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Opening Up- By holding a Polaroid camera and focusing on the lens very intently, he was able to produce dreamlike pictures of his thoughts on the film
July 11, 2013, 5:51 pm
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Dr. K. I. Platonov discovered when attempting to put people under hypnosis telepathically Platonov found found he had to concentrate mentally on the words “relax,” or “sleep,” or other verbal commands he used to entrance subjects to the trance state. “With telepathy I had to visualize my subject asleep.”


To send an ESP message one needs to get comfortable and let tension drop your the body like a bathrobe. You should set aside any cares and emotions. Saturate yourself with confidence. “As you begin a transmission of a picture, you should not indulge in any interior monologue,” Kamensky states. “Start by touching the object. You must have a clear representation of it. Next, think of the object. Finally, visualize vividly the receiver’s face. Imagine the receiver looking at the object, touching the object.”


When these conditions were realized, Kamensky reported thirty-four different people correctly picked up seven out of ten objects sent to them. If you find it easy to fulfill Kamensky’s conditions, you must already have a sort of super control. It is precisely to get such control that the Russians train. The novel idea of a sensuous element in psi fits with the supposed ESP prowess of deaf mutes, who would naturally refine touch as well as vision.


The psychic Kuni worked the feel-and-see combination. “I sat holding in my right hand a glass of hot tea. I tried to strongly project this sensation to a group of seventeen men in another room who’d been hypnotized. The men were asked what they felt. To a greater or lesser degree, they all said their right hands felt warm. Then I pricked myself with a pin. Before the group could even be asked, all the men, almost at one time, cried out with pain. We successfully repeated these tests with groups of fifteen to twenty people.”


Each and every thought of ours is producing a definite form. Has it been proved?


The famous American, Ted Serios had produced ‘thoughtograph’ as they are called since 1955 and had undergone dozens of investigations including one by the magazine, Life. Ted Serios’s thought pictures were photographed according to the issue dated 30-10-67 of Life.


“Psychic Projections/Photographic Impressions: Paranormal Photographs from the Jule Eisenbud Collection on Ted Serios” features a series of images produced by Theodore Judd Serios (1918-2006), a bellhop from Chicago who appeared to possess a genuinely uncanny ability.



By holding a Polaroid camera and


focusing on the lens very intently, he


was able to produce dreamlike


pictures of his thoughts on the film


; he referred to these images as “thoughtographs,” and many striking examples are on display in the exhibition.


The images are contextualized by a selection of notes and letters written by Serios’s chief supporter, defender, champion, and sometime minder, a psychiatrist named Jule Eisenbud. Eisenbud (1908-99) was a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Colorado Medical School and a charter member of the Parapsychological Association; he wrote numerous articles on psychiatry and psychoanalysis based on his experiments with telepathy. However, his best-known (and only commercially successful) book was The World of Ted Serios: “Thoughtographic” Studies of an Extraordinary Mind (1967).


In this book, Eisenbud describes how he worked with Serios. Their method varied considerably, but it turned out that Serios was able to produce images using various kinds of cameras and in many different situations, sometimes under quite stringent test conditions.



To prove no trickery was involved, Eisenbud requested him to turn out pictures while stripped nude, and even with an encephalograph wired to his scalp. He was also asked to produce pictures both inside a shielded metal chamber and through heavy panes of lead-impregnated glass- and he did.


Drs. S. Serov and A Troskin of Sverdlovsk demonstrated that the number of white blood cells rose by fifteen hundred after they suggested positive emotion to patients. After impressing negative emotion, the white cells decreased by sixteen hundred. White blood cells, or leucocytes, are one of the body’s main defenses against disease.


Dr. K. I. Platonov discovered this when attempting to put people under hypnosis telepathically. It wasn’t enough, Platonov found, to concentrate mentally on the words “relax,” or “sleep,” or other verbal commands he used to entrance subjects vis-à-vis. “With telepathy I had to visualize my subject asleep.” Platonov considered the hypnotic state a level of sleep.


At the 1924 Congress of Psychoneurology, delegates were to be given a spontaneous demonstration of telepathic control in action. On his way to the meeting, Professor K. I. Platonov happened to meet one of his patients, whom he asked to come along without telling her why. In full view of the audience, Platonov put the girl to sleep in a matter of seconds by mental suggestion from behind a blackboard, and then woke her by the same method. Afterwards, the girl asked him: `Why did you invite me to the Congress? I don’t understand. What happened to me? I slept, but I don’t know why….’ Platonov later revealed that this subject was so suggestible that he could send her to sleep even while she was dancing a waltz.


