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Dancing and Singing or No atheists in the trenches — You Choose !
July 29, 2010, 10:18 am
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person performing fire dance at night

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It is impossible to attain something in completeness if its parallel is absent.

One comes to love cleaving to God as one acquires the hate of separation from him.

The degree of hating separation is according to one’s knowledge of God.

One should know God, from whom he is separated.

Then he can know what he loses by remaining separated.

Engaging in Torah and Mitzvot (commandments)

Lets one feel the severity of the state of separation.

As one acquires the Light of Torah, hatred for separation is created in him.

He begins to know what causes him and his soul to be separated from the Creator.

Delight and pleasure the Creator wants to give.

By hatred of separation, one can discern the great Good.

And one begins to yearn to cleave to God.

All the descents where one feels that he has come to separation, are an opportunity to discern its opposite.

Learn the benefits of the ascents from the descents.

Appreciate the importance of being brought near from Above.

As when one is given food without ever having felt hunger.

The ascents make him hate the descents and the separation  they cause him.

He discern the distance between one and the other, “as far as Light excels darkness.”

Then one can regard the matter of cleaving to God.

By which the delight and pleasure in Divine Thought can be achieved.

His desire to do good to His creations.”

It is simple to cleave to God, the Creator.

But, it does require effort and exertion to acquire the sensation and feeling of delight and pleasure.

Concentrate your entire work on faith in the Creator.

This is what to should pray for.

There is power in the faith: through it, one comes to hate the separation from God.

Faith makes him hate the separation.

This is one of the powers within faith. Faith is not what you think.

It is more than saying “I believe”

Faith or as it originally was called in the original language of the Bible (Hebrew) Emuna is a power that is even above the creative aspect of wisdom as is known from the tradition of the Biblical prophets.

When one leaves faith for but a moment.

They immediately cease the Torah and the work.

They are no longer inspired.

He thinks in his mind that these things are no good.

They are not worth his time.

See the difference that exists,

Without faith.

Reason is based on faith.

Constantly remember faith.

Otherwise one can fall into a state of even wickedness.

In a single day; one may fall many times.

Faith should not stop even for a moment during one day.

Know, the reason for forgetting faith stems from the fact that faith is against all the lower selfish desires of the body.

These “lower” desires of the body are called the “will to receive for oneself alone,”

Only when cleaving in faith do we have the power to go out from these lowly bodily desires and go to Godly reason.

Before one acquires the vessels of bestowal, called ”cleaving in God”, faith cannot be found in him on a permanent basis.

When faith does not shine for him, he is in the lowest possible state.

Which is only the will to receive for himself alone.

This causes him torment and ruins all the advancements he has made and all the efforts he had put into the work.

The minute he loses faith.

He feels that the whole world has grown dark before him, and he has nothing from which to receive gladness.

Every time one begins to correct their fallen state.

He acquires hate of separation from God.

And through the hate that he feels for the separation he comes to love cleaving in God.

He suffers during the separation.

He feels the darkness as bad.

He comes to feel that cleaving in God is a good thing.

when he cleaves in God now.

He knows how to appreciate it.

For many torments  exist in the world are but a preparation.

Or they will not be able to acquire anything spiritual, as there is no Light without a vessel.

As there are those who will only turn to God “under pressure”

As they say “There are no atheists in the trenches”

How much better is it to come to God freely with dancing and singing !

If one does not ask God for help with his spiritual  vessels, for faith.

Instead the Creator  gives him torments, so that by these he will be forced to call out to God.

But if he condemns his Maker.

That, in turn, will bring him to a state called “evil”.

Because he slanders Providence.

He should have called out to the Creator.

Respect the Creator.

He sees conduct unfitting for His glory. !

The Creator leads the world in benevolence.

Ask of the Creator to impart the power of faith and to be awarded benevolence.

Receive good and delight.

The Creator leads the world in benevolence.

Practices Torah and Mitzvot (commandments) to extend the Light of God.

Being in a state of separation is painful.

Know, the Creator hears  prayer, brings those who call near.

They are rewarded with cleaving in God.

Because of the pains that he feels due to the separation.

The state of separation and the state of cleaving in God.

The Creator is called “the root of every thing.”

From the Heart
July 11, 2010, 9:43 am
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With  love and fear relate to SPIRITUALITY,

and to the Torah, and you will see the truth

Things that come from the heart, enter the heart.

Even if things have already entered the heart, one can still fall from his degree?

