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Mutated Fukushima Giant Hornet Responsible For Multiple Nebraska Casualties – See more at: http://nationalreport.net/mutated-fukushima-giant-hornet/#sthash.qJWevUg8.dpuf


MUTANT Fukushima Giant Hornet

Responsible For Multiple

Nebraska Casualties

the giant hornet also possesses venom which is nearly 2000 times stronger than that of the common wasp.

The venom quickly spreads causing the destruction of organs. Most victims succumb to renal failure often within hours.

Some have had such intense allergic reactions that the complications were enough to cause death within a matter of minutes…”

– See more at:



the giant hornet also possesses venom which is nearly 2000 times stronger than that of the common wasp. – See more at: http://nationalreport.net/mutated-fukushima-giant-hornet/#sthash.qJWevUg8.dpuf
ukushima Giant Hornet
Mutated Fukushima Giant Hornet Responsible For Multiple Nebraska Casualties – See more at: http://nationalreport.net/mutated-fukushima-giant-hornet/#sthash.qJWevUg8.dpuf


Most of the world can’t imagine what it’s like to live in Japan at the present time.

The Fukushima plan is a 30 year project at present before it will even be halfway containable. First, the fuel rods have to be removed from the collapsed reactor housing. The problem is there is so much radation there, that no one can get to the breached reactor core sites to even inspect the damage. Even robots can’t venture into the inner sanctum due to the high doses of radiation. It may take another 3 to 5 years to invent robotic systems that can handle environments with such high radiation doses without crashing. So if you can’t even get to the rods, you can’t build a containment wall around it. Worst, the beta emissions from the high radioactivity would destroy a metal sarcophagus over a very short time. You’ll be building one on top of the next one every 5 years. The metal shell has to be built before the concrete outer casing can enclose it like Cherynobl. Now, this is the part that turns your stomach. Fukushima was fully operational in 1971. Which means it supplied Japan with electric power for exactly 40 years. Uranium 235 has a half life of 700 million years – so this site will literally be poison ground for almost a billion years.





Don’t be mutant






an overview of


Including :1)The Owner’s Manual to Prosperity and the Soul for Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and anyone else

2) “The Definitive Biblical phenomena”

3)The Souls speak

4)”The Owner’s Manual to the Soul” Part 1 The Gate

5)“The Owner’s manual to the Soul” Part 2 THE KABALLAH

6) “The Message”

7)The Book of the Angel Mattatro”n

8)“Book Of ELOHEME”

9)“Teffilin The Owner’s manual”


11)“The Divine structure of unfolding of Heaven and Earth”

12)”The book of “יהוה Yhv”h

13) “Markava”  The Divine chariot







Nasso Bs”d



This is the longest parsha in the holy Torah. What is its great significance ?. This parsha has hidden within it is the format that will bring out righteous mashiach. Let us look closer. It says in the song of songs “The voice of the turtle is heard in our land”. The Zohar tells us the turtle is mashiach . As the parsha takes a long time to read, it takes the turtle long a long time to get there. As the day of Atonement may seem like a long day and creating the ashes, and water of purification of the Red Heifer is a long process. But as said by the Cohen Gadol on Yom Kipor “I shall sprinkle water on you and you shall be clean. Just as a fountain renders unclean clean so does Hashem make Yisrael clean”. May we all receive this water as the Torah is known as water.


In this parsha the first mention is to the family of the Levi, and their duties. It is by the duties of the Cohanaim that Yisrael is able to reach atonement through them. This is reflected in the service of Yom Kipor as first the Cohen Gadol offers a bullock as a sin offering for himself and his family. Then he can bring a goat as a sin offering to atone for all Yisrael. In the parsha after the explanation of the Levi and Cohen’s duties then laws are given concerning the purity of the camp. As by their duties as said before all Yisrael reach atonement. Next are listed the service of the sin offering, the sotah (test-adultery offering) and the mitzvah of the Nazir. Then are given instructions for the blessing by the Coheniam. The blessings which one may receive from Hashem are infinite. So lets look at the 2 mitzvot that precede the blessing of the Coheniam as a source of guidance as preparation so to receive the blessing of Hashem. Concerning the mitzvah sotah (adultery offering). Sotah in the Holy tongue literally means “to go astray, to be demented and foolish”. This is similar to what the Fredica Rebbe said “ A Jew acting in any way other then fulfilling what the Torah asks of him is suffering from a illness”. Rebbe Manachem Mendell tells us that the adulterous women of mitzvah Sotah is representative of the sins of all Yisrael. As Yisrael is the wife to Hashem. Any sin we do Go-d forbid causes exile of the Shechina.


To get a deeper understanding of the mitzvah of Sotah lets look to gematria as the letters of Sotah have the same gematria as וחקרת (and search). If we exchange the letters of Sotah in atbash it becomes אבנץ , in the month of אב both Temples were destroyed signifying a time of hardship, as the adulterer finds when she drinks the water. As the Gemora says that as the transgression starts in the thigh and ends in the womb, so does the punishment. Much like Avshalom who was caught up in the beauty of his hair, and took 10 of his father concubines. So he was killed with 10 lances and got caught up in a tree hung up by his hair. אב also means father as Hashem is everywhere even in the most severe corrections. The next 2 letter נץ means to sprout, flower and blossom. The time that the first light of a new day is revealed is called Netz. This all illudes to the blessing from the mitzvah of Sotah if the women did not sin, she being blessed with a Holy child. This all shows us as the Sotah may be displaced from her husband, and can prove herself and return in a moment. So can Yisrael on a ultimate level with the complete redemption. This is alluded to by the fact the Sotah is gematria 714 the same as ושחת (and spilled). This was when Onan spilled his seed refusing to fulfill the mitzvah of raising up seed with his dead brothers wife. From her lineage eventually comes Dovid haMelch, and will come Mashiach. 714 is also the gematria of הקטרת which is called “Holy of Holies”.


As the Sotah represents all transgression, the other mitzvah of our parsha the Nazir alludes to all sanctification as it says “You shall be Holy”. On a lower level the Nazerite vow was taken by people who felt prone toward illicit relations, but ultimately it was a way of ascending to receive spiritual gifts, prophesy. Permuting the letters of נזיר we have יר (to fear) זן (go astray). Fearing to go astray as said before was a reason for the Nazerite vow. Samuel the Prophet was a Nazir, peace unto him, also Shimshon. And all know of the spiritual strength that came through Shimshon’s hair. He was the strongest man who ever lived. The Nazerite vow is voluntary. We must chose to make ourselves holy. The mitzvah of the possible adulterer, is as a warning not to sin. As all sin is as harlotry. Nazir is gematria 267 the same as יראון (to see). May it be that by our sanctification in Holiness and Hashem’s great mercy that we will be able to see visions of Holiness with the arrival of our righteous mashiach quickly in our days.









