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What its all about —- The soul its repairs and Redemption
September 23, 2016, 11:34 am
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The 10 Days of “Teshuva” (Penitence) are the 10 days, from Rosh HaShana until Yom Kippur in these days we are building our desire to receive, the left column. Our work during these days creates our year to come.  Our work during these days purify our desires from all the negative qualities we have attached in the past, at least potentially. It is these negative powers which try to hold us back from fulfilling the true desires of our souls.

The Creator created the soul called Adam for his intent to share with it spiritual delight which is eternal. The creature’s sensation of the Creator is this delight and pleasure. By the wisdom of the Torah it is called “Light,” and the desire to receive the Light is called a “vessel”.

600,000 rays stretch from this soul called Adam. Each ray produces many souls. We are all interconnected and included in this soul of Adam, unless one degrades their soul by evil so much that it become included in the “sitra achra” the otherside. Such souls are considered to have fallen out of the body of Adam.

The vessels of the soul are gradually corrected and refined by our Godly actions like doing kindness and meditation and all the other commandments (advice) God has given us in the Bible. so that we finally adopt a completely altruistic desire, identical to that of the source of the Light, that of God. The more alike the soul and the Light become, the more Light it can and does receive.

In the 10 days of Teshuva is made the “Nesira” (cutting)

Bina cuts the Klipa from Z’a The function of the “Nesira” (cutting)

is to mitigate Givurot.

Now we have 10 Days to purify refine

to push away evil

and draw good

10 days where detailed changes can be made

providence for this New year

Big cleansing is coming

on Yom Kippor

In the ten days of repentance there is an opening in heaven for successful repentance as the structure is still incomplete until Yom Kippor. During the ten days of repentance it is easier to repent than on other days, because the Abba and Ima are building the Nakavah. While during the rest of the year Nakavah is built by Z”a.

One must let go of who he is now if he wants to attain a new, higher and more exalted level than before. A greater self cannot be built on a lesser self. The lesser self must first be “disassembled”. There are many places where one sees this universal truth. The “Nesira” is made according to our actions. Because there is the aspect of back to all 10 sefirot of Nakavah of Atzilut, as there is seizing or klipot very much. When Zu”n rest in Aba and Ima and they cleave united. The “ruach chitzon” cannot come between them. They are together “Mammash” ! After when they need “nesira” , which sweetens the back of them. Then are returns Za and Nakavah face to face. Because of sins Zu”n are turned back to back. Zu”n turns back to back so to protect their backs from seizing of the “Klipot”.

In order to turn from back to back to face to face this is by “nesira”. Z”a must receive sufficient light so to enable the “shared” back to double. One for him and one for her. They are separated Sefirah by Sefirah till they are 2 separate parzufim (Z’a and Nakavah). This is the last step of the Nesira. Then they become as “New souls”.The back of Teferet of Z”a is the third leg of the “kesay” (throne). Nesira and growth bring one face to face with Z”a. Standing at right side of Z”a which is first leg of “kisay” called “Rosh Pina”.

In the 10 days of Teshuva is made the “Nesira” (cutting). The “Nesira” from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippor reveals Bina , Ima called “upper Teshuva”. This is Yovel. Where the children will return to their borders. By teshuva there returns the power of Hashem. The “nesira” of the penimi is on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, Nashamot are raised up. Nesira of Chitzon is on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, the worlds are raised up, refined, female aspect. Only by “dinim” taken in “nesirah” is Nakavah’completed. The “dinim” are taken from back of Z”a from Ketter till the end. These “dinim” complete Nakavah. Before the nesira Adam included “Zachor and Nakavah” (male and female) as one.

