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Protect yourself-Do good
July 27, 2008, 9:05 am
Filed under: Angels, klippah, other dimensions, spirits

   The reality of spiritual and occult forces, entities is often dismissed and even mocked by the ignorant. In Biblical times, mastery of occult knowledge was required for an elder to have a seat in the Sanhedrin (great court of 72 elders). This knowledge was required learning of all Sages, so to recognize and know how to combat malevolent negative forces of the “otherside”. You need to know, especially now when God is so hidden and evil so dominant in this world. so you protect yourself. That once one has any contact with a thing,that contact leaves a mark which serves as a point of connection for further Contact it is a opening to get deeper into the person. This can happen even without the person’s awareness or consent. Just like the slightest contact with something Biblically impure can render whatever it has contact with impure. This negative “tumah” (impure) energy is contaminates on contact. We see similar concepts with modern medicine as regards to bacteria and viruses. Indeed, many physical ailments that have inflicted people have done so because of personal choices these people have made. Little do those people realize that the choices they make have a direct result of occult influence upon their minds and bodies. We are not only what we eat, but what we do and what we think. Because of these things at times by “bad” choices we may not even be ourselves. In the spiritual realms there is always an ongoing battle for control.

  Just as our physical world is inhabited by numerous others, so too are the realms into which the soul travels is also inhabited by indigenous beings of those places. Religions call them names like demons and angels, yet these terms do almost nothing to describe the actuality of the different entities that one can encounter.

   Thought travels instantaneously throughout physical space. When one travels into the innerspace of the soul, one has access doors that enable one to travel through consciousness to other places in the universe. As well as into other dimensions of existence. The master of the occult can project his own thoughts into the minds of others with out them having any knowledge of this. The one under such influence has no idea that he or she is thinking thoughts not their own. One under such influence may feel compelled to act in certain ways. Only afterwards does one wonder what “possessed” them to act like that.

  These things are ancient. We even find references to them in the Bible. One must be careful of Evil people and the negative energies and forces that want to “suck” the life force right out of you. So do the command of the God , do good !







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