They are ready

To communicate

With us again

Before our universe began, there was only empty space. Then at one point, a parallel dimension, “bumped into” our universe and injected into it the energy that became the matter that forms all we know.

This though was not the end of the creation of our world.

The Torah that Moshe received at mount Sinai was not of his own design. Every other prophet had a personal revelation from God and then expected the masses to believe him and to accept his word and his religion. The giving of the Torah was radically different. The events at Mt. Sinai were witnessed by over three million human souls, men women, and children. They all experienced together the giving of the Bible (Torah). They all together saw and heard, stood in awe and wonder as something not of this world descended upon the mountain and spoke to them in a voice that sounded like thunder. As its written :

As its written :

And Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God; and they stood at the lower part of the mount. And Mount Sinai was altogether in smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire; and its smoke ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount trembled greatly. And when the voice of the shofar sounded long, and became louder and louder, Moses spoke, and God answered him by a voice.” (Exodus 19)

And all the people saw the voices,” (Exodus 20)

This is a perception not of our world.

See clearly from this, that the TORAH was given to Moses by what we must rightly call an Supernatural power.

It may be difficult to believe a single prophet who claims to have had a Divine experience. It is possible that such a person is mistaken or self deceived. However when three million people witnessed a “close encounter of the third kind.” That sets the odds highly in their favor that what they collectively saw and heard was real and true. Such a event is hard to deny.

The same Supernatural power continued this revelation to the Biblical prophets who explained to the following generations the observance of these Divine teachings and to how to safeguard them from inadvertently violating a Torah commandment. Thus bringing Divine retribution on their heads. These words of advice have been observed and practiced for more than 2,400 years. The echoes of these events are still murmuring in the unconscious minds of almost every human being. Whether we like it or not, agree with it or not, the echo of the Ten Commandments and Biblical morality speaks into the hearts and souls of almost everybody in this world.

These Divine teachings will stay in force until the next time we are visited by the Power that came to Sinai. This next visitation is expected to bring to Earth more than just a body of instructions to mankind. The next time we make contact, the prophecy states, the Power revealed at Sinai will come with an invading army, one that will conquer the Earth and install a new world government led by a monarch, who will be a descendant of the Biblical King David. When this armada from the Heavens arrives, the Spiritual will welcome it as the coming of the Messiah. The others will most likely be terrified in that their worst nightmare will be coming true –

Earth is being invaded and conquered by a force from “outer space.”

You need to recognize that the episode at Mt. Sinai was not merely a religious event of ancient history. The Torah is no mere book of religious principles. We made contact with something Supernatural on Sinai those many years ago. That “something” identified itself as the Creator. The Creator opened a channel of communication with mankind and gave us instructions for nearly one thousand years.

At the Big Bang, Torah was the force that was injected into a empty space enabling it to form and grow becoming our universe. At Sinai, Torah was again injected into our physical universe again. Yet, this time, it was not coming into empty space, but rather into already existing world. Therefore, this time, Torah had to come into the universe in a cloaked form; otherwise its mere unsheathed presence would have undone the fabric of space/time itself, enough to shake the very foundations of the Earth. This opening of the Heavens must have been some type of interdimensional vortex that enabled a link between our Earth and another dimension we call Heaven to come into contact. The Big Bang created a world bound by “natural law” from which developed all form and matter. A second “mini” Big Bang happened when the Torah was revealed on Mount Sinai this enabled humans to embrace and connect to the higher dimension and thus learn to live in harmony with it and use its forces to direct the continued development and creation of this world. As God and the Torah are One. Therefore not only is the Torah to be found everywhere in the universe, so too is God. For God’s name in Hebrew, the one used in the creation story is ELOHIM is numerically equivalent to the Hebrew word for nature, HaTeva.. .

Mankind has progressed much since those early days when the Jewish people received the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Most of the world has been influenced by this event. First Christianity and then Islam built themselves on the back of Torah. Each religion claims to be the legitimate heir and continuation of the path received at Sinai. Needless to say, such contradictory claims have led to centuries of conflict. Indeed, the way the 21st century has begun it looks like that a major conflict between Moslem nations and Christian nations is brewing. Moslems nations rally against Israel and the Jews, but one does not need to pierce the veil of this too deep to see that Islam defines its greatest and true enemy as the “American great Satan.” The United States and the European Union (which should rightly be called the United States of Europe) spend billions of dollars on defense and intelligence to protect themselves from growing threats of Islamic insurgency. Unbeknown to most, but we can rest assured that the Western powers are doing their share to subvert the rule of Islam in Moslem countries. Otherwise, Islamic fundamentalism will sweep through the Middle East on its way to taking over the world.

What the eventual outcome of this brewing conflict will be, time will tell.

The Prophets thousands of years ago spoke of this conflict that we are seeing today. Realize from this that there is indeed a Force and a Power above that which we humans cannot control or even understand, and that force that spoke at Sinai and to the prophets is the Creator God.

Something happened that night on Mt. Sinai those thousands of years ago. Only a few hold the faith of the message revealed that night. The rest of us feel that we have evolved beyond the need of such “myths.” However, what is myth and what is reality, better be defined with greater clarity, before we wish to reject an Authority which apparently can impose itself upon us by sheer force of will as we see displayed in the miracles and wonders of the bible. A Authority that calls itself God the Creator of all. The God at Sinai warned us against our self destructive behaviors. One of the last Prophets Malachi concludes his book with a subtle warning spoken through him By G-d :

Remember the Torah of Moshe my servant, which I commanded to him in Horev for all Israel to observe decrees and ordinances. Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome Day of G-d.And he will turn the hearts of the fathers with their children, and the hearts of the children with their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with utter destruction.”

(Malachi 3:22-24).

The warning is clear. Accept the Torah of G-d and live by it. For the Day of G-d will come and it will be great and awesome.

The Power that made Supernatural contact with us centuries ago at Sinai will return.

When that Power-GOD comes back, will we find favor in its eyes, or will it use its incredibly superior Power to tear down mankind and civilization and start all over again? It is a good thing that human technology has progressed as far as it has. It is also good that western world governments have secret military technologies developed and in testing the likes of which we can only imagine existing in science fiction movies. It would even be a good thing if western governments actually did have secret relations with extraterrestrial entities from other planets or dimensions and that they received technological information from them. Why would all this be good? Because when the Supreme Extraterrestrial Power-God comes back to planet Earth to claim its territory and to punish those who have stood against its Torah and its representatives , they will need all the help that they can get. Nonetheless, even with all their advanced technologies, no military weapons will withstand the invading armies of angels led by the Messiah.

The Highest Power will return to this world and will renew upon the Earth a Garden of Eden, one based upon its centuries old message in the Torah. This is our inevitable human future. We can choose to fight it or embrace it. The consequences of our actions will be telling.

