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UPDATED July 18 2018dots 2018


Compare the story of the Spies in Parashat Beshalah and today how “leaders” don’t encourage or even discourage people from living in the Holy Land. In parsha Bashalah the people should have listened to Moses, Joshua, and Caleb and not the horrible short sighted words of the spies.

There are those who would like to believe God will forgive all the sins of secular Jews because they can be all be considered under the Torah legal status as be “tinnokot she-nishbu” (a child stolen from Jews and raised by gentiles as a gentile). Such a thought may seem comforting but does not really have what to stand on ! It is a Jewish obligation to pass tradition to the next generation, this is a Torah commandment. One of my teachers once said “You are responsible to be responsible”. If one honestly believes they live in a culture that makes it impossible to educate their children. They then have to move to an environment that allows them to pass on their Torah values. We certainly cannot allow a status quo that produces children who we have to categorize as a child stolen from Jews and raised by gentiles as a gentile !

“Picking and choosing” among the mitzvot of the Torah is not correct. Pretending Aretz Yisrael does not matter ? Is evil and stupid ! Its obvious the main hold on Jews by the the “other side” has always manifested keeping Jews from living in The Land of Israel. Torah of Aretz Yisrael hits a raw nerve for many religious Jews who don’t live in Israel. You hear those religious Jews who live in ‘galut’ (exile) always saying God will bring me out of the exile, like God is their chauffeur. They will say “we have no obligation to build the Temple…..it’s Gods job.  Meanwhile every passover every Jew is obligated to bring the “passover sacrifice, which can only be brought at the Temple mount. Still they say  “we do not have to lot a finger to build the Mikdash (Temple)…..it will come down from the sky” This is  pie in the sky Torah…..But in truth a Jew must strive physically and financially to ascend to Israel.. It is a Torah obligation to ascend to live in “Aretz Yisrael”, this is the rule not the exception.
Will it be like this for America’s and the worlds’ religious Jews outside of Israel until it’s not practical to live in the USA. As was the case in Europe. .It was not until the Jews of Europe tasted death and destruction of the Holocaust that they understood God’s Divine will demanded the Jews to leave Europe and move to Israel. Despite the fact that the Talmud is full of the Torah of Eretz Yisrael and it’s all over the Bible and atleast 200 of the 613 mitzvot (commandments) depend on it living in “Aretz Yisrael”. Which means all mitzvot in essence depend on it. As soon as a person prays one realizes the “tefila” (prayer) given to us by our prophets and sages direct our attention to dwelling in The Holy Land. This is so as Eretz yisrael is the lifeblood of a Jew. So, if you are not doing everything you can to live, thrive build and conquer the land of Israel you are missing out of the most primary part of the Torah and Divine service. If one rejects living in the Holy land or does not even really consider it  then one is prone to suffer from all the curses that a Jew endures in exile…..The choice is always yours. Don’t forget as Rashi brings down :


Rashi brings from  Siphre  the idea that we observe commandments outside of Israel so we will remember how to do them when we are in the land of Israel. So the purpose of keeping the commandments is only practice for the days when we are in the land of Israel.


What would a golfer think he could accomplish even if he had the best golf clubs, golf cart and golfing lessons but never went to a golf course. This is just like observing the Torah all one’s life outside of the Holy land when it was possible to ascend..

Rashi brings from  Siphre  the idea that we observe commandments outside of Israel so we will remember how to do them when we are in the land of Israel. So the purpose of keeping the commandments is only practice for the days when we are in the land of Israel.

Leaving Egypt means transcending our limitations and ceasing to be slaves to our evil inclinations, but identifying ourselves as servants of God is not the ultimate escape either but only another aspect of slavery, it is not complete freedom but may be a necessary step along the way. The free man is the one who does not serve God as a slave but as a lover.

Torah and mitzvos  are obligations that reach beyond the framework of everyday existence as they are of the world to come,

Rise above material concerns and engage in deeds “for the sake of heaven”.

There are two ways one may go to the left way is the path of suffering. The right is the way of the path of The Torah, the path of the light.  The left way goes away from the direct path to the God and invoke the Divine rod to compels us to return to God’s ways if one merits, or they are so evil they are just left to parish.

Everything that happens to us is only to lead us  so that we may correct ourselves, meaning to give  us vessels and to draw the light that fixes us and the world towards God’s desire.

Wicked people intentionally harm themselves and others.. An ordinary person is neither good nor bad. He just lives like any other animal and is not involved in Divine service. Such a person is controlled  by Nature, God as “Elokim” under most circustances. And there are those who will choose to occupy in a Divine mission with their life and they will become Holy and surpass their nature and nature in general. They cleave to יהו”ה

Some people can remain in religious environments many years, like those who learn in “yeshivah” all their life and still not “get it.”

This can happen if they start learning and have major character faults and only spend time learning “halachah” (Torah Law) and “Gemora”. This is why it taught that “Derech Aretz” (proper character traits) must precede Torah learning.  As learning only the technical laws of the Torah will not always improve one’s character. For the corrections of ones character traits we have teaching called the “Tanach” (Bible), “Agada”, “Midrash”, “Mussar”, Chassidut, Kaballah, and other Torah teachings.


We are like a adulteress wife to God , turning away and cheating when we turn aside from what we are supposed to be focused in our Divine service which is required of us by our marriage contract the Torah and instead are more occupied with which baseball, basketball or football team won the game and  wasting hours on You Tube ,  thirsting for millions of dollars instead of “Ruach HaKodesh” (The Holy Spirit). Feeling very connected to the host country of our exile instead of living in Israel the Land that God ordered us to live in. When we take more concern for which sport team  looses the game, what’s politically  happening in the Holy Land.

