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The aura , Kirlian Photography and bioplasmic particles
February 23, 2014, 4:53 pm
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Walter John Kilner, M.D. B.A., M.B. (Cantab.) M.R.C.P., etc. (1847–1920) was a medical electrician at St. Thomas Hospital, London, from 1879 to 1893.

He wrote papers on a range of subjects but is today best remembered for his late study The Human Atmosphere. In 1883 he became a Member of the Royal College of Physicians

In 1911 Kilner published one of the first western medical studies of the “Human Atmosphere” or Aura, proposing its existence, nature and possible use in medical diagnosis and prognosis. In its conviction that the human energy field is an indicator of health and mood, Kilner’s study resembles the later work of Harold Saxton Burr. However, while Burr relied upon voltmeter readings, Kilner, working before the advent of semiconductor technology, attempted to invent devices by which the naked eye might be trained to observe “auric” activity which, he hypothesised, was probably ultraviolet radiation, stating that the phenomena he saw were not affected by electromagnets

Glass slides or “Kilner Screens” containing alcoholic solutions of variously coloured dyes, including a blue dye called “dicyanin” ,probably “Dicyanine A”, were used as filters in “Kilner Goggles” which, together with lights, were held to train the eyes to perceive electromagnetic radiation outside the normal spectrum of visible light.

According to his study, Kilner and his associates were able, on many occasions, to perceive auric formations, which he called the Etheric Double, the Inner Aura and the Outer Aura.

In 1920 a revised edition of his book was published and sympathetically reviewed.

Later another method of seing the human aura. The Kirlians conducted experiments in which photographic film was placed on top of a conducting plate, and another conductor was attached to the a hand, a leaf or other plant material. The conductors were energized by a high frequency high voltage power source, producing photographic images typically showing a silhouette of the object surrounded by an aura of light. Kirlian and his wife were convinced that their images showed a life force or energy field that reflected the physical and emotional states of their living subjects. They thought these images could be used to diagnose illnesses. In 1961, they published their first paper on the subject in the Russian Journal of Scientific and Applied Photography.

The most amazing claim (in my opinion) is known as the “phantom leaf” experiment. Here a small portion of a leaf is cut off; the leaf is then photographed using Kirlian photography. In a small percentage of cases the cut portion of the leaf appears in the photograph as a ghostly apparition. The appearance of the cut portion of the leaf, as claimed by the Soviet researchers is proof of an ethereal bio-plasma body.

In early days, Kirlian images were recorded on photographic emulsion. Since the sensitivity of a photographic emulsion varies greatly with environmental factors such as humidity, recordings were not reproducible. As a result, some scientists dismissed the Kirlian effect as useless.

Modern GDV instruments developed by Prof Korotkov use glass electrodes and their recordings are highly reproducible in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Researchers at California State College, Sonoma, think the day will come when your ills are diagnosed and health problems spotted before they occur by doctors interpreting specialized photographs of images of a mysterious invisible aura of energy which psychics say surrounds the body. This may all be possible, researchers hope, by utilizing Kirlian photography, through which brilliant red and blue patterns formed by the aura can be recorded on film. Interpretation of the photographs will tell something of the physical condition of the body. The same theory applies to plants, as well as animal life of all forms.

Their work began as a result of a discussion of galvanic skin response, which took place in a class at SRJC. Several persons are doing research in this country on the theory that plants have emotional feelings, and react in different ways when hooked to a galvanic skin response device (commonly known as a lie detector), and submitted to different stresses and situations. From this, research and discussion led to information about Kirlian photography, which has been going on for a number of years, especially in Russia.

Tachyon Enhances the SOEFs of All Living Organisms

The following Kirlian photo study demonstrates that plants in potted soil display significant increases in their overall energetic field after receiving a tachyon treatment. Out of all the live plants tested and photographed, this burgundy ficus represents the average effect observed. Photographic research has found that plants connected to the soil require much less time to increase the SOEFs than harvested plants or fruits.

Dr. Korotkov: We have been working with the energy force, the life force, of living beings — humans, animals, and plants — for many years, and we have no doubts that we have been having direct intercommunication with higher forces. All the work that we are doing is guided by higher forces. We have a great deal of evidence of this.