They are ready

To communicate

With us again

This time telepathically

There is a time for everything Good, this Saturday night and Sunday (also the following day out side the land of Israel) is the time God has given us to make a renewed connection with NEW revelations of the Bible-(Torah), with the infinite light !



Shavuot has more names than any other festival being called “Time of giving of the Torah”, “This very day”, “Day of assembly”, “Day of first fruit” and “day of Gathering”. Shavuot is compared to the middle bar that hold the Tabernacle together.

It was on Rosh Chodesh Sivan that Yisrael encamped at mount Sinai. The word “encamped” in the Bible is written in the singular form, as Yisrael were all of one heart. Recieving of the Torah is experienced when Yisrael love one another. Sharing a mutual love of brotherhood peace and fellowship. Like in a marriage. The Torah is the instrument of Betrothal between Hashem and Yisrael. Also on Rosh Chodesh Sivan King Asa gathered Yuhudah and Benyamim and those who lived among them to Jerusalem and the entered into a covanant with God with all their hearts and souls. This day has been ordained as a day of peace and unity between a man and his brother and a day for making a covanant of peace and love between Yisrael and their father in Heaven. It is from this place that we approach Shavuot to recieve the Torah. Which is our mission upon which the whole world depends.

חלב= 40 , we eat milk products on Shavuot so to remember the 40 days and nights Moses spent with God on Sinia. We also decorate our houses with green to remember Sinai. We learn Ruth on Shavuot as it teaches us the Torah is only acquired through hardship.The story occurs at the beginning of the barley harvest which is at the time of Shavuot. øåú is gematria 606 the 7 laws of Noah is 613. King David who descends from Ruth was born and died on Shavuot. The story of Ruth reminds us that only by the Oral Torah will their be redemption. As the Torah forbids converts from Moab as its written “An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the Lord forever.” (Deut 23 :3) We only know that the prohibition on Moab converts only applies to men through the Oral Torah. The Ben Eash Chy tells us not to speak of secular matters the whole night of Shavuot. But this night is for study of the Torah which achieve great results in Heaven and infuse the soul with sanctity and purity. As Rabbi Shimon says “All who learn Torah on this night Hashem blesses with many blessings and crowns in the upper worlds”


The Bible is not what you think-Not of this World !

For, even though Bible-Torah just seems like another book, just another area of

intellectual study, it is far from that. It is meant for transmitting of “energy”, Divine power. It is a battery for your soul. But Like superheroes with dual identities, whose mundane, common lifestyle is meant to conceal the true nature of

the superhero, the physical books and words in which Bible-Torah is found concealing the true nature of Bible-Torah, and what it is capable of doing, and THAT is not something just anyone can access, no matter how many times they pore over even the deepest of Torah secrets. For that, you have to make yourself into a desert. As that is where the Torah was given, teaching us one must be humble not filled with themselves. As such a person they can’t learn and cant hear what others say. They are like a defective battery that will not take a charge. Being humble though does not mean to make one lowly like a rag one would used to wash the floor. It is written that Moses was the most humble of men, but he stood up to do what needed to be done. He would let no man push him around. But he was open to whatever God would tell him.

The Torah is a “Book”, if you can even really define it as that ?, the Torah was written, made by the God.

The Torah is more than a book, but it is the “blueprint” of all creation. Unlike a normal blue print this one has creative power. From it the world is sustained continually and built. One can merit levels very high in the “world to come”which are otherwise inaccessible. By gaining deep understandings concerning the commandments. The commandments have more value. There is no end for a man to apply understanding to the commandments. The Ramban said “ The foundation of all wisdoms stands on who is God.1 Torah is called truth, and faith is the foundation and source of divine service. When reading from the Torah one joins with truth and faith. But this is not automatic. Simply reading the book is not enough one needs to open up their soul to the infinite the Divine Energy of the Torah. Of course if one intends to read the Bible as only a book that is all that it will be, that is all that will be revealed to them. This water goes out through holes in the “mesach” (screen-filter) of ”tzizum” (contraction) to sustain the world From the foundation stone on the temple mount, even if the Temple in Jerusalem is not standing in the physical world. It states ” Spirit of Elokim moves on the face of the waters” (the sages say this “Spirit” is the Messiah). ” The Spirit of Elokim moves on the face of the waters” The magid of Koznitz says the waters referred to here are Torah. The Energy of the Messiah come forth his existence becomes manifest from the waters of the Torah. Lets bring out this water from the God’s infinite well. These forces can be brought forth from the Torah when you “read” it, it one makes the connection to its essence. Its forces renew change everything, according to the will of God at the time. The physical world we live in is under constraint of time and space. This is not so of the supernal ark and the Torah. They operate in a timeless realm above physical laws. This is so as ink in Hebrew “דיו” (ink) is the letters that spell out יוד (Yud) of the divine name Yhv’h. As said יוד is the creative inspiration of the Torah. And יוד being Chuchmah (creative wisdom inspiration) that is above space and time.2 The point is that Torah is not really a thing of this world and that is why we said before that the Torah is Like superheroes with dual identities,whose mundane, common lifestyle is meant to conceal the true nature of the superhero, the physical books and words in which Bible-Torah is found concealing the true nature of Bible-Torah. If one only knew what they are looking at and how to look “into the Torah”. The “Written Torah has in it only the “tagin” (crowns of letters) and letters. In the Torah scroll some letters have crowns drawn on top of them, but in the Torah scroll there are no vowels. The letters are the 288 sparks of the vessels that shattered. It is these fallen “sparks” which allow our imperfect world to exist, and for there to be free will and choice. By which a soul can choose to do that which is right there by expressing its love of god and Gaining merit there by. In creating the world God joined letters and sparks together. By the shattering of the vessels sparks fell below. By holy speech one makes permutations of these letters and sparks, thereby making peace between them and raising up the Sparks from their fallen places. Then the spark can reveal their light from there source above. Making the world more complete, and revealing more of the Light of God here below.3 Through the reading of the Torah with the notes of song (These notes are not written in the Torah scroll, but are know from the Oral Torah) and vowels (The vowels of the Torah’s words are not written in the Torah scroll, but are know from the Oral Torah) These notes and vowels are drawn from the Divine name מ”ה חדש , this brings new Divine energy into the vessels of creation. This purifies the vessels and the sparks. By this fixing there is drawn lights from the ear of A’k (an even higher place) to the letters of the Torah. By this they are fixed,from their shattered state. ה“ו of the name יהו“ה are the letters of the Torah.4 Raise the letters that are fallen by the “tamim” (notes), “nikudot” (vowels), “tagin” (crowns) All letters have their source in the letter א, which is called sweetened.5 The nature of the letters of the Torah is revealed by the fact that when the letters flew off the first tablets of the ten commandments Moshe was no longer able to hold them any longer as they were so heavy, so he had to let them drop and shattered. This was because after the letters had departed from the tablets of stone they were with out “The Divine Spirit” that they had before, so grew heavy and fell.6 In the Torah Scroll itself there are no vowels allowing the Torah to have many meanings, as each generation has a unique “tikun”(fixing) of its own by exchanging the letters.7

I really hope you can get the Bible to open up before you !