Many fail to realize their true purpose in this world.

With this test the Jews will be tested during seventy (final) years of the last exile. A poor person will be considered like dead, and as if his soul was taken. The body, soul, and money are all considered equal, whatever is your favorite give it over in love for your Master. Then it will be as if for you the world was created. He that does not give over his soul, body, or money in love of his master in the time of need, it is as if he returned the world to chaos and void. He who gives over his soul, body, or money, in the time of need, in love of his master, he is certainly called the beloved of the master, there is no higher than him.

The Egyptians in the time of Yosef and Yaakov were vegetarians. Even more, sheep were seen by them as gods. for this reason they saw “shepherds” who raised cattle or sheep for consumption as a abomination. but they had no problem throwing the jewish babies in the nile.

Do not worship idols

by chasing after :

money, power, lust,

gluttony, evil speech,

baseless hatred, “bittul

torah”, wasteful

behavior, arrogance,

immodest dress, eating

unkosher or by having

thoughts that do not line

up with the torah’s








Small consciousness

or non God consciousness  leaves us with the impression that the world is governed by a plurality of opposing forces. This gives rise to  disorientation and confusion

THE SPIRITUAL WORLDS HIDDEN WE NEED TO MAKE THE UNCONSCIOUS CONSCIOUS, THAT WHICH IS HIDDEN REVEALED. tHIS TAKES US OUT OF THE EXILE AND INTO THE REAL REDEMPTION, DIVINE THOUGHT. Exile was part of the God’s plan for Yisrael. But it has its limits. The trick is to leave exile when its end come. The god signals this to us by increasing anti sematism. If excessive Jewish BLOOD flows in exile this showS the jewS stayed in  that exile too long ! As the anti sematism is gods’s way of saying its time to  move to the holy land ! Know, even when jews observe god’s commandments in exile the “sitra achra” (other side) takes its portion through the angel over the exile country. When the people of the exile country become morally and intellectually corrupt, and its jews spiritualy weAk from not observing the commandmentS

the “sitra achra” becomes strong and God forbid the exile community is in danger. as the “sitra achra” will use the corrupted souls to do its bidding.

 Know, when evil is rampant by weak morality suffering may be coming to the world. The sages warn of this when they say : “all punishment comes to the world because of the Jewish people” (yavamot 53a)

Here are a couple more interesting thoughts. The sages say that until the time of Yaakov people were always healthy and never fell ill. When it waS time for them to die they would sneeze and their soul would go out from them. For this reason we always say “God bless you when people sneeze” We say “la Chym” when we drink because the “Bait din” would give alcohol before imposing the death penalty, so we say this drink should be for life and not death !

He that does not give over his soul, body, or money in love of his master in the time of need, it is as if he returned the world to chaos and void. ( In a other version) He who gives over his soul, body, or money, in the time of need, in love of his master, he is certainly called the beloved of the master, and in that world there is no higher than him. (Tikunim)

EZRA the Prophet and the Anshe’ Knesseth haGadolah (men of the Great Assembly) CURSED the sages who lived in Bavel and did  not go back to” Eretz Israel”. They called them  “Stupid Babylonians”, בבלאי טפשאי. This expression is repeated MANY TIMES, all over the Talmud. Many use these sages as a excuse for not moving to Israel , NOT SO FAST !


Resh Lakish was swimming in the Jordan River. Raba bar bar Chana came up to Israel  from Bavel to learn Torah and offered his hand to Resh Lakish to help him get out of the water. Resh Lakish said to him: “I swear that I hate you, Jews of Bavel”. Rashi there explains “all the Jews of Bavel who did not come back from Bavel with Ezra, and prevented the Shechina from coming upon the Second Beth HaMiqdash, as it is written in Shir HaShirim 8:9: “If she is like a wall, I’ll build for her a castle of silver; if like a door a closure of cedar”, that is if you had made yourselves ; like a wall, had come all together at the time of Ezra, you’d have been like silver, that rust and rot do not touch; but now that you came up like doors, you are similar to a cedar, that rot rules on it” (Gemora Yoma p.9)

Resh Lakish would not curse another Jew, actually all the sages of Bavel, because of  a minor thing, but because they REFUSED A FUNDAMENTAL OF TORAH THUS ENDANGERING ALL OF ‘AM ISRAEL !

The “Mitzvah” of living in “Eretz Israel” is a”Mitzvah” encompassing all of the “Mitzvah” of the Torah”  (Sifre Parsha Rae  12:29)

“One should rather live in a city in The Land of Israel where all are idol worshippers than in a city outside of it where the majority are righteous Jews.” (Ketuboth 110 )

Rabbi Yaakov Emden sums this all up well “When it seems to us in our present and peaceful existence, outside the Land of Israel, that we have found another The Land of Israel and Yerushalaim (Jerusalem), that is to me the greatest, deepest, most obvious, and direct CAUSE of all the awesome, frightening, monstrous, unimaginable destructions that we have experienced in the Diaspora“.

