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Albert Einstein visualized thought waves traveling up to the Van Allen Belt– psychic abilities and military psychic martial arts training !




Albert Einstein toyed with the possible power of thought waves when he attempted to explain how two scientists on opposite sides of the earth, in totally different societies and speaking totally different languages, could come up with the same basic invention at the same time. He visualized thought waves traveling up to the Van Allen Belt, which is in the magnetosphere surrounding the earth, then bouncing back to earth at an angle and ending their journey in the mind of a receptive human thousands of miles away from the original thought source.


Electromagnetic waves are produced by the billions of cells in your brain, each with a varying output. In quality, these waves are electromagnetic and their electrical impact affects a space of about 13.5 feet surrounding your body.


There was a most unusual Russian man named, Mikhail Kuni. Though he was a performer, he had nevertheless conducted his remarkable act under the strictest scientific scrutiny and it has been determined that he was not merely a clever artist, but a human with a most impressive mental facility. Five blackboards were crammed with columns of numbers and then the blackboards were set spinning so fast that all the average observer saw were blurs of white. Kuni, who was unaware of what numbers were written down, ran to the spinning boards, peered at them intently for a second or two, mentally calculated the numbers, then gave an accurate total.


To what facet of Kuni’s being is this ability attributable? Some may pigeonhole it as psychic, since Kuni evidenced psychic talents in other areas also. The other side of the coin is that from a very early age Kuni demonstrated an unusual visual memory and a genius for rapid calculation.


We can’t state with certainty how many human beings with unusual mind capabilities have exist.



In the 1950’s the Russians began experimenting with skin sight, a faculty which they later named bio-introscopy. Their attention was originally attracted to this field by a child naturally gifted with this ability, but they soon enlarged the scope of their investigations to include experiments with other children. Although the skills varied among the individual students, what they discovered was amazing–not only could the students detect and describe different colors without the use of their eyes, but by using only the skin of their hands as their “visual organs”. In time, many of them learned to “read” printed words. Each color “felt” different. Red was sticky and coarse, yellow slippery, orange hard and rough, and so forth. Eventually, some of the students were trained to detect the colors without the benefit of actual touch and with their hands held away from the paper. In this case, red burned, yellow was barely warm, and orange was warm. In addition, the various colors evidenced some very nasty habits. They pinched, bit, and stung.


Others began to “read” with their shoulders, stomachs, tongues, elbows, and noses.


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Vadimir Vasiliev is known as a Master in Psychic abilities he also received Psychic Training he while he was with the Special Operations unit in Spetsnaz. ‘The goal of the training was to make you multi-functional. You were to be able to work effectively in any kind of situation and never fear it.


Perhaps more importantly, you were expected to learn how to be creative and act spontaneously. Divergent thinking, being able to come up with unconventional and unusual responses and decisions in different situations was an absolute necessity. You had to be totally adaptable to survive in the unit.


The key to this adaptability was the Psychic Training you received. You were expected to go well beyond the mere physical and psychological mastery to a point where intuition and that sixth sense, that we all have but seldom use, became a part of your daily life.


Awareness, or tapping into your sixth sense, was a focus for many of the exercises. Training classes could run for five hours and in some, you’d be blindfolded for the entire time. You’d have to follow what was going on, do your exercises and come to an understanding of the principles the instructor was teaching without the use of sight.


While sparring, the instructor would also walk around the class looking for trainees who weren’t paying attention to the total environment they were working in. If he thought you weren’t aware of his presence, he’d hit you with a stick over the head, this taught the trainee very quickly to be aware of where everyone was at all times.


At other times, we were brought up into pitch-black rooms and had to guess how many people were in it, if any. We’d also be blindfolded and have to identify colors just by touching colored blocks of paper. Again, awareness was to extend far beyond the normal five senses into the area of the psychic.


Some instructors who were skilled at passing psychic energy would take a few glasses of water and charge them with energy. This was a charge grounded in a psychic form of energy. It was much like touch healing. They’d concentrate on the water and send energy into it through their fingers without touching it. The trainee would then have to come into the room and tell the instructor which classes had been charged with the energy. The purpose behind this exercise was to teach the trainee how, on a mission, to tell if their drink was poisoned. Poison has a much stronger energy than regular water and that energy is discernible to those who have learned to access and use their psychic abilities.


Before sleep, we were also taught to picture everything around us. We became completely aware of how a room looked, sounded and smelled. We even became aware of a tactile, or touch perceptions. We put all this information into a mental picture and fell asleep. If anything at all changed in the room while you were sleeping, you were to awaken immediately and respond to any situation.


The trainer would change something in the environment, sometimes even slightly, and we’d have to wake up or answer for it with our superiors. After much practice, we learned how to do this.


We were also taught to sleep with our feet outside our blanket or bag. That way, if some threat presented itself we’d be able to get up immediately to respond. As above, I still sleep this way. My feet are never covered at night.