On Shavuot (The day of giving of the Bible-Torah), revelation of it is given renewed each year. On that day the structure of the creation is changed as :

The Yesod of Z”a (the potential revelation of the ruach, emotional soul ) is face to face with Malchut ( the Nefesh, soul of animal desires ) , and Z”a ( Source of the Ruach- Emotional soul ) rises to the balance of Yesoi”t ( The Conclusion of the Nashama, place of actualization of one’s intellect ). Z”a ( Source of the Ruach- Emotional soul ) receives Divine creative powers of wisdom , analysis, understanding and the ability to do kindness to God and Man and force of discipline of Dat (divine Knowledge). Yesoi”t ( The Conclusion of the Nashama, place of actualization of one’s intellectual balance ) rises up to Atik (the source of delight in divine will ) they becoming unified. Yesoi”t ( The Conclusion of the Nashama, place of actualization of one’s intellectual balance ) is with Abba (source of Divine creative powers of wisdom) and Imma (source of analysis, understanding) where theres revealed creative powers of wisdom and powers

of analysis, understanding of Arich ( source of divine will), and the “tammim” (notes of song of Divine emination) of the Divine name having numerical value of 63 called ס”ג (numerical value of 63 of יהו”ה) of A”k (Adam Kadmon, the face of God containing all others ) are revealed. This is above the “Parsa”(curtain-filter). By Netzauch (work of spiritual vigor-giving your all) by this there is nullified the”parsa” yielding revelation of י”ה (ya”h).

All this rises Z’a ( Source of the Ruach- Emotional soul )to Arich (source of revelation of Divine will). After staying up all night learning and Mikva in the morning There is revelation of the dikna (conduits) of Arich ( giving new inspiration of Divine will-prompting actions ). 1\2 of Teferet (new level of harmony) of powers of analysis and understanding is given to the force of Divine will which directs one’s ruach (emotional soul). giving new understanding to the place of delight of the Ruach- emotional soul, developing there more delight in serving God).

This is the 50th Gate of Binna (Divine understanding). The 50 gates of Divine understanding are the 5 Chassadim (forces of God’s giving) of the ruach (emotional soul). The dikna Kadisha (conduits of Mercy that open up the flow of Divine abundance-they are open by the Names of Mercy) of Arich (divine will) are called Whiteness. To draw this Whiteness of the dikna of Arich to ourselves we dress in White. Revelation of Arich on Shavuot is not done by “delug” (a great leap) as an the seder night of Pessach, but it is in levels grade by grade. The simplest and most effective way of attaching to this new Light is by connecting to all parts of the Bible. So meditaite on secrets in each book. So work hard to yield the highest revelation. !

sources:Sulam on Zohar Pekudey,Tikkunim p.340 p.20,Ar”i-Lecutey Torah,Pre Atzchym,Shar Cavanot,Metok mDavosh on Tikunim,Kamarna Rebbi-Aor Enym,Ramcha”l-Adir Bima

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There is a time for everything Good, this Saturday night and Sunday (also the following day out side the land of Israel) is the time God has given us to make a renewed connection with NEW revelations of the Bible-(Torah), with the infinite light !

1Lekutey Maharon p.75

2Nahar Shalom p.213,Lekutey Mahoran p101

3Avodat Yisrael p.34

4Sulam on Zohar Vayachal p.191a

5aor enym-kamarna Rebbe

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All is in the Bible-Torah, You need to know where. Torah has infinite levels for example the construction of the tabernacle describes the orders of flow of Divine energy and corresponding Divine names of construction of all worlds . No part of the Torah does not conceal many “secret” meanings.

With knowledge of all mentioned above and by singing the song of the Torah with the “tammim” notes revealed to Moses at Sinia one can perform Wonders !

bubbles under white clouds

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NEVER FORGET Bibi explained to us in June 2012 why it is necessary to evacuate the settlements… He said, “I suggest you do not ignore the international court
in the Hague.” – (See ynet, June 2012.)

In 1937 in Marienbad the greatest sages of the generation met at the Third Kenessiah of Agudas Yisroel. At this assembly the majority of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah (sages) in 1937 voted in favor of a Jewish State and said that relinquishment of the Holy Land given to the Jewish people by God has no validity. They came to the conclusion that each and every compromise made regarding the Holy Land, which was given to us by the Holy One according to its boundaries is null and void.

The Great Assembly stated that it is unequivocally forbidden to surrender even the tiniest particle of land within the boundaries of the Holy Land. It is astonishing that people do not publicize and proclaim this ruling in the greatest possible way.

The fact that there are those who wish to conceal this are only doing evil. This ruling is like every other Jewish law, for “the word of G-d will certainly endure.”

It is the law and there should be no question concerning it.

The Lebovicher Rebbe, May his soul help us above Said concerning this ruling:

“May it be G-d’s Will that everyone will look at the Code of Jewish Law, chapter 329, and they will see that the law is clear: it is forbidden to cede even a small piece of the Land of Israel.

We must continue spreading word of this legal ruling until all the Jews know of this ruling.” Those who want to give the land of Israel away to its enemies we must protest against their actions, as they are not in accordance with the Torah.

The sages of this Generation must be true to their lineage and uphold this ruling against those who do not know.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe said about this ruling that for the sages of the generation not to defend the land of Israel against those Who do not follow the Torah and want to give the land away to our enemies that their

“Silence is a sin”.

” The foundation of the Jewish peoples right to the Holy Land is based on the Torah and the prophets…A Jewish State not based on the principles of Torah is a denial of Jewish origin, is opposed to the identity and to the true stature of our people, and undermines the basis of existence of our people…Any relinquishment of the Holy Land given to the Jewish people by G-d has no validity” (HaPardes 11:6)

The sages of the1937 assembly in Marienbad concluded that it was permissible for us to accept the partition plan which implied the renunciation of half of Eretz Israel. Although the majority voted in favor of partition, they did it because if we did not accept the plan. Israel would have gotten nothing.

The situation today is not the same.

Today we have the whole land and giving away any part of the land falls under the prohibition according to the Ramban of

“We are not allowed to leave the land in our enemies’ hands.

In any case, at that meeting in 1937, ah the majority voted in favor of the partition plan, the resolution contained a clear declaration about the inalienable rights of the Jewish people to the entire land.

