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The letters of God’s speech
January 28, 2017, 8:29 am
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UPDATED January 29TH 2017

“I have given you every herb … and every tree … for meat.” 1:29

This is a mistranslated , in no way is the word here meat in the original Hebrew the word is “achla” which means food.

A similar lesson we can learn from the verse “Sarah lived to the age of 127”. The Hebrew text says “the life of Sarah was one hundred years and twenty and seven years.” The words of the God are very exacting, and specific. There are reasons for this strange choice of language. But one would not even notice this from the English translation..

From this we see if you want to study a book as important as the Bible you should study it  in its original language.

The Bible in the  sacred  language Hebrew does not use obscure language, but describes most things in words clearly indicating their meaning. Therefore it is necessary at all times to delve into the literal meaning of words to achieve complete understanding of what is actually meant. This can only be done fully by learning the “original text”. The letters are vessels of Divine Light each represents a specific aspect that works a specific function. It is in the exact order and combinations of these
letters of Divine Light; that they convey the Divine Will according
to The God’s will. All these holy letters in our Holy Torah bring what is, was and will be into existence physically and spiritually. the four letters of The Divine name יהו”ה manifest this Name in the rest of the letters empowering them. יהו”ה empowers all the letters of our prayers.

The letters are male and female, the vowel points are also male and female. However the letters compared to the vowel points are like a body to the Ruach (soul). Concerning “Nikudot” (VOWEL POINTS- IN HEBREW VOWELS ARE NOT LETTER BUT DOTS AND LINES IN THE TEXT), יהו”ה Sometimes יהו”ה is with “nikud” (vowels) “Shivah”, “Cholem”, “Kamatz”. The “Shivah” is judgement, “Kamatz” is mercy. The vowels “Shivah”, “Cholem”, “Kamatz” it hints to “Because he חשק(desires) me I will save him” (Psalms 91:14), “Only in the forefathers does God חשק desires” (Deut. 10:15). The “tamim” ( notes of song of the Torah) are from the Keter. The “tamim” ( notes of song of the Torah) are weapons of war. “Dagesh” (dots that are sometimes written with a letter) are like the muzzle and bridle of the letters. Through them the “Chayot” (type of angel) “run and return”, they run through the “Dagesh” (dots that are sometimes written with a letter- giving the letter a hard sound), and return through the “Rafah” (soft Sound).

 Decorative “crowns” which are sometimes placed on the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The “tag” (crown) is regularly composed of three flourishes or strokes, each of which resembles a small “zayin” and is called “ziyyun” ( = “armor,” i.e., “dagger”).  The seven letters צ, ג, ו, נ, ט ע, ש have the crowns on the points of the upper horizontal bars. The flourishes are placed on the tops of the letters, and they are found only in the Scroll of the Law, not in the printed copies of the Torah. The tagin are a part of the Masorah. According to tradition, there existed a manual, known as “Sefer ha-Tagin,” of the tagin as they appeared on the twelve stones that Joshua set up in the Jordan, and later erected in Gilgal (Josh. iv. 9, 20). On these stones were inscribed the books of Moshe, with the tagin in the required letters (Nachmanides on Deut. xxvii. 8). The baraita of “Sefer ha-Tagin” thus relates its history: “It was found by the high priest Eli, who delivered it to the prophet Samuel, from whom it passed to Palti the son of Laish, to Ahithophel, to the prophet Ahijah the Shilonite, to Elijah, to Elisha, to Jehoiada the priest, and to the Prophets, who buried it under the threshold of the Temple. It was removed to Babylon in the time of King Jehoiachin by the prophet Ezekiel. Ezra brought it back to Jerusalem in the time of Cyrus. Then it came into the possession of Menahem, and from him was handed down to R. Nechunya ben ha-Hanah, through whom it went to R. Eleazar ben ‘Arak, R. Joshua, R. Akiba, R. Judah, R. Miyasha (), R. Nahum ha-Lablar, and Rab.”


Haim Nachman Bialik  said “Reading the Bible in translation is like kissing your new bride through a veil”

One needs  the ability to understand the original author’s words, rather than through the translator’s opinion of the author’s words.

Hebrew is called the holy tongue? The Rambam explains that Hebrew lacks words for genital organs, for the reproductive act, for urine, and for excrement. When Hebrew needs to describe these things, it borrows terms with other meanings or employs allusions. This linguistic limitation makes the language sanctified. Hebrew is the original language of Torah, the language in which God communicates with his prophets and his people, and the language God used to create the world.

It is said that the Hebrew language came directly from God. It contains secrets that were preserved by the initiated. They contain the precise plan of the principles of creation. Each letter is a crystallization of one of the aspects of manifestation of the divine word. Each letter is thus connected to the creative forces in the universe. The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the building blocks of creation. According to the Bible, G-d created with world with Ten Utterances (or sentences) such as “Let there be Light.” Immediately, there was light. And the Bible describes each of the Ten Utterances and the things that were created as a result. What is interesting is that these utterances were not just said once and erased, but stand for all time, forming the objects they created. The world is formed out of combinations of letters; these combinations are created from the letters of the words G-d spoke when he made the world. If a letter were to be rearranged or damaged, that object would cease to exist. Therefore, spiritually, the continued existence of these letters is essential for the functioning of the world.

