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The guide Part 6
July 31, 2008, 8:03 am
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updated April 17th 2016

“There is no ignoramus who fears sin.

” There is no Torah without fear,

there is no fear without the Torah.

(Zohar Tikunim)

Keep far from Babylon, make sure your desire and the strivings yearnings of you heart are after the good, the Divine things. By these things your soul and the God becomes more revealed in this world.  All the things you do see the Divine nature in them and have fun. Most of all you should be having fun working God, working the light making fixings in the world and invocations of the Divine. This is the Joy of your soul. By these things you will “see”.

The awe (fear) of God is reached by awareness from learning and Divine experience. This power of the soul is close to “emunah” (faith). The true nature of faith is that it is the light the surrounds “Chuchmah” (Wisdom-creativity).  It is not a dogma, Faith “emuna” is a real power of the soul.

Be with the God and the God will be with you.

strange green Universe
July 30, 2008, 9:25 am
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Archeology near Temple Mount
July 30, 2008, 9:14 am
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                              A friend sent me this E-mail


Work on excavations at the Kotel (western wall tunnels) continue daily in 3 shifts of 8
hours each.  Last night it was a great privilege to be taken on a 
tour of the current (closed to the public) progress being made there.

Recently discovered are:

A huge rectangular mikvah (ritual bath) which is in perfect condition and working
to this very day (must be close to 2000 years old), its being fed by a natural spring.  The water is pure and
crystal clear.  I estimate the size of the mikvah to be about 2 – 3
meters wide by 6 – 7 meters long.  The position of this mikvah is
close to the place of the Kodesh Kodesheme (Holy of Holies).

An oven room about 2,000 years old for baking and a making pottery,
used by the Romans.  The room contains two ovens, each oven is about
3 meters high, 4 meters wide and 6 meters long.  The walls of each
oven chamber are still lined with soot.  There is a large area with
prepared moist clay for making pottery.  The clay is still moist,
soft and pliable after 2,000 years.  Our host gave us some of the
excess clay and bits of broken pottery.

In another area is a quarry for manufacturing flooring tiles.  Each
of the already prepared but unused stone tiles measures 1.5 by 1.2
meters and are 30 cm. thick, each weighs a ton.  Not something the
modern home improvement enthusiast would want to work with.

Another room that is kept locked encloses part of the original wall
of the first temple.

Our host told us about a find he personally made in the quarry of a
coin that is estimated in current value at three million dollars.

There is more, much more, including finding a large room near the
moving display of the Kotel, its about 20 by 20 meters and is being
made into a bet Knesset (Place of Prayer).


Divine Proof by Numbers
July 30, 2008, 8:26 am
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  More amazing mathematical Proofs of the Divine nature of the Torah as it “all adds up”’







