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October 31, 2011, 3:23 pm
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The position of the soul and the body can be compared with a lame man sitting on the shoulders of a deaf person. When the lame heard pleasant music, and he wanted to dance, he gave the deaf person some wine and he started to hop. Thus, a little drink gives enjoyment to the body and then the soul has pleasure.

Ibor (un born) – Some what like zombies much of the time under the power of the “other side”. These souls have not yet been born to, they have no knowledge of the ways of Holiness.

Katnut (small conciousness)- Level of soul called “Nefesh” (Animal soul), These souls perform God’s commandments but only with their “hands and feet”, not with their hearts and minds. This level may last a long time, too long for most. They do not “know”, they perform God’s commandments only because they feel obligated.

Yonika (nourishing)- These souls have begun intellectually searching for the answers to the important spiritual questions, so this level is called “Yonika” (nourishing)., There souls also have “acquired” and serve God with their “Ruach” (Emotional Soul). They are growing Spiritually. They become more delighted with spirituality and become distance from physical desires that interfere with their spiritual goals.

Gadlut (Expanded consciousness) also called “Mochin” (Brain) and Yoled (Birth). Here one has gave birth by their thoughts speech and actions to Expanded spiritual consciousness, this is a realm most humans do not achieve. The rules of nature are different for these people. The God’s interaction with them is more revealed and closer. To these people all things not involving their spiritual growth is of no interest.

Man has a physical body from this physical world. He has an “Nefesh Behemit” (Animal soul), which is the evil inclination, from demons who dwell in the air. He has a “Nefesh Sachlit” (Intellectual soul) from the Ophanim angels of Asiyah. This is all referring to levels  of the Nefesh of Asiyah. The other levels of soul are explained in other posts in this category

The Ar’I teaches that the Nefesh is manifest by the Name Elokim. The Ruach is manifest by the Name Yhv”h. The Neshamah manifest by the “miloy” (spelling-out) of the Name Yhv”h.

A person’s soul which is A part of GOD knows a lot more than we think.

October 31, 2011, 2:25 pm
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The early and later wise men concluded that the cause of the creation was so he could be complete in all that He does, by His great, lofty, and glorious Names. Then his desires could be actualized through man trough His great, lofty, and glorious Names. The energy and conciousness of each letter and the Divine names which they make up correspond to periods in time when their illumination is more revealed. The holy names help placing everything in its proper alignment.

The Great Name, which is the four-letter Name YHV”H contains in it He was, He is, and He will always be.

If the worlds had not been created and everything in them, the truth of God’s eternity, His  past, present, and future, could not be taught and He would not be have been made known.

. The Name Adny which speaks of His mastery. If created beings did not exist, then He could not be called Master.

The world and man were created God’s naMES  hIS Actions and abilities continue to be  realized through the work of man by His great, lofty, and glorious Names.

If He did not emanate His light  

then how could they have heard of Him and could “the earth is full of His Glory” be fulfilled?”


The Holy Blessed One, does not need anything. His Essence is complete.

He is perfect in every respect.

He is within all that exists.





The Tetragrammaton: YHVH


The 7 Names:

El, Shaddai, Elohim, Adonay, Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh, YHVH, and Tzeba‘ot.

These are the names most commonly used for ‘God’ and in the Hebrew texts.

El • God

El Shaddai •

Adonay •

Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh • ‘I AM (all) I AM (BE-COMING)’

This name is formed by mixing YHVH with Adonay

The Name of 12 letters:


The 9 holy names

Ehyeh, Yah, YHVH, Adonay, El, Elo’ah, Elohim, Shadai, Tzevaot



This holy name  from  Ana Be’Ko’Ach prayer.

Another 42-Letter name



The ‘72 Names of God’

The ‘72 names of God’ as revealed in Exodus 14: 19,20,21





Knowing is like making love
October 26, 2011, 11:37 am
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Summery :

Last week we learned that 

A idea  enters one’s mind as “chuchmah”. The idea evolves in his intellect by the power called called “Binah” (Understanding) by these powers one can come to have “Dat” (know) God and be in awe of Him.