When one comes out to the world, sees, covets, and is infected by the multitude of desires roaming the world, do not let your mind, heart, or will be annulled before the majority.

One’s judgment of the world must be in a scale of merit, or the evil forces will subdue him. He mingles with their desires and he is led like sheep to the slaughter.

He is compelled to think, want, crave, and demand everything that they demand.

Then chooses thoughts, lusts and desires, which are alien to the spirit of the Torah.

In that state he has no strength to resist.

The remedy is cleaving in GOD,  this is a wondrous cure, as this cleaving reforms him.

While one is inside Kedusha (Holiness), the mind necessitates that he should always walk on the path of the Creator.

He is wise and certain.

He can defeat the Sitra Achra (other side).

Cleaving to God is an armament that can defeat evil desires.

All these  are attained after the aforementioned cleaving in GOD.

One must always follow in the path of the Creator founded in cleaving in GOD.

If one loses this foundation, they are powerless, they will now be lacking the foundation.

One must not rely on one’s own mind. Teachings of holy books can help.

Precious are the letters. One knows the greatness of a thing to the extent that it is precious to them.

The  impression of its importance makes a impression that brings one to a sensation in the heart, and according to the measure of one’s recognition of the importance, joy is born in him.

One sees that many people in the world are not given the strength to do the holy work. While you were imparted the desire and the thought to occupy in the holy work.

If one can appreciate the importance this,                                                                   According to the importance that one ascribes to the holy work,                                          give praise and be grateful for it.                                                                                     And experience great joy.

. In that state one comes to feel elation and joy of the heart.

Praise and  gratitude that one gives expands the feelings in every single point of the holy work, and  soars ever higher.

One feels humbleness, and one feels wholeness.

“get a grip on yourself” or the “external sources” will

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Do you control yourself or are you controlled by “external sources” ? Ever find yourself having emotions that are out of control ? For this we have the expression “get a grip on yourself”, as if you don’t these “external sources” will. It is sort of like when on says “the Devil made me do it”.

Everyone gets angry. Maybe you “lose your coolorhit the roof.” lost your temper? Do you yell and scream or want to hit someone? Do you get angry when something doesn’t go your way, when you become frustrated ? You should work to keep this situation from happening again. Don’t have a quick or a hot temper. Don’t lose control.

You sometimes need to stop and “get a grip on yourself”

When our aggression becomes so extreme that we lose self-control, it is said that we are in a rage. Anger may do more harm than any other emotion. The overall effects of anger are enormous. Through anger the mind and the body can both become disturbed.

It is really up to you how you are going to act. That is if you don’t  “lose it”. The  external negative energies, Know they want to take your soul away from you.

So always be gentle. Don’t be rough and inconsiderate. When one is unkind to others this behavior inevitably rebounds back on you. Such behavior will cause destruction to one’s connection to the spiritual realms.

There really is a voice of the soul of inner awakening , but you have to be in a receptive state to hear it. You wont be able to hear it as long as you live in emotional upheaval.

One must allow wisdom to direct their emotions. know that receiving insults, abuse, and mistreatment in silence is a tremendous help in dealing with relationships. You have to work at having balanced, healthy relationships. You can’t run away from yourself.

The “external sources” are those that direct you into imbalance and chaos, don’t Let them. If they have their way they will destroy all your relationships. Don’t let them.

It not easy by any means to maintain a peaceful state of consciousness, we are tested all the time. The “external sources” are always trying to interfere with our inner composure, and working on others around us to “get our goat”.

It is when one is out of balance that they are vulnerable to the spirit of folly, and can do something stupid. Those who are blind to their inner selves are likely to do stupid things, so try to stay focused. One is in trouble when they lose their way. Try to stay calm in balance find equilibrium. When someone looses balance either in their own internal composure or with things outside of themselves they lose energy . One must master patience and tolerance even God forbid if it involves suffering. One’s tolerance of suffering is based on their faith.

When we look back at what we thought were “great Problems” of our past, now we see we got ‘over’ them, and it was not really so ‘bad’. Actually there is great good that resulted , sometimes though it is not so easy to see, or understand.

Tolerance is a necessary virtue in everyone’s daily life. One who cleaves to God in awe and complete love has no question about any matter of this world. All bothers and difficulties of this world are thought of by him as nothing. . They don’t interfere with his life at all. Personal problems he faces of this world that would trouble others don’t concern him at all.