Every letter in the Hebrew alphabet has a design, a number and a meaning. You might have heard of the term “gematria.” Since every Hebrew letter has a number, words have “totals,” and these numbers have special significance. Two words may be linked in their significance and meaning not just because of etymology or the fact that they are related in their sounds, but also because they are related in their numerical value.

Words and letters have a certain kind of power that goes beyond our capacity to imagine.

The Hebrew Bible is arranged similarly to a hologram. The Torah has recorded with in it a vast “world” of information “imbedded” within and waiting to be later reconstructed, some what like being unfolded. It is like a “zip” (compressed) file. The first letter contains the whole. The first word expands from the first letter, the first sentence from the first word, etc. It’s very much like what our scientists do, We include information with messages sent to outer space that explains how to decode the entire message-that’s also how compression programs work on computers. To perceive the Torah requires information retrieval, and  information processing. As all is concealed with in it most only look upon its surfice. The ancient Hebrew alphabet is far more than a tool for everyday communication or the transmission of sacred texts; the letter forms themselves have intrinsic geometric and mathematical properties that point us to a profound knowledge of life and nature. They hold within them the secrets of human consciousness. The letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, as the manifestations of God’s speech. They are the energetic and vibrational building blocks of creation. They are analogous to physical elements. Just as, for example, an atom of oxygen gas unites with two atoms of hydrogen gas to form a molecule of water, so does one letter combine with another to create new entities. Hebrew words and letters are the constituent spiritual elements of all existence.

The Hebrew Alphabet is like the periodic table of elements.

The  written Torah. It has in it only the crowns of letters and letters. It has none of the vowels written in it. Thus the words of the “Torah” (Bible) have many possible meanings. This does not mean that there is not a known simple meaning which Moses was taught by God at Sinai, but it lets us know there are other “secret” meanings to it’s words.  The letters are the 288 sparks of the vessels that shattered. In creating the world God joined letters and sparks together. By the shattering of the vessels sparks fell below.  Through  reading of the Torah  with the “tamim” (musical notes) and “nikudot” (vowels) which are  into the vessels. This purifies the vessels and the sparks. Raise the letters that are fallen by the “tagim” (notes) , “nikudot” (vowels), “tagin” (crowns) All letters have their source in the letter “Alp” the Hebrew “A”, which is called sweetened.

By this the vessels are fixed ,from their shattered state. V”H of YHV”H is the source of  the letters, it is the letters. By holy speech one makes  permutations of these letters and sparks, thereby  making peace between them and raising them up to the place from which they have fallen and their fixing reassembles them above to be conduits of light for us here below. Giving the world a higher and better level of Divine supervision, nullifying judgments..

The nature of the letters of the Torah is revealed by the fact that when the letters flew off the Tablets Moshe was no longer able to hold them any longer as they were so heavy, so he had to let them drop and shatter. This was because after the letters had departed from the Tablets they were with out “ruach” (Spirit) so grew heavy and fell. In the Torah scroll itself there are no vowels allowing the Torah to have many meanings, as each generation has a unique “tikun”(fixing) of its own by exchanging the letters

The vowel Kametz is a firmament a line and a point, this is the letters י and ו, it is a gathering of all the other vowel points, which is the gematria sixteen, the sixteen faces of the Chayot. Therefore it is a gathering of all the other vowel points. Kametz is a big movement. Because it is the beginning of all the vowel points of the sefirot. Even though all the holy names make a chair to the other. Like a son needs to work for his father and mother to make himself to them like a servant, a helper, a chair, and a pedestal under them. So too, the sefirot one to the other. Therefore there is a vowel point which is a king, and there is a vowel point which is a servant to it. Like the Shvah is a servant to the Kametz. The secret of the Kametz קָמֵץ is fourteen plus the three points (30) and the line (6) equal fifty

Petach is forty two, the gematria of Petach is twenty, and a point and two lines equal ווי 22, which is forty two.

The secret of the vowel point of צרי is forty two plus the three letters equals forty five which is the gematria אדם man (45). Through the vowel צרי The world was created.

The vowel “Shvah” is the secret of (42) מ”ב , as 42, plus the three letters of “Shvah” equals 45.

Nikud Segol” סֶגול equals 18 .

The vowel Cholem חֹלֵם without spelling it with the ו equals the gematria יה plus the three points equals forty five which is the Shem Hamoforesh מ”ה , and with the three letters and the kollel it equals forty nine which is the gematria of the forty nine letters of “Shema Yisroel…” (Deut. 6:4), and “Baruch Shem…”. As the Rabbis of the Mishnah have said (Rosh Hashanah 21B) “the fifty gates of Binah were created in the world and were given to Moshe except one” as it says, “And missing a little bit from אלהי”ם (Psalms 8:6). And below of the angels these are the forty nine faces of purity from the angel מטטרון who is the חלם of the angels.

Nikud Chirek” חִרֵק plus the “gematria” of its letters equals 41 . “Chirek” is the gematria וה =11 and it has three dots ייי‘ which is thirty, together they equal forty-one.

