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Teffilin the Divine energy conversion, balancing and communication device
January 20, 2011, 2:50 pm
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updated April 9 2016

Tefillin under Kirlian Camera (aura camera)

 The simple purpose of Tefillin is to subjugate our thoughts and actions to God’s service. The head Tefillin is placed above our brain to dominate our thought. The hand Tefillin is positioned next to our heart – the central organ that controls proper body functions – distributes the vital blood everywhere and collects it back.. The Villna Goan explains Tefillin have four separate compartments while the hand one only has one. The head has four different senses: seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting. The body has just one sense of touching, but four types of organs can be used to touch: hands, body, legs and the sex organ that is sanctified on the eight day. Thus the Tefillin that’s put on the body has the four parshah (Torah sections).

  She (The Shechinah) is tied with him, by the knot of the arm “Tefilin”. She is tied to him so she can not ever leave him. From the left side she is tied through the arm “Tefilin”, which is on the left arm. From the right side she places the crown on his head, the head “Tefilin”. And this is in the daytime she is tied to her husband. (Tikinim P20B)

Each knot of “Tefillin” is from the side of the letter י; and there are two knots, which are the knots of the head tefilin and the left arm tefilin. These are the י י from the name יאהדונה”י

One must tie up the angel of death and his mate in the straps of the tefilin.

The ס”מ (the evil one)  is trapped in a collar, by those who tie him up through the sign of their Tefillin. The strap as a knot on his arm, he ties the two straps on his horns, like an ox “moad”. (Tikunim)

Kabbalists teach that when tefillin is tightened around the bicep of the left arm , pointing towards the heart , and on the ” entrance ” to the head – “the place where the head of the infant is soft ” ( in the word of the Talmud ) – a unique spiritual energy is channeled into the human soul.

The masters of the Mishnah have said that a man should not be found with less than two “Aot” signs., the sign of the tefilin, And sign of the covenant. On Shabbat, the two signs are. the sign of the covenant and the sign of Shabbat. And those that are found each day with out these two signs It is written about them “surely send away the mother”. (The Shechinah leaves them) (Tikkuney Zohar)

And if you will ask why do you need two signs on each person every day? The “Shechinah” which is the letter י‘ from the name אדני and Hashem who is the letter י‘ from the name יהוה. A man needs that he should not be found “having less” (this is minimum) then these two signs every day.

And if not it says about it “A complainer separates a Ruler” (Prov. 16:28). He separates the Ruler of the World from the “Shechinah”. About the female it says “My sign forever” (Ex 31:17). The male he is the covenant of salt forever. Therefore the sign of the Tefilin is female, and the sign of the covenant is male. And the secret of the matter “מי יעלה לנו השמימה” “(Who will raise us up to heaven)” (Deut. 30:12), in the “Rosha teva” ( first letters of the words) it spells out מילה (circumcism), in the “Sofa teva” (ending letters of the words) it spells out the name יהוה. The tefilin are female that is why it says “And it shall be unto you a sign on your hand

In a recent experiment, researchers asked a group of men who do not regularly put tefillin on to do so. After these men put the tefillin on, their photos were taken with special kirilian camera which captures a high energy ultra-violet energy field light in its images. The images shown by this camera demonstrated conclusively that an “aura” appears when the men put the tefillin on, at exactly the points where the tefillin lay on their head and hand, which are exactly the points where the Kabbalists speak of a spiritual energy being channeled.

Even more interesting is the point that these are the acupressure and acupuncture points that for thousands of years the Chinese have been teaching correspond to increasing spirituality.

From the plain text of the Scriptures we can not learn much about Tefillin. The Rashbam wrote, “According to the plain text it will be for you an eternal reminder as though it were written on your hand” this is  like ‘Place me as a seal on your heart’ (Song of Songs 8:6).”

To explain this verse we need the Oral Torah, which is “Halacha” given to Moshe at Sinai, as brought by Rambam, Laws of Tefillin, chapter one, halacha three,.. He writes that “There are ten things involved in Tefillin, all of them “Halacha Moshe MiSini” (Law given to Moshe at Sinai) and all are restrictions…two in their writing and eight in their covering and the tying of their straps.”

“Halacha Moshe MiSinai” According to the  Rambam in his introduction to the Mishna saya “Know that any commandment which God gave Moses our Teacher, of blessed Memory, was given with its explanations…and this is an example. God told Moshes ‘you shall dwell in sukkot for seven days,’ and afterwards notified him that this sukkah is obligatory only for men and not for women, that the ill are not obliged, nor are travelers….