This is not escape to ‘Fantasy Island’. On the contrary most abide in a world of illusion. Reawakening to the awareness of truth is getting out of fantasy and entering reality. Don’t be over concerned with the trivialities of life. They just come and go. Know that by both favor and disgrace one is shocked. Many times this is because people forget the true value of things. So people when finding favor of others may take pride in them selves, making them arrogant. Or one may imagine that some thing is a matter of disgrace and embarrassment. When it’s in all truth a truly insignificant matter. Its about what you want to consider trouble, and then all that such entails. To another man it may be nothing. Many times one may feel lonely, isolated or misunderstood by others. By getting your Higher Self (soul) involved in daily life, you will be able to feel loved, nurtured, and deeply understood. The way we deal with such problems can show the degree of one’s love. Faith endears couples as husband and wife. You need to prepare your heart to receive faith. When one lacks faith which is the power of growing and sprouting, literally he rots. He is left to lead a life that is full of sadness, slothfulness and sluggishness. Faith is most misunderstood “it is the power that surrounds the inspiration of wisdom and creativity.”

Go for the dream
September 28, 2008, 9:30 am
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On Rosh Hashanah one must consider how they can become a better person in the year to come. It is the day of “judgment” of the whole world. Make judgments concerning your self, on how you can become a better person. Do not make it so that Hashem has to force you to become better. Consider matters as kindness, righteousness and justice. Much is in the balance this year. In your Rosh Hashanah prayers let your heart hope for the Great things. We need them. If all you can imagine is almost nothing that is all you will get. If the prayer of your heart is for the greatest dream the world can have, how great it will be. The Prophet Amos says :

“Those who turn justice to wormwood, and who leave righteousness on the ground ” (5:7)

The Radak explains that judgment is perverted for the rich. Making judgments for the poor like wormwood, which is bitter. We hear about a lack of justice very often from our Prophets as its prevalence is great and its result catastrophic. Concerning ” who leaves righteousness on the ground ” this means they totally disregard it, as it does not matter at all. The Radak cites a verse from Jeremiah ” For I am  YHVH who practices kindness, justice and righteousness on the earth. In these things I delight says YHVH “(9:23).  Thus man should follow suit and not cast kindness righteousness and justice on the earth, but should hasten to pursue these traits. The prophet Amos continues with instruction for us that ends with great results:

“Hate evil and love good, and establish justice at the gate, perhaps YHVH ELOHY TSVAOT  will be gracious to the remnant of Joseph “(5:15)

This is pretty obvious one should find evil disturbing thus resulting in him hating it. Such a state does not leave one quiet and unmotivated, but then one feels forced to act and make things better for all. Since he loves good he pursues it over all else, as this is his love. This love pushes him as it says to establish justice at the gate. He wants to fight for social justice and against oppression as he hates evil and loves to see good. One needs to understand what true ultimate good is and love it and not accept things as they are now, but one must see what is the good that the God desires as Rabbi Kook explains That the great dreams are the foundation of the world. They are manifested on different levels. The Prophets dream as it says in the Torah ” I speak to him in a dream ” (num. 12:8). The poets dream while awake. The mighty thinkers dream of perfecting the world. All of us dream about the time ” YHVH will return the dwelling of Zion ” (Ps. 126:1). The crudeness of conventional life, which is completely immersed in its material aspect, removes from the world the light of the dream, The splendor of its wide horizons, it’s ascent above ugly reality. Thus the world is in convulsions with pain engendered by the destructive toxins of a reality that is lacking all brightness of the dream. These pains are sufferings of love. They will purify the world. Then it will be clear how grave is the error of those who boast of reality in its defective state. As then the dream is left uninhabited, this is a revolt against reality. This force of limitation is truly the most substantive truth of existence. Think deeply over these words, as it is by these things that Hashem will show mercy to his people. Even if they have sinned against them exceedingly, perhaps Hashem will be gracious to the remnant if they will return to him.1 It is not enough to only mourn over the Temple and commemorate our proud History as a nation.  We must go on again striving for the excellence of the dreams Hashem gives to us, to regain again, only this time in much greater force and forever the Glory of Hashem in Yisrael.