It is about time good religious people should complain to the Rabbis and demand that they do more to protect our Holy land from the hands of non religious people, who have abandoned the Torah and our history in the altar of modernity and hedonism. It should not be left to them to determine what will be with the Holy land and the Jew’s.

Besides all of this there are a few small groups like the Neturei Karta that think that because God made the Jews take two oaths and the world take one. The Jews swore “Not to ascend to the Holy Land as a group using force, not to rebel against the governments of countries in which we live,” and “Not to push the end away with our sins “.

The State of Israel is a sin the small groups like the Neturei Karta say that “we came back in force and rebelled against the nations.”

But in truth there was no rebellion against the nations. We were granted permission by Britain, League of Nations and the United Nations to recreate our homeland in the Land of Israel. Gemara in Ketubot speaks of “The Nations”, the UN is and was the greatest representation of the world community. It is irrelevant that there were nations that were against giving the Land of Israel to the Jews the majority voted for it and the WORLD BODY GAVE THE JEWS THE LAND.

Isreal only fought for independence because the Arab League did not wish to comply with the decision of the world body, the UN, but the Arab League decided to launch a full scale invasion. The Arab League at that time proudly stated that they would commit a massacre on the scale of the Mongol massacres. If the Jews in Israel had not fought there would have been a massacre of the 600,000 Jews living in The land of Israel. So at that point, it becomes a obligation to fight and save one’s own life.

Besides all this the Ramban who writes “Behold we were commanded the conquest of the land of Israel in ever generation when ever possible” (Supplement to the Rambam, Sefer HaMitzvot, positive commandment #4). The Ramban is very clear in his language. “We are commanded to posses the land that the almighty God gave to our forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and not to leave it in the hands of other nations or in desolation, as it says, ‘posses the land and live in it…Do not be confused and say that this mitzvah is the mitzvah to make war against the seven nations…this is not the case. We are commanded to kill those nations if they fight us, if they want to make peace with us we may do so and leave them in certain well known circumstances; but we may never leave the land in their hands nor in the hand of other nations in any generation.”

It is very clear that the Ramban did not hold of the “shvuot” (oath) to be a legal matter at all.

Even the Rambam writes: “it is prohibited to leave the Land of Israel and go to ‘chutz la’aretz’ at any time ” (Hilchot Melachim, Chapter 5, halacha 9) The Rambam writes also: “A person should dwell in Eretz Yisrael, even in a city whose population is mostly non-Jewish, and not live in “chutz la’aretz”, even in a city which is mostly Jewish”.

Second the first two oaths might be contingent on the third, that the nations not treat us harshly, which they did, then we can rebel and go up to the land.

Their second point is that they think that the redemption can not come about through non-believers, furthermore Netueri Karta believes that man can not play a role in bringing the Redemption and must completely rely on the Almighty to do all the work.

This cannot be so as in the time of Ezra and Nechemya, the vast majority who returned with them were unobservant, but immoral as well, as it says in Kiddushin 69-70, they were bastards, foundlings and committed sexual misconducts like the people of Sodom and Amora. And yet they were the tools, which God used to bring about that Redemption at that time. Certainly, the secular Jews who started returning in the late 1800s, and who remained the main builders of the land until the State was re-declared in 1948, could not have been much worse.

The Mashiach does not come about through the most pleasant means or obvious ways. Just look at the father of Mashiach, David Hamelech – King David. When we look at Davids ancestry. On his fathers side their were illicit relations between Yehuda and Tamar. But concerning this the sages say “God was busy creating the light of the King Mashiach.” (Bareshit Rabba 85:1)

. Davids grandmother Ruth came from the Nation of Moav. It was the nation of Moav that seduced the men of Israel to sin in the desert bringing a great plague upon them. Also, Moav’s founding father was a illegitimate child as he was from the illicit relations between Lot and his Daughter Habichira.

The Tur (Orach Chaim 428) figured out which day of the week each Yom Tov will fall. א, the first day of Pesach is the same day of the week as ת Tisha B’av. ב, the second day of Pesach is the same same day of the week as ש, Shavuos. ג the third day of Pesach is the same same day of the week as ר, Rosh Hashanah.ד, the fourth day of Pesach is the same same day of the week as ק, Kria Hatorah (Simchas Torah). ה, the fifth day of Pesach is the same same day of the week as צ, Tzom (Yom Kippur). ו the sixth day of Pesach is the same day of the week as פ, Purim. One may also add: ז, the seventh day of Pesach, is the same day of the week as ע, Yom Atzmaut.



It also should be said after the Holocaust where were the refugees supposed to go? No country would accept them. Do you seriously think God is angry that these broken people who took the remnants of their torn lives and decided to start over again and rebuild in Israel?

In Halakhic matters if one studied and came to a conclusion that is in opposition to that which was decided in the Sanhedrin, he is not liable to punishment except if one instructed others to act in accordance with his minority opinion. (Sanhedrin 86b)

One who instructed others to act in opposition to the decision of the Sanhedrin is considered a “rebellious elder” and is liable for punishment, in order that there not be discord and strife within Israel.

Akavia ben Mahalalel differed with the Sages he was told that if he would rescind his differing opinions, he could be Chief Justice on the Rabbinical Court. He said that he would rather be called a fool and not become an evil person [agreeing with what he believed was not true]. He persisted in his opinions, and only when he was on his deathbed did he instruct his son to accept the opinion of the Sages (Eduyot 5). From this we see that he was not forbidden from reaching his independent conclusions, for if so, he would have said that he would rather be called a fool and not act evilly by accepting forbidden conclusions! In fact, only instructing others to act according to his conclusion would be forbidden, as the Talmud says, “Why was Akavia ben Mahalalel not treated as a rebellious elder? – Because he did not instruct others.” Despite all this, he was still considered greater than all of Israel in wisdom and fear of sin (Brachot 19a)

Change is not merely a factual occurrence, but is rather an expression of the conscious initiative of man. From this point of view, Religious Zionists adapted this awareness, and understood that it was this that separated between themselves and the hareidi sector. Federbush, for instance, in his work “The Perfection of Judaism,” contrasts between hareidi Judaism and Religious Zionism exactly in this point. The hareidim do not understand that the ghetto walls have collapsed, and they feel that it is possible to perpetuate the framework of the old conceptions. “Whoever says that Judaism is only a religion, or only religious rituals, is as if saying that Judaism is not intrinsically connected with the existence of the Nation of Israel… the borders of the Jewish religion are those of the Jewish nation.” the hareidim’s clinging to their understanding of the Nation of Israel as merely a religious denomination, shaped and defined only by the Torah. This understanding led the way to the claim, promoted by certain schools of hareidi thought, that whoever is not observant of the Torah and its commandments is not considered a Jew, even if he was born as such. In stark contrast to this, Religious Zionism adopted the approach that the Nation of Israel is an ethnic entity; in the words of Federbush, “just as ‘total Judaism’ is inconceivable without its religious aspect, so too it is unimaginable without its national facet.” Federbush further wrote, “Whoever says that Judaism is only a religion, or only religious rituals, is as if saying that Judaism is not intrinsically connected with the existence of the Nation of Israel… the borders of the Jewish religion are those of the Jewish nation.”

