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Afghan Women ‘s husband‘cut off both her ears and nose, broke her teeth and shaved her head’ and the Monster
November 30, 2008, 3:15 pm
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RAWA: QALAT – Doctors at a hospital in Qalat, capital of Zabul Province in southern Afghanistan, are treating a brutally tortured woman whose husband cut off both her ears and nose, broke her teeth and shaved her head only three months after their marriage. The victim, 16-year-old Nazia, is also suffering from psychiatric distress due to her experience, according to a doctor in Qalat hospital.

Takenf rom and read more: http://www.rawa.org/temp/runews/2007/12/26/husband-cut-off-wife-s-ears-nose-on-eid-day.html

From her bed in Qalat hospital Nazia told IRIN her story:

“My family wedded me to Mumtaz [a 40-year-old man] some three months ago, in Pakistan. Soon after our marriage we moved to his house in Qalat where his relatives told me he had another wife who had died a year ago. In Qalat my husband was jobless and was always complaining about economic problems. Two weeks after we moved to our new home he beat me for no obvious reason.

“One day I asked him to let me go to a party at my in-laws. He agreed and said I should return home in the afternoon. That day, although I came home early, I found him very angry. He beat me again, worse than the first time, and warned that he would kill me if I stepped outside the home again. He also told his brother and nephews not to come to our house in his absence.

“Day-after-day Mumtaz’s suspicion increased. He was thinking other men were visiting me while he was not at home. He did not listen to my pleas and was always saying that all women are bad and unfaithful to men. During this time he often beat me with a stick.

“One night he hit me so much that I fainted. When I regained consciousness I found my head had been shaved. I cried so much, but he did not care.

track track2

Harlan E. Ford was the first man to report a sighting of the creature in the Honey Island swamps. He made his report in 1974, but it was back in 1963 when he first saw the critter. Harlan was also the first to come out of the swamp with a plaster cast of the creature (as seen above)
It was 1963 and Harlan Ford with his buddy Billy Mills were in the deep woods of the swamp looking for an old abandoned camp they had spotted for the air. Harlan was an Air Traffic Controller in New Orleans and he often flew over the 70,000 acres of swampy wilderness in southern Louisiana.
Today the two skilled hunters were on foot and making their way back deep toward where Harlan thought he had seen the camp. When they broke out into a clearing they stopped in awe, in front of them was a massive creature on all fours. Billy asked “What is that thing!?!” The creature heard him and stood to face the two startled men. After a few seconds of eye contact it took off into the thick brush. With rifles in hand Harlan and Billy ran to try and get another look at it. All they found was it’s tracks.
Back at home Harlan told his family about the encounter, he said, “It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Ugly and sinister and looking like something out of a horror movie. It swung around and looked at us for a moment, then tore off into the swamp. I want you to know it scared the heck out of me!” From Harlan’s description the monster is seven feet tall. It’s legs are slender but it’s chest and shoulders were huge and it had long grayish hair on it’s head and short dingy gray hair on it’s body. It also had unusual eyes, Harlan said, “They were very large and amber colored and looked hard at us before running off.” Harlan was an honest man and didn’t care if people believed him or not.
In 1974 on a duck hunt Harlan & Billy were in the swamps again. Near a maze of backwater sloughs they discovered a large dead boar with it’s throat torn out. It’s stench and smell told them it had been dead for a day or two. Further up the bayou they found another dead boar with the same kind of wounds. Harlan thought it might be gators doing the killing but the boars were too far up on land from the pond. They wondered why anyone would just leave them their to rot. After walking a while they came on to a pond stretched across a few acres. From behind the brush they saw ripples in the pond and thought it was ducks, so they got down and crawled to get a better shot. When they looked up they saw another large boar lying at the edge of the pond. It had a large gash in it’s throat and blood was spilling into the water. Harlan & Bill saw tracks near the boar just like the ones they had seen back in 1963!. They decided not to stay around in case the creature came back to its fresh kill.
Later that night Harlan & Billy decided to return but first they bought plaster to cast the tracks. When they got back the Boar was still there, now covered with flies. The tracks were there too so they poured plaster into them.