(Life in Israel ) in Hebrew   68 חיים + 543 בישראל = (Torah) 611 תורה


(Law of  Jacob)משפט  429 + 182 יעקב     = (Torah) 611תורה


(Power of accounts) כח  28 + 585 פקודות    (in Torah)613 commandments בתורה


                                                 אורות  (lights )=  613










July 29, 2008, 8:50 am
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The soul
July 29, 2008, 8:45 am
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  A order of Angels called חיות instinctually rather than intellectually serve Hashem with love and fear reside in the world of Yetzera . They shine the 6 emotional midot of the Ayn Sof. Men get their ruach from חיות. Saddekem who serve Hashem with intellectual love and fear reside in the world of Bria. This is the world of the כסא (thrown) . Men receive their Nashamot from the כסא . Here Shines Chaba”d of the Blessed Ayn sof.  It is the mother and source of the “midot”. From this love is made the garment to the Nashama in the upper Gan Aden.1 If a man merits “nefesh saclit” he is then above the Yesodot. If he merits a ruach he is from Yetzera and is above the Ofanim and they then serve him. As he is then of the level of   חיה מלאך . If he merits to his Nashama he is then at the level of the כסא . He is the above a מלאך (angel), this is as it states “I will put you among those who stand”. This is the level called “sarafim”. If he merits Nashama of Atzilut he sends Divine flow to the “kesay” (thrown) and “ofan” (wheel angel), as he is above “kesay”. The main thing of the creation is the thought of the creatures on the “kesay”. From Atzilut there rises thoughts of the creatures expressing their needs to the “kesay”. The “kesay” creates. “Kesay” is another name for Shechinah (divine Presence)of intellect. Their thoughts are the existence of Atzilut (world of emination)so they are included in the “seder” (order) of generation to generation by giving “parnasa” (sustenance) to each generation.2 The Ruach and the Nashama when in “zivug” (unification)give off light, but not when separate. Every Shabot and Rosh Chodesh there is crowned the Ruach. It rises and spreads out above rising up to Gan Aden Elyon to dress the Nashama. The Nashama wraps herself in the Ruach (the part of Nashama that enters penimi in Ruach) when entering into the guarded upper Gan Aden. When in the lower Gan aden she wears a different ruach that eminates from there. The Nashama also wears the רוחות (spirits)while in this world. Nashamot eminate from a high and mighty tree, “the river that goes out of Aden”. The Ruach (soul called spirit) from a smaller tree. They unite as male and female, Then they shine.3 The Nashama produces the ruach and rules over it, giving it light. Likewise the Nefesh is dependant on the Ruach.4 The Nashama is Torah, the Nefesh is Mitzvot, between them flourishes the Ruach which is the light of Chassadim.5 By occupying in “misim tovim” we come to posses the Nefesh in completeness(the more you give, the more you get). After to possess the Ruach one needs to add “kidusha” (holiness)on “Kidush” (sanctification) more than before. From this they can attain the level of the contemplation of their Ruach. After purifying one’s hands, adding strength in much greater “kidusha” they will be able to contemplate with their Nashama. The Ruach dresses upon the Nefesh, and the Nashama upon the Ruach.6 If one merits to be occupied in Torah he can arrouse the Ruach. From the merit of mitzvot from the Torah one can merit to the light of his Nashama (from mitzvot one merits his Nashama to reveal to him  torah, arrousing his Ruach to the love and fear of Hashem). If he merits to have children and teach them the way of the Holy King he can merit to the Chayah (or from writing Torah books). Asiyah cooresponds to the skin (the world of the animal soul is arroused through the skin), Yetzera to the flesh (through which emotions spread in the body), the bones to Atzilut (inspiration comes forth from the bones)(The world of Bria cooresponds to veins and arteries, by these the intellect-Nashama come to spread out and rule the limbs of the body). The Ruach is the “markava” of the ו of יהו”ה of Yetzera (word of formation), its source is A’k that dresses in Atzilut cooresponding to the “mochin” (brain) in the bone. The ruach is in the heart. From fullfilling the commandments there is fixed the “yetzer Tov” (making the good inclination stronger), guarding from trangression fixes the “yetzer hora” (evil inclination).The Nefesh of man is from the 4 “yesodot” (elements) of the earth. An Angel of Evil is the essence of his “yetzer hora”, his “yetzer tov” of his Nefesh is from a good angel. The Ruach also has the aspect of “yetzer tov” and “yetzer hora”, these are angels themselves.7 The brain is the vessel to the Nashama. The heart to the Ruach, and the liver to the Nefesh. The Nashama spreads from the brain to the whole body. After this the Ruach spreads out from the heart to the whole body. The Ruach begins spreading out from the throat until the feet.8 The Nefesh and Ruach of sadeekem are from “mym duchrin and Mym Nukvin” of Z”a and Nakavah. The Nashama and Chayah are from “mym duchrin and Mym Nukvin” of Imma and Abba.9 The source of a man’s Nefesh, Ruach, Nashama of his Nashama is according to The Malchut of that man. Accordingly there is the flow of the Nefesh, Ruach, Nashama of his Nashama from Malchut of Atzilut to that man.10 Water cooresponds to the “nashama to Nashama” or called Chayah. Fire is the Nashama, “Ruach”(Air) is the Ruach and the Nefesh is from the Yesod of Earth.11 The Nefesh cooresponds to “Mishpot” (balanced judgment), the Ruach truth and the Nashama to chesed.12

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Silencing of the Christians
July 28, 2008, 7:48 am
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24/03/2010 01:47

Owner of private channel accuses Ramallah gov’t of silencing the voice of the Christian minority in the Holy Land.