Unlike hareidi Judaism religious Zionist say that, “He to whom elementary human knowledge and education is foreign, can neither be learned in knowledge of Judaism.” Torah is likened to a treasure house or a well, from which every generation extracts according to its strength and ability. The infinite riches of Judaism include more than just laws and rigid guidelines; they comprise outlooks, conceptions, and ideas that guide man in all that he does and thinks. Torah is likened to a treasure house or a well, from which every generation extracts according to its strength and ability. The infinite riches of Judaism include more than just laws and rigid guidelines; they comprise outlooks, conceptions, and ideas that guide man in all that he does and thinks. There is no room for other value systems outside of the religious system. Every value must be anchored in one way or another in the Torah.

Redemption has always been perceived in Religious Zionism as contingent upon human activism.


Do not forget one minute that the secular Zionist establishment wrested political power from the Old Yishuv. The Religious Jewish community that had dwelled in the land before the secular Zionists came. In order to make themselves “the mainstream establishment”. They coldly blocked immigration of religious Jews to Palestine before and during WWII and even hampered rescue efforts of religious Jews . They actively and ruthlessly uprooted “our Ancient Father” out of the hearts of  an entire generation of new immigrants for a decade since the founding of the State. The secular Zionists initiated programs to uproot Religious observance from the Sefardi immigrants, etc., With all this we still need to move on and heal the deep wounds of Israeli society by goodwill.
But we should never forget about these things so that these tactics will not be used against God fearing Jews in the future by the secular Zionists.
As The God does not like it when the secular Zionists try to actively and ruthlessly uprooted “our Ancient Father” out of our hearts

The solar year adopted by the nations of the world, reflects the natural order, The Jewish  lunar/Solar year reflects t

he special  providence  of  Yisrael. That is completely dependent on God as the moon only light is from the sun. The word we use for month in Hebrew “chodesh” means literally, newness, renewal as opposed to a continuation of the status quo.

We are in a tug-of-war between the supporters of settlements and the radical left, which has a thirst for destroying the houses of the settlers. Caught in the middle are the leftist Zionists “centralist” rightists  who live in fear of the Hague conventions more than they are concerned for the lives of all Israel’s citizens 

Time really does matter. Redemption in springtime is no coincidence. Tremendous energy of renewal happens  in the springtime. The rebirth of flowers and greenery, are a symbol of our redemption.





an overview of


Including :1)The Owner’s Manual to Prosperity and the Soul for Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and anyone else

2) “The Definitive Biblical phenomena”

3)The Souls speak

4)”The Owner’s Manual to the Soul” Part 1 The Gate

5)“The Owner’s manual to the Soul” Part 2 THE KABALLAH

6) “The Message”

7)The Book of the Angel Mattatro”n

8)“Book Of ELOHEME”

9)“Teffilin The Owner’s manual”


11)“The Divine structure of unfolding of Heaven and Earth”

12)”The book of “יהוה Yhv”h

13) “Markava”  The Divine chariot





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This weeks Haftorah (The portions of the Bible God told the Prophets to have read in public on each Sabbath) begins “ And the children of Yisrael shall be as the sand of the sea that can not be counted or measured “ Yet right in the beginning of our parsha it says “Take the heads of all the congregation of all the children of Isreal by their families houses, numbering of them, names of all the males by their skulls”.

Now it is known that a blessing does not rest on that which is counted. As the haftorah says “That can not be counted or measured “. At other times all Yisrael were counted by the 1/2 shekel coin each year donated to the Holy Temple in Adar. By doing this the people were never counted, only coins. But what about this counting of the people ?. We learn from the Shalah Hakodesh in Sni Luchot HaBrit that blessings don’t rest on that which is counted when its measurement is intrinsically physical, being part of the material world. As such numbering by its nature creates limitation, but numbering in context of the spiritual worlds does not impose limitation. Numbers in the context of the spiritual worlds does not imply limitation as each such number advances towards great achievements. So here we don’t have counting as with physical things, but what we have here is as it states counting of “ gilgulatom “ (their skulls). In the Zohar it talks about the eminations from the “ gilgulata “ (skull) of parzufim (structures that emanate and reveal Divine energy). In this context “ gilgulata “ refers specifically to the aspect of the parzuf called Arich Anpin (long face), this parzuf is the place of emination and revelation of the will of God. Concerning the skull of parzuf Atik Yamin (place where delight is eminated from) are great secrets which are seldom heard. Here we can find infinite wisdom. It was spoken concerning the skull by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochi in the last moments of his life in a body on this earth at the idra Zuta. The final gathering of Rabbi Shimon and his companions of the Zohar. This we celebrated a short time ago and each year it is celebrated where he is buried in Maron with at least 400,000 people. It is the largest celebration Here in Aretz ha Kodesh. There shall be left in the land of Israel in the Time of the Mashiach 7000 people. These are the secret of מ”ב to their skulls. This is the secret of מ”ב from which the world was created. And in the souls of these Sadeekem it is ruled.

From Rebbe Shimon we learn that the skull is full of dew, it contains a membrane that surrounds the brain and a atmosphere. To it is a beard of pure wool containing 13 attributes of Divine mercy. A forehead that functions as supernal will, a eye of providence that is eternally open. Nostrils of His nose to breath life force. The flow of chuchmah (Divine wisdom) is called scent. All wisdom of the world is from the nose of Arich. The beard is made of whats called dikna (conduits). When the dikna of parzuf Atik (place where delight is eminated from) are clear it illuminates the Dikna of parzuf Zier Anpin (Source of emination of the emotional soul) drawing down 13 passages of supernal oil (Divine wisdom). Then in the dikna of Z’a we find there are 22 tikuney dikna (conduits of corrective eminations). It is from there we draw out the 22 letters of the Holy tongue, 22 letters of the Torah and all creation.

So the counting here is more like a recognition of each Isrealite being set aside for his supernal purpose from the powers manifest in the “ gilgulata “ (skull). As the Shalah said concerning spiritual counting “Each such number advances towards great achievements”. Thus here Moshe is setting aside each individual in Yisrael by their “ gilgulata “ making them sanctified, separated and distinguishing each according to their distinct part in the Holy nation. As Holiness infers separation. So here moshe designates each individual of Yisreal distinguished at the “ gilgulata“ level (his powers, purpose). May it be from this act of Moshe designating each individual of Yisreal distinguished at the “ gilgulata“ level (his powers, purpose) there should soon manifest the complete energy of redemption. With the revelation of our righteous Mashiach quickly in our days.

