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Kindness Love and Meditation
January 13, 2010, 3:47 pm
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March 19, 2009, 8:57 am
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To get the most out of the Spiritual path taught here one needs to begin with the writings under the category called “The Guide”. The teachings there make a vessel so that one’s soul can ascend, and work with the meditative practices taught here. From learning  “The Guide” one will become familiar with the terms also that are necessary to access this wisdom.            So Enjoy and Grow !



Vayachal                                                                Bs”d

In last weeks parsha GOD states “ The Children of Isreal shall keep the Shabot throughout there generations”. After the giving of the Shabot Moses is given the 2 tablets of the law written by the finger of Elohem”e. In the beginning of this weeks parsha the commandment is given “ six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest. It shall be a holy day to you. Whoever works on this day shall surely be put to death”. How can this be as people are unfortunately working on Shabot, and they are still walking around ?.

Its known that on the Holy Shobot there is revealed more Chuchmah (Wisdom-creative inspiration).  It says “Chuchmah enlivens its owner”, and the source of this חיים (life force) is שכל .1 (intellect) We draw from The main aspect of life is in Chuchmah.2 All מזון (nourishment) and flow is from Bina (Divine understanding), but nourishment of the upper King is from Chuchmah. From here is heaven nourished as it says “Chuchmah makes alive its owner”, and the land to flow in Malchut of
בן ישי (King David) Who is בן יש י(son who has י (?, י refers to Teferet (balence-harmony).3 Decent from Atzilut (world of Divine creativity) to Bria (world of Divine Understanding) is always called death.4 When a man transgresses any of the prohibitions of the Torah they receive death from heaven and are cut off. 5 The limbs of a man correspond to branches of the supernal markava (chariot). The malvush (garment) of Canneset Yisrael is in 248 limbs of Atzilut which are angels. There are 248 lights in Adam elyon (supernal man) from 248 mitzvot (affirmative Biblical commandments). So that by each of the 248 mitzvot there does not rule the tuma (impurity) of death (on its cooresponding limb). All the 248 positive commandments are masculine being Teferet that is drawn from Chesed. 365 days of the year come in from the 365 branches of din (judgment) of the supernal tree. They are from the aspect of פחד (great fear) drawn from the feminine side, so women are obligated to guard all 365 prohibitions of the Torah. Prohibitions are from din (stern judgment). So do not transgress the prohibitions. 6 Not  eating the atz dat tov and rah (tree of good and evil) are 365 prohibitions. They are like sexual offenses, places of ruling of the chizonim (the other side). One who enters the gan and comes unto the chizonim there, there is aroused unto him supernal givurot (forces of severity-restriction). They flow to the malchut (Divine presence), and this disturbs minuchah (pleasant rest), givurot flow to the chitzonim. When a man comes unto these, death rules upon him, God forbid. The atz dat tov (tree of good) is mitzvot and that which is permitted. The mitzvot are atz Chyim (tree of life), that which is permitted is atz dat tov. 7 “Atz Chyim” is Z’a (source of Ruach-Emotional soul), “Atz Dat” is Nakavah (source of the animal soul called Nefesh). One is life the other is death. Whoever involves themselves with them, but gives more consideration to Nakavah when She is separate from Z”a causes to himself death in this world and “olam Haba” (world to come).8 sedek” is “Atz Chym” it arrouses against death, and delivers those attached to it.9

Immediately after the giving of the commandment of Shabot it says “Take a offering to Yhv”h, he who is of a willing heart.” May we have such a “willing heart” arroused from between the “Caruvim” that are upon the ark of the covenant as described in our parsha. “Navua” (prophesy) rests on the heart of man. Its called nefesh in the heart. If the lungs merit song of Ruach Hakodesh we say the caruvim spread there wings to receive three “chayot” of the marcava. The four winds of the world are emanated from the four wings of the Chayot. They correspond to four legs of the thrown. The heart is an aspect flesh from the side of the ox.10

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This portion of the Torah, Pekudy is all about accounting. It is in this case the accounting of the assembly of the parts of the Mishcon (tabernacle). Which is representative of the order of the supernal things. The levels of the unfolding of the Divine. In the accounts of the Mishcon are great secrets concerning the Divine names. Things that are not spoken.

A thing cannot be settled in its place till its name has been called, and it is set there. Hashem decided to list the aspects of the Torah and parts of the “Mishcon” as they together are one and cannot be separated.1 The “mishcon” was consecrated as a body which contains a “ruach”.2 All measurements of the “miscon” are those of kav midah (spiritual powers distribution device).3 Kav midah spreads to malchut (Divine presence-physical). It gives power to spread out in all her forces.4 Botzina Kardinita (lamp of Divine will) gives mida (measure) to all midot (measurements), this is the idea of  Kav midah which measures out all midot. The light dressing in all the sefirot. Which is their Nashama. It’s existence is concealed being Nashama of Bina, that is Nashama of Chuchmah that is Nashama of Keter. All the days of a man refers to kav midah spreading out within measuring midot. This is the secret of supernal life force spreading out from Keter to Chuchmah. Its midah being measured.  Such is man. supernal life force spreading out from kav midah.5 All measurements are of the mida (attribute) of Malchut.6 The Supernal forces above are together in a unity of 12 parts these correspond to :