Nikud Shuruk” שֻרֵק equals the letter ו, and the five points (50), fifty six, plus the three letters and the kollel equals sixty “סוד the secret of Hashem is for the ones who fear him” . And in it is “sing to Yaackov in happiness” (Jer. 31:6). רנו ליעקב שמחה an acronym for shurek שרק. The Vowel Shuruk (שורק), is the “tzadik” the foundation of the world, in it is the secret of the second Shurek with the addition of the ו‘ equals forty two.

All the vowel points come forth from the upper Chochmah, until the Malchut. And the “tammim” (musical cantelation notes) are from Keter to Malchut.

(tikuney Zohar)

If you are still with me after reading this






an overview of


Including :1)The Owner’s Manual to Prosperity and the Soul for Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and anyone else

2) “The Definitive Biblical phenomena”

3)The Souls speak

4)”The Owner’s Manual to the Soul” Part 1 The Gate

5)“The Owner’s manual to the Soul” Part 2 THE KABALLAH

6) “The Message”

7)The Book of the Angel Mattatro”n

8)“Book Of ELOHEME”

9)“Teffilin The Owner’s manual”


11)“The Divine structure of unfolding of Heaven and Earth”

12)”The book of “יהוה Yhv”h

13) “Markava”  The Divine chariot





November 24, 2013, 12:38 pm
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I am pleased to now make available to YOU :


What you are about to see is staggering. That is why I call it “The Definitive Biblical phenomena” . The only explanation of this phenomena is that it is “the work of God” as you shall see.

People ask why should I believe in God. , Why should I believe what’s written in the Bible, is from God? Why should I accept the Bible as the word of God more than any other religious book ?. I will tell you, even more than this. I will show you. You will see how it all adds up, as we will see!

I will begin by explaining to you a few things, and then we will examine “The Definitive Biblical phenomena”. There is a ancient teaching in the Oral tradition that the Bible is learned and explained by 32 methods. The 29th of these 32 methods is called gematria (numerology). It is taught that the numerical values of the Hebrew letters were given to Moses at Mount Sinai.

Hebrew is the Divine language of the Bible, it’s the original language of the Torah. It is the code and the conduit through which God created and re-creates and sustains everything that is. We will discover just how true this is in the following pages. Before we look at the “The Definitive Biblical phenomena” in Hebrew, the Original language of the Bible. Hebrew is called the “Holy Tongue”, and we will see and come to know why. We shall look at the “The Definitive Biblical phenomena” using English. In English the Letter to number correspondence is :


To start with know :


as it is written :

“Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.”

(Proverbs 3:17)

Israel=64= True=Chosen

A true Bible=95=The Torah=I God word

The Bible=63=A Torah

Jewish Bible=104=A Holy Book

Now this is not a coincidence

We also find, Wisdom=83=Prayer

It is a wise thing to pray and there is a Wisdom to the method of prayer itself.

Now I will show you a sign of the “The Definitive Biblical phenomena” . This group of expressions directs us to the fact that there is a Biblical code. All of the phrases that follow have a numerical value of 153. These things have no statistical right to even exist. This is “the work of God.”


     6שכר    (520)+  יאהדונה”י (91)   =תורה=11

Reward of Yhv”h Adon”y = Torah

There is a expression “you cannot have your cake and eat it too”, but this does not apply to Torah. As we see from our equation :

Reward of Yhv”h Adon”y (Lord God)= Torah

By fulfilling the commands of the Torah we know we will be rewarded. As its written concerning reward of the Torah “ The fruits of which a man enjoys in this world, while the principle remains for him in the World to Come.” (Seder Zeraim, Tractate Peah: Chapter 1, Mishnah ) so we see fulfilling Torah has a reward in this world, but the greatest part of the reward will be in the world to come. The Spiritual life that will follow this existence. It is also interesting that Bina Divine understanding is known in Kabbalah as the “world to come”. Its also written “the reward of a mitzvah (command) is the mitzvah itself.” Mitzvah means “joining,” “attachment,” “connection.” Whoever performs a mitzvah becomes joined to the Essence of God – may He be blessed – the One Who issues that particular command. This is the meaning of “The reward of a mitzvah is the mitzvah (itself)”: 1 When one performs a mitzvah, he/she becomes attached to the Ultimate Goodness and Essence of the Eyn Sof (infiniteness of God) Who ordained the command – and that is in itself reward. Which again is like our equation:

You will be amazed






Secret of the Tree of knowledge and the Tree of Life
March 11, 2010, 5:18 pm
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“The tree of life … and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.”

God created two magic trees: the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. Eat from the the first, and you live forever (3:22); eat from the second and you’ll die the same day (2:17).

That’s what God said, but……

Adam ate from the tree of knowledge and lived for another 930 years or so (5:5).

But he never got a chance to eat from the tree of life. God prevented him from eating from the tree of life before Adam could eat from the tree, become a God, and live forever.) 2:9

This is the full deep answer, I will will give the simple easy shallow answer, God willing in Part 2 later. I myself am looking forward to meditating on this teaching. Think about it and ask the God to reveal to you the meaning of what is written here. The Holy teaching comes from the printed word, but its not exactly it. It come from it to you mind as a flash of revelation. Its as the white spaces on the page…………………………..