1. 1Gra agada

Burning the MIDNIGHT oil- SECRETS


       Whenever the Torah is studied at night a thread of hidden light descends and plays upon them who are involved in their learning (at midnight). The cloud moshe entered on Sinai was from the primordial light. It is the light of chassadim, Hashem’s power of giving producing fulfillment  of  commandments and their result.1 Moshe dressed within the holiness of a cloud of this light wearing it as a garment. By this he was able to change his flesh from physical to spiritual in nature. enabling him to handle more light.2 Moshe entered a cloud which was the angel Michia’l. Its written “He founded darkness around him ערפל and ענן ”. These are Chesed and Givurah of Atik.3 The rainbow in the cloud gave moshe’s soul its garment. So it could go up to the mountain, and through this garment he could see the sites and feast there.4 In flesh is “Ofanim”. To the East “Chayot” to the west. To the south is image of Man, it is the Chayah of Chuchmah. And Sarafim (north).5 The cloud acts as a barrier and as a garment. The light of the cloud is sweetened from the joy of the nefesh, and strengthened by divine service.6 There are 2 clouds the one moshe entered and stayed in on Sinai for 40 days. It is Malchut. The other cloud was upon the “mishcon”, this one Moshe could not enter. It was Bina.7 A cloud decended and pushed aside spirits from adam.8 Our world has a spiritual source thats fine and brilliantly shines, but the world is ruled by evil.9 After the first day of creation this light  was  never fully manifest again, but  it does renew daily the works of creation. As it is written ” He builds the  world with chuchmah”.10  This is chuchmah of the left from imma as said before. Rabbi Ashlag teaches on the Zohar that the light of the day is chassadim. Chuchmah is the secret of 1000. Chassidim are the aspect of 100.11

         We learn from chassidut that an external aspect of love is born from reflection on the closeness of the divine, while a more inward love is generated by reflection on the greatness and loftiness of the blessed ayn-sof.12 In Ayn Sof are no desires or “Bozinin Nahorin” (illuminating lamps) these are only found beginning in Atzilut. Ayn Soff cannot be comprended so it is called Ayn.13 It states in the Zohar in parsha Yitro that those who separate from Rebbi Shimon separate from all. Rabbi Yehuda Bay Elloy said so great is the loss of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochi. Now no one knows and no one has permission to reveal. How important beneficial is it to be regularly involved in the Zohar. Becouse of the shattering of vessels we need to sustain and stand up the worlds renewing them. Until there stands up the Nashamot of Rasb”i and his friends who are able to raise things to their source. They are able to do the elevations and “tikunim” that are needed. They decend by the letter ט . The Ar”i Rashb”y and his friends are from the “givurot of gadlut”.14 How many times its explained in the Zohar how important it is to learn the Torah at Midnight. We learn from the Zohar that a redemption comes to the children of men who call out at night. It redeems them from their separation from Hashem because of blemish from their sins. In Tikunim we learn night is imma which is malchut of the world of Bria.15

     With the secrets of the Torah one must be careful. As the Zohar compares revealing secrets to one unworthy as revealing nakedness. This allows flow to the “chitzonim” (other side) heaven forbid. The wicked reveal secrets, it is as if they kill people.16 The desire to learn secrets of the Torah, Kaballah in particular is a great gift from Hashem. Yaakov Abuchitzera teaches that the Nefesh in a man is “elohot”, but עצמות (essence) of Hashem does not enter into man in this world until he removes his courseness and dresses in a spiritual garment so to be able to handle the light. One must be careful when entering into the Dat of “Misa Markava”. They must guard them selves as with those involved  in this  work the  “sitra achra”  (other side) wants to accuse above. If they are lacking in dat, or don’t have complete “emuna” they will be far from accomplishing this learning, his Nashama will not receive. If his Nefesh is not coming from a place of truth, these things will be far from him. But a Nefesh with a “tiva”, and complete emuna eats and is satisfied.17 A big secret in sitri Torah is to portion כבוד (honor) to the last attribute (Malchut), becouse emuna makes miracles and נפלאות (wounderous things). Emuna in the name make נסים (miracles). All the blessings we say on miracles illude to keter as from here they come.18 Every day has barriers that guard as thorns. So that those who are unfit cannot enter the vinyard. There are many types of Guardians. There are snakes and scorpions to protect the good. If there were no barriers the wicked could then access the secrets. These confuse the mind of the wicked. Preventing the entry of those who do not belong.19 Its taught by Rabbi Moshe Cordevero in Shur kuma that by divine providence and knowledge there are those who there does not illuminate upon them the secret of the zohar. It being concealed and hidden. To them there is not vision bursting forth, but the kabbalah remains hidden.20 In a sense in the torah that they learn they don’t find more and more. There are laws to revealing Kaballah. There is that wisdom which is necessary, one must posses it. But to reveal only so that one will say “so what”, is a great  destroyer. Other wisdom requires heavenly permission to reveal. The words must be given from above, and there are those secrets which are only shared with the few who are worthy. Those who fear Hashem and guard the holiness with all their heart and soul21. Rabbi Moshe Cordevero also teaches that people who don’t have Chumash, Mishna,Gemora and occupy in Kaballah there is no doubt they are in error completely. If one has not seen the light of “pilpul” there will not come the light from Kaballah upon them. They will only come to error.22 Rabbi Nachman of Bresslov teaches that once one completes the whole talmud they are deserving of the “zelem Elokim” (divine image). 