With this proof Harlan contacted the Louisiana Wildlife Commission and zoologist at the Louisiana State University. All who examined the casts determined they were not a hoax and were made by an unidentifiable animal. The weight of the creature was estimated at about 400 pounds.
Harlan, on later trips into the swamp cast several more tracks and continued to look for the creature. IN SEARCH OF did a TV program segment on the sightings and this media exposure allowed more folks to come forth and tell of their sightings.
Today people are still seeing the Honey Island Creature in the wilderness along the Pearl river on both the Louisiana and Mississippi sides. Harlan Ford passed away in March 1980 from a heart attack. Harlan’s sighting has been documented in a book, “Monsters of North America” and the “In Search Of” Program.
-Jay Michael

Lights in the sky-Again
November 30, 2008, 9:01 am
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Bright flashes and sharp booms were reported in the skies over the Puget Sound area early .

Nothing unusual was detected on National Weather Service radar, and authorities also ruled out aircraft problems or military flight tests.

Toby Smith, a University of Washington astronomy lecturer who specializes in meteorites, told The Associated Press that scientists were looking into the cause of the skybursts reported over a wide area about 2:40 a.m.

Witnesses along a 60-mile swath of the sound from near Tacoma to Whidbey Island and as far as 260 miles to the east said the sky lit up brilliantly, and many reported booming sounds as if from one or more explosions.

Weather service officials at Sand Point in north Seattle said there was no storm or other meteorological activity that could have produced the skybursts.

Jay Neher, a weather service meteorologist, said the agency’s radar on Whidbey Island showed nothing unusual but added that the dish could have been pointed at another part of the sky at the time and could not detect objects above about 20,000 feet.

Duty officers at the Federal Aviation Administration and the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station said they knew of no civilian or military airplane problems.

Civilian pilots reported seeing the flash from Ellensburg, east of the Cascade Range, said an FAA duty officer who did not give her name. She also said one or more meteorites – meteors that hit the Earth – could be responsible.

At Whidbey Island, Petty Officer Andrew Davis said he and others on the base about 40 miles north of Seattle saw the skyburst.

“It made a pretty big bang,” Davis said. “We thought it could maybe be a meteorite or something.”

In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, about 260 miles to the east, Dick Haugen said he was driving to work at KVMI Radio when he saw a flash that he took to be lightning about 2:40 a.m. – then learned there were no lightning storms anywhere in the region.

Ralph Gaume, head of astronometry at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., said he knew of no likely source from outer space, such as a passing comet or meteor cluster or shower, but added that meteors commonly appear at random. Another possibility, he said, would be “space junk” such as spent rocket engines or satellites falling from Earth orbit.

Astronometry is the branch of astronomy that measures the size and location of celestial objects.

Strange world strange news articles
November 28, 2008, 11:01 am
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Kid arrested for Marijuana gumballs

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. – Federal drug agents aren’t laughing about marijuana packaged in yellow, smiley-faced gumballs.
The “Greenades” gumballs were found in January at Howard High School in Ellicott City. The federal Drug Enforcement Agency recently released an intelligence bulletin about them.
“It’s a new idea and it’s new to the DEA,” Gregory Lee, a retired supervisory special agent of the Drug Enforcement Agency, told The Baltimore Examiner. “When it comes to drug dealing, you’re only limited by your imagination.
Police charged three 17-year-old students after a teacher alerted a school resource officer. She told the officer that she saw a student give a plastic bag that the teacher believed contained drugs to another student.
The officer seized the bag, which contained two “candy balls” wrapped in foil, police said. Instructions on the foil told users to chew for 30 minutes to 1 hour before they wanted to be high and to “chew for as long as possible, then swallow.”
Officers charged two students with distribution of drugs on school property and a third with possession of marijuana.