Eventually, you came to understand and respect the extent of your lethal powers and learned to use them only when necessary or in pursuit of the necessary military goal.


Here is more of Vadimir Vasiliev’s work, a apparatus for the Treatment of Neuropsychic and Somatic Diseases with Heat, Light, Sound and VHF Electromagnetic Radiation. US Patent #3,773,049. L.Y.Rabichev, V.F.Vasiliev, A.S.Pultin, T.G.Ilina, P.V.Raku and L.P.Kennedy. November 20, 1973. Don’t let the nice title fool you, this is the patent for LIDA, the infamous Soviet brainwashing machine. The patient or victim receives the four physical stimuli named in the title which are calibrated such that he “experiences psychical relaxation and gradual transference to sleep” and “The whole system of stimuli which is addressed to the patient’s organism makes use of the first signal system channels.i.e. the receptor zones of the appropriate analysers so that the second signal system channels (mind, intellect, psyche) are avoided, thereby providing for a curative effect, no matter the patient’s psychic condition or his attitude towards the treatment procedure”


Dr. Vasiliev definitely demonstrated that radio transmission can produce stimulation of the brain. It is not a complex process. In fact, it need not be implanted within the skull or be productive of stimulation of the brain, itself. All that is needed to accomplish the radio control of the brain is a twitching muscle. The subject becomes hypnotized and a muscle stimulant is implanted. The subject, while still under hypnosis, is commanded to respond when the muscle stimulant is activated, in this case by radio transmission.


Lincoln Lawrence wrote a book entitled Were We Controlled? Lawrance wrote, “If the subject is placed under hypnosis and mentally programmed to maintain a determination eventually to perform one specific act, perhaps to shoot someone, it is suggested thereafter, each time a particular muscle twitches in a certain manner, which is then demonstrated by using the transmitter, he will increase this determination even more strongly. As the hypnotic spell is renewed again and again, he makes it his life’s purpose to carry out this act until it is finally achieved. Thus are the two complementary aspects of Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (RHIC) joined to reinforce each other, and perpetuate the control, until such time as the controlled behavior is called for. This is done by a second session with the hypnotist giving final instructions. These might be reinforced with radio stimulation in more frequent cycles. They could even carry over the moments after the act to reassure calm behavior during the escape period, or to assure that one conspirator would not indicate that he was aware of the co-conspirator’s role, or that he was even acquainted with him.”


RHIC constitutes the joining of two well known tools, the radio part and the hypnotism part. People have found it difficult to accept that an individual can be hypnotized to perform an act which is against his moral principles. Some experiments have been conducted by the U.S. Army which show that this popular perception is untrue. The chairman of the Department of Psychology at Colgate University, Dr. Estabrooks, has stated, “I can hypnotize a man without his knowledge or consent into committing treason against the United States.” Estabrooks was one of the nation’s most authoritative sources in the hypnotic field. The psychologist told officials in Washington that a mere 200 well trained hypnotists could develop an army of mind-controlled sixth columnists in wartime United States. He laid out a scenario of an enemy doctor placing thousands of patients under hypnotic mind control, and eventually programming key military officers to follow his assignment. Through such maneuvers, he said, the entire U.S. Army could be taken over. Large numbers of saboteurs could also be created using hypnotism through the work of a doctor practicing in a neighborhood or foreign born nationals with close cultural ties with an enemy power.


Dr. Estabrooks actually conducted experiments on U.S. soldiers to prove his point. Soldiers of low rank and little formal education were placed under hypnotism and their memories tested. Surprisingly, hypnotists were able to control the subjects’ ability to retain complicated verbal information. J. G. Watkins followed in Estabrooks steps and induced soldiers of lower rank to commit acts which conflicted not only with their moral code, but also the military code which they had come to accept through their basic training. One of the experiments involved placing a normal, stable army private in a deep trance. Watkins was trying to see if he could get the private to attack a superior officer, a cardinal sin in the military. While the private was in a deep trance, Watkins told him that the officer sitting across from him was an enemy soldier who was going to attempt to kill him. In the private’s mind, it was a kill or be killed situation. The private immediately jumped up and grabbed the officer by the throat. The experiment was repeated several times, and in one case the man who was hypnotized and the man who was attacked were very close friends. The results were always the same. In one experiment, the hypnotized subject pulled out a knife and nearly stabbed another person.


Watkins concluded that people could be induced to commit acts contrary to their morality if their reality was distorted by the hypnotism. Similar experiments were conducted by Watkins using WACs exploring the possibility of making military personnel divulge military secrets. A related experiment had to be discontinued because a researcher, who had been one of the subjects, was exposing numerous top-secret projects to his hypnotist, who did not have the proper security clearance for such information. The information was divulged before an audience of 200 military personnel.