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The GUIDE Part 11 : Dont be like a Animal, Be like a prophet !
January 20, 2009, 9:06 am
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It is a matter of the lower animal desires being subdued by divine inspiration, as it is explained by Rabbenu Bachyah, that ultimate submission to God arises from an inward urge in the mind that is innate in the nature of the human being, whose body and soul are joined together. Such a one is induced- to follow the Torah by reason, and reaches the

8. Malbim parsha Bereshith.

9. Malbim parsha Chayah Sarah.

degrees of the prophets and the elect of the supernal and the pious. His recompense here on earth is joy in the sweetness of the service of God , and in the world to come the highest illumination, which we are unable to picture or describe. The urge of the Torah is a revelation from God . 10 Concerning this inward urge, revelation from God , Rebbenu Bachyah further explains that to reach the stage where one is drawn to the service of God by the intellectual urge, one must realize the Creator has implanted in the mind to esteem truth; detest falsehood; chase righteousness; avoid injustice; requite benefactors with good deeds, expressing gratitude; punish and condemn the wicked; and keep peace with all human beings, acting beneficially towards them and forgiving transgressors when they repent. 11

Comprehending the idea of spirituality creates a love for the Holy One by revealing the righteous intellectual urge spoken of above, but we must be careful in our search for truth as misconceptions can, Heaven forbid, separate us from Divine inspiration as our thoughts lead us astray. It is explained that Adam made a mistake of this nature. He believed that by eating the fruit of knowledge he would be endowed with the evil inclination, making it more difficult to serve God . and thus believed this service. since it was a greater trial, would be more pleasing to his Creator. What he did not realize was the complete impact this act would have upon his overall perception. Of course intellectualization alone is not enough to ascend to holiness, especially in these later days. In the past the keys for ascending into holiness were known. but in these later generations few know those ways so the locks must be broken with the inner devotion of a broken heart.

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But do not be mistaken: One should not be depressed or sad, as this keeps one from divinity. Rebbe Shneur Zalman explains that a person should consider himself shameful and loathsome from a contrite heart and humbled spirit, while at the very same time he should be joyful; the shame is an aspect of the animal soul while the joy is from his divine soul. 12

The Guide part 8


  It is simple if one does not follow the advice of God from the Torah. Their soul will become ill, eventually even their body also becomes effected. As the body is a vessel to ones soul. Illness may be physical yet the physical symptoms have a spiritual source. Health is maintaining Balance. If one ignores their soul long enough they will fall ill. The remedy is in the Torah, though once one has came to the point of being physically ill, its remedy may not be so simple to identify. It is as if one has went on a road trip with out a map and finds themselves hundreds of miles from where they desire to be. Getting back, especially with out a map (being so far from the Torah may be difficult).

  In the Bible its written ” And you shall be to me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation. ” This is a unique lifestyle.  Each nation has different gifts from God. Isreal was meant to be ” a kingdom of priests”. Its written a Gentile who fulfills Torah is as the “High Priest”. In Isreal only the “High Priest” can enter the Holy of Holies. But it was only Isreal that was given the mission to all mankind of being  ” a kingdom of priests”. Most of the Children of Isreal have not been living up to this standart. They dont even have a clue what this means.

  The “Cohen” (priest) makes and pursues peace. As its written above working toward making the world a “Happy commonwealth”. By this we will bring heaven down to earth. To these ends onleash your imagination to Divine inspiration and fulfill your purpose. By this you will come to make this world a better place and at the same time you will attach you soul to the ”Tree of Life” and reveal its light by you soul. While still in this world. You will behold wonders.  


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August 29, 2008, 12:00 pm
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 Raey                                                                bs”d      


    Here we are told of a blessing in fulfilling Hashem’s commandments “ Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse” (Deuteronomy 11:26). So it is every day in fulfilling the commandments. The reward is the Holy one’s blessing, Blessed is His Name. Heaven forbid in not fulfilling the commandments we are asking for the curse. Not fulfilling the commandments we are told is as worshipping other God’s as its written “if you will not obey the commandments of  yhv”h Elohache”m, but turn aside from the way which I command you this day, to go after other gods, which you do not know (Deuteronomy 11:28) . This is similar as written in the psalms “They do not know, nor will they understand; they walk in darkness”(Psalms 82:5). We have been given the way of life by Hashem in his commandments, this is our way, the way of out forefathers, peace unto them. To act in any other way would be to act irrationally, by the wind of folly. Its truly a way we “do not know”, becouse if one knew where that path leads they would certainly stay clear of it. 

   3 times in the parsha it is said to rejoice.  “shall rejoice before  Yhv”h “(12:12) and “you shall rejoice in all that you put your hand to, you and your households, because Yhv’h Elohache”m has blessed you. (12:7) . As our Father Avraham did we should rejoice in out portion which is our blessing. Serve Hashem in Joy. Not just doing the mitzvot, but doing them Joyfully, as a true expression of love. We should put great thought into our mitzvot so to beautify them.  Concerning this we are instructed that Nothing illuminates the eyes of a man as secrets of the Torah. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochi said secrets are the “light”. If one learns correctly they will pray correctly, do mitzvot correctly all in simcha in good spirit. If one prays and knows “cavanot”(spiritual intention) of Teffila there is no greater joy in the world than this.1 Whoever can perform the “mitzvot” as is proper, and his words are correct arrouses Hashem. But “sadeekem” who have knowledge concerning the essence of the meaning of the physical requirements of the Mitzvot and their words, and know how to have “cavana” (proper intent) in their hearts and are arroused in the “mitzvot”. They get blessings from the place of thought, and Hashem is close to them. When they call to Hashem he is ready and there for them. They interact with Divine providence.2 Rejoice doing the mitzvot to the best of your ability. This will result in the blessing mentioned in the first verse of parsha. 

     What exactly is this blessing ?, Its result for one thing is we will be Holy people as it is written “Now therefore, if you will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then you shall be my own treasure among all peoples; for all the earth is mine; And you shall be to me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation.(Exudus 19:5-6)  To reach this blessing the path is spelled out in the laws of the Torah. Together these laws make the path that is “ right in the eyes of Yhv”h Elohech”a “(13:19). Know, There are those who serve Hashem as slaves, they do not cleave in the Ayn-sof  (infinate light), except by histashalut (gradual unfolding). While those who serve Hashem out of love cleave in Hashem with out any mesach (screen-filter) separating.3 In the parsha we are told a way to help us fulfill the way of the Torah as its written “And you shall remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt, and the Yhv”h Elohech”a redeemed you ” (15:15).By remembering we were slaves, we can appreciate our freedom and rejoice in the way of the Torah. And by remembering the strong arm by which Hashem redeemed us from Egypt with miracles while plaguing the Egyptians, and finally drowning them in the sea. We can realize the greatness of Hashem and the  love he has for us and thus we can  Love Hashem as is proper, and be in awe of him. Then we will be sure to see our righteous Mashiach quickly in our days.

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