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A Big One
July 19, 2008, 8:08 pm
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Many dates have been allluded to for the final Redemption, but this one is pretty strong :

In the Book “‘Meir Eini Chucuchmim” It is written in the name of the “ostrovster Rebbi” , it

said he revealed in 1925 :

” That from the time of creation there are only 3 times the time for saying

the blessing of “Kidush HaChamah” (sanctification of the sun, which is said

every 28 years when the earth sun cycle is completed, since this solar cycle

is calculated on a solar/Lunar calendar it happens on different days of the

When Biblical year ) falls on the night of Passover.” the redemption from

Egypt occured. The 2nd time was the time of Mordichy and Easter in the

Bible, when the redempion of Purim happened which led to the building of

the 2nd Temple.  The third and final time shall be this comming Passover of 2009