The Kli Yakar said Yitschak Avinu was not allowed to leave The Land of Israel because here the Shechina resides, not outside Erets Israel; because the lands outside of The Land of Israel are called “ארצות הטֻמְאָה”, “the lands of impurity”…and have the “halakhic” standing of a cemetery…

In all times, a Jew is forbidden to leave The Land of Israel for Chuts LaArets (outside the land); except to study Torah, or to marry or to rescue Jews from gentiles, and then he must return to the Land. One is also permitted to leave temporarily for business, but to dwell outside of the Land of Israel is forbidden, unless there is a severe famine there.” (RaMba”M, Laws of Kings, 5:9)

Living in the Land The Land of Israel is not a matter of personal choice. It is the underlying basis of Torah (Rambam Sefer HaMitzvot, positive commandment 153)

The Mitzvah of living in The Land of Israel is a Mitsvah encompassing all of the Mitsvot of the Torha`(Ohr HaChaim on Devarim 30:20)


If you detach yourself from the centrality of the land of  Israel you have no portion in the God of Israel. (Brachot 63a and 63b)

The Shechinàh (Divine Presence) does not reveal Herself in  “chutz laAretz” (LANDS OUTSIDE ISRAEL) –( The Mechilta, Parashat Bo)

The Shechinàh did not talk to Avraham until he was in the land of  Israel (Midrash Tanchumah)

In the Exodus from Egypt 80% of the Jews did not want to leave the fleshpots of Egypt and perished in the Plague of Darkness—– ——————————–   LOOKS LIKE NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED !

The sin of the spies was the rejection of “Aretz Yisrael” –The sin of the spies was a sin much worse than the sin of the golden calf. For the latter only three thousand people were punished, while for the sin of the spies the entire generation was punished and perished in the wilderness. That great sin was not only among the masses, but also and foremost among the leaders of the generation.”


We can see how important this matter of living in The Land of Israel is. This  “Klipah” (evil shell)  attacks even the biggest Tzaddikim (righteous men)  to negate the great thing, the settlement of Israel. For the whole power of the “Klipah” is in the existence of the  “Galut” (exile). With the cessation of the Galut, the “Klipah” comes to an end !

Rabbi Chaim Elazar Wax, at the end of Responsa !

It will come, to those “alive” cleaving
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Vetchanon בס”ד

It says in the parsha “You who cleave in YHV”H  Elohech”a are alive this day”. So we see it is by cleaving in GOD that we are given, draw life force. To recieve this life force by cleaving we make attachment  to GOD through the mitzvot. As the root of the word mitzvah means attachment. Yisrael are born from the ”house of GOD”. Here they cleave in ” the portion of יהו”ה is His people”. So they may inherit what is fit for them of Torah and mitzvot from treasury of GOD this is their crown. This treasury is from the 32 paths Chuchmah. 1 Serve from the love of GOD in your Teffila with all your heart and all your soul. Spill out your soul in teffila and cleave to him. This is all to your good love the “midah” called מ”ה. In it are hidden the 100 blessings.

Walk in all yours way so to invite to receive flow of the way. These are then supernal days.2 Rabbi Avraham Abulafia teaches in Aor haSachel that the חושק (desire) that is given in the heart of desire is a witness to the the love of הו”א . If from between 2 loves she (the soul) has within one being the intellect from partnership with GOD, and the intellect of man. They are one as the Name is one. Becouse of the חבור (union) in the existence of the nature of man with the existence of אלהו (his God) in time he has comprehension in intellect. In this power man is able to connect below and cleave in the עליון (supernal) and bring it down. The thing he raises up calling out recieves a kiss. As the groom kisses the bride in much great desire. And He is delighted both by the desire and the power of the name.3 If a man gives his heart and dat to the fear of GOD, behold the letters of יהו”ה cleave in his heart. One who merits this has no lack. But if his heart lacks fear of GOD, the letters of יהו”ה are far from him. This is the greatest possible lack. This is what it means “Make Me a migdosh (temple), and I will dwell in them”. One sanctifies their heart so as to have dwell in it יהו”ה.4 All the power GOD gives to  man by his Dat, his power of speech and intellect, this is GOD’s place in the world.5

Its also written in the parsha “Guard and do the commandments this is you wisdom in the eyes of the nations.” This reminds us that their ways are not our ways our wisdom is prescribed in the Torah. We sanctify GOD’s name by being a light to the nations by acting according to the Torah. We must not be like a dog who looks to the nations as its master and is always trying to find favor before them. As the Israeli government does when killing the people of Sderot by Hamas hands to continue appeasing the Quartet. (only after responding with strong military force in Gazza did the rocket assault stop) Or their abandoning the Grave of our forefather Yosef to the Arabs. Or refusing to let Jews live on our holy Land ,or even worse kicking jews out of there homes and giving the land over to arab terrorists. Surely these disgusting things are only a desecration of our Holy Torah. We can not have leaders in this country that act as such.

If we cleave to GOD and we work to have leaders of our nation that are true to GOD we shall see as the Prophet Michah describes this time ” I will make her the remnant halted, daughter of Zion, to you shall it come. There will come the first government, the kingdom to the daughter of Jerusalem. Now why does she cry badly, because she has no king, and her counselor has perished?  For pangs have taken you as a woman in labor.  Be in pain and labor to bring forth, oh daughter of Zion ”.  (4:7 – 10) The Maharol of Prague Wrote that in the future the messianic king will establish a new kingdom which will emerge from the first kingdom which will precede it. It is as a unripe fruit grows in a peel till the fruit is ripe, then the peel decays. And as it says in our parsha “you will be a Holy people am segulah” (Nation treasured by God). With the arrival of our Mashiach Quickly.

1.Marachot Elokim

2.Safer HaKanah

3.Aor HaSachel

4.Alp Bet p.161

5.Avodat Yisrael p.11

An awakening from above.
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UPDATED                                                                      MAY 1ST                            2018

Wealth shall not avail in the day of wrath, but charity shall rescue from death. (PROVERBS 11:4) ITS NOT THE MONEY YOU HAVE THAT WILL COUNT IN  THE NEXT WORLD ——-   ITS WHAT YOU GAVE AWAY !

   In order for one to achieve the truth, there must be a sensation that one must obtain the truth before they die.

One must examine and see that one has not deceived himself.

Truth means to bestow.

The opposite of that is fraud and deceit, meaning only to receive selfishly.

The most important thing is to not want anything except to bestow.