Dr K. D. Kotkov reported that a series of about 30 experiments, held over a two-month period and designed to influence the behaviour of a girl student, were all successful. He described exactly how he did it. He would sit quietly and mentally murmur the words of suggestion to his subject. Then he would visualise her doing what he wished, and finally he would strongly wish her to do so. (This last stage was, he felt, the most important.) In this way, he could not only send the girl to sleep and wake her up, but even summon her to the laboratory. When asked why she had turned up, the bewildered girl replied: `I don’t know. I just did. I wanted to come.’ The most alarming aspect of this early example of behaviour control was that at no time was the girl aware of what was happening. `When are the experiments about which you warned me going to start?’ she kept asking – even after they had been carried out.






Psi has been shown to exist in thousands of experiments !
June 30, 2013, 2:25 pm
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Dean Radin, PhD, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Psychology at Sonoma State University. Before joining the research staff at IONS in 2001, he held appointments at AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, and SRI International, writes


Psi has been shown to exist in thousands of experiments. There are disagreements over to how to interpret the evidence, but the fact is that virtually all scientists who have studied the evidence, including the hard-nosed skeptics, now agree that there is something interesting going on that merits serious scientific attention. “


Our minds unconsciously, for the most part consult incoming information from its source in the surrounding light arroused by implicit questions that were posed earlier.


We have been able to identify psi through laboratory experimentation in a number of ways, One way that has been found to identify it is through the measurement of the involuntary physiological processes in the autonomic nervous system of laboratory test subjects. The most common measures are the galvanic skin response (GSR), which records the activity of the sweat gland., and the plethysmograph, which measures the changes in blood volume in the fingers that are caused by the dilation and constriction of blood vessels. Less often used is the electroencephalograph (EEG), which measures brain activity.


The GSR and plethysmograph are used to detect emotional arousal.





Dean, E. Douglas, 1966: Plethysmograph recordings as ESP responses. Int J Neuropsychiat: 439-446

This paper presents evidence suggesting that when a random stimulus was read by an agent, a simultaneous response or vasconstriction was measured in four subjects with a plethysmograph attached to them. The persons have been separated in adjacent rooms and also 250 yards apart. The stimuli have been names, written on a card, of persons recently met and emotionally meaningful to the subject. Blank cards provided a comparison control. Reversed effects seemed to occur during inhibiting life situations. The process is being applied as a teleathtic communications system.





Charles T. Tart


[This article was published under the above title in the “International

Journal of Parapsychology,” 1963, Vol. 5, pp. 375-386.]



In individual sessions, eleven college students sat in a

soundproof chamber and tried to guess when “subliminal stimuli”

were presented. At random intervals either: (a) an agent in

another soundproof room was electrically shocked; or (b) the

shock was delivered to a resistor. The subjects’ skin

resistances, finger pulse volumes, and EEGs were continuously

recorded, and the EEGs were electronically analyzed.

The physiological responses of the subjects were

significantly related to the occurrence of both types of events,

showing a pattern for the group generally indicative of a higher

level of activation during the trials, viz.: (a) a faster and

more complex EEG pattern; (b) more frequent galvanic skin

responses; and (c) more frequent changes in finger pulse volume.

As the subjects’ conscious guesses of when trials had occurred

did not differ from chance, they may be said to have responded on

an “unconscious” level.






Wolf Messing


is a man who harnessed the mysterious powers of the brain like no other human being known to history. He was a telepath, a mind reader, a psychic, a remote viewer, and a lucky survivor who avoided both the Holocaust and the death camps of Joseph Stalin. We may never know the full extent of his extraordinary abilities.


Wolf Grigorievich Messing was born in 1899 to a poor Jewish family in the tiny town of Gora-Kavaleriya near Warsaw.


At the age of six Messing was sent to a religious school, where he distinguished himself by his devotion and his incredible ability to memorize prayers. Later he was enrolled in a yeshiva, but ran away after two years. Wolf’s teacher advised his parents to enrol him in a rabbinate school in a nearby town. Wolf did not want to go, until his first ‘miracle’ in life occurred. He shared this story with one of his friends, Tatiana Lungintelepath. Messing got on the first passenger train he could find, hid under a bench, and fell asleep. When the train conductor demanded his ticket, Messing picked a piece of paper off the floor and handed it to the man, looking into his eyes and willing that the man believe the scrap to be a genuine train ticket. He was successful, and arrived in Berlin with no further problems. Wolf Messing became a success. Between 1917 and 1921 Messing travelled with Zellmeister in Europe, and performed in capitals like Paris, London, Stockholm, Rome, Geneva. He then stayed in Warsaw, only to continue from 1922 onward to work and travel again as a stage performer, together with his manager. They also went to countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, India, Japan, and Australia.:


