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June 2, 2019, 6:29 am
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On Shabbot HaGadol we need to decide whether we will read the version of the Passover Hagadah that says this is “The bread of affliction”, or the other version which reads this is “Like the bread …”. Our decision depends on our present state on “Shabbat Hagadol”.

The greatness of Shabbat is  is hidden. All of the Shabbat experiences that our nation have come together and make a Shabbat Hagadol. It is this that will ensure liberation, making the people enter a state of “Gadlut” (greatness-expanded consciousness). The sages tell us that the Israelites in Egypt  possessed scrolls from their forefathers, which they would enjoy from Shabbat to Shabbat, when they rested, saying that Hashem would liberate them” (Shemot Rabba 5:18). It was the spiritual teaching in these scrolls which gave the Jews the ability to hope for a brighter future. It brightened their spirits and raises their stooped backs, as they held on to faith in the future liberation. As these scrolls reminded the Israelites that God had told their forefathers that “He will certainly redeem”.

The secret of our hope for freedom by Redemption and spiritual success is Shabbat. Shabbat is a day of rest and light for the soul. This light reminds us of our bright past of our Holy forefathers and this gives a bright hope for the future. So people can hold on to faith of the future liberation. The sages tell us , “Whoever observes Shabbat properly, even if he worships idols like the generation of Enosh, he will be forgiven” (Shabbat 118b). Shabbat contains a wonderful power that can destroy idol worship. It is in this merit that Shabbot has the ability to erase our sins and bring on the Redemption. ). The bravery of  Shabbat Hagadol in Egypt. When the Israelites took sheep,  the highest idol of Egypt, and prepared to slaughter them, was able to make us fit for the liberation. May in the merit of brazenness of Holiness we merit to be redeemed !