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The guide Part 6
July 31, 2008, 8:03 am
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updated April 17th 2016

“There is no ignoramus who fears sin.

” There is no Torah without fear,

there is no fear without the Torah.

(Zohar Tikunim)

Keep far from Babylon, make sure your desire and the strivings yearnings of you heart are after the good, the Divine things. By these things your soul and the God becomes more revealed in this world.  All the things you do see the Divine nature in them and have fun. Most of all you should be having fun working God, working the light making fixings in the world and invocations of the Divine. This is the Joy of your soul. By these things you will “see”.

The awe (fear) of God is reached by awareness from learning and Divine experience. This power of the soul is close to “emunah” (faith). The true nature of faith is that it is the light the surrounds “Chuchmah” (Wisdom-creativity).  It is not a dogma, Faith “emuna” is a real power of the soul.

Be with the God and the God will be with you.

Don’t worry God is in Charge

updated July 26th 2016  

The judgments by which God runs his world are by no means such a simple obvious thing to understand as mentioned before. For example, God is quick to give the wicked their reward in this world. Since they have no other life. They don’t concern themselves with the eternal life of their soul. Not providing for its provisions, so it can be that God does not either. The righteous is only rewarded with wealth by God when they achieve the ultimate virtue of humility and modesty.  Relative to free choice, a primary cause of things not going the way they are ‘supposed to’ is indulgence in pride. At times this shows that the person’s indulging in some form of ego is making a separation above, preventing them from receiving blessing. In Talmud Sanhedrin 109b Our sages mention that one of those supporting the cause of Korach named  On, son of Pelet was saved by his wife. She made sure that when Korach came to take Pelet along Korach would not be able to enter the tent as she sat there with her hair uncovered at the entrance of their tent. This show concerning how careful people with modesty at the time of Moses God does not want the possession of wealth to corrupt such a person. A person must work for a living. Not live for a working. Man was made for the soul. This is the true order of the world. How it “works”. To focus on wordly pursuits as an end in themselves turns things around from the true order of the way they are supposed to be to disorder. By nullifying the will of Your body for the will of your soul. You and the world become fixed and the disorder of the world becomes subdued, nullified, and included in the order that will make things‘go your way’. As then things will be “working” according to proper order. When deciding what to do, one gives precedence to the Divine desire. Do His will like your will, and He will do your will like His will. One who knows he has enough is rich. No one needs to use their vitality chasing after accumulating material things they couldn’t possibly use in a lifetime. Its better to spend ones time and energy doing good deeds, by this they will gather blessings. You need to  look at your physical occupation as a spiritual pursuit, it can be seen as just another means of linking to God. Do business faithfully. This aids the entire world to come to faith. Brings renewed energy by your work  to improve the world. Know as a general principal that if one chases after that which is not meant for him. He loses that which is his own. Don’t chase after the wind. Wealth should not be treasured. Then one won’t be overwelmed inappropriately with desires for possessions. There is a appropriate medium where one works for a living with their trust in God concerning their future. Such a person in their lifetime will find sufficient time to allow them to take enough concern to fulfill what is necessary for the needs of  their soul, and not only their body. Don’t get caught up in a false accounting. There is nothing worse than swindling oneself. This requires true objective introspection. You need to take a ‘spiritual inventory’.  This refers to taking stock, account, and examining their deeds. Like the way companies invest money in hiring troubleshooters whose job it is to make sure that the business is operating to its maximum potential. How much more so should a person troubleshoot himself to secure his soul’s safety and upgrade its productivity to full potential. Trust in God will give them time long enough to think of the matters concerning their soul. This is where it all starts. This is something most people just don’t find the time to seriously engage in. 