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Some important health info from T’ai culture

MoraKhiNok (Momordica charantia) is a blood-purifying tonic, reducing blood sugar and indigestion, normalizing the excretory system, and nurturing eyesight. It also promotes appetite, relieves fever, helps liver, spleen, colon and pancreas, fighting cancer, hepatitis, infections, menstrual problems and hemorrhoids. A protein substance from its seed is reputed to hold back HIV.

Het LinChu (Ganoderma Lucidum Reishi mushroom) relieves diabetes, heart disease & hypertension, strengthening liver function and general health, prolonging life, much like internationally popular Shiitake (Het Hom).


Borapet (Tinospora crispa or menispermacaea), is a diabetes remedy, reducing blood sugar, a digestive aid which reduces flatulence and indigestion while promoting appetite, a tonic to nurture the blood, and an aid in reducing fever. It is reputed to increase power and prolong life

Boraphet PungChang (Bellyache Bush) reduces poisons in the blood, fights diabetes, iron deficiency anemia and cancer, cures headache, adjusts blood pressure and promotes youthful, healthy appearance..

Ya BpakGing (Murdannia loriformis; Commelinacaea; this Thai name may mean medicine of Beijing; it is also called Ya Taywadah, medicine of heaven or angels) is reputed to reduce blood sugar and relieve inflammatic wounds. For leukemia, cancer of throat, liver, uterus, ileum, skin etc. Reputed even to ‘cure’ AIDS, eaten fresh, regularly.

NguakPlaMuh (Sea Holly, acanthus ebracteatus) a longevity tonic used to expel kidney and bladder stones, it fights fevers with skin eruptions (scarlet fever, measles, chicken pox) and relieves allergies, strengthens energy and helps generally heal abscesses and skin disease.

Ya Tewaddah / Ya Bak-king (Beijing

Fa Talai Jon (Andrographis paniculata, Creat, Kariyat, Chiretta or halviva) is used as a fever remedy and even preventative (if taken regularly), and helps with coughs, sore throats and other upper respiratory system problems, diarrhea, skin diseases and hemorrhoids. Stimulates the liver, fights allergies and intestinal infections and lowers high blood pressure.

DiBua (lotus gall) nurtures the heart and eyesight, reduces indigestion, and acts as a tonic and aids sleep.

Khi lek (Cassia siamea, the Cassaod tree) reduces anxiety and stress, promoting better sleep and appetite. It’s a diuretic and toner, raises blood pressure and relieves constipation with its mild laxative properties. It shouldn’t be taken continuously.

Kameng tua mia (Eclipta Alba, False Daisy) helps with chest infections, asthma, jaundice, blood disorders, exhaustion and back pains, and also offers help from inflamed kidney, liver or lungs, ulcers, dysentery and gas. A longevity tonic, it is used for chirrhosis and hepatitis.

Luk Yaw or YohBan (Morinda citrifolia, Thai Noni) – a ‘miracle cure’ believed by its adherents to cure almost everything – usually recommended for consumption 1st thing in the morning – stimulates the entire system, especially the liver. Antioxident for colds, tuberculosis, flu, asthma, gastritis, internal parasites, infections, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hepatatis and cancer

Pu Tong

Kawao Krua daeng relieves exhaustion & promotes strength (Thailand’s Viagra!)

KreuaHaam is reputed to increase health and strength.

SiDuang Tawan root reduces fever and promotes appetite.

Buk (Amorphophallus campanulatatus) reduces cholesterol and absorbs poisons, helping to extract them from the body.

MaTum (Bengal Quince; Aegle marmelus; Bael fruit) cools, enriches and promotes appetite. A decongestant used for tuberculosis, typhoid intestinal disorders and exhaustion. Inhibits sexual energy.

HaeoMu (Nutgrass) strengthens energy and relieves stomachache, indigestion and flatulence; fights hypertension, menstrual cramps and PMS.

Luk Tai Bai (Phyllanthus amarus, Euphorbiacaea) for stomach pain, venereal diseases, jaundice and hemorrhoids.

Klu Phlu Daw (Star Betel) – the oil of the leaves fights bacteria and virus, helps the skin and is reputed to dry lymph.

Khlu (Pluchea indica, Indian marsh Fleabane) is a longevity tonic used as a diuretic for hemorrhoids, diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Phlu (pak kaoTong, piper betel leaf), used to wrap the betel nut once commonly chewed throughout Southeast Asia (and still popular in Burma) – antiparasitic, antipruritic, antiseptic, bronchodilator, expectorant and stimulant good for allergic rashes, uturus inflammation, asthma, lung disease and coughs.

Ta Krai (lemongrass) – a general tonic for pains, colds, throat problems, it relieves indigestion, flatulence and constipation and also destroys bacteria and fungus.

Ma Kham Pom (Indian gooseberry) – increases health immunity, cures cough and releases phlegm.

Ya Ko-tung relieves allergic rashes, uturus inflammation and lung disease (coughs and bronchitis)

Kha Kok(for health and long life)

Dongdueng (gloriosa superba L.) has colchicine, useful for treating cancer

Salet Pahng Pawn tua mia (Clinacanthus nutans) capsules, tea and ointment help relieve herpes symptoms, skin ulcers, allergic and rashes, hives and insect bite itching.

Lep meuh nang (Quisqualis, Rangoon Creeper) is a purgative for tapeworms and intestinal parasites, especially in children.

Yak ha (Imperata, Wolly grass root) is used topically for acne and complexion problems (skin too red or white) and internally as a diuretic for fevers, urinary tract infections, kidney and gallbladder stones and cystitis.

Sapankon is used for headaches, sore throat and stiff joints.

Paan Samao is eaten or used as a compress for headaches, colds, dizziness or intoxication.

Farang (guava) and Mangkut (mangosteen) are also helpful for the immune system; and the shorter, wider kind of banana (Kluay Nam Wa) is also reputed to help fight AIDS. The peel mean to the short banana fights fungus and bacteria, and the raw fruit has high levels of tannin. Some Mien tribespeople, among others, have spoken of coconut hastening AIDS deaths.

Petsangkat is used for hemorrhoids, Luad Ngam for menstrual pains, and Prab Chompoodaveep for allergies (as is bee pollen).

Bai Toei

Bai Toei, a favorite in north Thailand, as elsewhere in the Southeast Asia, is a long, wide bull-rush grass-like blade, not unlike the annoying bush-grass Ya-kah. Tied up and boiled, it provides a fine refreshing and healthful drink after cooling down. It’s good for the heart, and like lecithin, lowers levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

When a baby is born, it has a soft spot on the top of its head. Here makreut juice is applied, fresh from the halved fruit (which looks like a wrinkled lime). Makreut is also used to condition adult hair. This was once explained to me as “to wash your thinking.” 60 years ago, ‘nam daeng’ wood ash shampoo was used on hair – ash was rinsed twice then filtered through cloth and used on the hair. Then, before shampoo, makreut was the thing to use. Now it’s in Bergamot Brand at the stores – for cleaning hair follicles and pores, and reducing dandruff or hair loss (bergamot is an ancient European herbal aid; the fragrant herb soaked in oil is reputed to warm and sooth chaffed, chapped skin).