Now lets continue with the text of the Tanya :

For when the intellect in the rational soul deeply contemplates and immerses itself exceedingly in the greatness of God, how He fills all worlds, and when one further contemplates how He surrounds all worlds how in His presence all creation is considered as naught.  

One must do the work to arrive at this level of awareness of God it is innate in every soul but it must be aroused. Contemplate how God continually sustains all of creation with emanations of divine light, life-force. Light that  clothes itself in every creation and there are also levels of Godliness that are to great to enter surround creation, until the creation is ready for this light to enter and serve its purpose. As higher levels of this light enter into a man’s soul….

There will be born and aroused in one’s consciousness and thought, awe for the Divine Majesty. To fear and be humble before His blessed greatness, which is without end or limit. The fear of God will be in his heart.  

There are those who are “religious” they do what is required of them by religious law, but this does not guarantee one will feel for God in their heart. They may be only going through the motions of religious service. For most this is the beginning till they reach a real love and fear of God by “Dat” (knowledge) of His Presence. This is essential.

Next his contemplation will give birth to the attribute of Chesed (Kindness)  expressed as a love of God, so that his heart will glow with an intense love of God like fiery flames, with a passion, desire and longing, and a yearning soul, toward the greatness of the blessed Ein Sof (infiniteness of God). This is as it is written: “My soul longs [for You]; indeed, it faints…,” and4 “My soul thirsts for G-d …,” and again,“My soul thirsts for You.”.  

It is this driving yearning aroused, awoke in the soul which will impel one to work towards great levels of closeness to God and Divine experience. There can be applied to this the words of the Song of Songs by King Soloman “ Many waters can not satisfy love” One can never get enough.

This loving thirst is derived from the element of Fire in the divine soul. As students of natural science affirm, and so it is in Etz Chayim, the element of Fire is in the heart.

The Heart warms the blood by the warmth of emotion. The heart which is a “vessel” of our emotional soul called “Ruach” inspires our actions. The things that we emotionally strive after are the seat of our passions. Ideally all our desires should as flames of fire causing us to run in the service of God.

While the source of [the element of] Water and moisture is in the brain, As explained in Etz Chayim, Portal 50, [the source of the element of Water] is the level of Chochmah (Divine creative wisdom) which is called “the water of the divine soul.”.  

Water always flows from a higher place to a lower one. This is the nature of the Divine wisdom we are talking about here. It is not something of this world but descends from above to it. From this creative wisdom come all new ideas. All inventions are revelations of Divine wisdom. “Chuchmah” is said to come as a flash of lightening. It is the enlightening moment. It flows from Heaven as water.

The rest of the remaining five Emotional powers are all offshoots and branches of fear and love  

Love and fear are the driving forces behind the expression of the 5 other emotional powers-sefirot. (they were explained in the last section) All of these sefirot are born of Chochmah (Divine Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding), as is explained elsewhere.  

The meaning of Dat (knowledge), may be found in the verse, “And Adam knew Eve,” “Dat” implies attachment and union. Dat binds one’s mind with a very firm, strong bond and firmly fixing one’s thought on the greatness of the blessed Ein Sof, without diverting his mind from it. For even one who is wise by Divine inspiration and understanding in the greatness of the blessed Ein Sof, yet, unless he applies his Daat and fixes his thought firmly and diligently he will not produce in his soul true fear and love, but only vain fancies. Thus, Daat provides the substance and vitality of the emotional attributes. It comprises Chesed and Gevurah; that is to say, love with those other emotional attributes that are its offshoots, and fear with its offshoots.

Dat (knowledge), binds the intellect to the emotions. It is a unique power. When one has Knowledge they “feel it”. If they don’t they do not “know”.

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Shalit and the Miraculous Dollar

The amazing story of how Jerusalem Shlucha Chana Canterman befriended Aviva Shalit and the 20 year old dollar from the Lubavitcher Rebbe that resulted in recent blessings.


By COLlive reporter

Aviva Shalit, mother of the now released Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, placed a phone call Monday to Chana Canterman, a Chabad representative  in Jerusalem, to update on her son’s health.