   The world is regulated according to judgment. We must have right and proper judgment. Through continuous self judgment one draws upon oneself the awe of Heaven. Thus he eliminates the need of judgment descending upon him from Heaven to force one to this awe. A 3 fold cord is not easily broken so always realize in all your thoughts that God is first, last and there is no other. You need to come to peace with your desires. Be careful of excessive desires of things of this world. As when there is a conflict between physical and spiritual desires this clash can interfere with one’s happiness. Numerous varieties of countless combinations of the many forms of worldly pleasures maddens the mind. If worldly interest does not die, true growth of the spiritual being cannot take place. One must shut out those desires and impulses which could damage one’s spiritual and their emotional well-being. Those that prevent you having peace of mind. Then your heart will not be confused, but remain undisturbed. You will then have tranquility of peace within. When your inner peace is disturbed energy is lost. You must work to keep your mind unfragmented, whole and centered. Don’t create in your mind dichotomy by distorted delusions. You must transcend transient trivialities. Develop a new stance of reconciliation between what you want and what we need. Don’t let fallen desire obstruct the freedom of your soul. Know that there is no limits to a mans desires, he will go on desiring. When it comes to the point that he finds he cannot obtain the object of his desire there will be pain. Any time we could locate that conciliatory position, we take a step up the spiritual ladder. By finding peace by being satisfied with one’s God Given lot in life. This make us feel fulfilled. From contentment come happiness. Spread the flag of freedom being the banner of your soul. What a great calamity it is not finding contentment. We must judge ourselves correctly. For on judgment the world turns. Run after justice with all your strength chasing after truth. 

   Every human faculty can become distorted perverted, or turned to achieve the desired end which is a blessing for the body the soul and society in general. Pride and  arrogance form a basis on which rests the evil inclination.  Arrogance and hypocrisy and the like, place one far from being able to comprehend the ways of Divine truth. To learn one must make themselves as a fit vessel. To reach the absolute truth you will need to leave your self imposed blindness and falsehoods. It is the empty space in it that gives it its usefulness as a vessel. Don’t be full of yourself. Arrogance only invites problems. One who does not flaunt his wisdom becomes enlightened. One who arrogantly shows off their wealth invites trouble. Blessing only rests on what is hidden from the eye. Don’t boast about your accomplishments, just become successful. Accomplish great thing when they are small. Don’t procrastinate. Later on it may be too hard to do, or you may no longer have the needed inspiration by which to become successful. The mind if not directed is relentlessly active and by one’s animal nature they can become drunk with the wine of desire, this increases its turbulence. After desire has taken possession of one they begin to become jealous of the success of others. Then the demon of pride enters the mind, making him feel all important. Then no one can teach him anything. Special attention should be given to our imaginations as it is the well of our strivings and desires. Many a man has come to misery from unsatisfied desires or the fear of not being able to achieve their desires. Misused imagination can place one in a delusional fantasy world. This can be a big energy drain. There the imagination becomes the greatest enemy of man. It can seduce him to do things which are the worst. Or persuade him to abandon things should be done, and are the very fiber of life. You must eliminate confused dreams. The mind clings to false images it creates. Building up layer upon layer. It is through these one sees the world. This is a hindrance to reaching clear awareness of the truth. the mind is the eye of one’s being. A mind that is confused, as a blind eye. It’s hard to see with the blinders on. Keep your mind detached and whole. Avoid the habitual clinging tendency of consciousness. It is good to dwell on something good but things that only worry or sadden you why hold on and cling to them. Know from sadness, bitterness of spirit one can become like intoxicated with wine, having distorted judgment  One cannot let evil imagination lead them to depression. Things are not as they appear.  Feeling down? Got the blues?  Even from the black depths of pain and despair, life can hand out valuable lessons in compassion, wisdom and love. One does not have to become depressed because of difficult times or sufferings that may come upon us. Nor do we have to let worries ruin our mood. Suffering is meant as a teacher to anyone who experiences it, and also to those who see it or hear about it. The suffering of anyone in the world can serve as a tool to learn lessons that will elevate us. Sufferings come to increase faith. Knowledge is the main comfort from all suffering. It can expand your mentality to a degree that the problem does not bother, phase, or disturb you. Do not worry about what might possibly go wrong the next day. One never knows what will occur. Perhaps tomorrow you will no longer be in this world and you will have worried about a world that is not yours. Don’t accept negative emotions or thoughts such as  nothing is fun anymore, feeling lonely, unloved, feeling empty ,feeling hopeless ,feeling guilty or worthless. Being depressed only makes things worse. It even effects our posture and our heath. If one feels like crap they look like it. Depression effects everyone around in a bad way. Depression  isn’t fun. These feelings don’t help you out. let them go. Throw them away. Set your mind above worry and vexation. You Have better things to do than contemplate such foolish thoughts as they are ridiculous. When the truth is apparent we can only be astonished when looking at that which we thought was the reality is so far from the absolute truth. Remember God runs the world he has given you all you need. Its those thoughts and feelings that are in error. You must demonstrate some confidence In God and Yourself. What ever the problem or the situation is you will get over it. The world is not going to end.