The sin of the golden calf and the sin of the “Tree of knowledge of good and evil “ is all in God’s will. One needs to look at all things from the perspective that they are occurring before the Creator, and know it is all part of “tikun”. (fixing of the worlds) All is in the will of GOD. Thinking that the “fallen kings” (source of evil) is a separate thing from what GOD intended and wanted was the error that caused Nimrod and his contemporaries to fall. There is nothing that happens in the world outside of the will of GOD.1

  1. 1sulam on zoharHakdamah Tikunim p.349,Avodat Yisrael p.21,45

There were 8 blemishes to our consciousness created by Adam and Eve eating from the “Tree of knowledge”: I will not explain the damages here, this would take a book in itself to do that.

Rabbi Nachman Teaches issues of “doubt“ are a aspect of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which is “klippa Noga” (the shiny shell-trapped light). In the midst of the Torah is the “Tree of Life”. You got to get the sparks of light away from the “evil shells” which create doubts concerning the Divine things. Then you can nourish from the Tree of life, the essence of God’s Torah.

GOD created Adam  in Asiyah ,( the lowest, the physical world) where all the lights descend to. So that he understands all worlds binding them together yielding  the power to purify all of the “the Tree of knowledge of good and evil” meriting revelation and bringing joy in all worlds.1

  1. 1aor enym-kamarna Rebbe p.10

The field outside of the Garden of Eden is Malchut (God’s presence). In this field is the ” tree of knowledge ” of good and evil. Inside the Garden of Eden  itself is the “Tree of life”.1

  1. 1Lekutey Maharon p.84

It’s brought down by the kamarna Rebbe that our bodies are from the firmaments of heaven, being of klipa noga (the shiny shell-trapped light), being good and evil mixed. There is also another spiritual body  of “chasmal” (a surrounding light) that  is “zach” (pure and bright) . Noga (the shiny shell-trapped light) corresponds to the name Ahy”h. The tree of knowledge of good and evil goes out from the light of “Noga” (the shiny shell-trapped light).

The Chashmal (a surrounding body of light)  is the ark to the ” the tree of knowledge of good and evil “.1

  1. 1Sulam on Zohar Tikunim P.192, Shar bait Hacavanot

Demons are “chitzon” (external). They are called “yetzer hora” (evil inclination). They go out of the ” the tree of knowledge of good and evil “. 1

  1. 1Aor enyim p.114

From the north will come evil until it is complete. When the north is complete the “ tree of knowledge ” will return to be the “Tree of life”.1

  1. 1zohar tikunim-perush metak mdavash p.848

The Tree of knowledge of good and evil is the angel Mato’t and ס”ם. (the accuser) Moses is the “good” of the Tree of knowledge of “good and Evil”. From “teshuva” (repentance) there will be given to you the Tree of life, which is the “ו” son of י”ה . Then you will be no longer called Servant, but “son of GOD”.1

  1. 1Sulam on Zohar Mishpotim p.115a, Kadoshim p.83a

Concerning this Holiness we learn that. “Tree of life” is Z’a (source of out emotional souls called ”ruach”), “tree of knowledge ” is Nakavah (the Divine presence in the physical, the lowest level). One is life the other is death. Whoever involves themselves with them, but gives more consideration to Nakavah when She is separate from Z”a causes to himself death in this world and “olam Haba” (the world to come).1

  1. 1Sulam on Zohar Shalach Lecha p.127a

Masters of Kaballah (spirituality) have qualities from Z’a  (source of out emotional souls called ”ruach”) which are from the “Tree of life”. Revelation of Z’a (The source of the emotional soul) is called man. The rest of the people are from “the tree of knowledge of good and evil”. This is the angel  Matto”t  He is the “Markava” (chariot) to Malchut (Nakavah (the Divine presence in the physical, the lowest level), and includes the 4 “Chayot” (angels of the world of Yetzera-formation). Those of the “cattle” eat the “Omer” of barley, which is the 6 orders of the Mishnah.1 (The only have religion and not spirituality), both are needed.

  1. 1Zohar p.-aa#365,Sulam on Zohar Emor p.98a,Avodat Yisrael p.21

The bread the king eats is made of fine flour. This He gives to those He loves, those near to Him. This food is from the side of the Tree of life, it has no waste matter. Average flour is from the “Tree of knowledge  Good and evil”, it contains waste matter.

On this subject the Zohar concludes saying woe to those who eat chaff and ears of of grain of Torah. Torah having both both good and evil, food and klippa. Such a man knows nothing of the mysteries of the Torah, only its physical aspects called wheat. The “Tree of knowledge” is wheat.1