But such a life was not his fate as :


Once toward evening, a gigantic white robed figure appeared before me. Even now I can hear his words, spoken in a deep bass. My son! I am sent to you from above to determine your future. Become a yeshiva student! Your prayers will please heaven!. Wolf grew silent, vividly recalling his childhood vision. After pausing several moments, he started again, but his voice was much quieter. It’s difficult for me to convey the state I was in after my encounter with the mysterious giant. You must remember that then I was mystically impressionable. I must have lost consciousness, because, when I came to, I saw the faces of my parents over me, praying in ecstasy.” (from Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder published their Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain,)


Messing, he was able to broadcast mental suggestions in order to alter people’s perceptions


In 1937 Hitler put out a 200,000-mark reward to anyone who could kill Wolf Messing. Messing had previously predicted that if Hitler ‘turned towards the East’ then his war effort would fail.


Wolf Messing attracted attention of Gestapo, Nazi German secret service. He was arrested in the Warsaw ghetto and sent to prison. While he was imprisoned in the cell he used his power to gather all the personnel of the prison in one room and then bolted that door shut, locking all the Nazis in the Room. When Wolf Messing was ready to escape he made Nazi guards believe that there are diamonds scattered across the floor. The Nazi guards started collecting the diamonds while he just freely left the cell and closed the cell door after himself. After that he fled to Ussr.


Stalin took a personal interest in Wolf Messing’s abilities. Messing was arrested and then interrogated by Stalin himself. Stalin decided to put Messing’s abilities to the test.



Stalin’s first challenge to Messing was for him to perform a ‘psychic bank robbery’. This Messing handed a blank sheet of paper to the teller, whom he convinced to hand him 100,000 rubles.. Two of Stalin’s officials corroborated Messing’s account of the event; including the claim that the teller fainted in disbelief once she realized the paper was blank



Stalin then ordered Messing to gain entry into his country house using his abilities. Messing was able to gain entry. The guards insisted that he had successfully claimed to be Lavrenti Beria the most favored of Stalin’s secret police chiefs.

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One U.S. psi program in Supermemory called the CIA EDOM program. EDOM means “Electronic Dissolution of Memory,” this technique was perfected years ago. The CIA can zap long-term memory and turn someone into an amnesiac zombie by blocking the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and by electronically interfering with the bioplasmic body. Apparently, they routinely employ this technique to neutralize former top-secret operatives, just as in the movie Total Recall. This capability was developed under the MK-ULTRA program when they performed bizarre memory experiments on mental inmates, prisoners, and research volunteers in the 60s, before the program was halted by Congress in 1976


Researchers at the UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas have determined that some veterans suffering Gulf War Syndrome were exposed to chemicals (e.g. organophosphates, pyridostigmine bromide ) that inhibit cholinesterase, an enzyme important to nervous system utilization of acetylcholine. They have also concluded that those veterans with symptoms of dizziness are suffering from brainstem injury and deliver similar test results as those who are exposed to sarin gas. Studies have shown that sarin exposure impairs acetylcholine process and may “play an important role in neuropathological abnormalities in the central nervous system. (Duke University study. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Dec. 2000). In the United Kingdom, a farmer accused of murder used as a defense his exposure to organophosphates/and their behavior altering effects. (Independent 1996). The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence of the 94th Congress released documents demonstrating that Mkultra, the CIA’s Behavioral Modification Program, sought curare like substances. Since curare is an antagonist of acetylcholine, it is logical to assume there was an interest in acetylcholine. An interest in acetylcholine would lead researchers to the vagus nerve.


In the sixties and early seventies, there were many Soviet scientific studies, some concerning the regeneration of human vagus nerves, others involving the effects of EMR (1974 Warsaw Conference). It is implausible that our research institutions weren’t also interested in these topics.





Many Human Experimentation programs have a lifespan of thirty to forty years before they are exposed(e.g. Tuskegee, Radiation, Mkultra). These programs involved more than doctors and scientists but required participation from diverse members of society. What happened to those whistleblowers offended by the immorality and illegalities of these programs? Did domestic counterintelligence programs like Cointelpro extend the lifespan of these programs whose very existence is an affront and a threat to democracy? All experimentation programs must be exposed to access the damage resulting from secrecy. In order to create a sound and enlightened medicine, the foundation of tomorrow’s medicines cannot be based on lies, disease and cover-ups.