The owner of a private Christian TV station on Tuesday accused the Palestinian Authority of silencing the voice of the Christian minority in the Holy Land by forcing him to go off the air.

Samir Qumsieh, owner and director of Al-Mahed (Nativity) TV, which was founded in Beit Sahur, near Bethlehem, 14 years ago, said PA security officials who raided his station last week told him that the decision to close it down had been taken because he did not have a proper license.

“It’s strange that they are closing us down now after we have been broadcasting for the past 14 years,” Qumsieh said. “This is a breach of freedom of speech and an attempt to silence the media.”

Al-Mahed TV was the only station in the Palestinian territories that broadcast Christian prayer services. The popular station also had a weekly program called The Gospel and Life. Qumsieh is planning to hold a press conference later this week to demand that the PA rescind its decision.

The Christian broadcaster was one of several private radio and TV stations that were closed last week under the pretext that they had been operating without a proper license from the PA’s Ministry of Information and Ministry of Interior.

Most of the stations have been operating for over a decade.

The move drew a wave of protests by the owners and many journalists, who accused the PA government of seeking to silence the independent media in the Palestinian territories.

Some of the owners said they weren’t able to renew their licenses because of the high fees requested by the PA authorities.

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate denounced the decision to shut the stations, calling on PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to rescind the order.

The syndicate pointed out that the closures contradicted Fayyad’s promise to defend freedom of speech.

In a separate development, the PA-controlled newspapers in Ramallah and east Jerusalem have refused to publish the results of a public opinion poll that showed that recent charges of financial corruption and sex scandals damaged the popularity of PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Fayyad.

The poll was conducted by an independent research center headed by Khalil Shikaki.

It showed that 70 percent of the Palestinians believe the allegations made against senior PA and Fatah officials by former PA intelligence official Fahmi Shabaneh.

The results also showed that Abbas’s popularity had dropped from 54% to 50% in the past four months.

The three leading Palestinian dailies, Al-Quds, Al-Ayyam and Al-Hayat al-Jadida, have refused to publish the results of the poll. Editors and journalists at the newspapers said they had received instructions from Abbas’s office to refrain from publishing the findings of the survey, which also indicated a rise in the popularity of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.


Don’t worry God is in Charge

updated July 26th 2016  

The judgments by which God runs his world are by no means such a simple obvious thing to understand as mentioned before. For example, God is quick to give the wicked their reward in this world. Since they have no other life. They don’t concern themselves with the eternal life of their soul. Not providing for its provisions, so it can be that God does not either. The righteous is only rewarded with wealth by God when they achieve the ultimate virtue of humility and modesty.  Relative to free choice, a primary cause of things not going the way they are ‘supposed to’ is indulgence in pride. At times this shows that the person’s indulging in some form of ego is making a separation above, preventing them from receiving blessing. In Talmud Sanhedrin 109b Our sages mention that one of those supporting the cause of Korach named  On, son of Pelet was saved by his wife. She made sure that when Korach came to take Pelet along Korach would not be able to enter the tent as she sat there with her hair uncovered at the entrance of their tent. This show concerning how careful people with modesty at the time of Moses God does not want the possession of wealth to corrupt such a person. A person must work for a living. Not live for a working. Man was made for the soul. This is the true order of the world. How it “works”. To focus on wordly pursuits as an end in themselves turns things around from the true order of the way they are supposed to be to disorder. By nullifying the will of Your body for the will of your soul. You and the world become fixed and the disorder of the world becomes subdued, nullified, and included in the order that will make things‘go your way’. As then things will be “working” according to proper order. When deciding what to do, one gives precedence to the Divine desire. Do His will like your will, and He will do your will like His will. One who knows he has enough is rich. No one needs to use their vitality chasing after accumulating material things they couldn’t possibly use in a lifetime. Its better to spend ones time and energy doing good deeds, by this they will gather blessings. You need to  look at your physical occupation as a spiritual pursuit, it can be seen as just another means of linking to God. Do business faithfully. This aids the entire world to come to faith. Brings renewed energy by your work  to improve the world. Know as a general principal that if one chases after that which is not meant for him. He loses that which is his own. Don’t chase after the wind. Wealth should not be treasured. Then one won’t be overwelmed inappropriately with desires for possessions. There is a appropriate medium where one works for a living with their trust in God concerning their future. Such a person in their lifetime will find sufficient time to allow them to take enough concern to fulfill what is necessary for the needs of  their soul, and not only their body. Don’t get caught up in a false accounting. There is nothing worse than swindling oneself. This requires true objective introspection. You need to take a ‘spiritual inventory’.  This refers to taking stock, account, and examining their deeds. Like the way companies invest money in hiring troubleshooters whose job it is to make sure that the business is operating to its maximum potential. How much more so should a person troubleshoot himself to secure his soul’s safety and upgrade its productivity to full potential. Trust in God will give them time long enough to think of the matters concerning their soul. This is where it all starts. This is something most people just don’t find the time to seriously engage in. 