  1. 1Sulam on zohar Ki tzeze p.275b

After Adam ate from the ” the tree of knowledge of good and evil”  there was drawn the first 3 sefirot (of Z’a- The source of the emotional soul) below the chest to the 6 corners of Asiyah (physical world). (the first 3 sefirot  of Z’a was separated from nh”y  Ima  (source of soul of Divine intellect-chasmal) This is beneath the “parsa” (filter ) that is called Chasmal (a surrounding body of light) of Imma (source of the soul of intellect called Nashama). This caused the removal of the Chasmal  (a surrounding light body) of Imma from the skin of Z’a (Z’a no longer having a aspect of Chasmal, covering it as shoes) . The skin fell to the klippot, leaving it to only the 3 klippot (as it no longer has protection of Chashmal). It also dresses to Bina that surrounds it. This is the secret of the 288 sparks. They are the aspect of Chasmal that is between Z’a and Nh”y of Imma and the “achryim” of Imma (these 288 sparks are in the klipot noga). Becouse of Chasmal klippot are not able to nourish. But if Imma goes away from her young which is Z’a, then there is nourishing from the “sitra Achra” from the “aor penimi” of Zu’n. Chasmal covers from all sides, even beneath the feet, which is the aspect of shoes. This covering by Chasmal is accomplished through the names of Binna, the variations of these name Ahy”h that have numerical values of קסא which is the first 3 sefirot , קמג the middle andקנא is the last 3 sefirot of Binna (Divine understanding) and are called the “lock”. This “lock” is the “mesach” (filter) from Atzilut (world of emanation) to Bria (world of creation). This Chasmal (a surrounding body of light) is called the lock.ץ

  1. 1Pre Tree of life p.5

From “yichud” (unification) of GOD there is complete Revelation. This is seeing the connection of the Divine in all things. All the worlds are created in levels of holiness for all things to be guided by them. “Tefilla”  (Prayer-meditation) is complete “tikun” (fixing)  by your “yichud” (unity of GOD). “yichud” of GOD rises every thing in YHV”H . Even if some names are of the right side others are of the left they all go to one place. אלהי”ם made man “yoshar” (upright)  with the Shechinah (Divine Presence) upon his head. This is the crown on the head of the “Sadeek” (Righteous man). When he is “yoshar” (upright) he rises on all levels with the “Tree of life” from י”ה (Ya”h). By this is arroused עליון צלם (supernal image) of  YHV”H . A sadeek (Righteous man)  is the place of  oneness. With him is 13 covenants.(all the powers of Divine mercy). 1

  1. 1Tefilot Ramchal vietchanon,#507

“Sedek” (Righteous) is “The tree of life ” it arouses against death, and delivers those attached to it.1

  1. 1Zohar Bahar p.111a

In Tikunim it is taught when the mouth and heart are equal we say take the Tree of life and live forever. This is because there are two thrones. the thrown of bina (Divine understanding) is the heart.

In the Zohar it is explained the mouth “hph” in Hebrew is gematria “malach” (angel). The mouth is called malchut (Divine presence)  when it dresses “elokim chym” (the living God), words of Torah. It’s called “Tree of life “

When the “Ruach” emotional soul nourishes from Divine creative wisdom it is called Tree of life. So the Tree of Life is when our emotional souls are enlivened by Divine creative wisdom, divine creativity.

The sun radiates z’a (source of the “ruach” emotional soul) of Bria (world of creation), while the moon radiates nakavah (source of “Nefesh” animal soul-it is a high level) of “bria”. The sun is Dat (Divine Knowledge) of Z’a, it radiates the Tree of life. When Malchut (the Divine Presence) is attached to Dat of Z’a its called lower Divine creative wisdom.1

  1. 1zohar tikunim-perush metak mdavash p.143,Sulam on parsha Balak

While Mashiach ben Yosef  (The Messiah from Joseph) is from the letter “v” of YHV”H, and is the horn of the ox.1 An aspect of parzuf Rachel (the trained animal soul) called “Tree of knowledge”. David is “tikun” (fixing) of “ruach ha kodesh” (the spirit of holiness)2, and “kodesh” (Holiness) is gematria (numerical value) “dat” (knowledge).3

  1. 1sulam on zohar Tikunim p.185

  1. 2shar mimori rasb’y-ar’i p.58

  1. 3sulam on zoharTikunim p.228

Mashiach ben David  (The Messiah) arises from Divine creative wisdom of divine providence of the letter “Y” (of YHV”H),  He is the foot of the ox. An aspect of parzuf leah  (source of  the soul’s Divine intuition) called “Tree of life”1

  1. 1shar mimori rasb’y-ar’i p.232

The rod of Moses is the “tree of knowledge” of good and evil.  When givurot  (forces of severity) decend before chassadim (powers of giving) the s’m (the accuser) feeds upon givurot (forces of severity). “Klippot Noga” makes the “tree of knowledge” of good and evil.1 GOD said not to eat from the “Tree of knowledge ” so to not contemplate the first 3 “middot”  (qualities) called גןעץכ” ל they are the ” ו ” of the divine name and the crown.2

  1. 1aor enym-kamarna Rebbe p.89

  1. 2safer ha paliyah

It is Noga ” (the shiny shell-trapped light) that surrounds the crown (Yesod, gate way of Divine energy) within which is מל which is essence of “chasmal” (parzuf בשר -flesh of Atzilut). This is the aspect of the “tree of knowledge of Good” of Atzilut. (in the world of Atzilut the tree is only Good)  “This Chasmal” is “chayot” of consuming fire. 2 “makiffim” on the head of Z’a called  of מל of צלם (Netzauch and Hod, Yesod is penimi). There are 7 “makiffim” to Z’a. These are drawn with great force.

The Divine Mathematician’s Numerical Patterns in the Bible


The fact that the twelve are all connected in the center is the thirteenth. Thirteen is the number that bonds multiplicity into oneness.