Any reception is flawed.

Take the other extreme, meaning bestowal.

The force that compels to work, is only God’s greatness.

These efforts and  labor yield  benefit and pleasure.

One’s work and effort,  remains one’s energy for eternity.

Don’t be to a person who has the power to build a whole country, and builds only a hut that is ruined by a strong wind.

If You remain in Kedusha (Sanctity), then all the forces remain for eternity.

Believe that the Creator receives one’s work.

God attributes the work to you, He welcomes and wants all the works.

Use faith to walk in ways of bestowal.

. If one has doubts one must know that they probably do not walk in the way of bestowal.

With bestowal faith is enough.

This is all that pleases the spirit of the people.

Only their bodies are in disagreement as it is working with the will to receive.

However, “the spirit of the people” is already spirituality.

And “pleases” by the righteous extending bounty for the whole generation.

They feel the bounty that has been extended.

As an awakening from above.

They are given the Lights and the attainment of supremacy over physicality.

But the wicked live only to be receivers.









Stand up for GOD’s Honor
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Devarim בס”ד

Near the beginning of our parsha We are reminded of the generation that all died in the desert because of the affair of the spies as it’s written ”And you came near me every one of you, and said, We will send men before us, and they shall search us out the land, and bring us word again by which way we must go up, and to what cities we shall come.”  But after the spies brought back the evil report our parsha tells us concerning the people. “And you murmured in your tents, and said, Because the Lord hated us, he has brought us out of the land of Egypt, to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites. Where shall we go? our brothers have discouraged our heart”. For this sin of fearing the nations and not believing in GOD the whole generation was forbidden to enter the land, and as it says in Bamidbar “Your carcasses shall fall in this wilderness; and all who were counted of you, according to your whole number, from twenty years old and upward, all of you shall not come into the land, concerning which I swore to make you live in it, except Caleb the son of Jephunneh, and Joshua the son of Nun”.  We should have learned this lesson by now.

Fear only GOD.

The beginning of the mitzvah of fearing GOD is to know that ”elokenu” is the ד“ו parzufim (masculine and feminine aspects of GOD). These are the Written and Oral Torah by whose ruling we were taken out of Egypt.1 Fear embraces  humility and humility embraces “chasidut” (piety). So by fear of sin one gets all these qualities.2  All the time one is only occupied only  in the simple meaning of the Torah they see themselves as poor and dead. The main part of the Torah is its secrets. One who has the fear of GOD without chuchmah (Kabbalah) will not reach the ”midot” (attributes) of ”chassidut” (piety). Fear of GOD is Chuchmah, turning away from evil is Bina.3

If a man gives his heart and dat to the  fear of GOD, behold the letters of יהו”ה cleave in his heart. One who merits this has no lack. But if his heart lacks fear of GOD, the letters of יהו”ה are far from him. This is the greatest possible lack. This is what it means “Make Me a migdosh (temple), and I will dwell in them”. One sanctifies their heart so as to have dwell in it יהו”ה 4 The level of soul called ”chayah” does not go out to a man except by receiving  chuchmah. One who merits Chuchmah and dat their goes to him the fear of GOD.5 Growing in fear and ”Kidusha” as is proper this causes ”zivug” of Zu”n, and Abba with Imma to become complete as is proper. Through this is complete purification to man.6 When chuchmah is united to bina, the fear and awe of GOD can arise from the level of keter. Bina is called love but from chuchmah is complete love.7

Last weeks parsha said “But if you will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those whom you allow to remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall harass you in the land where you live. Moreover  it  shall  come to pass, that I shall do to you, as I thought to do to them.”

So it is about time we stop this foolishness such as releasing terrorists as good will gestures. What could be a worse desecration of graves of Jewish martyrs who died in the Arab terrorist attacks than releasing terrorists as “good will gestures”? What could be a worse slap in the face of their grieving friends and relatives? The government spits upon the thousands of murdered and maimed Jewish women, children, civilians in order to stage a ”peace process show”

American President Obama wants to force Isreal to give their land settled cities to their enemies who wish to send rockets upon central Israel and kill all the Jews. We must stop this government’s evil cowardly retreat from Yuhuda and Shamron. The disengagement from Gaza and the destruction of the Gush Katif Jewish settlements has created a pure terrorist state at Israel’s border. How many more such enclaves do we need ? The Israeli establishment plans to demolish more Jewish settlements and evict more Jews from their homes before transferring the territories to Arab rule. International law doesn’t justify such moves. Forced population transfer is a war crime. Forcible transfer is a form of ethnic cleansing. The International Criminal  Tribunal convicted Yugoslavian officials for exactly the crime Israelis committed in Gush Katif. Instead lets get rid of the terrorists not nurture them. It by no means is  our responsibility to provide the Palestinians with water, electricity and humanitarian aid. But it is the primary responsibility of the government to protect it citizens. So we must as it says in the verse “drive out the inhabitants  of the land”, we must deal with the terrorists as enemies as is proper. Not with ”good will gestures”, and only receiving evil in return. Remember as it says in our parsha ”GOD Elohecha gives you this land as inheritance”. Then we can come to see the fullness of our inheritance with the Bait HaMikdash built and our righteous Mashiach quickly in our days.

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Prayers of the Ancients and their wise sayings
December 8, 2009, 9:53 am
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Chyim Vital says in Safer Lecutim my teacher the Arizal was extremely careful regarding the commandment of paying a worker on time. He sometimes put off praying Minchah (afternoon prayer) until he had paid his worker. This sometimes meant waiting to pray until sunset. If he did not have the cash to pay the wages and had to send people all over to ask others for money until he had enough to pay the wages. Only then would he pray Minchah, saying, “ can I pray to GOD when such a great mitzvah comes my way? Can I put it off and still face GOD in prayer?”