And it is the same thing with the laws of “Tefillin” which were given at Sinai. God told Moshe “and it shall be a sign on your hand,” and explained to him that they must be written with specific ink on parchment, and so on.

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In the book Shoshon Sodot it is explained that not much is said in the Torah itself concerning Teffilin as they are a hidden thing. The Magid of koznitz teaches that the main thing of Teffilin is to bind emuna to our hearts so to serve Hashem with hearts and brain. So to be able to determine with our kidneys, and to understand all actions. Always cleaving in the thoughts of Elohy”m Chyim ( the Living God). Concerning physical things by the parsha that are written on skin that are in the skin boxes of Tefilin, and by the skin cords that hang down, and on the arm. These arouse the heart and mind in devakut (cleaving to God) and desire.1 Teffilin is light of Nashamot illuminating the creation.2 The 4 boxes of the head Tefillin and 1 of the arm Teffilin parallel the 5 letters of Elohy”m (in Hebrew), which is the source of Zu”n (source of all Ruach emotional, and Nefesh animal souls).3 In Aor Yakar on the Zohar we learn that the head and arm Tefillin are male and female. The 2 united are the image of God (as He made man in).4 Putting on Teffilin elevates divine sparks, as these sparks are united to their source divine intellect decends (nashama). Teffilin is the aspect of “mochin” (brain-consciousness), through them one can merit “mochin penimi” (internal brain-consciousness), which is “nashamot”.  Elevating the animal soul (nefesh)  . One attains perfection of the divine image, completeness of the 4 letter name by wearing Teffilin.

In Sefer Ha Temunah from Nachunyah Ben Hakanah and Rabbi Yishmayol Kohen Gadol it is taught that the 4 faces of the “Chayot Ha Kodesh” (holy angels) are the 4 boxes of the head Tefillin, and Tefillin relates to the mystery of the “caruvim” (angelic figures on the ark of the covenant). From the Tefilin is made the seal of Hashem. If all the Halachah (law) concerning making Tefilin is not followed exactly this causes the power of the “otherside” to mix with kidusha (Holiness).5


Teffilin are a hidden thing even their explanation can be elusive, and it is a bit complex that which can be understood. As we said by Tefillin you can always be Always cleaving in the thoughts of Elohy”m Chyim ( the Living God). Elohy”m Chyim is the aspect of Hashem that is continually creating the world. Thus you help make what will be tomorrow, here there and everywhere. If your thoughts are in line with Go’ds will if you ask it may come to be now rather than later. Tefillin helps to manifest this.

Elohy”m is 5 letters in Hebrew. The head tefillin is made of 4 boxes with a parsha in each. The arm has 1 box containing 1 parsha. These 5 manifest energy of the 5 letters of  Elohy”m . As said before Elohy”m Chyim is the aspect of Hashem that is continually creating the world this includes your own soul its development and growth. Which is some thing a person is required to work upon.

The Tefillin cords Hang down manifesting upon the body the energy influence of Elohy”m Chyim. “Teffilin is the aspect of “mochin” (brain-consciousness), through them one can merit “mochin penimi” (internal brain-consciousness), which is “nashamot”. “ Tfillin are like a “external harddrive”, a additional brain furnished by God. For this reason Holy people wear them all day. It is taught that the 4 faces of the “Chayot Ha Kodesh” (holy angels) are the 4 boxes of the head Tefillin. From the “Chayot Ha Kodesh” (holy angels) All souls in the world are emanated. Thus through Tefillin you influence other souls (people) from their source. Ever heard of win friends and influence, this is the real stuff. From the source. Tefillin relates to the mystery of the “caruvim” (angelic figures on the ark of the covenant). From these “caruvim” prophesy directly manifests to this world.