This is Based on the Work of Rabbi Solomon D. Sassoon -May his soul rise higher and help us

The early Torah scholars were called ‘scribes’ or ‘calculators’ because they counted the letters of the Torah” (Talmud Bavli, Kidushin 30 a, based on Chronicles 1, 2, 55 and other verses).


Virtually the whole Torah and

Prophets, as well as the Psalms, and probably

other parts of Bible as well, were written with

straightforward patterns running through them and

codes underpinning them. These were based on

precise word counts and gematria (the traditional

system of assigning numerical value to each letter

based on its order in the alphabet*). The codes

contributed to the structure and design of the passages

and provided insight on the relevant topics.

These Sophisticated codes and patterns serve a number of

purposes. They may beautify the word of God and

help preserve the integrity of the text as it was subject

to the processes of copying and transmission.

Recognition of wondrous patterns supported the view

of the recipients that the text was a genuine statement

from a true prophet.


Serious observers must conclude that the

remarkable systems of word pattern and structure that

run through the text, without creating stilted reading,

more intricate and difficult to compose than systems

that run through other literary artifacts known to man,

was the result of true prophetic inspiration.


Also through the use of symbolism, which includes

number symbolism, and meanings enhanced through

textual structure and word patterns that directed the

knowledgeable reader to a deeper message, the

prophets were able to speak to those prepared to hear

the fuller import of their communication while

providing a satisfactory message to the others.

Although Rabbi Sassoon often stated that he did not

know the meaning or implications of many instances

of number usages or word patterns, their indications

often conformed to the substance of other research he

did into the meaning of the Torah text.

The number 8 as refers to the Covenant

between G-d and Israel and implied a linkage with the

prophetic dimension, while the number 13 – the

gematria of אחד (one) – denoted a subject associated

with the oneness of G-d, more basic than the concept

denoted by 8. The number 21 is used to signify the

combination of 13 plus 8. Often, 8 and 13 will be used

in tandem. The spiritual significance of the number thirteen (13), which as reflected by the thirteen attributes Divine names that draw forth Mercy (we will look at these attributes later), relates to a transcendent dimension of Godliness. This transcendence enables one to infuse spirituality within our material world This is all just  “the tip of



When Adam had lived 130 years he begot בִּדְמוּתוֹ

כְּצַלְמוֹ (in his likeness, like his image) and named him

Seth. Adam’s days after he begot Seth were 800

years… All the days that Adam lived were 930 years”

(Gen. 5:3-5). These are the only age markers the

Torah furnishes for Adam!

the 130 years – presented as a most significant event in

Adam’s life’s achievement – to be associated with

having reached the stage of appreciation of the one

G-d (13). We may perhaps add that it refers to

transmitting that idea, signified by bearing a son. The

800 years he lived subsequently indicates his having

achieved the covenantal level.


In the Noah narrative the word “berit” (covenant)

appears 8 times. The number of people saved in the

ark is 8 (Noah, three sons and the four wives.) The

sign of the berit – specifically pointed out, זאת אוֹת

הַבְּרִית (Gen. 9:12) – is the “qeshet” ( קֶשֶׁת , the rainbow),

which has a gematria of 800. (The word קֶשֶׁת in all

forms appears eight times in the Torah and thirteen

times in the Early Prophets.)


Circumcision for Ishmael was at 13 (years of age),

while for ISSAC, and subsequently for Israel, it is at 8

(days of age). The 13 results from the 13-year period

of time in Abraham’s life from when he begat Ishmael

at 86 years of age to when GOD appeared to him at

99 years of age. It was after that period of 13 that

GOD instructed him regarding circumcision on the

8th day, which was to signify the Covenant that was

to be transmitted to his progeny. These age milestones

are recorded in consecutive verses (Gen. 16:16 and



In that Genesis 17 chapter that introduces

circumcision the berit stem is attested 13 times. The

8th occurrence of berit is in the 13th verse and is word

number 160 in the passage.


At the point that GOD changes Sarai’s name to

Sarah (Gen. 17:15), completing the name changes of

both Abraham and Sarah, the combined total of both

their names in both forms from the beginning of the

Torah is 80. Beginning with the next attestation of

Abraham’s name (v. 17) until the end of Genesis his

name appears 130 times. The total number of

attestations of his name in the Five Books is 210, that

is 130 + 80. The 130th occurrence of his name is at a

milestone point signified by an 8 associated with a 13.


Abraham’s brother Nahor had 8 sons from his wife

and 4 sons from his concubine. The Torah relates this

information to provide background regarding Ribqah,

the daughter of Nahor’s 8th son, Betuel (Gen. 22:20-

24). Since in that context the begetting of Ribqah is

the only mention of a grandchild, this constitutes a

unit of 8+4+1=13, corresponding to אחד , which

indicates that the family of Nahor was an appropriate

one from which a wife for Issac may derive. Upon

mention of Ribqah’s birth and within the attached

statement that “these 8 Milca bore to Nahor the

brother of Abraham” is the 130th attestation of

Abraham’s name (including Abram) from the

beginning of the Torah.


