.C.E., seventy years after the destruction. It is with the completion of the Temple that the period of desolation officially terminates.

Isaiah 45:1 describes Cyrus as God’s “anointed. His decree to rebuild Jerusalem comes forty-nine years after the destruction of the city and the Temple, which is the time when an “anointed one” (Daniel 9:25) is to come to fulfill the prophecy, “. . . until an anointed one, a prince, shall be seven weeks [forty-nine years].”

When all is said and done, the biblical record must speak for itself. That record shows that it was Cyrus (Isaiah 45:13), who is given credit by God for the rebuilding of Jerusalem. As we have seen, the initial effort to rebuild was a direct result of Cyrus’ decree. All subsequent permits were based on this decree.

The first seven weeks ends in 537 B.C.E. The second segment of the Seventy Weeks period, sixty-two weeks in length, covered by verse 26, culminates in 103 B.C.E. (586-49-434=103 B.C.E.). Verse 26 indicates that “after sixty-two weeks an anointed one shall be cut off.” This “anointed one” is the High Priest Alexander Yannai (103-76 B.C.E.) who came to power just at the end of the sixty-two week period in 103 B.C.E. and was the last of the important Hasmonean leaders. The phrase “after sixty-two weeks” indicates the time frame during which the “anointed one shall be cut off,” that is, suffer karet, “excision.” The penalty accompanying karet is here aptly described as “to have nothing,” or “be no more.” This punishment is given to Alexander Yannai infamous for his unjust, tyrannical, and bloody rule. He is notorious for his open violent animosity against the Pharisees and his brazen rejection of the Oral Law. For example, Josephus records that Alexander Yannai fought against the Pharisees for six years, “and . . . slew no fewer than fifty thousand of them” (Jewish Antiquities XIII. 13. 5. [373]). He also “ordered some eight hundred of the Jews to be crucified, and slaughtered their children and wives before the eyes of the still living wretches” (Jewish Antiquities XIII. 14. 2. [380]).

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You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that events are going on that are dramaticly changing our world as we know it. It very well could be these events will take us into the Messianic era. God has said through his prophets in the end of days he will return the People of Israel to their land. It looks like that events going on now may just ‘encourage’ Jews to return home. By these events , history, at least as we know it, may be wrapping up. We may be approaching life-altering events. Event are building below the surface. The pipes could start blowing all over the place. History may be  coming to its Messianic end.




The World Trade Center came down in 2001. It’s as if we had been asleep until September 11, 2001. This was in spite of the fact that, until 1990, the Arab world had referred to the Americans as the ‘Great Satan’ and had threatened to attack the West after it finished with the ‘Zionist enemy.’ Before Hussein attacked Kuwait, and forced the Americans into an alliance with Saudi Arabia, who used the new relationship as leverage against Israel, the Arab world put America into the Israeli camp. For fanatical Islamic religious leaders, the war changed nothing. America was still the land of infidels, as well as a major Zionist ally. September 11, 2001 was their way of emphasizing this point.

The devastating attack on the World Trade Center changed everything. America was finally at war against Islamic terrorism.

While the Americans went off to Afghanistan to fight the terrorists, Arabs moved West to France, England, the Netherlands, America, Canada, etc., and made lots of converts everywhere they went. They brought Shariah Law with them, and with their tenacity to greatly increase the Muslim population everywhere they go, they have been threatening the national character of many Western countries.

Some are realizing that the war against the Jews is really a war against everything Western as well. However, the majority still doesn’t get it, and doesn’t want to get it either, because the problem is already too big to deal with.



The housing market burst and the money markets crashed in 2009. Arab unrest leading to Western forces intruding in Libya, which could trigger who knows what, the earth shakes more. When the earth literally shook and displaced Japan, creating a massive and destructive tsunami and a potential nuclear meltdown resulted:

Now what about this :


Alert: Nuclear (and Economic) Meltdown In Progress

Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 4:05 pm, by cmartenson

Important note:


It is with a heavy heart that I am now issuing the highest level alert to my readers that I have to date. The threshold for an alert is one or more world events that personally cause me to take action. I’m making this alert publicly available less than 36 hours after releasing it to my enrolled subscribers given its importance and the speed at which events are accelerating. The substance of this alert centers on the unknown aftershocks that may result from the world’s third largest economy, Japan, rapidly shifting from an exporter of funding to a consumer of it. In situations like these, we are by definition operating with incomplete and often confusing information, and events are developing more rapidly than they can be fully analyzed and internalized. We regret in advance any mistakes that we might make due to making calls and decisions in this highly fluid environment. This alert warns you that major, world-changing events are now underway and that your personal preparations for an uncertain future should either be completed or take on a new sense of urgency. On the basis of the information contained here and in the past two days of posts, I am personally ratcheting up my preparations, making purchases, and topping off what needs to be topped off. Important caveat:  At this point in time, I cannot fully support 100% of my concerns with hard data and evidence. Some of what has tipped me into this state of urgency is data, evidence, and stories that I can point to. Some is due to the absence of data or information, the remainder results from watching market gyrations and correlations shift into new patterns, which tell me something is afoot. I have not been this concerned since October of 2008.”


