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The Founding of the United states and the Cabbalah of the Masons/NWO Part 2
June 18, 2009, 8:15 am
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Part 2


reverse seal

rev seal 2



The Founding of the United states and the

Cabbalah of the Masons/NWO

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The phrase “Novus Ordo Seculorum” below the Roman numerals for 1776 at the base of the pyramid translates as “A New Order of the Ages” that began with independence,  does it  imply the United States will be the lynchpin of a sinister “New World Order.” ?

The keepers of the Great Seal of the United States, the emblem on the back of the US$1 bill, want you to know what it is not. It is not a sign that Freemasons run the country, it has nothing to do with the occult, and it does not contain clues to a fabulous hidden treasure. Or does it ?

The Great Seal of the United States

The most prominent feature in the Great Seal of

the United States is the continuous appearance

of images in sets of thirteen in number. Now it is

well known that there were thirteen original

colonies that banded together to form the

United States. Yet, only those who are familiar

with Jewish numerology, gematria, know the

significance of the number thirteen. Indeed the

founding fathers knew the significance, and it

was by no means coincidence that the number

of original states was thus thirteen.

Thirteen is the numerical value for

the Hebrew word “Ehad” which means

one” as in Deut. 6:4, the verse that declares the

eternal pledge of the Jewish people, “Hear

O’Israel, the L-rd our G-d, the L-rd is One

(Ehad)”. It is also the numerical value for the

Hebrew word for “love” (ahava). There are also 13 Divine names that call forth mercy. The country was founded upon “July the Fourth”,

this date is spelled with thirteen letters. The

year the country was founded in was ‘76:

7+6=13. Washington and twelve of his generals

were Masons, thirteen again.

An interesting astrological note is that when the

Declaration of Independence was signed thus

giving birth to the new country, the sun was

thirteen degrees into the sign of Cancer, and the

ascendant was therefore, thirteen degrees into

the sign of Scorpio. Thirteen, we see that it pops up everywhere, but

nowhere more prominent than in the Great

Seal. The emblem which represents the United

States is filled with Masonic references to the

Hebrew numerical value for “one”, which they

used to represent their initial state of unity.

Look carefully at the Great Seal and see how

many thirteens you can count. In the eagles

right talon, there are thirteen leaves and there

are thirteen berries (olives). 13+13=26. 26 is

the numerical value of G-d’s holy Name YHWH,

where the Hebrew letters Yod (Y)=10, Hey (H)=5,

Vav (W)=6 and Hey (H)=5. There are thirteen arrows in the eagles left talon. With the number 26 concealed in the

right talon and the number 13 in the left, it

appears as if there is a secret “Jewish” message

concealed in the Great Seal, that “the L-rd (26)

is One (13)” (Deut. 6:4).

The right wing of the eagle has thirty-two

feathers. This number holds great Kabbalistic

significance. The first letter of the Torah (the five books of Moses)

begins with the Hebrew letter Bet (B), which

equals 2. The final letter in the Torah is Lamed (L),

which equals 30. 30+2=32. Thirty-two is

also the number value of

the Hebrew word for “heart” (lev, spelled

lamed, bet). In the ancient Kabbalistic

text the Sefer Yetzirah

(the Book of Creation), it is stated that G-d created

the universe using 32 wondrous paths of wisdom.

These 32 paths are none other the the holy ten

spheres of Divine emanation (sefirot) and the 22

letters of the Hebrew alphabet. These are the

heart (lev=32) of the universe and of the new


On the left wing of the eagle, there are thirtythree

feathers. Thirty-three is a number of

significance to Masons. Their highest rank in

their order is the thirty-third degree.

Adding the entire number of feathers together

we have the number 65. This points to yet

another Jewish message, i.e., the name of the

L-rd. In the Bible, and especially Jewish prayer, G-d is

always referred to as Adonai. This word in

Hebrew is numerically equal to 65. Alef (A)=1,

Dalet (D)=4, Nun (N)=50, Yod (Y)=10.

These are not the only Jewish symbols in the

great seal. Above the eagles head are a group

of thirteen stars, the symbolism if 13 we already

know. But notice that the thirteen stars are in

the shape of the six pointed Star of David. The

stars are arranged in rows of one, four, three,

four and one. Even the statement “E Pluribus Unum” is spelled

with thirteen letters. The Kabbalistic significance of these Masonic

symbols cannot be denied. But it is in the

reverse of the great seal where even greater and

more subtle secrets are.

