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November 13, 2017, 1:51 pm
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We live in difficult times of permissiveness, immorality and Godless people all around us. Yet remain strong and never give up and bring about the “tikun” (rectification) for ourselves, our family, our people, and the world.

We maybe right now experiencing perhaps the greatest ‘correction’ and test in human history over the truth of  one’s approach to life and our awareness of the true nature of the world’s  religions. This very well may be the final battle between the secularists and those who know there is a God in charge of everything. THE GOD NEVER LOSES !

The truth is being made apparent, for those who are willing to find it, and see it. The lies and hypocrisy are becoming more obvious by the day. The truth is emerging as the falsehood and the lies are exposed.

So now don’t be surprised by the”Islamic” terror in the streets, or the “crazy” so called “progressive” ideas, just about everyone just a few years ago would think were irrational. Every one at this time needs to acknowledge this Divine ‘correction’ and test and face the challenge with all you have, it’s the only way !.

Let us hope we will learn our lessons in a peaceful way so we do not have to pay with many more lives, realize the truth and act accordingly.