The threat, as I see it, goes like this:


Stage 1:  The world watches, riveted, as Japan suffers a tragic and horrible earthquake and tsunami, but as horrifying as these are, they are localized phenomenon affecting a relatively small percentage of the country. The real trouble lurks within damaged nuclear plants, which are now ruined and will never again produce electricity for Japan, creating instant shortages that will take years to remedy. Worse, a dangerous plume of radioactivity is carried south by winds. Tokyo partially empties and shuts down for all practical purposes.


Stage 2:  The abrupt slow down of the world’s third largest economy alters the smooth flow of cash around the globe, and even causes reversals of some other long-standing flows. Chaotic eddies emerge in a decades-old pattern of ever-increasing flows of money into and out of the money centers, and various carry-trade and other interest-rate-sensitive strategies blow up. Manufacturing in Japan screeches to a halt, disrupting just-in-time manufacturing strategies both internally and across the globe.


Stage 3:  In order to fund the rebuilding effort, Japan has to buy a lot of items from foreign suppliers at the same time that its exports plunge precipitously. At first Japan simply does not participate in US Treasury auctions, leading to a shortage of buyers. But eventually Japan has to sell some of its vast hoard of US bonds in order to pay for external items needed for its reconstruction. Further, insurance companies, huge holders of US bonds, face stiff liability claims in the wake of the worst natural disaster to hit a heavily industrialized center and are forced to redeem enormous amounts of Treasury paper. US Treasury yields begin to climb.


Stage 4:  Continuing unrest in the MENA region serves to keep oil elevated and local funding needs high, while Europe’s weaker players (the PIIGS) continue to slip under the waves. Money continues to ebb away from the US Treasury market. Forced by circumstance, the Federal Reserve reverses its linguistic course and opens the monetary floodgates once again. There’s nothing like a crisis to justify more money printing, especially to a one-trick pony (the Fed) that only knows how to stamp its hoof on the ‘print’ button.


Stage 5:  An increasingly chaotic monetary and fiscal situation spills over into the derivatives arena, creating a number of financial accidents. Stressed governments find themselves in more of an arguing mood than a pull-together-and-sing-Kumbaya mood, and agreements are hard to come by. Banks begin to fail again, global trade falls off, unrest continues to build, and then it happens – a currency crisis.


Stage 6:  Everything changes. Faster than you think.




May we have the intellectual and emotional strength to transition through these final birth pangs of the Messiah’s arrival.

In addition to under reporting the fires at Fukushima, the Japanese government has not told the people about the ominous fact that the nuclear plant site is a hellish repository where a staggering number of spent fuel rods have accumulated for 40 years.

A contributor to the Occupational and Environmental Medicine list who once worked on nuclear waste issues provided additional information about Fukushima’s spent fuel rod assemblies, according to a post on the FDL website.

“NIRS has a Nov 2010 powerpoint from Tokyo Electric Power Company (in english) detailing the modes and quantities of spent fuel stored at the Fukushima Daiichi plant where containment buildings #1 and #3 have exploded,” he wrote on March 14.

The Powerpoint is entitled Integrity Inspection of Dry Storage Casks and Spent Fuels at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and can be read in full here. The document adds a new and frightening dimension to the unfolding disaster.

The Fukushima Daiichi plant has seven pools dedicated to spent fuel rods. These are located at the top of six reactor buildings – or were until explosions and fires ravaged the plant. On the ground level there is a common pool in a separate building that was critical damaged by the tsunami. Each reactor building pool holds 3,450 fuel rod assemblies and the common pool holds 6,291 fuel rod assemblies. Each assembly holds sixty-three fuel rods. In short, the Fukushima Daiichi plant contains over 600,000 spent fuel rods – a massive amount of radiation that will soon be released into the atmosphere.

It should be obvious by now that the authorities in Japan are lying about the effort to contain the situation in order to mollify the public. It is highly likely there are no workers on the site attempting to contain the disaster.

Earlier today, a report was issued indicating that over 70% of these spent fuel rods are now damaged – in other words, they are emitting radiation or will soon. The disclosure reveals that authorities in Japan – who have consistently played down the danger and issued conflicting information – are guilty of criminal behavior and endangering the lives of countless people.
On Tuesday, it was finally admitted that meltdowns of the No. 1 and No. 2 reactor cores are responsible for the release of a massive amount of radiation.

After reporting that a fire at the No. 4 reactor was contained, the media isreporting this evening that it has resumed. The media predictably does not bother to point out why the fire is uncontainable – the fuel rods are no longer submerged in water and are exposed to the atmosphere and that is why they are burning and cannot be extinguished.

It cannot be stressed enough that the situation at Fukushima represents the greatest environmental disaster in the history of humanity, far more dangerous that Chernobyl, and the government of that country is responsible.

Perhaps the most under reported and deadliest aspect of the three explosions and numerous fires to hit the stricken Fukushima nuclear reactor since Saturday is the fact that highly radioactive spent fuel rods which are stored outside of the active nuclear rod containment facility are likely to have been massively compromised by the blasts, an elevation in the crisis that would represent “Chernobyl on steroids,” according to nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen.