The Reverse Seal

In order to give you a sample of “Masonic”

Cabbala, I have included a major section from

one of the works of Paul Foster Case, a known

author of esoteric and Masonic works. The

following selection is from his work entitled, “The

Great Seal of the United States – It’s History,

Symbolism and Message for the New Age.”

Written in 1935, Mr. Case’s coverage of this topic

is quite detailed. Personally, I was surprised to

see how much he knew about Hebrew

numerology and Kabbalistic teachings. In order

to give you a full taste of this type of “C”abbalah,

I have quoted Case’s discussion of the reverse

side of the Great Seal in detail. I will include

commentary as I feel necessary.

As a single figure the triangle represents the

number 34 , and since the Eye is equivalent to

the Hebrew letter Ayin, having the number 70,

the triangle and the Eye, apart from glory,

represent the number 73, the value of the

Hebrew noun Chokmah (Ch K M H)5 , “Wisdom”.

73 is related to the letter-name Gimel (G M L).

Thus the number 73 is related to the letter which

in English is “G”.6 In other words, the Eye in

the triangle represents the same overshadowing

Wisdom that is suggested by the constellation in

the crest on the obverse of the seal.

All this symbolism was familiar to Qabalists

and Freemasons of the eighteenth century, who

would certainly have understood the Eye in the

triangle just as it is understood by present-day

members of the Craft, who learn from their

monitors that the All-seeing Eye is the symbol of

the Heavenly wisdom “which the sun, moon and

stars obey, and under whose watchful care even

comets perform their stupendous revolutions.”

They also learn that the vision of this Eye

pervades the inmost recesses of the human

heart, and rewards us according to our merits.”

Careful analysis of the unfinished pyramid

underneath the Eye of Providence shows that in

whole numbers each of its sloping lines is 60

units long, its base-line 70 units, and each of

the four lines of its square top 24 units. Thus

the length of the four lines enclosing each of its

trapezoidal faces would be 60+60+70+24 units,

or 214 units. 214 is the number of the Hebrew

noun Ruach (R V Ch), “Life-Breath, or Spirit.”

Here is a hint that the structure of our national

government was intended by its founders to be

a spiritual building, truly a “temple not made

with hands, eternal in the heavens. ”

91, the length of units of each side of the

finished pyramid corresponding to that on the

seal, is the number of the Hebrew word Amen (A

M N), signifying “to be firm; to be faithful,” and

this also agrees with what is written in

explanation of the meaning of the pyramid.182, the total length of the two equal sides of

each face, is the number of the proper name

Jacob (I O Q B), and of the phrase, melakh haelohim

(M L A K H A L H I M), “messenger of

God.” Here is a suggestion that the finished

work of the New World Order begun in 1776 is

to be the fulfillment of the promises to Jacob, or

Spiritual Israel That fulfillment is to make the

completed realization of the principles of true

Americanism a message of God to all the world.

The basis of this structure of government is

represented by a line of 70 units long. 70 is the

number of the letter Ayin, corresponding to the

Eye in the triangle. It is also the number of

Adam Ve-Chavah (A D M V Ch V H), “Adam and

Eve.” Thus it suggests that the foundation of

the building contemplated by the fathers of the

republic is the Heavenly Vision (Ayin, the Eye),

expressed through the illuminated

consciousness of humanity (Adam and Eve).

On the bottom course of the pyramid is the dateMDCCLXXVI, or 1776. This date is significant

to all students of prophecy. It is the culmination

of a time-period which began with the first

captivity of Israel in 745 B.C. Seven prophetic

times” from that date is a period of 2520 years,

or seven times a prophetic year of 360 ordinary

years. This makes the year 1776 the

culmination of the seven “times” mentioned in

the Book of Daniel.

In the gematria of the Greek language, 1776 is

the number of the phrase he soteria Israel, “the

salvation of Israel.” It may be regarded as mere

coincidence by those who prefer that

explanation; but the fact remains that the New

World Order begun in 1776 was the first to admit

Jews and Gentiles to political, social and

economic equality. Since then, all over the

world, except in reactionary Germany17 , there

has been a steady trend toward the

emancipation of the descendants of the Tribe of


There are yet other points of interest with

regards to this side of the Great Seal. According

to Manly P. Hall’s “Secret Destiny of America”,

quoting from an earlier text, “The History of the

Seal” , by Gaillard Hunt, the eagle on the

Great Seal is supposed to resemble the mythical

bird, the phoenix. The phoenix bird is one of those mythical

animals that actually is mentioned in the Bible.

