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May 1, 2012, 11:48 am
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Feed meal from the rapeseed plant also was not particularly appealing to livestock, due to high   levels of sharp-tasting compounds called      glucosinolates      , and they would not eat it.


Avoid CANOLA OIL (it is actually rapeseed oil) as much as possible because it is a Monsanto product and it is now apparent to most of the world that Monsanto is anti-human, anti-nature, and part of the evil B.E.A.S.T. system (= New World Order) trying to take over full control of our food & seeds … what God gave us, humanity , as His divine gift in mother nature.

C A N O L A is actually an acronym used as a marketing ploy and stands for “Canadian oil, low acid” — meaning this particular strain of rapeseed being cultivated produces lower levels of erucic acid. Per Wiki, erucic acid is used in transmission fluid & paints, etc (see Note* below). Supposedly the low erucic acid levels in crops nowadays are not harmful for humans but I do NOT trust anything that we are constantly urged to incorporate into our diet, especially something that comes from Monsanto + being pushed as “healthy” for us (like vaccines) by the evil elite corporate system (NWO bunch) and their front medical groups like the Heart Association, etc and AMA, etc…

In fact, I’ve been studying some scientists and they don’t agree with the mainstream theories being pushed as fact about cholesterol, fats in foodds, etc as being the main cause for heart & blood vessel disease but instead are researching what they think is the true (and covered-up) cause = Air Pollution … smog, soot & fine particles that are being generated by car exhaust, petrochemical industry, dirty factories, coal-powered power plants, etc – etc. All things that the “elite” controllers want to play down bigtime as that threatens their $$$ MIP (money-in-pocket).

Common sense says look back at our heritage and how people lived in old days: our grandparents & great-grandparents that farmed and ate diets loaded with dairy, butter, fried meat, pies & cakes, homemade ice cream, fried chicken as their daily foods …. yet had no Alzheimer’s and kept clear minds into their 80’s and still farmed & lived independent, many of ’em, until 90 years or older + with no major diseases. Both of my grandmothers lived to be over 94 years old (they died in 1980’s) and both were overweight farm wives who cooked big meals 3x/day and ate all the “bad” stuff but neither one had heart trouble or brain function / memory problems and both were healthy into their last years. So what the heck is going on now , huh? I say: Look at the severely toxic environment – our water & air – loaded with poisons & all around us for a starting place!

Note: Per Wiki (link below), 80% of all rapeseed crops being grown for use as Canola Oil are now *genetically modified*

There are 2 pages on Wiki with Canola & Erucic history … how rapeseed came to be Canola Oil in late 1970’s and that the original plant produced high levels of erucic acid and so the plant was deliberately crossbred to create a new product with lower levels of euric acid. But now the companies do GM to the DNA of the plant in labs = very bad news!

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

[link to en.wikipedia.org]