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Get to the New stuff !-The land of Israel
November 10, 2008, 9:14 am
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All the supernal forces that govern the various countries and cities of our world are brought to light by the Zohar. Abraham masters the knowledge concerning all these diverse metaphysical intelligences that rule and administer over the cosmos. However, the Creator tells him not to direct his mind towards these supernal matters. Rather, Abraham should focus upon his spiritual work in this physical realm, placing his trust in the Creator regarding the workings of the metaphysical dimension. Spirituality is to make the world a better place where the God is more revealed. It is not a escape from this world, though one receives great delight from this spiritual work, and it gives one more joy and pleasure in all that they do !

The great sage Hillel, who was asked to reveal all the supernal mysteries and secrets of the Torah in the short time that he can remain standing on one leg. “Love thy neighbor as thyself. All the rest is commentary. Now and go and learn,” the sage replied. From this attitude we begin our “spiritual work”, It is the true beginning. With out this one will have nothing.

“Now Hashem said to Abram, Get you out ” According to Rabbi Elazar go out for yourself, to fulfill yourself and complete your grade. “Get you out,” for you must not stay here among the wicked. The secret “Get you out” is that the Holy One, blessed be He, inspired Avraham with the spirit of wisdom. He knew how to judge the spirits of the civilized world. He observed them, weighed them in the scales, and knew how to connect them to the powers entrusted to govern the inhabited places on earth. When he reached the middle point of civilization, he weighed it in the scales, but could not reach any conclusion. He tried to see and to know what sort of power governed that place, but could not conceive it. He weighed a few more times before realizing that the whole world sprouts from that place and is established upon it. He observed carefully, and measured, so as to understand the subject, and concluded that the supernal force above it could not be measured, that it is deep and hidden, and that it does not resemble the different parts of the inhabited land. He watched attentively, weighed, and realized that the middle point of the inhabited world is the point from which the whole world moves out to all its corners. Similarly, he knew the power that now prevails over the point. all other powers that govern the corners of the world originate from that point and all energies hold to it.

From the Temple mount at the place called the Even stiyah (stone of drinking), called the foundation stone. Abraham later would bring Isaac to sacrifice, till God told Him not to. Here is where the “Dome of the rock” is. From here a Beam of supernal light descends from above to nourish and sustain the world both spiritually and physically.

Then “they went out with them from Ur Chasidim, to go to the land of Canaan.”

Abraham knew and checked all the governors and rulers of the world that had dominion over the entire civilized world. And he was examining all those who govern and rule over the directions of the world’s inhabited land, all those that have dominion over the stars and the constellations. Abraham was inquiring into the spiritual forces that propel the influences called astrology. The science of which he was the greatest master. By study of Astrology Avraham came to knowledge of the the spiritual forces that propel the influences called astrology, By this he came to Be aware of the one superpower over all God. He learned how they exercise their power over one another. In considering all the inhabited places in the world, he did well. But when he reached that place, he saw the force of the depths. And he could not withstand it.

As soon as the Holy One, blessed be He, noticed his awakening and his passion, He immediately revealed Himself to Avraham and said: “Get you out” in order to learn about and perfect yourself. Saying to Abraham “GET YOU OUT” means from that Wisdom with which he studied horoscopes, determined by watching and examining the moment, hour, and time of birth, and the planet and the sign under which one is born. The god was leading Abraham to much higher level of Divine knowledge

The verse, “And from your father’s house,” Never look upon your father’s house again, REFERRING TO CHARAN, Therefore, “Get you out” of this wisdom and this observance. The god was leading Abraham to much higher level of Divine knowledge

We always must be moving Higher, exploring new levels of Spirituality we have not seen or

worked with before. Renew Yourself !