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January 13, 2014, 8:50 am
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words of warning Christianity is forbidden to jewish people and some of its forms are idolatry and forbidden to gentiles according to the torah 

  “Shituf” ‎‎transliterated as “partnership”  refers to as “Joining something else” to God as in “Trinitarian concepts”. Shituf is a word used in the Gamara to refer to Christians way of worship. The Descendants of Noah were not forbidden this ( Tosafot to Sanhedrin 63b. B’nei Noach are not forbidden  shituf worship ( “Od Yisrael Yosef Beni Chai, Gaon Rav Yosef Shaul Natanson, HaRav Ha-Meiri) Rav Tzvi Hirsch Chayot in his work Tiferet Yisrael rules according to halacha that the Gentiles of our period have the “din” (judged/considered like) of a Ger Toshav because the Rama rules such as does Rabbeinu Tam and Rabbenu Yerucham that B’nai Noach are not forbidden to believe in shituf” (which is partnering something else with HaShem such as a subordinate deity or Demi-god). The Shituf believe in the one God… but mentally they cannot fully comprehend how to worship Him as a unique Oneness… the Acum (idolator) who does Avotah Zara (idol worship) does not know the one true God at all… Shituf is a quasi Idolator trapped in a world that eats unclean and does not observe the Shabbat… we can not expect them to be able to completely grasp the worship of one God without help (an intermediary)… this does not condone Shituf for the B’nei Noach it is saying the B’nei Noach is allowed Shituf, but can overcome it and remove himself from all types of Idolatry… if you don’t agree with Shituf (partnering something with God) then reject it and worship One true God as He was intended to be worshiped without the intermediary and make no mistake if you worship an intermediary as a god or consider it to be a coequal to God as in a Demi god you are an Idolator, but you are not the same type of Idolator as the Acum… these teachings come from authentic Torah scholars and Sages in Judaism… I’m just bringing this out so people are aware of the  teaching and to help them understand about the different types of idolatry and why some disparately cling to worshiping

something other than one true God alone.


The Brother of Jesus was a Jew as Jesus himself and saw the followers of his brother Jesus as members of the Jewish faith. He nor his brother intended to start a new religion. James after the death of Jesus tried prevent the new religion called “Christianity” from coming into fruition, but he failed.


The apostle Paul influenced people not to Join the Jews as Jesus was teaching but to worship Jesus as God and enter the New religion of Christianity. Jesus, the Jew, taught that man could earn God’s grace through repentance and righteousness. Paul taught salvation could only be obtained through belief in the Dead Jesus.


A serious Schism developed in the Church in the 4th century over the question of whether Jesus was part of God but not equal to Him as was held by the Arius churchman of Alexandria and the Athenians who held that Jesus was a part of God and equal to him. This Dispute was settled by the Roman emperor Constantine at the council of Nicaea, who had just converted to Christianity. He did not know much but he decided that the Arius churchman of Alexandria was heresy in favor of the Athenians who held that Jesus was a part of God and equal to him. More Christians killed each other over this Issue than were killed by the Romans in 3 centuries of persecution.


The Church sought to establish converts to its new religion and did this by the sword, in 10 centuries of armed conversions from about the year 300-1300. Thus was Christianity established on European soil. Every on had a choice to become a Christian or dead. The only exception to the was the Jews who the church thought to preserve as living proof of the authenticity of the Bible.

It is known that Eisav’s descendants accepted Christianity, Ishmael’s Islam. Islam and Christianity, both religions, are based on Judaism, on the revelations the Nation of Yisrael  witnessed experienced.  The Christians by including the Tanach”h (Jewish Bible) with their book and Islam’s Koran claims to be a continuation of the revelation of the God who gave the Torah, the God of Israel.

So Islam and Christianity Testify to the truth of the Torah, they wish it were their own. In the end Islam and Christianity are Jewish wanna be religions