As you can see from the NPR graphic below, the spent fuel rods are stored outside of the active nuclear rod containment casing and close to the roof of the reactor complex. Video from Saturday’s explosion and subsequent images clearly indicate that the spent fuel rods at Fukushima unit number one could easily have been compromised by the blast.

Alarm Over Spent Fuel Rods Threatens Chernobyl on Steroids   150311top2

According to Arnie Gundersen, a nuclear engineer at Fairewinds Associates and a member of the public oversight panel for the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, which is identical to the Fukushima Daiichi unit 1, the failure to maintain pools of water that keep the 20 years worth of spent fuel rods cool could cause “catastrophic fires” and turn the crisis into “Chernobyl on steroids.”

The BBC is now reporting that “spent fuel rods in reactors five and six are also now believed to be heating up,” with a new fire at reactor 4, where more spent rods are stored, causing smoke to pour from the facility.

“Japanese news agency Kyodo reports that the storage pool in reactor four – where the spent fuel rods are kept – may be boiling. Tepco says readings are showing high levels of radiation in the building, so it is inaccessible,” adds the report.

“At the 40-year-old Fukushima Daiichi unit 1, where an explosion Saturday destroyed a building housing the reactor, the spent fuel pool, in accordance with General Electric’s design, is placed above the reactor. Tokyo Electric said it was trying to figure out how to maintain water levels in the pools, indicating that the normal safety systems there had failed, too. Failure to keep adequate water levels in a pool would lead to a catastrophic fire, said nuclear experts, some of whom think that unit 1’s pool may now be outside,” reports the Washington Post.

The rods must be kept cool because otherwise they start to burn and, in the case of reactor number 3, would release plutonium and uranium in the form of vapor into the atmosphere.

“That’s bad news, because plutonium scattered into the atmosphere is even more dangerous that the combustion products of rods without plutonium,” writes Kirk James Murphy.

“We’d be lucky if we only had to worry about the spent fuel rods from a single holding pool. We’re not that lucky. The Fukushima Daiichi plant has seven pools for spent fuel rods. Six of these are (or were) located at the top of six reactor buildings. One “common pool” is at ground level in a separate building. Each “reactor top” pool holds 3450 fuel rod assemblies. The common pool holds 6291 fuel rod assemblies. [The common pool has windows on one wall which were almost certainly destroyed by the tsunami.] Each assembly holds sixty-three fuel rods. This means the Fukushima Daiichi plant may contain over 600,000 spent fuel rods.”

There have been massive design issues with the Mark 1 nuclear reactor stretching back three decades.

As ABC News reports today, “Thirty-five years ago, Dale G. Bridenbaugh and two of his colleagues at General Electric resigned from their jobs after becoming increasingly convinced that the nuclear reactor design they were reviewing — the Mark 1 — was so flawed it could lead to a devastating accident.”

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“The problems we identified in 1975 were that, in doing the design of the containment, they did not take into account the dynamic loads that could be experienced with a loss of coolant,” Bridenbaugh told ABC News in an interview. “The impact loads the containment would receive by this very rapid release of energy could tear the containment apart and create an uncontrolled release.”

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9 – 11 Devil in the Smoke and predicted in Zohar over 2000 years ago to the day– What next
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This a scary face or what ?

No sooner had US papers printed this picture than they received calls, asking if the photo had been faked to appear to show a face with horns. The answer from Associated Press was no.

Did this have any significance to Osama bin Laden’s sick mind?  The Muslim high point in trying to take over Europe ended when they were turned back from Vienna on September 11, 1683 A.D.

Amos 9:11

“In that day I will restore the fallen house of David. I will repair its damaged walls. From the ruins I will rebuild it and restore its former glory.”

The Islamic terror attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in the U.S. in the end of Ellul, 5761 was the first shot in the War of Gog  and Magog.

The beginning of the war was predicted in an incredible way by Rav Amnon Yitzhak, , the head of the Shofar Organization, who stubbornly claimed throughout all of 5761 that the war would start that year, and when he was confronted 2 days before the terror attack, he stubbornly said that the year was still not over, and the rest is history.

The matter was publicized in one of the newspapers at the initiative of deceased Arutz Sheva reporter Adir Zik z”l, who was one of the witnesses to the matter.

Similarly, the  leader of the Shomerei Emunim Hasidic sect said about 2 weeks before the terror attacks that the U.S. will pay dearly for its denying Israel the right to respond to terror attacks against it, and the rest is history.

It’s brought down in a number of commentaries, and expanded upon in the Malbim that the War of Gog and will be between Christianity and Islam. Only in its final stage will it reach the land of Israel.