Direct Connection- THE LAND OF ISRAEL


The land of Israel belongs to God, we are only tenets on it. The land has its right and rules by which we must live by. Most obvious are the laws of “Smitah” (Sabbath year ) and “Yovel” (Jubilee Years).

Rabbis Isaac teaches that the Torah begins the creation of the world so that if the nations of the world say to Israel:

You are robbers, because you have seized by force the lands of the seven nations of Canaan “.

Israel could say to them “The entire world belongs to the Holy One, Blessed Be He, He created it and gave it to whomever it was right in his eyes, Of His own will He gave it to them and His own will He took it from them and gave it to us.”

(Yalkut, Exodus 12.2)

The nations of the world spend a lot of time discussing the borders of the land of Israel, One needs to Acknowledge that ultimately, none of us own the land of Israel. Agreements regarding the land don’t last forever. The borders of the land of Israel are defined by God, they do not belong to us. They belong to a higher authority. It is to The God of Israel the land belongs. He has granted it to His people, Israel, as an everlasting , “holding”, but not as their “personal” property. He has imposed on them conditions of tenure, the right to live on God’s land is not freely given. Foremost among these is denial of the right to alienate land through its permanent conveyance to a purchaser – a right that is usually considered an intrinsic element of ownership. Israel is not like other lands. As in the Bible, God has dictated unique laws that pertain to the lands ownership and use. Like the seven year cycle of “shemita” (Sabbath years), all land is to be released to its “ahaz” (original holder), the Bible does not say “owner”. Man cannot be an owner of the Land of Israel as it belongs to God. All who dwell in the land of Israel are settlers dwelling upon God’s land settling on and according to their everlasting covenant in the land of Isreal.




This relationship with the land is evident today. Anyone who has purchases real estate in Israel, knows what you really are purchasing is a 99 year land lease… whose renewal will not be unreasonably withheld. This is difficult for the Western mind. Whose legal systems consider land ownership is a fundamental right. Maybe not intentionally but this alludes to the fact that the Bottom line it the land belongs to God.

   It’s a paradigm shift that is difficult for the Western mind: “Many Europeans and Americans do not understand this arrangement. People who came from legal systems where land ownership is a fundamental right,

  The Biblical idea of a everlasting  “Brit” (covenant) refers to a conditional covenant, agreement, contract.  Usually a conditional contract depends on both parties keeping their side of the deal.   Everlasting implies that the covenant will never be broken, even if one party does not keep their side of the deal.

  The idea that the God into a conventional relationship with the Jewish People. Is a revolutionary idea. As the Jewish People settled in their land then experienced their first exile in Babylon then the concept of an eternal covenant emerged as the returned to the land through God’s almost hidden hand in the Purim story.

In Shar Mimori Rasb’y the Ar’i teaches that nashamot (intelectual soul) of “Imma” (mother) are drawn from “imma ” by way of truth and faith. Torah is called truth, and faith is the foundation and source of divine service. Rabbi Yaakov Abuchitzera teaches that a man needs “Emuna” engraved upon his heart so that his “dat” (knowledge) is in אמנה שלמה (perfect faith) in things of the Kaballah. In this they will see “mammash”. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov teaches that through faith one achieves intellect. Rabbi Moshe Cordevero teaches in his commentary to the Zohar called Aor Yakar that there is united Chuchmah (wisdom-creative inspiration) and Bina (undestanding) in Keter (will delight) by Dat (knowledge). Recieve Bina from Chuchmah through Dat. Dat is the Yesod of Rachamim (mercy). It is the source and Nashama (intellectual soul) of Teferet (harmony balance). Unification of Chuchmah and Bina illuminates dat in Bina. The flow of chuchmah is arroused throught Dat that is in Bina. This is חי עולמים (life of the worlds) which is the Yesod below illuminating upon the earth which is Machut (Kingship of God). Chuchmah is called arrousel from above, as it is above Bina. There is the מאורות, and fineness. Ketter is a aspect of flow in Bina that is not through Chuchmah. Keter can flow by way of the central pillar in Teferet, not through Bina or Chuchmah reaching chesed. Keter makes a כסא(Thrown-of Bina) for itself. It is the dwelling place of the Shechinah (Divine Presence). It is according to one’s Dat, which is “penimi” (internal) in the sefirot that there is a “segulah” (miraculous power) to unite with רצון (Divine will).