I will live as long as the Phoenix” (Job 29:18).

Quoting Hunt, Manly states that the majority of

drawings submitted for the Great Seal were

actually of the phoenix and not of an eagle.

The phoenix represents rebirth or resurrection. It

is the symbol of universal good.

Another interesting point is that this side of the

Great Seal was only first placed on the back of

the U.S. dollar bill in 1935. Hall makes note of

the precarious threats to democracy that were

growing in the world at that time. He suggests

that maybe the state of international politics

played a role in the timing of the proclamation

of the Great Seal.

Masons and Modern Day Politics

As can be seen by the words of Case, America,

under Masonic influence, was meant to embody

the best moral codes of the Kabbalistic

prophetic traditions. Yet, it is clear from

American history that America has never lived

up to such a lofty goal.

Racism against Blacks, Jews and native

Americans have long been ingrained in

American culture, all in blatant contradiction to

Masonic influence. In reality, the American

Masonic lodges reflected the racism of the

community at large. The Grand Masonic Lodge

of New York went so far in 1851 as to declare

African and Native Americans “unfit” for


Indeed the B’nai B’rith, the Jewish fraternal,

charitable and benevolent association was

The International Encyclopedia of Secret Societies

& Fraternal Orders” by Alan Axelrod. Facts On File,

Inc. N.Y., 1997. section “Black Freemasonry”, (page

97). see also the section on the “Ku Klux Klan” (page

159), where it states that the K.K.K. recruited large

numbers of new members from the ranks of the


founded in part because Jews were not admitted

to Freemasonry.21

Granted, these conditions no longer exist.

Nonetheless, they did exist in their time.

Masonry, in spite of its grandiose proclamations

of a New World Order certainly did not feel all

people had an equal place in it.

So what can be concluded from all this? The

influence of Kabbalah on Masonic symbolism is

quite clear. Yet, in spite of words, was there a

Kabbalistic influence on Masonic action?

The Kabbalah, like general Judaism, proclaims

mercy and compassion to all as the highest of

spiritual attributes. Did the Masons show

equality, mercy and compassion to all? History

bears witness that they did not.

Even after many years, Masonry still bears its

ominous reputation as a mystical secret society

that is to be reckoned with. In the 1970’s and

80’s a Masonic lodge in Italy called the P2

came to world attention. This came about due

to the collapse of the Italian bank, Banco

Ambrosiano. Its managing director, Robert Calvi,

who was a staunch Catholic was also a “leading

personality in the P2 lodge.”

Investigating the collapse of this bank and the

loss of multi-millions of dollars, led to the

unraveling of clandestine connections between

the Masonic lodge P2 (and thus world

Freemasonry), the Vatican Bank, the American

C.I.A. and the Mafia. Before Robert Calvi could testify in any court

about what happened to his bank and to all the

missing money, he was found hanging under

Blackfriars Bridge in London. Rumor has it that

his “suicide” was really murder. He was

allegedly silenced to keep him from revealing

the inside secrets of international Freemasonry.22

A new Pope was elected shortly thereafter, Pope

John Paul I. While to the public he was

endearing, Vatican insiders considered him to

be a socialist. They feared his liberal stands on

traditional Catholic matters. Only thirty days

into his rule of the Catholic Church, he was

found dead in his bed. Natural causes or

another murder? It all depends on whom you


During the 1970’s the power of Italy’s Communist

party was great. There was much concern about

their ability to take over the Italian government.

Such supporters of personal individualism and

human rights as the Masons might have found

themselves to be “unnaturally” aligned with

other forces that would have feared an Italian

communist takeover, such as the Vatican in

Rome and the American government through its

intelligence agency, the C.I.A.

History relates how the Masons were involved in

the American revolution. Political intrigue is

thus no stranger to them. They were active

again in Italy in the 1970’s and 80’s. Where

might they be active today?