We are moving forward step by step, and in every step of our development we have this Higher Spirit. We feel no concern about little topics like money, or how to do this or that, because we need only concentrate, send our prayers to higher planes, to Higher Spirit, and then see how everything comes out.

Dr. Victor Inyushin at Kazakh University in Russia has done extensive research with the human energy field since the 1950s. Using the results of these experiments, he suggests the existence of bioplasmic energy field composed of ions, free protons and free electrons. Since this is a state distinct from the four known states of matter solid, liquid, gases and plasma (by the way Liquid Crystal Diodes fall into this new category as they are neither solid nor liquid). Inyushin suggests that the bioplasmic energy field is a fifth state of matter.

His observations showed the bioplasmic particles are constantly renewed by chemical processes in the cells and are in constant motion. There appears to be a balance of positive and negative particles within the bioplasma that is relatively stable. If there is a severe shift in this balance the healthy of the organism is affected.

In spite of the normal stability of bioplasma, Inyushin has found that a significant amount of this energy is radiated into space. Streams of bioplasmic particles which have broken away from the organism can be measured moving through the air. It is these streams or strings of the unseen human form that the practitioner of the System manipulate and that in turn manipulate the opponent. Thus, we have plunged into a world of life energy fields and bioplasmic forms moving about and streaming off the body.

The Jersey Society of Parapsychology, of which Douglas Dean was
then president, provided Dean with a small grant to carry out
further Kirlian photography experiments, to see if the equipment
could duplicate results the Russians had gotten photographing
psychic healers. In PDBIC we mentioned one of the famous
Russian healers, Colonel Alexei Krivorotov who works with his
son, a medical doctor. Colonel Krivorotov does magnetic healing
by placing his hands an inch or so away from the patient. Patients
maintain they feel intense heat “like a hot water bottle” but no
physiological indicator shows any change in the patient’s or
Krivorotov’s skin. The colonel has been especially successful with
back problems, infections, diseases of the nervous system. The
Kirlians photographed Krivorotov’s hands at rest and when
preparing to heal. The Kirlian photos showed Krivorotov’s hands
had regular, average sized flares before treating a patient, but when
asked to prepare to heal, the flares greatly enlarged. Perhaps the
Kirlian technique made visible an energy or information exchange
between healer and patient that helps the patient reprogram himself
for health.

  As early as the 1940s Dr. Bernard Grad of Mcgill University became interested in the orgone energy theories as postulated by Wilhelm Reich. The death of his daughter further stimulated his interest in spiritual healing, and in 1957 he came to know Oscar Estabany, a Hungarian refugee who professed to have healing powers. Working with Estabany in the 1960s, he carried out a series of experiments on plant seeds and mice that resulted in some of the strongest evidence of a healing power to arise in parapsychology. In a series of more complicated tests, all carried out with double blinds, Grad was able to isolate a healing power that seemed to radiate from Estabany. It could be transferred to plant seeds to stimulate their growth, to mice to speed healing, and even to water used for plants. Dr Mikhail Kuzmich Gaikin and Vladislav Mikalevsky of Russia developed an electronic device, which could pinpoint nearly 700 Chinese acupuncture points through aura photographs. Dr Mikhail Kuzmich Gaikin and Vladislav Mikalevsky of Russia developed an electronic device, which could pinpoint nearly 700 Chinese acupuncture points through aura photographs.Dr Mikhail Kuzmich Gaikin and Vladislav Mikalevsky of Russia developed an electronic device, which could pinpoint nearly 700 Chinese acupuncture points through aura photographDr Mikhail Kuzmich Gaikin and Vladislav Mikalevsky of Russia developed an electronic device, which could pinpoint nearly 700 Chinese acupuncture points through aura photographDr Mikhail Kuzmich Gaikin and Vladislav Mikalevsky of Russia developed an electronic device, which could pinpoint nearly 700 Chinese acupuncture points through aura photographs.

As observed by Elizabeth Fuller (1989), medical science now recognizes aura as a thin pulsating field around the human body. According to clairvoyants, health and emotions are shown through different colors, energy patterns and breaks, and through clear and muddy spots in the aura. Healers have observed that illness manifests first in the etheric body, which is closest to the physical body, several days, months or even years before the appearance of physical symptoms in the body.