The Holy Zohar at the Parasha ‘Balak’ (Numbers, Page 212) talks about many matters that are supposed to happen at the latter days there the “Zohar” almost 2000 years ago predicts that on the 25th day of the 6th Hebrew month, the month known as Elul in the “great city of Rome” there will fall  of 3 high towers and a wall., and that this WILL BE the triggering process which will lead ultimately to the coming of the Messiah.  in the year 2001, the 25th day of Elul was September 13th, and NOT September 11th….  That is pretty close to when the twin towers fell, and a wall (of the pentagon). A whole side of the American ministry of defense, the Pentagon, was destroyed. Thousands of people died in these incidents.

In the 18th century (1700’s), the “Genius of Vilna” stated that the Zohar text which described the devastation in “Rome” of the 3 towers and a wall on the 25th of Elul was “off by two”  days – the Zohar was then corrected so that the most correct version (Sifra d’Tsniutha) reads the devastation will occur on the 23rd of Elul – which WAS September 11th.

The Zohar was been a hand written manuscript for many years before the printing press, errors happen.

Here is the complete text from the Zohar

In the words of the Zohar it is described thus:

God will rebuild Jerusalem and there shall be a star flashing with seventy streamers and seventy flames in the midst of the firmament. It shall illuminate and flash for seventy days. It will appear on the sixth day of the week, on the twenty-fifth day of the sixth month. It shall disappear on the seventh day after seventy days. On the first day it will be seen in the powerful city of Rome. On that day, 3 high towers will fall and a wall will be destroyed. The ruler of that city shall die. Then that star shall be visible throughout the whole world. At that time great wars will be fought in the world, and no faith will be found among men.  A certain king will arise who will desire dominion over all kings. He will make war on two sides and prevail against them. On the day the star disappears the Holy Land will be shaken over an area of forty-five miles around the place the Temple used to be. A cavern will then open beneath the ground. From that cave will come forth a great fire to destroy the world. From that cave shall come forth a royal branch to rule over the world and be given kingship. Mankind will suffer calamity after calamity, and the enemies of Israel shall prevail. Then the Spirit of the Messiah shall rise against them to destroy Edom, burning the land of Seir with fire.

The 3 towers are the twin towers plus WTC Building #7 , The wall is a whole side of the American ministry of defense, the Pentagon.

Seir is the land of Edom, Rome is its offspring.

The fourth and last exile of the Jews is called exile Edom. In order to completely understand what is Edom, we must go back in history.

The ascent of the Roman empire began slowly as it assumed the rulership from the Greek empire. The Roman empire sprawled from England, including all of Europe, till North Africa, as well as the Middle East and of course, Israel. That’s how powerful she was at her peak. Most of the Edom nations are descendants of Esav.

After the disintegration and fall of the Roman Empire, the nations branched out under different rulerships. In every era, there was one country that was considered powerful, once it was Russia, Spain, Great Britian, France, Germany, etc. Many countries, each with different cultures, but all with the same denominator – the character of Edom and the features of their forefather, Esav.

At some point in history many Europeans immigrated to the new country – America. They are the descendants of Esav in different bodies. The same culture, same character, same traits, and the same Edom ancient ideology. Although the world is much more advanced today, one can clearly see that in our generation, America is the most powerful country – Edom.

The SENATE  ruled in Rome and the SENATE rules America.

America is Seir land of Edom.

All the “bad” things written don’t have to happen.

All the Good will come to pass. Its interesting to note as Moshe Feiglin brings down that 9-11 happened on the 23 of Elul, on the 23 of Elul also the Oslo accords were signed.

Israel independence day-REDEMPTION
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Israel independence day is celebrated

On the 5th of the Biblical month of Iyar

Which this year falls on the 19th of April.

My mother was born on the 19th of April

And in that year the 19th of April was the

First night of Passover, Sader night. So

Sometimes the 19th of April is was the

First night of Passover other years it is

Israel independence day. These occur in

A cycle of 19 years. This is not a chance occurrence.

This reflects the connection of the Redempion

Of the Jews from Egypt to the foundation of

The State of Israel and final redemption which is

In the process of unfolding.

“As in the days when you left Egypt”

Michah 7:15.

POOP BURGER and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s plans to flee Iran if things go Bad
December 31, 2009, 9:43 am
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Lori Zimmer

POOP BURGER: Japanese Researcher Creates Artificial Meat From Human Feces

Some hardcore carnivores have a hard time finding meat alternatives such as soy protein or tofu burgers to be palatable. But non-meat eaters may lose their appetite along with their carnivorous friends over this one – a meat alternative made from HUMAN EXCREMENT. Yep, you heard me correctly — Japanese scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda has developed a “burger” made from soya, steak sauce essence, and protein extracted from human feces. Hit the break for a video explaining the process!

Read more: POOP BURGER: Japanese Researchers Create Artificial Meat From Human Feces | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

A document has surfaced detailing preparations for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s escape from Iran is causing quite a stir regarding the future of the Islamic regime.

On Wednesday, a letter, on the official stationary of the Islamic republic’s National Security Council, detailing the preparations being made to quickly smuggle Khamenei and other top aides out of Iran.

“We would like to inform you of the inspection, check-up and preparation of the aircraft, destination Russia, for the purpose of transporting the Supreme Leader, his esteemed family and various Iranian Revolutionary Guards officials should the commanding forces lose control,” the letter stated, stamped by Dr. Saeed Jalili, current secretary of the Supreme National Security Council and the country’s chief nuclear negotiator.

