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Korah and the Reform movements
June 6, 2013, 3:40 pm
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                                                                         UPDATED JUNE 28TH 2019

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Korach                                     בס”ד


Korach worked the principles of democracy. He appealed to the masses in the name of “equality” DEMOCRACY OF DUMB PEOPLE DON’T END WELL

   We all must stand up for that which is right and oppose those things which are not good. This is the right thing to do. One can not be complacent. We also see here that one must careful not to follow the masses to sin. We must be “rebels” for the correct causes and not like Korah, the descendants of Reuven Datan and Aviram, or of the community of 250 ,who each, found a different reason to challenge Moses. Each thought that they had identified a grievance a problem, that really did not exist. Then rebelled but offered no TRUE solution. This all solves no problems and only promotes caos as anarchy does. We are trying to rebuilt that which is broken, our ultimate goal is not only destruction. We are here to fix things.

Korach and his group rebelled against the authority of Moses, against the Torah. They thought they knew better. The result was that they were all killed by GOD. Korach was the first Reform Jew according to Rashi.  In Europe for the first time since the writing of the oral tradition of the Torah almost 2000 years earlier people dared ,like Korach, to rebel against this tradition. This was the foundation of the reform movement. Again before the reform movement of “Judaism” since the writing down of the Oral tradition almost 2000 years earlier there were not different versions of Judaism. There was only The Torah of Moses as found in the Mishna, explained in the Gemora, Zohar and other Holy books. These rebels as Korach dared to defy the Divine authority of the Torah and we all know the results. Much like what happened to Korach and his crew, but this time 6 million were killed. From these lessons we should learn That publicly going against the Truth of GOD’s Torah is a stupid thing to do. But some people never learn. With the Holocaust we lost a third of the world’s Jews, NOW by intermarriage we are losing nearly as many, that’s thanks to Deformed and so called conservative Judaism  With the loss of a third of the world’s Jews to intermarriage , we have to be concerned about Jewish survival. How can we be a “light to the nations” if we are not a nation ourselves ? JEWS LETS GET IT TOGETHER ! Don’t let it be that your children are the ones to break tradition  going back to Moses and Mt. Sinai.


Know, Korach was not a idiot, he was Moshe’s cousin. Korach’s children repented at the last moment and lived.  It is known that his children authored some Palms in the book of Psalms. The prophet Shmual was a descendant of Korach., Smual in some ways is compared to Moshe and Aharon ! Korach was of course a learned man and leader of the people. on a very high spiritual level. His falling is not so easy to understand. The sages say by “Ruach HaKodesh he know he would have descendents of greatness, he could not imagine he was wrong. So always remember this when you are in argument and you are so sure your right, you could be wrong and it could be very costly to you.

We also see from parsha Korach what those who fear GOD and love his Torah should do when confronted by such a situation. When confronted by those who deny the truth of the Torah, by those who claim to know a better way. We cannot stand by idly indifferent to such evil people. This is a time to take a stand, to stand up for GOD and His Torah. One cannot just standby such a desecration of the Name of God. As what kind of love of God does a person have who would act like this. It is a time for action. Moshe told all Yisrael to “remove yourself from the evil company of Korach, take no benefit from them. Or you to will be swept away because of all their sins also.” The Mesach Chuchmah tells us that the 250 well know men who joined with Korah were not evil as Korah was. They were good men, just misguided by bad influence. It is because of this that we are told to distance ourselves from evil men.

We should learn from this parsha from the actions of Moshe that one must stand up against those who try to lead the Jewish people away from the true way of the Torah. False leaders must be denounced. Those who love GOD and His Torah will not be found in the company of false leaders, traitors against the people of Yisrael. Those who deny the truth of the Torah. They certainly will not be friends with such evil men. Certainly those who love GOD will not be joined with these evil men so to benefit financially. Be certain as Moshe said “remove yourself from the evil company of Korach, take no benefit from them. Or you to will be swept away because of all their sins also.” In simplicity those who believe in the way of the Torah are those who should be close to us. Those who lead the Jewish people in a way not according to GOD’s Torah, or publicly speak against the truth of the Torah. It is these who those who believe in GOD’s Torah must stand against, and those who keep company with them. The evil reckless action of these false anti Torah leaders has already brought about the birth of terror state in Azza. We cannot let them lead this Jewish community to the destiny that befell the community of Korach or that of Europe.

It should also be noted that there has been similar themes in the last 3 parsha, so take these ideas to heart. In parsha Bihalotecha it said “when you go to war with the enemy in your land, sound the horns”. As we said this refers to not responding quietly, but with full force spiritually and physically. This refers to the enemy who comes from within, as Korach and those of other nations. In parsha Shelach lecha we learn again concerning false leadership, and not acting according to divine will. The result of the sin of the spies was much like that which recently befell the Jewish community in Europe, they all perished.

 Korach is the same gematria as לארבעה (to 4) referring to the river that goes out of Aden to water the garden splitting to 4 heads, these allude to the 4 basic levels the Torah is understood. May it be that these all will be revealed clearly for all to behold restoring all to its ancient glory with prophesy, the Holy Temple and Mashiach quickly in our days.

Shabot Shalom