“He’s fine! He’s fine!” Mrs. Shalit joyfully said.

The connection between the two who live in the same country but spend time in different spheres began when the Shalit family began campaigning for their son outside the prime minister’s residence.

Sgt. Gilad Shalit was captured by Hamas terrorists on 25 June 2006 in a cross-border raid via underground tunnels near the border with Gaza.

Chana and her husband Rabbi Eli Canterman, the Shluchim in the Talbiyeh neighborhood in Israel’s capital, were one of the volunteers who provided meals for the Shalits in their protest tent.

The Cantermans had the Sunday shift and have since become close friends with the Shalit family, visiting them often and praying together for Gilad’s release from Hamas captivity.

Chana would spend hours shopping and cooking beautiful meals for the family, a friend of the Cantermans said.

“Slowly they had to bring larger amounts of food each week because everyone would visit on Sunday because they loved her cooking,” the friend said.


Naturally, they became close friends with Aviva and her husband Noam Shalit, providing not only food but emotional and psychological support during this time.

“When I flew in to New York for the annual Kinus Hashluchos convention on 24 Shvat, I asked Aviva what I could bring her back from the U.S.,” recalled Mrs. Canterman in an interview with COLlive.com.

“She told me, ‘All I want is Gilad. I don’t need presents.’ All she thought about was her son.”

The Cantermans also made sure to come by for holidays, in addition to the Sunday visit. For Purim, they organized a festive meal for family and guests, and brought them Matzah on Pesach. During Lag BaOmer day, children came to the tent to say the 12 pesukim (holy passages).

On April 17th, the day before last Pesach, Chana Canterman brought a special gift to Aviva Shalit along with her meal: a dollar bill that she had received from the Lubavitcher Rebbe that was to be given to a worthy charity.

“Take this dollar,” said Chana, “and may it be a Segulah (merit) that Gilad be released this year.”

Aviva accepted the dollar gratefully and carried it with her wherever she went.

“It was a very depressing period for the family,” Canterman recalls. “We wanted to give them an opening of hope and strength to continue waiting for the healthy return of their son.”


On the same day the Shalits received the dollar, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Shalits he replaced the official mediator from Chagai Hadas to David Medan.

Miraculously, Medan began to receive messages from the Hamas with signs of Gilad Shalit being alive and in stable condition.

On Rosh Hashana, Rabbi Canterman came by to blow shofar for them. A week later, they heard that Gilad was going to be released on Tishrei 20 – on Chol Hamoed Sukkos.

The next day, Mrs. Canterman texted Aviva Shalit asking her if she can check the date written on the dollar from the Rebbe (Chabad chassidim often write on the bill when it was received).

Mrs. Shalit excitedly replied that the date on the dollar that Canterman received over 20 years before from the Rebbe, was Tuesday, 20 Tishrei, the date that Gilad Shalit was released by the terrorists.

And the year that dollar was given? 5751 – the Hebrew year chassidim spelled out as “the year we will see miracles and wonders.”



by Moshe Berlin
Years ago, in 1981, at the end of Lag B’Omer, the Rebbe of Lalov came back
from Miron very agitated. He said to his disciples: There are times when a
man must pay with his body in order to rescue the nation of Yisrael.
Two weeks later, the Rebbe decided to go on a tour of Hadassah Hospital in
Jerusalem, where he asked to visit the Neurology Department. He spent time
there, speaking with the nurses and the doctors.
Nobody understood why he did this. When asked, he repeated what he had said
before: There are times when a man must pay with his body in order to rescue
the nation of Yisrael.
A few days later, on the day before Shavuot, the Rebbe of Lalov phoned
Menachem Begin, and he said to him that he blesses Begin and wishes him
success on his mission. A man who was in the room with Begin later said that
he paced back and forth, saying that he didn’t understand how anybody knew –
and that perhaps the entire operation should be cancelled.
A few hours later, the Israeli Air Force bombed the nuclear facility in
Iraq. The following night, at the end of Shavuot, the Rebbe of Lalov had a
stroke, and he remained in the Neurology Department of Hadassah Hospital for
the next six years…

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Collection of Divine Secrets — Please God
October 24, 2011, 1:39 pm
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It is remarkable, if you think about it. Looking around, it would seem that Creation has never been further from its intended purpose

The place is far from being holy.  