The letter was reminiscent of the Shah’s escape from Iran in 1979 following violent demonstrations to overthrow his government.

Reports from Iran indicate that the Supreme National Security Council has ordered a complete check-up of the jet which is on standby to fly Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei and his family to Russia should the situation in Iran spiral out of control. The order, to the Pasdaran Revolutionary Guard Corps, was dated on Sunday, 27 December. A fax containing the order was sent to Dutch-based Shahrzad News.

Iran Global website has exposed a document that discloses information on Khamenei and various authorities of the regime’s possible escape to Russia.

The document is on the National Security Agency of the Islamic regime’s letterhead addressed from the office of the High Assembly of the Islamic Republic’s National Security official [name is redacted] to an individual [name redacted] in the revolutionary guards. The letter is dated 6th of Dey (December 27th).

It reads:

Re: Response to a letter number [redacted] written on the 5th of Dey (December 26th).

Salam Aleykom

With respect, we would like to inform you of the inspection, check up and preparation of the aircraft, destination Russia, for the purpose of transporting the Supreme Leader ….

If Khamenei does depart the country, it would be reminiscent of an historic event in Iranian history: Jan. 16, 1979, when the Iranian Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi fled Iran following an increase in violent protests. The anniversary of that event is coming up soon.

A document has surfaced detailing preparations for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s escape from Iran is causing quite a stir regarding the future of the Islamic regime.

On Wednesday, a letter, on the official stationary of the Islamic republic’s National Security Council, detailing the preparations being made to quickly smuggle Khamenei and other top aides out of Iran.

“We would like to inform you of the inspection, check-up and preparation of the aircraft, destination Russia, for the purpose of transporting the Supreme Leader, his esteemed family and various Iranian Revolutionary Guards officials should the commanding forces lose control,” the letter stated, stamped by Dr. Saeed Jalili, current secretary of the Supreme National Security Council and the country’s chief nuclear negotiator.

The letter was reminiscent of the Shah’s escape from Iran in 1979 following violent demonstrations to overthrow his government.

Reports from Iran indicate that the Supreme National Security Council has ordered a complete check-up of the jet which is on standby to fly Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei and his family to Russia should the situation in Iran spiral out of control. The order, to the Pasdaran Revolutionary Guard Corps, was dated on Sunday, 27 December. A fax containing the order was sent to Dutch-based Shahrzad News.

Iran Global website has exposed a document that discloses information on Khamenei and various authorities of the regime’s possible escape to Russia.

The document is on the National Security Agency of the Islamic regime’s letterhead addressed from the office of the High Assembly of the Islamic Republic’s National Security official [name is redacted] to an individual [name redacted] in the revolutionary guards. The letter is dated 6th of Dey (December 27th).

It reads:

Re: Response to a letter number [redacted] written on the 5th of Dey (December 26th).

Salam Aleykom

With respect, we would like to inform you of the inspection, check up and preparation of the aircraft, destination Russia, for the purpose of transporting the Supreme Leader ….

If Khamenei does depart the country, it would be reminiscent of an historic event in Iranian history: Jan. 16, 1979, when the Iranian Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi fled Iran following an increase in violent protests. The anniversary of that event is coming up soon.

Isaiah speaks of these times:

” on that day shall the glory of Jacob shall be made thin and his flesh shall become lean”


The Radak explains in this time will be revealed the ten tribes that were lost to us till now. The tribe of Menashah the son Of Josheph has already returned. This is the ” glory of Jacob”. But this glory will be thinned by the glory of the nation of  Ashur (Iran). Israel will feel rich for a moment from the gatherings of the exiles, but the glorious feeling will not last because of the trouble of Iran. All this is said to precede the redemption.

Rabbi Hai Goan tells us A sign of the “end of days” is when Edom rules upon Yisrael for not less than 9 months, but not more than 3 years. After this period Yisrael will take the kingship from Edom. This will be after Edom removes the kingship from power that is ruling Ashur (Iran).

The are many ways these things can work out as the Rambam reveals.

AP contributed to the report.

Construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem to begin soon God willing !
December 1, 2009, 10:19 am
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 Rabbi Moshe  Sternbuch  a direct descendent of the Goan of Vilna said 

“Even though I am careful not to share the mysteries, I feel that this is something I am permitted to reveal.This was something Rabbi Isaac had received directly from those who heard it from the mouth of the Vilna Gaon, who said, shortly before his passing:

Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch surprised the students on Purim when revealed to them the secret tradition received from the Gaon of Vilna in the context of the event occupation Crimea by Russia , disturbing today the international community.

” Purim is a time for discovering secrets, and I have many secrets I can not reveal them ,” said the disciples , as quoted in a ‘family ‘ , ” but despite what I said I would not reveal secrets , however I must reveal one secret , and that because it is not my secret since been revealed that Rabbi Yitzchak zt member , a student of Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin zt hearing from Gra Zia”a discovered this secret close to his passing , “Rabbi Sternbuch , himself a descendant of the Vilna Gaon .

