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December 22, 2013, 8:49 am
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It is a fact of History

that the Hebrew people

were founded with the

birth of the Biblical

patriarch Abraham

according to the Biblical

Calendar in the year

1948. The modern state of

Israel was also founded

in 1948 according to the

Gregorian Calendar .


It is said of God that 1000

years to to Him is like 1

day. So 5000 years are

like 5 days. 1 half a day

or 12 hours by god’s time

is thus 500 years, so the

friday morning of the

great shabot started in

the year 5500 (1740

secular dating). shabot

begins to rule on the 5th

hour of Friday. at a rate

of 41 human years and 8

human months

corresponding to God’s

counting of hours.

According to this

calculation the 5th hour

of Friday before the

Great sabbath occurred

in the year 5708 in the

Biblical calendar , which

is equivalent to 1948 of

the Gregorian calendar