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September 14, 2016, 9:39 am
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The latest concerning the Arab Israeli conflict is nothing new.

One can really understand the foundations of the current Arab Israeli conflict by understanding the role of the Mufti of Jerusalem in Hitler’s so called “Final Solution” back then the Arab hatred of the Jewish people was not rational and was not political and its not today.

The hatred by Palestinians of Jews, leads to young Arabs randomly attacking any Jew they can find or other Arab they may mistake for Jews. This is not related to any of their specific grievances, but to an ongoing genocidal attitude to Jews, which precedes modern Israel.

The mufti’s and the forefathers of the Palestinian nation rabid hatred of the Jews when the Jews were without a country and without the so-called ‘occupation’, without  so called settlements back then aspired  to exterminate the Jews !

Also one must notice that compared to the millions of Muslims slaughtered by other Muslims in Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries, Palestinian deaths in Israel are relatively few. Yet the millions massacred and millions more repressed does not evoke Arab outrage as do the events in Israel. Why the double standard?

Another issue behind the Arab Israeli conflict is a emotional one Arab humiliation seems to have become a mainstay since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The Arab world can simply not get over their lost pride as a people who once ruled and represented the epitome of civilization, and now are relegated to Third World status.