   The world is regulated according to judgment. We must have right and proper judgment. Through continuous self judgment one draws upon oneself the awe of Heaven. Thus he eliminates the need of judgment descending upon him from Heaven to force one to this awe. A 3 fold cord is not easily broken so always realize in all your thoughts that God is first, last and there is no other. You need to come to peace with your desires. Be careful of excessive desires of things of this world. As when there is a conflict between physical and spiritual desires this clash can interfere with one’s happiness. Numerous varieties of countless combinations of the many forms of worldly pleasures maddens the mind. If worldly interest does not die, true growth of the spiritual being cannot take place. One must shut out those desires and impulses which could damage one’s spiritual and their emotional well-being. Those that prevent you having peace of mind. Then your heart will not be confused, but remain undisturbed. You will then have tranquility of peace within. When your inner peace is disturbed energy is lost. You must work to keep your mind unfragmented, whole and centered. Don’t create in your mind dichotomy by distorted delusions. You must transcend transient trivialities. Develop a new stance of reconciliation between what you want and what we need. Don’t let fallen desire obstruct the freedom of your soul. Know that there is no limits to a mans desires, he will go on desiring. When it comes to the point that he finds he cannot obtain the object of his desire there will be pain. Any time we could locate that conciliatory position, we take a step up the spiritual ladder. By finding peace by being satisfied with one’s God Given lot in life. This make us feel fulfilled. From contentment come happiness. Spread the flag of freedom being the banner of your soul. What a great calamity it is not finding contentment. We must judge ourselves correctly. For on judgment the world turns. Run after justice with all your strength chasing after truth. 