The answer to this question may be more simple

than not. Maybe we should look to where high

ranking Masons are in positions of political

power. Could these men somehow be influenced to use their

political positions to influence politics in favor of

certain Masonic interests? It is truly possible or

simply another conspiracy theory?

Maybe George Washington, Thomas Jefferson

and Benjamin Franklin are in a better position to

answer these questions for us. They were men

in political positions of power who used their

offices to further Masonic interests. Should we

believe that maybe things have changed over

the centuries. Judging from P2 in Italy, I think


So, whether we like it or not the saying on the

Great Seal: “Novus Ordo Seclorum”, best

translated as “New World Order” is coming our

way. According to Case it has been here since

1776. President George Bush, another member

of a clandestine organization known as the Skull

and Bones Society has declared the post

communist era as the “new world order.” Is this

new world order the era of the American

Empire? Judging from modern day politics and

economics, one may argue this point. American

influence, overt or covert is a dominant force in

world politic today. Where are the Masons with

regards to this? Do they stand behind the

country they founded? Again, we do not have

the answers to these questions. Many will say

that it is simply best not to ask them.

Yet, one question I must ask. Is this “Novus Ordo

Seclorum”, (New World Order) something good

or bad . It has all the markings of

emancipation and at the same time the

trappings of being very hostile to Torah,

Kabbalistic and spiritual values.

Is there indeed a new world order? Or is this

simply conspiracy theory hype? Kabbalah and

Cabal, is there a connection? In the eyes of

many, yes there is. So what is the Novus Ordo

Seclorum” (new world order) Is it the emerging

government of the anti-Christ, or worse yet, the

government of Armilus? Masonic opponents will

heartily say yes. One way or another, time will tell us all the

answers. We need but sit back and wait and

pray that whatever G-d sends upon us it be for

the highest good.

Are the Masons true righteous Gentiles serving

the One G-d or are they demonic agents of evil

out to destroy the world? Again, it all depends

upon whom you ask. Let us judge not by

conspiracy theories, nor by political or religious

agendas. Let us simply look at the facts and the

actions that be. The Masons will be judged by

their actions, both before men and before G-d.

For those unfamiliar with the modern conspiracy

trend now commonly known as New World Order

theory; the world’s diplomacy is secretly

controlled by a cabal of extremely wealthy and

influential men who adhere to an ideology of creating

a one world government. There are two

rivals within the conspiracy, one Anglo-Saxon,

the other European. Both share the same goal

but differ on who will run this global tyranny.

The seat of the New World Order in America is

The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) in

Manhattan. To reach consensus with the rest of

the cabal, the CFR created one sister

organization in the 1970’s called the Tri-Lateral

Commission and joined another in 1954, called

the Bilbergers, named after a Dutch hotel where

the conspirators first gathered to bring their

order to the planet.The NWO planners corrupt governments

worldwide and when they refuse to cooperate,

arrange wars, hyper-inflation, starvation and the

like until they relent.

It is clearly evident that Masonry has adopted a

great deal of wisdom teachings from the

Kabbalah. Yet, in my opinion, it is clearly

evident that Masonic “C”abbalah contains within

it many foreign elements. After all, a

pyramid with an eye is not a symbol to be found

anywhere in legitimate “K”abbalistic sources.

Regardless of what form of Kabbalah the

Masons had been exposed to, be it “K”abbalah

or “C”abbalah, it was this wisdom that laid the

philosophical foundation for American freedoms

and human rights. Although the founding fathers of the United

States professed the highest values for freedom

and equality, the country they founded did not

stay long on the altruistic path they endeavored

to create.

Masonic prejudice throughout the 19th and

early 20th centuries demonstrates that while

Masonry might make use of Kabbalistic

symbolism, they certainly did not live up the

what those symbols were to represent. This is a

great shame.

So close and yet so far. Where and how the

Masons went wrong, I cannot say. Perhaps,

rather than being a true spiritual order, the

Masons were (are?) more interested in politics.

This is what appears to be. Masonic involvement in politics is

clearly documented by the fact that they fermented the

American revolution. As has been shown, in

recent years the Masons are still at the center of

much political controversy. The P2 lodge in

Italy and alleged Masonic connections to the

Vatican, CIA and mafia, how much of this is

true? How much is fiction? The Masonic

connection here, however big or small, reveals

that their politic agendas are still alive and well.