Of course with all these prayers they used the Personal Divine names not the general terms ” Lord our God” as expressed here

R. Eleazar on concluding his prayer used to say the following: May it be Your will, O Lord our God, to cause to dwell in our lot love and brotherhood and peace and friendship, and may You make our borders rich in disciples and prosper our latter end with good prospect and hope, and set our portion in Paradise, and confirm us with a good companion and a good impulse in Your world, and may we rise early and obtain the yearning of our heart to fear Your name, and may You be pleased to grant the satisfaction of our desires!

R. Johanan on concluding his prayer added the following: May it be Your will, O Lord our God, to look upon our shame, and behold our evil plight, and clothe Yourself in Your mercies, and cover Yourself in Your strength, and wrap Yourself in Your lovingkindness , and gird Yourself with Your graciousness, and may the attribute of Your kindness and gentleness come before You !

R. Zera on concluding his prayer added the following: May it be Your will, O Lord our God, that we sin not nor bring upon ourselves shame or disgrace before our fathers!

R. Hiyya on concluding his prayer added the following: May it be Your will, O Lord our God, that our Torah may be our occupation, and that our heart may not be sick nor our eyes darkened!

Rab on concluding his prayer added the following: May it be Your will, O Lord our God, to grant us long life, a life of peace, a life of good, a life of blessing, a life of sustenance, a life of bodily vigour, a life in which there is fear of sin, a life free from shame and confusion, a life of riches and honour, a life in which we may be filled with the love of Torah and the fear of heaven, a life in which Thou will fulfil all the desires of our heart for good!

Rabbi on concluding his prayer added the following: May it be Your will, O Lord our God, and God of our fathers, to deliver us from the impudent and from impudence, from an evil man, from evil hap, from the evil impulse, from an evil companion, from an evil neighbour, and from the destructive Accuser, from a hard lawsuit and from a hard opponent, whether he is a son of the covenant or not a son of the covenant! Even if guards were appointed to protect Rabbi.

R. Safra on concluding his prayer added the following: May it be Your will, O Lord our God, to establish peace among the celestial family,1 and among the earthly family, and among the disciples who occupy themselves with Your Torah whether for its own sake or for other motives; and may it please You  that all who do so for other motives may come to study it for its own sake!

R. Alexandri on concluding his prayer added the following: May it be Your will, O Lord our God, to station us in an illumined corner and do not station us in a darkened corner, and let not our heart be sick nor our eyes darkened! According to some this was the prayer of R. Hamnuna, and R. Alexandri on concluding his prayer used to add the following: Sovereign of the Universe, it is known full well to You  that our will is to perform Your will, and what prevents us? The yeast in the dough3 and the subjection to the foreign Powers. May it be Your will to deliver us from their hand, so that we may return to perform the statutes of Your will with a perfect heart!

Raba on concluding his prayer added the following: My God, before I was formed I was not worthy to be formed, and now that I have been formed I am as if I had not been formed. I am dust in my lifetime, all the more in my death. Behold I am before You  like a vessel full of shame and confusion. May it be Your will, O Lord my God, that I sin no more, and the sins I have committed before You  wipe out in Your great mercies, but not through evil chastisements and diseases! This was the confession of R. Hamnuna Zuti on the Day of Atonement.

Mar the son of Rabina on concluding his prayer added the following: My God, keep my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking guile. May my soul be silent to them that curse me and may my soul be as the dust to all. Open Thou my heart in Your law, and may my soul pursue Your commandments, and deliver me from evil hap, from the evil impulse and from an evil woman and from all evils that threaten to come upon the world. As for all that design evil against me, speedily annul their counsel and frustrate their designs! May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable before You , O Lord, my rock and my redeemer!

When R. Shesheth kept a fast, on concluding his prayer he added the following: Master of the Universe, Thou know full well that in the time when the Temple was standing, if a man sinned he used to bring a sacrifice, and though all that was offered of it was its fat and blood, atonement was made for him therewith. Now I have kept a fast and my fat and blood have diminished. May it be Your will to account my fat and blood which have been diminished as if I had offered them before You  on the altar, and do  favor me.7

When R. Johanan finished the Book of Job, he used to say the following: The end of man is to die, and the end of a beast is to be slaughtered, and all are doomed to die. Happy he who was brought up in the Torah and whose labor was in the Torah and who has given pleasure to his Creator and who grew up with a good name and departed the world with a good name; and of him Solomon said: A good name is better than precious oil, and the day of death than the day of one’s birth.

A favorite saying of R. Meir was: Study with all Your heart and with all Your soul to know My ways and to watch at the doors of My law. Keep My law in Your heart and let My fear be before Your eyes. Keep Your mouth from all sin and purify and sanctify Yourself from all trespass and iniquity, and I will be with You  in every place.

A favorite saying of the Rabbis of Jabneh was: I am God’s creature and my fellow is God’s creature. My work is in the town and his work is in the country. I rise early for my work and he rises early for his work. Just as he does not presume to do my work, so I do not presume to do his work. Will you say, I do much and he does little? We have learnt: One may do much or one may do little; it is all one, provided he directs his heart to heaven.

A favorite saying of Abaye was: A man should always be subtle in the fear of heaven. A soft answer turns away wrath, and one should always strive to be on the best terms with his brethren and his relatives and with all men and even with a stranger in the street, in order that he may be beloved above and well-liked below and be acceptable to his fellow creatures. It was related of R. Johanan b. Zakkai that no man ever gave him greeting first, even a to a stranger in the street.