” When you hear the Russians captured the city cold , you know that start in the time of redemption , and when you hear the Russians came to the city of Constantinople ( Istanbul ) then I wear Shabbat clothes , and you raid them because at any moment the messiah is going to come .”

Rabbi went on to explain that ” last week the Russians conquered the Crimea and the whole world raging around this occupation , and by tradition we have Vilna Gaon This is a clear sign of Messiah  .” 

More at


Amazing a anti religious secular website like Haaretz published a article stating a centuries-old rabbinical prophecy that appears to be coming true, on March 16, 2010, Israel will begin construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

According to the Vilna Gaon, one of the greatest sages of  the 18th century on “March 16, 2010, Israel will begin construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem….,  He said that the Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem, which was built during his day, would be destroyed and rebuilt twice, and that when the Hurva was completed for the third time, construction on the Third Temple would begin……In 2001, Israel finally decided to rebuild the landmark, which today stands in the center of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City. The building is scheduled to be completed and the Hurva Synagogue dedicated for the third time on March 15 of next year.”

Interestingly, looking at a calendar will show you that March 16 is Rosh Chodesh Nissan. We know that the gemara says in Nissan the Jews were redeemed [from Egypt] and in Nissan the Jews will again be redeemed.

The Hurva’s violent history befits its evocative name. The synagogue dates back to the year 1701, when a group of newly arrived Polish Hasidic Jews led by Rabbi Yehuda ha-Hasid began constructing a new house of worship for their small congregation. Two decades later, the building was still unfinished when the congregation ran out of money and was expelled from the city by local Arab creditors, who proceeded to tear down the incomplete structure. The ruined remnants of the building stood, untouched, for a century, giving the synagogue its name — “Hurva,” Hebrew for “ruin.” Then, in a project that began in 1836, disciples of the Vilna Gaon rebuilt the synagogue. For the next 80 years, the domed, neo-Byzantine synagogue dominated the skyline of the Jewish quarter.

But its architectural reign came to an end in 1948, when the Jordanian army destroyed the Hurva during the War of Independence as part of a larger effort to erase the Jewish presence from the Old City and prevent Jews from ever returning there.

Well it didn’t work, the Jews returned and Hurva Synagogue is almost completely rebuilt.

The Vilna Gaon believed that the ingathering of Jews from the Jewish diaspora would spark the redemption of all the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, and the world would recognize the right of the Jews to a national and spiritual life there. He believed that the return to the Holy Land was not to await the Messianic era, but to bring it about.

Elijah ben Solomon (1720 – 1797), more commonly known as the Vilna Gaon, was among most prominent leaders of European Jewry in the eigteenth century. As a talmudic prodiy, Elijah was given the appellation “gaon” meaning genius. Yet, he was more than a brilliant talmud scholar, and he was known for his great kindness. In study, the Gaon stressed the importance of worldly knowledge in addition to Judaica, and he himself wrote on grammar and mathematics.

It once happened that the Vilna Gaon was sitting enwrapped in his Talit and encrowned with his Tefillin and studying Torah. Thieves heard that there was gold and silver in the Gaon’s apartment. They entered the apartment, and demanded the gold and silver from the Gaon’s pupils. They replied, “We have no gold or silver here.” The thieves did not know that there was Torah here, and not gold and silver. The pupils began to shout, and the Gaon came out of his room, with his Talit and Tefillin on him. When the thieves saw him, they made haste to flee.
The pupils asked the Gaon: “We, too, are wearing Talit and Tefillin – why are they not afraid of us?”
The Vilna Gaon replied: “It is written, ‘And all the peoples of the earth shall see that the Lord’s name is proclaimed over you, and they shall stand in fear of you’ – these are the head Tefillin, not those on the head, but in the head, that a person should not be distracted as long as they are on his head.”

The Vilna Gaon teaches in Kol HaTor  (1:2):  It is incumbent upon each of us to learn and understand all the aspects and spiritual qualities of Mashiach ben Yosef, that they be a candle to light the way of our steps and accessible to us like a set table, to guide us in the way of action and the particular tasks that are upon us in order to assist the redemption of Yisrael, and bring it speedily.

The concept of Mashiach ben Yosef is discussed at great length in the Zohar and the writings of the AriZaL. It is also discussed in later Kabbalistic works by the RamChaL, the Vilna Gaon, and others. Upon deeper analysis of verses in Tanach and Midrashei ChaZaL, numerous references and teachings about Mashiach ben Yosef become apparent.

I was motivated by the above injunction of the Vilna Gaon to develop some of these ideas and to commit them to writing in English, in order to present an introduction to the concept of Mashiach ben Yosef, for the English speaking public and to encourage the dissemination of the teachings of the Vilna Gaon which illuminate and clarify the Redemption process, which we are witnessing the unfolding of, each day. My ideas are based on the teachings of the Vilna Gaon, which appear in “Kol HaTor”, of Rav Hillel of Shkolov; the Vilna Gaon’s primary student.