Whether or not the Masons are involved with

Middle Eastern affairs as alleged, I for one,

cannot say. But judging from previous Masonic

political intrigues, I wouldn’t be surprised Yet,

as far as I am concerned none of this really


For me the important issue is one of spirituality,

not of politics. Kabbalah offers the greatest

depths of spirituality and the highest calling for

human rights and freedoms. What we must

remember is simply this: Kabbalah is spiritual,

not political.

How shocked I was to find that the standard

dictionary identifies Kabbalah, the holy metaphysical teachings of prophetic Judaism, as having anything to do with Cabals, secret groups of political collaborators. In all my years of

study, I have never seen any covert political

actions on behalf of any Kabbalistic individual

or group. I find it slanderous that others do not

also see things in this light. All discussion,

therefore, of political Cabals being related to

Kabbalah is an outright fabrication and

slanderous lie.

Kabbalah is something Holy. I am honored that

Masonry has chosen Kabbalistic symbolisms to

represent some of the highest ideals for the best

political government ever conceived of by man. I am

disappointed that the Masons have not lived up to

these ideals.

Masons and non Masons alike will walk in the correct paths of the Holy One, blessed be He, in truth and sincere righteousness.

The Founding of the United states and the Cabbalah of the Masons/NWO
April 27, 2009, 9:22 am
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To understand the occult elements and their secret societies in the fabric of American and international politics we first need to understand what is “Kabbalah”. Kabbalah is a Hebrew word that means “received.” What “is received” is nothing less than the metaphysical and spiritual teachings practiced and handed down by the schools of the Biblical prophets. In order for one to become a prophet one had to have prophetic training. They had to learn how to meditate,

how to experience spiritual reality and how to discern between good and evil. Eventually the aspiring prophet would merit to experience the presence of G-d. These spiritual disciplines have never been lost, but passed down generation to generation to select individuals, who find this their calling. These teachings were passed down almost exclusively by word of mouth for twelve hundred years since the destruction of the holy Temple in Jerusalem in 68 C.E. After this time, the Kabbalists teach, permission was granted by Heaven to put many of the ancient teachings into writing. And that is when problems began.

Since the public dissemination of Kabbalah in Jewish circles in medieval Spain, The Kabbalah also went outside of Jewish circles. Kabbalistic manuscripts of all kinds were copied by non-Jews, mostly Catholics, and translated into European languages and Latin. Today, the Vatican library houses one of the greatest collections of Kabbalistic texts in the entire world. For proof of this, one need simply check the bibliographies of any modern scholarly Kabbalistic work for the source of its references. Even with access to these manuscripts, Christian transcribers of Kabbalah, many times were not experts in Hebrew and, therefore, made many mistakes in their translations. Another problem that arose was the obvious Christian bias to reinterpret Kabbalah in the light of Christian doctrine.

From this perversion of the ancient wisdom came another form of Kabbalah, one which today is spelled with a “C” i.e., Cabbala. This Christian school of Cabbala also incorporated many ideas, doctrines and teachings that were not of Jewish origins.Its teachings were also adopted and integrated into the European schools of occult and magic. Thus there developed another corruption of true Kabbalah called the “Qabbala” with a “Q” used by practitioners of the occult. It is this last form of Qabbala that is most popularly known around the world. This form of “Q”abbala includes aspects of Egyptian and Greek mystery school teachings. In fact, this perversion of Kabbalah contains many false teaching and ideas that are the opposite of the truth of “Kabbalah”. This is why people think Kabbalah related to the dark occult arts and evil origins. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The true and holy Kabbalah, ordained and given by G-d, has been preserved, treasured and safeguarded. Authentic Kabbalah, handed down by the Biblical prophets, contains great concepts of social justice, morality and human rights. These teachings have had a tremendous influence on the development of post Renaissance western philosophy and society in general.

