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The Alien Grays-Reptilian Agenda and secret Goverment Programs
April 7, 2009, 3:41 pm
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1947 = Central UNIT has their own Disc “Fighter” Craft. All kinds of in fighting breaks out about the “ALIEN” situation. The USA Military wants more TECH than the “Aliens” want to share. “Aliens” appear in force. High-Energy RADAR-type Weapons are used to try to disable “Aerial” Craft. Some are secret “German” Disc Craft….others are Reptilian Craft.

The CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY is formed (reporting to the NSC). With all the confusion, the CIA spreads more Dis-Information to the public. NOTE : MAJESTIC 12 MJ-12 is a ULTRA TOP SECRET Research and Development, Intelligence Operation established by President Truman on September 24, 1947. MJ-12 was a “Committee” set up inside the NSC. In 1954, President Eisenhower signed the Secret Executive Order, “Order Number 54-12”. (NSC=National Security Counsel) The NSC called this group the “54-12” committee which gave the President responsibility of approving all “Black” covert projects. This committee has undergone several changes over the years, and since then, has been called the “Special Committee”; the “303 Committee”(because they met in Room #303) and currently the “40 Committee”. It is described as the “Directorate” of the NSC. The “40 Committee” (PI-40) has access to advanced technology and teams to cover-up, “the cover-ups”. In the past, this committee was headed by Dr. Henry Kissenger (Code name: “The Overseer”)[Project SIGN]

1950 = Project BLUE BIRD (“BLUE” means “alien” related) * CIA/NSA….. “Scientific INTELLIGENCE UNIT” excels. ( “UNIT” has “CELLS”) Later this group loses power, because they have TOO intellectual an approach. They didn’t like working on Human subjects. However later, the Agency’s Office of Technical Services Staff (TSS) had no such qualms. [The “Gadget” makers.]

1952 = “Majestic-12” meetings. [approved by the “Directorate” of the NSC] * late 1952 = Project BLUEBIRD was renamed “Operation Artichoke”.

1953 = Project ***** ( “Fighter” Saucers)

1954 = Project VIKING begins at the Dulce(“D”) Facility. (Sensors & high resolution images)

1958 = “AQUARIUS dawns” and….The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was established. DARPA is the CENTRAL research and development organization for the Department of Defense (DoD). But, the organization was as unique as its role, reporting directly to the Secretary of Defense and operating in coordination with but completely independent of the military research and development (R&D) establishment.

1960 = Project “OZMA” http://seti.planetary.org/seti-timelineNEW.html

1963 = THE COUP [The Killing of the “SUN KING” (33)] * Rise of the 4th Reich.

1967 = Phase 3 : Project ****** ( Reptilian / Human Hybrid experiments)

1969 = Beyond MK-ULTRA (Mind Control) and MK-NAOMI (Gen-Tech & Bio weapons)…”TSS” is replaced(as the Center for the “UN-orthodox”)…”ORD” takes over. [ Office of Research and Development.] * Operation OFTEN (Code: Black Earth)… The “World” of Black Magic & the Supernatural. * The “CELL”, called “Division D”(aka Nixon’s Security force), plants “BUGS” everywhere.

1970 = “Hybrid Warrior” complete, ready for “field-test.

1971 = OP-OFTEN uses professional Astrologers to predict the FUTURE.

1972 = Increased tension at the “D” Bases. Human researchers “officially” report they believe(have realized) the so-called “ALIENS” can NOT be trusted.

1973 = Dr.Gottlieb shredded the records of M-K-Ultra / M-K-Search.

1974 = President Ford appoints Nelson A. Rockefeller(“NAR”) to investigate allegations of “illegal activities”. Its eight members included the governor of California, Ronald Reagan. ( He had been compromised years before by a Homosexual Film of him and S** M****)

1975 = Ronald Reagon and Dr. Louis Jolyon West coordinate efforts, with the Dulce Base.

1976 = Many “Visitors” to Level #1, at DULCE. Several unsuspecting people get “IMPLANTS”.

1977 = “The SUN King” consolidates…..”DOE” : The Department of Energy assumed the responsibilities of the Federal Energy Administration, the Energy Research and Development Administration, the Federal Power Commission, and parts and programs of several other agencies.

1977 = The “Hybrid-Warriors” become “self-realized”. Three escape the Main “D” Lab.

1978 = “TEC”, a few Lab workers and Security people, at Dulce, begin sabotaging the Labs.

1979 = Serious conflict at Dulce Base. * About 68 humans killed. “TEC” and 18 others escape.

1980 = Seven AWOL Dulce workers recaptured. Their Family members are kidnapped. * A total of 12 workers(from the labs and Security) are still at large. News of the Underground “Alien”(Reptilian)/Human Bases, in several western states, starts to spread. NSC/”UNIT” works on a “cover story”…. it has some truth, but enough dis-information so as to be criticized and ridiculed. ( Faked Documents, faked “sightings”, etc.)

1986 = Abductions, “Implants”, Animal Mutilations……Albino “DRACO Prime” arrive from the “DRACONIAN” Planetoid (which entered our Solar System), to check on how the “take over” of “SOL-3″( TER-RA = Earth) is coming.

1987 = “Frozen” Hu-man children are given to “DRACO Prime”, as Tribute (from the “GREYS”).

1988 = Living “Abductees” are tortured and drained of blood and Brain “juices”. The Draco don’t drink “Fruit” or “Vegetable” Juices….they like “Special Fluids”. * Side Note : The DRACO are really “Drug LORDS” from Space. They want “amped” and “cushed” BLOOD. As in ancient times, they promote the use of substances that create “ACID pH Blood” in humans(as opposed to Alkaline pH).

Draco’s drug of chose is human ENDORPHINS. These are 1000 times more potent than any plant OPIATES. They are hooked on “ecstasy”and “Ritual Behavior”(The driving forces of the REPTILIAN Brain). This is FALSE “Spiritualism”….NOT the true “experience” of the SPIRIT/SOUL.