A favorite saying of Raba was: The goal of wisdom is repentance and good deeds, so that a man should not study Torah and Mishnah and then despise his father and mother and teacher and his superior in wisdom and rank, as it says, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, a good understanding have all they that do thereafter. It does not say, ‘that do’, but ‘that do thereafter’, which implies, that do them for their own sake and not for other motives. If one does them for other motives, it were better that he had not been created.

A favorite saying of Rab was: The future world is not like this world. In the future world there is no eating, drinking, sex , business, jealousy, hatred or competition, but the righteous sit with their crowns on their heads feasting on the brightness of the divine presence, as it says, And they beheld God, and did eat and drink.

Greater is the promise made by the Holy One, blessed be He, to the women than to the men; for it says, Rise up,  women that are at ease; you confident daughters, give ear unto my speech. Rab said to R. Hiyya: Whereby do women earn merit? By making their children go to pray to learn Torah and their husbands to the House of learning to learn Mishnah, and waiting for their husbands till they return from the House of learning. When the Rabbis took leave from the school of R. Ammi — some say, of R. Hanina — they said to him: May you see your requirements provided in your lifetime, and may your latter end be for the future world and your hope for many generations; may your heart meditate understanding, your mouth speak wisdom and your tongue sing song; may your eyelids look straight before you, may your eyes be enlightened by the light of the Torah and your face shine like the brightness of the firmament; may your lips utter knowledge, your reins rejoice in uprightness and your steps run to hear the words of the Ancient of Days. When the Rabbis took leave from the school of R. Hisda — others Say, of R. Samuel b. Nahmani — they said to him: We are instructed, we are well laden etc. ‘We are instructed, we are well laden’. Rab and Samuel — according to others, R. Johanan and R. Eleazar — give different explanations of this. One Says: ‘We are instructed’ — in Torah, ‘and well laden’ — with precepts. The other says: ‘We are instructed’ — in Torah and precepts; ‘we are well laden’ — with chastisement.

brachot 16b-17a

The word ויעבר is the gematria of the seventy two 3 letter names having two hundred sixteen letters it is the secret of עיבור (pregnancy) having the same letters. (Zohar Tikunim)

Teachings concerning Love and suffering-WHY
December 7, 2009, 9:06 am
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R. Zera says: Come and see how the way of human beings differs from the way of the Holy One, blessed be He. It is the way of human beings that when a man sells a valuable object to his fellow, the seller grieves and the buyer rejoices. The Holy One, blessed be He, however, is different. He gave the Torah to Israel and rejoiced. For it is said: For I give you good doctrine; forsake ye not My teaching.”

Raba  says: If a man sees that painful sufferings visit him, let him examine his conduct. For it is said: Let us search and try our ways, and return unto the Lord. If he examines and finds nothing [objectionable], let him attribute it to the neglect of the study of the Torah. For it is said: Happy is the man whom Thou chastise, O Lord, and teach out of your law. If he did attribute it [thus], and still did not find [this to be the cause], let him be sure that these are chastising of love. For it is said: For whom the Lord loves He corrects.”

Raba, in the name of R. Sahorah, in the name of R. Huna, says: If the Holy One, blessed be He, is pleased with a man, he crushes him with painful sufferings. For it is said: And the Lord was pleased with [him, hence] he crushed him by disease. Now, you might think that this is so even if he did not accept them with love. Therefore it is said: To see if his soul would offer itself in restitution. Even as the trespass-offering must be brought by consent, so also the sufferings must be endured with consent. And if he did accept them, what is his reward? He will see his seed, prolong his days. And more than that, his knowledge [of the Torah] will endure with him. For it is said: The purpose of the Lord will prosper in his hand.”

R. Jacob b. Idi and R. Aha b. Hanina differ with regard to the following: The one says:  chastisings of love are such as do not involve the intermission of study of the Torah. For it is said: Happy is the man whom Thou chastise, O Lord, and teach out of  your law. And the other one says:  chastisings of love are such as do not involve the intermission of prayer. For it is said: Blessed be God, Who has not turned away my prayer, nor His mercy from me. R. Abba the son of R. Hiyya b. Abba said to them: Thus said R. Hiyya b. Abba in the name of R. Johanan: Both of them are  chastisings of love. For it is said: For whom the Lord loves He correcteth. Why then does it say: ‘And teaches him out of your law’? Do not read telammedennu, [you teach him] but telammedenu, [Thou teaches us]. Thou teach us this thing out of your law as a conclusion a fortiori from the law concerning tooth and eye. Tooth and eye are only one limb of the man, and still [if they are hurt], the slave obtains thereby his freedom. How much more so with painful sufferings which torment the whole body of a man! And this agrees with a saying of R. Simeon b. Lakish. For R. Simeon b. Lakish said: The word ‘covenant’ is mentioned in connection with salt, and the word ‘covenant’ is mentioned in connection with sufferings: the word ‘covenant’ is mentioned in connection with salt, as it is written: Neither shalt thou suffer the salt of the covenant of thy God to be lacking. And the word ‘covenant’ is mentioned in connection with sufferings, as it is written: These are the words of the covenant. Even as in the covenant mentioned in connection with salt, the salt lends a sweet taste to the meat, so also in the covenant mentioned in connection with sufferings, the sufferings wash away all the sins of a man.

It has been taught: R. Simeon b. Yohai says: The Holy One, blessed be He, gave Israel three precious gifts, and all of them were given only through sufferings. These are: The Torah, the Land of Israel and the world to come. Whence do we know this of the Torah? — Because it is said: Happy is the man whom Thou chastise, o Lord, and teach him out of Thy law. Whence of the Land of Israel? — Because it is written: As a man chastises his son, so the Lord your God chastises you, and after that it is written: For the Lord Your God brings thee into a good land Whence of the world to come? — Because it is written: For the commandment is a lamp, and the teaching is light, and reproofs of sufferings are the way of life.