The Choshen Mishpot (breastplate) and Ephod (garment of High priest) correspond to the orim and Tummin (secret parts of breastplate of judgment) which Correspond to the (Knot of head) Tefilin and knot of the (arm) Tefilin.6 The knot of the head Tefillin is aspecloria meira (illuminating lens of prophesy) which is Z’a (source of the emotional soul, the ruach). This is what Hashem refers to when He says “You may see my back”. This is the aspect of the urim in the “Choshen Mishpot”. This is 42 letter divine name.7 The knot of the arm Teffilin is the aspecloria lo Meira (non illuminating lens) (mochin Malchut). It is as the tumim of the Choshen Mishpat. It is the name of 22 letters.8

In Safer HaKanah its taught that Tefilin are a conduit of דפח (awe) of Hashem.9 Rabbi Moshe Cordevero says the knot of Tefillin binds face to face.This is navua (prophesy). Teffilin is the secret of binding the kesay ( Divine thrown) upon the palaces in heaven.10 Rabbi Yaakov Abuchitzera teaches that Teffilin is called :

Ya”h is my strength and song ”

The Ar’i Teaches Teffilin involves 3 aspects The head Teffilin arm Teffilin, and knot of the head Teffilin. These coorespond to 2 angels in the head and heart of man.11 The 3 letters sd”y illudes to the straps, boxes and knots of Teffilin. The s (in Hebrew this letter has 3 pillars) illudes to the 3 straps. The d (numerical value 4)  is the 4 boxes of the head Tefillin, and the Y of  SD”Y the Y shaped knot on the hand Teffilin.12


Concerning the components which make up your Tefillin We have already explained a bit about their 5 boxes. Tefillin also have (Knot of head) Tefilin and knot of the (arm) Tefilin. Directly from these points is one of the main places of manifestation of their energy influence. From the (Knot of head) Tefilin One’s Nashama (Divine intellect) come to elevate their emotional soul. From the knot of the (arm) Tefilin one’s Nefesh (animal soul-desires) are shaped. These powers are made more revealed by the Divine name of 42 and 22 letters. But this comes later. Teffilin is the secret of binding the kesay ( Divine thrown). The kesay is the place from which there is directed the emanation of souls and their powers of thought desire drives etc…  Through the angels called “Chayot Ha Kodesh” as spoken of above to upon the palaces in heaven. In these palaces dwell angels that manifest aspects of Divine will in this world. (they actualize much of our prayers). Rabbi Yaakov Abuchitzera teaches that Teffilin is called :

Ya”h is my strength and song ”

Ya”h is a name that bring intellectual creativity, inspiration. A inspired person others listen to. So Tefillin help give one the song of Heaven in their prayer, and continue to inspire us after.

The 3 letters sd”y alludes to the straps, boxes and knots of Teffilin. The s (in Hebrew this letter has 3 pillars) alludes to the 3 straps. 2  straps hang down from the head Tefillin onto the body bringing the influence of the Divine intellect, the Nashama, upon the emotional soul. The 1 strap on the arm Tefillin reveals influence of the emotional soul on the animal soul. The d (numerical value 4)  is the 4 boxes of the head Tefillin, and the Y of  SD”Y the Y shaped knot on the hand Teffilin. This knot allows the Divine influence to effect others. The name Sd”y manifests a gateway for Divine energy. Thus in the morning prays it it appears in the last prayer called Alanu lishabach to release the energy drown by our prayer into a revealed state effecting ourselves and others. One persons Teshuva, effects others.

Tefillin of the head corresponds the “Prayer of Moses” (psalm:90, its the highest consciousness written by Moses) the arm Teffilin corresponds to “prayer of the poor man”( psalm:102, reaches the lowest aspects to correct them).13 In Zohar Chadash Tikunim its taught when wearing Tefillin intend to raise up all elokim achrim (desires not bound to our service of Hashem), and the nations under rule of the Shechinah.14

The aspect of Nashama is the heart, but it goes out from the Eye. The mitzvah of Teffilin illudes to the coat of light that was a garment to Adam before the sin.15 Rabbi Moshe Chyim Lazzatto teaches that Tefillin are the light of the eyes, that descends to the heart making Tefillin of the arm called “stretched out arm” as is described in the Torah in the redemption from Egypt. As its written “ Has Elohym ventured to go and take Him a nation from the midst of another nation, by trials, by signs, and by wonders, and by war, and by a mighty hand, and by a stretched out arm, and by great terrors, according to all that the YHVH ELOHACHEM did for you in Egypt before your eyes?” (dueteronomy 4:34) and “And it shall be for a sign to you upon your hand, and for a remembrance between your eyes, that the Torah of YHVH may be in your mouth; for with a strong hand has the YHVH brought you out of Egypt.” (Exudus 9:13) The Arm Teffilin is the “strong hand” that took us out of Egypt it has the power of capturing all impurity  and evil spirits.16 The hand Tefillin is in the attribute of King David.17 It is the letters Y”D (means hand) of SD”Y .18

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