In the self-contained section that narrates of

Abraham’s servant finding a suitable wife for ISSAC,

which concludes with consummation of the ISSAC-

Ribqah marriage (Gen. 24), Ribqah’s name appears 13

times while ISSAC’s name appears 8 times.

When Esav gets married at 40 years of age (Gen.

26:34), a milestone that is Biblically understood as a

son separating from father and mother ( עַל כֵּן יַעֲזָב אִישׁ

אֶת אָבִיו וְאֶת אִמוֹ וְדָבַק בְּאִשְׁתּוֹ , ibid. 2:24), ISSAC is 100

years of age. From that point on (living without Esav

attached” to him) he lives 80 years. It may also be

significant that Jacob was born when Abraham was

160 years of age (80 x 2).


Jacob has 12 sons and one daughter, a total of 13.

When GOD changes Jacob’s name to Yisrael,

the last attestation of his name Jacob before the

change, but within the name-change context – “ שִׁמְךָ

יַעֲקב ,” (Gen. 35:10) – is the 130th occurrence of

Jacob’s name in the Torah. When the angel had

previously informed him of the forthcoming name

change, the last attestation of his name Jacob just

prior to mention of the change but also within that

context – “ 32:27-28 ) ”וַיּאמֶר יַעֲקב ) – is the 80th

occurrence of יַעֲקב in the Torah when it is counted in

the “pure” form, that is, without prefixes attached to

the name. (The reversal of the usual 130-80 sequence

is apparently because we are dealing with a

consecutive count; usage of the non-prefixed form of

the name appears to be to enable the lower total.)

When appearing before Pharaoh, Jacob states

that he is 130 years of age (ibid. 47:9), while Moses,

when in front of Pharaoh, is described in the narrative

as being 80 years of age (Ex. 7:7), an obvious

juxtaposition of these two key numbers.

The only three age notices given for Joseph are 17,

30 and 110. These delineate the two significant

periods of his lifethat lie between the markers as

reflected in the narrative, that is, a 13-year period

followed by one of 80 years. Yosef is 30 in front of

Pharaoh, having attained the level of 13 and

eventually achieves the level of 80.


Regarding the age notice given for Sarah at the

time of her death, the introductory clause speaks of

her life in plural וַיִּהְיוּחַיֵּי שָׂרָה ” and the numbers are

given as “100 years, 20 years and 7 years” (Gen.

23:1). The unusual literary formulation in dividing her

years into three portions may be hinting at two periods

of life, the differences between the age markers, 100–

20=80 that followed a 20–7=13.


These 13 and 8 patterns are a bit peculiar don’t you think ?

The total number of letters contained in a word reveals something about the word itself. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob have a total of thirteen letters in them (in Hebrew). Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah, their wives, also have thirteen letters.


In the Torah’s most expansive passage concerning

Shabbat, which explicitly speaks of Shabbat’s linkage

with the Covenant, the number of attestations of the

שׁבת stem is 8 (Ex. 31:12-17). From the first sh-b-t

attestation in that passage until its 8th there are 80



A sacrifice is only acceptable from the 8th day

onwards (Lev. 22:27).


In the most expansive passage dealing with

repentance and return, in a context linking them with

Covenant renewal, the key stem שׁב (repentance ) is attested 8 times

(Deut. 30:1-10).


In Samual’s anointing of David to be king, it is

dramatically emphasized that he is the 8th son of



In King David’s census, the northern kingdom

count was 800,000 while that of Judah was 500,000, a

total of 1,300,000 (2 Sam. 24:9).


The 1300th verse from the beginning of Psalms is

the last verse of Psalm 78. The 1300th verse from the

end of Psalms is the last verse of Psalm 77. Thus,

Psalm 78 is enveloped by the overlap of 1300 verses

going both ways. Psalm 78 has 72 verses. Verse 36,

one of its two center verses, is verse 1264 in Psalms,

the exact center verse of the 2527 verses of Psalms.

Psalm 79 contains 13 verses. Thus, Psalm 80 begins

after exactly 1313 verses.


from the beginning of Psalm 80 until the end of Psalms there

are 8888 words. Thus, the Book of Psalms comprises

1313 verses followed by 8888 words.


There are 21 (13+8) attestations of “berit” in the

Psalms. Two of these appear in Psalm 78. The first of

these two (in v. 10) is the 8th occurrence of “berit”

from the beginning of Psalms while the second (in v.

37) is the 13th from the end of the Psalms. Excluding

superscription, “berit” is word number 88 in the



The 21 attestations of berit in the Psalms are found

in exactly 13 psalms. The 8th occurrence (in Psalm

78) is in the psalm that is 8th from the last of these 13

psalms. The 13th occurrence is in the psalm that is 8th

from the beginning of these 13 psalms (Ps. 89 v. 35).

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To be continued

The Biggest Extraterrestrial Event Ever , millions of witnesses
April 12, 2009, 8:24 am
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The Torah that Moshe received at mount Sinai was not of his own design. Every other prophet had a personal revelation from G-d and then expected the masses to believe him and to accept his word and his religion. The giving of the Torah was radically different. The events at Mt. Sinai were witnessed by over three million human souls, men women, and children. They all experienced together the giving of the Bible (Torah). They all together saw and heard, stood in awe and wonder as something not of this world descended upon the mountain and spoke to them in a voice that sounded like thunder. As its written :

As its written :

“And Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God; and they stood at the lower part of the mount.