Ima ( Face of GOD that emanates Bina – the Nashama , soul of Divine intellect), cuts the Klipa (shells of spiritual impurity. Forces of concealment of light) from Z’a. “Nesira” is a,surgical uncoupling made by spiritual surgery. In the Bible “nesira” was the process that sawed apart Adam from Eve, who were originally created as a single androgynous being, who were faced back-to-back. The “nesira” only severs back to back, ineffective bonds with in our souls. This uncoupling actually initiates a higher more rectified recoupling. One where the masculine and feminine aspects of the soul are joined not back to back as before, but face to face. This union of of the masculine and feminine aspects of the soul, occurs in a way similar to that with earthly man and woman, being preceded by a period of arousal and stimulation of what is called “hibuk and nishuk” — hugging and kissing. By this the souls powers will be more revealed , and can function better. The soul is then able to get more flow of Divine light from the GOD. This “hibuk and nishuk” — hugging and kissing making the unification is from the “teshuva” (repentance) of these days called the 10 days of teshuva. By the intensity of the “hibuk and nishuk” — hugging and kissing, the passion of teshuva is the nature of the structuring of the new unification of the masculine and feminine aspects of the soul.

The original “nesirah” between Adam and Eve took place in ten stages as each stage was a distinct sefira/emanation being separated from its cooresponding feminine aspects. This took place almost instantly in the Garden of Eden. Now takes place over a period of ten days. The ten days of “teshuva” (form Rosh Hashanah till Yom Kipor). Each of the ten days is the division of the Back to back masculine/feminine soul aspects “cut” into separate male and female aspects, and these at the same time are cleansed of klipa (negative energy). The feminine aspect of Keter/Crown is “cut” from the masculine aspect of Keter/Crown, the feminine aspect of Chochma/Widsom from the masculine aspect of Chochma/Wisdom and so on.

In the Bible this process is seen in the creation of Eve where is says God took “tzaila” (mistranslated as “rib”) it really means a “side” being the feminine side of Adam. This “side” ran the length of his body from his head/keter to the malchut at his feet. This process of God taking the side from Adam to make Eve is called the “nesira”. In the process “klippot” (negative energy), “dinim and gevurot”, the Divine unmitigated constricting energies which prevent revelation of Divine flow are sweetened by their root”. The “lower feminine” (Eve)- The Nefesh (animal soul) is refined by the Imma (source of the Nashama).

After there has grown up the parzuf Nakavah at the back of Z”a. Then falls the ה”א which is the “mochin” (brains) of Abba and Ima to Nakavah, but not through Z”a. Then she is נסרת (cut) from Z”a and there is taken מנצפ”ך back Givurot of Ima. These are sweetened and aspect of ה”א.

Nakavah receives from Givurot of Z”a before the Nesira and she receives another set of givurot after the “nesira”. These מנצפ”ך are received by “tikun chatzot”, as then is fixed all Leah’s limbs. The final nesirah/division and “re-constructive surgery” to create her reproductive organs takes place in the malchut, the 10th day which is Yom Kippur. For this reason we wear a large tallit/prayer shawl at night as well as during the day of Yom Kippur. The tallit causes the energy of Ima (the Nashama- Soul of Divine intellect) to spread her wings around her daughter one’s “nefesh” animal soul which it raises upward joining the Ruach (emotional soul) and the Nefesh (the animal soul) together is a renewed face to face unification. Simply put, during the 10 days of Teshuva is refined, made vessels for 10 aspects of light. Being vessels of the ten Sefirot : Keter, Chochmah, Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Teferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, Malchut. We will fill these vessels on the festival of Succot with the upper light.

The ”Nefesh”- malchut/kingdom now refined from the purifications of the 10 days of teshuva is cosmically “sealed” as the now fully developed Divine Female. This is known as the”chotem”, the “sealing” that takes place on Yom Kippur and is reflected in the expression we greet each other with, “G’mar Chatima Tova” – May you have a good “sealing [in the Book of Life]”.

The Holy One reviews what mankind has done every year to see how to restructure the Divine presence in the earth and the Soul of each individual during the 10 days of repentance. After Yom Kippur ends we begin working the energy of the right column. . This light comes to us in quality and quanity according to our spiritual work of Elul, Rosh Hashanah, the Ten Days of Penitence and Yom Kippor. By this light is determined what will be our satisfaction, achievements,financial state,  health and all things concerning our of life and the world for the year to come.

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