Gold, Silver, Brass, “Techalet”, “Argaman”, Scarlet, Fine Linnen, Goats Hair, Rams Skins dyed Red, “Tachash”, “Shittim Wood”, Oil for Light, “ketoret”, and spices of the annointing oil. These 12 forces are all under the 4 “chayot” (angels). All these move towards the כסא (thrown) to lift her on high so that she may join her spouse. So that together they may be in glory. The most high sits on the כסא in perfect  perfect union with His Spouse. So there is joy in the world. The elements are listed according to their values here below. But in the “Markava” above it is the opposite. There silver is before Gold, but here the left comes before the right.7 The inner most alter was for Incense, it is the “small still voice.8 The ten curtains are the sefirot of malchut.9 The 50 gold and brass clasps appeared as the color “argaman”.10 (red-purple).The boards are chuchmah they are the angels “Seraphim” of the world of Bria.11 The Caruvim are Nezauch and Hod their wings on the parochet is Yesod.12 The Caruvim are Teferet and Malchut. The parochet (curtain) separate between the kodesh, these are 7 sefirot, they are the Chyot and the Kadosh Kadoshim. These are the first 3 sefirot. These are the Chyot of Atzilut. Sarafim are between the אולם and alter, Chayot are from the alter to outside the Azarah.13 The mishcon’s  sockets are “Nogah” (sparks) from the chest of teferet (harmony) of nogah. The floor of the “mishcon” refers to aspects that are underneath it being forces of strong judgment. There is no soul that cannot understand both the simple and the Kabalistic meaning.14

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Wisdom cries from the streets
December 1, 2008, 10:26 am
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R. Shimon began with the verse, “Wisdoms cry aloud in the streets; she utters her voice in the wide places (Heb. rechovot)” (Mishlei 1:20). This verse contains a deep mystery. “Wisdoms,” They are the upper wisdom, and the lower wisdom that is included and dwells within the upper one. “Cry aloud in the streets”:

Come and behold: The upper Chochmah (wisdom) is the most concealed of all. It is not to be known or revealed, as it is written, “Man cannot know its price” (Iyov 28:13), for when it was diffused in order to illuminate, it shined in the secret of the world to come. The world to come was created from it, as we learned, that the world to come was created by the Letter Yud, in which Chochmah (wisdom) was covered. And they became one when everything was adorned with the secret of the world to come. Everything then is joyfully luminous; everything is silent, never heard outside.

This upper wisdom is as a flash of lightening that enters into the mind. It is a revelation of creativity, by which the world is created continually.It is not heard by all men as its written “never heard outside”.

It wanted to illuminate further. Thus, from this place came fire, water, and wind, as we have learned.

Wisdom can emanate and create in the physical elements. Yet this is supernatural quality as the thing we call “wisdom” here is not some thing of this world. Creativity is a power that is from beyond oneself.

And they became one voice that went out and was heard. From then on, it assumed the aspect of “out.” For inside it is silent, SOUNDLESS, never to be heard.

Until it has become revealed

Now that the secret is heard, it is called “out.” From here on, it behooves a man to improve his deeds and ask. “In the wideness (Heb. rechovot).” What is the meaning of wideness?

If one walks upright doing good he can reach this place of wideness of wisdom.

This is the firmament where all the stars are shining. It is a spring “whose waters fail not” (Isaiah 58:11), as it is written, “And a river went out of Eden to water the garden” (Genesis 2:10).

One working with the flow of this wisdom becomes a partner with the God in Creation of the world and its renewal. We should merit to this in God’s Mercy.

It is called ‘Rechovot‘. There “she utters her voice,” the upper and the lower. And all is one. For that reason Solomon said, “Prepare your work outside, and make it fit for yourself in the field” (Mishlei 24: 27). “Prepare…outside” MEANS, as it is written, “cry aloud in the streets,”. For here work, can be corrected. And this may be sought, as it is written, “For ask now of the days that are past…and from the one side of heaven to the other” (Devarim 4:32). “And make it fit for yourself in the field.” This is “a field which God has blessed” (Beresheet 27: 27). After learning the mystery of wisdom and perfecting himself therein, it is then written, “and afterwards build your house” (Mishlei 24: 27). A HOUSE IS a man’s soul, that he will then fix within his body, to become a whole man. Therefore, when Yitzchak dug and formed the well peacefully, he called that “peace” Rechovot. And all was properly done. Happy are the Righteous, whose deeds before the Holy One, blessed be He, are to preserve the world, as it is written, “For the upright shall dwell in the land” (Mishlei 2:21), which should be read as, ’cause to dwell’, as was already explained.

So put your house in order, so that wisdom may cry out to you. And you will be able to hear. Then from this creative inspiration you be able to build with understanding Peace.