   Every human faculty can become distorted perverted, or turned to achieve the desired end which is a blessing for the body the soul and society in general. Pride and  arrogance form a basis on which rests the evil inclination.  Arrogance and hypocrisy and the like, place one far from being able to comprehend the ways of Divine truth. To learn one must make themselves as a fit vessel. To reach the absolute truth you will need to leave your self imposed blindness and falsehoods. It is the empty space in it that gives it its usefulness as a vessel. Don’t be full of yourself. Arrogance only invites problems. One who does not flaunt his wisdom becomes enlightened. One who arrogantly shows off their wealth invites trouble. Blessing only rests on what is hidden from the eye. Don’t boast about your accomplishments, just become successful. Accomplish great thing when they are small. Don’t procrastinate. Later on it may be too hard to do, or you may no longer have the needed inspiration by which to become successful. The mind if not directed is relentlessly active and by one’s animal nature they can become drunk with the wine of desire, this increases its turbulence. After desire has taken possession of one they begin to become jealous of the success of others. Then the demon of pride enters the mind, making him feel all important. Then no one can teach him anything. Special attention should be given to our imaginations as it is the well of our strivings and desires. Many a man has come to misery from unsatisfied desires or the fear of not being able to achieve their desires. Misused imagination can place one in a delusional fantasy world. This can be a big energy drain. There the imagination becomes the greatest enemy of man. It can seduce him to do things which are the worst. Or persuade him to abandon things should be done, and are the very fiber of life. You must eliminate confused dreams. The mind clings to false images it creates. Building up layer upon layer. It is through these one sees the world. This is a hindrance to reaching clear awareness of the truth. the mind is the eye of one’s being. A mind that is confused, as a blind eye. It’s hard to see with the blinders on. Keep your mind detached and whole. Avoid the habitual clinging tendency of consciousness. It is good to dwell on something good but things that only worry or sadden you why hold on and cling to them. Know from sadness, bitterness of spirit one can become like intoxicated with wine, having distorted judgment  One cannot let evil imagination lead them to depression. Things are not as they appear.  Feeling down? Got the blues?  Even from the black depths of pain and despair, life can hand out valuable lessons in compassion, wisdom and love. One does not have to become depressed because of difficult times or sufferings that may come upon us. Nor do we have to let worries ruin our mood. Suffering is meant as a teacher to anyone who experiences it, and also to those who see it or hear about it. The suffering of anyone in the world can serve as a tool to learn lessons that will elevate us. Sufferings come to increase faith. Knowledge is the main comfort from all suffering. It can expand your mentality to a degree that the problem does not bother, phase, or disturb you. Do not worry about what might possibly go wrong the next day. One never knows what will occur. Perhaps tomorrow you will no longer be in this world and you will have worried about a world that is not yours. Don’t accept negative emotions or thoughts such as  nothing is fun anymore, feeling lonely, unloved, feeling empty ,feeling hopeless ,feeling guilty or worthless. Being depressed only makes things worse. It even effects our posture and our heath. If one feels like crap they look like it. Depression effects everyone around in a bad way. Depression  isn’t fun. These feelings don’t help you out. let them go. Throw them away. Set your mind above worry and vexation. You Have better things to do than contemplate such foolish thoughts as they are ridiculous. When the truth is apparent we can only be astonished when looking at that which we thought was the reality is so far from the absolute truth. Remember God runs the world he has given you all you need. Its those thoughts and feelings that are in error. You must demonstrate some confidence In God and Yourself. What ever the problem or the situation is you will get over it. The world is not going to end.


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Protect yourself-Do good
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   The reality of spiritual and occult forces, entities is often dismissed and even mocked by the ignorant. In Biblical times, mastery of occult knowledge was required for an elder to have a seat in the Sanhedrin (great court of 72 elders). This knowledge was required learning of all Sages, so to recognize and know how to combat malevolent negative forces of the “otherside”. You need to know, especially now when God is so hidden and evil so dominant in this world. so you protect yourself. That once one has any contact with a thing,that contact leaves a mark which serves as a point of connection for further Contact it is a opening to get deeper into the person. This can happen even without the person’s awareness or consent. Just like the slightest contact with something Biblically impure can render whatever it has contact with impure. This negative “tumah” (impure) energy is contaminates on contact. We see similar concepts with modern medicine as regards to bacteria and viruses. Indeed, many physical ailments that have inflicted people have done so because of personal choices these people have made. Little do those people realize that the choices they make have a direct result of occult influence upon their minds and bodies. We are not only what we eat, but what we do and what we think. Because of these things at times by “bad” choices we may not even be ourselves. In the spiritual realms there is always an ongoing battle for control.

  Just as our physical world is inhabited by numerous others, so too are the realms into which the soul travels is also inhabited by indigenous beings of those places. Religions call them names like demons and angels, yet these terms do almost nothing to describe the actuality of the different entities that one can encounter.

   Thought travels instantaneously throughout physical space. When one travels into the innerspace of the soul, one has access doors that enable one to travel through consciousness to other places in the universe. As well as into other dimensions of existence. The master of the occult can project his own thoughts into the minds of others with out them having any knowledge of this. The one under such influence has no idea that he or she is thinking thoughts not their own. One under such influence may feel compelled to act in certain ways. Only afterwards does one wonder what “possessed” them to act like that.

  These things are ancient. We even find references to them in the Bible. One must be careful of Evil people and the negative energies and forces that want to “suck” the life force right out of you. So do the command of the God , do good !