Woman testifies about cell phone in throat

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Prosecutors say a man shoved a cell phone down his girlfriend’s throat because he was angry and jealous. But defense attorneys insisted as a trial got underway that the woman swallowed the phone intentionally to keep the defendant from seeing whom she had been calling.
Marlon Brando Gill, 24, is charged with first-degree assault in the December incident involving 25-year-old Melinda Abell. Abell has given inconsistent accounts of what happened before she was taken to a hospital, where an emergency room doctor removed the phone.
She testified Tuesday on the first day of Gill’s trial that she couldn’t remember how the phone got in her throat, saying she had too much to drink that night.
She said in court that she could not recall writing a statement to police after the incident, in which she said: “I think he thought I’d been talking to other guys. … He took my phone to see who I had been calling.”
The statement added: “If I didn’t want him to see my phone, I would have just thrown it out the window and busted it.”
Much of her testimony centered on her relationship with Gill, of Kansas City, which started in 2004.
“It was good at first, then it got rocky,” Abell said.
She testified that he had verbally and physically abused her, but under cross-examination she acknowledged she never told police about the abuse and continued to live with Gill until the cell phone incident.

Man saves dog thrown from window

WARSAW (Reuters) – A man was bruised but alive on Wednesday after a Saint Bernard dog thrown out a two-story window landed on him as he was walking down the street in the southern-Polish city of Sosnowiec.
The 110-pound dog was pushed out of the window by its drunken owner Monday, police said.
“The dog had a soft landing because it fell on a man,” said police spokesman Grzegorz Wierzbicki. “The dog escaped with just a few scratches.”
“The man was also more in a psychological state of shock than physically hurt,” Wierzbicki added.
The one-year-old dog, named Oskar, was placed in an animal shelter while police investigate its owners for animal abuse.

Dog-cooking, tree-taking school-burner may lose job

BEIJING (Reuters) – A Chinese headmaster, who tried to buy off colleagues by cooking dog meat for them after secretly selling off trees around the school, ended up setting fire to classrooms when the meal burst into flames, a Chinese newspaper said Friday.
Ten classrooms containing televisions, computers, printers and textbooks burned down, leaving nearly 100 children unable to go to school, the Beijing Youth Daily said.
The headmaster, in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang, sold off a 1,000-tree arboretum surrounding the school on the sly, the newspaper said.
“In order to get the teachers not to tell anyone what he had done, on the afternoon of May 16, headmaster Meng got friends to obtain two dogs, which they proceeded to kill on the school grounds,” the report said.
“He then told the teachers they would have dog meat to eat that afternoon,” it added.
But the plan went awry when the dog being cooked burst into flames and set fire to the school’s main office and then the classrooms.
The local education bureau fined the headmaster 10,000 yuan ($1,252) and suggested he be fired, the newspaper said.

Things are not as they Look
November 28, 2008, 10:51 am
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The parsha begins describing how Yaakov when he was born came out holding on to Asev’s Heel. Becouse of this he was called Yaakov, which comes from the world “akev” heel.

In this world Yaakov who is the Jewish people only emulate or appear similar to the people of Asev, the western world which is represented by asev’s heel. This being only a small part of their physical actions. Yaakov like Asev may work in jobs, eat food and reproduce yet only in the outward physical appearance does he do these functions like Asev. The foot represents Malchut. The physical manifestation yet even of this Yaacov only grasps only Asev’s heel, not his entire foot. Only in appearance sometimes does Yaakov perform physical functions like Asev. But in the realm of emotions, thought and needless to say spiritual motivation there is no compare. Spiritually is awareness and participation in the return of the Divine energy to its source, and the flow of this energy outward giving life animating our world, whether for healing, renewal or just finding a better taste in your food as all good comes from God. All happiness in life is there. The process of returning is also called repentance. such is the nature of the universe. Every thing returns to its root . Which is directly attached to its source. It is to be attached to the Infinite. The Eternal essence of the universe. Which is as a unfailing fountain of life that flows forever.

As to Yaakov the only purpose of being in this world and the underlying cause of all his actions is to serve The God. Thus it says ” And I will make your seed multiply as the stars of heaven, and will give to your seed all these countries; and in your seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; Because Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws.” (26:4-5) Thus we must follow in The God’s ways to hasten this blessing.