Agnostics and atheists run amok. Jews go in all directions, and even the ones that are supposed to be going in the same direction seem to find tangents. Either we’re way off course, or our understanding of the purpose of Creation lacks sophistication.

But you can be sure that God is not up there in Heaven shaking His head, saying, “Gee, never thought I’d see the day when My kids did things like that!” Not only He did He know that He’d see the day, He saw it before He even created His children, and the rest of Creation around them.

But it does get to the point God says:

I will destroy Man, whom I created, from upon the face of the earth; from Man until beast, to the creeping things, and the flying creatures in the sky; I regret that I made them.” However, Noach found favor in God’s eyes.  

(Bereishis 6:7-8)  

Had Avraham not come along, Creation might have been doomed once again, but once again, he was only a single individual. And, though he had tried to elevate the world around him and justify Creation, the best he could do was father a people to continue on his work, while the rest of the world continued in the path of Kayin, murdering, and pillaging, and de-justifying Creation.  

Okay,” agreed, “Avraham is a very special person on a special mission.”


for him and his family you needed all of Creation?”

But, does one man justify all of Creation. Could even this be what God calls success in his ”project Earth” ?


God made Creation with free will so that man could  choose to consciously participate in the process of world rectification and its on going creation.

God does not need anything but He cherishes man’s contributions to His creation.

The world looks at Torah as an archaic system of rules and collection  of stories, it is far from that. It is a Divinely-created  system designed  to allow man to  maximize his involvement in the spark redemption process.   

The Leshem explains it this way :

Even the wars are part of Gods plan. It may not be clear until years after what a war made better. Sometimes, it may not even be clear how war improved the world until after history as we know it comes to an end:

On this depends all faith, that all that happens is the result of the light of His Presence, may He be blessed, and that all of His Providence and guidance of history is toward a good end … and when the time of rectification comes, it will be understood how all of the ways of God are kind and truthful …  

Perhaps  the reason for the Holocaust. And other such events historically, as Moses was told, only God can fathom their purpose.

All we can do is pick up the pieces and re-build, and wait for the future time when all the events of history will make sense to all of us.

When the Torah talks about a women raped in a field :

This is alluding to all the souls who end up in the “field” of the material world and lose touch with there true spiritual nature. They can encounter a death of innocence, of hope, of dignity. This should be  the concern and felt as a responsibility of each and every member of Israel, including the Supreme Court in Jerusalem!

When a fellow wanders out to the scary fields of hopelessness, every individual of the community, particularly its spiritual teachers and leaders, must ask themselves, “Perhaps we didn’t notice him leaving and sent him off without food and without escort. This soul was  craving for love, encouragement and inspiration, and couldn’t find with whom to discuss his frustrations and doubts.

Each of us must ask ourselves: “Are we not responsible in some way for anothers mental and psychological deterioration?”  

Educators and communal leaders may dismiss it with statistics. “Statistics show that a certain percent of high school kids end up…” When the future of a particular child in put in question, they readily answer: “What do you expect? He or she is a statistic.”

The destiny value and sanctity of every soul is has infinite possibilities.

Look at the life of a crab – they are born with a shell to fit the size of the creature when it’s very small. Then it grows, and the shell becomes way too small. But the crab only dares to crack the shell when it literally starts to choke from the size of it. Then it creates a new shell with space to keep growing. This happens to us.  

We get to a point where we choke. 

Why do we need to wait?  

Do we need enforcers of God’s judgment  to crack our shells?

Instead do the right things

On Shabbot (the Sabbath), one who takes the bad from the good  desecrates the  Shabbot. As this activity, “borror”,  is one of the 39 categories of labor forbidden on Shobot.

There is something interesting in this, as by the separation removing of the good from the bad, the holy sparks from the Klipot (evil forces) when this job is done, history as we know it will come to an end (Shar Gilgulum, Ch. 20).  