The root of Hua Pak Khao produces foam, and of old was the clothes-washing detergent. Mieang leaf was chewed to clean teeth after betel and tobacco.

As cool season turns to dry season (after the Papaya rains, mid-February), it’s time to gather and eat red ant eggs (and the sour tasting queens!). With a bag or bucket and long bamboo pole, one can plunder the leafy nests, which at this time are not well hidden, up in the trees. The red ants are a pest – although they don’t come into houses, they do aggressively bite. They also drove away a hive of bees living in an awning above one of my windows (bee hives in house walls are considered by Thais to be great good luck). As the red ants plundered the bees’ honey, the bees moved away! Like bee royal jelly, red ant eggs are considered good for sexual energy. A Valentine’s Day treat!! Just cover the ants with white flour, or drown them. The eggs are fine with rice or in (chicken egg) omelets, or eaten fresh and raw.




Tangerine seed has been used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Amaranth Seeds

Are full of nutrients full of phytochemicals, were a staple in the diets of the ancient Aztecs but largely faded from the scene for centuries. It has high levels of protein and little gluten. It has been shown in clinical testing to have Cholesterol-Lowering Properties.

Anti-Cancer Properties

An international team of researchers found that amaranth seed has a cancer-preventive peptide.


Dry coriander seeds and their oil lower bad cholesterol and blood fatty acids called triglycerides and increase levels of HDL cholesterol.

Read more:

Cumin Seed

Cumin in Ayurveda is known to treat indigestion, flatulence, vomiting and diarrhea. Cumin seeds have antioxidant effects they stimulate bile acids and pancreatic enzymes in animal studies. Mucilage in cumin seeds has documented protective and soothing effects on mucous membranes, including those of the gastrointestinal tract; mucilage’s bulking effect on stools can also help restore normal bowel function. In addition, cumin may promote gastrointestinal health by acting against H. pylori, the bacteria that causes gastric ulcers. In a laboratory study published in 2005 in “Phytotherapy Research,” researchers found that extracts of cumin seeds in concentrations of .075 mg per ml had a significant effect against H. pylori bacteria in test tubes. They concluded that cumin extracts could be considered a valuable supportive treatment for H. pylori infection.

Black Seed

Black seed, or Nigella Sativa has antioxidant properties that fight fatigue, they are anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic . Black seed can help treat asthma, hypertension and many common allergies.


A study published in the February 2008 issue of “Journal of Ethnopharmacology” found that cardamom was able to reduce blood pressure and therefore may be valuable in managing high blood pressure.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds contain 7.4 mg of vitamin E per 1-oz. serving, or about 49 percent of the recommended dietary allowance for adults. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps promote immunity and may protect you against heart disease, cataracts and some types of cancer. Sunflower seeds are one of the richest, readily available sources of phytosterols, a substance found in plants that mimics the structure and function of cholesterol. Eating a diet rich in phytosterols may help lower cholesterol levels and decrease your risk of developing certain types of cancer.

Coriander Seeds

Coriander lowers blood sugar and reduces oxidative stress. The journal “Molecular Neurobiology” published a study called “Neuroprotection by Spice-Derived Nutraceuticals: You Are What You Eat!” in its March 2011 issue that reported on the anti-inflammatory properties of coriander protecting the nervous system from damage. Coriander showed protective benefits against colon cancer.

Celery Seeds

Celery seed has been used for many years in Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of ailments such as colds, flu and water retention. celery seed can reduce uric acid buildup in your body, which is effective prevention against gout symptoms. In addition, celery seed contains an anti-inflammatory property that is beneficial in relieving the pain associated with gout. Celery seed also has the beneficial effect of lowering blood cholesterol levels

Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seed is anti-inflammatory and it’s oil has been shown to be effective in relieving arthritic inflammation.

Read more:



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In our parsha called “In my Statutes” we find not “statutes” discussed. These being the Biblical laws which defy human rational explanation, but what we find here are “mispotim” , this is the category of laws involving social regulations. We find laws concerning vows, specifically when one vows a vow to dedicate something to give to Hashem.. Beginning with a person’s valuation, then is discussed vowing a animal, his house or field and finally the parsha and the book of Vayikra (Leviticus), also called “Safer Cohaniam” concludes discussing miser, the tithe of produce and the herd and the parsha ends with the words בהר סיני. The name of last weeks parsha.. Again we see the idea as in last weeks parsha, that the social laws, “mishpotim” are essensial and fundamental thus they are delivered under the title called in “Har Seni” . This being a internal aspect of the Torah.as its written “You shall love your neighbor as yourself; I am the Lord.” (Lev 19) , is the essential principle of the Torah.

But why in the beginning of our parsha does it say Bichucoti (In my statutes) when “statutes” are not discussed in the parsha. ?

In my Statutes” literally alludes to the commandments called “mispotim”. As Rabbi Bergstien once said that one must first express the love of their fellow men before approaching the True love of God. Once this is achieved one can ascend upward through the love of Hashem through the “chukim” (Statutes). Thus in the midst of the statutes are the “mispotim”, as the marrow of the bone is where the blood is produced. This is enough for those who understand.

The parsha begins telling us of Blessings for observing Gods Laws and curses for their non observance. The Torah requires from us observance of Its “mishotim” (Social Laws). They being a revelation of love for our fellow creations and proper conduct in society. While the inner aspect involves the expression of love of Hashem , that is expressed by “chukim”. “Chukim” are the major body of laws in safer Cohaniam, where we find laws concerning the service of the Cohaniam in the offering of the Holy Temple..

But in our parsha “Chukim” are not taught but our parsha discusses vows which are of the group of mitzvoth called “mishpotim”.. Vows are fundamental to all, as all depends on honesty. As the Torah is called Torah אמת. Thus we see here that to be in this state of “har sini” requires complete honesty.

One may think that if they say one thing and do something else it is no big deal but in our parsha we see many curses for one who does not stand by their word. So let us never forget our “obligations” and keep our “word”. The sages say that to not fulfill what one says reflects a lack of honesty. Thus we see how careful one must be with their word.

Being in “Har Sini” is being in Truth. To separate from this is to separate from life itself. Thus we see all the curses in the parsha. How much better is it to walk in truth. The Torah itself is called “Truth”. Then we can see the worlds of our parsha fulfilled “ You shall eat the old, and bring forth the old because of the new you bring out” with our righteous Mashiach quickly in our days.