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How do we “FEEL” we are being stared at ?


Thought is a force like the other forces of physics.


Many experiments have shown the presence of a non-magnetic field around the body, including over 1,000 conducted and recently reported on by Dr. Buryl Payne. Frenchman Dr. Hippolyte Baraduc identified it as the ‘vital current.’ Reichenbach and Mesmer found it and called it ‘animal magnetism.’ Baraduc’s work showed its flow could be modified through focused intent. Dr. Charles Russ believed that there was a transmission of power and force between people when one person looked at another, attributable to a ray emanating from the eye.


A study into the “sense of being stared” at in a German school, with repeated testing there was found of 8 to 9 year-old children 90% knew when someone was staring at them.



Physicist Roy Frieden postulates that conscious observation of a system injects information into it, which thereby interacts with the energy and matter within the object, and between this and other objects, flowing from one space-time object to another.


Dr. Bernard B. Kajinsky noted the telepathic transference of bodily symptoms. In one case he noticed how a women suddenly felt sudden stomach pain when 1400 miles away unknown to her at the same moment her daughter was undergoing surgery.




There are many things our Soul knows, which at times we many not consciously recognize. The prophets of the Bible reffered to this awareness as a force of the soul called “mazel”.

Supernal thought not known is called Ayn-Sof (Infiniteness of God) that Moch Stima receives from the skull and אויר through the דאוירא קרומא it is the parsa. This light is received in the aspect of “running and returning”, which is “mati lo mati” (reaching down and not reaching down). This is only from great desire. Akudim and By”a is made from this Light of the hidden thought of moch Stima of A”k, all is established by light of the Ayn Sof. So all things are sustained and established only through Sadeekem. By this they merit to their חלוק (garment) of righteousness in this world and the next.1


The garment of the Nashama is called חלוק דרבנן . It is clarity of pure thoughts.2 With the completeness of the Nashama are 2 parts. The lower part also has to it 2 parts that of the Ruach and the Nefesh in the secret of חלוק דרבנן 3.In all parzufim of Atzilut a parsa separates between between the belly from what is above and that which is below. 4 The kav of Ayn Sof cleaves only in Atzilut without passing through a mesach, but in By”a only through messachim. There is a parsa between A”k and Atzilut. There is a big difference between a Parsa and mesach. The parsa is completely אלהות as all Atzilut has ligh of Ayn Sof. Below Atzilut is no parsa only messachim. From a חלון (window in the mesach the kav spreads out. The kav is light and vessel. A place of oppening or window is called face. Here is illumination in tzimzum where vessel conceals and dresses light of face. It is a fine kav which has tzimzum through a vessel. Tzimzum is din and givurot. Face and back are east and west, south and North. They are conceited sources in light of the body of the kav. The opening of the חלון in בראשית, the kav ia only a small חלון (window). It opens to the lips of the rivers. The lips make the masach and pargod before the light of the Ayn Sof surrounding so that it does not spread out in the חלל of tzimzum.5

Moshe is the best man of the king, Aharon of the Queen. Together they make up the 72 of the Sanhedrin.6 The light of Adam that enabled him to see from one side of the world to the other was given to Moshe for the first 3 months of his life. It was withdrawn from him when he was before pharoe, and returned to him on Sinai. From that time on he had it for the rest of his life so he had to wear a veil.7מ ש ה is the “rosh tava “ of מ ל ך ש ר ה פ נ י ם .8 Moshe was the only prophet to receive prophesy from the masculine aspect of Hashem. All else received from the feminine aspect. Rabbi Nachunya’h Ben Hakannah teaches Moshe was from the smittah of Chesed, which has already passed. As now is the smittah (period of existance) of givurah. So he asked “why do you bring me here?, I’m from the place of rachamim without yetzer hora or sin ”. Bina responded “ I bring you for the need of the world, to take Yisrael out from Egypt, to bring 10 plagues, and have yisrael pass through the sea on dry land, and to bring Yisrael to Sini to receive the Torah. You have the power to deliver them as you are from the smittah of Chesed. “ Yisrael saw at Sini what the nations have never seen. The Givurot of Atik is ע ר פ ל (thick darkness), as was on “har Sini”. The Shechina rested on Sinai in garments of :

ַ ח ש ך ע ר פ ל א ש ע נ ן9


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