Divine Intervention
June 12, 2009, 12:12 pm
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Torah for Yesterday and Today :

Parsha Shalach


Towards the end of our parsha in discussing sitzet the Torah states “You shall not go after your eyes or your heart that lead you astray”. Meaning away from the way of GOD. As the sitzet allude to all the comandments as the numerical value of sitzet plus their 8 threads and 5 knots equals 613 (all the comandments). Do not follow your eyes astray, but contemplate the commandments which direct us in the way which is upright. Do not follow your heart astray but love GOD. As mistakes begin when one acts in a way not prescribed by the Torah. Like in our parsha the sages say GOD never told Yisreal to send spies. That is why the parsha begins with the words “send to you spies”. The people asked for this. GOD certainly did not need them to be sent. So it should not be suprising that their mission did not turn out well. This is where things begin to go wrong. Wrong for a long time as this was the 9th of Av. The day of destruction of both temples. Since GOD did not say to send out spies, the spies became filled and obsessed with excessive desires for honor. When arrogance rises upon one’s heart, the Shechinah flees. As the 2 do not dwell together. From this they were caught in their own sin. Their sin resulted in all Yisrael losing faith. As is written “our brothers have made our hearts melt”. This is much like todays false leaders who say “there is no way to stop the rockets that hit our cities”, but this is ever so far from the truth. There is a simple solution “overwelming military force”. After all other avenues are exausted,  The sages warned us against these false leaders when they wrote almost 2000 years ago concerning these times in the ancient manuscript Signs of the Mashiach we are told that before Redemption GOD will stand up kings over his people Yisreal who will reject his Torah in their dat (knowledge). They will be liars, But they will see themselves as those who serve GOD, but they do not. They will be disgusting. They will confuse all creation. (like Israel giving up land in Gazza to terrorists so they can from there fire rockets and morters at our civilian populations) Even the transgressors among Yisrael will be further removed from  the redemption by these leaders who reject GOD, and the fear of Him. This will be a generation where truth is despised. At this time Yisrael will be without a king or true leader, alter or sacrifices. This generation will suffer becouse of harsh decrees that are different, strange and tragic made by these kings who reject GOD . They will make atheistic rulings against the Temple, GOD and his Torah.

Towards the end of the parsha some men went up to the land, it says “the ark was not with them”. They went of their own accord. GOD had not told them to take the land at that time, but they went up anyway. Like the spies their action was not in accordance with Divine will, so how could it be successful ?. Only if our actions are in accordance with the Torah, Divine will, can we succeed in the end. The people could not enter the land till they were ready and could go with the Ark. With out the Torah one just doesn’t stand a chance in the Holy land. As the verse states “The land is a land that consumes its inhabitants”. R. Ostrowicze explains “its inhabitants” which literally in Hebrew means those who sit are consumed by the land. As the Holy land will not allow one to stay who is not moving higher and higher in Holiness. The prophets warn us concerning this as Isiah says:

” In that day shall the plant of YHVH shall be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the land shall be excellent and beautiful for those that remain of Israel. And it will come to pass that he that remains in Zion and He that remains in Jerusalem shall be called Holy,” (4:2)

But as we see in the parsha even after the spies bring back a bad report and GOD is very disappointed with us, and wants to bring severe judgment. The intercession of Moshe saves us. R. Yochanon states “wherever you find greatness you find meekness”. GOD wishes the world to acknowledge him, then He will suspend justice and retribution to further this end. For this reason we must appeal to GOD for mercy upon his people as the hour is “dark”, as enemies surround us. With Divine intervention we will find protection and Peace. With a complete redemption with our righteous Mashiach and the Holy Temple built Quickly in our days. AMEN

Shabot shalom

How to Fix the World
June 4, 2009, 10:04 am
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What follows are the instructions left to us by the Biblical Prophets on how to fix our world, and bring Redemption. They knew what would be wrong in our world from the spirit of Holiness, so lets act on their advice.

The prophet Isaiah says:

” And YHVH says they walk neck stretched forth and winking eyes, walking and raising themselves as they walk. With their feet they spout venom “.  (3:16)

What is described here are haughty arrogant people. Nothing is more destructive to man’s spiritual life than arrogance. A man’s arrogance is what causes the fall of a soul into the dark prison of materialism.  A society that sets its goals on acquiring wealth, fame and glory are their own assassins. As they’re envisioned life denigrates into an unproductive life of sensual gratification. This all creates the competitive man against man we live in now. If people are not haughty and arrogant they they then will care for one and other and act accordingly. Ideas such as justice, liberty and democracy  for selfish aims is disaster.

The Vilna Goan explains that individuals who live for prestige, wealth and honor from others are bound to conflict with everyone around them. A society that values such a life style directs its people to be against one another. The seeking of prestige breeds jealousy, jealousy breeds anger, anger breeds strife, enmity and the destruction of family, community and ultimately the entire society.1

From Isaiah we see that we must be very careful not to do what others call justice:

”  He hoped for justice and found there was injustice for righteousness and beheld a joke ” (5:7)

Exact justice on behalf of the poor. In appearance people may appear to do righteousness and justice. There may be courts set up, but still not be justice for all. This type of righteousness is so far from satisfying the needs of the poor that God calls it a joke.

