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October 16, 2017, 2:54 pm
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UPDATED febuary  27th 2018



TORAH IS NOT A HUMAN DOCU- MENT SUBJECT TO AMBIG- UITIES ! א= 1 יה =15 the 15th letter of the Torah from the beginning of Genesis is א יהוה = 26 the 26th letter of the Torah from the beginning of Genesis is א אל=31 the 31st letter of the Torah from the beginning of Genesis is א אלהים=86 the 86th letter of the Torah from the beginning of Genesis is א 365 prohibitions of the Torah 3+ 6+5=14 248 prohibitions of the Torah 2+4+8 = 14


God’s Holiest name, the Tetragrammaton, יהו”ה (YHVH), has the Hebrew root letters HYH being in three tenses—haya (was), hoveh (is), yihiyeh (will be)—past, present, and future—indicating that for God past, present and future are a one. This1 is because His Name transcends time.


The first word of the Torah in בראשית is usually translated as “In the Beginning” . The first thing mentioned in the Torah is time, “In the Beginning”. Also interesting is it that the first mitzvah given to all the nation of Israel was the commandment to  sanctify the new moon. AGAIN we are talking about TIME  !


Passage of time brings close the future moving from the ever distant past with unceasing flow as a flowing river




Ezra 2:6 (2812) 6.

The sons of Pahath-Moab, of the sons of Jeshua and Joab, two thousand eight hundred and twelve.

Nehemiah 7:11 (2818)

The sons of Pahath-Moab, of the sons of Jeshua and Joab, two thousand eight hundred and eighteen.

Ezra 2:8 (945)

The sons of Zattu, nine hundred and forty five.

Nehemiah 7:13 (845)

. The sons of Zattu, eight hundred and forty five.

Ezra 2:12 (1222)

The sons of Azgad, one thousand two hundred and twenty two.

Nehemiah 7:17 (2322)

The sons of Azgad, two thousand three hundred and twenty two.

Ezra 2ף15 (454)

The sons of Adin, four hundred and fifty four.”

Nehemiah 7:20 (655)

The sons of Adin, six hundred and fifty five.”

Ezra 2:19 (223)

The sons of Hashum, two hundred and twenty three.”

Nehemiah 7:22 (328)

The sons of Hashum, three hundred and twenty eight.”

Ezra 2:28(223)

The men of Beth-El and Ai, two hundred and twenty three.”

Nehemiah 7:32(123)

The men of Beth-El and Ai, a hundred and twenty three.”  The five Books of Moses correspond to the five parzufim: The Book of Genesis corresponds to the upper thorn of the yud of יהוה and the parzuf Arich. The Holy Ar”i teaches that the Book of Exodus corresponds to the yud itself and Abba. The Book of Leviticus corresponds to the first hay and Ima. The Book of Numbers corresponds to the vav. .The Book of Deuteronomy, corresponds to the final hei and Nukvah  The Torah is our nations greatest treasure, for the truth it embodies and it stands as a witness to the supernatural experience all the Hebrews shared at Mount Sinai.

Of the Torah of the world of Beriyah it says “To me are the children of Yisrael servants” (Lev. 25:55). And from the side of Torah of Atzilut it says “Children are you to Hashem” (Deut. 14:)

We have a limited amount of years on this earth, and we have a lot of work to do. We just don’t have enough years to learn the right way of life through trial and error. By the time one learns the way of life, it is already time to leave. Therefore, God gave us the Torah, Don’t use up your years in trial and error.

Time seems to many to be moving very fast these days. It’s Shabboא before we know it, Thank God. This of course has its advantages and disadvantages. Most people these days find themselves racing against the clock with barely enough time for their most basic responsibilities. Many people do not find the time to even consider their soul, God and spiritual things. This is so for many reasons. A major factor inhibiting spiritual growth in life is that life itself can be very distracting. the other side is always trying to make us thing that we don’t have enough time to do the spiritual things we were created for and need to do.  We’re so busy we think we don’t have time to think about the “most important things”.

The Torah has a double existence, sure it has physical written words but they “clothe” the thoughts of God, and his thoughts are not as our thoughts. As Gods thoughts are creative actions. Such as the creation of the world and its continual on going creation. These things are really too deep for humans to even grasp. So Torah can only be approached through the “influence” coming from mediating on words words of Torah. Uncover YOUR  eyes  gaze at hidden things IN Torah hidden underneath THE SURFACE.  

The goal of religious spiritual experience is to witness the paradoxes of the universe unravel before us and on a personal level become harmonized, till that you are finally able to hear the voice of Hashem (GOD) from within revealing his “will” to you.

The ZOHAR often begins using a verse from Psalms as the springboard for explaining the deeper meaning of a verse within Torah. THIS ITSELF IS “SOMETHING” !

The voice of God calls on each of us FROM WITHIN to fulfill His will.

TORAH teachings should be seen as  serious wake-up calls. Life is not a game, Hashem (God) demands that we occupy in Torah and not be TOURISTS!


Listen to the voice of God deep within heed your individual calling for this reason we were created. The results of failing to do so, can be devastating!

Our Souls have fallen from Atzilut by Adams’s sin God in His mercy has given us His Holy Torah its learning & mitzvot purify our souls and raise them up again to their source
   Israel is the firstborn son of the Holy One, blessed be He
as they can attain their  Nefesh, Ruach and Neshama of Atzilut so it is written:
” Yisrael is My son, My firstborn ” ( Shemot 4:22 ),

 Even if  Yisrael is called “My firstborn ” ( Shemot 4:22 ), one  must not exclude them self from being a servant who serves his Father as a slave also. While at the same time he is His child who looks at His secrets and knows the mysteries of His house and strives after them. He is still God’s servant.