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November 16, 2009, 9:03 am
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אשרי Is the first type of song is Ketter

2nd type of song is שיר (song) this is Chuchmah

3rd third (type of song) is ברכה (blessing), this is the upper Shechinah (Binah) about this is said, “my soul will bless Hashem” (Psalms 103:1), from her a man is given his neshamah.

The 4th (type of song) is מזמור psalm and this is the right arm, as it is written, “מזמור A psalm, sing to Hashem a new song because wonders he has done, let his right hand save us” (Psalms 98:1), about this is said, “your right hand saves us” (ibid. 60:7)

5th type of song is נגון (melody)

The 6th type of song is הללויה Halleluyah

The 7th (type of song is) נצוח ,eternity song

The 8th type of song is הודאה thanks song, and through it David would praise הודו a thanks to Hashem, and this is certainly Hod,

The 9Th type of song is רנה joyful song, this is “and the righteous will joyfully sing to Hashem” (Psalms 33:1). This is the level of the tzadik the life of the worlds, it is sefirah Yesod

The 10th type of song is The daughter of the king (Malchut) is aroused, through Song of Songs, Mishly- Proverbs, and Koheles-Ecclesiastes, which is the “three thousand parables” (Kings 1 5:12), which is three י‘, which is the three drops from the mind that come down from the י. (tikunim)


At the beginning of the Tikuney Zohar we learn that the notes of the song of the Torah are “Nashamot” (Higher soul), they are the lights of the intellectual soul. Song itself can kill the wicked, as did the Song of Devorah in the book of Judges. Concerning the secret of this song we learn that the oral Torah inherits the written Torah becoming its Yesod called רשת (Net) illumimating below to above so its result is תשרי (the month) which is the secret of the Holy name in the aspect of Malchut. It has sealed in it י of the Holy name. Upon the alter was also a name of Malchut הרשת (the net) it being sealed in ה of the Divine name, and Devorah the song Devorah sang is written as ותשר (and sang) sealed in ו of the Divine name. This is Yesod of the Divine Name. 1 Vowels are “Ruchot”(spirits) lights of the emotional soul. Rabbi Nachman of Bresslov teaches that the vowels are Yearnings. They are drawn to the letters by desire. All forces within us that seem to be try to prevent us from spiritual accomplishments are actually potenial forces to be expressed in the vowel points. There are 9 vowel points cooresponding to 9 “rekia” (firmament). These also correspond to the problems that hinder us.2 While the letters themselves are “nefashot” (animal souls-vessels) lights of the animal soul.3 The main “tikun” (fixing) of Atzilut  (world of Emanation) is through the notes-nikudim-crowns-letters. These correspond to the  names  ע”ב ס”ג מ”ה ב”ן . 4 The nature of the supernal light is to rise up to its source.5 The note Zirka kills “klipot”(forces of evil), it lengthens the pronunciation of a word6. It rises Malchut to Bina making Keter to Z’a. The body of Bina is Bina itself, NH’Y of bina is the flow of bina,Teferet is the essence of bina it makes ketter to z’a.7 By Teferet one merits to look at the upper Shechinah which is Bina.8 This is the aspect called “Pelah” (wonder). All aspects of Z’a, which brings forth the emotional soul are united from teferet of Bina. As the unification that is drawing the aspect of ketter is through Teferet specifically.9 Canesset Yisrael (community of Yisrael) is called Teferet that is כבוד (glory), this  כבוד is from Bina.10 Concerning the Teferet of invocation of Divine names the Ramcha’l teaches that in order to work a name a man must remember the name of the illuminary to arouse its light, and its angel from it who goes over to do its work. The work is the ruling of God and the name causes its arrousel. The light of all your learning shines in your “tikunim” filling all the Divine names.11 Love of Yisrael is a segulah (miraculous power) itself to draw into the letters and permutations of Holy names to illuminate and flow by way of avoda (divine service). God created the world in His Name, and rules it in His Names.12 יהו”ה gives Nashamot (souls) to the letters. Forever the Nashama of the letters is the Name. The letters of יהו”ה are the Nashama of man.13 If we want to be successful in doing works with Holy names one must be careful with the physical Mitzvot as Teffilin, Sitzet, Succah and lulav.14 All Holiness of “Kadosh Kadoshim” is from “mazel”. Everything derives from Mazel. The letters יהו”ה come out of Atik from the beard and connect to this Mazel. It supports other letters in Z’a.15 I

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