Tractate Brachot p.5a

The beginning of all spirituality & One must be a loving person
June 16, 2009, 7:52 am
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You need to grow and reveal more of the power of your soul and its connection to the infinite, to the God. Before one come to higher consciousness, to revelation one must become a nice person. At least the kind of person you would want as a friend. Other wise why would the God want anything to do with you, or any of the Angels. To begin with :

You must dissolve and avoid the stiffness and rigidity caused by the tension of worldly confrontations, arguments and quarreling.

Stop fighting and arguing.

Avoid unnecessary conflict and aggravating turmoil. This will lead you into a new realm of absolute freedom. Strengthen your essence.

We waste too much energy in unnecessary conflict.

The source of our stress and emotional problems many times is the failure to live in the moment.

Be here now, you will have enough time to be somewhere else later.

Learn to practice self-control. Free your self from such human concerns as pain, anger, anguish, nervousness, irritation and strife.

They are  bad news

These emotions cause so many problems and have led to so many a man’s downfall. These are strong feelings.

They can put one out of balance.

One really needs to guard themselves from these destructive forces. One who can overcome himself is a strong man.

You don’t have to give in to evil Desires. You can be strong, The God has Infinite strength to give to you.

Stress can literally, God forbid, kill a person. There is no question concerning this. Hypertension which is caused by excessive stress can cause heart attacks.

You do not have to kill yourself.

There  is evidence of the emotional-spiritual physical link. You can be as you feel inside. One must guard their thoughts. Stress is what you feel when you are worried or uncomfortable about something. This worry in your mind can make your body feel bad. When the mind is disturbed the body then also will be disturbed. too much pressure causes a nervous breakdown and the like. Eliminate mental vexation. Don’t become disturbed by transitory problems you encounter in life, know they will pass. You must steadfastly trust that even these circumstances God has created only for your best interest. Even it it’s end result may be impossible to understand right, right now. The best way to keep stress away is to have a balanced life.

Emphasize creating, categorizing, and prioritizing   desires and getting them done. Don’t be a “time waster”. Completing the most important tasks first. You can accomplish what you set your mind to do.

Mental space is everything, it allows you to do anything. Most of all if you set aside space in your mind and your heart God can dwell with you. So don’t be so full of yourself. If there is in your mind  a clear mental picture this of what you want. This gives you the ability to move with ease and grace throughout your activities without being overwhelmed or lacking. Your spiritual self  will center you if you work to open it and work with it. You soul wants to make itself know.

More on this will follow. This is all part of what it takes to connect with the infinite. To begin the spiritual journey. This is the beginning of all spirituality. One must be a loving person in this world, if they will be this in the upper worlds. Proper conduct will allow one to enter. Any one who does not act “Holy” below will not be above. One who is arrogant has no place for the God. If you see one who acts like that and talks about spirituality you know it is a lie. Know, most never know. One needs to know what there is and how to do it. What is that which is the Joy of the upper worlds ?

Ask and you may receive, don’t ask and you probably will get nothing.

Fighting evil must be within and without-Above and Below-Light up
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Bahalotecha               בס”ד

It says in this weeks parsha “ When you go to war against an enemy in your land, you shall sound the trumpets “. Concerning this verse the Shalah haKodesh says that the enemy referred here is the evil inclination. Like an invader he is always trying to nourish from Holiness. Time and time again he comes to do battle. This battle should not be taken lying down, but one must

sound the trumpets. Meaning one must arouse their Nashama with great vigor. This is done by performing the mitzvot  (commandment) with great kavana (intent). The sages mean this when they say that if

one’s evil inclination rises up against him let him take it to the bait midrash (place of learning). If this does not work he should say the sma (Meditate on the Name of God), and if this does not work let him think of the day of death. Now we

must also consider “When you go to war against an enemy in your land” in its most simple sense,

as there is no doubt that The Jewish people have enemies in the Holy Land now. Know that these

enemies are a manifestation of our evil inclinations, by this they are given force. By our adherence to the Torah, and standing strongly against those who are against God’s Torah. We shall conquer all our enemies, with the help of God.

One when assaulted by their evil inclination needs to run into Holiness, as it says “the chyot (angels) ran and returned” (Ezekial). By this running we will find ourselves in  a new place with a new awareness far from the thoughts of the sitra achra (other side). Know, our thoughts and actions are carried above to God by the angels this is the aspect of ‘Running’, and the response from God is ‘Return’, we are constantly interacting with God and His Angels. The more connected and sensitive we become to our spiritual service, the more effective we are in rectifying ourselves and the world.  As it is taught by Elijah the Prophet in Tana DebElyahu that to prevent the evil inclination from gaining a foothold, like Aaron haKohen  one should daily light the Manorah so that it is always burning. As the Manorah has 7 openings, so are there found 7 openings in one’s head. We have 2 eyes. We must prevent our vision from leading us astray. One’s eyes need to be dedicated  only for the use of Holiness. The eyes are conduits of Chuchmah  (Divine wisdom, Creativity, inspiration). Let all ones  inspiration lead to Holiness. Likewise one’s ears should not listen to evil.  The ears are conduits of Divine understanding. Let all one’s understanding be found in the Torah. The nose is the  sense by which mashiach (Messiah) shall discern judgment. It is a conduit for Dat (Divine knowledge). Let one know  before they proceed that what they will do will be Holy. While the mouth should be used to speak words of Torah and prayer, not lushon hora (evil speech). The mouth is the conduit of  Malchut. Let it be that all one’s actions drive them closer to Holiness in the governance of God. If one guards these  portals they will not nourish the evil inclination, and it will not come to slay them. When one is doing mitzvot it will have less strength to interfere. Like during tefila (prayer) the evil  inclination  will not interfere with their thoughts to distract his mind from his Divine contemplation. He will be able to perform his mitzvot with kavana (intention). By following  such instruction we will win our battle against the yetzer hora (evil inclination). The yetzer hora will have no way to gain ascendency over us. Evil will have no way to gain nourishment. Then there will be yielded from the mitzvot that will be done in purity with great kavana a great  degree  of light ultimately heralding in with a great  shofar blast out righteous mashich, when evil shall finally be defeated. Then  we shall rejoice with God in His Holy Temple  and may this be quickly in our days.