We can look to the Prophet Amos:

“Those who turn justice to wormwood, and who leave righteousness on the ground ” (5:7)

Judgement is perverted for the rich. Making judgements for the poor like wormwood, which is bitter.  Concerning ” who leaves righteousness on the ground ” this means they totally disregard it, as it does not matter at all. Jeremiah says ” For I am  YHVH who practices kindness, justice and righteousness on the earth. In these things I delight says YHVH “(9:23).  Thus man should follow suit and not cast kindness righteousness and justice on the earth, but should hasten to pursue these traits.

The prophet Zechariah Says:

“For these things that you do speak truth each one to his neighbor, truth and judgement of peace shall you judge in your cities. Let no one think evil of his neighbors in his heart, nor shall you love a false oath, for these are what I hate, says YHVH  ” (8:16)

One must  labor for all mankind’s material and spiritual welfare, because this is all involved in the positive command ” And You shall love your neighbor as yourself “. kindness must be strengthened by every possible means.  The Chofetz Chayim teaches when one has compassion for a friend and shows him kindness, the divine attribute of kindness is kindled.  The sages say ” If those who need kindness act kindly to one another, then I who am full of mercy and kindness will bless them with kindness “! The Divine force of kindness that is kindled bestows blessing on the entire world, and particularly on the one who induced it.  All He does is surrounded in blessing.2

Concerning social injustice and economic oppression. Let us open with the words of Isaiah:

“Woe to those who join house to house and field to field, they draw close till there is no place, and you will be settled alone in the midst of the land ” (5:8)

They create a situation where there is no where for the poor man to live, as Rashi explains.  This type of action is robbing the poor of their land. They allow themselves to act in this selfish way by denying that the land actually belongs to God, and that the poor inherently have a right to a place to live as explained by the Radak and Ibn Ezra. By joining field to field the small independent farmer is put out of business by large commercial industrial farming corporations. In safer Elijah, Elijah the Prophet says that because of interest taken on houses, and stealing fields from this there will be orphans and widows in sackcloth.3

Jeremiah warns us of the dangers of trying to become rich:

“For wicked men are found among my people, they lie in wait as a trap bites. They station an ambush, they catch people. As a cage is full so are their houses full of deceit. They have become great, they have become rich. They have become fat, they have become thick. They also transgress in deeds of wickedness, they don’t plead the cause of the orphan that they should prosper.  The judgement of the poor they will not judge ” (5:26)

The Radak explains that these people take property through deceit, they acquire property without toil. They become great with riches, yet are not satisfied with their wealth but continue to rob and cheat until they surpass the deeds of the wicked.

the prophet Jeremiah as he continues to describe the degradation of greed:

“You Have turned and profaned my name, and you took back each man his man servants and maid servants, and forced them to be man and maid servants to you” (34:17)

Whats  described here are the employment situations which are now being offered to the poor, and exploitation of the ” third world ” countries which are worse than slavery. As the sages teach that according to the law of the Torah even one’s own slave must be provided food and housing as an equal. If a person only has one pillow he must give it to his slave.

The prophet Amos continues showing us how greed can become one’s life:

“Who aspire on the dust of the Earth concerning the head of the poor ” (2:7)

Rashi explains “on the dust of the earth” meaning that when they walk on the Earth all their aspirations and all their thoughts are concerning the head of the poor, how they will rob them, and take their property. This is so insane as Rabbi Hirsh teaches that bread winning is only a means to make money, and not the purpose of life.4 Yet many spend all their effort only concerning such an end. The robbing of the poor man here is not by people that we call thugs, but as it says, this robbery is well thought out. This is the exploitation of the poor by businessmen. This is  taking the farms away from the poor farmers. This is cold calculated oppression.

The Vilna Goan teaches  ” As the evil of atheism and greed grows, so will its suffering, even to the point that the increased evil will threaten the very existence of the world. Then God will force man into seeing that his choice of selfishness over the rule of God was a disastrous one.”5

The Prophets also speak of spiritual rebukes, but this is as icing on the cake. Whats listed here is what is needed to we may be righteous, to be Holy is a higher level we should also strive for but I will adress that elsewhere. The basic principles are here.

Universal commandments were given by God to all mankind through Adam and Noah, and are included within the Bible. These universal commandments and the details of their observance all comes from the Torah Revealed at Sinai. These universal commandments are known as the “the seven laws of Noah”.

These 7 laws include :

1.Do not worship Idols

2.Do not use the Name of God in Vain

3.Do not kill

4.Do not act in a sexually immoral manner

5.Do not steal

6.Do not eat the limb of a living animal-no animal cruelty

7.Establish courts of Justice

These seven laws of the Righteous Gentile are similar to the 613 laws of the Torah for the Jew. They have many different levels of understanding and many details of application. Most aspects of the Torah are included within them.

By that which is set forth here, if we strive for these thing the world will be fixed from the destructive path it is set on now.

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