It’s tought in Shoshon Sodot that Aretz Yisrael (the land of Isreal) is not under the supernal princes (angels) above but יהו”ה

The Ar”i teachs that land of Israel is the physical manifestation of Nukvah of Z”a . She comprises ten sefirot. Her height is the same as that of Z”a. Gad, Reuven, and half the tribe of Menasheh remained outside the land of Israel. there are in fact only two and a half [exposed sefirot remaining in Beriah outside the border of the land of Israel, the malchut of Atzilut.

.It is nourished from Keter elyon (source of Divine will and delight) by the middle piller. Aretz Yisrael recieves flow of ברכה (blessing) from ארץ עליונה(the supernal land). The Aor Yakar teaches that Aretz Yisrael is אפר הקודש (Holy earth). Those dwelling there are Holy. Their Nashamot are Holy. Their Trumah (offerings) are Holy. The Torah is Kidusha (Holiness) having yichus (relationship) to Aretz Yisrael and are united together. אדנ”י 7 times (including collel of 1 for the name itself) equals כ ו ת ל“Kotel” (western wall). From the Zohar we learn כותל ערבי(western wall) is “Malchut”. His dwelling place is theתל(mount) that all turn to. The דof אחדis this תל (mount) all turn to. It is Malchut. The “kotel” (western wall) is close to the “even Stiyah” (foundation stone). There goes out the flow of light which is proper from the “kav” (beam) in the place of the “even Stiyah” there it decends till reaching the center. From there it stands and then spreads out to the sides. From there and there the light spreads out, As in a globe. Till making the circle all equal. From the center she spreads out in length and width. Spreading out in all levels in secret of East to west, and north to south. The secret of Emuna (faith) is found in the central point of Aretz Yisrael (the land of Isreal). Which is the “kadosh Kadoshim” (Holy of Holies). Even if the Temple does not exist today, still in its merit the world is fed. Sustenance is emited from there to every place. The “kadosh Kadoshim”, the place where Hashem chose to place the ארון (ark), in its midst is the middle pillar. The temple is the secret of Malchut called אדנ”י . Between the temple below and that above is only 18 mil. Sapphire stone corresponds to the “even Stiyah”. The “even Stiyah” is the stone with 7 eyes described by Zachariah (3:9). It reveals Chaga”t (kindness severity balance)and Nh”y (quanity quality and way of express of Chuchmah. The world is established by י”הof Binna from it is Chuchmah revealed in Malchut according to the secret of 3×4=12 being 12 stones, tribes and hours of the day and night. Concerning the “even Stiyah” we learn in the Zohar that stones called Malchut rule in the left without the right. They rest on the (depth) ת ה ו ם= מ ” ה (name of 45) x 10 (depths). ת ה ו ם ע ל י ו ןis Teferet of Arich (face of Divine will), which is the source of upper conduits. שתיה אבן (even Stiyah) שת(foundation stone) of י”ה. The שתיה אבןis (Wisdom) חכמה=גולם (energy before assigned form-unused potential). According to judgements of the left they are concealed. From them goes out water which is Chassadim (force of Hashem’s giving). Concerning this water King Salomon writes “many waters will not satisfy love (song of songs 8:7). One can never give enough for this love.

The Ancient Way part 5
July 13, 2008, 8:28 am
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  Simply you have to be “into” discovering Divine experience, this must be the thrust of your life, your desire in the depth of your heart. This will bring you to knowing what few come upon. It takes a considerable amount of energy effort and time to achieve this. As most of us have spent most of our life involved in the pursuit of “something else” . This “something else” has become the garment to their soul and it will take a while to “take it off” and exchange it for  “Holy” garments. The soiled garment is whats referred to above as that of “Babylon”. Your new “garments” to your soul that will allow you to go “beyond” will come to you by learning wisdom and acquiring knowledge. The light that surrounds yourChuchmah  (creative inspiration of wisdom) is Emuna (faith). By the “power” of your faith and Chuchmah  you will come to see and recognize Divine providence in you life. You will know that you are never alone. You will by knowledge be able to help create providence itself.