Whats going on

Mekaitz                                                  Bs”d

From this parsha we can learn many lessons. We are given to see that the ways of Hashem in fulfilling his will are hidden from our pitiful level of Consciousness. We also learn some of the mechanisms involving tikun (fixing of the world) and teshuva (repentance). We also see how Hashem returns sparks of light to their source in harmony.

We know that everything that happens in the world is only directed ultimately by the will of Hashem but much of this most people will never understand. As His way are not our ways and His thoughts are not as our thoughts. We certainly can not comprehend the awsome nature of the intricate workings with in the creation. One would have never thought that Yosef who was sold as a slave would end up running all of Egypt. But everything happens for a reason and that is so to eventually bring our Mashiach and redemption. This will bring the world to perfect harmony. To accomplish this everything must be brought  and set in its rightful place of order. To do this we have the process called tikun. We are in this world to make tikun as individuals but also to work on the tikun of our nation of Yisrael and the world as a whole. But this job is not left for us to work alone, but that Hashem through his providence is also making tikun in this world of His.

From the parsha we can get some instruction on how to understand and go about in this process of elevation called teshuva. If a person will do their part the Holy one Blessed is His name will do a corresponding action. As we know a action below is followed by a action above. From this process of action and reaction Hashem gives us many times what we need to do to bring our lives and all else back to proper order. He does this by creating a action in this world that can take many forms, but one most common as we see involved in the story of Yosef’s life is chastisement. The troubles and complications that come to make difficulties in our lives. As we see  regarding Yosefs brothers when they came to Egypt. We find Yosef acting harshly towards them accusing them of being spies and thieves. This persecution leads them to realize their faults saying “Hashem has found the inequity of His servents”   “We are guilty concerning our brother since we saw the anguish of his soul, and he called to us, but we would not hear. Becouse of this all this has come upon us” We see from these statements that the chastisement brought on Yosef’s brothers by him gets his brothers to feel sorrow for their deed and suffer for it, worry about it, feel shame, humility and ultimately realize that it was not just a coincidence or a random thing of nature that all the trouble befell them, but that these troubles were directed by Hashem becouse of their own deeds (with Yosef). And not only were these things brought on by Hashem but they were a measure for measure response to their own actions. This helps to explain why Benyamin was given 5 times more food then his other brothers as it was becouse of jealousy that the brothers brought their father a evil report concerning Yosef. Now Hashem through Yosef and Benyamin is giving them the opportunity to be in a similar situation but this time not become jealous. By this they partially heal the damage done to their souls.

All the steps mentioned above above from feeling sorry about their improper actions to realizing Hashem’s hand in all that happens are part of the process of teshuva as described in the book “Gates of Teshuva” and many other Holy works. Working with this process one can then by tesuva remove impurity and disorder and accordingly gain in purity and ultimately reach the state that is called Holiness where he has visions, dreams of prophesy and can understand them as they reach ruach ha Kodesh.

In the Beginning of our parsha Yosef tells pharoe what Hashem has told him pharoe’s dream means. In the same way that only Hashem knows the true meaning of a dream, we can see that only Hashem knows fully how the creation operates. It is for us to look around so to see the Holy ones signs  and symbols that will direct us to his path of truth so that we will ultimately see the redemption with the building of the Holy Temple with the Mashiach in Mercy quickly in our days.

Chanucah Part 1
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Chanukah בס”ד

Chanukah is about revolution. It is a reminder to stand up against the oppression of the

nations, especially when gentile values and politics have overcome the government of the

Jewish people living in the land of Isreal.  It is a time to establish a truely Torah government. Chanukah is a

time of ever increasing light. This is seen and accomplished through the service of

Chanukah which includes lighting of the “Menorah”. The main service of

Chanukah is the illumination of the darkness of night with the manorah in increasing

intensity from 1 to 9 lights including the “shamash”. It was on the first night of Chanukah the 25th of kislev

that Antiocos made the temple into a shrine for idolatry. This was the darkest

moment when the house of Hashem became a place unfit for his dwelling .This

was the climax of the decent of the Jewish people led by their “high society” as they slid down to the

depth of spiritual depravity being absorbed in the “upper class” (Greek) values of their day, which was called HELLenism. The enemy may have stimulated the decline of  Yisrael  from outside yet the real enemy was within, it was ourselves. We allowed non-Torah values to

infect us to the point that a Cohen Gadol (High Priest) was placed in  the temple who had values opposite that of the Torah.

The enemy was within but salvation came from without and within as only a small

group of Cohaniem who were living in the hills were able to bring about the

spiritual redemption of our people. Reclaiming the Holy Temple, with the miracle of

the oil, and the physical miraculous victory where our enemies were concurred. On

Chanukah we went from the darkest darkness of our souls, spiritually and physically

captured under the dominion of strangers, yet we came to witness miracles and

salvation. We came to witness oil that burned miraculously. That which had the

physical potential to burn for one day burned for eight. This infinite quality of oil represents the permutation of the

spiritual quality of oil, which from kabalah we learn  is ” chuchmah ” (creative inspiration), right  into this

physical world.