The Messianic Era will finally begin, and the verse, “On that day, God will be one and His Name will be one.” (Zechariah 14:9) will finally be fulfilled.  

Yakov Abuchitzera teaches :

The individual letters of the first word in the Torah “Bereshit”, spell out the phrase:

[Shoresh Briyat Adam Yahkor Razi Torah  

(the purpose of man’s creation is that he investigate the secrets of the Torah).

This is so that thereby he may recognize the Creator and His Kingdom.

This is essential. for this holy study maintains the universe and establishes it.

The words “Sod HaShem” (the secrets of God) spelled like : Samekh

Vav Dalet (Sod) + M”H (Yhvh spelled out with alp 45) =611= Brit (covenant).

Just about everyone knows that Israel is the holy  land. However,  few  know or understand why this is so, other than the fact that it was the land  that God promised to Avraham, Isaac,  and Jacob, and their future descendants:

It is a land which God, your God, cares for, God, your God pays attention to continuously the entire year.

(Deut 11:11-12)

Here is the detail

Malchut of Asiyah is a part of the “Holy” spiritual worlds. Asiyah, and Malchut of Asiyah itself also, is divided into 10 Sefirot The 10th one which is Malchut of Malchut of Asiyah is “this” world, so 9th first sefirah are the creativity center, and the 10th one is the exhibition Hall, and it is The Land of Israel, which is the only corporal part of the universe connected directly with the “Holy” spiritual world Asiyah. The Land of Israel  is the Ketter of Machut of Malchut of Asiyah, while the 9 lower sefirot of malchut of Asiyah of “Holiness” are in the rest of The Land of Israel.

God not Omniscient. God is completely inaccessible, unless He chooses otherwise.  

It all depends on YOU !

Holiness is quantified upon the value of “sparks of Holiness” associated with the object or act in question.

Get to work, there is a lot to do.

, Our covenant with the Torah is renewed bi-annually. On Shemini Atzeres /Simchas Torah, and on the Atzeres of Shavuos.  Concerning the latter covenant, we enter into it with fear and trepidation. Concerning the former, we enter into it with rejoicing. And, it is these two specific sensations – fear and rejoicing – which make it possible to receive Torah.  Without one of these consciousnesses, the Torah simply cannot be contained within any human being. This is as written in Tehillim 2:11, “Serve HaShem with fear, and rejoice with trembling.”

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It is so pleasant to lay down and look up through the leaf roof of the Succah and see the stars !


Blessed is GOD that we have made it again to the Holy festival of Succot, a time auspicious for revelation of our righteous Messiah may he come quickly because the mercy of GOD is great !

GOD commands us to dwell in a Succah so that we can remember our exodus from Egypt. Remembering the “great hand” and the “out stretched arm” of great revelation by which GOD took us out of Egypt. The Succah also teaches us of the wasteful unnecessary nature of materialism. As during Succot we dwell in Succot as our ancestors did in the desert after leaving Egypt. They lived simply and had all that they needed. Such simple living allows the mind to be free to dwell on spiritual concerns. Such living can be compared to the manna in the desert. To some it tasted tastless or bad, to others it tasted as what ever they wanted to eat. It all depends on the way one looks at things. Many sages have went on self imposed exiles, To the extreme of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochi Who dwelled in the cave for 13 years and reached the greatest height of Holiness.

In a sense a Succah is as ones personal mishcon משכן (tabernacle) משכן is Gematria 410 equals קודש Holy. The Succah is a very Holy place.

Indeed, the word Succah itself teaches us this. The word Succah  (spelled Samekh Vav Kaf Hey) has the same numerical value of the two holy Names of G-d, YHVH (26) and ADONAI (65). YHVH represents G-d’s hidden supernatural power and the Name ADONAI represents the Divine natural power. The word Succah also is numerically equal to the term (HaElohim, G-d), as in the statement that we recite at the end of Yom Kippur prayers HaShem Hu HaElohim (HaShem, He is G-d). “He is G-d” is the Succah. YHVH/ADONAI is the Succah. G-d is the Succah and we are commanded to dwell within “Him” for the week. The Name of G-d used in the creation story is ELOHIM. The numerical value of this Name is 86, the same as the Hebrew term for “nature” (HaTeva). G-d is the author of nature, of the natural order. He created humanity and placed us to live in a Garden, not in a concrete jungle. G-d’s Name is often represented by the Hebrew letter Hey, the last of the four letters of YHVH. Add the numerical value of this letter Hey (5) to HaTeva (nature) and to ELOHIM (G-d) and again we arrive at the numerical value of Succah.