The Masons

Many mystical groups arose in renaissance Europe. Many of these groups were political in nature. Many of them also claimed that they were Kabbalistic secret societies. As secret societies, these groups would use clandestine means to achieve whatever political

agenda their spiritual beliefs led them to pursue. Indeed according to Webster’s Dictionary, the word “cabal”, means a group of conspirators is said to come from the Hebrew word Cabbala. So we can see why in the eyes of many, Kabbalah and covert political action go hand in hand. While in truth the true Kabbalah has nothing to do with political agendas, The Kabbalists Jews were not even allowed in these groups. This one group has played a key role in the development of western civilization. Their vision of social justice and human rights (which they borrowed from the Cabbalah) has served as the foundation of western democracy since the 18th century. The group to which I refer is the fraternal order of Freemasons. The historical origins of the Masons is shrouded in mystery. Masonic legend claims their origins go back to the Temple of King Solomon. While this cannot be confirmed or denied, one thing is certain: the Masons carry with them a large body of “C”abbalistic knowledge. No stranger to politics, the Masons have had a monumental influence upon the establishment of the United States of America. Thus there is an actual role that the Kabbalah has played in the founding of the United States. A number of the founding fathers of the United States were Masons. It was from the St. Andrews Masonic Lodge in Boston that a group of Masons, who were fed up with British injustice regarding unfair taxation, dressed up as Indians and went to Boston harbor to protest. The famous Boston Tea Party was a Masonic event. Another Mason was Paul Revere who set out on his historic ride, crying, “the British are coming”. Thirteen of the revolutionary war generals were Masons, including General George Washington.

In fact, Washington took his second oath of office as President of the United States dressed in full Masonic regalia. A painting of Washington in this outfit still hangs today in the Library of Congress. Thomas Jefferson was a Mason, so was John Adams, John Hancock, and according to some sources, so were the vast majority of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin was not only a Mason, he was a Grandmaster Mason in charge of lodges both in the colonies as well as in France. It must be remembered that usually Masonic membership is secret we cannot know of everyone who was involved. Today, in America the Masons are know for their charitable services. They have chapters in every city and most towns, small and large. Their numbers, in America alone are in the millions. Only a few know of the Cabbalistic side of their order’s origins.

The Masons and Kabbalah

Steeped heavily in tradition and ritual, Masonic rites are a mystery to all, except those who have been initiated into them. The Masons themselves say that their symbolisms are derived from the Kabbalah. Masonic Cabbala is Christian in origin. The Southern Baptists Catholic church and fundamentalist Christians claim that their teachings are occultic and demonic and that their order is “in league with the devil.” Masonry is a Christian movement. Why is the church so opposed to the Masons? It is strange that in all Masonic rituals and prayers there is never mentioned the name of Jesus Christ. This completely unheard of in any Christian order. Thomas Jefferson was a Mason he actually rewrote the Gospels of the Christian Bible leaving out certain aspects of the life of Jesus and simply leaving in the moralistic code that all scholars agree Jesus took from the Talmudic Rabbis. Thomas Jefferson was a signer of the

Declaration of Independence and served as the third President of the United States. I am speaking about, the man who designed and wrote the Declaration of Independence, and thus authored the philosophical foundation of the United States.

It seems the the Masons were trying to build a Holy nation based on the biblical system of values the God had set forth for all the nations of the world preserved in the Oral traditions of the Jewish Rabbis. This system being called “ TheNoachites Laws” According to the authoritative work, “The History of Freemasonry”2 by Albert Mackey, Masonic writers as early as 1723 have specifically written about Noachites laws. On page 410 of this most revealing book, Mackey quotes the following from an old Masonic work entitled: “The Laws or Obligations laid before his Brother Masons by Prince Edwin” (the Krause MS.): “The first obligation is that you shall sincerely honor G-d and obey the laws of the Noachites, because they are divine laws, which should be obeyed by all the world.” Mackey comments (page 411) as follows: ”The meaning is that the only righteous laws which a Freemason is required to obey are those contained in the code that has been attributed to Noah. Masonic interest in the laws of the Noahide also explain why the Church would be so vehemently opposed to them. After all,the first Noahide law forbids idolatry. Any prayer other than to G-d the Father is considered to be idolatry. Indeed, recently the seven principles were given formal recognition by the United States Congress. The United States government, in a formal proclamation of Congress, has declared the seven universal principles to be the “bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization.”3 This proclamation was signed by President George Bush on March 20th, 1991.

Yet the Masons did not limit their influence to simple words or concepts. The very seals drawn to represent the United States, which are found on the back side of a United States $1.00

bill are full of Masonic symbolism based upon their understanding of the Kabbalah. A review of these symbols will clearly prove this to be the case.

To be continued…………………………………………………………….