And Mount Sinai was altogether in smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire; and its smoke ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount trembled greatly. And when the voice of the shofar sounded long, and became louder and louder, Moses spoke, and God answered him by a voice.” (Exodus 19)

See clearly from this, that the TORAH was given to Moses by what we must rightly call an extraterrestrial power.

It may be difficult to believe a single prophet who claims to have had a Divine experiance. It is possible that

such a person is mistaken or self deceived. However when three million people witnessed a “close encounter of the third kind.” That sets the odds highly in their favor that what they collectively saw and heard was real and true. Such a event is hard to deny.

The same extraterrestrial power continued this revelation to the Biblical prophets who explained to the following generations the observance these Divine teachings and to how to safeguard them from inadvertently violating a Torah commandment. Thus bringing Divine retribution on their heads. These words of advice have been observed and practiced for more than 2,400 years. The echoes of these events are still murmuring in the unconscious minds of almost every human being. Whether we like it or not, agree with it or not, the echo of the Ten Commandments and Biblical morality speaks into the hearts and souls of almost everybody in this world.

These Divine teachings will stay in force until the next time we are visited by the Power that came to Sinai. This next visitation is expected to bring to Earth more than just a body of instructions to mankind. The next time we make contact, the prophecy states, the Power revealed at Sinai will come with an invading army, one that will conquer the Earth and install a new world government led by a monarch, who will be a descendant of the Biblical Kind David. When this armada from the Heavens arrives, the Spiritual will welcome it as the coming of the Messiah. The others will most likely be terrified in that their worst nightmare will be coming true –

Earth is being invaded and conquered by a force from “outer space.”

You need to recognize that the episode at Mt. Sinai was not merely a religious event of ancient history. The Torah is no mere book of religious principles. We made contactwith something extraterrestrial on Sinai those many years ago. That “something” identified itself as the Creator. The Creator opened a channel of communication with mankind and gave us instructions for nearly one thousand years.

Mankind has progressed much since those early days when the Jewish people received

the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Most of the world has been influenced by this event. First

Christianity and then Islam built themselves on the back of Torah. Each religion claims

to be the legitimate heir and continuation of the path received at Sinai. Needless to say,

such contradictory claims have led to centuries of conflict. Indeed, the way the 21st century has begun it looks like that a major conflict between Moslem nations and Christian nations is brewing. Moslems nations rally against Israel and the Jews, but one does not need to pierce the veil of this too deep to see that Islam defines its greatest and true enemy as the “American great Satan.” The United States and the European Union (which should rightly be called the United States of Europe) spend billions of dollars on defense and intelligence to protect

themselves from growing threats of Islamic insurgency. Unbeknown to most, but we can rest assured that the Western powers are doing their share to subvert the rule of Islam in Moslem countries. Otherwise, Islamic

fundamentalism will sweep through the Middle East on its way to taking over the world.

What the eventual outcome of this brewing conflict will be, time will tell.

The Prophets thousands of years ago spoke of this conflict that we are seeing today. Realize from this that there is indeed a Force and a Power above that which we humans cannot control or even understand, and that force that spoke at Sinai and to the prophets is the Creator God.

Something happened that night on Mt. Sinai those thousands of years ago. Only a few hold the faith of the message

revealed that night. The rest of us feel that we have evolved beyond the need of such “myths.” However, what is myth and what is reality, better be defined with greater clarity, before we wish to reject an Authority which apparently can impose itself upon us by sheer force of

will as we see displayed in the miracles and wonders of the bible. A Authority that calls itself God the Creator of all. The God at Sinai warned us against our self destructive behaviors. One of the last Prophets Malachi concludes his book with a subtle warning spoken through him By G-d :

“Remember the Torah of Moshe my servant, which I commanded to him in Horev for all Israel to observe decrees

and ordinances. Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome Day of G-d.

And he will turn the hearts of the fathers with their children, and the hearts of the children with their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with utter destruction.”

(Malachi 3:22-24).

The warning is clear. Accept the Torah of G-d and live by it. For the Day of G-d will come and it will be great and awesome.

The Power that made extraterrestrial contact with us centuries ago at Sinai will return.

When that Power-GOD comes back, will we find favor in its eyes, or will it use its incredibly superior Power to tear down mankind and civilization and start all over again? It is a good thing that human technology has progressed as far as it has. It is also good that western world governments have secret military technologies developed and in testing the likes of which we can only imagine existing in science fiction movies. It would even be a good thing if western governments actually did have secret relations with extraterrestrial entities from other planets or dimensions and that they received technological information from them. Why would all this be good? Because when the Supreme Extraterrestrial Power-God comes back to planet Earth to claim its territory and to punish those who have stood against its Torah and its representatives , they will need all the help that they can get. Nonetheless, even with all their advanced technologies, no military weapons will withstand the invading armies of angels led by the Messiah.

The Highest Power will return to this world and will renew upon the Earth a Garden of Eden, one based upon its centuries old

message in the Torah. This is our inevitable human future. We can choose to fight it or embrace it. The consequences of our actions will be telling.