In parsha Shemini we are told that for 7 days the mishcon was dedicated and on the 8th day the presence of GOD was revealed. This is similar to on Succot we dwell in a Succah for 7 days and the 8th day is Smini Atzeret, a day of closeness. Or as the Ramba’n, peace unto him, said Smini Atzeret is “a day of binding together all emanations”.

Pesach is concidered our festival while Succot is said to be GOD’s. This reflects the idea that on Succot the arousal of Spiritual interaction is from below (by our Divine Service). Succah is a celebration of “real joy” from the spiritual gain of Ellul, Rosh Hashanah and  Yom kipporim. It is the time to celebrate the blessing of our harvest physically and spiritually. It is an opportunity for us to experience our new spiritual garments. One does not really know how nice a garment is until it is worn.

The Ramba’m warns us that one’s arrogance, Honor of themselves or haughtiness can, Heaven forbid, prevent one from truly rejoicing to the fullest extent, becouse of this such a person is a sinner and a fool. Such must certainly be avoided as the main service of succah is to rejoice, especially on Simchat Torah. Just let go of your inhibitions.

Succah is a time of great joy for all mankind as on Succah in the Bait HaMigdash (Holy Temple) offerings are brought on behalf of not only Yisrael but for all 70 of the nations. Its written in the  Prophets that after the Messiah comes even the nations will celebrate the festival of Succah. Succah is a time of bringing all mankind together returning to GOD. As Rabbi Nachman of Bresslov teaches that by shaking of the arba minim (Etrog Lulav Hadas Arovot) the nations become humbled and return to GOD. This service of waiving the arba minim is so powerful and important that the sages enacted that we should waive the arba minim all the days of the festival after the Bait HaMigdash was destroyed, even if they were only waved the first day in the Bait HaMigdash.

Rabbi Moshe Chyim Lazzato Teaches that by grasping the life force that flows within the Etrog (citron) that is closed with in Malchut of Asiyah (which is as grasping the whole world in your hand). You can also grasp the Nakavah, malchut of Atzilut (all potential will of GOD that is yet to be revealed). Through one’s Kavanah (intent) they can draw down new revelation from Arich of Atzilut (the source of revelation of Divine will) in to this world revealing what did not exist before.

The Bahir Teaches that a Succah is filled with Chuchmah (Divine Creative power- inspiration). It is this Chuchmah that gives us new understandings directing us to closer levels in the service of GOD, guiding us to greater revelation. It is further explained that the Scoch of the roof of the Succah is Netzauch (quanitity) and Hod (quality). According to the Quality and Quantity of our Divine service the Divine light is revealed throught the Scoch (roofing material) filling the Succah. GOD has left it up to us to illuminate the world we live in being a “light to the nations”. Letting them understand through our actions that everything we do is directed towards attaining  life’s goal of unification with GOD by removing the dross of impurity that is brought on by nourishing the klipot (other side) in our thought speech and action. So that there can be more open revelation of GOD’s will in this world. Filling the Succah with light, as GOD’s voice would fill the משכן (tabernacle). Directing us immediately to Fulfill GOD’s will in this world with the arrival of our righteous quickly in our days.

Chassadim (powers of God’s giving are dat (knowledge) of Z”a (source of our ruach-emotional soul). The Chassadim are called “stomim” (closed) above the chest of Z’a are covered in the Yesod  (gate way of Divine energy) of Imma (source of our Nashama-Divine soul of intellect). The Yesod of Imma is as a tent of “succah”.1

1Mhl p.5,sulam on zohar Chadash Vetchanon p.5