It says in the Zohar that the world is as a living body. This is evident when we see that when Asev showed complete disregard for his birthright and sold it there was immediately after a famine in the land. It says in Pesicta that it is the job of Edom who is Asev to try to push Yisrael off the Torah path. When Edom disregards natural law founded on the love of their fellow men and makes the world a place of vicious competition ” a dog eat dog world” none can stand. This is why Yisrael must be a light to the nations. As the complete negation by Asev of his source of spiritual inspiration reveals Edom which represents his blood thirsty nature, The God should help us.

In this parsha is described how the Palestinians envied Yitzchak’s properity so they blocked up Yaakov’s wells. This envy finally resulted in the king of the Palestinians asking Yitzchak to leave his country. So it has been in our exile. The properity of the Hebrew people is often followed by their persecution. Yitchak dug out the well’s of his father Avraham that the Palestinians had blocked up. He named the first well “Esek” which means contention. This well is said to correspond to the first Temple. The first temple was destroyed primarily because of  idolatry which resulted in contention and division among the Jewish people. This contention eventually split Yisrael to 2 kingdoms. Finally all this resulted in the nations having contention with us and destroying the Temple. The 2nd well he dug out he called “Sitnah” which means hatred. Because he had to fight much with the Palestinians as they hated him over it. This well corresponds to the 2nd temple which was destroyed because of  baseless hatred. The influence of Hellenism divided the people and they developed baseless hatred which is still with us today. The next well he called ‘”rachavot” meaning wideness as in this place there was no strife. The sages say this corresponds to the 3rd Temple. This reminds us that we need to give each other a little breathing room, space for individuality. As in this “wideness” we can all live together without fighting. Concerning this its written “they strove not; and he called the name of it Wideness; and he said, For now the Yhv”h has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.” The Sni Luchot ha Brit says that it says “now” in the verse because that the building of the 3rd Temple is in our hands to accomplish. So may we see this accomplished now with the end to baseless hatred and the building of the Temple with the arrival of out righteous mashiach quickly in our days.

November 28, 2008, 4:01 am
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Thanks givings – Triangle in Heaven of Jupiter, Venus, moon together on the new moon
November 28, 2008, 3:51 am
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It’s not just families that are getting together this Thanksgiving week. The three brightest objects in the night sky — Venus, Jupiter and a crescent moon — will crowd around each other for an unusual group shot.

Starting Thanksgiving evening, Jupiter and Venus will begin moving closer so that by Sunday and Monday, they will appear 2 degrees apart, which is about a finger width held out at arm’s length, said Alan MacRobert, senior editor at Sky and Telescope magazine. Then on Monday night, they will be joined by a crescent moon right next to them, he said.

Look in the southwestern sky around twilight — no telescope or binoculars needed. The show will even be visible in cities if it’s a clear night.

“It’ll be a head-turner,” MacRobert said. “This certainly is an unusual coincidence for the crescent moon to be right there in the days when they are going to be closest together.”

The moon is the brightest, closest and smallest of the three and is 252,000 miles away. Venus, the second brightest, closest and smallest, is 94 million miles away. And big Jupiter is 540 million miles away.

The three celestial objects come together from time to time, but often they are too close to the sun or unite at a time when they aren’t so visible. The next time the three will be as close and visible as this week will be Nov. 18, 2052, according to Jack Horkheimer, director of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium.

But if you are willing to settle for two out of three — Venus and the crescent moon only — it will happen again on New Year’s Eve, MacRobert said.

Venus fosters love, lust, growth,cleanliness, mockery, laughter, philanthropy, gambling, excessive desire, pleasant conversation, shopping, drunkenness, joy, Dancing

Jupiter fosters life, increase in wellbeing, productivity, seeking and hoarding wealth, development, talk of justice and righteousness, affliction, justice, peace, faith, Humility, nobility of heart, freedom of the mind to be truthful, reliability, keeping covenants, excessive speech

These powers of Venus and Jupiter unite at this time so choose to embrace their good and Holy qualities.

More to follow

Amazing isnt it
November 26, 2008, 6:30 pm
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