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Why are Elijah the Prophet’s parents not mentioned in the Bible ?

UPDATED July 31st 2016

In the book of “Melachim” (Kings) Eliyahu (Elijah), the prophet appears without any introduction, nothing is said about who this man is. Historically he is viewed as a mystical figure at times appearing to people throughout the generations. He appears in various situations and helps the Jewish people. At the time of the Northern Kingdom. when people were worshiping idols and committing other transgressions. Eliyahu gathered the people on Mount Carmel and publicly demonstrated God’s power. The people were tremendously impressed and at Eliyahu’s command they killed the idolatrous priests of Baal. Eliyahu never died but ascended to heaven alive. . We are promised by the prophet Malachi that Eliyahu will announce the coming of Moshiach.. And we will wait for his  every day.


Who is the Biblical prophet  Elijah’s parents?

The Bible doesn’t really say.

Is that not strange ?

Elijah  is one of the most talked about prophets

There is a tradition that Elijah the Prophet (Eliyahu) will come before the Messiah, to inform the world of the advent of the Messiah .

‘Behold, I am sending you Eliyahu the prophet before the ‘Day of GOD’ …’ (Malachi 3:23)

There is an order to the coming of the Messiah, that Eliyahu comes first to foretell of his coming. This, however, is effective only when the Messiah comes in his appointed time. But if we merit and the redemption will be hastened, as expressed in,”He is leaping over the mountains, skipping over the hills” – GOD  then changes the order, as a sign of His love because of merits and good deeds. This is expressed in the Rambam’s concise words.

During the time of King Ahab’s rule, he and his wife Jezebel encouraged all the people in his kingdom to worship the idol, Baal. Ahab’s evil wife Jezebel hunted down God’s people, the prophets, and had them killed. Ahab was resting, relaxing and feasting in his palace when all of a sudden he was hit by a burst of cool night air. The wind startled him but imagine his surprise to see a strange man appear with the wind saying these words, “The Lord God of Israel,whom I serve says there will be no dew on the ground nor rain from the sky in the next few years except at my word”. Just as soon as the stranger appeared and spoke God’s message,he also disappeared. King Ahab was not only scared of the man but also angry that someone would come into his presence uninvited. The stranger’s name was Elijah and he was remembered as one of the most well known prophets of God.

God told Elijah that he should look for a poor widow who would be gathering sticks. One day, the widow’s son became very ill and stopped breathing and died.  Elijah asked for the boy and carried him up to his room. Elijah began calling out to God upon his knees. He cried out, “Lord, I beg of you to give this boy life again”.  God answered his prayer and revived the child. The little boy began breathing normally again and opened his eyes. He then ran downstairs to his mother who cried out to Elijah “Now I know you are a prophet who truly speaks the word of God!”

There are four levels in the Soul of  Pinchas. The first was that of the Nefesh of Pinchas with which he was born, a single soul even though it was the combination of two drops (sources of soul called Nefesh), one from Yosef and one from Yisro. The second level of the Soul of Pinchas was the Nefesh of Nadav and Nefesh of Avihu, which came in secret of ibur (both these souls entered Pinchas when he became Jealous for God and went to kill Zimri and Cosbi.) and was also called “one soul,” as is known from the Zohar: Nadav and Avihu were two limbs of one body (0f the same root Nefesh)   (Achry Mot 57b). 
Nadav and Avihu were sparks from the “good side” of the soul of Kayin. Even if he was the first murderer ever, there was also a good side to him.   Nadav only had Kayin’s Ruach , which is the secret of the verse, ‘With Your generous spirit (ruach nedivah) sustain me’ (Tehillim 51:14). His Nefesh came from his elder, Aminadav father of Elisheva his mother, and thus, he took the last three letters (nun-dalet-bais): Nadav. However,  Avihu, both the Nefesh and Ruach  of Kayin , and that is why he is called ‘Avihu’ (‘he is my father’), to indicate that all of his levels were from Kayin, who received the Nefesh from Adam himself, the ‘father of the entire world.’ This is the meaning of ‘Avihu’- he is from Adam, the ‘father of the entire world’.”

   The third was a Nefesh called Eliyahu HaTishbi  (Elijah) from the  root of Gad, and the fourth level was Eliyahu from the root of Binyomin. (son of Jacob) (The Ar’i shar gilgulim chap32)

Pinchas was a “gilgul” of Yosef .

  According to the Zohar, Pinchas the son of Eleazar was the incarnation of our Patriarch Isaac (Zohar III:236b, 237a). Both names are Gematria 208. Esau was reincarnated into Zimri, the son of Salu. Cain was reincarnated into Esav (Tikkun Zohar 69:118b). Esau later was reincarnated into Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair’s donkey (Chullin 7a), and Pinchas into Rabbi Akiva. During the time of Pinchas, “Those who died in the plague were 24,000” (Numbers 25:9), this is like Rabbi Akiva lost 24,000 of his students as they did not show respect for one another. One should not think they acted evil but that Sadeekem are judged by God to the fineness of a single hair.

(Yebamot 62b).

Pinchas is Eliyahu