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Our knowledge of “THE NAUTILUS AFFAIR” remains incomplete TO THIS DAY

The US government had secretly used telepaths to communicate with the first nuclear submarine ever constructed, the Nautilus, while it was under the Arctic ice pack. This telepathy project involved, President Eisenhower, the Navy, the Air Force, Westinghouse, General Electric, Bell Laboratories and the Rand Corporation. Communicating with submarines is difficult as radio waves do not penetrate to the depths of the ocean.

The US Navy gave Top Secret orders for the implementation of Project SUNSHINE.

Operation Sunshine was a brazen attempt by the Americans to steal the thunder of International Geophysical Year – came to fruition when Commander William R. Anderson surfaced the Nautilus at the North Pole.

The Russians immediately saw the sinister threat behind this adventure. No longer would the Americans have to fly over the Pole from their air bases in Greenland to menace Soviet cities. Nuclear weapons could now be fired at Russia from American atomic submarines lurking under the Polar Arctic ice near the very borders of the USSR. The Russians also reasoned that the Americans must have found a new way of communicating with these submarines while they were under the ice where radio waves cannot penetrate

In 1959, the French magazine Constellation published a feature called “Thought Transmission – Weapon of War,” which claimed that telepathy experiments had been conducted aboard the Nautilus during her trans-polar voyage. When this was followed in February 1960, by a more detailed treatment by Gerald Messadié in “Science et vie,” (2) Soviet analysts set to work. Here is a summary of the material reported in the French press:

1. A rigidly-controlled telepathy experiment on the pattern of J.B. Rhine’s card-calling ESP trials was said to have started aboard the Nautilus on July 25th 1958, and run for a period of 16 days. Since Nautilus was at the North Pole on August 3rd, this meant that the main part of the experiment had been conducted under the Arctic pack ice. The experiment was ‘successful,’ which meant that telepathy could convey information through pack ice, sea water and the steel hull of a submarine like nothing known on earth.

2. The ‘sender’ of the telepathic messages was said to have been a student called ‘Smith’ of Duke University, Durham, NC, where J.B. Rhine had his Parapsychology Laboratory. During the 16 days of the experiment, ‘Smith’ was located at the Westinghouse Laboratory, at Friendship, Maryland. The ‘receiver’, a navy lieutenant called ‘Jones,’ took take down his ‘visual impressions’ of the Zener card symbols sent by ‘Smith’ in a private cabin aboard the Nautilus 3. The officer in charge of the project was said to be one Colonel William H. Bowers, director of the Biological Department of the Air Force research institute.

4. According to the French media, President Eisenhour had received a report from the Rand Corporation in Los Angeles recommending that telepathy experiments be conducted with an especial view to communicating with submarines beneath the Arctic ice, where they were otherwise uncontactable

  1. Responding to the French magazine reports, US Navy press officers denied the experiments had taken place, or that the Navy had ever been involved in telepathy experiments.

The US Navy’s denial of involvement in telepathy experiments was untrue, since the small print on various papers published by Rhine’s Journal acknowledged receipt of funding from the Office of Naval Research.

The ESP scores reported for the Nautilus experiment were much higher than the ‘significant’ results reported by Rhine and his co-workers in the Journal.

It was established that telepathic subjects could still function inside a metal enclosure known as a Faraday Cage, which, for practical purposes, excludes all radio waves except those of Extra Low Frequency (ELF) – waves even longer than the VLF band used in normal communication with submarines.

Groups of scientists at many Soviet research institutes began to investigate and later harness psychic energy. The aim of this research was to produce deadly new weapons that could tip the balance of power during the Cold War.

The Soviet hierarchy apparently heeded Doctor Vasilev’s advice and gave support, both moral and financial, to his dynamic view that:

The discovery of the energy underlying telepathic communication will be equivalent to the discovery of atomic energy.”

…In 1963, Doctor Vasilev claimed to have conducted successful long-distance telepathic experiments between Leningrad and Sevastopol, a distance of 1200 miles, with the aid of an ultra-short-wave (UHF) radio transmitter. As a result, Doctor Vasilev was convinced that his experiments, and those he conducted jointly with the Moscow-based Bekhterev Brain Institute, offered scientific proof of telepathic communications. His next goal was to identify the nature of brain energy that produces it…

In February 1971, during the Apollo 14 flight to the moon, astronaut Edgar Mitchell made 150 separate attempts to project his thoughts from inside the space capsule back to an individual on earth.

Including information

From :




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